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House of Cards: LGBTQ History: Modern Era


Today! We ended our series on History of the LGBT Community! We talked alot, You should just watch it and find out Make sure to turn in next week if you can't, thats'll alright and I hope you have a good rest of your life! Remember you are vaild as fuck!

Written by Avery Ann

Edited by Jaxson Stiles

Produced by: Jaxson , Avery and Simone

In Spanish, remember what I'm talking spam, get Emma facts: anyways be recording yeah. I said you're, good, okay, hi, welcome to the House of cardsand lgs podcast. My name is Simon. I used Shida pronouns and I am crocheting a blanket right now that is really pagers. What's up so Iam Abria, I usually her pronounced and the past like two weeks, I've gotten somany books. I am so Abe Nice Hog, shamp, hello. My name is Jacksonand I am eating a big Mac right now on and don't be shy. Tell us your pronouns. Isaid You, I okay. Neither of US heard feelings fast,dramatic scene like in the housewife shit all right. You can find us on Instar at House ofcards, underscore podcast on twitter, at l, GT underscore deck and on TickTock as house of cards. PODCAST wow, that's like professional! What doyou do? You do like professionally now no sounds like it wow. No, my brain just decided to focustoday. It literally sounds so good you're. Absolutely I thank you or in radio okay, every, let's not give them another one anyway. Sorry, no I'm not ENA fucking lie WITE, you avery! What's next giving me a Milla crisisyeah have it again probably at to be honest, that's every thing so m, okay, we! Sorecently I decided I wanted to be a teacher and I think it's going to be somuch fun. Oh my God, me too, Oh and if I change my mind again, it's aneasy switch to bachelor of Arts Psych instead of scientifics, like I likehonestly fuck science like I get it like, be a woman in stem, but like fuckscience, not that it's not like a good thing forhuman development. I just can't do it. I I love it. Thank you. I Hate Deacons, kids, Let rock cookthem! He don't! I just want a like put some teenagers like. I want to humblesome teenagers. Basically, what, like your teacher, said to humpy I'm just passed a quite a little andShii have over the past three days days watched all three seasons of girl,mates world and, Oh, my God, it's awful! Well, I I just realize something: You knowwhat so, with vaccines becoming more and more available for different people. Well, know people saying they're notgoing to get it because they don't want to put in the body. Yet people out here eating MacDonald's an Oh, my God, literally, don't even getme started on seating like there's one...

...cit, I'm Al, I'm allowing to use thatexcuse because they literally like a nothing bad goes in the body, so theyget a free pass. My brother, on the other hand, let's all just be calling out kids leftand right down. His name is redacted and his location is a red acted. Oh, let me just say: No just tells everyone your address. No,do you know it yeah? I do shit, please don't dog me! You were the first litfan. Question I saw was a well I can't, but like in person yeah it was I was. I went there. Iforced my dad to let me go really early, because I wanted to see you II think that was no. It was the tripto someone else's house where we almost died, but well what I'm concerned andthen, like I, when you got out like the bus home, my mom told me the storyabout a person who got decapitated on one of those buses, and I was like whatthe fuck is wrong with you. Oh my God like as soon as you left, dude youtested me, do still have your head to still have your head do to love yourhead. I literally texted you like right after I think, and I was like. Are youokay and I'm sitting there with a kiddrinking a beer next to me like, yes course? I am. Why? Wouldn't I be me school, no tick,Tock trying to lose focus that everything is happening about me, yeah, just yes, that was the summer oftwo thousand and Twenty Not Oh, oh my God. This is Ner, though what iswrong with me. I need to have a hot girl summer, absolutely valid. That's why you'recommuniste me and avery right yeah, because I'm going to get Dick onPanocha, I would lose my shit. If you did, Ilike I'd actually being jus competition, I would be so impressed. Not even anample me and Abe are going to lose if that's a competition. Absolutely whatif I just kissed a girl- Oh my God, damn it now every's going to beat me in my own home, tol: Okay, wait:competition, who's, gonna, okay, so like if every kiss as a girl for shewins, and if I get later, I win. What do I do? What do I have to do to winyou get to watch? I don't want to I'm not straight eye. I don't want tosee goals. Okay. What do you have to do to win? You have to opost to doing it with a twenty yearold. Not Really. I got a guy for you. Why you see a Petofi, I think it works on Yeah Yeah. I don't think I could. I don't he's notreally any girls here that you could do. Actually I know no, if you want, Icould get you someone who's experimenting down here, though yeah, but is a a so pretty what I mean she's going topaint her nail. Also, like doesn't hold hod, doesn't break her a sorry what she doesn't know. One HardHark Dude, that's so mean oh she's, so pretty youknow who's prettier, you mom. Actually,... the person who is pretty O, as henineteen nineteen send for the two and yes, it was not smooth. I'm sorry! That's to.I don't know how to say. Nineteen o not Nesan, thus nine hundred ten hundred, it's okay. We still love you. No, youdon't is fine. I D, Yeah Jackson Im your white. What am I soon a disappointment? Okay, let me just remove the bone fromthe pod cat. You have every right dude I do. I couldeasily get rid of you and they would be like you know what Dedisset I really don't deserve to be here. It's a mon sitting here we have. I would not want to do the podcastwithout some one. Just heads up I could know offensive. I could not dothis podcast with just you. Oh yeah definitely born where you confirmedthat I am Gina Linette. Oh, Oh, my God, a right. I think you just just give avery like a notoge, nerd Gasmere. So right, can I not makethis connection how I was so disappointed in myself. Ijust realized. We could never do this podcast without all to of us. Are westabilize each other causes is just a. It would be pure knowledge, and I feellike it would get a little boring at times that in so boring I am not boring.You just need, like I feel like you need to be like in a costume like youneed to be able to have fun projects. I feel like there would be very fun waysto learn it, though for me, for if she just did it. Oh true from my ego, why don't ye? There wouldbe no happen. The wooing two days maximum. No, let's say that we could gothrough this. One Mon would do it, but like even if there was a topic, someonewould never get to it. Yeah. If I did it. What's my fault, you guys tell me, Oh,I feel like either one you'd go crazy, like just talking to yourself or so maybe a little bit boring if youwere like just making jokes to yourself. I feel like this works because webounce off each other. I can see Jackson sitting and I can see Jackson sitting in front of amere talking to himself were just roasting. This shit no drinkhis own reactions, because I also make my own jokes when I'm home alone nlaugh at them. Oh so do I so do I just be Jackson going crazy it totally whatbefore the end of my craziness, it would also change so much if it wasjust me an Simon, it would become an ten plus right way, O for sure it wouldliterally be only fans. It would be. Oh, my God. If it was me and avery, itwould be so dull and boring if it was me avery, I feel like thatwould be because I feel like me in avery's, humor is like best to humor,where no one else can really understand it. So we wouldn't make out just on thepodcast we would be like no can so we'd be boring as fuck. Did you just compliment my humor? Absolutely. Thank you all, though yourego be stroked. It would just be a lesbian, dating showwhich a be probably bored. Oh, my God, you should make a lesbian dating showhome me yeah. I just put. I just findlesbians to put them together. No, not you avery no mean my God that would beso horrible and like everyone's trying... date, avery! No, I'M! I would be thehost of it, because the only love in my eyes as this valid is women, love woman.That's the only one! That's valid! I'm sorry, as I feel like that's problematic. It'sthe funniest thing to me absolutely once in a while you'll just randomlyhit me up and you're like do you know how badly I wish I could love a woman you're like I absolutely a dull woman,and if I could be a woman and love a woman, I would die happy. Okay, then,why do you text me and call me and you're like women are gross? I don't do that too. I tell you thatmen are gross literally last night. You were like. I say that about you justbecause I don't want you to get cocky like what you did with your lastboyfriend, I'm already cocky, because I have fifty people in my snap into now. I want you, I want you tostop talking to pretty Gol so that I can day pretty go. I jes you o not date,pretty girl. Why cashe's a border like alcoholic, so what all my other five boyfriends? Oh my Sam, I'm just sitting here with my BillEber and my water bottle. This is why we need to move in together becausethis to be like all lies, I'm just rearranging my book shelves in so talking about men, aver in thecorner scrubbing the floor. I was talking about pretty girl.Actually pretty girl is very pretty. You should send us a picture. I should with consent with consent yeah. I couldjust send you guys her instare, I think she's public, so you should. Okay.Should we get into it, we try we ACTORI, okay and I'm starting, so so you're,not O. I am it's my name over he. Nineteen hundred this is my Moeder. HowDare Oh, my God, every right that Ye can have the moment Moor on thousand hundred and finally, we've made it all the waythrough history. So obviously, we've broached some stuffalready from this era, not only for my pride history episode, but also thefact that you know we're living in the modern era, I'm actually not I'm livingin the Reisen area. Ah, yes, I forgot, you were a mortal, I just go to whatever I want to be.Sometimes I was Leo devanceassistant. Did youseriously just ask? Do you shift that's all this podcast is okay, continue what time to be alive, it is, and nowthis is going to be. Semi Fan grilling about the Internet, because socialmedia is revolutionized what it means to be lght at one of the best ways likeif it were not for social media and the World Wide Web. There wouldn't be haveas much representation or accessibility or knowledge as there is now, and Imean just personally as someone who thrives on knowing things I like it's the best thing ever, I'm solike. I bless my laptop every single day. Holston it...

...five and you know Internat, gives methe opportunity to listen to sweat or weather on repeat, while writing a gaybut podcast so God's, less innovation, O okay, no just wait a second. I justwant to talk about nowhere in this about social meet and ltttle about, andyou can listen to an l GT, podcast yeah. I forgot that part to be podcast that deals with theInternet also every what can I use even if social media being in themodern area, young gay, still try to day older gay men away so mote whenever you're ready,okay, I'm kind of blind and one eye at the moment, but I will try my best. Ialways blind my eyes what the beginnings of the twentieth centurywere actually quite positive. The potentially first open gay Americannovelist was published in one thousand nine hundred and o six and anarchistand writer am a Goldman, a maculate. I sorry go on, I'm just gonna cry what she said to be the first American topublicly defend homosexual love in one to nineteen. Ten, one thousand ninehundred and Seventeen October Revolution repeals the previouscriminal code entirely. Instead opting to treat Heteros and homos alike, butyou know they still mask er an entire family which is not valid as fuck it.It's not cool anyways. In Germany, one of the first explicitly gay films is released. Starring Dr Magnus Hersfeld,who co funded the Institute for sex research and the USS, are finally justde criminal ized, his homosexuality in one thousand nine hundred and twentytwo good for Ha. Yes with a Brewinsomething. What did you do? Why would you highlight I'm a gold man, becauseshe's amazing and I love her Mbi. I feel I sent a picture in the sky thing.She's, beautiful and radiant list see me see. Let me see pretty o looking at that Queen, like that. If you tell, if you try totell me, that's a straight person, I will not believe you she is. You know now what that's what Ithought when Jo Jo Sia came out. I was like how did I not see this sooner inwith Mike only wears rainbows? I was like what kind of straight person there were quite a few authors andcomposers during this time and a group of translunar youth carried out theforce, lb documented demonstration, and I think that did they have sex witheach other. They probably did good for them good for them. That'swhat people are going to say about us in twenty years. From now did they havesuck with each other, probably known as lo loss Carolinas, who revolted after thestruction of the public bath and known Alget Han out in Basselin? However,even dispute to I, I know how to speak: ZEMP Pron Le Toilet, you yourself a toilet. I said I am Apple Toilet. Actually Ithink I did. I don't know what I said. However, even despite the acts ofdeclination around Europe, Germany quickly to himself with the founding ofthe Nazi party, Fuck Dan, I'm going to quickly just to be safe for a quick tothe warning that, if anything really related to what the notes day istriggering to you or anything that happened during the HO. Lo CA UST skipa little like fifteen thirty seconds...

...ahead. Just I want to just just becausethis can be very matter for people spes if you're a little on the olderside to just the Broilin institution for sex reshitwas born in one thousand nine hundred and Tirty, three and homosexuals werealso sign to concentration counts, as homosexuality was re criminal ized inthe USS R. The force use of the Pink Triangle, which I believe was used toidentify some when as homosexual in these contentation camp was in onethousand nine hundred and thirty seven. But the end of the Holocaust wasestimated three thousand two nine hundred homosex homosexuals were mass acard with over ten thousand being put into counts in the force place, andthis was along with the Jews. I don't know that I'm goin be sick, Communis millions yeah, it was Malo. Millions of Jewsdied in the Holocaust and yeah. Oh Hallus, not a not a good thingwhatsoever in the afternoons of the force. Postwarbar open ball in in the summer, one thousand nine hundred and forty fiveand the Fort is honorably discharged, gay veterans from the gate veteran oday, the ve Beeve Association in New York and good for them. For them the S and s saw wide expansion of gayand allying associations be established throughout Europe and North America and,of course, the stone well wire. What what the stone wall riots took place inone thousand nine hundred and sixty nine, which then revamped de criminalization on a global scale. A I completely gaped out about thisearlier in one thousand nine hundred and eighty two, the first gay games,the Gay Olympics held and established in San Francisco with sixteen hundredparticipants. That is so so the fors games included basketball billiard. How most did you just for added thatend? You just edited to sexuality that thatwas not a legitimate game. I think it was Tittattoo, my God game included, volleyball wrestlingbowling, cycling, diving, GOP, swimming tennis, our lifting and dragon field.Okay, whistling is basically homosexuality, O now recurring every four years. Thenext games are expected to be held in Hong Kong of two thousand and twentytwo I've absolutely lost my mind when I learned this and now I follow the GayGames on Instar. Oh my God, I got to find it yeah, not even no shame I'm going to get into sports now. Ican't believe that how the cards will also be following the count, if Youdlike to o easily get to that. However, you know a year before thiswas the beginning of the AIDS epidemic which horribly reinspired USdiscrimination and Homophonic, even going as far to be referred to as thegay related immune deficiency, and you know this has been proven wrong, but unfortunately ads is still aproblem, but not because of gay people,... it was also called grid by the way, Great Yeah. I loaned that from Greson enemy. Oh myGod, I was literally able to say that I love gray's anatomies. I've been waking up and thinking grace.An atomy is not to be straight FOWOOKA or anything,but he imagine waking up and going m gray's anatomy is the best. I love how you say this as we like bothphrase anatomies am, I think it's a table show thatshould have died a while ago. He definitely should have it's been going,so it's been going on way too long. I still like watch. I know it's going tobe fifty years in the future and their alien doctors. I bring myself to watchany of the coved seasons, though I'm not even going to lie yeah. I don't really now. I think that's a small idea justbecause it also entrons that theh being safe, yeah yeah. I just can't bringmyself to watch it anyway. I re on with the twenty first century, camemarriage and adoption laws world wide, as well as the dedication of the PinkTriangle Park in two thousand one which honoured the thousands of persecutedhomosexuals during the Second World War. The Netherlands became the firstcountry to legalize same sex, marriage. Belgium second span third and Canada onJuly twentieth. Two Thousand and five dozens of L GPPS identifyingindividuals come into positions of power during this time. The USlegalized game, marriage in two thousand and fifteen. I thought it wastwenty six anyways and lger began springing all over the place. However,America took a dip with the WO thousand and sixteen presidential election ofone homophone transfer pasages racist over a last hat and literally just apiece of Shit, Donald Trump. What do you mean? I think he's a goodguy get A. I can not even jokes, oh my God, or we're not going to give them thetime of day we're all gonna Acknowledge, I think,cause grief of to grief in the lives of American, let q plus, as well as othercountries as because America is very rich and powerful. A lot of nationslike to follow in its dead something that the US president to bodyis now walking on to fix what tread. That is something that he got voted in for something got foldin O, so I'm glad he falling through the head on my tenth president, Ididn't officially reinstated protection for Americans against transcenderdiscriminations. On drop the fuck, oh I get sorrysignation Don Tump had placed on health care and while the world may never beprofit, we can be thankful for where we look now, and not only an error ofmassive change, both opportunities to loan and teach. Remember. I be happythat you live in such a wonerful time, but don't forget to keep fighting. Wewant a future that is the best possible for our children or grandchildren, andso many more ahead of you make sure to hold your representivity. We live in anera of democracy. You don't live in an area of democracy. Hopefully we can help with that soonenough make sure your representatives, if youhave them on supporting your life, no matter how young you are that'resupposed to represent you. This is the end of our Western culture, is lgsthrough the eras. We're probably going to do a quick few topics to try someother things, as this is of this episode and then we're going to starton more of the eastern eras from the Eastern culture to the arrows. Rememberyou fellas Fuck Al Yeah. You are yeah! Yeah, a Yourang game gang gang go toGan, good CIGNE guting, my wench Kayo... sleep paper just go to sleep. I okay put Pello toyour take absolutely mothers motors you cutely.If you do, I think it was an amazing topic. Can we just talk about how goodof an idea I had to do this yeah Jackson, you're amazing we're going toyehoodee where we came from to where we are nowthere's a bunch of different colleges. We didn't cut on will be in touch witha bunch of different ones. Some cultures, maybe with out towing alittle bit differently and focus on different countries. This was reallymore of an eastern point of view, an Easton dissentin nations. I think Itook my shirt: U N backwards! Thank you for that. Abri I've beenlurking like this all day. My we talk through and again, because thisseries is kind of over make sure make sure sorry, teeter this use and Scrimto whatever you want make Sur. Tell us when you want to fucking what the fuckmy brains are walking at Tibes nod hart. Yes, when your I can't take over for Jackson, okay,okay, twite US use, Instar, even use tick,talk and tell us topics that you would like us to talk about. We are alwaysopen to suggestions and would love to do what you guys have to say absolutely,and you know like pretty much. All of our other episodes feel free to do yourown research. History is beautiful, really and there's so much out up there o casually apes. My Godanyway is there anything else. AdValid is fuck. I'm really going to have to fix my shirt. I'm feeling reallyembarrassed now. You know the only one in my room but down he can believe. Ilook I this all day. We hope we can you next week, but ifnot, I have a good rest of your life. I will see you next time. Maybe not that's fun. Fuck you a reaction than you walking. Hopefully I not have a good rest of your life. Good,bye.

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