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House of Cards:an LGBTQ podcast: Queer Coded Villians


Today! We talked about Queer coded villians. In many different movies and tv serious there are villians which are made to fit the stereotypes of queer and villianize queer people, while majority are consider mirco homophobic some are just homophobic. We hope you enjoyed this episode and rememer there will not be an episode next week! Remember you are vaild as fuck, and stay gay.

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Hello, e wilcome to the Haship, courage and Adibtq push podcast. I am Abrian. I you see herpronouns, and today has been a fucking whopper. From the Burger sponsored,yes, not sponsored. Yes, follows to make to sponsor avery's life.Pay For my medical bills, pay for my medical pay for my medical school. Hello, my name is Jess. I use pronounced and I haven't hadmy nap today, so I like a little like. You know, we'llsee how it goes. I just know I was thinking like boss baby witha baby's like a boss and an adult. You just have like that. Ihaven't had my nap today. How am I supposed to find the statusquo of the quota if I have had my nap yet? You actually wantto fucking have those reports? I haven't even had my nap yet and thenyou took it with my fucking binky. Like, what do you want forme? How do I remoresend company? Literally just in a company. I'mliterally in a good hi, my name is Jackson and I'm making the mistakeof going through so many years of schooling. Hey, swag only make one's tragic, but I'll make it. I'll make two hundred k a year.Good for you, bessie worth. Put at what cost my mental health?Yeah, exactly, that's what you're going to pay in like you're fucking FARCbill. They just make you liked blining. Well, my students, my mentalhealth goes down to this dame degree, Jesus Ah Hi, I'm summoned.I use all pronouns and I'm working on my crest pants. He leftforgot my I think none of us had a phone, is, except forsomeone I know, Jesse overy said though them. Yeah, Jackson Uses Heethem for nuns. I use all pronouns. Um, I'm ripping my cress pantsright now. I think you huh, what go on? Suck my Dick. I'm working on my cross pants as we speak. I never saidthere was any issue with that. I just mom and Daut of fighting again. You just saying he's my grandfather. You always assume the worthin me, when really most of the time it's bad, but sometimes I'mgood. That is exactly how I feel, like yeah, where, where thefuck? You fucking right. No, I didn't know that. Yeah,right, like couldn't tell my personality drinks. So I have a tonof stickers in my laptop, as you do. Most of them are likegay, but there's one and it's a little alien, and then he's likeworking and thing on the bottom. This is let's get weird. It's myfavorite one. I love so much. So I had to take my meterto the apple store on Saturday to get a new battery because my battery stoppedworking, and the poor guy that was like checking out my dew Peter.He was looking at me with the face of what the fuck am I lookingat? And did you look back at him like fuck you. Well,I'm like, I know I'm being judged right now and it's completely fair,but at the same time, like, are you judge in the alien asyou judging the Gay Stingers? Like, probably, probably, both. Probably, both. Probably. We all know that if you're homophobic, you alsohate aliens. So where can the aliens find us? On social media,because they're not homophobic. Oh my God, Um, that's a sentence I didn'tthink I'd today. Yo, y'all can find us on Instagram at Houseof cards underscore podcast, on twitter at lgbt underscore deck and on Tick Tockas house of cards podcast. We're good, really good at transition. Oh,yeah, just let you should have heard my you in here last time, right. Yes, no, you should have. You had my transition. I did amazing and everyone else so bad. It was so good.They're always good. What bad? Like comically bad? No, no,it was about so dogs are men, right, just men are dogs,flower browns are gay. If you put a flower crown on a dog,you get a gay man. I mean eights. comically bad, because we'retalking about the eighth kept at epidemic, and exactly that's why it's bad.No, but the dogs in flower crown one makes sense. No, no, but flower crowns and dogs. That...

...makes sense. Yeah, that makessense. But how did you wiggle in fucking eight? Gay Men always haveeight. That's just the not just literally last episode. We disagree with that. No, it was because we mostly talked about the homosexual side of theissue. Because, no, it wasn't a baby. It might have been. Yeah, it was the baby. Now it what? Wait, Ineed to check my text with my exboyfriend. That why did yeah, it wasit was a baby. It was a baby. Yeah, you're thebaby. He was a soundcloud rapper. He was like really into that wholething. He agreed with the baby as well. That's why I broke upwith him, hadn't you? You never told me that part. Oh yeah, there are so many reasons why I broke up with him. anyways,you just told me you were bad. I'll that too. I mean honestlygood, like he's like a bad guy like that was not okay. Andspeaking of bad guys, really elish. We're here to talk about Jesus Christ, I'll Lord and Savior, Amen. So thin out. Jest is bettertransitions than Jackson. Anyways, Yo, this I'm kicking Jo, I'm kicking. Just just get out, just get up, just just get out.All right, I was making a different joke, but okay, oh myGod, it's a multi level joke. Yeah, it's like anym just stillget out. I was about to say, like, I have all the powerhere. I he was here. Here's the thing. I have allthe power here. I leave in the at end. The episodes don't goout. I mean yeah, because, because, because none of you haveasked for the past word to get into the the thing, to post theepisodes. That just could easily have edited it and posted as well. Butyeah, none of you have been like hey, the password. I don'teven know. They're saying. Do you guys want the Password? Um,no, you know, Jackson, like right now. YEA, No,no, I'm actually about to announce me leaving the pot. Well, that'sno, Jesus Christ. Let's not get into that then. Just go ahead. What we talked about drama, which is also a villain thing. But, you know, go on with the vibe on today, and of course, is always the very gay vibe that have going on. That's why we'rehere. That what we do today. This was by suggestion for doming.Today we're going to be talking about queer coating, specifically queer coating with villains. So what exactly is queer coating?...

We're coding is defined as subtextual coadingof a character. India, as Queer, oftentimes is character such bad sexuality isnever explicitly conferred, which leaves room for speculation. We're coding has beenaround since one thousand nine hundred and thirty, with the Hayes Code was established.This code restrictive trails, restricted portrayals of homosexuality, Unida media, whichforced hidden inclusivity with a character. Audit were. Coding is usually harmless.However, back in precoding it just began. It was often the villains which werecreated with homosexual subjects. Common traits include hyper masculinity or femininity, hypersexuality, proper stomic snobbish personality traits and, of course, wearing or produce paintingand items which typically belonged to the opposite sex. Yes, in quotations wedon't get there, quote we don't. So yeah, today we've all chosenpretty famously queer coding dawns to talk about, to give you a better idea ofhow easily career coded is implemented. So let's find out which Americ childhad villains were secretly queer and said shed some light on this micro homophobia,just like a micro penis. And well, Fustie, I'm the one with theMICROPEDAS here. Hollo ha ha. Anyway, Popal lamelady say, I'venever seen this movie. Really all right and bruising groove either of I knowyou're talking about the we're doing a watch party right now. Right now.How do you pronounce her name? He'sa Ye's my Yisma, who is describedas another kras medic. Can't be fucking what the fuck of an a caricature, fucking procure prep cappy character of an aging diva. You Zee, yes, he's asthma, he's not. Yeah, I thought you. Those often comparedto having the same kind of what the fuckus Boisterous Puss personalitia and asmoved forward to as a not unlikely to sorry, my hus been referred toas not unlikely to imagine, as reflecting a drake Qing, and its accreditedto am masculine care actor. Also, she seems like someone that would kissa woman as hell. She's homophobic. No, hear me out, she'sshe's gay, but she's probably biphobia. Oh yeah, yeah, she's likeHomophobius, but only two words, like... exactly. Anyway, the MCyouth that I have, I have, I have other things, but themcuth annos has been accredited to loving no one and nothing, and it's interpretedas ace Arrow because of his inability to love, as well as one franklyhilarious twitter complicate complaint, compilation, compulation, I don't know, I'm not reallyplain fling a completely hilarious wouldn't complaint that. Thanos is a single manwith a bunch of adopted children and therefore is gave freeing, traditionally feminine inRacing. I feel and the world. If what is Sano's in an aprondwith mitting gloves, with a bunch of children, call you all over him. Oh my God, I raising your kids is gay? Raising your kidsis that's what I'm gonna do. Also, I have this idea that like,he's not incapable of love, he just chooses not to. or it'slike he, you know, he's Arrowace, he just does not have those feelings, which is valid as far he's like you know. But also theother one. We talked about this, but we boycotted it because, youknow, the random author who none of us know, who wrote Harry Potter. Yeah, Voldi, voldemort, the vault, the what the one whomay not be named, is like? I was also thinking our race,because I know, obviously no a sexual no, no, a section,no sexual or romantic attraction. But then like avery and light to me beinglike yeah, no, that was like I'm Papa's and I'm like, fuckingstrikes again. But also I I've come to the conclusion that all arrowace peopleare just going to take over the world. That's just yeah, when you don'thave romantic or sexual attraction. You have the time to take over theworld. That's all. I yeah, Avery's like. Listen, I don'tknow, worried about the gay attender. You're worried about the wrong LGDT.It was that like. Well, all of you are honey as fuck.I'm out here killing won't leavers, finding the Nucleo code and his right tobomb every single world leader, because we here invading countries because we were toohonty to do and thing. I would be so powerful anyway, powerful withromantic and sexual attraction. After Stephen King's Pennywise, who is my Lord andSavior, Daddy, Amen. Well, Kim would let him eat me out, not Stephen King pennywise anyway. ANYWAYS, not Stephen King, you know,just completely face gone move it to...

...look at. Stephen King has thehabit of including Mike aggressions into his novels that come across as provoting gay men, Oh Gay APPs, which is disgusting. Not all of us up over,its just my neighbor. Why anyone, aside from being shipped with but Donka, Dog Baba Doc. They're both gay. I don't know how theInternet it's I actually know the story behind that? I don't think. Yeah, it was like, Um, the BABBADOCK got put into the LGBT sectionfor no reason. On that. Yeah, anyway, pennywise is a queer codedas a shape shifter, which is interpreted as someone who is transgender orLgbtq plus affiliated, as many of the shape shifters in media such pop culturehave been aimed to represent. Cough, cough, the random atha of HarryPotter, Aka the the Satanist, or self, not bit, not benamed, bitch, you should not be naked because, basically, I don'tknow how common knowledge of this is, but she came out on twitter andlink anthrope was a metaphor for AIDS salute. Yeah, it's like, yeah,this super like traditional, like a old things existence for billions of years. You're baking transphobia out of it. Out, guys, guys. So, guys. It just confronts that loopin is gay and was in love aserious he also came wolf. They just had eight together, true, literally, literally. Um, I also want to say I was rooting for pennywiseduring the movie. I'm like, okay, I can't doing well, and thenhe killed my favorite little gay boy. Wait, who's the little gay boyhe killed. The second movie, the random a Porson. Oh Yo, weak man, dude, that was a whole. So the gas hekilled the other gay one actually based off real events. That scene really that'sa you know, be morrify, like they met the story. I thoughtyou meant like Hey, oh my God, which one of you did? Isee it too, with clouds. Even Gay. Yeah, me anda Resong, yesn't eire, yes and Eli were there too. I think, Oh, yeah, yeah, so I lost the dude. I wascrying it. I would I picked the wrong day to see that movie.What's his face? died at the end.

Spoilers. When the anyway? OhYeah, boilers. Yeah, dude, that killed me. Yeah, thatwas like okay, so this is how we're starting on here. Know, the one that Ritchie was in love with. Eddie said it three times. I lost my shit. We left the theater and I was sobbing.I was like fucking mess. Wait, wait, guys, can we talkabout I didn't even realize this, but like so stanley like killed, youknow, himself. Yeah, because because, like you thought, like his fearswould put them all in danger. HMM. He overcame his fear anddoing that. What his fear was diet. So so he were able to killbecause he over came a spear of dying by dying for his friends.So if you don't, probably wouldn't. Would they probably would have failed.Yeah, that is so morbid. What the fuck? They could have givenhim a different character arc. HMM. Yeah, this is a horror story. anyways, own some Moan with the name I am about to say isa goddess, George Washington. Oh wait, no, when the pad the coin, who is canonically bisexual in DC comics, was not only stripped ofher bisexuality and suicide squad much of her bisexuality as well, as I'm notsaying that word in suicide squad, is used as a way not only tosexualize her but also reinforced queerness as evil and Villainists, which is the pointof all queried, coded villains, whether intentional or not. anyways. Yeah, so like Harley Quinn is not portrayed as fruity in any movies, andit's like it's so bad, and then they just make her into like thelike man Pixie Dream Girl thing, which is grosser. It's pray. Theyactually they did very well with her character. Oh that is so true, orpraise so good, like that is for praying, like the subtle peerof queerness. Like they weren't like in your face like get, but itwas very obvious. Birds of praise, the female case, anyways, likeGa Zeddi. anyways. Okay, Captain Hook, Captain Hook. What cannotbe said about Captain Hook? He is extremely reliant on Schmidt, who isstraight up fruity, like I think it's confirmed. Oh yeah, phonemically,anyways, canonically, no, said, friendy thing is confirmed phnonically. Yeah, name I've ever heard? Yeah,...

Shem is literally like the equivalent ofMoss. That's the same thing. Um, okay, and he's extremely flamboyant andSassy, and his hooks have been interpreted, interpreted, to symbolize felllike power, which which basically means that Captain Hook is a top. That'sthat's horrible. Okay, Oh shit, gross. I love some one,some one you such kind of like a reading the next pot and knock evenaway. What his best okay, I hate this, anyways, stuff.This is so much worse. His preoccupation with Peter Pan can be interpreted tosuggest that Captain Hook is not only gay but also a pedophile, which kindof like showcases the fact that most queer coding is to villainize Queer people,which, listen, we do crimes and what not. Villains, yeah,unless you're avery. Then you'll plinded to take over the world like, youknow, be gay, do crime. But like we're not all fucking villains, like hope. Some of us are normal, some of us just wantto come in ARCS. And you know, I would last so hard if weall were like contacted by like authorities. WE'RE gonna get I hope so,only for lucky. You know how funny that would be, like callingmy mom being like hey, mom, I've been arresting me for my podcast. Oh your mom, that shit. Anyway, I'll be like you weretaking pictures of me in a jail cell and frame it. You wouldn't melout my mug shot for Christmas cards. Oh my God, that's amazing.All Right, okay, the last character are going to talk about is maleficent, which isn't, you know, extremely obvious, unless you look at her, unless you look at her, look a look at her. She's oneof the original like Queer coded villains that O G Lesbian. She just likeshe's represented as unfeminine and like kind of a fucking like that bitch and sharpfeatures, in a masculine build and like a bad bitch personality, which apparentlyequates to being fruity, I mean in dude, and her horns, power, and her horns, which are unfortunately also associated with Salik power, whichbasically means she's a top. Excellently done, some great job. You did amazing. Yeah, me too. That's...

...exactly what they meant by the Balikpower. Yeah, you cannot change my mind. Oh, definitely didn't reallycurse a baby because they didn't invite her to like a party. Like,yeah, dude, that's gay as hell. I'm back. No, you're justpetty. I'm yeah, that's gay, the pettiest ever ever. Have likebeef with me or something, prepared to like have me never let itgo. Okay, okay, they all be like, well, that's notwhy this happened. Like, Bro, we were all over this. Iperfect bower. Anyways, moving on, actually, things on. Scar inthe Lion King, you like down, like we all new. We allyeah, we all knew. Yeah, so, scar and the liking,he's SASS. See, he is. Quote. Unquote draggy. He iship swaying, noticeably slimmer than move fought on Simba, where the line symbolsof masculinity. Scar is much more dramatic and has more defining facial features likeeyebrows cheek bones, which are features more prominently featured on female characters. Notonly is he a quote unquote, bitchy old queen, literally got SLAMP wrist. If you look like at any frame of him in that movie, thereis no like constraint to those his his his hand is bent over and itis bent over with parpoise. Yeah, it is Um. And then Haiti'smy personal favorite. He is one of the most obviously queer coded Disney villains. His whole character is a is Sassy Bitch, dramatized fatial expressions and mannerisms. He's literally like Disney took the stereotype of the gay best friend, andthat is haities. Oh, you especially like with his little like clippled withMegra, yes, when she's like Herculeas, he's a good guy. And thenHayes. It was like yeah, but he's a guy exactly like that. Give up literally fucking. I would not. I swear Jackson has literallysaid like they same thing. Oh, what the fuck did you guys saythat? You are said they will suck. Same thing to me. Your Hey, you're seven, like, I hate men. They suck. Whatdo you expect from me? Exactly, point more, I'm going. Youknow what I'm fuck, hello, where he go? Flee, I said, fuck you go on. Oh,... cut out. Yeah, weheard fuck. Yeah, I honestly I thought that you like left the colorsomething. I was like, that's Fuckin power. Move Yeah, because you'rerecording it too. So moving on. One of the literal worst weer foldedvillains in cinematic history, in any history, just the worst cinematic choice in thefucking world across the multiverse, was Laura Wilson from Ace Ventura at detective. Y'All fucking knew I had to bring this up. What Laura Wilson,throughout the movie, is so pased as some sort of like sexual goddess,like she is very flirtatious, she's constantly flirting with the men around her.And then at the end of the movie, when it's revealed that she's the villain, Ace Bentura like pants her and reals that she is transgender. What? Yeah, so like they literally made it into a punch line, becausethen so like many men that like have been attracted to her or that she'shad like relationships with, they like they throw up. It is literally likeit. It is so fucked up, like it is blatantly transphobic, andit's also like it literally it is. It's a kids movie. She's likeit turns her into like this some sort of Predator and disgusting and turns herinto a punch line. Then again reinforces that queerness is evil. Yeah,yeah, it fucking sucks. So she, we made it, gets assaulted becauseshe gets fucking pass by a chil old, gets out it and thenlike then she's called a villain, like what, what the fuck? Yeah, like, so much hate. Oh much hate that, so much metoo, um. But yeah, I mean, like, honestly, alot of these examples are like pretty harmless ones. That fucking sucks like that. Yeah, but it just shows you like how easy it is for thosethings to slip in. That's so common that it's like yeah, of course, like this would make sense. You would pay attention to it, unlessyou were like lgbt yourself and like you were actively leaving for it. Yeah, but one of the most famously queer CODED VILLAINS IS THE POWERFUL SEA QueenSelf Ursula, who's yours. All you... directly inspired by a real lifedrag been named divine. So Ursula is a real like person and it's adrag Quean that. I love that for her. Oh, I love that. As well as making hersel look weird, her obsession of being useful and beautifulmakes her quite cruel and sharp tongue. So she's she a Babish. SheAin't here to play. Also, What's interesting is she presents interested men, which would be like, okay, so they're presenting her straight, butthey're presenting her as a drag queen. So they're presenting her as a gayman, a basically turning himself into a woman to trick a straight man intodating them. That's the whole thing, because she like wants to like belike have legs and beat sexy and stuff. Oh, I hate that, whichis first of all, you don't need likes to be sexy. True, that was a weird as I just said, but I stand by mypoint by seconds. The bad guy is Jaffar from the Laddin, one ofmy personal favorites. Jafar, spurt makeup and sharp gestures are all clear indicationsof feminization. Every other male character wears pants, even the fucking genie,who doesn't even have legs. However, Jafar seems to have treated slacks,but this tree seems have treated the slacks for skirt, which honestly suits himbetter anyways. And he has eyeliner and lipstick on the whole movie he wasforcibly feminized, but he looked good doing as true he did. He didhis eyeliner point and we that's just something that we have to accept. Wait, I never noticed he was wearing eyeliner. The phone, not like. Lookat pictures of him and his eyelighter is baropling this. It's just sonatural. I guess. Another skirt wearing villain is James, half of theduo Doo Jesse James, the latter from the long running, wellknown animate pokmon. This is also funny because my name is Gussie and my best friend hisname is James. He wouldn't go as Jesse James for Halloween. This bebut I just thought that was fun. Oh my God has winged eyeliner.Brohood James is seen countless times dressed in short skirts, tight dresses and brawlets. Furthermore, in his back story, James Ran away from his plan,had to reset your wedding and live the rest of his life's and outcast, before meeting jess, your brother, of course. Yeah, that's neverintended to have their villains be so iconic, but honestly, I relate to Jamesand more than a few ways, and I love it he got tohave the team released a little bit of representation, even if it was beliness, facts, hardcore facts, so like the essay that avery is probably writingright now. Sorry, I just put you a blaster being in I justhit you pretty English major getting puberty for...

...the fifteen time anyway. In conclusion, when you're homophobic and you try to make a villain gay, but,I said, you make a hot, lovable and Kinnabal character by so manypeople in this FEC vca, this video call voice cob whatever the fuck it'scalled. Holly Quinn, can shut up, but they these character what I'm thevillain. Yeah, yeah, that's a in short, nope, Shitmissed a line. These forgotten and even though they are micro homophobia, exceptfor that, like what's that? Laura wheel, send one. So I'venever that's straight up track. That's just phobia. That's TRANSPHOBIC, helphobic,Alphobic, at Racaphobia too. But in short, be gay, do crimesjust like the rest of these characters, and remember everyone is a bad asfuck, unless you killed people. Then you're just valid. Yeah, no, I actually had I actually had something else to at. So while Iwas like doing some googling and stuff for this, I came across a twohundred thirty five page dissertation on Queerness and Villainy and animated Disney films. Canyou send it to me? I add it is called unmasking the Quillan,spelt q you illl aim, weirdness and villainy and animated Disney films, andit is a thesis that was submitted for the award of the degree doctor inphilosophy. Someone won't wrote a two hundred thirty five page on applying queer theoryto Disney founds, for they're like doctorate in philosophy and I adore that.That's so funny. You can one hundred percent fucking bet I will be readingthis for fun. Yeah, I hope so. That stuff I want todo when I go into ploy like this is exactly what I'm talked about whenI say, like yes, philosophy. Am I going to change my majoragain? Oh my God, do it. Do it. Wait, what doyou need, like grade wise to get philosophy? O, F I. O. I can Google that right now. Right now I'm sitting outof fifty percent average. Oh my God,... need more than that. Well, I'm literally taking the bare minimum, like the bare minimum for classes,and then art and foods. Okay, give me, and then pull ofthirty level for wars or whatever. Yeah, extra math or anything.You do need English one, though. I am taking curty thirty one.I think it's your pried for like every almost everything. You need high S, English, thirty in languages, Language Act One, three approved courses,which could be social, bio, can physic. Yeah, I could definitelydo that, you know, like if I wanted to and appraise my greatyeah, I could totally do that if too. Yeah, that's my planwas and I'm going to do a minor in psychology, valid, so I'mgoing to be an EMT. Oh my God, I wanted to do thatso bad, but then I realize that you have to be like fit dude, okay, you have to be able to lift a hundred and fifty pounds, and I'm like, okay, shit, I need to figure this out.Thank you so much for coming to today's episode. I really hope youenjoyed it and I hope that we could see you next week, but ifnot, have good rest your life. Take a bath, kill a Porson, do whatever you feel like. Any do not kill a person. It'sanything else we need to add valid as fuck. I'm embroidering tiny frog cool, so foking, cute. It's so gay is thank you, STA.

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