House of Cards: An LGBTQIA2+ Podcast
House of Cards: An LGBTQIA2+ Podcast

Episode 69 · 9 months ago

House of Cards; an LGBTQ podcast: William Dorsey Swann


Today! We decided to start off with a bang and talked about the trucker convery and our views on them before moving onto our epsiode on Black History month. We talked abit about Black History month and William Dorsey Swann one of the first drag queens. This is a reminder that LGBTQ rights were given to us by Black LGBTQ americans. We hope you enjoyed this episode and rememer there will not be an episode next week! Remember you are vaild as fuck, and stay gay.

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Hi, y'all. Welcome to the House of cards and lgbtq plus podcast, where we are gay fact one. Yeah, we's factual. Oh Shit, my name is everybody who am Arian. I used to hear Pronoun and you're not gay at I am excuse, I thought you were strained. Have you heard you talk about my job? Yeah, I've talked about I took about women the exact same way, and I like men. You cannot face one who talks about wouldn't, because basically, everyone want to say women all beautiful. Yeah, that's how dare you? What? Tell me what I did to make you assume I was straight, so that I can never do it again. You just it's the not having an undercut. Yeah, that's the I'm trying to grow it out so that and I can cut it. Also. I also got a cute but like why anyway, cutting Ay you off here. My name is Jackson, I am your second host and I use they, him pronounced, and I'm exhausted. Swag Hi'm smoan. I used she, they pronounced, and I'm crocheting a bunny hat at the moment. At is a doors. Thank you. It's taking very long. I'm very tired. I'm this is all the VIBE. I literally I were all like drained of energy. So true. Literally, facts acers are all of you today, somehow, literally fast. It's an insight joke with my family because... of my parents employees is like nineteen and ends every sentence with factual literally facts, fire, flames. It's hilarious. What Kill Them? He's hilarious. Business, though, like every single time that my parents have come and picked me up from the university, we see one of like your ads company trucks. Oh yeah, they're up there a lot. Yeah, it's we're not very them. Free Promo, though? No, free every single time. No Free Promo to pay us. But you know what they we can get free promo to ours elves. Take it away someone. I'll facts. Yeah, if you want to find us on Instagram, you can find us at lgbt underscore podcast on twitter, lge. Oh wait, no, that's wrong. Awesome, House of cards underscore podcast on Instagram, lgbt underscore check on twitter, house of cards podcast on ticktock. NOPE, House of cards lgbt on ticktock. What is all? What are you know? Tube? Oh yeah, go with that one. Are Youtube. It's very convoluted. I don't remember it. Literally, House of cards are to btq deck. Okay, it is not that. It's so involuted. It's a mixture of all the social media's. Just keep typing until you get it right, and then maybe we might want to promote something. So true. Oh now, baby, this is her thing of house of cards. Yeah, I mean, let's be real, house of cards is my baby. So you know, it's mine. polyamorous relationship, raising our child, literally factual. Yeah, okay then, Samone, Samone, you better stop paying child suppoot. Okay, I'll eat transfer you when I get honey. Anyway, we have... now, we do it's very cute. It's verazy. We do what, literally distigures. Do you want to do? You want to see that stickers on the planet. They want to say where they can. Yes, I'm awesome. Reading the link right now. It is by House of cards, dot company, DOTS site, and you'll never find better, very stickers for a low for a lower price than ours anywhere else. Amazon. Fifty cents and so yeah, there's quality. Their shit quality. Actually, they don't want to go and you don't want to give money to Jeff Bezos. That's part of the quell. No, but the good thing about our stickers is that all of our circles are unique in the way that we are making them specifically represent house the cause. So these are just random stickers with like other characters or random Wayne brows a diamond stuff. This is the house of cods logo. The hell actually, if you say what we have for a stickers, not me. This is we have the Classic House of Cards logo that is basically like our thumbnail for like spotify and all of our social media's and Shit. We have to be a retro logo. Yes, soon to be. That's why I have it. Is Classic logo. Last, yeah, and then we have a valid as fuck censored sticker so that you know, like it's school friendly and Shit. Radio Edit, school friendly and shit. Yeah, that was not school friendly. It's school friendly. It's very friendly, like valid as fuck friendly. How fucking friendly? I'm not school friendly at all. You should avoid me at all costs. So I'M gonna kick you in the call. No. And then also we have a closet friendly deck logo that has the board car. It's in boats, because you...

...know, we need some closet safe shit as well. In there so true. And if you put it in your actual if you put it in your actual closet, it looks pretty squigg just so you know, I get. I feel like all of these stickers will look really amazing, the one like your computer or like headphones, straight up on your face, head for a day. Yeah, I already have. So basically, what I'm doing for us, like podcasters or US posts, is that I am like saving us for stickers for my free pack that we order and Shit, and I already have the classic logo sticker on my computer. I'm really are you gonna send them to us, like when all of them are released? I'm am I going to get another cute avery letter. Yes, literally, gonna come visit you do it and I will. Yeah, it's what we should talk about something. Let's talk about current what's CON events happening? Let me get on the news APP. Are you doing social studies this semester, Bestie, because it's showing. No, no, but I'm trying to read the news on so that it can be a better person than my society. Valid, I guess. Do we want to do? We want to quickly talk about the trucker protest shitting on people's lawns man. I like, I don't think we. I do, like it's such a headache, like they have some valid points, for sure, but they're just acting like domatic. Yeah, like, like when you give me the raw basics, I'm like, I see what you're coming from, I see the point you're trying to make, and then I see with a Nazi flag, with a confederate flag, I see you peoples long, being loud, vandalizing a Terry Fox statue. Dude, that mean breaks rude and disrespectful on a military monument. Yeah, and veteran monument, like that's besties. You're not in the right anymore. Yeah,... you are man, like you are stopping people's you will being aggressive with people who have no way to be aggressive with. Like calm down, calm down, like shit. Loud protest or one thing, but disrespectful protest or another. Like see John Capital, part two. Who See junk capital? Googa Balooga Oka Luga. I called Ogo Baluga. I like true Google loop. Is that what you're going to say? No, I callilabloo Baloo. I think it's unsinny Gooloo blugaloop. But yeah, like love that, like it's just, what's the goal here, Bestie? What it's start. They started with a goal and like a good plan, like, okay. First of all, the original point is not a very good point. Well, it's it's a fine it's okay, like, I know. Oh yeah, we're tired that, like we fet like would tire. That s we being discriminated against. Okay, that was no, no, no, that words thing. No, the original point was they want restrictions to end because they think the government's becoming too powerful. But do you know which I agree with? What's just that? Like they don't want like a mandate like that. Personally, personally, I'm against the mandate. Just saying that started that whole the whole fire ball that started, started with truck has no longer being privileged with not having to be vaccinated across the border. Now they have to Okaination, mandate. Oh my God, can I interject with some good news from mandate? No, they won't mandate it. They just sorry, you go ghost someone and then I'll okay. Good news is my mom ordered a starter kit from my curls nice. I can't wait to see a cross, dude, I'm so excited to okay, anyways, back to the bullshit, back on my bullshit. It started like I a get, I also get seventate, like get vaccinated, but don't force someone. Don't force the vaccine out...

...someone's up. Yeah, yeah, I think will get vaccinated on their own. Yeah, like pro choice people. Still, yeah, I'll have the right to be stupid and like Ya, comes down to it, the whole thing with a mandate is like the same basis of the argument, that is, like the abortion controversy. But the reason they so chrucos aren't manitate man did they don't have to be vaccinated. Yeah, but they cross borders and stuff, and that's why they put a mandate on it. Yeah, like they know they have to. They have to be vaccinated to not have to quarantine when crossing the BOATA. Yeah, cross the Bos. So it's not, you don't like really threatening to their job. No, and most of them all vaccing. There was no like trucks have to be vaccinated. It was like, Hey, if you don't vaccinate, you are now also going after quarantine for ten days, like the rest of the people. Basically, they were taken from me and privilege to the rest of us. The more and more I find out about this. The angry or and angrier way it started and the where it is now is terrible. The what, like what they really when they started getting really good fireball? It would like when they were like yeah, let's like no, man it like yeah, least not force people to get back news when it comes to like taxing people or like sending them bills when they're using hospitals. That, I'm a bit more like makes sense, like I'm sorry, but, like our all health care system is already collapsing. Yeah, if you'RE gonna be if you're going to make it worse, like not like, Oh my God, I broke my leg, pay your time, you know, like hey, your yeah, like well, like at least for not like the American healthcare system. Yeah, that's so fucked up. Well, like you don't get vaccinated, your change and then you put the hospital, like you should have to pay for that. Like if you if you don't get covid and you don't get vaccinated, then you shouldn't have to pay like a bill or anything. But like, if you do get vaccinated and you due to the hospital and you are someone...

...who could get the vaccine and is not like dying, maybe you know, be like hey, you used our supplies. That could have gone to someone who you know was dying. Yeah, or something you could have gotten, but this forcing it directly, like if you don't get it, you get fine, two hundred bucks. Like I think it should be more like the natural consequences, like if you don't get it, fine, you have to quarantine. Like that makes complete sense to me. And, yeah, and you don't get it where I'm asks. Yeah, like, at least do something. Like you, you can't have one without the other anymore. That's not how it is. Yeah, like we got to stop it somehow. But, yeah, I think I think the main like what Wa all agreeing is, like, stupid beople have rights to so, yeah, true, unfortunately, true, unfortunate. But but but these protests have gone too far. Yeah, you were no longer protesting, like you don't even Nazi flag and a confederate were no longer protesting freedom. You are now protesting. You are now with like you can't pick. You can't protest freedom and then have a pressure flags like yeah, and also, okay, this is my thoughts train. A lot of the people I heard like talking Shit, disrespecting the Blm all protests are all like all for this, and I just I don't understand that level of hypocrisy. Like I agree with my body, my choice, like if you will get the backs or whatever, because I'm against aubbortion. I'm against or I'm for. I'm again alation. You Hear Shit? Did I say I'm against? Support, against, for, I'm for bodily autonomy. Yes, yeah, that's what I have to say. So, yeah, that makes them consense. Corpses have more bodily autonomy than pregnant women in the US, and that's yeah, fine. Yeah, I think comparing getting the vaccine to getting an abortion is not on the same level at all.

Like now, yeah, but it does come down to like the same sort of argument. That, like it's still you're like you still get to decide, but goes into your body. Like yeah, no matter how much of a fucking idiot you are. Yeah, like, I do want people to get vaccinated, but I'll concede to the fact that it does make lagual sense for that argument to extend out to things like that. Like yeah, like, get vaccinated, but I'm not going to force it down your own yeah, no, I'm just going to ask politely and Meg you. Yeah, I'm we're going to be really annoying to you. Get it, and that's not forcing you, that's being passive aggressive. Yeah, and that's using our freedom of speech while you are using your freedom of speech. That's an Oh my God, don't I love I my teacher said this best, and I want to really say this because this really goes off to the homophobes and transphobes and just cut both out there. Freedom of speech protects you from the government, not protects you from my fist. So, true, it does not protect you from the consequences of what you say. Like you're saying some real dumb ash shit. So, like, I still have the right to beat the you the fuck up, yes, the right to punch you in the face, like, and the police still have the right to put you in prison for assault for that. But you know, we all have our words to our own things. Yeah, and like like free like all of the that Tarto, I'd write to freeism in that constitution. Yeah, that wasn't written to protect you from your fellow man. Yeah, no, that was written to protect you from the government. Yeah, so, like, like shut up, like my shouldn't literally show a bestie you can say you hate the prime minister, you can say that you hate all of the government. You can say that it's say some shit back to you. Yeah, but like the the government won't snape you, but I can snap you exactly like you see that kind of difference that like, I'm not the government, I'm allowed to beat the fuck out. As long as Jackson's not in Congress, be aware of what you say. Yeah, yeah, he drew. Technically, if you still like you still personally, don't say someone should die,...

...even if they're a shitty prime minister or shitty premier. Like, I mean you say that, but that's mess whole thing to say. Yeah, like like sure, I don't want them in office, but don't say I hope they die and you get charged for that. That can get a consider yeah, that could be sender. What was it called? A tempt to moderate, attempt to model? That's R it no death rate. Yeah, I was gonna say tempted motor because no attempted murderers, like if you like kind of lightly drove it someone and then like pretended like you were going to hit that on. Way, if if you said, if you had a whole plan to kill someone, they could charge you with attempted mortar because I know the attempt. No, that would be conspiracy for murder. anyways, that's just so confusing. I'm just going to call it Chel really weird turn. Yeah, I'm basically here. I think this is what world trying to say. You have even if you're stupid. You have your freedom of choice. Don't be a fucking bitch. Let's talk about true anyway. Who Avery you want to kind of talk about, like the Shit, because, yeah, Firshit, do you wind it doing today? I'd be weary. Is My month, because it's my birthday. You're gonnare is. I think fasty. That is a term of thing to say. Would like as like as rope getting into what they opposite it like it's actually my month. Yeah, I know that was a really bad seguay. Yeah, like I just had to figure out something to talk you could say it's your favorite month. You can say it's your favorite month. I just had to think of something from February and I was like, Hey, my birthdays in this month. Anyways, I'm not important at all for anyone who's living under a fucking bridge. February is black history month. So hopefully you knew that because talking about it today, not just avery's birth month, which I something syscifically right that.

I mean like it kind of. So we're kind of talking about two things. So, Yep, our focus is black history month and our topic for today is about William Dorsey Swan sways a way to get into this. So, as a be said, for very is black history month. You know, it's it's the month. It's, you know, as gonna say, our favorite month, which it's amazing month. I really like this month. I think it's really fun. It's a great month. But I feel like as gays we have to be like, yeah, it's rightly pride. You know what, fuck allegiances. Like, I'm having two favorites. Yeah, my last favorite month is what men's month? What's men's month? I think it's May. I'm skipping may on my calendar altogether and going straight to June. Junas men's house, the bunch this take they'll take a problem where they taking two months. What the Hell? They're like. They're like what if? What if we take June and like that is taken. That month is not take June anyway. Sorry, that's off topic. Um an annual. So it is an annual observance. Yeah, Yep, originally in the US in one thousand nine hundred and twenty six, walking in time to honor African Americans and raise awareness for black history. For those of you who don't know, none of us on the podcast all African American. We were tragically white. Some of us were bored as a white man, and it is my greatest disgrace. What is your great I can pay for an interview like what is your greatest fail your life? I was bonus of white pan so true, just looking down if you've been living under a rock. And if we're unaware, America hates black people, not Americans, but America as a constitution and a systematic system. And a lot of Americans seemed to racist to but like not all of them, and honestly, Canadas a lot of Basi to...

...the anyway. Yeah, slavey wasn't even a balls completely until one thousand eight hundred and sixty five. And for those of you who are a Canadian or not American and don't really care about American history, that was eighty nine years after the America America was founded. The United States of America, America with America was founded, like a wild like the America's were founded a while ago by the addiginous people. Like what? Yeah, but like, yeah, can we talk about how it's discussing that, like the people who have lived on the America's for like basically like fore all of the justiness people that when you Google when was the Americas found it, it's going to tell you when the white people came. Yeah, like no, the Americans were founded, like, like no, in the Bab seas, like the Americas were colonized in that ear. Sure, yeah, but they won't found it now. They were founded somewhere between two thousand and one. Twenty one thousand. That was it. EC Yeah, that's when they were found in proper. Sorry, I didn't mean to laugh, but just when you were like it was found and in two thousand and one, like I was gonna say BCBC was coming up, but said mean pretty spears. ANYWAYS, never mind. Okay, pretty spears discovered the America. It was it Christopher Columbus. It was pretty spears that she also you know, yeah, she's yeah, she did also fucked along. Yeah, okay, just what? Okay, Anyway, okay, I feel like explain for Jackson. Okay, basically. So, like it was like Christopher Columbus went to America and then after he went back to England or wherever the fuck he was from. That was one syphilis was first contracted whatever in England, and so before then it was really only theorized...

...that symphilis was found in, like llamas. Yeah, so, yeah, also, he was from Spain, like he went back to Spool. Was it? Portugal? No, Spain, I believe, but that's like wait, really, but he sounds so like, oh no, he's he originates from England, but he England is like, I'm not fucking paying for this dumb idea. And so he went to different countries. WHO said Yeah, because I was like that's an Englishman, dude, yeah, Christophers in English name. Okay, cool, if I interject with my paragraph? Yeah, actually, fuck you. Okay, anyways, for those of you who know our posting schedule, which is Wednesdays, by the way, in the fourth wall, munch a very yeah, sorry that this episode is area on the last day of black history month as a tribute to William Dorsey Swan or William Dorsey's William Dorsey Swan, America's first drag Queen, additionally, for those who don't follow additionally, for those who don't follow our Instagram, there you can find posts of black LGBTQ, plus historical figures for every day of black history. Move You do today's episode content were issuing a content of thing. Sorry for mentions of slavery, racial discrimination, police brutality and Homophobia, oh favorite things, before we tire. WHOA words, hot dawn more, we can actually speak English today. Yeah, yeah, there are no words. Sorry, only vibes. No words, only vibes. Yeah, before we talk about William Dorsey Swan, we would like to state that, according to an analysis by mapping police violence, black Americans are early three times as likely as...

...white Americans to be killed by the police, despite only making up an approximate thirteen percent of the population. A further analysis performed by a police bottlen support dot org down that black people were more likely to be killed by police twenty seven percent, more likely to be unarmed thirty five percent, and less likely to be threatening someone when killed, thirty six percent. So, you know, a km yeah, yeah, sorry, I just love the way that was put in there at the end. I love it anyway. inciently, it's possible to talk about lgbtq rights, pride and Liberation Without recognizing the countless black lgbtq plus individuals that were at the center of the stonewell riots. All rights were owned by gay, Lesbian, Queer and transgender black Americans and we are forever grateful. There is no pride without them. Yeah, yeah, there's so like billy as at the end. person. Yeah, thank you. Now moving on to today's TACO top. Maybe not to day correct. None of us can read this. President just took our only brain cell with him. So one. Yeah, just that. Like to come pick up his deluction. It's just that's just right now. Saying that. Now moving on to today's topic, William Dorsey Swan. William Dorsey Swan was born into slavery in one thousand eight, hundred and fifty eight in Maryland, USA. He was the fifth oldest child in the family of thirteen. Whoe, forty thirteen children. That's that's a lot many children. Both of my great grandparents had horrifying yeah, we have a really, really big family anyway. Anyway. And how many were the results of rape by a white slave slave owner? After the civil war and abolishment of Slavery, William's family bought a farm.

Good for them. It's my name. Is a grief, a second, it is. Yeah, I know. During his twenty now, during his twenties and Thir S, William frequented and organized a series of balls in Washington DC. These balls were mostly attended by other former slaves who are lgbtq plus and or across dress all in secret for fear of police raids. One of the most popular events of these balls were what are called the cake walk, where members with dance and walk in freely clothing horses and top paths to mock their former slave masters. Judges would award a winner with Williams cakewalk parallels today's vogueing balls or modern episodes of rupaul's drag race. That sounds so fun. It does. William Jose Jesse Dorsey, do see, oh, see, sorry, Dorsey, see. William Dorsey Swan was the first intervio to a for themselves as a dray queen and became a Crusado. All of these are family in crusade of Mars, Crusader mark, quotation mark of lgbtq plus and black freedoms. He was arrested in numerous police rates including the force ever documented arrest for female imporstation. That was a cry. That's bullshit. fucking house. convicted. Yeah, you got tits in openions. Go to fucking jail. He was falsely convicted for running a brothel in one thousand eight hundred and ninety six. Now that was the mown, and spent ten months in jail. He then became the forced American pursue legal and political action to defend the LGBTQ plus community when he quested a pardon from the president. Go wur CLEVELAND, that is amazable name. Sorry, using his first name. And he was president twice. He's always how do you know this? Don't don't worry about it. That's like the only notable thing about him is that his... is not grover. And he was president twice. I was present a three times. Okay, go off Um. While he never married, William had a quote unquote, intimate friendship with Pierce Lafayette and Felix Hall, two romantically involved men who had both been enslaved and formed the first documented same sex relationship between enslaved Americans. So I hold up, pulled up. I just gotta say something quick. Okay, this was a recognized gay man, was like right, yeah, that historian, stilly friendship. Yeah, like what? Yeah, history has erst be like even, like specifically use the word intimate friendship. We are to like, Dude, just say that they were polly literally, like it's not hard. Oh my God, anyway, go off. Sorry. Yeah, okay, Um, wait, actually, no, sorry, I'm joking, my penis. After his death, local officers burned his home. Fuck that William Dorsey Swan again. Yeah, a kept William Dorsey Swan, born slave, first dry queen, gay man and Lgbtq Plus Rights Crusader, paved the way for the stonewall riots and the American drag scene, and for that he is valid as fuck. As fuck as a pop off Queen, like Gray Queen, pop off. Literally loved them. Oh my God, okay, boss is gender neutral, right. Yeah, yeah, girl up, hundred boss moment. And it's like sometimes just put in brackets, like go bostinger neutral. Yeah, yeah, girl, boss, gender neutral moment. Anyway, I post. I really like this topic. I think it was amazingly done by a very so true act. All of us are having a shitty reading day. Yeah, like, sorry,...

...guys, yeah, we can't read. Just left and last left us with his dyslexia. Just took our literacy with him. Oh my God, if it your both days this Friday, I know, Holy Shit, I don't have a gift for you. Have to get you a gift. I don't. You do not have to. What do you want? What do you want? Materre, nothing, Ma Terryog. We get real and then I don't have a vale. which kind of option that? I do have a Valentine. Fuck you. I need to get them something or make them something. Get Them Your Dick. I was gonna do the thing where you buy like a heartship box and put crystals inside. Oh my God, do that, do that, do that with what sounds. So he don't worry about I will be getting money. My Dad actually owes me fifty because we like we made a little bit like Oh, if you don't get a job in three months after applying how you were applying, which is like five jobs a day, by the way. Yeah, then he'll give me fifty bucks out of pity. It's been three us for it's been almost four months and I still don't have a JOMP. So I get fifty dollars for my dad for feeling to get a job. Wow. Yeah, Oh my God, guys, sorry, this is sortally different. We could record. We would decide to record my or card the podcast on my eighteen fourth day. We should. I might be drunk, like I might be out drinking. It is my eighteen thought day and it will be seven pm to eight PM. I'm mad. You're very bright. Why would you? Why wouldn't even why would for the podcast? I just wanted funny that my boot that was on a Tuesday and and so, like what my because I haven't set that at seven eight every day my phone says, Hey, we'll call the podcast. So it's so I went to check, like my birthday, to check it out, and it's on a Tuesday. So it's like happy about day, record podcast. I mean, okay, why are you going out before eight o'clock...

...on your birthday, though, like before eight o'clock. You're going out on your eighteen birthday. I might go out for dinner. Yeah, Oh, okay, that's what. What what? Only if you're going clubbing, you're not going out before you yeah, that's what I thought you meant to. I was like how much I would be like in cly I live in a town of tenzero people. You drive so like tzerousand people is a lot, though. We don't know Wat favel, though, and most of them are like eighty nine. Go Party with the eighty nine year olds, bro No, I'm sure they know more about acid than you ever will. Yeah, because I yeah that anyway. Thank you so much for listening today's episode. We hope you enjoyed it and we hope that you have a good rest of your life. If you don't turn in next week, I'm fucking everything up because brain is dead. Is there anything else to add? Valid as fuck you umbers? I don't know. I like cucumbers. Who doesn't end stay gay?.

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