House of Cards: An LGBTQIA2+ Podcast
House of Cards: An LGBTQIA2+ Podcast

Episode 93 · 3 months ago

House of Cards: An LGBTQIA2+ Podcast: Interviewing Pixie Styxx


Today, Me and Simone interviewed the lovely Drag person Pixie Styxx (He/her). She was amazing to have on the podcast and answered a few questions about being a drag person. He also reminded us that if you want to do something, JUST DO IT. We hope you enjoy the epsiode, if not have a good rest of your life, and remember you are valid as fuck and stay gay.

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Written by Avery Ann

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Hello and welcome to the House of cars and L G B T Q. I a two plus podcast. My name is Jackson. I'm one of your hosts. I use that. They him pronouns and Um, my room's like a mess, but that's because I'm trying to organize it. So, you know, it's that kind of it's that kind of thing of like to get clean, it has to get worse. Yeah, Um, hi, I'm Simone. Are usually they pronouns and today's a special episode because we have a guest here. Introduce yourself, guest. Introduce yourself, guest. Gunpoint. Yeah, basically. Well, fine, then I think she sticks and I used she he grown aunts and I am a brand new baby drag artist here in Calgary. Awesome. Yeah, no, Um, we have done a dreg episode where we talked about the history, but we've never had a drag porson on here. True, we're just getting better and better. We're just getting better and better, you know. Yeah, we we started with James Owen and now we have pixie six. So like we're definitely getting better up there. We're going up in the world. We're moving up in the world. Um, all right, if you would like to follow us on social media. You can find us on Instagram at House of cards underscore podcast, on twitter at lgbt underscore deck on Tiktok as house of cards podcast, on Youtube as house of cards and lgbt deck, and our merch website is by house of cards dot Wicks or dot company, dot site. That is a different that we don't use anymore. That it's just there all domain and pure. Yeah, where where can if people find you? Yeah, yourself. They can find me on Instagram at with love from Pixie sticks, and that's s t y x, as in the river in the Greek underworld. Is that? That's a lot. I just thought you picked it because it looked cool. I honestly thought you're like yeah, this, this, this is just cool. We're doing that. No, that's really awesome. Oh my gosh, I love to see that, but yeah, I don't know. That's it. That's it. That's the podcast. Thanks for tuning in. That's it. That's the whole thing. That's all we do. Yeah, we we introduced and then we leave. Um Exactly. Oh my God, that should be one episode. That would be really funny. We just stow the episode and then we just like anyway, thank you so much for tuning in. Yeah, like, if someone forgets to write it, we can just say fuck it and do that. I say we do that on April ferms. Yeah, Oh my God, on Wednesday this year. I can go check right now. If you don't know, Fi, we basically tell us more about you. Yeah, well, I'm doing this useless thing. Tell us about you, a Bema, before we get into the whole interview ship. Yeah, Um, sure, absolutely so. I had my first sort of official drag show, I guess, Um, basically in June, and that was actually hell at my school, funnily enough, and it's really it's, you know, a pretty accepting school, but at the same time the people organizing it, you know, they didn't let it be on the announcements and they basically only sent invitations to G S A and the theater club. So what the fun? Oh, that's all. It was accepting, you know. But uh, it's fun that they but you know what,...

...the queers are gonna love this one, but I think that people are in the musical are also really going to do this, even the stores, I think. I think they kind of realized if you're in a musical theater it's most likely that you're a little bit quick. It's just a little. What do you mean? Just a little? I used to do musical theater. I used to do musical theater exactly. The gays love musical theater. It's now, how surprise, it's the musical theater podcast and people do what we talked about. We can have a musical episode. What are we going to sing about? Dis Yeah, that fits. It's really it is on topic. Just isn't here. It's not attical theater is clear. Dick's are yes, they are. Dicks are not inherently queer? No, but they are inherently queer when talked about by a lesbian and uh, in a sexual. But you're not a lesbian, dude, honestly. Yeah, alright, like sleep with men. That's just yep, that's me. Um, anyway, Jesse isn't here, so we don't have a cool transition, you know, which is upsetting, like deeply. It's very upsetting. But you know, vacation and Shay, you know, taking time to be with family. God, Um. So let's get right into the introwen. So we're interviewing pixie sticks today. Um, as well, drake is not you know, I'm hoping pixiegers. Drake is don't in here queer. It is definitely part of, you know, the community. Uh. So, you know what? And also, even if it wasn't, it's a podcast. We get to decide what we talk about. Okay, sure, we have a theme, but we will do an episode on penises and you can't stop us. Only when the last US turned the team. Sorry, yeah, yeah, anyway. Um, so I'll start off with the questions. What made you want to go into drake? What was the thing that was like, you know what, this is it, this is this my thing. So I didn't bring it up when it was relevant. But I was also in the musical theater thing at my school this year and you know, I was playing this. It really is like, uh, the evidence is mounting. Sure is, but I was playing this sort of reference hub gangster character. But you know, he's like fun because musicals are comedies usually. So, you know, you know, I have like a Tommy Gun in my violin case, but also just a change shirt. Yeah, I know what you mean, but I'm looking at myself in this costume and it's this like oversized pinstriped suit and this bowler hat and I'm like, I do not look like a gangster at all. I look like, I don't know, like five year old timmy in his daddy's work suit. You know, that's that's kind of advice. Yeah, yeah, I love guy. It definitely is a vibe, but it doesn't quite fit the hey, what do you know? What do you guess? I think it could in like a really comedic way, though it's honestly, I feel like it fits modern day like five year olds, like I've been a five year old and I'm not even show half of them have a gun on that what? I don't know what, but they're terrified.

But I was thinking, you know what would really complete this look? Some facial hair. And my the dance teacher, she comes up to me. She's like it's like do you want to try a beard tonight? And I'm like, of course I want to try a beard. Jacqueline, I don't call it name, usually Jacqueline. Oh my gosh, this is directly in the eyes. You say that. I love that. So I tried that. And I would be UM REMISS IF I didn't mention two lovely people who I have the honor of knowing in person at my school who definitely helped get me into drag and that would be plume valour and the newly re christened spice floor. I love you guys so much. Oh my gosh, shout out to them. Yeah, shout out to them. You know, make sure you go of them too. Absolutely. And so you put a beard on and you're like that, yeah, that's it. I looked at myself in like the big full wall dance from mirrors and I was like yes, I feel so good, this is so right. I want to do this again. I love that. That's an amazing story. That's like it's one of the only good things beards I've ever done. I'm sure I would actors safe in the nineteen thirties, if you know what I mean. You're so right. Yeah, and my dad. Anyway, we're going in deep today. All right, how did you come up with your persona? I knew right off the bat that I didn't want to Um, sort to fit myself into being a drag king or the or at Dry Queen. So it's right away. I just sort of knew I wanted to be like completely gender fuck and just be able to do whatever I wanted to do with my look and so that helped me feel a little more confident. Like, you know, just starting out, I didn't want to box myself and so I wanted you to be able to try everything. But I knew also with the taste of music I wanted, I wanted to use in shows and stuff, it might be more on the darker, more oldiest side. So from there I just sort of came up with this slightly sinister, evil little creature who can pull off, you know, both a beard and some eyeshadow. That's awesome. I love that. I love how you call yourself LE and sinister and also gender fuck, like that's literally the gender I like. Let me just write that down. Yeah, we need to add that to our gaze thing, Um Lexicon. UH, yeah, we're gonna create a Dictionary House of cards. Gay Slang absolutely to Pixie as well. But no, I I I love the idea of like a gender fuck evil course, because I feel like, and maybe this is just the queer coding of society, but I feel like all gay people are just a little bit evil. There's there's just a little tinge of sinister and all of us because it's fun and totally not due to the abuse that we've continuously suffered. No, it's fun anyway. How hot is it to get everything set up, like make up, maybe the music, like, yeah, how long does it take to get dressed up? I'd say, Um, well, oh, I'd say I should a lot myself, at least an hour, but I don't always do that. And of course there's the process beforehand, like I go days, weeks, if I have noticed, before we're I'll try to pick out the song first and then I'll decide what sort of look close with that, what sort of...

Vibe of the performance I'm giving, and then I'll probably next step would be working out the look, making sure I have all the pieces I wanted, planning out what my makeup will be, and then practicing both the makeup and the clothes, making sure that they work together, and then doing running through the song a couple of times with all everything together, just to make sure that, you know, my shoe is not going to come flying off when I do a kick or something. Yeah, that, yeah, what do you mean souvenirs? It would be kind of funny if you planned for a shoe to fall off during a performance when you kicked. That would be and like, you can set up like like somebody to like try to catch it right. Yeah, write that down, put m but like, Um, it does seem like it. I feel like enough credit is given to people who do drake because like it, it's probably it takes. It doesn't. It's not like you just put her onto makeup and you go on stage. You're like hey, let's try to let's try to just do this improv style. Yeah, no, you have to do like everything, everything. It's amazing, it's admirable. Yeah, someone could never. Yeah, no, I could not. I do. However, I've always had this dream since I was like a child, to like have a beard. I don't know why, like you know that little that's a little sus. You listen, I am Yes, stop listening. Stop, stop listening. So do you have a song you are waiting to perform? I can. I think of so many songs and then I'm like wait, I do not have the right space to do this and I don't have the thing I want to wear for this, so it just ends up added to the list. But I am right now. I guess I want to put together something to Um bubble gum bitch by marina and the diamonds. I think that would be a lot of fun, but I just so many directions I could take it and I just don't know how to narrow down it to one. That stress as a bubble gum. What's the Big Round Ball? What if you put all your ideas on like that wheel website where you spin it and then you spin it and whichever when you land on, that's what you do, or that's when you find a song that like relates to a wheel or something, and that's your that's your performance. So true, your entire performance picking us on, and then that's it would be absolutely terrifying. Uh. So we did get a little into this, but maybe a bit more in depth. Like how, like, how do you kind of exactly plan a performance and how long does it take? On more like a when you have a performance, let's say you were given as much time as possible, you know, for you were told infinitely into the past that you had this performance coming up. How do you plan for that and how long would you say that take you to be ready to perform? I would probably definitely, as I've said, um first step pick out the song. Uh, to get ready, I listened to the song over and over again and before I even, you know, start doing anything else. I need to like know that song really well because I'm going to be lip sinking it. And then, you know, I'll start to practice adding that in and then I'll do the movements. I'm not a fantastic dancer and I haven't like done a dance class since I was maybe before. So I don't know anything properly. But you know, I just do what goes with the music and what looks okay in the mirror. Uh,...

I'll find the makeup, the look I want to do for that practice putting that on. Uh, all in all, I think I could come up with a really solid performance in maybe, you know, I bet the best performance in my life I could do in a month's notice. Really that's really good. But I guess, yeah, if you just like constantly put your energy into it, yeah, there's got to be like an amount of like kind of how do I say this? Like, Um, not obsession, but like obsession with kind of like that's the wrong word completely. It looks like. It looks like that might be the right word, but like I don't know. Anyway. Um, do you get nervous before you perform? Yes, every time. I always think I'm gonna go in and you know, I know what I'm doing. But Um, Samus with getting up for acting or singing or on a musical instrument. But, as a drama coach of mine says, the day she isn't nervous before performance is the day she quits acting, because being nervous means that you care and you shouldn't be doing something you don't care about. That's really true. I think I've heard the same thing as well, because I used to do acting and stuff. And Yeah, you were like on Broadway for a band, but Um, I did Hamilton's I am ye, honestly, yeah, that's gonna be my spiritual awakening. But Oh yeah, that's like really true, because if you're not nervous to perform, that you're not like putting your all into it. Sorry, I don't see. M Hmm, I had two hours of sleep. Let's say you don't sleep in general, ever. Sorry. So true. Um. So, do you have any advice to people who would like like they're not in dreg yet, maybe they're considering it. Do you have any advice that you would like to kind of give them the kind of start out? Yeah, totally. I'd say that you know, don't worry about being as good as what you know you'll see on social media or on TV or, you know, gets all the attention. Just try things out, don't be afraid to, you know, do two completely different things after each other. Um, find what works for you rather than what works for somebody else, and then just get up there and share. That's beautiful ball. I love that. It's yeah, and especially because, like lots of art forms, you only tend to see that like most practiced, most polished version of it and like the most kind of like popular stuff. Is Really hard to compare yourself to when you're starting out in an art form. But yeah, that's great, that's Nice. And this I think, from basically all of our guests when we've asked them, how do you have any advice? They've all just said basically do it. So if you're listening and you have not done what you want to do, I think all three of us you will agree. Just do it. Just just stopped, just stop doing it. It's not like a John say that laimed. No, it's a Nike things. We might love Nike, though they created the lesbian sports problem. I thought you're just gonna say they can ated lesbians you wanted here. Nike created...

...lesbians like Nike, like the Greek God is. Damn, she did create good. This. This, this is kind of out of the blue question. It's not like an official question and you can say no, Um, but would you like to teach house of cods, like all of us, how to do drag for Youtube Video? Basically, get off persona set up, get maybe a Saun set up and all of that? That would be amazing. I am one of the least qualified people to do it, but I'm slightly qualified, so I will do it. Yeah, you have one of the boxes. Have done drag. What's the energy we like to see here? That is the energy we have here. Take it, homie. We get asked all the time. How do you do a podcast? I don't know. We just do it. You just do we just do chick that's why we're picking you as a teacher, because it'll fit the vibe of just we don't know. We'll just throwing shipped out the window. Do you feel like that when you like, when you're making up like anything with Dragon, just like I don't know what I'm doing this. This is what I'm doing now. Yeah, as long as it looks good from like the audience, it does not matter. You know what the back of your head looks like exactly. It's like the social media trick where you like tie your shirt in the back like really poorly so that it looks good from the front on camera, in front of like whatever you're at for Instagram, and then you turn around and it's like but ugly clipped back that one episode. Thank you for coming on the episode. Yeah, so, just correct, Um, you perform mostly in Calgary. Um, yes, if you can give me a plane ticket, I'll go anywhere. Sounds good. Yeah, okay, I'm gonna get you to like Alaska. I will wait dit and to send you to allows me to do a drag show. That'd be so fun, just to a bunch of wild life. You're just like on like a like a stump doing a performance to a bunch of deers. Yes, let's make it happen. If I did drag, that would be for you to drake. Um, but yeah, thank you so much for coming in today's episode. The BA. Yeah, thank you for coming on today's episode. Reminder, where can you find Pixie on social media? On instagram at with love from Pixie sticks and that's s t y x. So make sure to go and follow him so that you can see all of our performances like all the time. You really got to watch mojo voice down. I gotta say, who does which one of us? Pixie stick, Goddamn you. What are you replacing? Okay, Pixie is now the head of the podcast. Umils are two hundred pages. Yeah, get up, facescraft onto you um now. I don't mean to Um outshine Pixie, but it's just if I don't say this now, it's not gonna be out in time. So okay, see, we'll putting you in the back seat for like five seconds and then we'll get you back in the past job. I know, very cruel of us, but trust me, you're gonna like to hear this if you are in the Calgary area, either on the from to the fourth, and you would like to see one of our episodes live. House of cards, uh, maybe performing at Calgary Pride two, either in the se the opening ceremony or the fourth for their big Friday event. Um. So, yeah,...

Mo will come out later when we know what's happening more, because we just got the refish in. So if you're in that area if we can tweet about it when we know more and we'll post on instagram when we know more. But Um, yeah, if you're in the category were doing that time, feel free to like stop eye. You know. Um, that's also because this is only a voice of the podcast. Nobody saw Pixie did, but when I said that if she would have to be in the backseat, he made a powdery face. So just so everyone's aware that that happened. Just making sure that we know that happened. Absolutely. This is why we gotta like start putting our podcast episodes on Youtube video. I do, I really do, because it's nice. Honestly, I don't know where we should do that because, like, dude, half the time I feel like half. I was up pegging on nose during the episode. I am they're like my charing yacht, dude, I'm searching some bones. Got The hold on US hand, just in they're not just knuckle deep brother fisting my nose, you vile wretch. Yeah, yeah, sorry. Normally the podcast is kept like semi normal by the other host, but when there's just two of us it gets a little weird. Um, correction. Avery usually keeps it semi normal because when Aco, I keep avery normal and like you keep best normal, and Jesse's just a weird fit into I feel like. Jess keeps you normal. I feel like just does keep me, because when Jesse's okay, so I keep avery normal, you keep avery normal, do I jess keeps you normal and just also keeps me normal, and I just myself normal because I have an issue with math. Also keeps you normal, and a Pixie is like currently contacting his manager, like give me the fuck literally now. I would see. Anyway. Thank you so much between today's episode. We hope you enjoyed it and we hope that you learn a little bit more about what it is being a drake porson and we hope that if you were interested being a drake Porson, do it. Just do it, you know, go into it. Mr Looks, we want to see, but you don't be surprised if you get Cobb stoned by Pixie for taking their place. Okay, so yeah, that's that would be a fun drake show. Drag brawl, Jake Drake running. I think it's the thing somewhere. Probably, if it isn't, we'll make it. That's our next show. Absolutely okay, anyway, thank you so much between and we hope you endread it and we hope that you go into a little bit something and then you decided to do next week. If not, have a good rest of your life. Is there anything else to add, fell it does fuck something random that avery says stay gay. H.

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