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House of Cards: An LGBTQ+ Podcast; WLW History


Today! We had a small talk on religion and then also went on a rant about getting your vaccine and how some terrible people are using the vaccine as an excuse to be anti-semptic. Please make sure to get vaccined to help those who can not! With a simple google search, I am sure you can find a place that will be happy to poke you with safety! Moving onto the topic we talked about WLW history, and went into some depth about that. With a few issues with Jaxson not being able to say words, we were able to finish the topic. We hope you liked the epsiode and we hope to see you next week! if not, have a good rest of your life! and remember you are vaild as fuck.

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Hello, welcome to the House of cardspodcast and LGBTQ, plus podcast mine, a miss alone. I have a big Dick. I SheePronouns yeah good for you best. I am Aria. I used see her Panat as welland I drew a mushroom ferry. Well, I painted one, but I made her face waytoo small and it looks kind of dumb but she's still cute. We love her. He okay,my name is Jacson. I am you an to rushed me much. I didn't know youwere starting. I was speaking. I know you were starting me in themiddle of my introduction. When you talk, I lass. I love you. Ilove. I would I love the same. A you were in the middle o love it. Iwouldn't say you're in the middle of your introduction, I'm Jackson- I amyour final host of tonight. I use he them pronounce and I'm currently wardbuilding and I am not even close to Dine, but I've written a lot of words.We love words, my hand hooked. So much on your handwriting yeah. I got a handwrite it. Oh the pain, I'm handing it all and thatI'm have to ban and copy it down on to the computer is have like a second copy yeah. Thatway I can. But that way I can like copy your expert. So if you get like, if myplayers have a history, but I can copy it Pacino Document and then give it tothem, oh clever,...

...instead of having to just like pull outmy notebook and read through it, they can read the themselves anyway. Wherecan you find us on the Internet on Instagram, which is up again, you canfind us on hosers ore podcast on twitter, at lgbt underscore deck and onTick Tock as house of Guards podcast, and do we sell Patriot? We do I don't I don't know. I know I soit's funny before we get into the whole thing, because we have a few things wewant to talk about. I see yeah. I want to say this quick because I just saw ina in a chat, so I made a statement in our group chat,saying that and that's for everyone is t that hockey players at a Sotian age.They stop wearing a lot of clothes like normally it's it's either underwearsocks and then then geo or Jock shap socks gear, O no, no underwear, socksgear. Depending on the guy. That's offensive, you don't see anything and there's noway. You would because I also but like what about the chafing with the gear,like I feel like that did thing: no, because men wear a cup yeah. I know that I mean just like onyour skin in general, I mean like, and it kind of depends on which positionyou're playing because, like my brother he's a Goldie and he has kind of like, like kind of like a not a swim suit kind of thing, I don'treally know how to describe it but like it goes up, the is chin, but I'm notsure. If that's because he's a goalie, I know ob like kind of a leather yeahwhen I was younger for sure, would it, but I do notice like as we got older,kids stop wearing like those extra things and like I'm, telling you thisright now so mon? Yes, I went to this...

...arena. We were playing a game. I wasfolded up. I had a like warm inslaved, then, on to a d when the Serena, wewere all cold. My first time, like I go on the arenato play like for my first session on, you know what I mean yeah in the fourstperiod. By the end of that I wasn't called for the rest of the game. We aremoving so much and being so active a bought. We just don't get cold a bote.I used to get cold, drink soccer games and I'd be running my little lapsaround everywhere, exact. No, you don't really shake because of the cup and andeverything's kind of position in the way that you don't really shave, but Idon't know about goalies because Goliae a lot more. I think because becausethey have to take it like, like a normal hockey, player, isn't getting afucking in the stomach. Now that's for the goalies. Only dude I feel like soccer goalies are somuch like wilder than ockeygollies. Only becausethe only year we get is ingirds, we have the same gears or some players andwe sit in the face of Shit Yeah. I don't understand them like, and I justO. U E hunch, you seriously they'll just come up and punch you yeah, I was a soccer collie I couldn't tell well, there is actually something elseon the gain earth. There's actually two things that to things anyways. There's this book, I'm readingfast and there's this one quote nest, and I just I think it's reallyimportant and stuff so a religion that took no account of people's way of life,a religion that did not recognize spots of beauty and truth in their way oflife was useless and, like I feel it's just open to so many things, and it's very excellent that is so cool.

I love it. You stand, we love it. We love. Do you want to move on to the nextstatement? Or yes? So I don't know, that's not mine, that's my! Oh! That'sfine jesoots! So I have I wanta talk and I've seen a lot of this stuff and Ireally think we need to talk about it. I really do so well, I'd like to say this is only aUnited States thing. It's not it's really not, and I've cared people. Ihave been someone who has supported someone made this reference. It is notokay to relate the vaccines to the Holocaust. In any way, absolutely I have seen I've seen I haveseen people were to see that non vacca people going to concentration camps. Ihave seen people of sending like doing all sorts of things that are justrelating it talks. That's not okay, yeah! It is no way on the same level.No and it's disrespectful is fuck Beyah those people like forst of all the most.They are so many es that wrong. But an we thing is, they didn't choose to bejuvisy sure Jewish you're choosing not to get vaccinated, so the consequencesthat are happening to you are your own fault. You made that choice, not anyoneelse. They did not get a choice in this statement. They will forced into that and thenthere were a bunch of other levels in how disgusting it is and how no one would go that far because ofvaccines yeah, but we're not going to get intothat whole depth. We're not going to like really dissect this vaccines there as a bex cod vaccinethat is now FDA approved. It has been made by scientists. You sayyou don't trust the government with it.

Yet as soon as you find out, it wasmade by a commercial company. You said you don't t you're, just making up excuses, getvaccinated. There is no issues with it at this point. This is beginning toblow out of proportions. Get vaccinated, Topino puts it afucking needles they put in o that it helps youand make sure you don't have to go to the hospital, because I anything on your body.Pierced you should algey have eaten McDonald's. You should be able to getat in Windy. You have eaten anything that is a a food place. You have hadsex Suckti or we pussy get the vaccine. If you have paped smoked done any drugs,get that I get back. You have no excuse. Why not to, and I'm sick and tired ofhearing that I'm sorry this is supposed to be light hearted. But it's just gotthe point who it's getting disgusting. That being said, if you are medicallyexempt from getting the vaccine like, if you literally, cannot get it becauseof a meal reason that is authorized by a doctor, then put yourself firstbested understandable, exactly yeah. This doesn't include you ignore us. People need to get back to protectpeople who can yes port in unity, and we I read it on to not sure how to how trueit is. But it says at this point we'll need about ninety percent peoplevaccinated. I'm down. That sounds like a Lam. Just let me do a college inperson. Please, please! Let me get an education, a m D, Let's not get in to that. Your come onthat...

I do want to say this, that in our nation that we live in Canada cases are going down, but I'm not sureif that scenes are going up. So what does that tell you? What is that show to people whounvaccinated? We want to talk about that. Sorry, my brain turned off for a secondhuh. If our cases are going down and of vaccines uncling up, do we see a thing happening here? Intriguing. What I'm saying what I'm saying is people who an vaccinator a ding, yeahyeah, and you don't? We don't want that. Wedon't! I know you may think we do, but I don't want. I don't want peopleto die. I don't think that should happen so get vaccinated, so people don't dieso that you who don't die brow so that you don't die fuck. I mean the vaccineprotict like yourself more than anyone else. It really does yeah because you can still spread it,but your symptoms won't be as bad as youget it. You know but- and I lie on that- let's move on to nota more light hearted topic, but its topic, none, the less. Is it not Whiteheart ed? I thought itwas gay. Yes, an it's pretty like harted yeah, but westill remember that, like gay people did also go through, women went through...

...issues, but so it sounds like it's. Not It'snot a dark thing. I wouldn't say it's exactly the most light hearted, but it's still pretty good. It's stilla pretty good one. We didn't actually talk about anything or Wellton estly bread, my part tomemorize those vibe I was I was like I am to A. I didchemistry all day. I am not in the mood to read what Everina have to say that I I love it, not the bag. So how your a sorry I want to have a quick, disclaimer, really easy. We may not touch oneverything in women, love, women, Istry or lesbian history. I don't know whyyou think we would, but just as a statements of people,don't you know, get pissed off, because we know how people walk they get pissed off. For the tiniestthing we got it, we got as much down as we need. Avery has an amazing judgment with this.Just because we don't have everything doesn't mean that we're ignoring partsof the history, it just means it's not. We chose not to talk about it or maybe we don't know about it. Maybewe don't know about it that, like we didn't get to or yeah it's justwe didn't get there. We had a lot, we had the pots, we want to talk about tat least so we're all teenagers yeah and also this is all podcast. Not Yours, not your world you're just living in ityeah we get to choose the you have an issue with it. You can leave this thedoor, but please give us money on your way out. He sorry to interrupt you go on Queen.

So were gay. We Love Education, I'msorry! I I love the education a day who toldwere no T. I know who knew what a shock we owe love me about, those who came for us and thosewe thought for the feeding we have today and we love shamelessly reiterating the fact that lgbtq plus people have been around for longer thanpeople think similar to our episodes on LGBT. U PlusHistory in western Eras and Bi Sexual History Day going to be talking aboutlesbian and winning Lennon Women, history,which is short in to like wl, and I would also like to say this: It is alsowomen. Loving women is not ramming. My in Women Look Ini, got you a really dadS, W L W T on before. So we like actuallysaying reading that as the letters and not as like, when will will right, Oulli it to be known that a MAC lesbianand a mask lesbian or two different things. I don't even think I know what it MattLibian would be and all I'm imagining is Mac an cars. I would like we beknowing that an I s earlier. Yes, Oh my God, that's so funny. Should I tell thestory? Yes, I okay, before we go on to that. I justwant to say that you really, I said I would like it be known like as, if werein court, O that I can. Oh, my God, you, yes, girl, butons,okay, you're, sorry, Darling, so...

...origin of the MAC lesbian comes from myadult brother. He is eighteen and sin doesn't deserve to read oxygen tobe completely honest. Well, that's anyways! So so me and my brother, bothin Tien. So I was like yeah. Oh, my God, your friend is so hard and he's likeyeah. I should yes, my brother was like Oh yeah, but she's, a Mac lesbian tossat the hells. A Ma Lesbian slike, you know like a lesbian, was like butch. Iwas like home, it's like yeah Mac Lestmann! No, no,and I tried to explain to him for like a solid hour. It's mask lesbian as amasculine he's like no, no, no, that doesn't make any sense, but Mac does that does apparently yes she's dusty. So I said to Google it rightbecause we don't. We didn't know what it was like right. Okay, I'm scared. Itis actually able, as to act in a masculine manner, that Ole as not only with prison slang, butalso with Vocari vocab of other groups who involved in other groups who members were engagedin. It was at central activities and as an example as of or Mac applied tolesbians, it's meant to be masculine mental. Did you find that on dictionary,because when I searched back lesbian, I found Alison Max Lesbian acte spousefor divorce from her wife. Well, first of all, I such to definemat goes men, but it's a link. It's like it's apparently from language, afeminist guide. Take those wins all the to me. There's Lesbian Bake Max, which is anopen. Oh I don't like that. I don't I...

...don't like that. I don't like that one! No! No! I can't because I we feel like, as I feel likeit would make you feel worse. It probably would so. No please carryon or quick or fresher term. Lesbian comesfrom the Greek island of Lesbos, which is where the famous poet safel was fromZappo Gay as Hell fucking, that's actual! That's IT thatYetta's! It that's like O, that's noble episodes. After this we're on all youhave to know, that's all almost sexual, that's it much of her poetry included a fictionfor women three nineteenth century. The word lesbian offered anything thatrelated to war deriving to the island lesbos, including in notable winecalled Pramnian, which is similar to the Hungarian Censi fun fact. The word Lesbos is thought tohave originally translated to Fort R. whether or not this wold means woodyfrom toise is a lesbian is unconfirmed, I think he's a lesbian. Just I would like Ned to be known toGod. Er did you hit the glitch from Simon? I did that is we had whatepisode when you weren't here and too was doing that the entire episode- andit wasn't in- was it the by history. It was the porkship, it was theporportions. Yes, I listened to it and you did you hear the glutton to theentire that I did it was I line, Love Jack. I love it. So is my favorite partbecause seented O, my God y'all are bullies. We loveyou. We, I all, are Bilian me... ancient okay, correct an ancientmesophiles for the Mesman, a I think I so Pania best potanus oil come on I'm.So sorry there were two Toms Zal, Zicron Rum,self, sick rum. I think so yeah and sell new bar comes up comes up. I got an issue. Okay,so right the first one I will probably Miss Mouse, a few dimes. That is justbecause of the Aronette. I cannot pronounce my as just a head up. ZouZicron met man, woman and refer to women. I can angeca woman. I say womennow and end of statement who are allowed to marry another woman andinherit the same wealth as the brothers would the hold up avery. I need a quick, quick, quick.Okay, thank you for the correction. I was going to be like hey what what youwo, which one did I mess up. Thank you. Love Yo del Nuba were Ford to women who areallowed to marry but are allowed to have children. Like me, no sorry, like some mote, that's the moment so you're not allowed to children you'renot allowed to have children. Okay, so they would marry women or women thatwould bear children for them. No, I'm not. We Love Lesbian mots. Wedo they're amazing, but the best ones, and the only thing that sucks is you'll,get stuck in endless statement of go ast. Your Mom Teneva ence. I I I lost a friend to that he's. Still there...

...when his best so funny Lesbiam is ancient. SorryLesbian is ant. Egypt, I'm sorry just the take lesbiam in ancient Egypt is left oftenrecorded. So there are many instances, but during the Egyptian Empire therewere many depictions of scattery Gambeli can scantly gently? Is thatlike scandalous yeah? Oh my God, I'm English major me. I am scantily, clad and suggestive woman whoould enjoy other women's company wow. That sounds a little gay and ofcourse we already know that the grease we gay so no need to get really intothat, except like it wasn't as publiclyallowed for women to be gay. They still existed there, though yeah they wereMas. Like the penis gays yeah, they were more intimates, but there wasstill evidence of Vagina Gans Yeah. There definitely were yeah yeah canconfirm an fin. Every was there. He was there. That is how old avory is. I amSapples, that's why she's an English major she's reading her own poetry in class.That's me in the Metamora Sols, a collection ofworks by ancient Roman poet Ovid. There is a love story between like over Es. I mean, I suppose so exactly like. There's left story between a girl namedApis who is forth to conceal her gender because she would be killed by herfather, so she acts at as a boy and her bride young Kit... the wedding drugs closer. I finish,experiences internalize Livia and calls her love for Ian the monstrous. So sheeventually es turned into a boy by the goddess. Is this but the wrong weren't,exactly an loving in an friendly? The definite at is good for him. We stand transgender man, absolutely fucking demaybe best an we. We don't. We don't know if that's a statement towardsbeing congener or a statement of hating same safe marriage, wives, but we don't know either it was.Then we like a gender or with them saying we hate the gays, but with no watch the real man like the gays. They alsowere more like forward about like male peaty andfemale different Jos. I don't think you said the freak. You said the gas I in God for her Letteth, so funny Tyohee, any moreconfirmation that the creeks were gay. We now a Othean the medieval era. Bro lesbianism was considered heat in awoman's vagina that was cured by...

...creating friction against anotherwoman's genitals. lesbianism of a disease and SCISSORINGwas a cure. I hold up hold the fucking want to put that. On asir, that's a that's a house of card match lesbian was the disern. Was a cure well wretch on that. Second, next, as soon as wecome up with, five of them will make much yes, anyway, on moving on, it was believed that Lerian wasactually a result of nursing women eating certain foods. So when a womanwho is breasted, eight salary rocket leaves, which is a Rugilas, I think it's like Meliot leaves orsomething like now. A lot leaves and Jackson said and pose, which isprobably quiet and the flowers of a bitter orange tree. I would like to confirm. I asked mymother if she ate any of these foods. The answer was no, why I am only bisexual. She had she's,she actilly swallowed some salary celery, a dorine like she had like asmall bite and that was it wasn't able to fully develop yeah got I got. I got it some months right now, like some onewas going to get pregnant, a is going to get pregnant and just Wickin chawingdown Sillery, Oh my God. No salary...

...makes me so ill. What my God, really that's up for yeah! Itmakes me throw up I'll leave, fear Rude Yola, so on your next festy. I know it just you guys, keep cuttingout. So I don't actually know rip in the T s. The idea of political lesbianism aroseand basically stated that a political LESA was a woman who did not want tofuck man. That is he. However, the idea of political lesbians will a bit of ananti man campaign to do it. That would be will lesbian feminism, which wasmost popular. In th S. T S was an encouraging of focusing their energy onother women and sporting on another. We love that since then, lesbian as m hasbeen steadily rising and populate already identifiers, an ally, shit best. I think it's wait. Isn't thishold out hold that hold up, I'm sorry hold uphold up. I got I'm doing research. Okay, do we research, yea, okay, okay,it's true! It's true the house of Gods. The House of cardsis Gay Whoa. I God whether or not your timetraveling he has been from Ancient Mesopotamian, Rome, Egypt, Greek of theNiva Abord or even just currently residing in the twenty fist century door and always will be validis fuck lesbian has it Tis for years, even befor sap is gone and will keep existing long to the future peg, you did it. I did. It definitelydidn't talk about twenty five takes. We are so prided. It took oneit's a fineone.

Well I don't think, there's anythingelse to add to you. Do we do it all? It is book? No, not not! Yet not yet so I mean like,actually I mean actually do we have any dad. I mean son of Lesbians, Yeah. Well speaking of Lesbian, you saidspeaking of Lebe, then didn't say anything I was speaking of Lesbians. Iasked at a girl, but she just set to me during this episode and said that shecan no longer go out with a I'll go o what I know it's so sad, let put to I Lexanya knowyeah. Let's play my Moo playlist Alexa play my arson playlist. Thank you. So much coming today'sepisode. We hope you enjoyed it. If not well, have a good rest of your lifemake sure of chicken next week to see if we've posted or not. If we haven'twell, I'm either dead or depressed. If I out later, is there an anything elseto add my et fellows valley is fuck. I, for one really hope that Jacksondoes not die. I need July you're, the only one by a.

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