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House of Cards: An LGBT Podcast

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House of Cards: an LGBTQ Podcast: Sex and Gender


TODAY! We decided to talk on the matter of Sex and Gender, the difference there are, we also decided to do a gender test to see what each of our genders are, as well as what our gender as a whole would be. Make sure to tune in next week for our next epsoide on Androgyny. If you can't make it, thats all right, we hope you have a good rest of your life and remember that you are vaild as fuck.

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Written by Avery Ann

Edited by Jaxson Stiles

Produced by: Jaxson , Avery and Simone

Music: Lofi-Missing memories , lofi fading away, lofi fly and lofi escapism.   

Heal so god hates me, I can't worktechnology apparently, but I'm a Bryan I use to her pronouns and I'm one ofyour hosts on this lovely podcast hi. Welcome to the House of God and l d Dpodcast right sit. I didn't say that part. Oh, my God, Hu I'm Jackson and I am the only thingkeeping this podcast ing functioning. Hey, I mean you, ain't wrong, still mean use pronouns for sure, and I was trying to help avery throughthe entire thing and avy. Just would not allow me to help them really. I didnot understand Yo, know and fuck, and you would not explain anything else.That's because I didn't even know what was happening: okay, basically of FinalCo host force before we get into that. Okay, okay, hi, I'm Simon! These twomother, fuckers, have seemed to have forgotten about me. I literally told Fuck it give me a sack it's my my one,I literally told are to wait for you, don't even with that. Okay anyways, I use she, the pronouns for the mostpart valid crocheting, a blanket D. it'staking for her. You know. What's so cute your mom I've had this for so longand it's I'm having a use when you guys come over. I have no mad hands in tasorin my room, also like a minimos riser noise. That's so cute anyway. Abeltells the story. How did God hate you? Oh my God, I'm still like that was so stressful. It's abasically like. Sometimes you know like you get random so like like. Sometimesyou know, because I'm usually I'm always loggedin on my computer, because I'm the only one who used it but for some reason it was like. Oh,you have to enter your password and of course I have no idea of what mypassport is. So I just like put in all my usual ones and keep guessing, and Ididn't get it after. Like four tries, so I decided to reset it. So I did that.But then I tried signing in and it was like. Oh we've actually blocked youraccount because someone kept putting into any wrong passwords. Oh my men, I had to make a whackin. It was a rough twenty minutes, and sothen I finally made the account I had like no idea what Jackson was askinghe's like. What's your scope name and I'm like, is that just like my email orand then he tried setting me a like, and I could keep clicking on the link,but it wouldn't open it was I and I like, and then it all worked out. You KnowJackson found me. He added me back to the House of cards chat got into thecall, but my sound wasn't working so then I'm panicking again and I'mlike, Oh God, how sound a sound I like o son, I like okay, I just have to likego and a naval sound, only guess, fucking what I can't find settingsanywhere on sky and I'm like how is one...

...supposed to enable the sound. You can'tfind the settings, my God eventually, you know I just was likeokay fuck it. Maybe it was like a fluke like a one time playing. So I like cameback into the call, and then you could hear me it was Saltner. It was anadventure. You know why do you know what you guys can keep upwith a adventure, some one with a social media? All right, you can findus on Instar at House of cards, underscore podcast on twitter at Lger,score deck and on Tick Tock as house of cards podcast. I just like avery remember to breathe awesome awesome thanks so helpful. I breathe anyways. I have some fun Thingsi for ustoday so quickly. A topic of today, which youalready know is about suck and gender Yim like sitting here and I'm like key.We have not played a game for a while. It's been a bit, it's been a you. It'sbeen it's Naboth booits in a h. We do a quiz and give ourselves the what theotypasgender we are. Oh, my God, I'm so scared watched them on get dumb blond. That's why only generate okay, we're gonna, okay, so the fourth! Soit's it! So it's basically a thing: it's someone from Dor Sandra Lapiz bomb.It castries opportunity the mask going offend him. The gender is at the wholething it's confusing, but this is supposed togive us like an idea of Cultural Ri, How long you'll find out. So we we writin it. Would you say so, there's a scale you can e. This fully agree fully.Discreet. Fifty agree, fifty disagree or it fifty we are we taking itindividually or I will do we could do it. Let's do itindividually. That's so much matter. Yeah like I in O yeah, the link will begay. That's the link guys. Whenever one gets to war stopped Ogican open it will all Wayno, wonder you guys, call me grandma. Can you not open it? I opened it God once everyone's thereI'll read it, and then we answer. Okay, don't like to our Lago. I love thiswebsite. Are we ready guys after past? We are absolutely right? Okay, so intervaled, I would say fiftyagree. Oh yeah, we got us a questions, their raise. What is yielding mean mine,says likable, what the fuck does that mean? Like I mean I like Everson, I'mfully disagreeing with yielding imaginative. Yes, no am I my old guys. Do I have a strongpersonality? Yes, O? Am I mild? I don't think so. No, no it! You arecompassionate. Yes, I fifty fifty on children, loyal, affectionate. Yes, you are, I think I would havefifty percent agree. Okay, okay, ambitions. I agree boys pursing. No, Idon't avoid cursing. What's on, I think you're, like a Bale, O yeah. Ithink you're very likable. Why else would I be your friend? That's completely fair of voice. Fusingfolly disagree right soothing. If we I...

...can, I can be Sein. Imagine breedwilling to like Ho stand. I mean well to take a stand. I mean I have strongopinions, but I'm also, I also have social anxiety brow. You know I would Iwould only put like I would actually the Cape at F, fifty or disagree. Youdo and up very well yeah t I ingines children, yeah and I I felt soon when it comes to a soothing thing, you kind of like panic and aren't suping yeah, I'm not introverted. I don'tthink. Oh, I definitely define my own opinions.Hopeful, say yeah, I'm pretty hopeful will take, sent absolutely ill kill.Some one polite at my dominant yeah and you are not your your dominant in someplaces the note bed, it's asking socially shut the fuck up, I'm a minoryielding. Does that mean submissive? I think it does yeah. It means someindividualistic really. I normally think of the groupson facalty. Let's say I'm pretty happy happy. I night around the right yeah like it. Fifty Ye,like you know, like you, a like really polite around, like small kids and likeelderly. You know, but I mean like when it comes to peoplelike your own age and stuff. I feel like you're like you like. Do you like the like kind oflike Brown out of thing? I do the teenage dirt big thing yeah by the way, so I finished like quiz I just finished. Oh my God. That's like a look away. Sorry, sorry, I didn'tlike lead thething yet and I s no, I'm not sure some one. What question you have, I'mat Thirty S, thirty six avoids cursing absolutely fucking, not my guy, okay.Let's so with avory tell us what your score is off. Okay, I got forty seven percent masculine andsixty four percent comin in so my scores were average an average. Thismakes you casually Feminine Samon. What are yours? I've never felthappier. What are you? Okay, the percentages actually don'tadd up to a hundred which pisses me off, but anyways Ye Wise M. Seventy fivepercent masculine and thirty three percent feminine. I E at Man and forty four percenteminent. I mean t nine Daly Masculine, sixty nine okay, what we have okayedlike a dumb quiz of all of us together, I if we were one being. What would webe imagine imagine I be so imagining so pages thatyou like die of hunger. Why what I mean I'm actually really happy with myFersen. I really like that mine made me so happy okay, so it was as ot tenquestions this one just for fun of us, okay, yeah. So this is, we all have togree in an ouncer. When was the last time we cried an injury, a sad movie orI never cried see. I feel like a sad movie. Is itbecause a recast so much it's going to flow over to a Suden think so I don'tcry yeah, but because of how much Avra does cry in overwell and put it us onwow all right, fine, whatever you're,...

...not even wrong, I'm going to CIS, mymom. What crito do you to new gens by? I normally do comfort. I normally do ifthe zipper reaches the CROTCH. Okay, it's price comfort or I check whetherthey match my shoes. Oh Comfort, comfort, comforts. We allit's comfort, a yeah where the chances you that you're flingyourself into a new relationship after breaking up on a scale one to ten, soit can tra. No, it can't be a tank because avery is a sexual. No, it's tenfor me like that happening together, my in ten, but I think because of Avretefor all of us, yeah either like five to seven. I'm just saying I'm likeextremely likely to do it. Would you like to see your name on a magazineafter the wood president or in the tide movies? Not President? I would like to be in the Pales of amovie. I would like to be proud. I think movie. All right move is right,women. What dog? Would you like? A Small Chihuahua, a golden retrive orpit bull pit bull? I picking it bull hippos in between yeah they're, so sweet. So I press. Whatwould you eat right now, chocolate ice cream, Sushi or hamburger. She not evengoing to lie. She take sutten wit, the e Winson. Youwould watch an you tube spots with Yo, no educational, animal videos and yeavideos, but animals animals. I I don't go my Yett education. Okay, you got to pick. Would you if youwant you to put you at sport, educational or pedes, but animalsanything but squirts? All I watch is buzz. Had you got to pick two and soft,but I one of these a belly educational animals. I mean I went through a phasea few years now, where I watched the Dosan animals giving birth. How manypersises do you at thirteen? I think how many pose shoes do you want avery?Probably around the same thirteen I mean I can see like three or four rightnow in my o. four, let's go with ten, I'm gonna say a L. I, like you, agree that talks arebetter than actions. No, I disagree with that. Like words, speak more yeah do what'sspeak more than actions. If you ACTON speak more than once actions speak more, I think yeah, probably actions justlike, because I'm kind of like thinking about my love language. That way. Do you friends rest to you for comfortin cases of problem? Sometimes, yes, I can find them my world to know not for comfort, but they rush to mefor some reason. So I'm going to put a Yes just becauseof me Averye and then a bit of smote in ther vives. I have some one in there. I want you guys to guess what we got like for gender, like whatis our gender of the three of US combined. I actually think more of masculine you'll, both right. We got an Jognis.We got no B Y, this so hard like you guys,literally both got it. Oh, my God. That was that is amazing,but now that with me, yeah e, just speaking of an Androgeny as someone wholikes androgeus expression, having small boots is a God send home, I'mchopping mine off Hell, yeah, okay, Star Jackson, well of gender and sex, awe just bin get out what genders these...

...quizzes represent us and what the Houseof cards gender is. I think it's time mechanical a bit deeper into what sexand genders Halla. I'm also sorry ready start today, a hello hello to cards. He welcome to my crib. First, all right today we will be talkingabout gender and sex, but not the fun kind. Gender is really fun at I'm. Talking about six, don't I O or,as we have already talked about a few genders on the podcast. I completelyforget what they are, but we have never touched. I know we've never touched onthe topic of what gender is probably like a little bit, not all of itanyways. While we are at it we're going to talkabout what sex is not the fun kind again as sextene, often that confusedus being the same, which is Ay, absolutely start off with the symbolistof it. Okay, I ellis it's really Ronin because I feel likesex shouldn't be the simplest, but because of today's society it is which sucks anyway, sex is yourgenetics in the Braston Itsu, your Janette is oh what sexes, your sex,your Janet boom boom boom same thing, not f, all of your Gens, all your sex. No, but I tell us really what that meanslike sex. Is your ex exactly? Does that mean my eyes on my sex? No followingthe Canadian Institution of Health Research Sex is a set sex is a set ofbiological attributes can act. Humans and animals is mostly seen throughphysical and physiological attributes and well, it does not say mentally here.Your sex can affect some of you, mental health, which is kind of keep that inmind. But again, it is a very little contribution. The physical andphysiological attributes can include chromazone, which are little bundles ofDNA, Jane Expression, which Hollognepresents itself on, like physical pair color or eye color arm on levels and functions which arechemicals in your body that send messages which we've talked a littlebit about in our puberty episode and reproductiveand sexual anatomy. So that's like your penis. Your Vagina, uterus, like overhis test, do bake this boring. It's penis and Vagina. Come on, but a NATOMY. That's like body, it'sBein, a send. Jackson thinks of Vagina, looks like an unzipped asshole and Ican't go. Oh my God. I I oh my God. Oh my God, Oh my God, realism, Wato flustered, I'm wainfleetright now. I can see myself in my mirror and Iread I'm my red in the face. But can you tell me I'm wrong though I can'tthat's the problem, what look down right now? Oh my God! OhMy, Oh good, Jesus Christ. I don't call...

...his name right now, God, whenever you're O, I, like my turn. Now. No, it's stillavers. Yes, Oh my God, I'm so sorry, I'm so flashed,I'm so flushed I but you're, really pretty when you're close my face is sowarm right now. Oh this, your so ho sex. Oh my God! We start a conversation. Oh my God, youbroke me okay, so I sex. You know because it's because it's hergenetics, it's you know. It's Teemin by your sexPREMOO, which is the chromazone chromazone x, chromazone Wy, so x y, ismale and XX is female, but you know it's possible for your chromazone or you like your DNA,so not just be x, x or y. If they're not, you know that can cause issues inyour body or you could have absolutely no effect, and you know we talked a little bitabout that in our intersect episode about the biology Yahye. We did bitch t problems. Reading that sentence, Yeah Yeah, O you're, so distracting use is anuntipped Kanyas. Gender, on the other hand, is a social cessante. Oh my God, Social Cross, O Social Crossat this doesn't just mean human society, but it also involves animals. Gender isa role in the bread. Type and expression is an identity for thedifferent views on gender in a society girl, boy, man, woman. The reason theanimal came on is also involved in this is because most groups of animals,women and men do not do the same jobs. They have Sarah pit jobs. I think you mean separate jobs. I thinkyou mean separate and a motion. ECALL is that a pun so society has developed.Gender has become less and less useful to us. More and more people cannot findthemselves in this binary structure and it said feels if they are nonesomething between or fluid between them and that's, okay. Whatever you prod, my broom is like: Let's just knockwhatever your pronouns, you feel best for you all your pronouns, and that is your right to have them.You'll valid US fuck and remember, as ABRI would say, sex a you caint laughing and he try tofigure it out t with sex. Oh my God, you did you broke me, I'm still you're still trying to recoup I'm kindof ocklie. Let me just go set there. You Go. Does that help a yeah? My brain is like buffering rightnow, I'm really calibrating yeah. Just let me I's got to resort. My veryresort will take five hours.

It's enough time for me to go to see A. do you only sleep with five hours now Irealize how it sounded after I said it. I don't know a yeah like I said, I'm calibrating is n't. Really anything else we need toadd to agendo. Guys here valid. Is that I think that's the main thing aboutwhen it comes to genuine set. Just remember, you'll valid is fuck, and noone can take that away from you. Nobody and one more little thing actually is ayou know. Gender doesn't have to equal like expression and like what what youwear or how you look. Gender is a mental thing. Yes and like social construct but expression,you know that's like how you can really show yourself e. Oh, exactlythat's what we talked about gender has become such a less and less usual thingto us that the expression of gender- it's really becoming more and more liketransparent, yes, but also be careful at there, because you could lose yourgender to the gender Goblin they're very greedy Geno Goblin, the gender Goblin takesyour gender and then you don't have any gender any anyway. I we're going to endup for today. We hope to see you next week. If not,we hope we have a good rest of your life. Have some rest make sure youcollect some of your gendarme takes it all so, most of dying, it's my part andafter a good rest of your life, is there anything else to add valid is fuck. I I'm still in shock. Okay! Well, thisremember guys tune in next week. If you want to go more about L GT communities,there will be a surprise in the next episode hint hint intent. There's nofans, AH and just remember, Guy, that of a gines, just an unzipped.

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