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House of Cards: An LGBTQ Podcast: Reproductive Technologies


Today! Jaxson was out being lame and Jesse had been kidnapped for family events! So Avery and Simone were left to their own devices! But Jaxson made sure his presences would still be felt as he and avery pranked Simone! After that spoof, Avery and Simone talked about Marvel gay heros before moving on to the topic of the day Reproductive Technologies! We hope you liked the epsiode and we hope to see you next week! if not, have a good rest of your life! Remember you are vaild as fuck, and stay gay.

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Written by Avery Ann

Edited by Jaxson Stiles

Produced by: Jaxson , Avery and Simone, Jesse,

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By like dipped out, because I okaysweeter recur Amazing Hi, Bivis, alien gender norms, Ointeresting right O, have you read through yourparts, yes kind of the parts that I can read? Yes, okay, I did change them. A tiny bitchsince jess couldn't be here. Yeah, that's fair yeah, so I guess whenever I'm Riting, Oh yeah,what is this? What what a free? What is this everts? This? It is the CommunistManifesto. Is it actually, it is part of it. Oh No. What have I done? Oh Fuck, whatdid I do? I I'm not sure what you did, but in case you haven't noticed, youhave been spoofed what originally it was supposed to be youand jess, because Jackson, my dear friend Jackson, but not being here forthis episode, he and I decided that we would scoop Simonin Jess what the hell with ascript of the COM. I is manifest. He requested this of me, but I havedone it. It has been done. Our actual Tobit is reproductivetechnologies. Wacky, okay. Indeed, let's start the actual episode, they'redemons. It's me a boy, I'm a Brian, welcome to the house of cars, an Ltuspodcast. I have been watching guard an she in amount, an buts bee on solved.My brain is fried. I love that for you hi, I'm somone. Iuse Shide Pronouns Avery pranked the fuck out of me. I didn't even notice that, because Iwas like trying to read through my script, but I kept getting distractedby the fact that, like the other thing was jumbled- yes, Johnson and I frank so on that itwas horrible that was a hit private. Ah, that was a crime. The Communistmanifesto hate crime. It was supposed to be for Botsio andJess, but unfortunately, just has been seized by their grandfather at right. Now I feel so because, like I had a really badmantal day Jackson and I were also like laughing that you guys were going tothink that I had just gone completely over the edge. Oh, my God we were in joking. We were like wowavery's had a fucking stroke. That's so mean what the Hell...

I'm so sad, it's not even April first well, because Jackson is unable to behere because he's studying for his chemistry diploma, which is he lame, it's lame, yeah yeah. How dareI such a door? Quits kidding, I'm just getting at me check. We love him. We do I'm going to get atext like a month from that when he said the thing is you are on the isgonna be like what the fun be like. How do you come me? A dork. Doyou call be lame? I mean we can't do chemistry, so I can do chemistry. I purposefully failedchemistry because I wanted my teacher to get fired. Oh my God that is so valid is stoppedgoing yeah. I actually I couldn't do penetre. I thought I could re about itand I passed with fifty two percent. I failed successionally with a twenty two.Oh my God, and keep like okay. So keep in mind. At the beginning of thesemester, I've been getting like S, a s about the tests. fucking H, people canunderstand chemistry like I can't I didn't understand it. I would just cramlike thirty months before class started if there was a test and then somehow itmade my brain go bur. Oh my God, I fucking wish that's just how my brain works, like Idid an entire math unit in two hours the other day, and I ended up gettinglike ninety percent of the final unit test you that go shit straight. I don'tremember any of it now, but you know yeah my literally mind hier elevencrazier. What do you like to do? Some formation?Oh, yes, I will promote our social media. Even though I'm heartbrokenabout being cranked follow us on Instagram, our instagram is hosecarts underscorepodcast or twitter is L. TV t under scort, deck and ARTICA is has of cardspodcast. I don't think any of US actually posted or tick talk anymore,though now Jackson did make us like a post inschedule. I think for the month of August and then none of us ever did it again. Myexcuses, I switch medications for the fifth time I mean like every once in a while. I dosomething on the instagram like actually and I'm. I wrote thisinto the episode. Marvel, has an actual fucking gay superhero now? Okay, who is it because, please tell me it's Helena it I mean no, I sexual R. She isn't acomic, but, like I'm talking like Mc you, okay, yes, I want to go see a curlover the weekend and there was like an actual fuckinglike man on man kiss and, like actual like admittance of being husbands andshit like there was no beating around the bush. Oh my God, what were theirnames? Any thing a is. That sounds so weird that sounds like and be okay. Thatsounds like the weird fetishistic thing: Middle School girls do about Kay menwhen they read wopped fan fictions with Dan advil. Oh my God, thanks sorry that wasn't targeted any atanyone.

I was about to say their names thatwould have been bad right, yeah, redaction, redacted and redacted fivecall him out. I did but oh my God, I swear in thetheater like I like saw them on screen and Iwas like gay mediately, but I was also like Oh marvel's. Just going to havethem be like Ruther, I was like okay, look like like: Let's cerealis IC, thisis marble. They did fucking self set which like Lope, so I was like yeah,okay, they're not actually going to be like get ye like I had. I had like aaccepted that, but then no like they come the one scene and it's like theSuperhero says my husband, the words my husband and I like. Oh, my God, I swear.I am stroling right, then, in there, what if they make it SIS head somehow I now I yea they might. Oh, my God. Whatis? Oh God. I just had the worst theory in the world across my mind. Oh my I don't even want to know, Idon't even want to no no, no, no, it's! Okay. What if like Stanley, was superhomophobic and prevented all of the movies from having gay characters? anyways? Oh! No! No! What I now I have to do this. Howdare sorry I don't know? I don't know, I don't know. What's Stanley Homophobic,I don't think so it nothing. Nothing really says like that. You want first thing I found was a read it post,it said, may be racist from facebook. Yeah O Osterie, O Stanley made it okay for usto be Queer, but I saw that too yeah. I can't find anything that says he mighthave been home before wick, but who knows dude might have been. He was old,so m Holland just opened to spider man coming out as gay. I thought it to baby lose. Oh my God yeah like I know why there'sa baby article here, but I'm talking about Stanley right, it's Danley, just a baby. Okay.According to an I funny article title Stanley was racist and homophobic andother things this is so heart breaking we did do it wasn't probably likelythere would have been so many more fruity characters if he was not hopepublic. Let's be real here facts you cannot, you cannot wear a skin tight suit andnot be a little fruity. That is so true, I'm just seeing anyways yeah, but then,like the characters they these two men actually kissed on screen. They didn'twhat they they did. So it's not just Querra like supernatural: it likeactually happened. Yeah they like actually can't spare, was lip on win. I Life I like left to my friends like jawdrop, and I just did the limpest thing like over and over again. This is Oh, my God right like the best moment in cinematichistory, like ever my God, I mean. Let's be honest, it wasprobably only because it was not...

...directed by the ruse or like Kevin Figgy, but we are taking it. Anyways Tony Stark is bisexual. Yes, I don't care what anyone says. TonyStark, bisexual, Peter Parker, bisexual like disarms, Bisex, Bisexual, deadpools at hand. Sexual apparently that's true, that's actually, cannon like yeah.I know that the sound Waineman also Canadian, but he is and we we stand andthat is cannon in the movies. So yeah, maybe that's what my dad like saidschool so much because he's fruity and Canadian that incredible that is so valid. Iknow wow wow wow to the topic. I think we should. Wespent a lot of time talking about Gay Saber Heroes that Uros. That should be.That should be the top, oh, my God. What Yeah? I add it to the topic list as you should.That's how you add it: okay got it Rudy Super Ceros, nice and now amazing. Okay, our topic today is reproductive technologies. I justlearned about this and bio. Actually, oh my yed. No way like I skimped overit, so I could do the projects, but I learned it in quotations anyways. Yes, I reference the textbook contest. Okay, we've talked a lot about differenttopics on this podcast, but today we're going to be talking about the ways that lgbtq plus couples can have biologicalchildren. I just hit my microphone that probably sounded goosy. I hear anythingtoo bad. Indeed, today we are talking about baby making that was but anyways,whether you believe the babies come from. Storks are nailed in parts with how to man aslike in the two thousand and five more robots. What I've been thinking about that me a lotnot goin to lie. anyways we're here to set the recordgame. Babies are made when a sperm and an egg love each other very much. The conjoined Niklas of the Sperman eggthan dividing to a great big bowl of cells and then Abrik Dabber, there's ababy, the size of a paper cliff in Mommies Tummy, my sorry mommy, sorry,Mommy, sorry, tits, Fuck Shit. This is a later onwhile, the moretraditional way or R and playgoing in Vagina Sen. Sex, not sense! Oh my goodsense, so he also. I think I was as nothing good, I'm putting yourtelescope on my island. Oh No! We is in other ways too. You did not incorporate okay, I did. Idid that's an inside joke today. You know we're going to betalking about pre forms of reproductive technologies settle out for baby makingwithout ever engaging in for plain old, boring, penis and vagina sex. Not since is it Miter we're the only two people we. I know I, owing to their historical position, itbecame a vocation of the aristocracies of France and England, write pamphletsagainst Modern Fougera society in the French Revolution of July. Eighteen,thirty in English reform agitation...

...these a aristocracies again so come tothe hateful upward start. Thenceforth, a serious political struggle was alsoout of the question. A literary Babo alone remained possible, but even inthe domain of literature, the old cries of the restoration period had becomeimpossible. These three forms these three forms are circus,artificial insemination and IVF which stands for in vitro fertilization. Sorry, I love thank you. Thank you. Well, Sir Gussieis often accompanied by either artificial insemination or IVF we're,including it as its own option for LGBT keelish couples in which Netherpartners have the capaline capability, Capila, anyways, or desire to carry achild. These technologies are also popular options for people sufferingfrom infertility or who do not want to be pregnant. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, artificial Assemani is on firm isdirectly it. I forgot a word there. There okylarofficial exemination is on firm, is directly inserted into a female service.We find o because this episode talked about likebiology, we're going to be using femail and mail to refer to biological set instead of like referring to gender asfemale, so sex is female. Yes, like my biology textbook does yeah, because I think it's updated. It waswritten in the s anyways Yep yeah, so we frms directly inserted intoa female service. ITERANT AVITE Philippian tops by a doctor. The mostcommon is intruder, an insemination where the doctor inserts the spurn likejust right into the Uder, and then I like it just swims into those s, Godawful Jesus Yeah. It's actually like donewith like a little Patita thing or something but like Kateer, I know is like what youput up like your like the ureter and stuff when you're holiour in Catheter.Oh, my God, I'm going to vomit, I think so, but like a virgin, it's just like avery long like little to thing so does she intentionally become pregnantas a version? No, no! It's! Actually it's my access! How anyways I re! Ilove it. I need to watch it. So I understand part of increasing the chances ofgetting pregnant E. artificial insemination is making sure you'readulating during your in seven, so your doctor will likely use emulation, kids,alter, sounds or bud, hast to insure them or Istically asement ion, in shortand relatively painless procedure that many females drive as similar to a a which is a Bateman procedure that Dr USCecere, servical admiralties, that's what a PAT spars like! Oh my God, I'mgonna! Well, they like, haven't you watched that, like you, youthrown that big mouth episode. One time when we had to sleep over yeah thatdoesn't me have good attention. I was drudging money, Dick Shack, likedogs, O Salid. I mean pass mere like in my mind because, likeN, I actually have not yet had one for...

...some reason. My brain thinks of it aslike, a very long like little like you tip or something like that that theyput up there, I kind of like swab, I feel like. I should educate myself, I'mnot a PAS Meras, because I need to have one when I turned eighteen yeah. Iactually had to look into getting one looked in the next few months, becauseI'm going to be eighteen, O, oh yanks, yeah, you are right. It's a weird flit,that's wild! It is anyway, so continue. Okay idea, IVF, which again is in vitrofertilization, is when the Esper and egg nuclear are joined outside the body whacky. In this process, the emailsAugila ion cycles are maundered and stimulated through hormone treatments.That sounds like shit, then mature eggs are removed from the over es beforeovulation what the fuck. At the same time, sperm sample, is collected andthe eggs are fertilized in a lab lab babies, yet patriotish child Tis, childexperiment, fucking, frank in science anyways, then the egg or eggs. It's usually eggs a because I have to do like a bunch ofthem to insure it. They're transferred back into thefemales uterus, and he hopes that one will implant itself in the uterine walland grow into a parasite, a bad it a parasite er I mean you're, not wrong, I'm not theytake everything from you, including your paycheck, exactlyespecially your Pachas pecially is terase. So augas is an arrangement,often supported by a legal document in which a woman, Serge there's a childfor another person or a couple that shall give the baby to once it's born.There are two types of sergay traditional and just tational. Traditional Service is on. This turgetis also the egg donor. Therefore, a Deserat, it's both the birth mother andgenetic mother and is done through artificial inseminations. So intraditional service it's only like a firm in plantation yeah. Yes, that's soweird to me, it's kind of yeah, it's kind of strangebut yeah. I like a little cool. I Guess Yeah True Yeah, just tational Surgas iswhen the sturge is only the birth mother, so she's carrying an already fertilizedegg, which is done through idea. So it's just tational, then it's like it'salready been like mixed together in the little Patriotish, been stirred up withspoons good soup and then good like yeah, good too, and I'm in a pis. I mean it's just like shoved up there, I'm never having children holy okay, okay, success rates for reproductivetechnologies, often very according to age fertility and reproductiveabnormalities. Jeez okay side effects may include, butare not limited to light bleeding cramping or increased chance of twinsor triplets called one. Eight hundred sorry... yes, don't go on, nevertheless goforth and have many beautiful, LGBTQ, plus babies, but Ay. I thought I was going to say:Everyone needs gay parents. Well I mean that too yeah. Everyone who usesreproductive teck, either for lack of desire to carry a child or in abilityto carry a child is Valadier. What is it I? Yes? I mean like. I didn't really includethis in the episode, but like these things are like a mances but likefucking, everything is in this world, so there are cheaper ways to go aboutit, yeah, but also like like there's expensive, sperm donationsand the sheep spurn donation, which one is called Tinder and the other one iscalled. I mean you're, not wrong. That's likethe Nuer episode were like mix cousin asked him to have sex with his wife,yeah or like in shameless. We I've never watched it. Oh well, there'sthis couple who they have. The husband have sex with a mother in law to have a child. Oh yeah, it's goofy hat. That is so that yeah yeah, but like reproductive check, isso valid and like if you're like hating on people for doing IDs, then I willfresh to weapon in my blender and I will sit on your brave, it's literallyhomophobic and we're going to make your bones into bread. Yep did I just hear a door open? No, that'smy chair. I was squeaky. I know she's, so squeaky, it's terrifying! Now we love her. We do love her all right, moiles thinkshe's, fine, Che working. She Cork. She creaky allright. I think that's it for this episode. I think it is as well. I gotto say yeah what is Jackson usually sat. We have to get a little thing. He hope you enjoy. This episode. Hope we see you in. I think it's like. We hope you have agood day. We help win during this episode and we hopelessly we again. It's not thenhave the rest of your life. Anything else to add. Yes, validus fuck, I'mgoing to watch more Busky, Dansa and the guest says stiggins recording now a.

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