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House of Cards: An LGBT Podcast

Episode 49 · 3 months ago

House of Cards: an LGBTQ Podcast: Safe sex and STDs


In today epsiode, we talked about safe sex and STD, and because we are a little immature this epsiode has a lot of dick jokes. We talked about sec addiction, how the schools have failed in health class, how sex can be painful and how one of the worse things you can contract from sex is feelings. Make sure to tune in to make all of this make sense and tune in next week if you want more of this grade 6 boys class humor! Remember you are vaild as fuck. 

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Um, what's up, y'all?I am a very and I ushe her pronouns and welcome to the House ofcards and LGBT podcast. Hi, my name is Jackson. I am oneof you. Are the hosts for tonight's introduction. I U see him pronounsand by the end of tonight I'm going to tell Samoo shutout. I lovethat. You said introduction. What did I say? What you said introduction, and then you like said your name. Did I? It was so cute. I really loved it. Hello, my name is twitched on to Vlaspromost waits for the Promo. Promo with for Promo. You can't doyeah, you got insulse and then you can do Promo. I'm not atmyself, I just think it's funny to introduce myself with anyways. Hi,my name Samona. You see that Pro Sowe, do you? Should wetalk about that? Whenever you feeling cold, that someone is judging you basing yourdecision, do you say? I just think it's funny. Fuck off. Okay, we're talking about me like they we were talking about me.Remember a Vocovis ass what you're just like. I think it's funny. I justI mean Bro just let her vibe. She's just vibing. Yeah, butthat's a traumas on to something. She shouldn't be offended by die.I'm not saying like. I'm not saying like they stop, you know,like you should be my I'm saying like, you don't need to feel that way. You know. I'm leaving the call ring on. Just become therapizedsman hour, as soon as you join the call and as soon as Icould hear the trauma and your voice. Massive. Listen, we haven't hadan appointment in a while. Will Promo, bestie. Yeah, you do.You can find us if you want to follow our Social Medias, whichyou should, because they're pretty swaggy, except I've been forgetting to post.I hide the only one who's been posting regularly. Yeah, best it's whywe love you the best ysout school. Yeah, anyways, you can findus on Instagram at hopes of cards underscore podcast, on twitter at lgbt underscoredeck and on Tick Tock as pouse of cards lgbt. Immaculate in that feelit I really incredible. I haven't set up the south side of the daycalendar. Oh sure, we talk about that's attempt what I thought of it. We talked about that after Oh my...

God, for now. Yeah.So, anyway, back to therapy. No, back to Joe Josiah.What is happening? Oh, what whol so? I mean, Y'all,you both know I'm like a huge dancing with the stars Fan, every singleseas. Yeah, I watch all the dances. I've been watching it foras long as I can remember. My God, like, Oh my God, I I want to learn how to do all the dances. But anyways, that's born. Jojo see Wah is going to be a contested this yearand I'm so freaking excited because we like UN ironically, stand Jojosi Wah andI have the same pants as her when I found out. anyways, butbe for this first time in a US dancing with the stars history, where'sgoing to be like same sex partner. She's dancing with the same sex partner. We Love Jojos we do, we do, we do. Actually,my favorite thing is I like to want. I had. So my family hasbeen recently watching what's it called Du it's where they it's where that there'sthat abuse of that. I've abuse of dance instructor who's a Karen Screams thatsmall children. Yeah, dance MOMS. I hate that show. I thinkit's a disgusting show that we should all be boycotting eastead of promoting, becauseit's literally child abuse. Anyway, anyway, good, good, you switch.I love, like everything to do is watching as I would be like. You'll never meant anything, to jerse to it and then, like itdoes, that transition to where it's all of our success. Oh Yeah,and I'm still like Abbey. I bet you feel them right now. Ithink you feel stupid. I bet you feel stupid right now, as youare poor and dire. Good, she's cancer's I believe so. I thinkyou'd like nip on Cancer, Oh my God. And she went to prison. What I think? Tax Froud, I'm googling this shit's ablute Miller goto prison. She was diagnosed with Bucket Limp Fra, a roan aggressive formof cancer. Good, yeah, in June two thousand and sixteen, sheplayed guilty to felony bankruptcy fraud. Oh yeah, yeah, she's an absoluteterrible porson. She's not doing too she is. She's not doing too well. Like I think she's a lot which honestly like surviving. Good for her, but she's still't like it's sad that...

...she has it, and I dolike it's a terrible thing for anyone to get diagnosed with. She deserves it. I don't want to say that, but I also I understand, likeshe's still a terrible pson and we cannot look past what the fuck she's donejust because she has this deathly disease. True, and I mean like,it's not something to wish your people. You know a minecraft you do ascancer, I know, but specifically able Millard kind of had a cover.I do eat is. It does look like a bit of Camm I'm gonnabe honest with you. Yeah, it looks like such a bit of trauma, like you abuse those kids and God said I'm going to abuse you onetime. Okay, so she so my favorite tick Tock I've ever seen aphone was it's on a dance thumbs and it's like where she always says somethingslike don't go on your phone, theater etiquette, and so one of themom's catches Abbey on her phone and it's like put your phone away, likenot even really, just like put your phone away and it's like you alwaysdo me us, but through etiquet putty like basically tell him of the samething, like pissed off that she has the audacity to be on after yellall the time at them, and Ibb like goes away and the film coreis chasing all right, because she's going. She's in a real treat this point. She's zoom right and they're like what are you doing? She's likeI'm I'm a potting, a police but I'm really for what? For someoneto you to put your fucking phone away. There's no abuse there, there's norudeness there. Oh my God, she's that's the top of saying episode. Actually, he's able. ME. No, but we stand. Jojosee while and I stand. After everything she's been through, all of thehate, when it is boogle and everything, and still having confidence come out.She's amazing. She's like deserves the world. WHO SAID DANCE PARTNER?I don't know. It hasn't been announced yet. It's me. I wishit was me. She's fought it off with Jenna Johnson for season thirty ofdance competition series. What where did you I who cold? I just gogo to Dressy was dance partner. Oh my God, should I get hot? Think scheme masks. So what's up? I Love Avery. Don't know ithas a real yet me with a single Google Starts Yo. possibly.I don't think it's been confirmed yet, but that's kind of what everyone isthinking about. Yeah, it has been confirmed, but that's the but itneither has all of us being gay. But you know, I am.It actually just got confirmed last week, really hard diagnosed. Yeah, that'svery good for you. I'ven't got about... therapy appointment to email. Ineed to. Now talking about depression, what and sadness. I don't thinkthat ties. Something that can help with depression is sex, because some people, not everyone stands, and with avery it does not help because they readdoes not look it. For other people it does, as it releases euphoria'sbut again, not everyone. A very prime example. You don't think averyhaving sex to your her depression. Now about sex is to have sex,you know, to have safe sex, and safe sex means not getting PREGNO, if you're with another man, woman, ah, have heavenin feature. Italso means a voting sexual transmitted illnesses. Okay, let me draw it up. Okay, depression, sad? Yes, what the sake? where? You chose? Not? Why? Because it was a topic we wereon, okay, and I made it walk. It made sense because sexit kind of didn't. It didn't need to find them extremely though. Okay, so I said for not for some people, because again, I don'tsee avery going like up to anyone. I mean like I'm sad opens legs. Obviously. I mean y'all. The universally gave me a condom for mywelcome pack, but not safe sex. Right there anyway. So let's saysex does give euphoria, and some people to use that as miniature coping mechanism. Oh that sounds like sex addition. Yeah, I like, are wejust talking about sex addiction? My Alexa just told me about the top thatanyway. Moving on, setucks Taliban they are. Yeah, now it isfucking fuck them. So don't fuck them. Don't have sex with them to killit, depression. Don't do that. This is a true whether your sexhave a sex spectator, spectator, sex avoider, as in supposed case, anyone should have it. Some like knowledge, basic knowledge, on safesex. If you don't, you should not be putting your sexual body potsanywhere near another sexual body pot. Yes, that is unsafe, and Simone willbe a revert in your kneecaps. Yeah, I will eat them.No, you will course them. We want them to walk like their goblins. It may not be known that public education is a fucking Sham. Yeah, did I talk about how, like...

...the first time I ever got injoyedby Penis was in sexual education? Well, you see, most guys were sittingthere like yes, that's a Dick, and I'm saying that, like whyis it? What? Brain not correlate? It's just funny to thinklike like they put like Oh, you can't see the other genders like stuff, right, because it all you know. Yeah, and but they lead gaykids in there, and so the gay kids are like this is notcorrelation. Gay Kids are in there, like why are you showing me corn? Same thing with like my si? Thing is like when they put likea gay, like a gay man, with the rest of the boys,like what you're trying to accomplish here isn't walking. Honestly, though, likey'all, I did not even know like what the park litterous was. OfNo, like I know lives. How it was in them Zip butthole.No, I I hate I even know the anatomy until I googled it myselfbecause I was like this is wrong for me to not know this. Iactually knew my entire anatomy. I learned everything, like I learned about mytesticles, like during sex it I didn't, and I learned about everything. Ididn't, but a teacher just randomly started talking about so which one day. What's the best thing to know? Is that a public such education isactually normally focused on the male gender as and the male sexual organs. Theyas five. Yeah, no, I didn't my as a young child plottwist to you, females, young boys can also have directions. No,no, that's true. Actually, yeah, I can tell you because I rememberChristmas when I was really that makes me want to cry because, again, it is just blood flow, I know, but I hate it andit makes me want to cry. So I just thought that was like somethingthat would happen. So we do not learn everything about we touch it alot, but we don't know everything. They took to the we still knowit now. We don't know what we most men don't know a lot abouttheir bodies, but they touch it a lot. Kay. They also gosuch a location. Literally doesn't like it's like everything is heterosexuality, PA Sumergenics, like know. We have oral sets. We have brain fuck. No,that's school. What? What's what? Okay, so there's pole and hooleand hole. That's all right. Or, Oh my God, wetalk about this later. What are the other four types of sex? Idon't even how well I know. I...

...know, I don't an. It'sliterally later. Those are the three that I know. Let's see whatever.Let's see what the rest are. There's Antias. Why are you literally readingmy part? Huh? Hello, I just know if we drops on oneof this. More is the like you. You know. I know, suedo. Here are three interday's episode. We're going to talk about safe sexfor people of all orientations, sexual tism and infections, and the bunksAmis about the LGBT Q avery sex. Please do be aware we are talkingabout very mature topics today in this so I have me this, sweetie.You gave me the first spot and didn't think to put about the mature topicsup. I had you knew I was gonna go in depth as soon asthe topic start to come on. Sweetie, you know me better than that.You have had the decency to you'd ahead and know that accident is,I think, what's happening in this episode. I have depression. Anyway, youngeraudiences, please be advised that to have some sort of partial adult guide. I thought you wanted adults to listen to with them, and I waslike, Sweetie, please don't know. Young honest is don't listen if youbelow the age of twelve. What? No, like. Yeah, like. Have Your parents listen? No, yes, I'm not having some motherlisten to me talk about vaginas. That is so ACOTACO Post what? Yeah, no, no, listen. wisten. Every most kids are okay with havingthe parents listen to a podcast with him about sex. Yeah, that'slike the Joe. Listen. Every doesn't. Credit aby has a great relationship withtheir parents. We know that's very uncommon with people, but she does. So leave a love. So if you below the age of twelve,you recommend not listening. We can't stop you, but we can block you. Look, if you do have any questions to parents and adults are therefor any question concerns that you may be there, but maybe don't listen withthem because I get that does seem a little awkward. If you're comfortable withit, like you avery, and you have a good relationship, feel freeto but we understand that most children, especially at this point, may nothave a good relationship with our parents. Well, I could have gone wrong. If they're only like all even what much best solo? Like? If? Yeah, like, if they're eleven and ten, like yeah, butlet as soon as you go look to my brother's age, kick you out. Okay, anyway, my God, my birth about to learn about pubertyand peen at. Oh my God, I'm not ready. I'm not ready. I'm he's too young. All Right, sorry, I'm just saying. You'renot. You're literally said I'm dying authority, but these are the kindof topics that you should be like discussing...

...with a like, with your parents. I don't exactly. Don't listen to us. Talk to them instead.Okay, I'm not having you. I'm not talking to your parents about this. Sorry, go talk to them, not us, call Um. AllRight, okay, Um, so, I believe Jackson said there's oral,Anal and factual intercourse, and I feel like there's other ones, like footstepand booby, who bobe boobies. One, Oh my God, no, that'sother stuff. That's Werflt oh in the pair of raps. Okay,sorry, body, don't read it. No toxic mess up my rhythm.Good, I want this to be crazy. Okay, so there's or Atle eVatteral otherports, as well as hundreds of other ways to stimily stimulate yourbody into having putable sex, which is referred to at as or play.Put simply, the most basic safe sex tips and any circumstance to have somesort of condom or birth control to provide pregnancy and stis. Only condoms ordefil dance can prevent stas keeping safe always, you shouldn't put yourself into any kindof like sexual practice that involves risk, if includes like using and or mixingalcohol and drugs together, because that's like already unpredictable. Um having likepartners whose sexual history and health is unknown to you, or having to agreewith that. Oh yeah, and like having sex and unfamiliar dirty places.Keeing your doctor, Bab regular checkups about your sexual health and making sure allyour happetitis B immunizations are up to date. Our additional tips to stay safe,because as awkward as it might be, it's much better to go to yourdoctor for a checkup than to go to them to get tested for likeherbs. I love how will calling vaccines immunitations now? I think it soundsso much goog long, like it sounds like Zombie apocops instead of like getyou immunitized station. Also, this before I'm gonna need like a like.You know how, like before you go for a Covid test a vaccine,you need to like give like a test. That's when, at least four hoursbefore the appointment. HMM, I should. I'm gonna do that withlike sexual history, like I need. I need a doctor's report, Ineed every single person you slept with and I need a full background check.FALLAD UM, some extra ten he after sex to avoid developing utis. Because, you know, if you have a question, Yeo, what's a utirectedinfection? Than Yeah, what, but... on it, like is itjust an affection in your unary tract? I literally never lost this. Really, no, I was never taught it. Yeah, it's only really it's reallyjust big concern school who have vaginas, because the like urinary tract and avagina like are the in the same area. Does it on you?For guys, don't got guys use the same thing? I don't know.No, for guys it's this, wouldn't? It would make sense as the guysused the exact same track. Yeah, I'm never w yeah, that's becausewe do it when you get home. Yeah, but men can get Jupid. Yeah, you're right. Yeah, yeah, it just developed, butit mostly just developed. It can do lup in the UKA, thebladder, the prostate or the kidney swagging. Indeed, actually, a really goodway to combat keep Uti's is to drink a lot of cranberry juice.Is that true? Is this from postonal experience or like Google? Oh No, it's just a fact. Yeah, but like how it? Is itfrom postonal experience, or like doctor, or like, oh, Google?Okay, I'm sure. I'm sure it is a fact, but I wonderwho, like avory's, have did something happen? You can get you likeputting yeast. What knows? That a easy that's the east section. No, continue, contens. Oh my God, Nasty. Listen, I'm a male. In Society we don't get taught shit. I'm we are told toput we are told to put it in and think it all about. Yeah, folk, put it in, stick it all about, do the pokeand then dip and and never pay child to play. That is how itwas taught to sex works in all world. Example of the public health system failingthe youth. I am not you. More tips. Use Lubricant, becausethings go in things and sometimes it can be painful. Very it isnot good lubricant. No, it's not x, it's not you. Whatdid you say? Is is not good. Yeah, don't use also, youdon't know where their mouth has been.

It could have been it. Like, listen, Babe, if you're going to even touch anything with yourmouth, you need to use mouthwash. And I need to put sanitize minute, good, good God. Don't you know things in your butt on attendant, because, yeah, things really do get stuck up there. But yeah, just say it. Don't actually put scienitize anyone near any of you bodyPOPs, because it isn't Apollo most likely causing affection. That makes sense inmy head. And also, don't put it down someone's mouth because you know, chemicals. Hum. It's not that hard to know. It's not thathard to know why you shouldn't swallow and put chemicals on your deck overagina ormouth. Excellent. Put passes like acid is in the drug or assids inwith assid you either. Question. That was like, Um, what thebutt thing, though? That's actually not very like less common knowledge than youthink, and I think it's because when people put things in the vagina,the cervix closes it so things can't get stuck up there. But the butt, that's like once you like get in past that Sphincter, you're straight intothe intestine. Nothing stops it. Wordspink th just makes me well. Youalso have the wreck. You have the wreck them technically. Well, yeah, that's where it gets stuck. Yeah, I'm so Um. Yeah, I'dnever let anything go past that. Yeah, if you like says it, it got us stay outside a bit, you know, like, come on, don't be dumb. Oh, it's my pot. Oh my God, sorry about that, besties, I was lighting the candle and it's reallycool. spoke. But UCI isn't the only thing you can contract from sex. One thing, Samokatrack, some sex often is feelings. I'M gonna killyou, SCI SCIS or serious health concern and a virtually I have a littlestigma in the LGBTQ community. Yeah, like and th scary, like Idid an STI thing in my biology thirty and like I had a full week. I thought I had one. I don't know where I got it from, but I thought I had one. Well, they see, I'm awhole eight. Oh, AIDS, as we should you know, know bynow, the epidemic of that, which stands for Acquired Immune deficiency, center, which I didn't know until today.

Actually, the Gaymail community was heavilydiscriminated against as being sickly end or undesirable. We already are speedy. Oh myGod. As well as receiving so much hate, even another LGBTQ can, even other lgbtq communities, were affected by sexuals and like we discriminated,especially by sexual men. Even, I'm so sorry, even lesbians were affectivebecause of widespread is stig me, as that's not supposed to be an asignism. And look the way you said I love the way you said that. A stigmatism is literally, like, I notice, but I love thea be like like supposed to be. There is that AIDS was a gaydisease and for long to Releef floatings couldn't get SCIS because they only will contractedby men. That is not true, bestie. It's a lie. Butit's your turn, bestie. Oh, hello, hello, anyone can getan STI. The best way to avoid getting them it is to not havesex. That is not saying that you shouldn't have sex, just if youreally really want to avoid it, just don't. However, condoms are themost effective protection to avoid contracting SCIS, even though there are at least adozen seis. The most common symptoms among them are blisters, works stores,itchiness, crashes, pain while urinating, lumps and unusual dishcharge. These symptoms, Other v being, can occur on China, a penis or Enus,swag, Wag, and some tags you can get like rashes and sores inyour mouth if you're doing oh yeah, but yeah, yeah, yeah,for De bunking sexual miss because so, like you, I love facts.It's fact learning time. Homos help miss early sexual experiences are indicative of aperson's sexual orientation. Absolutely not factive, like. We literally say this allthe time. Your identity is unique to you. It's yours. No onecan take it from you, not even like a well dressed rabbit, noroadder what if I, as a gay man who once had sexual relations witha woman, you're still a gay man. I had three relationship with women.One of them was with me. No, like, I mean three, like. I've had like a relationship with three women. Valid. Yeah, I've had a situationship with three woman. What's the situation? Ship? Don'tworry about it. Myth actable. Hold that. Hold a very amato ask you this. Very suspicious that... gave me this myth. Infact, I didn't even I know. I'm guessing you did it, butI think it's interesting and you will be getting a suing, like you willget a lawsuit for me. Will said, I will be suing you. Thankyou so much. Anyway. Myth. Sorry, they were screaming and Ipanic. Myth eighth can only be contract, contract acted by gay men. Hmm, that seems a little incorrect. A's and HIVYS can affect literally anyone, your neighbor, your dog, your cat, your family member.That don't your family member. You know, she Dawston does exist, sweetie,your family mind, you don't knows your family. Some of US forgetpeople exist every okay, that's a good normal object literally. Why I forgetthing, though, time anyway anyway, and which is why it's important toa case about it's far, which is why it's so important to educate yourselfabout seus and how to stay safe, like, you know, using afucking condom, you son of bitches. Yes, yes, myth, Ilove for you gave this one to be. You're really just typecasting. Goes here. Ever, she started with these three and then from there she decidedfor everything would go okay, MIS gay people can only have one kind ofsex. Not fucking true. There's so many different ways to have sex.Just do what you want, songs, everyone involved wants to do it.I'm sorry, are you going to not say the pot that Ivery wrote in? I'm here because I think it's pretty fucking interesting. I there's some I'mjust I'm hyping myself up to it. Do you want me to? Ican say it for you. No, I could. I could say it. I could. Okay, I can do it. Okay, putting rotations. They know that avery wrote this. Bra there are so many different ways, says. There's some really weird ass and freaky shit out there. So, yeah, gay people can literally do anything. Header of sexual people doliterally. That is it. Word for work. But yeah, Allo,sexual scare me. That's all I'M gonna say. Wait, good, that'sjust like a stromloity for for people who do have some sexual yeah, weshould scare you. That's part of the fun. A REA on fucking rthe mood. Come on. So,...

...yeah, safe sex. We're condoms. Know Your partner sexual history, because I don't want check. Y'All.Do not want to get some horrible and curable disease. Yeah, pretty,please, question if wake decisions, you safe words get tested. People whopractice safe sex are valid as fuck. They are the most valid. EatUS, smoke grass, blood fast either. That's an excellent video. People don'thave sex or valotist book, and people who have a lot of sexor Valdist book. You just do you friends, facts, facts, baggysway. All Right, I'm just I'm staring at by Tattoo and it's sopretty. I thought you're gonna say books. I mean, that too, awesome, excellent. Is it the mushroom, lady? I'm anyway, I justwant to say if it's in the beginning, I'm this is the firsttime we're recording when I'm in my desk, like my new desk, and I'veliterally just been rolling in my new role each other like nonstop. I'vebeen rocking back and forth in my grandfather's old office chair for the last threehours. That is such a vibe. Well, I think that's it fortoday's episodes. Remember, you know, if, if you have sex,make sure it's safe and sweet. If you have any questions, find anadult to help you. There there for a reason. God, we arechildren. We are simply child we are simply children. Also, Google exists. If you do have any question. That's a well or we of course, always recommend him. Pantiful Parent Karen and Parenthood Plan Parenthood. Thank you. That one has probably one of the only sources I would actually quote youto use because, like, I trust them with my life. I woulddie for them. I would not go on read it. Yeah, Isee you type of it in your search. Well, I can see you muchpause the podcasting. No, then wed do not. No, no, no, no, Web, indeed, no, reddit land. So muchabout TV underscore today's episode. We hope you enjoyed it. We hopeyou at some last, we hope you will educated or not, who cares? I think avery put in a lot of work to help that someone's educated, at at least one. I hope at least one person was, andit was me. Yeah, there was me, and me, it's aown me and someone had no idea about...

...any of this to the entire time, but I was like brain a bar we hope you can see you nextweek. If not, have a good rest of your life. We're notgoing to judge you, not yet at least. I'm Bro we might,we honestly might. I am I'm judging you right. God, you areso meek, Jay. Is there anything else to add? Balad, it'sOK, honestly, just can't believe that's Moone said Jay in real life,but I do it all the time. It's gotta unhealthy, bastilts, itwas unhealthy since you start anyway. Thanks so much. By.

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