House of Cards: An LGBTQIA2+ Podcast
House of Cards: An LGBTQIA2+ Podcast

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House of Cards: an LGBTQ Podcast: Sex and Gender


TODAY! We decided to talk on the matter of Sex and Gender, the difference there are, we also decided to do a gender test to see what each of our genders are, as well as what our gender as a whole would be. Make sure to tune in next week for our next epsoide on Androgyny. If you can't make it, thats all right, we hope you have a good rest of your life and remember that you are vaild as fuck.

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Written by Avery Ann

Edited by Jaxson Stiles

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Music: Lofi-Missing memories , lofi fading away, lofi fly and lofi escapism.   

Hey, y'all. So God hates me. I can't work technology, apparently. But Um, I'm avery and I usually heard pronouns and I'm one of your hosts on this lovely podcast. Hi, welcome to the House of cards and LGBT podcast. Right, Shit, I didn't say that part. Oh my God, Huh, I'm Jackson and I am the only thing keeping this podcasting functioning. Hey, yeah, I mean, you ain't wrong. Still mean, I use pronouns, for sure, and I was trying to help abythrough the entire thing, and Avy just would not allow me to help them. Really, I did not understand yell, the know and Fuck, and would not explain anything else. That's because I didn't even know what was happening. Okay, basically, I'll final cohost force before we get into that. Okay, okay, hi, I'm Simone. These two motherfuckers have seemed to have forgotten about me. I literally told Old Fuck it, gimme sick, it's my Michael. I literally told Avery to wait for you. Don't even with that. Okay, anyways, I use she the a pronounce for the most part. Valent crocheting a blanket. It's taking further, you know, it's so cute. Your mom. I've had this was so long and it's finely have any use when you guys come over. I have no mad hand scion tizer in my room and also like a mini moist durizer noise. That's so cute. Anyway, Avery tells the story. How did God hate you? Oh my God, I'm still like that was so stressful. It so basically like sometimes, you know, like you get randomly walking out like like Um, sometimes, you know, because I'm usually I'm always logged in on my computer because I'm the only one who uses it. But for some reason it was like, Oh, you have to enter your password, and of course I have no idea of what my password is, so I just like put in on my usual ones and keep guessing and I didn't get it after like four tries, so I decided to reset it. So I did that, but then I tried signing in and I was like, Oh, we've actually blocked your account because someone kept putting into any wrong passwords. Oh my God. Then I had to make a book account, since it was a rough twenty minutes, and so then I finally made the account. I had like no idea what Jackson was asking me. He's like what's your skype name? And I'm like, is that just like my email or and then he tried sending me a lake and I could keep clicking on the link but it wouldn't open. It was I and I like and then it all worked out. You know, Jackson found me, he added me back to the House of cards chat, got into the call, but by sound wasn't working. So then I'm panicking again and I'm like, Oh God, how sound? How Sound? So I'm like Oh, soon. So I'm like, okay, I just have to like go and enable sound. Only, guess fucking what, I can't find settings anywhere on Skype, and I'm like how is... supposed to enable the sound if you can't find the settings? Oh my God. Eventually, you know, I just was like, okay, fuck it. Maybe it was like a fluke, like a onetime saying. So I like came back into the call and then you could hear me. It was such an sure it was an adventure. Do you know what? You guys can keep up with our adventure, same one, with our social media, all right. You can find us on Instagram at House of cards underscore podcast on twitter at lgbt underscore deck and on Tick Tock as house of cards podcast. I just like avery remember to breathe. Awesome, awesome, thanks so helpful. Breathe. Anyways, I have some fun things for us today, so quickly I'll topic of today, which you already know, is about sex and gender. So I'm like sitting here and I'm like, okay, we have not played a game for a while. It's been a bit, it's been a fuckew, it's been. It's been a boot, the boot, boo. It's Ben. We do a quiz and give ourselves this what stereotypical gender we are. Oh my God, I'm so scared. Watch them on, get done, blond, done? Why? Only? Okay, so we're gonna have okay, so the fourth. So it's just so. It's basically a thing. It's someone from Dr Sandra's Lipiz bomb, a cus rise opposite, see the mask and offend him though gender. It's the whole thing. It's confusing. But this is supposed to give us like an idea of cultural man mmm, Hellong, you'll find out. So let me writing with would you say? So there's a scale. You can ease this. Fully agree, fully disagree. Fifty agree, fifty disagree or fifty we are we taking it individually or I will do we could do it. Let's do an individually. That's so much more. Yeah, like I link Homey, yeah, the link will be okay, that's the link, guys, we never one gets there. Stop, Tigers, I can open it. will all now. Oh, no, wonder you guys call me grandma. Can you not open it? Oh, I opened it. Okay, once everyone's there, I'll read it and then we answer. Okay, don't like our Labscom I love this website. Are we ready, guys? After test? We are absolutely ready. Okay, so intervited. I would say. Fifty agree. Oh my God, we got this questions. They are randomized. For me. What is yielding mean? Mine says likable. What the fuck does that mean? Like, I likes. I'm fully disagreeing with yielding. Imaginative. Yes, no, am I mild? Guys? Do I have a strong personality? Yes, well, am I mild? I don't think so. No, you know it. You are compassionate. Yes, I fifty on children. Loyal sectionate. Yes, you are, I think by you would have fifty percent agree. AM vicious. I agree. Boy's person no, I don't avoid cursing. Well's hope you guys. I think you're likable. Yeah, I think you're very likable. Why else would I be your friend? That's completely fair. A void, holy disagree, right, soothing. Fifty with I can. I can be soothing, imaginative, Reed,...

...willing to like, table a stand. I mean, we'll have to take a stand. I mean, I have strong opinions, but I'm also I also social anxiety bro. You know, I would I would only put like. I would actually either keep it fifty or disagree. You do not fund out very well. Yeah, sit back and think. Oh my go disagree. Loves children. Yeah, am I don't someone when it comes to a soothing thing. You kind of like panic and aren't soothing. Yeah, I'm not introverted. I don't think. Oh, I definitely defend my own opinions. Helpful, say, yeah, I'm prettyful. I will take an absolutely, I'll kill someone. Polite and my dominant. Yeah, you and not. You're you're dominant in some places. It's another bed. It's asking socially, shut the fuck up. I'm a minor. Yielding. Does that mean submissive? I think it does. Yeah, it means some individualistic really. I normally think of the group's office. Nowity, let's say. Yeah, I'm pretty happy. Bobby, I know, light around the right yeah, like fifty, fifty, like, you know, like you're like really polite around like small kids and like elderly, you know. But I mean like when it comes to people, like your own agent stuff, I feel like you're like you like do like the like kind of like grown out thing. I do the teenage to dig thing. Yeah, by the way, so I finished my quiz up. I just finished. Oh my God, that's actually look every look away. Oh sorry, sorry, I didn't like read the thing yet. No, not chure. If someone question you have I'm at thirty six of thirty six avoids cursing. Absolutely fucking not, my guy. Okay, let's go with avery. Tells what your scores off. Okay, I got forty seven percent masculine and sixty four percent feminine, so my scores were average, an average. This makes you casually feminine. Simon. What are yours? I've never felt happier. What are your okay, the percentage is actually don't add up to a hundred, which pisses me off. But anyways, yes, I'm seventy five percent masculine and thirty three person feminine. I'm sixty I P sent masculine and forty four percent feminine. I mean nine actly masculine, sixty nine. Okay, what do we have? Okay, so maybe you guys just want to do like a dumb quiz of all of us together. I like, if we will one being, what would we be? Imagine, imagine I'll be so imagine being so pagas that you like die of hunger. What what I mean? I'm actually really happy with my son. I really like that mine made me so happy. Okay, so it was for us. It's ten questions. This one just for fun of us. Okay, yeah, so this is we all have to agree in an answer. When was the last time we cried? And Injury a sad movie? Or I never cried? See, I feel like a sad movie. Is it because a very cry so much it's going to flow over to a sad n I think so. I don't cry. Yeah, but because of how much avery does cry in Oval Realms and put it aside and moved. Wow, right, fine, whatever. You're not even wrong.

I'm not a grid as my mom. What Caritia, do you choose new genes by I normally do comfort. I normally do if the zipper reaches the CROTCH. Okay, it's price, comfort, or I check whether they match my shoes. Oh, comfort, comfort, comforts we all. It's comfort. Okay, yeah, what are the chances you that you'll fling yourself into a new relationship after breaking up? On a scale one to ten, so it can for me. No, it can't be a ten because Avy is a sexual no, it's ten for me, like that is mahostessing together. My money's nine or ten, but I think because if avery it's a seven for all of us. Yeah, EI are like five to seven. I'm just saying. I'm like extremely likely to do it. Would you like to see your name on a magazine after the world, president, or in the tide movies? Not, president, I would like to mean the titles of a movie. I would like to be proud. Think movie. All Right, movie is Al swelming. What dog would you like? A small to Wah Wah, golden Retrievo or a pit bull pipple? I'm thinking pit bull hipples in between. Yeah, yeah, they're so sweet. So not people for us. What would you eat right now? Chocolate ice cream. Sushi or hamburger, actually Ram, not even gonna lie. She and take suitchie them, but Susi wins most often. You would watch on Youtube. Supports Video. No education or animal videos and yeah, or videos about animals. Animals, and I I don't want you to do education. Okay, you got to pick with you if you want youtube with you. What sports? Educational Videos, but animals, anything but sports. All I watch is buzz feed. You got to pick two on soft bik one of these that would be really educational. Animals. I mean I went through a phase a few years now where I watched the videos and animals giving birth. How many press issues do you want to know? Thirteen, I think. How many presses shoes do your own avery? Probably around the same thirteen. I mean I can see like three or four right now in my own for so let's go with ten. I'm under say a lot. I, like you, agree that talked are better than actions? No, I disagree with that. Like words speak more. Yeah, do what speak more than actions? If you act in speak more than once. Action speak more? Um, I think, yeah, probably actions, just like because I'm kind of like thinking about my love language that way. Do Your Friends Rust to you for comfort in cases a problem. Sometimes, yes, I could find them at worlds of no, not for comfort, but they rush to me for some reason. So I'm going to pussy. Yes, just because of me and avery, and then a bit of Smoman. There vibes of some Moan in there. I want you guys to guess what we got like for gender. Like what is our gender, of the three of US combined? I actually think more of masculine. You'll both right. We got and Joshan is we got not bus I thought it's so hard, like you guys are literally both got it. Oh my God, that was right. That is amazing. But now that would I mean? Yeah, just speaking of an Androgyny, as someone who likes androgynous expression, having small boobs is a godsend. Homie, I'm chopping mine off. Hell Yeah, okay, sorry, Jackson. Well,...

...topic of gender and sex, as we just can't get out what genders these quizzes represent as and what the House of cards gender is, I think it's time to kind of go a bit deeper into what sex and gender is. Haula, I'm so sorry. Ready, you've got enough today. All right, hello, hello, welcome to the house of Gods, Hey, welcome to my crib curse. All right, today we will be talking about gender and sex, but not the fun kind. Gender is really fun active. I'm talking about Sextuma. Oh, sorry. Ways, we have already talked about a few genders on the podcast. I completely forget what they are. We've never touched I know we've never touched on the topic of what gender is. Probably like a little bit for not all of it. anyways, while we are at it, we're going to talk about what sex is, not the fun kind again, as sex and gender often get confused as being the same, which is a wee. I absolutely start off with the simplest of it. Okay, I feel this is it's really run it, because I feel like sex shouldn't be the simplest, but because of today's society it is, which sucks. Anyway. Sex is your genetics. In the broad stones it's your your genet is. Oh what sex? Is Your sex? Your Janet's boom, boom, boom, same thing, not fun. All of your jeans, all your sex. No, but that's all this really what that means? Like sex is yourn. Next, exactly does that mean? My Eyes on my sex? No, following the Canadian institution of Health Research's sex is a set. Sex is a set of biological attributes and act humans and animals. Is mostly seen to physical and physiological attributes and will does not say mentally here. Your sex can affect some of you mental health or just kind of keep that in mind. But again it is a very little contributation. These physical and physiological attributes can include chromosomes, which are little bundles of DNA, gene expression, which how a gene presents itself on like physical hair color or eye color, hormone levels and functions, which are chemicals in your body. That's and messages which we've talked a little bit about in our puberty episode and reproductive and sexual anatomy. So that's like your penis, your vagina, uterus, like ovaries. Test, don't make this boring. It's penis and vagina, come on, but anatomy. That's like body. It's penis and Vagina. Jackson thinks about vagina. Looks like an unzipped asshole and I can't look like, Oh my God, Oh doesn't it? Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God. I'm way too flustered. I'm waiting too flustered right now. I can see myself in my mirror and I'm read. I'm my bread in the face. But can you tell me I'm a wrong though? I can't. That's the problem. We look down right now. Oh my God, Oh my Oh, good Jesus Christ, I don't call his name right now. Oh God,...

Oh, whenever you're oh no, no, it's still abrey's. He hasn't finished. Oh my God, I'm so sorry. I'm so flushed. I'm so flushed. I bet you're really pretty when you're flushed. My face is so warm right now. Oh Fuck, is yourself sex I? Oh my God, you start a conversation. Oh my God, you broke me. Okay, so the sex Um, you know, because it's because it's her genetics. It's you know that's determine by your sex chromosomes, which is the chromosomes chromosome x, chromosome Y, so x y is mail and X X as female. But you know it's possible for your chromosomes, or you like, your DNA, to not just be x x or x y. If they're not, you know that can cause issues in your body or you could have absolutely no effect. And you know we talked a little bit about that in our intersext episode about the biology. Yeah, yes, we did bitch the problems reading that sentence. Yeah, yeah, you're so distracting, soles. He use an UNDIT puty. Okay, anyways, gender, on the other hand, is a social croissant, but, oh my God, Social Crescent, social croissant. This doesn't just mean human in society, but it also involves animals. Gender is a role. It the bread type and expression and an identity for the different views on gender in a society. Girl, boy, man, woman. The reason the animal kingdom is also involved in this is because most groups of animals, women and men, do not did the same jobs. Say Have Sarah Pitch Jobs. I think you mean separate jobs. I think you mean separate and some Odosu blocks from the call. Is that a pun? Also, society has developed, gender has become less and less useful to us. More and more people cannot find themselves in this binary structure and, it said, feels if they are none, something between or fluid between them, and that's okay, whatever your problems. My brain is like, let's just not whatever your pronouns you feel best for you all your pronouns, and that if you're right to have them, your valid as fuck. And remember, as apre would say, sex, you care, getting you over the laughing and trying to figure it out to start with sex. Oh my God, you did. You broke me. I'm still you're still trying to recoup. I'm kind of shocked. It's like, let me just go sex. There you go. Does that help? Ah, yeah, my brain is like buffering right now. I'm really calibrating. Yeah, just let me. I just got a rest out my avera res out with...

...a five. I was it's enough time for me to go to seat. Do you only sleep of five hours? No, I realize how it sounded after I said it. I don't know. Yeah, like I said, I'm very calibrating. Is it really anything else we need to add to gender, guys or valid? Your valid, valid. I think that's the main thing about when it comes to genuine sex. Just remember your valid as fuck and no one can take that away from you. Nobody. And one more little thing. Actually is a you know, gender doesn't have to equal like expression and like what what you wear or how you look. Gender is a mental thing, yes, and like social construct but expression, you know, that's like how you can really show yourself. Oh, exactly, that's what we talked about. Gender has become such a less and less useful thing to us that the expression of gender, it's really becoming more and more like transparent. Yes, but also be careful of there, because you could lose your gender to the Gender Garblin. They're very greedy to gender Goblin. The gender Goblin takes your gender and then you don't have any gender any anyway, I just we're going to end up for today. We hope to see you next week. If not, we hope we have a good rest of your life. Have some rest, make sure you collect some of your gender. Some phone takes it all. Samone stopped dying. It's my pot and a good rest of your life. Is there everything else to add? Vlad is? Fuck I, I'm still in shock. Okay, well, this, remember, guys, tune in next week if you want to know more about lgbt communities. There will be a surprise in the next episode. Hint, hint, hint, hint. There's no pants, ha ha, and just remember, guys, that of a giantess just an unzipped button. No.

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