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House of Cards: An LGBTQIA2+ Podcast

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House of Cards: LGBTQ History: The Renaissance


Today! We talked about Language and how simone is scared of other languages, Fanfics. Our topic was Renaissance as we go forward with LGBTQ History! Tune in next week to hear our eps about Modern History

We hope to see you next week and if not, have a good rest of your life, and remember you are vaild as fuck 

Written by Avery Ann

Edited by Jaxson Stiles

Produced by: Jaxson , Avery and Simone

Music: Lofi-Missing memories , lofi fading away, lofi fly and lofi escapism.  

Buner at the new Allahas of cards and podcast lgbtq plus Jimmy Pill Jackson at Jipon de Franze. Why Are you speaking French? I spent two hours preparing for that bit. I'm so scared right now. Hello and welcome to the House of cards and LGBTIKA. My name is. My name is Jackson, waiting on learning French. I was like, I so wanted to. Okay, Hey, guys, Bunjo, I'm so horrified. A new welcome. I know it's yellows. That's about it. I would like but so again, a little bit so in case. On the French ones it was Bunjo atter a new Allah, House of cards and podcasts, dbtq plus Jamil Jack Jappell Jackson at Japan La Franze. I'm very scared right now. I mean you could be a flight attendant. Thank you. It's so any French person that's listening, I bet you anything. I butchered the entire like the grammaical thing. So I don't. I've wanted a bit of French and if you know me, when I say friends, I rarely say Bunjo, because Bunjoe is the formal way of saying it. How I would read a friend would be salute. Yes, Solute Room Sky. I speak only English. What the fuck? I know very few Greek words. I plan to become fluent in French. Actually, that's a good wow, I'm past that. I want to be able to speak a bit of Latin. I'm just qualky that way down and now I'm saying that like pretty well, like now I can say it and people know what I mean. Okay, uh hi, I'm salone. You stayed in your language of choice. That's my language of choice. Okay, every say that. I'm so she they pronouns and I'm crouching at the moment. That is so hot. That is attractive. I'm just me speaking French. Yay, so Yasou, that's that's hello, and Greek. I know Biblio. That's buck and they luty. That's a flower. I'm a very ann I used to her room and I can barely speak English as is. Oh my English. I speak French better than I speak English. Brusque, my head hurt so bad. This was not helpful. He's...

...rather Yeoh, like, I used to have this friend and she used to speak you created to me when she was mad at me. I'm gonna do that with the Latin. Am I get a yell at you? Am I going to see a demon? Will find out five I do you want to promote? What's Moan? Oh Yeah, you can find us on Instagram at House of cards underscore podcast, on twitter at lgbt underscored deck and on Tick Tock as house of cards lgbt. We love that. Yeah, we love it. Sorry, we got heard and my dog will not shut up about it. Okay, the one. I'm so obsessed with this, but your bird and your dog have the same name in a different language. I know what's your dog's name? Blue, and our birds name, for reference, is as yeah, augress is the exact same color. I'm so excadn be like blue. It was just like munch blue blue. I know that. I was like, Oh, we should have named blue like whatever the French word is for blue, because he's a French bulldog. My parents were like it's blue, yeah, it's blue. That would have been so glad. That all that. He's a fun French bulldog. I know. I no idea whether they weren't to win feel something in Spanish, though. I have no idea why was not even blue. No, he's not, he's like gray. I have two. That's not true. I three remarkably vivid memories from when I took the Middle School French. The first is that, like the only thing that has remained in my memory is head, shoulder, sneeze and toes, but in French. Second is when I learned how to sing that alphabets in French and then I forgot how to sing it in English for like three days. Oh, is this really like? feels like an acid script to remember. But it was like this talking pineapple who lived in like a dump yard or something, in a in a car, and it was friends with these two children, and the theme song was like it was called Telefrante. It's now every once in a while it'll pop it in my head and I'm like, Cheza Fronte, Dansa Fronte, but sus a giant pineapple speaking friends, Semon, summone crying, but the pineapple has like human eyes and lips, but not like nothing else, like it looks like a snapchat folk for pineapples, moons, like I saw that too when I was having when I was on my aft the trip. Yeah, right, oop force. I am someone who really likes language, like I like learning new languages and speaking it. Oh wait, I know one thing. I know one...

...thing in French. Is this weird. Say it again. There's an egg. We little. I am the egg. Oh, I am the egg. I love it. I don't know. My friend W A try. What I really recommend for people who want to learn a language is either law on the second language in your country. That's always useful. Oh, says like, says the Virgo, who's tried it once. I've been knowing French since I was twelve. What, I just go through a depressive episode, stop loaning, then I get back onto it. Okay, it's all like I would like. I'M gonna learn, for suddenly I've been like I the reason why I say when Jo at Evan knew gym a, pelagics and so well is because I've been practicing saying that for so long. I momentarily learned Germans. I could write a fan fake in German. I swear to God. That is such a simmon thing. Will like you know, all my favorite authors on fan fiction dot org where German, and I wanted to impress then. I used Google translate for it, for sure, but I prove ready. Dot Fork. Wow, imagine not using archive of our own aothree days. Oh my God, Dude, that Shit traumatized me too early. My friend was like, want to see this, it has like sex in it. I was like what the fuck, imagine. And this was before you went on what pad? Yeah, images in fiction, DOT Orger, Fan Fiction? Dont know, I don't actually remember, but there was this one really good one about Besian, Canadian and skies as micraft. Imagine Reading Fan Fix. You cannot tell me you did not grow up on fansing. I did not grow up on pan fix. I did not read that picks. I do. I may not have grown up on them because, like, long story short, I did not have access to the Internet on any of my personal devices from the age of about eleven to thirteen. But, um, I mean like, I read it now, you know what I want. Tripped out so bad. You know what's the SMUT in itself? What the Renaissance? Wow, wow, nice transition, my dude. Let's be honest. The renaissance was just a giant time period where which is smut yeats, the Homo eroticism is off the charts and we're whenever you whenever you're Reatie, my love, Simone, Oh my head, imagine by memories, all of my Parson friend. I would kill you. Okay, I would lose my shit. French immersion podcast out of its friend, part of it...

English, part of its Greek. Okay, the renaissance, I will say my part in Greek. Jesus fucking Christ. The renaissance has been romanticized since time, infamous for artistic developments, humanism and the rediscovery of classical art, philosophy and literature, also some scientific development as well. Make it are marking the transition from the Middle Ages to modern dy sounds like maternity. anyways, the renaissance lasted an approximate three centuries. Inspired, what are you doing, by the I'm just googling them, by the MEDICI family, who were firm believers in beauty, art and human knowledge. The Renaissance is seen as the center of Benign homosexual acceptance. Such a funny phrase. Well, the renaissance definitely wasn't as horribly oppressed as the Middle Ages. They had their fair share. Before I move on, you can definitely tell avery is literature and artistic student, as she just completely ignored the science thought in the renaissance period. I mean a look, I feel like I see the renaissance as like a field of WHO, a bunch of biology, physics, chemistry, philosophy, literal and a reason, like they wrote books in. That's it, honestly. Okay, it was saying of science. I want to go back to being a literature kid. Wow, imagine, I thought you want to say I want to go back to benied litter, and I'm like, aren't you already, Oh, literate? Not, Dude. I want to go back to like gobbling up books every single fucking day and like just being a teacher's pet in English class and miss it. As we praise the saying be gay, do crime. The citizens of fluence, Italy heartily themselves into this lifestyle, just like Simon, almost illegal. So I shouldn't say someone Simone, isn't really get homosexuality is they're going to say, I don't really commit crimes, which I don't. For the sake of the PODCAST. For the sake of the PODCAST, for the sake of the MONAD. They don't stop crying during this time and when the punishments will consider lintent leaning and fuck is wrong with my brain? I'm like, is that a French one. My brains like, what is that? A French work? Does French point? Is that French? I've never taken a French class. My brain just trying to remember, like it's trying to memorize the French woods I want. So my brain is trying to like think French but also think English. If trying to memorize French but read English, God most often finds. By the way, that's what they meant by lenient. The citizens the flourish embrace homosexuality into such...

...lengths that the naving country such as German and frampy, had taken to referring homosexually as people from Florence. All right, I was going to say something else, even experiencing their own stall wall, Stone Wall, the fucking prey, Stone Wall, what avery? Stonewall? F Basically Man Ericruy, Stone Wall, a very I am an amazing English student and I know what so many woods mean. I cannot spell them and I not cannot read them in literatory form. So work harder, you at aristocratic just read it to me. I don't want a risokotic means a play team date moving hundred and twelve in what? In which a group of Aristocratics, men before to as the bad guys in Italian broke into the government and ask the Authorians to part an all convictims, all convicted Sodom, including many maths of the founding ordissy family. This is my way of saying fuck you to avery, because she's writing in a very renaissance period other than art, philosophy, inventions and literature and I guess like science. It's like biology and physics. So whatever you forgot about, it was Laurens, not so much pology and chemistry. Renaissance plaid a huge fun. Chemistry, yeah, for sure, and it founded many world members of the LGBTQ community. Even Leonardo or Da Vinci, who painted the Mona Lisa and drew many of the first blue prints for helicopters, airplanes. Helicopters and airplanes, paid her vought of Celli, of the birth of Venus and sculpture. Then Ben Veneto Cellini were all convicted with sodomy, which basically sodomy was like anal sex by men. Yeah, Gay, Michelangelo, who painted the Sisteen Chapel, and the creation of Adam and sculped at the David of Michelangelo was in love with an Italian nobleman by the name of Cavalier, who is described as the greatest expression of Michelangelo's love. One of the oldest letters between the two reads those works of mine that you have seen with your own eyes and which have caused you to show me no small affection. Other queer artists during this time include Geovanni, the Bazi, Caravaggio, Titan and Donatello. And here Jackson is writing. Avery is a lesbian. I mean five thousand and fifty and Um, I would just like to say that actually, before researching and understanding this, I always had the impression that it was called the sixteen chapel and not the sixteen. Oh my God, that's... funny to be Um, okay, if facts like editing around where I'm about to read, I could read on. I'm not at don't worry, I'm done. That's good. All right, all right, okay. The Renaissance has also been viewed as a cultural turning point for perceptions of sexuality. King Edward, the second of England's first love is believed to be Pierre Gaftston, the first earl of Cornwall. Sounds like Stone Wall Marcileo Fichia Ficino and Gio Funny, Kevl Canty Da Vinci and someone. Hey. Yeah, okay, that's a lot of name. Good luck. He feel free to step in. I didn't give aglet these pronunciations. Okay, doesn't she a fear? Vaunte de Dominico and Federiko Gonzaga and Pietro Arettini, who Gonzaga Gonzago once confessed to that. Truly, I love you so much that I love you more than the others, and the fruits of your splendid intellect have so impressed you upon my memory. Yes, so there's a lot of names, of that I'm for sure not can be able to pronounce. Who wants to help me? I just did so much. Yeah, it's a very averdid this and did not really search try to pronounce them. Well, I forgive you. Guys. Would start up your own pronunciations. I started a vine. I was busy learning a useless life for one sentence of the PODCAST. was busy with my crystals. Oh my goodness, should I give my birdage the words? No, shut French Essa, SAST Michael a quim do monster tans them contain montage. One thing became and chatted with it to m de Lava Boutoi, who later died of the bobotic play. Afterwards, Montaigne wrote he never experienced such love again. Me To trench diplo meant Hobert Let. I'm getting to a fresh accent. I don't want that. That were myse of a friend who I can trick into speaking in brush accent for two days. ME, friends of diplomat Hobert look, lagoon, I don't know, and...

Englishman so Philip Sydney, corresponded through romantic letters, one from I'm gonna call it Lage, when Luk into Sydney. Reading my affection for you has somehow come to be which my soul, King James The fit, the sex and the first and the forest, and George Villos Force, Duke of Buckingham, even had a passage connecting the bed chambers me to me, to me and Simone. The king eventually died with the according to one researcher, the greatest relationship of so Francis Bacon, Francis Bacon, so Francis Bacon, Sir Francis Bacon Bacon Life was Toby Matthew, who later inspired bay. It's essay of friendship. Green Christian of Sweden maintained a very lengthy and suggestive relationship with her lady in rating at a square even after she married. And I want to say this because of aby did not put this in, for this is something love. I can't remember the names, but they have been two queens of England who I called the Lesbian Queens. They both like women. Can't remember the names. Walk go through a video of like. There's a video on youtube that's like every single monarch in England. Go Watch it. You'll hear what so many gay people we adore that do. So perhaps a renaissance will always be romanticized, much like the most world famous Queer Dick joke making playwright, William Shakespeare. I thought you can sit name and Willie shakes are if your other Shakespeare's level not good, baby, Goddamn mood. Wow, you both are mind. No, it's got to be honest. Oh, that's the best compliment I've ever received and I can probably actually, that's not the best compliment, but I can probably die happy knowing that. defintely, and what was I saying? Shakespeare, although Shakespeare's lover was never actually known except for the initials W H. I'm lot of here. Was On my own. There's no doubt that the renaissance was one of the foremost shifts in lgbtq history. So tune in next week to learn about the seventeen to eighteen centuries and remember that your valid is fuck and Jackson is promoting the killing of men. So that's incredible and also perhaps, oh my goodness, all of what I was like, what's the goodbye in front overa? Got That anyway, that I also love the renaissance. I think the renaissance is an amazing time period when there was a lot of scientific discovery and literature advancements. And that code for Gay and that's Code Forget. You cannot tell me if you do not see a lot of day the kid who is making the scientific discovery likes...

...the same gender as those. Tune in next week for Jackson Reading Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. I think story time with Jackson. Oh my God, we you can totally do like a twitch channel Steel Collins idea. Oh Yeah, I'm gonna Sto Collins idea and be way better at it all. And Daddy at brother bedtime. Robo boom. Yeah, Free Promo. I I love this episode. Again, I am so far enjoying our western interpretations of the Lhbd Community and I'm even more excited to get into our eastern views on around the same time periods of lgbt community. It's very exciting to me. I love history. I think it's an interesting to see how people have changed and how when you also another big thing about why you do this is because a lot of people don't know that lgbt community did not just spawn recently. It has been here since the Greek and Roman ages and even longer than that. So you're longer than your guys as Moms, and that's saying it has. It has that. Like Sappho was born in like going back all that way, she was born like six hundred yeah, and I'm pretty sure that was before the common era. I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure it was before the common era, which like for the common era. What well, might not speaking of wheezing. Sorry, six and BC. Yep, she was for the common era. Just adding this in real quick, Ryan Brigar, I got engaged and I'm just going to be freaking out about that forever. Sorryng on hang on, carry on, I'm not like other girls. I'm I was born before coming here. I was born before coming era. You both discussed me. Anyway. Thank you so much for coming to today's episode and I hope to see you next week, but if not, I hope you have a good rest of your life. Is there anything else to add? Well, it is fuck. I'm definitely going to learn great to say my introduction next time, but anyways, manage, take your peels and eat your food. See You, guys by.

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