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House of Cards: An LGBT Podcast: Pronouns


Today we planed two thornes and Two roses, We listened to acoustic guitar, and talked about pronouns

I'll start. Hello, tired. Hey guys, we just wanted to quickly come on before we get into the episode and apologize for not posting on any social media. We sorry and not good. We're just a group of teens. We were spending the time families without Chris, with our families for the holidays, and we were taking time on our on mental health, as this can take a lot of mental strain. Someone putting out a street like every two weeks is very hard for some phone I'll eat. You do his, but we just want to on and apologize for not posting and let you know that we are going back to a regular schedule with the holidays being over. Christmas and New Year's is a crazy time, but we are happy to be back in two thousand and twenty one and begin recording and posting and hopefully doing amazing things for two thousand and twenty one. When to do an a one twenty one? Anyway, hope you enjoy this episode. Make sure to come back next week to watch all episode on transgender and then week up to that to watch our episode on boobies and their health. Anyway, let's get into the episode. Unless anyone else has anything to apology about? Yeah, I can't think of anything. I'm perfect food. Anyway, I'm sorry for having fabb The donkers. You guys enjoy the episode. Hello and welcome to the House of cards and lgbtq Pus podcast, where we talk about gay ship, Gay ship, gay shifts as well. My name is Jackson. I am one of your hosts. I use he them pronouns, and I am queer. Also, wards, very smart. Some mom you're next. o Ah, hi, arm slone, a shot, a pounds and I opened the wrong fucking Google dog me too. Okay, I guess that's me. then. I'm a very and I you. She her pronounced. And let's get into the gay agenda. Wow, they were was ready. It was like John Leavin, you have to pro for us. Come on, keep to the good. Yeah, no, no, I say that on the schedule. What? What to get to it later? Come on, let's get through the boring stuff. Forest. We have to follow the agenda in order the promotion book. I'm lazy. Okay. So our music is our art. To Stick Guitar instrumental background music for videos. No copyright by Mr Snoozel,...

Mr snowsl oh. My good news. We started okay, yes, soon, now I will get into we haven't done promote yet. Now we gotta wait, if we we gotta wait. Oh, yeah, she forgot the things that are not big. I'm literally trying to find the fucking page. INSTAGRAM is it is cards, underscore podcast. Our twitter is at lgbt underscore deck. Our patreon its house of cards, our website is house of cards, lgbtcoms weeksite and our tumbler is its house of cards. Fantastic, beautiful. We stand, absolutely brilliant. Thank you. Okay, now I can get into the bullet point. Bad smone is so confused about. Yeah, I'm so good, if it's true. Yes, so, on the week that we're recording, the Tuesday of this week, two weeks ago. Okay, yeah, the Tuesday of the week that we're recording, John Lennon. It was the forty anniversary of his death when he was shot outside his home. And Yeah, I didn't really need to. We didn't. We didn't really need to put that in here, but, you know, I just feel like the Beatles are such kind. The Beatles was so problematic though too. Well, yeah, but their music, like, I don't I don't get a value dated one, but the music guy dated one. How we started to date is a guy dated when I was like twenty three. No, I guy, I was one saying how we would like begin dating, like how I caught him in my rope of Romanticism is I would force him to sit by me at lunch. Right, we'd have to share a chair and it would be one of those small chairs because our cow our school has couches every once in a while, so I forced them to sit in one of the small ones with me. Right, okay, and we would go on my ipad with music and we would switch between each other's favorite music. He only listened to the Beatles. Oh God, we listen to the Beatles. The boy I'm with right now is obsessed with the Beatles. Should that? Should I wish, I wish I stayed with that boy. He's such a good guy, but my commitment issues and my whole issues were like, Oh, you're in a relationship psych s. He didn't talk with you, like that's the one thing is. What is it? Let's go into detail, but why? I didn't want to. Yeah, let's do it. He didn't talk much, an he didn't have a y good sense of style. It was a great guy. I wish I could get him to talk more. The only other problem is he didn't have the best sense of style, but I also think it's because he could an afford it. So I understood it like my boyfriend. So it was kind of just like it's fine, like I'll give him my sweaters. Wait, broke was his name.

Maybe I'm dating him now. He lives in BC right now and we publicly dated. Some girls try to take him from me. Like I was sitting and we overheard them saying they wanted my boyfriend, and one goes like wait, isn't he dating Jackson? And she's like not for long. Oh my God. I was like that is savage. Why are we going? You about to kill me? I ready diet, I was like, but then I broke up with him like a while. So she was kind of right. Oh, wow, okay, do we have a game? A very? Do we have a game? Really, really do? I'm just like googling games. No, I wanted to just do two roses and two phones or too strong into roses. So that's me to this time, because number do one. That's the point. We're just going to slowly rise up. It's like by the end of it's going to be like, okay, fifty six pones and fifty six roses. Come on, quick, think of them. Do we want to stop with someone? Oh, I hate you so much? Um Thorn, I guess would be. This is a first. Are Hot? Is Ice Cool because of the chemical? Wait, your hearts, of his cold. Yeah, we just got it, insult thing and it's freezing. That is an F it is a big but not really, but like it's a big enough. Um, I'm all caught up in mouth right now. Good even. Do you want to go next? Yes, or so. We're doing two of each right. Sorry, I zoned out. What happened? We're doing two, right, yes, two roses, two thones and two roses, two roses, two thrones. Okay, I guess a thorn. Is that? Well, I have a circular circulatory problem and my hands and feet have been very, very cold the past two days. So that's my first thorn. MMM. My second is probably I thought my grandparents, who don't own Wifi, were trying to buy a chrome book, which was very confusing for me and I had to call them and...

...explain to them what a chrome book was. Is it a book that has a minute. She thought it was a book and I kept texting her. I'm like, it's a computer, Nan, it's a computer, and she's like you're not listening to me. It's called a chrome book. So eventually I just had to call and, you know, settle it. But yeah, I didn't really have anything bad happening, but ready to fight off. was like I'm about to fly to Newfoundland back. And then two of my roses we finally decorated for Christmas last night. Yeah, well, my dad was at work, so we had to wait till we came home. And second I came up with a fantastic gift idea for me. I can neither confirm nor deny it is for me anything. Guys it. We Love D Sept it's a fine every's favorite. Not Saman. It's actually for my brother. Consistently Alpel're not going to say that on call any away. My pones and a rose. One of my phones is I almost drove off a bridge. I love how hesitantly you say that. You're just like, I mean, I guess this could be bad, because he's the thing. It wasn't the bridge's fault, it was my fault and my brains fault. I can't blame the bridge. Um. I love this, one of my notes for DD. So now there's like there could be an entire day of important information that I just don't know anymore. That means that I won't know that information then. Yeah, this is a disaster. No longer the rooms no longer exist. Jackson, how whom I okay, all the important information have their own sheet of paper, like the law has its own sheet of paper that I can't lose the notes. So if it's a sheet of paper, I can't lose it because it's big. If it's a note, it's like on a small notepad, so I can't lose law. But it could have been a note of like an important name or character that you guys may wanted to interact with anyway. One of my roses is I finally got back into Minecraft, which I've been trying to find something to do with myself as I've been sad, and so my brains like so boring, let's find something else there, and I found minecrofts, and I have something to do. I um another rows is. Um, I gotta Watch critical role live. That is something that I don't know how many people watch critical role, Great Dandy series. Go Watch it. I fucking love it. I gotta Watch them live.

I gotta Watch two of my favorite characters kiss amazing cute as. Reading the topic. Are we ready to get into our topic? Yeah, sure, yes, they're. Yeah, sure. Topic is pronouns, and respect it. Respect if every you want to just away, gonna get into it. Get into it like a Cannis bray cheese. Don't know why I said that. HMM, okay, sort of like what we talked about in our last episode. People with different identities, well different gender identities, can use any multitude of pronouns. Pronouns are words used to describe someone talking or being talked about. Jackson, yes, my brain gone. There are generally eight types of pronouns. Personal, possessive, Yep, fucks of reciprocal, relative, Demon as. I something I don't know. Is that how you say every heady then, and straight out, if demostration looks when I don't notice it, so that it makes it unweird. It sounded like you said Dehumanization. That's what I thought you said and I was like too, creative, integrative, maybe interrogative here, derogative or indefinite? Indefinite Post. No pronouns are singing, the or pure he are, and go to yourself or a group. You'll poddle. These are often I me, we us, possessive pronouns are Sizel and pure. Personal Pronouns indicate possession. My brain just didn't understand what personal was. There's too many, too many piece here. These are my and ours. Reflective. Reflective pronouns are often following an action done on a subject like themselves himselves or selves myselves. Cool. Reciprocal Pronouns are similar to reflexive pronouns, but involved two or subjects that perform the same action. There are only which would there are only two. I forgot to write the word too avery. There are any two other and one another. This is like from a writer's perspective. This is so funny. Anyways, UM, which is a group of words that refer to a noun. These are who, that and wish. Demonstrative pronouns are singular or plural pronouns that point out a more modify a noun. I think you mean demon sought dehumanization.

Pronouns actually simone. Sorry. Continue. These are this and that and the and though and things like a Mr who bug this and that, and those interrogative pronouns begin questions. who, whom? WHO's Um refer to people, will, which refer to things also. I feel like you're forgetting how, so I'm just going to say how is also an interrogative Pronoun. But it's not, but I feel like it is. That's because it's kind of just like a five w's right, but it's not a w buy either. anyways. Indefinite pronouns refer to people or things but aren't specific, like some, like some, anyone and everything than that was ominous. Okay, thanks for terrifying me. However, gender pronouns are the words that describe the specific person. Most common are she, her, he, him, and this singular and plural. They them, she, her our female, he him, our male, and they then are general gender neutral and nonbinary. We also reminder the female and male and stuff normally roof, I believe. Personally, I see that as one of the sex, not the gender, because I am something. Just do use people who, yeah, more of the sex, not the gender. Sorry. Gender pronouns generally reflect someone's gender identity and are prone to change as people explore that gender identity. Gender, for example, they laughed at the notion of a gender binary. They tried to convince so funny. They laughed at the notion of a gender who's literally the best notion of the right. I forgot. Laughed at the notion of Adendo bind so I'm just munching. Is this? No, I can't say that, but I'm just continueing. They tried to convince ver that a sexuality doesn't exist, and Z thinks highly of her self. We stand. We stand. The gender inclusives pronounced Zzm, if I'm CARCASENA's right, em vivil. Yeah, we have no idea how these announced or em Instagram, which is house of cards, underscore podcast. Feminine Pronouns only became almost holy, indiscribed in distrigable dudes, indistinguishable story, like literally the letters begin to move off,...

...and I was like, what the fuck is happen? Any well, there's a lot of eyes and that one in in pronounciation during the twelve then sorry, and the Pronoun One was introduced in one thousand seven hundred and seventy by Robert to Banco, whatever else you pass the last name. Additionally, there are ongoing debates about the use of sindular pronouns them since one thousand seven hundred and ninety five, which is valid as fuck. We don't care what you have to say. Using they then pronounces ballad as fuck. Waits is along. Yeah, I'm ridiculous. Your pronouns are exclusive to you. You guys to choose any variation of pronouns that you feel comfortable and identify with. Like Demi pronouns generally use a masculine or feminine and a Non Binary One, I think, like me and Jackson M. Yeah, I don't know, that's yeah, you can use any combination that makes you feel comfy. Such variations can include heathm Sho's him and they are general. Identity is just as valid as your sexual orientation, and changing one's pronouns can help to ease gender dysphoria, which occurs when someone is distressed or discomforted by the sex they were born with, all the gender they were assigned with or, yeah, basically what society has told you that you are. Yeah, symptoms of Gender Dysphoria can include a strong desire to be one of an opposing gender, strong desire for primary or secondary sex characteristics of an opposing gender, the strong desire to be treated as one of an opposing gender. Oh, I'm realizing things. Okay, Oh what? And do you need me to finish the boat? No, I've finished this fine. The most important thing about pronouns is respect. Honestly and like just ask for their pronouns. It's very simple and they will. They're very likely to gladly give you their pronouns if you ask. However, not everyone will be accepting of alternate pronouns, and these are people who are perhaps Karen's. It can and, honestly, you just you have to be respectful, no matter what, of the person. It can be very difficult to change for the person who is changing your pronouns, and it can be even harder to find acceptance if you facts. No printer curious about using or loaning about different genders and pronouns. Minus eighteen is an Australian based come.

Is that right? Minus Eighteen, yes, is an Australian based company that owns that avery. Did you put arms in this? Your Yours Yawns? Did you? Did I just kill Jackson? Given me Romeo and Juliet Buds? A company teaches, that hopes, that reaches, but no, a company you owns for social inclusitivity. Where are you, Odvt, bless you. What's your problem? PRONOUND game attached to the Brandon Phonoun game. Would you confind at Pronoun Dot minus, Eighteen, Dot Org, dot a? You and teaches and quizzes. You about also a multitude of different pronouns and using them as eighteen different, eight different types of pronouns? Why are you so mad? Then you can tell us why yarns folks you up so bad. Yeah, as always, feel free to reach out to us and do your own research. Finding the right general identity for you can be complete, can be ultimately beneficial, especially to those who think they're experiencing gender dysphoria. Remember to respect one's pronouns and remember that your own pronouns are valid as fuck. I love that you wrote that in. He was finally getting okay. I'm just saying. So audience twenty five right, area, right, yeah, and it sounds sometimes. It sounds like we'll reading a Shakespearean play, he said. I like, what the fuck? Miss Hoffman, sorry, like every I love your writing. It's my favorite, but I just saw that. I'm like, there are so many words that are commonly used, but everyone with the age son would, and then the one one. It's okay, very first one that came into my mind. I like so sorry. All I imagine is like if you're saying the hopes, no, that's not right. Wishes, no, that's not right. My price is telling me. It was honestly just the first thing that came into my mind. I was just like, you know, I was like on a roll. I was just writing and it just like write a book. Sorry, won't know, but I don't know. It happens to me whenever I'm writing anything. I just get into the zone getting I could write a recipe book...

...and be in the zone. Right, you're you to put some rice into this, fucking you. Okay, that is what we have for today. Sorry, it was a little bit of a quick one. We got some places to go. It's a busy life. We got business to meet now. We don't hope. Probably I'll just going to go sleep later. Anyway. I want the Tim Allen's the Santa Clause. Anyway, weird for you to come back for next week week's episode as well and watch it all the way through. But if, but if you don't, well, we hope you have a good life. We still here and, as reminder, you followed us. Fuck Anyway, see you guys by hopefully, see you next week by.

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