House of Cards: An LGBTQIA2+ Podcast
House of Cards: An LGBTQIA2+ Podcast

Episode 82 · 8 months ago

House of Cards: An LGBTQIA2+ Myth: The Passion of SS Sergius and Bacchus


Today we begin our second epsiode in the series LGBTQIA2+ Myths, with avery doing a solo reading of The Passion of SS Sergius and Bacchus. We hope you enjoyed and we hope to see you next week for Simones Lesbian Poems. Remember you are vaild as fuck, and stay gay. Make sure to check Echo out at

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Written by Avery Ann

Edited by Jaxson Stiles

Produced by: Jaxson, Avery and Simone, Jesse,

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Hello and welcome to the House of God's an Lgbtqi to plus podcast. My name is Jackson, I'm one of your host I use they him pronouns, and you know, I just quit the podcast. You know, at a whole, had to grab my box and walk out of the office. And you're what what you're you're what my boss. So this is a new information. Someone will never be allowed to hang out with any of my kids because they would say something and Simone will try to find a way to make it sexual. So Simone will never mean my kids, actual whatever. No, it's not. It's a Fox. Search it on urban dictionary, but murder dictionary doesn't mean Shit. Know it does, like it's a very commonly known slang term for couchie. Yeah, but obviously that's not what I was talking about. Obviously it's so what? It's fairly well known. Moving on, well, it is. That's obviously not what I was talking about. So you're still banned from meeting my each older my name is aver and I used to her pronouns. It's been a fucking week, my guy. Actually it's I guess it has been a weak since, you know, they last word from us. Oh, I don't even mean that. I just mean like it's been like we're three days into the week right now recording, and so far my body has been attacking me for every single one. Hey, that well, this, you know, kind of deserved. It's Oh my God, I will throw I will cut your Dick off and shut it down your throat. I honestly, that's kind of Kinky. Actually kill I will dowage your eyes out and put them in a blender. I will make her drink. I think we have the song by the insane clown posse called catch a creditor. Anyway, hi, I'm Simone. I'm your third host. Are you see? They pronounced and I have a pink Gamer set up right now. It's my love it. Material girl, material girl. I think. I think the moment that we know that, Simone, it has reached rock bottom is the day that they no longer like pink. Dude. I would shit. Yeah, no, you'd be like. That would be like this is like a few days before you die, like this is yeah, this is rock bottom. You have hit the ground. There is no lower you can go. If that is ULOGE's like it's like when I die, which will be in about ten to five years up, throw what up to lift. You have to live to see the twenty two century. Simone will cut. Will do what? Someone will arrive to my funeral and be the only one down and block because they will be wearing all pink like she will be decked out. Yeah, what about it? And it will be like I will like if Simone did arrive at my funeral not in pink like they they would be kicked out. Exactly. Don't be allowed him take a rule. And then I would set a challenge for avery to not cry every time. Every time avery cried, she would have to put like ten bucks into a child fund. We should turn into a drinking game. Every time every tries take a shot, the entire funeral possession would also be dead. I would also make it so avery had to speak to right now just to get people more drunk. Beautiful, beautiful game. Okay, this is how I think my funeral would go. No, let me just show you the layout. No row. Anyway, if you want to find us on the Internet, where we do foul Shit, you can find us on Instagram at House of cards underscore podcast, on twitter at lgbt underscore deck. On tick talk as a house of cards, lgbt, and what is our merch website? A pree. You want to do a youtube as well? Written there it is. Oh Are you two? Have some of cards, lgbt deck and our website for Merch is https called backslash, backslash by by House of cards, Duck Company. That site smile, five stars, ten out of ten.

Thank you'd recommend. I think a really fun game would be like having to list all of our social media's. But like a race, I would lose. I was some one would totally lose. I would lose even like like you, everyone would be allowed to have in front of them written down, but it's whoever could read it the fastest and most. I could not. And, yeah, have to be you'd have to understand what they were saying. Yeah, that's not a good thing for me. I feel like I'd have a decent shot because I've gotten new pee blood, new peoplelood. I heard so I served from ice. A new fee go off. Yes, I've so. Yeah, I've soved a new feet my job and I swear to God. Oh, we might have viewers in Newfoundland. We do, my Nana, because like my Nana pop. Oh, no, no, docs Frek, how you said. Oh my God, Nana. Oh my God, they found out the name. I'm Dan and Paul Nan and PA. Is that the legal name? No, but like anyone who knows me would know anyways, if we have anyway, I like other than them. I'm other than them. Avery. I've docks my Nan and pop to my family. They now know gually established. I'm smart but stupid. Yeah, they're real names. Do you for remember what are the real names? No, don't say it. Don't don't. Do you know? I really, it's bulls check out. Technically, if you wanted to know Simone's really you just have to go back in the podcast. What what? I didn't know. I changed my name before we started doing podcast. Yeah, but increase messioned it at least once. Yeah, I'm exactly. I do it a few times at the beginning. Oh yeah, yeah, because you know, Avery's transphobic. Absolutely, if we TRANSPHOBIC, or every trans comes with the corrent, it comes with the chronic pain. JK, Damn, sorry, that was will getting. We're getting really cos the pride month. Yo, Yo, are technically well in pride month. As I when this episode actually know. Will write before pride month I think, is when this episode is released. Give me one second. Yeah, so happy. Yeah, right. So pride month will be like our next episode, which will be Simmons special episode, will be the fourth day of private so most episodes the fourth day of pride month. That is who we are giving fucking love. Let me, let me just chase Simon. You're actually going to be some mile and we're Nile. Wait and then I have a plan. So for the next few episodes, avery doesn't have to write a script. I don't and I think if Avery's okay with it, we might, because we might do our last our last episode of June. We maybe will play like a game, like maybe because we want it, we want to get just introduced to the Gay Olympics before like the anniversary. So just knows what's happening. So maybe, like avery gets one AFTRA day which does have to write the script, and all we do that episode is the Gay Olympics. WOULD THAT BE THE THIRTY FIR? Know what? June doesn't have a thirty one fluck. No, it would be. No, I'm talking about the last day week post the episode. It would be the fourteen. Remember, whenever we have an episode recorded, you have to go two days down to see when it's recorded to when it's posted. I mean, so when we record, we will record at the fourteen and it will be posted the twenty nine. Yeah, yeah, I feel like Avy doesn't truly understand how this podcast function. Now. I like I do. I just like I said, Bro, and going through it. There's a long day Tom we will talk of that. We will talk about the moths moll mask in a minute. But technically, for the for the entire month of June, including one week in May, we're doing special episodes so to sell. This is kind of a good celebrating pride month. I'm going to send you, guys, what I'm going to be using to study for the Game Gay Olympics. By the way, we didn't even know what's okay, I'm going, I'm going to I'm gonna go through that and I'm going to like not use anything. I'm like, Hey, we can't do that, we can't be eating. It's all one...

...hundred percent. It's on the spot. No, it's you can study for it. Yeah, there's no rules against studying, Bro. We are going to text just to study. Study, Y'all are free to study it. Yeah, like we just don't know what it is. Avery's going to make flash cards and win, but I think we'll do a spet and then we'll have a special announcement on the Gay Olympics. As alls like. I forgot an award, but every special announcement. Is that her the junior for the September, for the June, for the June the Jew yeah, Dam did see. Yeah, so just kind of en up keeping the schedule on. As of today we begin a story. Actually as of last week we began our storytelling series on this booth bones. Go check that out. Go Che Cot ad x bones, Addax, Bo and es anywhere early and adds. Is An animal. Yeah, yes, it is. It's a type of it's a type of board. It's a type of board. What I thought it was like a deer. Not Beach True, because when I saw it I thought it was a goat. Guys, I was trying to have everyone believe it was a board. Guess. And then so today is kind of when the series begins where more solo that will continue through June up until the fifteen, and then on the twenty two we have a surprise which we won't tell you until a bit later, and then the twenty nine. We will end June with the Gay Olympics, with a surprise announcement at the end. So June. Do we already know the S presentent on? Technically, okay, I'll like remind you and like yeah, but as a jude, yeah, I'll give this special announcement. And also, we're old graduate all of also, this is really big news. Is just me and Samona all graduating in June during pride. It is not graduate. I might graduate, you'll probably graduate. Yeah, that's the agenda. Now let's talk about a Maskot quick. We've a mask, apparently. Yeah, I'm getting a Guinea Big Oh my God, wait, not a fancy mouse. No, I know, I just had to get a guinea pig instead because, you know, like they're bit bigger. I can like cuddle them and stuff. One got the names expose naked. Anyway, it's not. I'm adopting him from arks, which is like a rescue adoption foundation. Super Great. It's actually where my parents got our dog. But yeah, I'm getting my Guinea pig parks and his name is beans and he's a chunky little boy and he's my son. I can't wait. Amazing. Gonna be beautiful. Yeah, so, yeah, we got a lot of stuff coming for June. Like June is technically sought. How technically, saw episode acually started next week. You know, it's pride month coming up. I can't even my brain hasn't even process it's almost pride month. June. I think of Avery's D D character when I think, when I think of June, I think of I'm graduating, like that's my main thing about June. Shut up. We have another big note to notice is you will most likely not have the it'll most likely be that Justin Simone will also be missing for a bit of episodes in June and July. Yep, because of exam season. HMM, yeah, girls, what gaps and won't? I am doing English diplomas. Oh yeah, I'll keep it. Your school has that weird thing? Yeah, I'm doing that. What and Social Studies? No, you can't study for English diplomas a free how do you study from them? This diploma? Yeah, Bro, I know know what you're doing. A yeah, important. That's why it's weird. What's our system? Because I only have two exams instead of like for three English. Yeah, so June will be a bit of an afty month for studying. Simone will most likely missed two episodes. Well, I might Miss Three. Four, emotional sport, I'm going to be honest. They also will have a big bands. Actually about point. Really, I...

...thought your exams were in May. No, no, because it springing. Yeah, but one of them is multiple choys and one of them is hal multiple choice and an essay. So, Bitch, I'm good anyway. With June, we have a lot of fun stuff coming. Technically, all of the episodes being released in June all really fun and just sucks that in June we have to record normal episodes. Yo, Sop for to, except for true I don't. Oh, I don't like touring. Oh my God, Simone. Yeah, you might mix the you might miss the Gay Olympics. Oh Shit, why wins the GAE Olympics? It'll be the fourteen is when we record it. I like the practice one. Yeah, I will miss that one likely. You're free to come if you want, because it won't be like a that's when I write my social written response to Palma. It's only from nine to twelve, though, but I might even I might if you want to eat the day to study math after, if you want to, if you just want to come to have fun with us, like we're just going to have fun and like play Games. That's also fine, and you can our break from studying. It's good. That is a good idea. It'll be a really good it'll be a really like you can bring food and eat and, like, bro My study breaks cannot involve any sort of knowledge whatsoever. I take a walk at like I go on a hot girl walk. Basically, I use my off brand beats and I walk to the beat of stripper music. I still think you should come for kind of like a right, but also like I can't stop you. But I do think because at least we're not doing like a hefty topic where we're like, you know, depression. Yeah, it'll just be literally us, like just avery and you screaming still, Floyd Gae. Olympics is Trivia, though. That's why I'm a bit iff you on Thatxu. I don't want to get that mixed up in my brain. On this gale Olympics. What it will happen? If it will, it will look Trivia, but we're expanding, you know what, adding more fun stuff. Trivia gets bored. We've done literally three Gaympico just trivia. I'm people are getting bored. I'm running out of Trivia. S Aboneis how many times? How many times can I ask what what was the blank riots? You can ask it so many times. Just comes a chance of speed. You just gotta find more questions. You just gotta find more little you know, the Gaili mixers becomes like who can speed rock? Who can walk their normal speed? The fastest dude who owns more flannel avery would win between me and J yeah, my own one flannel and a whist for me and you, bunch of a way. You have one of my lids. lits like three of yours. You free. What what do you want to do? You want to begin your kind of transition into your story. Gay Goddess. That's it. Okay, go enjoy the story. You'll. My story is called the passion of SS surge and BACCHUS. Translated from Greek, this is the story of to Christian Saints who are believed to be lovers. Under the rule of the Emperor Maximian, gross superstition held sway over the human race, for people worshiped and made sacrifices to stones and would the devices of human beings, and they consumed obscene offerings. Those unwilling to sacrifice were subjected to torture and harsh punishment and compelled to serve the demons. A decree to this effect, with severe threats, was posted in the markets of every city. The purity of air was defiled, with it bought with the diabolical smell from the altars, and the darkness of idolatrous error was reckoned a matter of state. It was then that surge and backs, like stars shining joyously over the earth, radiating the light of confession of and faith in, our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ, began to grace the palace honored by the Emperor Maximian. The Blessed Serge was the pin promisterious of the school of the gentiles, a friend of the emperor and who had great familiarity with him, so that maximian promptly acceded to his requests. Thus, the blessed Serge, having a certain friend Antiochus, was able to arrange for him to become the governor of the province of Augustum Euphrates. The blessed bacchist himself happened to be the Secondarius of the school of Gentiles. Being as one in their love for Christ, they were also undivided from each other in the army of the world, united not by the way of nature but in manners of faith, always singing and saying, behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity. They were a depth and excellent soldiers of Christ, cultivating assiduously the aspired writings to combat diabolical error and fighting vigorously... battle to defeat the M enemy, but the malicious and evil spirit. Afflicted with envy some of those who have been brought to the school of the gentiles, and they seem the saints so honorably received in the imperial chambers, so advanced from military bank and on such familiar terms with the emperor, and being unable to bring any other instrument of malice against them, accused them to the emperor of being Christians, waiting for the moment when the saints would not be standing near the emperor and finding him alone, they said to him such zeal for the cult of the holiest and greatest gods has your Mortal Majesty that in these Holy Resce receipts of yours which are everywhere disseminated. You have commanded that all unwilling to honor and worship them and in submission to your righteous doctrine, should Paris should perish in great torment. How is it, then, that Serge and Bacchus, the directors of our school, enjoy such familiarity with your eternal power when they worship Christ, whom those Jews executed, crucifying him as a criminal and by persuading many others to draw them away from the worship of the Gods? When he heard this, emperor refused to believe it and said, I do not think you speak the truth, that Serge and Baccis are not devoted to the veneration and worship of the gods, since I have such a pure affection for them, and they would hardly be worthy of it if they were not truly faithful in their piety towards the Gods. But if, as you say, they belong to that unholy religion, they shall now be exposed. Once I have summoned them, without their knowing of the charges that have been brought against them, I will go with them into the Temple of Mighty Zeus and, if they sacrifice and eat of the holy offerings. You yourselves shall bear the risk of the slander of which you are guilty. If they refused to sacrifice, they shall incur the penalty appropriate for their impiety for the gods. Would not have the shield payers of my empire be impious and great ungrateful we owe, Emperor, replied. The accusers, moved by zeal and affection for the Gods, have brought before your Undying Majesty. Would we have heard regarding them? It is for your unfailing wisdom to discover it. Their IMPATI straightaway. The emperor sent for them. They entered with the customary return of God of guards and imperial pomp. The emperor received them and went in their company to the Temple of Zeus. Once he had answered, Maximia, offered livations with the whole army, partook of the sacrificial offerings and looked around. He did not see the blessed surge and baccist. They had not gone into the temple because they thought it impious and unholy to see them offering and consuming unclean sacrifices. They stood outside and prayed, as one mouth saying, king of kings and Lord of Lords, who a loan, possess immortality and inhabit unapproachable light. Shed light on the eyes of their minds, because they walk in the darkness off of their unknowing. They have exchanged your glory, uncorruptible God, for the likeness of corruptible men and birds and beasts and snakes, and they worship the created rather than you, the creator. Turn them to knowledge of you, that they may know you, the one true God, and Your Only Begotten Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, before us and for our salvation, suffered and rose from the dead that he might frey us from the bonds of the law and rescue us from the folly of thine idols. Preserve US, God, pure and Spalas, in the path of your martyrs walking in Your Commandments. While this prayer was yet in their mouths, the emperors sent some of the guards standing near them and commanded them to be brought into the temple. When they had entered, the emperor said to them. It appears that, counting on my great friendship and kindness, for which the gods have been your defenders and advocates, you have seemed fit to disdain imperial law and to become deserts and enemies of the Gods. But I will, I will not spare you. If indeed those things spoken of you proved to be true. Go then to the altar of might Esus make sacrifice and consume, like everyone else, the mystical offerings. In reply the Noble Soldiers of Christ, the martyrs, surgeon back has answered. We owe, ever are obliged to render to you earthly service of this Corporal Body. We have a true and eternal King in heaven, Jesus, the son of God, who is the commander of our souls, our hope and our refuge of salvation to him. Every day we offer a holy, living sacrifice, our thoughtful worship. We do not sacrifice stones, or we do not sacrifice to stones, or would, nor do we bow to them. Your gods have ears, but they do not hear the prayers of humans, just as they have noses but do not spell the sacrifice brought them. Have mouths but do not speak, hands but do not feel, peep but do not walk. They that make them, as the Scripture says, are like unto them. So is everyone that trusteth in them, because thou are with us. The emperor's countenance was transformed with anger immediately here ordered their belts cut off, their tunics and all other military God removed, gold torts taken from around their necks and women's clothing placed on them. US they were to be paraded through the middle of the city to the palace, bearing heavy chains around their necks. When they were led into the shadow, into the middle of the market..., the Saints Sang and joined together. Yay, though we walk through the Valley of the shadow of death, we will fear no evil, Lord and the and this apolostolic saying, denying ungodliness and worldly lust and putting off the form of the old man naked in faith, we rejoice in New Lord, because you have clothed us with the garment of salvation and have covered us with the robe of righteousness. As brides. You have decked us with women's gowns and brought us together for you through our confession. You, Lord, commanded us, saying ye shall be brought before governors and kings for my sake, but one they deliver you up. Take no thought how or what, Y'all, Ye shall speak, for it shall be given you in that same hour what ye shall speak, for it is not ye that speak but the spirit of your father which speaketh in you rise, Lord, help us and rescue us. For your namesake, strengthen our souls that we may not be separated from you and the impious may not say where is their god? When they reached the palace, Maximian sonned them and said most wicked of all men. So much for the friendship I have deposed, I have bestowed upon you, thinking you have to have proper respect for the gods and which you, confident of my openness and affection, have despise, reasonly offering me in return that which is against the law of obedience and subjection. But why should you blessed feing the gods as well, through whom the human race enjoys such abundant peace? Do you not realize that the Christ whom you worship was the son of a carpenter or an out of wedlock to an adulterous mother, whom those called Jews executed by crucifixion because he had become the cause of dissensions and numerous troubles among them, leading them into the error of magic and claiming to be a God? The very great race of our gods were all born of legal marriage of the high, of the most high, Zeus, who is thought to be the most holy, giving birth through his marriage and union with the blessed era. I imagine that you will have also heard that the heroic and twelve greatest labors were worthy of a God who's of heavenly Hercules, heracles, technically born of Zeus. The Noble Soldiers of Christ answered. Your Majesty is mistaken. These are the mens that bring in the ears of the simpler men and light and led them to destruction. He whom you say to have been born of adultery, as the son of a carpenter. He is God, the God of the True God within through whom all was made. He established the heavens, he made the earth, the abyss, the Great Sea, he bounded with sad he adorned the heavens with the multitude of stars, the sun he invented for the illumination of the day, and, as a torch in the night, he devised the moon, divided the darkness from the light. He imposed measure on the day and limits on the night. In wisdom, he brought forth all things from non being to being. These last days he was born upon and the Earth for salvation of humankind, not from the desire of a man nor the desire of the flesh, but from the Holy Spirit and an ever virgin girl and living among humans, he taught us to turn from the error of vain idols, to know him and his father. He is true God of True God and, in accordance with an unknowable plan, he died for the salvation of the human race, but he plundered hell and rose on the third day in the power of his divinity, and he established in corruptibility and the resident reaction of the dead to eternal life. Beside himself with rage. On hearing these things, the emperor ordered that their accusers being rolled in the they are positions and the army, and said to them, I am sending you to duke and Tiopas Chris First Ones, the very man you were able to promote to such rank because of the friendship and familiarity you had with me, so that you will realize how great is the honor you of last by speaking against the gods, and how trivial a court you married for the worst punishments since the greatments, since the greatness of the Gods has apprehended and brought your blasphemy to the judgment seal for justice. Immediately, he sent them to Duke and Tiotas, ordering that their entire bodies be bound with heavy chains and that baby sent thus to eastern parts through a succession of officials. He also wrote a letter along these lines from Maximian, eternal emperor and triumphant ruler of all readings, to Duke and Tiopas. The wisdom of the greatest gods is unwilling that any man should be impioused and hostile to their worship, especially shield and spear bearers of our empire. wherefore, I commend to your severity the file certain BACC is, convicted with a opposite opposit proof of belonging to the unholy sect of the Christians and plainly deserving of the worst punishment, who I consider, whom I consider unworthy of the admiration of imperial justice, persuaded by you to change your miise and sacrifice to the gods that treat them with our own ownnate humanity, free them from the prescribed permans of punishments, assure them of our forgiven kindness and that they will receive back immediately their appropriate military rank and be better off now than they were before. But if they will not be persuad hated and persisting there and holy religion, subject...

...them to the severest penalties of the law and remove them and remove from them hope of long life with the penalty of the sword. Farewell. The same day, the officials took them out of the city as far as the twelve mark and when even overtook them, they stopped at an in about midnight, and Angel of the Lord appeared and said to the saints, take courage and fight against the devil and his evil spirits as noble soldiers and athletes of Christ, and less you have thrown the enemy put on put him under your feet, that when you appear before the King of glory, we, the host of the army of angels, may come to greet you, seeing the hymn of victory, conferring on you the trophies of triumph and their crowns of perfect faith and unity. When morning came, they rose and took the road with great joy and all proceed they were also some of their household servants with them, united with them and longing for the love of Christ and in true love for their Corporal Masters. On account of which they would not leave them. When they were in such straits, they heard them discussing with each other the appearance of the angel in the night. Taking the road, the two chanted psalms together and prayed as if with one mouth. Thus we have rejoiced in the way of martyrdom as much as in all riches. We will meditate in thy precepts and search out thy ways. We will delight ourselves in THY statutes. We will not forget THY world, deal bountifully with THY servants, that we may live and keep thy word. As the emperor had commanded, the soldiers of Christ were sent from city to city, through a succession of changing officials, with great security, along the road of martyrdom laid down for them, until they were brought to the eparche of Augustro Euphrates, which was on the borders, next to the people of the Syracians, to a certain fortress called bare vallasis, where ballassist, sure we're Duke, and to Anti U has had a seat, appearing promptly before him. Around the ninth hour, their custodians handed over the emperor's letter and also the holy murders surge and baccus tio kiss rode from his days and accepted the emperor's rescript in his purple General's cloak. When he had read it, he summoned privately the official in charge and told him take the prints prisoners and secure them in the military prison, seeing that, apart from the usual constraints, they do not suffer anything, do not place their feet in film maniccas of wood. Bring them to the bench of my justice tomorrow so that I can hear them at the prescribed time according to the law. The official took them and bound them, as the Duke had commanded him. And it was evening. They sang together and prayed, as with one mouth speaking. Thus O, Thou Lord, breaks the heads of the dragons and the waters. Thou didst cleave the Fountain and the flood now has set all the borders of the earth. CASSINE. I upon us, Oh Lord, for the Enemy Hath approached US and the foolish people have, of lasting last, made the die. Holy Name, deliver not the souls of those confessing the two men more savage than beasts. We're getting, not the congregation of THY port forever. Have respect. On to that I have and into for the dark places of the Earth are full of habitations of cruelty. Let us not be returned humbled a shame. So that we, THY humbleth servants, may praise THY name. Forget not the voice of Thineem Enemies, the pride of them that hate the ascendeth continually against us, THY servants, and in vain have the people hated us. But do thou, oh Lord, rescue us and free us for THY namesake. Then, while they slept for a while, an angel of the Lord appeared to them and said, take heart, stand fast and unmovable in your faith and love. It is God who aids and watches over you. Rising from their sleep and reporting to the household the apparition of the angel, they were encouraged and began to chant again. In my distress, I cried unto the Lord, and he heard me from his Holy Mountain. I laid me down and slept, for the Lord sustained me. We will not be afraid if thou sands of people that have set themselves against US round about. Arise, Lord and save us, Oh our God, for Salvation Belongeth unto thy Lord. THY blessing is a bond thy people, the following day, when the Duke was seated on the Bench of Justice in the predatorium, he summoned the Commentarius and said bringing the prisoners. The latter responded, they are at hand before the Righteous Bench of your authority, and the saints appeared. He commanded the emperor's letter to be read. Once this was done, Duke Anti Kus, prompted by his associate, announced it is uncumbent on you to obey the orders of the glorious empire, our Lord, and to say sacrifice to the gods and worthy of their benevolence. Since you were unwilling to do this, you have forfeited great glory and, having made yourselves unworthy, we're discharge from them the military and deprived of all your former wealth. Nonetheless, if you will now obey me and sacrifice to the gods to earn their good wealth, you could earn even greater honor and glory them before and receive back your military rank and more besides. This was prescribed in the letter sent to me, as you yourselves to have heard. Being humane, the most holy emperor has disposed that...

...if you were pent of those things that you have rashly done and now sacrifice to the gods, you may yet enjoy his favor. wherefore I, feeling compassion for you and mindful of your friendship and kindness, especially yours, my Lord Sir, for I myself have benefited from your generosity, advise you that, if you will not do this, you forced me to our day or Lord the Emperor, and see that that his orders concerning you are strictly observed and reply the saints declared. We have all left and followed Christ, so that he lists of earthly and temporal honor, we may become rivals of the angels in heaven and, ignoring terrestrial and correctible wealth, we may heap treasure and heaven. What profit would it be if we gain the whole world? Would lost our souls? Do not therefore so advise us, Antiochus, for your fork is tongued and the poison of adders is under your lips. You will hardly be able to change our minds, while God himself encourages us. Do, therefore, what you will. We will not sacrifice to would or worship stones. We serve Christ, the son of God, the eternal ruin ruler before whom every Knie should bow. Of Things in heaven and things on earth and things under the earth and whom every tongue should confess. Your Gods are man made idols. If they were divine, they themselves would command humans and would need not to be avenged through human design, on those who decline to serve and worship them. The Duke rejoined. We do not avenge the gods. It is through their disposition that all the powers of our enemies have been subjected to us. But we call you to justice because of your accursed and holy and unholy superstition to which the saints responded. It is you who are accursed and unholy, and all those persuaded by you to sacrifice to demon's and worship insensate stones and wood, all of them will soon be cast eternally into flames and you will, and you also will be punished with them. In a great rage, the duke commanded that the blessed surge be taken from the praetorium and return to prison. The blessed back is, he ordered held for flogging. The henchman went at this until they collapse exhausted and you're dead on the floor, when they can go on no longer. He directed that back is be turned over onto a stomach to be beaten with four whips of Rawhide, saying to him, let's see if your Christ will free you from my hands. From that, from the first hour until evening, they wore away his flesh, blood flowed everywhere of his stomach and liver were ruptured. The blessed Bacchus Senta said to Antie, I guess the devil servants, your churchers have failed. Your impudence is overthrown. The tyrant Maximian is conquered for father love, the devil has been put to shame. The more the man is ravaged by your blows, the more the man within is renewed in preparation for the eternal life to count. As he said this, there was a great voice from heaven. Come rest henceforth in the kingdom, prepared for you, my normal athlete and soldier, bacchus. Those standing by hearing the voice were stupefied and struck dumb. He himself, having borne the blows so long, gave up his spirits to the angels. The Duke, prustrated by his defeat, ordered that his remains not be buried, but thrown out and exposed as meat to the dogs, beasts and birds outside the camp. Then he rose and left and the body was tossed some distance from the camp. A groud of the animals gathered around it. Birds flying above would not allow the blood for thirsty beasts to touch it and kept guard through out the night. In the morning, some of the monks who lived by, in who lived near buying caps, came and lifed up the body. The animals, as if they were rational human beings, had been mourning, mourning. They buried him in one of their caves. Me Awhile the blessed search, deeply depressed in Heart Sake, over the locks of BAC has wept and cried out no longer. Brother and fellow soldier, we will will be chant together. Behold how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity. You've unyoked from me and gone up to heaven, leaving me alone on Earth, Greft, without comfort. After he uttered these things, the same night, the blessed back has suddenly appeared to him with a face as radiant as an angel's, wearing an officer's uniform, and spoke to him. Why do you grieve and mourn if I have been taken from you and body. I'm still with you in the bond of union, chanting and reciting. I will run the way of Thy Commandments. When thou hast enlarged my heart. Hurry, then, yourself, through beautiful and perfect confession, to pursue and obtain me when finishing the course, the crown of justice for me is with you. A daybreak. When he rose, he related to those who were with him how he had seen the blessed backus in the knife and in what sort of garb. The next day, the Duke plan to go out to the fortress of Barbailisis to that of sorrows, and commanded that the blessed surge follow. He enjoined him to sacrist, but the latter, with noble judgment, refused his blandishments. When they reached the castle of sorrows, Antiochus took a... in the praetorium, summon the blessed surge and told him the most sacrilegious back is for priest to sacrifice to the gods and chose to die violently. He got the death he deserved. But you, my Lord Serge, why give yourself over to such misery by following that deceptive and impious goalth. Mindful of your kindness to me, I am disposed to mercy and it embarrasses me that you were the cause of my having obtained this authority, since you now stand in the dog is, be accused and I on the bench as a prosecutor to this Christ, whistness answered and Tiokas, this very suffering and present disgrace will stand as a patroon for me of great eloquence and Eternal glory with the King of Heaven and of Earth and of every living thing, Jesus Christ, the son of God. If only you would now heed me and recognize my God and King Christ, and be circumspect in regard to the heavenly ruler Christ, as you are in dealing with earthly kings, you would provide yourself with power of an ending and perpetual glory, for Worthy Earthly rulers pass quickly. As the Psalm says, you shall die like men and fall like one of the princes. And again I have seen the wicked highly exalted and lifted up like the theaters of Lebanus, and I passed by and Lo, he was not, and I saw him and his place was not found the Duke reply that spare us this idiocy and ignorant foolishness. Sacrifice to the God's in obedience the Holy Command of our and of our ruler, the Emperor Maximian. If you will not know that, you forced me to forget all that is coming to me through you and to subject to you the most rigorous punishment to create by law, Sird I third do as you will. I have Christ to preserve me, who said if you're not which killed the body but are not able to kill the soul, or rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body, and health the body, is subject to you, torture and punish of you which but bear in mind that if you kill my body, you cannot dominate my soul, neither you nor your father, Satan. The Duke replied angrily. It appears that my patience has served only to prod you along the path of willfulness. He summoned the official in charge and told him fast and long nails in his boots sticking straight up, and then put them on him. Once the boots were on and tie, sadness carriage directed that the animals be fiercely driven all the way to Tetra Pie gram and ordered the blessed one to run in front of him. Tetra a Pi gram is nine miles from sidum. While he ran, the blessed one saying I waited patiently for the Lord and he unclined in and he inclined unto me. He brought me up, also out of a horrible pagan pit, out of the my reclay of idolatry, and set my feet upon a rock and establishes my goings. When they reached the castle, the Duke says, it amazes me, Serge, that having first been kept in such confinement, you now sustain these bitter torments. The most holy made martyr responded. These tortures are not bitter to me, but sweeter than honey. The Duke got out of the chariot and went into breakfast, indicating that searge should be retained in the soldier's customy. In the evening, Serge Sang Paul Songs. Those who did eat half of my bread hath lifted up their heels against me and with the cords of hideous torture, they have laid a net for my feet, hoping to trip me up. But rise, Lord Outrun Them and cause them to stumble and rescue my soul from the wicket. About midnight, an angel of the Lord came to him and heal him, restoring his feet completely. In the morning, mounting the bench, the duke ordered him brought in, thinking he would be unable to walk and would have to be carried on account of his feet. When he saw him coming, walking a considerable little distance and not limping at all, he was astounded and exclaimed the man is a sorcerer. This must be how he managed to enjoy such familiarity with the emperor. He accomplished it through sorcery. But I'm seeing is the proof of what they said about him. I would have thought it wholly impossible for him to walk on his feet after having been disabled by the torture inflicted on him yesterday by the Gods. I am confounded at seeing him now walk as if nothing had happened, and the blessed surge stood before the bench and tie his addressed him. Come to your senses. Even now, sacrifice to the gods and you will avoid for their torture. I will spare you out of respect for your kindness. You will not know that the witchcraft with which you advise to kill yourself will not avail you, to which the blessed surge replied, if only you could escape the intoxication of diabolical error. I am, in my senses, in the Lord who has trampled the weapons of your father, the devil, under his feet of his humble servant, and has given me victory over you and sent his angel to heal me. Is You who are the magician, and those who worship demons, is the cult of your nameless idols that invented every sorcery. That is the beginning and cause and conclusion of all evil. Untie has sat down on his carriage even angrier and commanded surge to run. Before him were the same boots as far as a castle of Rosa...

Fay, another nine miles from Tetra progroom. When they came to the castle of Rosa Fay, the duke said to the blessed surge. Has the agony of the nails untied the knot of your idiocy? Are you prepared now to sacrifice to the gods, or will you persist in this insane obsession? The noblest murdyr rejoined. Know this and tiochus with this foolishness. I will dissolve and undo your malicious and wicked strength. Do what you will, I will not worship demons nor sacrifice to idols. Blameless in this, I strive to offer sacrifice only to my Lord, seeing that he remains steadfast and in movable in his faith and confession of Christ. The Duke pronounced sentence against him. You've rendered yourself unworthy of the favor of the gods and become a member of the unholy sect called Christians, injuring the great good of our ruler, the Emperor Maximie Maximian, by refusing to comply with his holy decree and sacrifice to the gods. For this, the law requires that you suffer the penalty of the sword. A number of those present shouted out, but the sentence issued against him was just the cards. Came immediately and gaged his Holy Lips, took him out of the courtroom and led him away to be executed. A great crowd of men, women and children followed to see the blessed one. We at his end, seeing the beauty blooming in his face and the grandeur and nobility of his youth. They wept bitterly over him and bemoaned him. The beasts of the region left their layers and gathered together with the people, doing no injuries to the humans, and be wailed, within our to give it sounds, the passing of the holy martyr. When they reached the place where the holy murder of Christ was to meet his end, he called on the guard guards to allow him a little time to pray. Extending his hands to heaven, he said, beasts of the field and the birds of the sky, recognizing your dominion and rule, Lord, have gathered together for the glory of Your Holy Name, that you will incline and wish of your goodness to turn through their unreason, the reason of humans, to knowledge of you, for you wish all to be saved and to come to knowledge of the truth. When you lay death upon them, except their repentance, Lord, and do not remember the sin of ignorance which they have perpetrated against us. For your sake, enlighten the eyes of their minds and lead them to the knowledge of you. Receive, Lord, my spirit and give it rest in the heavenly tense with all the others whom you have found acceptable to you. Do I commend my soul, which you have rescued from the snares of the devil. Saying this and signing himself, he knelt and was beheaded, giving up his spirit to the angels. Voice from Heaven said, come also served, Victor and soldier, to the Kingdom prepared for you, the host of Angels, The ranks of Patriarchs, the criers of apostles and prophets, the souls of the just, all the way. You're coming to share with them the wonderful things and store for you there. The place that received the holy martyr's blood became a great chasm. God arranged this so that those who wallow like pigs in the mire of paganism, terrified when they saw the abyss, would not dare to approach or trample in this spot the blood of the holy martyr. That was the reason this great chasm came into existence, and the spot has remained so up to the present day, bearing the signs of great antiquity. At the Band of God, who establish the Vier the miracle visually for unbeliever or unbelievers, so that they may build on it a firm foundation of faith. Some of those who had come to witness the death of the holy martyr, seeing that they shared a common nature with him, gathered up his remains and buried them handsomely where the holy one had died. After a great while, some religious meant from the castle of sorrows, prompted by zeal for the service of Christ, but pious and a somewhat pray to go away, I just steal the body from the spot as if it were some precious treasure. The saint would not suffer his body, which had been dragged around, whipped and triumphed so publicly in the faith of Christ, to be moved in secret. So we asked him to God that a fire be set in the spot, not to seek revenge on those attempting the theft or to burn them, but so that, by lightinging the gloom of night, he would reveal the robbery to those in the castle of Rosa Fay, which is just what happened. Once the fire was burning in the place where the Saint Lay, some of the soldiers living there saw the flames reaching to the sky and thought that the great blaze had been sent by some enemy. They came out armed and pursued those attempting to see on the Saint's body. They prevailed on them to remain their few days and to build stones and a clay, a tumb where he lay. Once they had honorably covered the body of the saint, they went away. After a time, when the religion of our Lord and say your Jesus Christ had begun to flourish, some very holy bishops, fifteen in number, gathered together and constructed, near the castle of Rosa Faith, a shrine worthy of surge is confession, and removed his ring remains there, installing them in the shrine, on the very day he was murdered, the seventh of October. Many miracles and cures were affected wherever his holy relics were, especially in the tomb where he had first lay, where it is a quality of the place of his death. But the saint is able to prevail upon God to heal all those who come there with any sort of disease,... cure those possessed of unclean spirits and to render savage beats completely tame. The animals, in fact, observed the day of his death every year as if it were a law, coming in from the surrounding desert and mingling with the humans without doing them any harm. Nor do their savage impulses move them to any violence against the humans who come there. Rather, they come to the place in gentleness, out of reverence for the holy murder at the command of God, to whom he be glory. Honor Patent Power now and forever.

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