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House of Cards: An LGBT Podcast: Puberty


Today we bullied Simone! Talked about forks and eating with our hands. Our topic was Puberty! At the end of the topic Jaxson went on a rant about puberty. 

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Male Reproductive System: Male Reproductive System (for Teens) - Nemours KidsHealth 

If we don't see you next week. We hope you have a good life, remember. You are Vaild as Fuck

Hello and welcome to house of cards, l dbt podcast, where my name is Jackson. I am as panic, but this is the wrong thing to panic about. Casually forgets own name. What's my name? I wait time, I use they didn't pronounced and I'm carry. I have a retainer now, which means I'm verbally trying not to have a speech. Impatman this. This is to be completely honest. This is me not trying with it, and then this is me trying, like physically, like opening my mouth up wider. But then't know, those a noticeable difference. Come let see. I could have made a joke, but I'm not going to. Okay, Um, I'm simone. I use she a pro that sometimes. He been a little pry for sky. Yeah, if you want to call me here, I kind of like it. Okay, anyways, Um, I found a new monster flavor that I like. Oh goodness, what is it? I okay, everyone has asked me that. I genuinely don't remember, but it's the Aqua ultra one, like aqua colored ultra one. Thank it's like ultra paradise. So it's so good. Wow, I know, UM, bad. No, I'm Avery A, I'm your laso just did again. I used her Pronoun and Y'all love a casually forget that one of your friends exist. Yeah, it's like a Bibe. It's like there is too much humor in brain to remember names of friends. That's and that's the exist. I've object prominent. So I don't remember you guys exist until you guys like appear in front of me and I'm like, oh right, I need to keep a relationship up with you. Fuck, I don't want to do that. Jackson is baby. I am baby. That's very true. Very baby, right, big. Actually that's really good for our topic today, which is actually from when you go from baby to annoying little shit puberty. Wow, did some owe even do the promotions yet? Yeah, but like there was. I had to. I had to bring in the topic because it was right there. But someone, what's those? Social media take us a well, you can follow us on Instagram at House of cards underscore podcast. That's yeah, that's right, on twitter at lgbt underscore deck, on Patreon.

That we don't use as house of cards. Our website is that. I'm gonna kill you. I'm just gonna kill you, and our Tumbler is its house of cards. I think we'll just press bagvorite, just make sure I have a viking funeral. Please, knocking a viking funeral. I'm giving you a purse and I found randomly on the side of street. Funeral. Look at good funerals. Okay, anyway, we shall pop goes the weasel at Yales, like close casket. Yeah, like someone behind me, like moving my hand. God, okay, starting your topic or sit to do hell, and I feel like some moments this track of time during the PODCAST, probably, I mean for me, it's like I go into a separate rom of existence. So vibe, I think it's skype. What? Yeah, Sky makes you go into a different realm of existence. No, I think you all just okay, Um, let's call my teeth hurt so much. I feel that I feel so bad. I never had braces, so I can't, I can't relate no braces for six years to great teeth. I had braces for six years. Oh my goodness, wow, it was so bad. They gave me juvenile bracism. Then all my teeth fell out and they were like, well, they didn't grow back in straight, so we're gonna have to give you like adult braces now. And I'm like, well, fuck, I'm literally twelve. I'm too think going straight and that was all fault. Well, I guess we're gonna have to hear. Literally just scammed us. Add some fortunate would like your money. Please give us you all money. Thank you. I started going to this Higgenis, though, and she's from Nova Scotia and she's so funny. Hi, Jannis from Nova scoes. Yeah, High Genis instead of a dentist, because they just clean your teeth and that's all I need. Oh, cool, wait, Jackson, are you really from Nova s stuff? Jackson lives in Nova Scotia. One hundred twenty three Internet street. I wonder what's your three in that straight. It's a completely stole up from Jenna Marble's. That's absolutely disgusting. I hate you for a rude I won't steal things. I don't even know... did it, marbles. No, we don't need me, pat. Yeah, okay, cool. Let's get into the topic. Do you have similar to be? Smoke? No, I just do you have someone you need to be? Yeah, I'm actually sneaking out or tonight and moving to be see you're what. I'm sneaking out today or tonight and moving to B s. That wasn't on the agreement we made. Okay, I'd find it so funny if you were serious, because your dad listens to these. No, he doesn't. Now dead. I managed to block him on the POD. You can't do that. I don't want anyways. anyways. Okay, I mean that. What if me and avery don't want to start yet? Okay, you just you're so rush and it's just like, calm down, feel the hatehred, I can just feel it. Just done. Are you done? I'll just let this continue for a bit because I'm the one who's speaking first. So, okay, Um, there's this girl in my gym us who's the exact same as me, except she's in grade ten. What do you mean exact same? Like dresses, the same looks, the same acts, the same dresses, the same, but she's like, Oh, yeah, we have this like similar mental disorder, and then she's like, Oh, I want to become a forensic psychologists. Were also in the same chem class. I tied any but a string around my fingertip and it looks like Jesus's cute, you know, like they have like those like blankets there, something over their heads. And that, and like the I'm not exactly sure what it's called, but I like it. Kind of looks like a halo, like wipping it on their head, like just above their eyes. Oh yeah, my finger looks like Jesus. I love Jesus. That a vibe. Holy Son and the Holy Ghost head shoulders. Leaving toes, I was gonna say having sex on the bed. Now that is sacrilegious, actually diking know that forks were once considered sacrilegious because they were seen as manmade hands. fucking wood forks were God sacriligious. Wait, I have a story about fork and sac kind of okay, sorry, that reminded me of this. So for my mom's like thirty eight birthday, I don't know how old she is. anyways, it was like it was like two thousand and nineteen December. So anyways, we were in Florida because we had been on a cruise and stuff, and then so we were in Florida for a little bit longer...

...and she was like, I'm gonna go to medieval times for my birthday because apparently it's like what we thought it was. Was This restaurant where you watch josting, okay, which was kind of true. But so we get there. Every single drink that is not water is over twenty. Oh, they make you wear these paper crowns and take a picture and we get in there, we sit down. It's like a football stadium, kind of like you know those kind of seats. Yeah, okay, they bring us like just a fucking like chicken breast. They could chicken breast and they they say, we're actually in like four hundred and ninety five something Spain. So there's no utensils what because they didn't want to pay for into for utensils. So they were literally just like eat with your hands and they would handle these moistail lets and it was such a gross place. Never go there. And it was like soon. I mean, honestly, what else did you expect from Florida? Right, Lauraa man. But it's so funny because one was so excited and choose so grossed out the whole time. You grew up billy, a Florida man, talks gun. Jesus, Jesus Christ, Amen, Hallelujah. Amen. Agree. I actually said that our I actually said that our father the other day, by my brother and I were playing monopoly, as he had like an entire row of properties with three houses on each one, and I was like yeah, no, so I've parade. We HOWEU. Why do I know the our father prayer? I mean, I go to a Catholic school, so I wouldn't. I went to a Christian Bat Bathti. Don't go to a bath Baptist camp before I went towards us. So that's why. Wow, so I went to a Catholic school until grade three and I was baptized and imagine am for like four years and you amp and that's what you see Jesus more often. Yeah, our camp director is Jesus. He looks exactly like him. Imagine if they watched it like I imagine if they like saw it in the you know, like I mean group time, and they like let's go watch and they just listen to US talk. I'd requested to come back next to you. Yeah, one of our one of our camp counselors, is in our group chat. I still can't get over that. All of them. Dude. Yeah, access to that account. That is whack. Oh my God. Yeah, the one posting you text it was just because they were promoting the thing. Any of them could easily come on and be like Hey, what's up? Like we all teenagers and there were like S. that'd be a little weird. Anyway, hilarious. You know what. Teenagers go through puberty, so I would take it away. Okay, because we did hair remove the last week. We're going to... about puberty and other fun things that happened to your body when you get old. You get here. Okay, just like everyone has hair, everyone goes through puberty. Some people are very delayed. So doctors thought you want like. Not everyone has hair, I guess. Yeah, the three. We said that last week to the thing about like the purple lives. Can do everyone has hair. It MIS episode. Okay, so everyone has hair, right, right, rep big grap. Not everyone has hair, but for people who do have hair, you don't have hair, you don't get to go through puberty. I'm sorry, Oh my God. Okay, okay, most people go through puberty. Okay, puberty, by definition, is the process of physical changes in which a child's body begins to mature into an adult body capable of banging sexual reproduction. However, just because your body is reader ready for that doesn't mean that you will be. Sex and puberty are not exclusive to one another. They're not the same thing. Like just because you've got some just because you got like a little bit of puberty, don't go have sex. Okay, anyways, when, God if you was smadged of puberty and you go at the fact? Okay, puberty effects different people differently, like if you have a penis, you'll have a different puberty than somebody who has boobies. It depends on what hormones are in your system really, so it doesn't matter what your sex is. It just like, whatever hormones happened, that's probably the puberty that happens to you. Okay, Oh, yeah, because the hormones are released by the hypothalamus, literally in the fucking script. Okay, the two hormones that stimulate sexual maturity are follicle stimulating hormones, fsh, and lutinizing hormone, lh. These hormones are sent to your sex organs, which then begin to release either estrogen and progesterone or testosterone. Um. For the sake of this episode, will be using the terms female and male referring to biological six, and boy and girl when referring to gender, because that's how it was probably written on the research article. Yeah, yeah, and actually, one thing that I found actually really cool was that I actually wrote this yes esterday, the day before we filmed, and found out today that we're starting the ENDOC system in my bioclass, which is a literally hormones and how they work, and part of that is learning about how hormones work in puberty and sexual maturity. So that I just found that really funny that I literally went out the day before and like kind of taught my Ba, please promo the podcast in your bio class. Oh my God,...

I will, I will, I swear to God. Okay, UM, keep in mind that all people have estrogen and testosterone and they have different roles within the male and female sexual maturity. It all depends on your sex organs. So ovaries release estrogen and progesterone and test tests will release Testa sterone. So this is what boost your homer your horror. Why can't I say this word whoremone hormone or funny hormone levels, as it build an excess of estrogen or testosterone, which is why the EMU sex has higher estrogen levels and the male sex is highed to sauceturone levels. And I actually found out today that if you take too much test sausterone and steroids, it will likely cancel out in your body and produce more estrogen. How am I take? Artificially? It was. That's right, that brand woman get watched US throne and, you know, a cancel itself out. Okay, sids, that was serious. Would when you would need like estrogame blockers and then take the test sauce around. No, we want extra. It's what to call transmit, and want more estrogen. So they want more shauce round to cancel out the other shots around to make more estrogen. I think I also read somewhere that like soy is really good for producing estrogen. Oh, I looked up a thing to find more like get more estrogen, and monstrous on Google it. There are so many socials help you get more without having to go to home on therapy. Yes, I don't, sorry, every continue on. Yeah, yeah, so there are other ways to stem the hormone growth, whether that's naturally or artificially, kind of like we were just talking about. So do remember that external factors can have their own influences on puberty. So basically, this is why you're going to experience it different than someone else. So because humans enjoy organization. We have created something called the ten of stages, which all puberty and level. You level up as you get older. They were named doctor, the Profet, the boat professor, James M Tanna, who kind of was the posts, like Hey, I noticed you twelve ye old females are getting a differently. I'm a name some of shit out to you. Yeah, that sounds a lot. Have pedophilic then it probably when really sickly. I probably was. Yeah, puberty normally stops from starts between the ages of twelve and sixteen, which actually I was not in that range.

I'm actually I started when I was close to ten. Same, which is actually right here, is lh and F and Fsah to normally sometimes, or can sometimes, stalked at the nine to ten bothing, which happened to me. I was just, you know, I tone ten the brains like HMM men, my first crush on a guy in grade five. Well, you know, like the sleepovers and stuff where they're like, oh my gosh, it's doing the truth of their or spin the bottle or whatever. Did you also make a people you had crushes on? Who's your rule, Jeremy? Oh yeah, but anyways, yeah, I had a kissing a girl and like fifth grade me felt more from that then it when I played would you rather and had to kissing their eye on the mouth and I was like, HMM, this does not slap. I had a gold that are pretended of a crush on until I was in grade ten. Oh my gosh, I pretended to have a crush on someone to no, but like it was a concistic crush, like I just kept atending. I had a crush on them and kept attending, kept attending because it's like well, I've been in it too long anyway. I'll leach and F and lh and fsh usually begin tingling and female around the time of a of the eighth booth day. But there's you're not going to really notice when it hits unless you're meet. Then your brain goes MMM, men, see, I didn't even get that until like the eighth grade. Yeah, that's because you're like bloom of bitch. No, but I got titties in second grade. That's because your titties up bacon they had to throw. When you are younger, roast you would have just been. I'm a proportionalizes. We'll see. Then you already had the Lah and Fsah, going, because that's what tells your ovaries to start making astroden it's yeah, but I didn't like people until I was probably fourteen. It's probably from the drugs when I was eight. No, it's your pop by the way. Oh Yeah, okay, in ten or stage two. Females will typically begin puberty between ages and ages nine and eleven. First sign of breasts, which are referred to as buds, which is creepy, but anyways, will start head of fire, just to be like flower buds. Don't you see your mosquito bites? We all know. Listen, every we all know this was designed by a man and there's no way a female would call it buds. I think it's cute. I would have called it nibblings or nippling mosquito. anyways. Okay, those will start to form. Um, okay, under the nipple and it maybe it's your tender. That's weird. I didn't notice when mine grew in. Okay, it may. It's...

...common for breast to grow and up here at different sizes and rates, so any change that isn't causing rashes or discharges normal. The uters will begin to grow in small amounts of pubic care start forming on the vagina, but actually it's the Labia, not the vagina. would be weird if, like you too, hair in your car. Okay, anyways, girls with higher body mass index are also prone to experiencing puberty at an earlier rate. Boys Typically Begin Puberty at around age eleven. The testicles and skin around the scrow them begin to get bigger and early stages of puber hair begin to former on the base of the penis when not felt. So we're not happy idea. I had a panic attack breaking physical changes become more obvious and tanner stage three. So changes in females typically be start. Typically start after age TUB and may or may not include the growing and expanding of Breast Buds, pickening and curling of pubic hair, formation of underground hair act me on the face and or back. Your hips and thighs may begin to build up fat, and this is usually when females will start their a growth spurt. Male changes usually begin around age thirteen and may or may not include lengthening of the penis as the testicles grow bigger, formation of some breast tissue, which only typically happens around this stage and will likely go away. It's just your body starting to figure out where to Um. Your muscles might get larger, your high growth start increase. The voice will start to change and crack. It alternates between in high move pitges and males may begin experience experiencing a jaculation throughout the night. These are referred to as wet dreams and I found this where we could to find out was ejaculation occurs when friction on the penis and other stimulicense, say, mostly the nervous system. So it could be anything from like visual stimuli or even just like muscle contraction and stuff like that, like any kind of friction like so it causes attraction of reproductive muscles and excrete Sam in through the Urethra, which is ultimately expelled from the Penis and actually semen is composed of sperm and other fluids. Eventually you'll reach stage four and your own falset false wing of puberty. You're getting every single thing. It's just hitting you like a bus. You're crying after school. It's amazing. Oh yeah, dates...

...for usually begins around age thirteen. Four females and you may not include your breast. kind of coming to the size, the filling themselves out, completing the bud blooming, as Tannon would say. Yeah, yeah, slowing it would plow on your high growth, thickening of your pubic care, and you may experience your fourth mental cycle. If you do, I'm sorry, I'm just, I'm sorry. Yeah, twelve, fourteen, just, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. That's all I got to say for that. The mental cycle, which is mostly referred to as the period, of course, is basically when your female body says we're baby, you say no, baby. So if those attends attras him and those all of the waste it made for the baby out of your body. Yeah, just, you know, know, like when imagine it like the crazy acts who begins to throw your clothes out of the window, that's what it's doing. It's screaming at you it might kill you and it's just throwing shit out. Just, whoop, whoop. That's what it people who happened at the beauty out of listening to this, like what the fuck? It sucks, you invest in some Midal and a heating pad. Menschell will typically only a corn females if you're not pregnant, but there have been some cases and which females spence pregnancy without ever stopping her menial cycle. That just so I have something to add to that. Um, I don't honestly not going to be regular until you're twenty five. Things that can affect it include like anxiety, diet, your cramps are your cramps can be really bad if you're laying in bad all day. So like going outside can be nice. Mass took the experience these changes around age fourteen and may or not experiencedpning of the I loan this one. I did. I crumb and it maybe, but like for anyone else. And Yeah, all, yeah, that's below your that's below your testicles. I W I don't really know. I've never been top night, only out of me. Growth of your of your penis, your lawn banana growth of the penis, testicles and fuff of them every can you say that? SCRATUM? Let's got'm thank you, Waven, love you. You will come times. You will get under on hair your face, we'll get with acne. Listen, boys, I know we are taught that hygiene is disgusting and opposing enemy, but when you have to skin, you get to think about you don't think...

...a lot, just have acting sorry, appearance of acne and your voice will get deeper. You know it. Just the fucking suck it up, listen, be happy you're not bleeding once a month. Take it, don't leave it. Bleed or either you get to bleed or you don't. You don't pick one, pick one. Yeah, okay, Um Tanner. Stage five is the ends, the end of a child's physical maturation, typically occurring around age fifteen in both the male and female sex. Females may or may not have experienced the approximation of their adult breast size and shape, the reaching of adult height two years after their first period, possible regulation of their period, not always. That usually didn't happen until a lot later. anyways, filling out of the pubic are, filling out of the hips, thighs and your butt and full development of reproductive organs and or genitals. Male, how avery put the talks in Youa. We need to talk about that, that avery I love so much. That's not like you put in Thou auto. How that is just that is so cute. That's just me. That's doesn't mean just a buttox. I know, assholes funny word. Okay, anyway, we'll mature, Yeo, okay, males maybe or maybe not, experience full growth of the Penis, test schools and Scrowdom, filling out of pubic hare, formation of facial hair, possible deterrence in height growth and possible continuation of muscle growth. By Age Eighteen, most males will have reached their full adult height. Okay, I just want to bring this up really quickly. So if your boobs are huge at sixteen, don't worry about it. Apparently there's this thing called adult puberty and apparently your tatties get bigger and your hips get bigger, in your book gets bigger. So is it called pregnancy? No, no, it's not pregnancy. There's like adult Pebert, like there's a second stage that happens when in your adulthood. I think that would actually be the sick stage, because there are those already. A second stage. No, no, no, like second like Tener, second coming of the INN coming of the puberty. You. Yeah, literally, was Jesus there too? Yeah, probably a want to. I was talking with that just because sex mail me, trying to describe I him a biologically about sex mail.

I'm all be completely honest with you right here, guys, society is gonna tell you, because a bigger than they all. Yeah, they ain't they they are smaller than you think. You'RE gonna be like, I wonder when it grows, and it won't. It won't, it'll just it'll just sit there and you'll be very confused. But then you'll realize that's a lot of guys like you might get the lucky guy who has the expectation one. But though rare, it is meant biological center. It is meant to go inside and do its job and to be complete. From what I've heard, there's not a lot of room in there. You don't got room to have a big Dick. Okay, wait, I have something to add on. Okay, so, for all the people who read fan fiction and it was like his twelve inch cock. No, no, Oh my God, most that's a foot maybe really stamps like okay, most penus has differ. Most penuses, most places a Dick will go, is only like five to six inches at most with a completely embol that. Sorry. Okay, last last bit. The most finicky thing about purity is, at if, a different experience for everyone, and not everyone is going to experience these pointges at the Times that they are typically recorded. Everybody's body will have different reactions and experiences, so don't feel bad about the development one thing not another. If you're some of your friends are getting their periods earlier, if some of their friends are getting facial hair earlier or later. Your body is a tune to you, and that what sets you apart from everyone else biologically. In time, you're going to learn to understand your body's reactions to creation, stimulations and more, which is a part of both. By purity is so important. Additional tell you have to be communicative. You're really be scary and it's hard to tell whether or not something is to speak to your parents, guardians, older siblings, aunts, uncle's, doctors or any other trusted adult to be sure that your body is healthy. Remember the that what's normal for one person won't be normal for another. Be Patient with your body and remember that you are valid at as fuck. The wealth said. Both said I just want the sorry, that's it, that's all. That's you know, that's puberty for you. That's that's not pui. That's let let's be honest here. Let's be honest. We gave you the science of puberty. We look is a pretty version. Let's give you the straight up answer. You're going to get into...

...middle school, a high school every you're going to think everyone's gonna hate you. You'RE gonna hate yourself because you're suddenly sweating a lot. You have water just emitting from your body constantly and it smells like a smell you've never sent it before. You have hair in places you didn't know how grew because you didn't look at naked people. Yet suddenly you're thinking about naked people and you don't know why you think about naked people, because that is the sinful way, and everything just starts growing. You sound different and you just want to cry. Yeah, and that's the real puberty. He very did an excellent part. Give me the education, but this will tell you. But, to be completely honest, listen to this episode. It will help you because you will understand what you're going through. Does that at the end like it? This isn't. It's not used to not learn about what puberty is, because puberty is confusing, and actually listening and learning and actually going through what it is can help you not feel so isolated and alone. Because if you're scared that you're not going to the proper height, hey, probably no one is and that is a societal expectation. Your blooe so as big. That wasn't the neighbors. WHO GIVES THE FUCK? Your body's different. Your body has different hormones. Like every said, be patient, just a thought as you understand what you're going through and as on as you believe that when you come out you will be at what your body has been designed to be. That's US and you know you like. Sometimes like fallency. Sometimes people want meant to be the classic skinny white girl or the muscular, small hip, square body guy. Sometimes a guy has hips. Sometimes the cold isn't a stick. I'm sorry, can we talk like societal sends a female's being sticks? It's just concerning. But sometimes you won't be good at sports and you won't get muscles very easily. Sometimes you'll get muscles so easily and go hungry every day because you need more than three meals a day. Sometimes you'll find yourself eating an entire cake to yourself because your body just needs the food to grow. It's a lot, completely valid. It's consooning. It's it's just you know, it's it's always love how your body is, but you can do it rap. It's time as there actually as something that I want to add real quick before we end off is, you know, for people who are buy a lot female and have female sex organs and stuff, as you get old, at the bottom of your stomach, kind of right where your pants or the Hem of your pants are going to be, your stomach is...

...going to stick out a little bit there, and that's because that's where your uterus is. My uterus, I actually didn't know that for a long time. That's why, that's why it's sterotychnical that that's that's important to know that I was personally, I struggled with some anorexia and learning that was an entirely new experienced. That's actually why guys have the stereotypical the line that a lot of people want to accomplish right, every guy is to be Ling, and that's really just because we don't have a thing that is meant to carry a child there. So don't expect females, don't expect yourself to have that because biologically we don't have and you know, I'll take it if you got if you need to get rid of it, I'll just take it. I'll I'll take it off. I don't know, have it a walk, will make it walk, but just this one deeper than I plan. Holy Fuck it, we stand me then I progress lapping gets to the end. Okay, so don't cry. He's okay. And you know, have a lemonade. I love lemonade. It is so good. But, but, but, but, speaking, eventually, people do be over at today. The podcast episode is over, so that's all I hope we have today. We're not ending whole guys. We have an ending thing we do every time. Come on, it's you know, we do this for a few months and we keep to mostly the same schedule. But you know, anyway, thank you so much for coming to watch. I hope we can see you in the next episode, which is next week, same time, Wednesday at noon mountain standard time. We hope we get to see there, but if not, we hope you have a good life. Oh we hope that you come back eventually. Again, reminder, follow our instagram, follow our twitter. The music is in the description below. Any links that will be posted also being the description and will also be in our instagram. Don't worry about that. Anything else to add, guys? Well, it is fuck and I'm going to go have a glass lemonade. Okay, see you guys by.

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