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House of Cards: LGBTQ History: The Renaissance


Today! We talked about Language and how simone is scared of other languages, Fanfics. Our topic was Renaissance as we go forward with LGBTQ History! Tune in next week to hear our eps about Modern History

We hope to see you next week and if not, have a good rest of your life, and remember you are vaild as fuck 

Written by Avery Ann

Edited by Jaxson Stiles

Produced by: Jaxson , Avery and Simone

Music: Lofi-Missing memories , lofi fading away, lofi fly and lofi escapism.  

Bindraban, a of cards and podcast btbless Jim a pill Jackson at Japane fronce. Why Are you speaking French? I spenttwo hours preparing for that bit. I'm so scared right now, hello andwelcome to the House of cots and LP. My name is my name is Jack, so we o yourname French. I was like I so wanted to. Okay, Heyguys, Bunjo, I'm so horrifying a new welcome. I know it's JEM, that's aboutit! I would like UN so again a little bit slower in case on the French manse.It was Bunjo et ever knew I la House of cards and podcast Oldt, plus Jamila Jahel Jackson at Japon, La France, I'm very scared. Right now I mean you could be a flight attendant O it's so any French person. That'slistening! I bet you anything. I purcured the entire, like the Grammacal thing, so I don't I've owned a bit of French and if you know me when I sayfriends, I rarely say Bungo because Bungos, the formal way of saying it,how I would read a friend would be silo. Yes, solutely the Eski. I speak onlyEnglish with the fuck. I know very few great words I plan to become fluent inFrench. Actually, that's a wow, I'm a that. I want to be able to speak a bitof Latin I'm just quacking that way down. I know I'm saying I like prettywell like now. I can say it and people know what I mean: Alkay Hi, I'm Samon et your language of Choi, that's mylanguage of twice in every Yosher and I'm crocheting at the moment thatis so hot that was attractive. I was utittus me speaking, trunch yea so yea to that's. That's hello and Greek. I I know Biblio that's buck and Teluti.That's a flower! I'M ANGRY ANN! I use shaher pro and I can barely speak English, as isOh, I can don't speak English. I speak French better than I speak. English Bosky my head hurts so bad. This is nothelpful. What he's began yeah... I used to have this friend and sheused to speak. You crady into me when she was mad at me. I'M gonna! Do that with the lessons. AmI goin a yell at you? Am I goin to Semita Demon we'll find out five? Do you want to promote? Oh Yeah? Youcan find us on Insara at House of cards, underscore podcast on twitter, at l, GTunderscore deck and on Tick Tock. As House of cards, L GT. We love that yeah, we love it. Sorry we got real herd and my dog willnot shut up about it. Okay, this one- I am so obsessed with this, but your birdand your dog have the same name in a different language. I know: What's yourdog's name, blue and our birds name for reference is as El Yeah Ogress is the exactly in color I'm soat a going to be like blue, it was just like Freti know. T was like Oh, weshould have named blue, like whatever the front word is for blue, becausehe's a French bull dog, my parents were like it's good, yes blue. That wouldhave been so so clever, though a he's, a F French gold dog. I know Ino idea whether they wanted to tsomething in Spanish, though I have no idea. Why was not even blue? No he's he's, like gray, I have two, that's not sure I've, three remarkablyvivid memories from when I took Middle School French. The first is that, likethe only thing that has remained in my memory is head shoulders knees and toes, but inFrench second, is when I learned how to singthat alphabets in French and then I forgot how to stand in English for likethree days, O T. is this really like feels like an acidtrip to remember, but it was like this talking pineapple who lived in like a dump yard or something in a in acar, and it was a French with base two children and the theme song was like itwas called Tele Fronte now everyone in a mile a little pop in my head and I'mlike Cesarotti as a fronte but t'station a giant Pine Apple speaking, FrenisMonson cry, but the pie had like human eyes and lips, but I think that, likenothing else like it, looked like a snap cat, fucker pineapple, so mos likeI saw that too. When I was having when I was on my after trip, I I hope Forsey, I am someone who really likeslanguage like I like learning new languages and speaking it.

Oh wait. I know one thing, I know onething in French just will say it again. There's an x, I am theegg. Oh, I am the egg. I love, I I don't know my friend might have tiewhat I really recommend for people who want to learn a language is either loan,the second language in your country. That's always useful. Oh no says like just the Virgo who'stried it once I've been lowing French. Since I wastwelve. What I just go through a depressive episode stop loaning. Then Iget back on to it. Okay, it's all like. I was like I'm in a longprint. Suddenly I've been like. I the reason why I say when Joe Bevan Jim apill Dixon so well is because I've been practicing day, not for so long. I momentarily learnt German, so I couldwrite a fan fick in German. I swear to God. That is such a someonething. Well, like you know, all my favoriteauthors on fan fiction, Dorg were German and I wanted to impress them. Iused Google translate for it for sure, but I prove ready. I Chin Dod Fork Yeah,imagine not using our chive of our own a o three baby dude that shittraumatized me too early. My friend was like want to see this. It has like sexin it and I was like what the fuck imagine- and this was before you wenton what pad yeah manages it in fiction to Orger fanfiction on? No, I don't actually remember, but there was this one really good oneabout Beisan, Canadian and sky. As Micro Dingay cannot tell me, you did not growup on faning, I did not grow upon. Tenis did not read Santini. Do I maynot have grown up on them because, like long story short, I did not have accessto the Internet on any of my personal devices from the age of about eleven tothirteen, but I mean, like I read it now. You know where a trek out so bad. Youknow what the Smut in itself, what the Renaissance, who wow a nice transition, my dade- let'sbe honest- the renaissance was just a giant time period. Where was just my o, the Homo Ortis is off the charts andwhere, whenever you, whenever you rety my love Simon, Oh my head, if I just find memorized all of myperson, French, I would kill you. Okay, I would lose my shit French emersionpodcast...

...thought of its friend, part of itEnglish part of its Greek okay, the remise will say my pardon Esusfucking Christ. The renaissance has been romanticized since its timeinfamous for artistic developments, humanism and the rediscovery ofclassical art, philosophy and literature. Also, some scientificdevelopment as well make marking the transition from theMiddle Ages to modern met sounds like maternity anyways. The renaissance lasted an approximatethree centuries inspired. What are you doing by the I'm just googling them bythe MEDICI family, who were firm believers in beauty, art and humanknowledge? The renaissance is seen as a senator ofbenign homosexual acceptance, such a funny phrase. Well, therenaissance definitely wasn't as a horribly oppressed as the Middle Ages.They had their fair share before I move on, you can definitelytell avery is literature and artistic student as she just completely ignoredthe science fought in the renaissance period. I mean I no like I see the renaissanceas like a field of a bunch of biology physics, chemistry,philosophy, litre and it reads like they wrote books and that's it honestly.I whatsa of science. I want to go back to being a literature, kid wow. Imagine I thought you're going tosay I want to go back to be any literate. I'm like. Are you alreadylitter? No Dude? I want to go back to like gobbling up books every single fuckingday and like just being a teacher's pet in English class and miss it as wepraise the saying, be gay due crime, the sites of Florence, Italy heartedlythemselves into this life style, just like Samon Tomoteeta, so I shouldn'tsay so on so mon isn't really good, almost actually welty. We here going tosay I don't really connect crimes which I don't for the sake of the PODCAST forthe sake of the ocation this time and well, the punishments were considered.Linton Lenin, fuck is wrong with my brain, I'm likeis that a friend O my brains like what is that a French work. Does Frenchpoint is that French I've never taken a French class? My branch is trying toremit like it's trying to memorize the French words I learn, so my brain istrying to like think French, but also think English, that trying to memorizeFrench but read English Os, often fine. So the way that's whatthey meant by lenient, the citizen I...

...flourish embrace homosexuality in tosuch lengths that the navy country such as German and praying o fans had takento a frowing homosexually as people from Florence, because all right, I wasgoing to say something else, even experiencing their own stall wall stonewall, the Fuck Davery stone wallow. What Avery Stone WallActs? Basically Mental Arctis don't well Avry. I am an amazing English studentand I know what so many words mean. I can not spell them, and I not can notread them in literator form, so work harder. You a aristocratic injust read it to me. I know a ristocratic means a play d moving twelve, in wit, in which a groupof Aristocratics men before you as the bad guys Italian, broke into thegovernment and asked the Authoris to prodent all convictin all convictedsodoms, including many meters of the Founding Modise family. This is my way of saying: Fuck you toARY, because she's writing a very renascence period, other than art,philosophy, inventions and literature, and I guess like science like biologyand physics or whatever to you forgot about. It was Larouche and chemistry, renison Peto, a hugePunin chemistry yeah for sure, and it founded many world members of LGOTA, even leanard Devens, who painted theMona Lisa and drew many of the first blue prints for helicopters, airplanes, helicopters and airplanes, paid charter,Boticelli of the birth of Venus and sculpture, Ven Ben Venito shilline wereall convicted with sodomy, which basically sought ome was like your analsex by men day, Michael Angelo, who painted the sixteen chapel and thecreation of Adam and sculptor. The David of Mica Langele was in love withan Italian nobleman by the name of Cavalieri, who was described as thegreatest expression of Michael Angelo's love. One of the oldest letters between thetwo reads: Those works of mind that you have seen with your own eyes and whichhave caused you to sow. You know small affection. Other clear artists during this timeinclude Giovanni, a Bazi, Caravaja, Titan and Donatello, and hereJackson is writing. Avery is a lesbian. I mean fifty fifty and I would justlike to say that, actually, before researching and understanding this, I always had the impression that it wascalled the six iteen chapel...

...and not the sixteen. Oh my God, that's so funny to be okay. It felt like editing around whereI'm about to read. I could read: I'M NOT ADINGO! I'm done that's good, allright all right! Okay! The Renaissance has also been viewed as a cultural turning point forperceptions of sexuality. King Edward, the second of England. First Love isbelieved to be Pierre Guestan. The first earl of Cornwall sounds likeStone Wall, Marsilio, Fichi Ficino and Giovanni Cavalcanti Da Vinciand someone yeah. Okay, that's a lot of name! Good luck, so on Avery feel through to step in I didn't I wot these pronunciations. He doesn't she no fear Vante deDominico and Federigo Gonzaga and Pietro Aretini,whom Ganza Gonzago once confessed to that truly I love you so much that Ilove you more than the others and the fruits of your splendid intellect haveso impressed you upon my memory. Yes, so there's a lot of names at that. I'mfor sure not going to be able to pronounce who wants to help me. I just did so much yeah, it's averyavery did this and did not we Tutie to pronounce them. Well, I figured youguys would search up your own pronouncing Asians. I searched a mine.I was busy learning a useless live o one sentence of the podcast. Is He withmy crystals? Oh, my goodness. Should I give my bird a other ports? No Shit Branch S S as Michael Quim,demonetize shanty one tan TA. One thing becameenchanted with atom de la Va. Voto who later died of the Bobadig playafterwards Montane wrote he never experienced such love. Again me to friends, diplomat Hobert la I'm,getting to a frexes. I don't want that that reminds you of a friend who I cantrick in to speak in a bras accent for two days me French, diplomat, Hobert,like lagoon, I don't know an Englishman,... Philip Sidney corresponded throughromantic letters. One from I'M gonna call it Le Game when for Lukin toSydney. Reading my affection for you has somehow come to bewitch my soul,King James, the I, the sixth and the first, and the forest and GeorgeVillars for Duke of Buckingham even had a passage connecting the bed. Chames,be to me to mean some one. The king eventually died with, according to one researcher, thegreatest relationship of so Francis Bacon, as so Francis Bacon, Sir Francis Bacon, Bacon Life, was TobyMatthew, the liteiny baits essay of Redchid Green Christan of Swedenmantained a very lengthy and suggestive relationship with her lady in waitingat a scout even after she married, and I want to say that, because of Avrydid not put this in, for this is some thing love. I can't remember the name,but there have been two queens of England who I call the Lesbian Queens.They both like women, can remember the name Wato through a video of like there's avideo on Youtte. That's like every single MANOC in England, go watch. Ityou'll hear about so many gay people. We Adore that do so. Perhaps the renaissance willalways be romanticized much like the most world famous Queer, Dick jokemaking playwright William Shakespeare. I thought you're going to say NA andWillie Spak all right, you're, all the Shakespeare. We S, I'm gonna, not good, be God damn mood wow. You both are mind. Now, thanks fer. Tobe honest, that's the best compliment I've everreceived, and I can probably actually that's not the best compile man, but Ican probably die have in knowing that that a what was I saying Shakespeare,although Shakespeare's lover was never actually known, except for the initialsW H, I'm not here with on my own there's, no doubt that the renaissancewas one of the foremost shifts in LD history, so tuned in next week to learn aboutthe seventeenth to eighteen centuries and remember that your valet is fuckand Jackson is promoting the killing of men. So that's incredible. I also R, Oh my goodness, Oh wha, I was like,what's the good bye in front over a, I kept got that anyway, that I also lovethe run a sounds. I think the one sense is an amazing time period where therewas a lot of scientific discovery and literature evanses and that code forgay and that that's COTOA. You cannot tell me if you do not do a lot of day.The kid who is making the scienter...

...discovery likes the same Genera postten in next week for Jackson, Reading Romeo Juliet by William Shakespeare. Istory time with Jackson. Oh my God. We a totally do like atwitch channel steel, Collins idea. Oh Yeah, I'm going to still collins ideaand be way better at it. Calling matty at brother Bedtime robot boom free,Promo love the upset again. I am so far enjoying a western interpretations ofthe LB Community and I'm even more excited to get into our eastern viewson a run, the same time, periods of LB community, it's very exciting. To me. Ilove history. I think it's an interesting to see how people havechanged and how, when you also another big thing aboutwhy you do this is because a lot of people don't know that g community didnot just fan recently. It has been here since the Greek and Roman ages, andeven longer than that so you're longer than your guys as mom's and that'sSamedi has yeah like Sapa was born in like going back all that way. She wasborn like six hundred yeah and I'm pretty sure that was before thecommon era. I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure it was before the commonera which right for the com, Venera well, O my God, speaking of wheezing,sorry to ABC Yep. She was for the conaus adding thisin Real Quick Ryan Begardi got engaged and I'm just going to be freaking outabout that forever. Sorry, we hangon hang on carry on I'm not like othergirls. I was born before comone. I was born before Gaminerie. You both discussed me anyway. Thank youso much wo coming to today's episode and I hope to see you next week, but ifnot, I hope you have a good rest of your life. Is there anything else toadd valid is fuck. I'm definitely going to learn Greek to say my introductionnext time, but anyway Medinat your food, see you guys by.

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