House of Cards: An LGBTQIA2+ Podcast
House of Cards: An LGBTQIA2+ Podcast

Episode 90 · 6 months ago

House of Cards: An LGBTQIA2+ Podcast; The Nuancing of Identify


Today, Avery was dead once again (she was just away on her vaca) and Simone was at war with the ants, and Jaxson and Jesse were just vibing listening to the war battle happening at Simones desk. In this episode, We talked about the nuacing of identify which is a really hard question to answer and honestly, the answer is simplar then you think. We hope you enjoy this podcast and we hope to see you next week, if not, enjoy the rest of your life. Valid as fuck and Stay Gay 

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Written by Avery Ann

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Hello, friends, welcome back to the house of cars and LGBTQ podcast. I am one of your hosts, Jesse. I use Heli Pronouns, and it is the hottest day of the year currently and there is sweat coming off my ass like no tomorrow, and it's not okay. I'm not going to sit here and pretend like it's okay. Yeah, hi, I'm Simone and it sure is the hottest day of the year because aunts are reproducing in my fucking room. This fits. This fits the script's energy so well. Hi, I don't think any of US suns. I did. I used to big pronounce I. Well, She, Oh my God, the answer in my day my pronounced pronounced H. Hi, my name is Jackson. I am your third and, sadly, your final host today. I used them pronouns. Avery has passed away. There was there was a good fifteen minutes. We we thought she did. We will sacrificed her to the ants. Bro It's not fucking funny. Oh My gother in my yarn. I have a feeling sacrifice was unsuccessful. I'm gonna let Simone just deal with that and I'll read our Social Media Day, if that's okay. Simone, what do you want to I think someone has fleed the country. Okay, I will read our social media. Instagram is house of cards. I just go podcast on twitter. is at LGBT. I'm just go deck tiktok is at House of cards. Two bt Um Munch is by B Y, House of CADs, dot company, dot site and this House of cards. And my brother came in. No worries, no worries, we'll just have to kill your brother. Let's sacrifice your brother to the ants. Maybe that'll work. Yeah, okay, also today, and I love it. How have you been? Yeah, because we've been panicking over every dying and Simone is currently fighting in world war three. How are you doing, Jeff Um, you know what I'm doing. Okay, I just finished therapy, where I've been since like five or six years now, so that's pretty crazy. Um, are you better yet? But six? I no, I'm still in therapy, it's just at a different place. Um, I will never escape. I got woken up at six. I am buy some birds, so I'm not really happy about that, and I'm sweating in places that I didn't even knew what. I didn't even know had sweat blands quite frankly, um, everything in my room has a slight, warm, moist texture to it and I dislike it. I love that. How are you doing? You know, we have more Japanic for the past five minutes. Honestly, though, I've been having a lot of more day shifts at my walk, which means like it's a lot better because I get more tables, so I get more tips and it's not super busy to get more tables. H and also, you know, my mind just been like very nuanced recently, which is great for the topic, which is the nuance of identity. Good, I'm and gendering.

You know what, that's totally okay, because I did a trans in the other day. I accidentally put my binder through the washing machine. I'll give my sis gender here now, ASIS gendered guy. fucking finally, Jesus, Simone, please, so many Um. Yeah, so, if you hear the sounds of millions of innocent lives being taken, that's just simone fighting for survival because for some reason, the people in the place that we live. I'm not going to doc us, ha ha ha. I've done that a lot. decided that it would be a good idea to build everything on a colonies. But you know, so ignoring the snashes, let's let's talk about the new one text because because it's fucking it's a weird topic, it's I had a lot of fun writing it. It's fucking chaoticus. You won't understand it by the end, but hopefully you laugh. So we want and isn't that just what identity is? You won't understand it, but you'll have a good time. No, you won't. You don't cry. I don't want to kill yourself. Oh ship. So nothing change. We've talked about a few difficult topics on the PODCAST, but this is definitely the hardest to explain. I sat here for like three I was staring at my screen like, HMM, how do I write on this? But that makes me excited because I love hot topics, because I like hot stuff anyway, today, which I can as topics I you know recently. Yeah, uh, and to explain that little father. We're talking about the subtle differences in identity and why we have them, because, like, we'll get into that. I'm not gonna start now. But you know, there's there are some differences. There are many different types of sex, valities, genders and pronouns that seem very similar to an outside of but all world of different to those who identifies them. I think the best way to explain the nuance evadency is to just go straight into examples. Like it's hard to just say what they are. You just have to go into it. So some yeah, no, it's not my term. Yo. Okay, three of the most common sexualities to often get confused as one another is bisexual, pan sexual and omnisexual. In simple terms, they all mean liking more than one gender in technical in technical terms, bisexual means attraction not limited to one gender, typical a guy or Gal, but honestly that's not completely true. Personally, I fancy myself some non binary people. Amen to that, brother, yeah, a woman, I don't know, but I right, oh my God. Um, anyway, UM, pan sexual means no real limitation in regards to attraction of gender, often used with the term. I don't see gender, and omnisexual means attraction to all of those gender identities. Okay, nothing can stop you, slay. Um. I should say that I had, at this point two cups of coffees. It was nine am. I woke up a few US, like a few minutes ago, and that is when this podcast is written at my walk so I've had there's a a mountain do today and I'm fighting off ants. Okay, Anyway, Um, these are all multi sexual sexuality, Multi Sexual, where I'm just multisexual. I fucked a lot of people, bitches. Anyway, Oh my God, no, I got scrolled up because I was fighting an ant. Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun, fun. Actually, in this, this document that we have for the scripts, there's two thirteen pages. This is what happens when you have four Nord a divergent people. One of US choose an Anglosh student and you know what, they're all burnt out, gifted kids. This is what fucking happens. Yeah, anyway, multi sexual getting...

...bitches. That's been on my grave dog. They're slightly different sexualities to the level of how multi their attraction goes. This can be very helpful to people when figuring themselves out to what degree they feel attraction to how many genders. And some people may feel more that. Some people may feel more to the definition of Omnisexual, but they identify as bisexual. Words and associations are so weird, aren't they? Like, I technically feel Pan Sexual, but I say bisexual because all of the fucking kitchen where jokes pissed me off when I first came out. Anyway, right, do you do? You like the smile? Do you like the smile this? Yeah, smile, anyway, smile as you meet. All right, I'm smiling. Gender is thank I'm smiling. But we still have to talk about it, because gender is fake, but also gender is real, you know, just like you're a student, my dad. What? Okay, let's not cool. anyways. UH, for anyone asking, how the hell did you get out of therapy, I aged doubt. I didn't get discharged, I didn't go. Oh, you're good, no, I aged out. They said, you've been here too long. Leave anyways. When it comes to gender, there are so many to pick from. I feel a little bit transphobic reading these, but I'm going to do it regardless. Oh my God, Oh never mind. Sorry, never I continue going. There's a gender non binary, gender fluid, Gender Queer, CIS gender, transgender, Unicorn attack, helicopter, demigender, a gender. Gender we can't read. We've established. I can't read. We can't read. Bro We've established as well that we're all just the same person. Again. I wrote this at nine am with two cups of coffees and out of my mind. UH, makes sense, um. anyways. Yeah, if I hate the attack helicopter ship, I don't think it's not funny. I put it there literally. So stupid, like pick a different machine, like why attack helicopter? Like? Go for like a tree or like a pencil or something like. Why did you immediately go for a helicopter? Because those so gay they need to do something that's that dominates straightness. Anyway, the topic nothing straight, like war. Umph, straight now anyway. Oh, because she went to war with the ants. A gender, non binary, endinger, Quill Queer. All mean very similar things. A gender means the absence of gender. Gender just doesn't feel like coming in to day. Gender Dot e xc failed to load. Uh Not already means identifying as a gender outside of the binary spectrum. A Quirky, sorry, a quirkly little lad. I read that one gender Quirky, gender queer or gender quirky. I didn't even read that. I just said that. That's a house of COD's joke. Um, I think I excellent called Gender Queer Gender Quirky at one point. Or that was yeah, it was literally me. Um, they're not wrong. Well, that's when I was considering the labeled gender queer and I was like if it was gender quirky, what if I'm just a little gender quirky? Oh My god, why is there like a slowly dying aunt? He's hiding, he's protecting, he's literally playing dead. They're crafty little fuckers like that. Gender quicker or gender quirky is someone...

...who just exists. You know, they relate to no gender at all. Jackson, this doesn't make any they relate to no gender all. Some, yes, you were, you were them, you were gender creer just means that like sometimes they like. Some people who are gender career relate to none, some relate to all, some relate to some. I see, it's like it's like being queer, Gender Queer. They there. It's all different. What if we're started putting Neil Glue on the ants? Anyway, all these gender identities are, again, very similar in the way. They don't like gender. No, I'm not reading that. No, it's not happening. I was very tired and wrote about the Song I was listening to, which was CPR. Okay, that's enough. Um, I feel like it fits. How okay, like sexuality, decision on what label you pick depends on how you feel and what you think feels best for you. Uh. Yet there can be someone who feels gender queer or gender quirky and realize the non gender, or someone who's non binary and uses gendered pronouns. So why do we have this label if people are going to use them properly? What the Fuck Are you? Hey, I can't read this. So why do we have this label if people are going to use them properly? Why the Fund do they exist? God Damnit O. Thank you. I told about this and she was like why? I would also like to say that, yeah, technically I'm like non binary, like Trans Mask, but I just say I'm trans, and that's because I like the Trans flag for the non binary flag. I really like the non binary flag because it's the Wallauigi Color Palette. And if you've never noticed that before, I want you to go look at a picture Wallouigi and then look at a picture of the non binary flag. It's literally just it's it's his color Palette. Um, I'm sorry to say I'm like Trans Mass so often it's a joke to me. So every time you say it, I think it like ten jokes and I start laughing. Someone's like yeah, I'm trying to mask and I'm still like sorry, it's not you. Yeah, you can't laugh at everybody's ship. I'm sorry, banging, I just get too many bitches. Okay. So, anyway, we've gone over some of labels to sexuality and gender, and these are not only interested. There's also a great sexual demisexual which are on the a spectrum and relate to different levels of sexual attraction. We've also talked about how, even with these, it was like this saying, why do people not use them properly, like why do people feel more Armi sexual? Don't call them those, I. What do you NBCUS pronouns. Why don't we? Flags are pretty. Why don't we label tomatoes and juicy or apples? So what, then, is going on? What the Fund and I put I'm so sorry, the answer is your mom. Your mom anyway, and labels are solved. All answer all like humans are weird, were giant, fleshy, wet and gooey beans. I'm not really. What did you smoke before you wrote this? I don't know. At the point of this recording, I was listening to the point of this writing. I was to touch O, touch out, touch me. Anyway. You can't slap a label on someone's forehead and hope they feel comfortable with it. If we could, they fled with it. If we could do that, welcome to the world of sisat people. How's the cords a straight podcast? What does that mean then, if we can't throw a label on someone and move on? I...

...have aunt brain rot. Anyway. Um, they're eating cabin literally are stop. Anyway. Okay, you got. Why can't we just use labels we best fit with, because of our preference and how they choose to identify? Huge part of the LGBT Q I two Qi, a two plus community is the fact that we allow ourselves to embrace themselves and call where you're using like like community and personal pronounces. Sucking up, because I'm not any this major talent. Anyway, we can tell Um bitches can label themselves however the funk they want and however the funk will feel. Um, with some limitations. Don't call yourself a lesbian if you're a straight guy. Literally, fuck off, die anyway. Um, unless you're young gravy, you can do that all you want. I love him. UH, your skin is so literally my profile picture of my work APP anyway, you should have gotten your mom to go with out with him when he was I was trying. Anyway, let's not get into that. Oh my God, almost docksed us again. It's fine, Um, what are you identity? It's so weird and fluid it's hard to just call it how you see it. I'm now listening with my mode. All, good for you, Jackson. Look, we've talked so much and we haven't even answered the question you came here to answer. What is the nuance and identity? I'm sure avery is very curious to find out when avery was supposed to be here, but if you, for those who don't know, avery, probably would have been like what the Fund is? Do you want to see the fund? This nuance? Oh, I see, oh, I don't know that. I literally hate it so much. You can't, can't get your notebooks out. Let's review. There are many identities that are similar, get different. To listen off. Bisexual, Tan Sexual, omnisexual, a gender non binary, Gender Queer, Gender Quirky and gray, sexual and demisexual. We also talked about how many people identify as one of the Yes, define ities. Definitions now that's as defined it is. Jets are uncle. Well, at least I can spelled definitions. Look at that, look at wow. So we can move on. As one of definitions of these sexual oh my God, as one of the definitions of these sexualities are genders, but many do not identify as the labels in relation. How Non Mary People, Mary Mary, she's a lovely lady. May He's gender pronouns. So I capitalize your eyes, Jesus Christ, we all have the basis to answer the question in hand. Drum roll please. And then it says in Asterix, if you please, faver, drumfull. If it doesn't not occur, Slap Avery A. Okay, there we go, because some people like it. That's it. I know a lot of us here done exactly identified by the label. We'll use Jackson's use Jackson, Jackson. Jackson uses they him and says they're not mine, Harry, while also being gay and loving women. It's a little sauce. Avery is sus gender, but also identified more with Androgyny. Feel free to carry on and also get blasted what I literally already put my nuance in this episode involuntarily. How do you not know that, when it's in brackets. You either say it or don't say it. Just loaned the difference. I wanted to say it, but then I was confused by it. Also Avery. No, wait, me being gay and also being married to avery. That's some nuance...

...right there. But and you guys have kissed. We have fo. Yeah, I jess looked into I was in the condom with the Flax Jess. First thing he does this kisses me and I was there like, Oh, hold on, I'm sitting there. I was like. I was like, I've kissed Jackson, very buddy, and you just put your lips on my I was like, do I need to talk to hr? Yeah, but that was like a no, Homo Homo moment, you know. So it's fine. I think I had socks on. I did. No, I didn't have socks on. God, what the UH? There's some people who find comfort and using detailed labors, like a gender or great sexual flashback to the time when I used to go by count it out, by curious gender flux, the other one bad bid. It's like the demisexual. That's three. I was hoping for seven too. You know, I was, I was my girl labeling myself when I was in middle school. Uh, not that that's a bad thing or anything, but don't you don't have to use labels, but you're free to. Don't ever feel like you have to put yourself in a box or use labels, because the way that you feel is kids shouldn't be able to be defined by a single word. You know, you do. You and legit all the time. When people how do I know if I'm gay or this or that, I'm like, well, you could be this and this and this, but you don't have to. In the end, you're what you want to call yourself. You could just call yourself straight and kiss women like a lot of straight girls do. And Yeah, I want to call you gay. They're not wrong. But like, as long as you fall, like as long as you're not calling yourself a lesbian or bisexual and you're only gating like giant to excuse of and don't even have feelings for the other one, like as long as you're in somewhat respecting the sexuality that you're calling yourself and generally, like if, if you're if you've never had feelings for a woman and you identify as a woman, you turn around and you say, well, I'm a lesbian now, okay, Tricia Patios, go away. Um, anyway, Um, I think that that wraps up this chaotic right of whatever the factory this was. Let me see your bones, Huh. The actually review, the let's have an entity is, when we have similar labels, such as sexuality and gender, that they are still different and we have them because some people really like them. And that is all about. As. No matter how what you identify within limits, know that you're avoid as. I hate. Then it's like, no matter what you identify as, and then there's limits within the limits of our choosing. Now you know spectically, we're the gender police. We are the gender police. We just walk around just asking people pronouns. That's danger and I almost stops this again. THAT'S DANGEROUS TO DO IN UTAH. Yeah, WE LIVE IN UTAH. So is there anything else we want to talk about with this subject that? I don't even know if we captured the proper side of this. Don't have identity. This is what we have had. Malice for me. For me, this was originally going to be you can get this at Jackson if you want to. This was originally going to be a guest episode, but then some ship happened. I think that a I think that we talk about this in almost every episode. We did, like the very first episode that I guessed on was kind of this topic. It was what does it mean to be non binary? And I think that, you know, sorry, my brain just fucking started eating its own asshole.

Um, that's my favorite. I think that a lot of people feel this pressure to label themselves or, you know, to like, you know, explain something, Um, when in reality labels are the least bit like I I feel like we should live in a world where it's not what gender you are, it's what pronounts you go by it and how many bitches you get. Sorry, that was change exactly. Virgins are invalid unless you're no, not even a sexual. Kidding, kidding, kidding, I completely zoned out, um, but you know, I think that shut up, Google. They have shut up. Sorry, at my Google home except Ford, a pm every night. You've said this so many times on the podcast. You said it at least like five times now. Well, to everybody in a podcast if you ever want to. You know knows something about me. I have a Google home that reminds me to a PM every night to journal, and you never do anyway, dion, journals and months. Um. But you know, I think that identity is something that we all strive to understand and I think that the big thing is that you're happy once you figure out what you are, but you don't have to know what you are to be happy. Does that make sense? YEA, and also have to be like Oh, like, I'm trans now, so I'm happy. You know, you can exist and be happy without ever declaring that. You don't need a label to justify your identity, I guess. Is what I'm saying. Yeah, a lot of people do find comfort and Label Zoe, and there's nothing wrong with micro labels. Oh, absolutely, yeah, no, there's absolutely nothing wrong with micro labels. Um, I think that it can be really interesting, um, seeing like the sort of more specific ones where you kind of think like like, I remember, Um, one of them. I don't remember it was one of the a sexual ones, but I was like I didn't need to know that other people felt that way. Like that's really interesting, you know, like it it's it's really cool to find, you know, other people and find a label that describes exactly what you're feeling, because that's so rare. But at the same time it's totally okay to go buy an umbrella. Term like, if you just want to be queer, if you just want to be tryance, go for it, like you do. You Sis who? SIS GENDER? No, you do, you SIS gender. I just yeah, we turned around. We just become extremely homophobic. Anyway, what, Bro that's like. That's like how I had. I couldn't serve this table because they just kept calling me slows. What? Why are they on my sticky notes? Anyway, I think this is a great place to end the PODCAST, with Simone dying and me and just concerned and setting in the police. Please do I want them to sucking pepper spree these bitches. Thank you so much for listen to his episode. We hope you've done it and we hope to see you next week. Hopefully this helps a bit understanding that. Just be yourself, call who you want to call, and just don't be disrespectful. Is there anything else to add? Valid as fun, good thing that Avery says? Insert Avery's weird tangent about something completely random and, as always, friends a.

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