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House of Cards: An LGBTQ+ Podcast; Science of LGBTQ


Today! We decided to talk about the science of LGBTQ, we talked about the most know myth in the community, the six different sexes (not genders) and the fluidty of sexuality and gender and why it can't be explained by science! We also ended off talking about fanfics and which sites we each read from. We hope you enjoyed this episode and rememer there will not be an episode next week! Remember you are vaild as fuck, and stay gay.

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Every an. Welcome to the House of heart and ldd HS podcast. I'm actually not finished eating my banana, but I used to her pronouns and I don't know whoever's next, so I can finish my d jess, Jes as just. It's just dead to just as mic break again. Yes, not ignoring you just it's about drivings. But power did my audience stopped working again? Yeah, I thought you test to tell just that we're not ignoring them. Sorry, I'm used to it anyways. My name is Jess. I use he the pronouns and I'm getting over this double recording thing real fucking fast. I'm over it. Okay, okay, I'm sorry to interrupt, but I have to say I was just walking to throw out my banana and I'm wearing flippery socks right now and as I was stepping on the linoleum floor, my foot kind of went out from under me and I had a like brief moment where I like slipped and I was like, if I thought, Oh, back I smack my head off the ground, this will be on like recording. You are worried about dying or like conic serious. You're either like fucking stupid yeah, I'm gonna be like wow, can't believe I'm gonna die recording the podcast be so bunny. Well, so we're gonna pose the APP, we're gonna finish the episode and Post it. So it's going to be like house of cards. Topic Name Avery dies. All, every steveryone dies.

Every cracks your head off with the fucking counter, not click bit. I was supposed to say no clicking. Okay, I'm there. Continue, just as done with the double recording already. How fucking hi, my name is Jackson. I am your thord host of today's episode, and you know what? You know what exactly? I U see hip pronounces, moving on. Nothing else is important. What it? What the fuck? Huh? Exactly exactly? Smoke when you're ready. Okay, yeah, I'm I use all pronouns and I was trying to so less to night and I didn't do very well. It was not a fun time. Nothing's ever fund. I ran out of thread. I know that. I read, yeah, a patient twelve years ago. Anyway, someone, I'm so done. Is it when I tell is my ten? Yeah, can ghastly on my nethers. Anyways, I hate you with every being in my body. What good anyways, I'll send you the picture later. Anyway, I'd rather cry. It's just a minecraft thing. anyways. Okay, if you want to find this on Instagram, if you want to find us on Instagram, you can find us at parts underscore podcast, on twitter at lgbt underscore deck and on Tick Tock as puss of cards podcast. What if I posted the she gastly on my Nether's picture on the no, it's not. It's not explicit. I..., we don't trust it. Also, see all first. I know what it is. I know. Yeah, and my answer is now rip. No, actually, my one of my roommates has a squish mellow with it's like an octopus with Rainbow Tentacles, and made a joke about like. We made a joke about me posting it on the podcast, like in good. So I'm kildly gonna do it and be like this is our Maskot. How just why are you liking? Just why you liking messages in the group chat? You're literally, look, I mean, I'm also it's like just like a messenger. So best. I'm sorry. I'll on Instagram, though. I was I was gonna, I was gonna post something on the instagram. Really do it. We're all like, we're all just staring at each other's little eyots. Yeah, we're like, what the fuck are you doing here? It's the spider man. Mean, it is the spider man. mean. We're all just pointing, I'll just putting each other like that's like, oh my God, no, no, no, I feel like such a fucking boom or whenever I try to Oh, there it is. What's it called? A story on the photo of no, wait, try to post a story on the phone of Englis. No more good Christ a photo on the story and I couldn't figure out how to get to the camera. I feel like a boomer. You are. Yeah, I thought when you said no, it's no Kalae, no CLEA, the condensation. We are dying to wait. They don't, you know, the COMMS in water.

Right, no, but if they get with but is it all types of what? Like? I St Yeah, no, Oh, htoh, that's not a thing at oxygen. What if cake? There's still not wait, which means they couldn't use water basically either. Oh, true. Why are we having an it just came into my head. Going on, someone, get to the topically, it's not the only that's going to be coming tonight. That's right, leave such a mess this. Let's let's just go into the science, from lgbt to yeah, anyway. So the science basically is lesbian kidnaps. I forgot it started and I wrote the episode. Basically, avery was dying of Covid of a two weeks ago, but I was she didn't write this episode. So me, instead of being a literary north the science, we're going to throw away the social aspects of Lgbtq, like, you know, the famous day icon who came out two days ago, or the fact that gay people are allowed to exist in some countries. That doesn't matter. We don't care about that leaves. I mean, I got really I got really hurty and excited about the intersex episodes. Who I am a I am a bit of a science card too, but I'm more like biology based, so bit of a science myself. But let's talk about science from fact. But a big thing about science. And actually, okay, I can't spoil it for there was a funny moment in spider man. No a home. Haven't we all boil all cut your balls off? I don't care,...

Abay Boilers. It wasn't. It was it was looking. Oh, we know, I can't think about yeah, never, might, never had. Anyway, someone has someone. I'll go see it with you. I'll see as please, keys, and we all can say with me. I just need you. anyways, I already know what happens. I ask my brother just toilet for me because I don't care. Let's let's move away from spider matter talk about size of back. The big thing, that it is a fact, is that the old speed community cannot be explained away with the swift flip of the wrist, a Swiss flip of the risk a fucking you know, like a death. Make a divers by sides. There's there's a very there are a few things that can be explained because of reasons that we'll get it to later in the episode. Most relating to basically how natural sex sexes. That is not what we're talking about. We are not talking about well, no, we're not talking about sex, because most relating to how natural, how natural it is in nature for sexuality. Do I have dyslexia? Made of money? Most relating to how natural, natural is change in secure? Yeah, like how I read right now. Just get out. I tech would relate to you anymore. Get Out. I need so, what's it's not my fault. You've caught my dyslexia. I need to pretend I'm mentally fine, like it's contagious anyway. How Natural Sexuality and the difference in it is in nature, how bioletal, how biological sex is not how we know it with yeah, what the fuck are you okay? You're so sexy made I can work. You guys to read your Bot is like and the, the and the the. I actually did read over and edit my...

...part. I'm so glad you did. I wish all of you did that. He is are all going to suffer because of this. That's fine, anyway. Hi, Sucker, every day. How by her sex is not how we know it and really the true difference beween sex and gender, which we don't we don't need to really get into, because we've literally talked about it at least eleven times now. And how different they all. They are so different. Guys, stop. I go on weekly rant about it. Yeah, you can find them at j dot Ted Talkcom. Just stop angry. Strandscom make better website. That's why website. It's just me and I'm just angry. We would talk, but we also talk about one of the most notable science myth about the edge bet community. What's the minute? Is it the vaccines? No, it's just a tone. I can't wait to get my buster shot and be even more gay, coevacting tones you get just like the gay booster shot, like you have to like whatever you're Bros. Have you? I haven't. Oh God, you're straight. You like tips. Now wait, I'm like running her gay for you. You'd like T it, so I'm mind. Okay. So notable miss created by science was the gay Jean, which is also I'm not going to say that the gay gene was noted. Is a gene and the chromosomes of people which could make them gay, because obviously, what else would it be? In one thousand nine hundred and ninety three, the correlation between gay men and the genetic marker x q two eight was found, but after continuous studying, no other study seems to have backed up information. As well as correlation does not mean causation. Cat Is my favorite. How well, I'm reading right now, because... about? I wrote my dyslexiat to Jackson today. Um, you also pray. So sorry. My favorite size thing is correlations. Arming causation. I fuck. I don't know why, but it just gives me like, but I love that. Well, it has make off confirmed that there is no gene that can make you gay or straight or anything in between. Most scientists have decided that there's no genus, especially with the agreement of how fluid sexuality is. Being Gay by Trans and be poully and so many more. It's not a cheap a choice either. There we go the dext texts. He is bad. That's terity is that? That's very important to remember. Just because there's no gene saying you're gay or straight, you sorry, that sends threw me off, or you liked it's but our gay doesn't make it a choice. People are just born liking certain genders. Are Summer born liking none, which are all valid as fuck. So basically, just because there's no biological reason for legay doesn't mean that it's a choice. You think I choose to get hate crimes? Yeah, you said I choose to be like the actually are. I could have been way funnier. No, no, I couldn't. If I had a choice, you think I wouldn't trust me. The most privileged posted on the spot. I could be assist gendered man, straight White Man. Dude. Yeah, I think I show shows attraction to men. Yeah, like, if again, there's one thing I know about gay men, it's that like they hate man. Oh yeah, yeah, in fact, you know some people, some people are born of fruit snack and some people are born raising Brad. You know, it's just luck at the dray and this world you have the front loops of the Cheerios and you're just born that way. You know, Mon just cured. Someone just fit like made world these. There was no more. There was no more phobias. Isn't when we get Murch I got rid of the Racaphobia, Holy...

Shit, phobia. Or to make shirts. That's just like one of us like fruit snack, and then the other ones like raising brand easily, with like like flag all the sleeve. The streets are raising Brahim. Obviously. Yeah, they have like the ally thing on the side. No, you know, allies heart raising brand, their terereos. Oh, I like that, like no, no, no, no, no, no, allies off raising brand and then in the backs a piece of shit. And those are just the straight people who are allies. No, Ballad, they're the fucking the cereal that comes with the lucky charms. No, they all. No, Shit that's been eating by dog and then reach it out and then eating again, but puked out. You're being far too generous about that, because Shit can actually be incredibly useful tature. I'M gonna sell. No, no, you want to hear just like Shit. Oh, I just stating that. God, Oh my God, I hate that words so much. Have you're ready, simeon? Right. Okay, like so many times, biological sex and gender are not the same thing. But what's more is biological sex is not what you think it is. While you got that. No, I just I blame for a second. Sorry, I forgot my take your time. It's thirty. I know, I forgot them this morning. I no, this is Hermoneal Cup at like thirty. I didn't. Oh my bad, for thirty. I actually woke up at it and look at you go, bestie. Right. Sorry. Continue. Okay, well,... maybe tout and probably will be told. There is the sex male with TESTI pleas, and I'm only gonna call them Testi please. Now you would insult someone with maybe displex, are we? Hero? You know what? I'M gonna leave. Gonna leave and the pot and the recording and and you guys are just gonna be sitting here alone. TESTI cleas does sound like a grateful also, first you'll suck, but what is life if not without death? Testy Gleees, thos four hundred and two. No, no, testicle. He said that. There's fruit snacks and raisin brand a fucking mask on out tests the philosopher. Okay, okay, so there is sex mail. Those is testicles, the Pinos, who are female, those with a uterus and Pussy. They have the breath, please rest. They do. Okay, on on this. On the term of reproduction, yes, there are two possible compatible sex to create fetus without outside help. There are six biological kariotypes. Hope I said that right. SCARIOTYPES, I have no idea. I haven't thinking that kind of does. Okay, there's X. Sorry, I have a signed ess set. anyways, there's X. roughly one in two thousand and one in five thou people turning those cold corners. Yeah, it's okay. Syndrome of TURNERS X X most common form of female sex.

X X. Why? Roughly one in five hundred two, one in Onezero People Klein felter x. Why? Most common form of Male, X, Y, Y. Roughly one out of onezero people. X X, sorry, x x x. Why? Roughly one and Eighteenzero, two, one in Fiftyzero. I guess interesting. I guess fun to put these in. But the reason why these ones are listed here is because you could technically have any number of chromos look like this, but these are the stat chromosomes that you could be borned and then live in a like live a long life. Just could you be born with X, Y, Y, Y, technically, but you, the baby, would not survive. Oh, weird, staying. Yeah, you wouldn't live a long line. Because, I think about it, most chromosomes are in X. HMM, so like how many? Wise that means you're missing an entire leg of chromosomes. So true, that's fine, so evil. I could be like so false. Jesus, our friends Echo killy on twitch. If you don't, we will find you and we will kill you. Subscribe with pride. This is this is legally not a threat. Yeah, suggestion. Whenever you're ready. Are the another thing is why can't gender, and more specifically, sexuality, not be explained by by by signs very easily? As stated poured, this is due to the fact of how fluid the sexuality and gender spectrums are. You can't explain someone how is gay, because you can't explain why someone's by, because you can't explain why it's somebody's straight, with ace Demi Hallow, like if you're a guy, Demmi boy and be dummy, girl or girl. You can't explain these subjects because they change in shape to fit every single different type of person. No one can quite explain how they feel about sex to another person...

...because that person may be somewhere else on the a spectrum and not feel sexual attraction to the same degree as someone else. Yeah, that's one thing that, like personally, being a is so weird, is hearing talk people talk about sexual attraction and being like. I mean, like there's like a biological aspect to sexual route, but what is like the actual attraction part? Like yeah, no, like I like hearing a steel talk about like having sex. I'm like, wait a minute, the mass isn't mathing. Wait, slow down, wait, this isn't supposed to happen. That just justin math. Ass The Matha math in what? It just doesn't. It just doesn't make sense. Like like why personal, why would you do that? Like you it feels wortant of all, like what even like wow, what I mean is, how do we have to all right, another topic for another podcast. No, but like my main thing to kind of try to describe it and again, a like this is, for example, is it's the pleasure in self and also having the other person be pleasured as well. And like no, it's it's like the intimacy and like the safety. Yeah, and like sort of thing that. Oh my God, that's not even the same. For me, it's being like Wallyrble, someone know to it's literally receiving and giving pleasure. That's what sex is to me. Oh, I see, you're a Yower, a kidding. Literally different for everyone. What everyone is? That just, yeah, Oh my God, w through that. Look at us go. We you know, these making more and more that. I am not allow sexual. I don't remember what that is. What is that? Like? Once took people. Yeah, that's someone who's knows experience attraction or like someone who doesn't want to have attraction. You like..., and you would be out of sexual all right, I would definitely a sexually. You talk about that with my therapist. Sweet doing that. Is that like specifically, like if you want to have sex. Is that a thing? That's like the that's like there's asexual and then on the other side of the spectrum there's allosexual. Oh, I'd a gay it. It's like for it. It's like gay and straight. I didn't know a word for it. Yeah, forty. Yeah, you're either a through your horny between. If you're not hone it, you're just tasting horn. Are you like dragons? There's no one between. Okay. Yeah, and if it's so true and it's like I'm not wrong, you can't tell me I'm wrong. And if you like both, you are for it. Actually, that's called a scaly because, sorry, scat. Anyway, whenever you're ready, whenever you want to get back onto yeah, I up to you. Yeah, like we just rout. Like it's kind plicated, but it's not easy to describe. But it's a thing. Just remember, being part of the LGBTQ community is different for every single person and whichever way like you are, that's valid as back Um, unless it's not, because you are just using it as an excuse to do illegal things, but also be a due crime. I mean really, but be actually gay. Dude, I like kissing. Yeah, and then birds dispect over, like, Oh, yeah, I love man and never prove it. And then Bren not a building, you know. Yeah, I mean like you legal things is in like, yes, I like children. You know what I am. I don't thought of sexuality, but immediately thought of the first argument the transpobes have is that what if an old man is like, I'm at women and then goes into the girl's washroom? Yeah, no one's gonna do that. He can just fucking go to the play. Yeah, like, it's not. Yeah,...

I thought it a very actually, out of us, none of us, fact. I know. My my thought was just to make sure, like people who are like pedosexual, necrosexual or not. Words, that's animals. Yeah, no, it's just it's just those, Ye, those all. It's not an identity. The only identity there is that your criminal, the older identity you have as a mug shot, locking the fuck up or end Um. Yeah, actually, you just and R and in my brain went to registered nurse, my f registered nurse. So sexually registered nurse. Use. That's that's how I read it in my head when I read Wester nor sexy. Oh, why? I no, like you know what they're like. They're like I love you. Your name, like you know the yeah, I literally can get it as my own name or no, I can't read it as my name. I just read it as it's just why it's so funny turn to read about register. Nothing like register. Nice. It's a very competitive yeah, it's just like that's like a common thing, like I'm whatever, and this year like giving a presentation on it, and then you've accidentally say your name instead of the actual thing. You're like all this fuckers on what pad is? Me Like, oh, that's good, that's characters. That's totally good to me. They actually say why and me to tell me what. Cause you to go on? What? What's done? It is, Oh my God, wait to get hate cried. You can just tell who grew up on what pattern. Who did I'm sorry, but you can, you really can. Okay, yeah, because the ones who grow up in WAP pattern sufferable, but in the best way. Yeah, that'some own. Shut up. No, I mean like like insufferable in the...

...way that you're like I would like to go annoy everybody with you, like our our like date would be just causing guld. My villain origin story is somebody loved me. What what pad, dude? No, like I fill in origin stories that some pot loved me so much that they wanted to fuck sit up with me. My Story. Somebody loved me enough to cause the chaos I had within me with me. You. Okay, dude, I should. I could make so much money. Wait, someone dress. Okay, tell me. I don't like each of you basically a sign us. Which website we read fan fix on? Oh, okay, UM, avery was Al free. I don't know why I feel like it, but Jackson either Fan Jackson, Fan Fake Dotet or what pad? Just Tumbler or what pack? I didn't have tumblr until I was way older. Hmm, I had what pad first? Are you guys ready for Mine? Yeah, I don't read fan fix. Ye, lie, I don't. I don't know, I don't. I don't read a fix. That's true. I write a fan fake about us and we can read it. Like me and you were like house of cost but like all four of us, like it's like it seems like it's going to be really sexual but then it just ends like really chaotically. But we have to read it in like a fan fake way. You know. Oh my God, do a whole podcast reading it. Yeah, make it a no expert. Next episode is read. It's just reading just as cursed fan fake about us. I've literally totally Simon. I don't read facts. I never have five times and every single time I totally I don't know. We're telling you the truth. I never have. Everybody's at least read one fan fit. We all went to the same summer camp.

There's no way you haven't read a fucking fan dude. We were fucking riding fan fix at that summer camp. All right, I did. I I never wrote a Fan Fac oh my God, remember that. Fansak a very view and then I'll yeah, that was my first ever interaction with avery, like alone. She got up to me. She went, can you read my lesbian sexy and see if it's good enough? Now it's like not even, not even. I could meet you too. I'd love to. And I was that my game, not even my gay closet at ass was like, I don't know anything of it. Yeah, this is good, it's great. Don't look the supernatural one. Oh my God, I remember that. What the fuck? Just one? Do you look like a like an Indie, indie, for you like it like I did. I did live like most like homophobic gay thing I could think of. It's a pot because you're a moment gay. Bacsamone. Just knew I was ao three. Like I literally have an ao three tap open on my computer right now. For why. I just know it's a over creature. I think. I think that was like ao three because she's like because this is real literature, like this is where my real Rio three is. We're like all the fucked up like sex stuff is but like I know she's that's a sexuals who read it. No, no, aothree goes deeper than one pad. Yeah, that is true. Ao Three has like no filters like on pad, like it's like there's like filters and stuff, but ao three is just like if you can imagine it, you can fuck it. Go for it. Yeah, like I just read books and then after the book was done I was like wow, I really resk the character. Story continued and never thought about people writing fan fix they in my head they didn't make sense, so I just never I never evil. I just never google them and so I never read them. I should have write like he's so bad. A lot of fan fix the only ones I ever have are like I don't think I've read...

...any from, like any fictional sources. Actually, one time I read a fan fix that was about Beijian Canadian drome, aff and sky was minecraft. As you should. I read so many Dan how will fan fix? I really that. Also on WAP Pead, I didn't even just read a fan fix, I also read like a couple of novels that later got published. If they're so good. Yeah, I straight up just she ghastly all my mother's Oh good shit. Sorry, I could I could not under say what you're saying. This is a wonderful image. I love that's I'm going to send that to every single person in my contact list, please. I said my grandma. Oh my God, I'm gonna fucking sear. Hang on, wait, what instagram cat? It won't bring up for me. Well, there it is now. You don't read fan fiction. Yeah, Oh my God, there's so much. Thank you so much for tuning today's episode. I hope you enjoyed today and I hope to see you next week. If not, enjoyed the rest of your life. Is there any enough to add? Um, valid as a free is superior. I don't care what anyone says that one's fighting about it. It was freely slutty, the S. anyways, I'M gonna I'm gonna go take a fourteen year hibernation and, as always, stay gay,.

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