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House of Cards: LGBTQ History: Modern Era


Today! We ended our series on History of the LGBT Community! We talked alot, You should just watch it and find out Make sure to turn in next week if you can't, thats'll alright and I hope you have a good rest of your life! Remember you are vaild as fuck!

Written by Avery Ann

Edited by Jaxson Stiles

Produced by: Jaxson , Avery and Simone

... ANYWAYS, were recording. Yeah, I said, you're good. Okay, hi, welcome to the House of cards and lgbtq plus podcast. My name is Simone. I use she they pronouns, and I am crocheting a blanket right now. That is really poggers. What's up show? I am Abrian. I usually her pronouns, and the past like two weeks I've gotten so many books. I am so happy. Nice Champ. Hello, my name is Jackson and I eating a big Mac right now, and don't be shy. Tell us your pronouns. I said, yeah, Oh, okay, neither of us are feelings flast dramatic scene like in the housewife shit. All Right, Um, you can find us on Instagram at House of cards underscore podcast, on twitter at lgbt underscore deck and on Ticktock as House of cards podcast. Wow, that's like professional. What do you do? You dods like professionally? Now, no, sounds like it. Wow, no, my brain just the focus today. Literally sounds so good at you're absolute amazing. I'm B thank you for working radio. Okay, okay, some is a very let's not give them another one anyway. Sorry, you will that. You are a brain. What's next? Giving me at mid life crisis? Yeah, have it again, probably. Let's be honest. That's everything. So my okay, wait. Till recently I decided I wanted to be a teacher and I think it's going to be so much fun. Oh my God, me too. And if I change my mind again, it's an easy switch to bachelor of Arts Psych instead of scientifics like, because I like, honestly, fuck science, like I get it, like be a woman in stem but like, fuck science. Not that it's not like a good thing for human development, I just can't do it. I I love it. Thank you. I hate the Kim's kids. Let's Dro Rock Cook them. He don't. I just want this, like put some teenagers, like I want to humble some teenagers, basically what, like your teachers tried to Hump You. I'm just passion on quite little shit. I have, over the past three days days, watched all three seasons of girlmates world and, Oh my God, it's awful. Well, I I just realize something. You know what? So, with vaccines becoming more and more available for different people, well know, people saying they're not gonna get it because they don't want to put it in the body. Yet people out here eating McDonald's, Oh my God, literally, don't even get me started on as eating like those. One Kid, I'm allowed, I'm allowing to use that excuse...

...because they literally like all nothing bad goes in the body, so they get a free pass. My brother, on the other hand, what's Y'all? Just be calling out kids left and right down. His name is redacted and his location is redacted. Let me just say, Um, no, just tells everyone your address. Mom, do you know it? Yeah, I do. Shit, please don't looks me. You were the Firstlid Fan Post I saw. Was I camp you have, but like in person? Yeah, he was. I was. I went there. I forced my dad to let me go really early because I wanted to see you. Oh yeah, I think that was no, it was the trip to someone else's house where we almost died, but well, what I'm concerned. And then, like I you got out like the bus home. My Mom told me the story about a person who got decapitated on one of those buses and I was like, what the Fuck is wrong with you? Oh my God, like as soon as you left dude, you texted me. Do you still have your head? Do you still have your head? Do you still have your head? I literally texted you like right after, I think that. I was like are you okay? And I'm sitting there with a kid drinking a beer next to me, like yes, Horse, I am. Why wouldn't I be? Me' scolling on Tick Tock, trying to lose focus that everything is happening about me. Yeah, just yes, said that was the summer of two thousand and twenty. That is oh so oh my God, this is near, though. What is wrong with me? I need to have a hut girl. Summer, absolutely valid. That's why you're coming to see me in a very right yeah, because I'm going to get Dick in Pinocco. I would lose my shit if you did. I like, I'd actually be because we get a competition. I would be so impressed. Not Even gonna lie ample me and aby are going to lose it. That's a competition. Absolutely. What if I just kissed a girl? Oh my God, damn it, now avery's gonna beat me in my own home. took. Okay, wait, competition. Who's gonna Ki? Okay, so, like if every kisses a girl for she wins, and if I get laid, I would. What do I do? What do I have to do to win? You get to watch. I don't want to. I'm not straight guy. I don't want to see girls. Okay, what do you have to do to win? You have to. Are you close to doing it with a twenty year old? HMM, not really. I got a guy for you. Why? Is He a pedophile? I think it works own. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I don't think I don't. There's not really any goals here that you could day. Actually, I know. No, you want. I could at you someone who's experimenting. I kind of down here, though. Yeah, but is it so pretty? What I mean? She's gonna paint her nail also, like it doesn't hold heart, doesn't break her her. Sorry, what she doesn't know won't hard heart. Dude, that's so mean. She's so pretty. You know WHO's prettier? Your mome, nasally know the person who was pretty. Oh is the nineteen,...

...that nineteen thousand of the two thousand. Yeah, that was not smooth. I'm sorry. Well, that's good. I didn't know how to say Nineteen Tho. It's not nine thousand and one Thousan nineteen hundred, nineteen hundreds. It's okay, we still love you. No, you don't. It's fine, idea, you Dickson. I'm your wife. What am I? Some more disappointment. Okay, let me just remove the mouth from the PODCAST. You have every right, dude, I do. I could easily get rid of you and they would be like, you know what, disserved. I really don't deserve to be here, summon sitting here we have. I would not want to do this podcast without someone. Just heads up. I could no offense every I could not do this podcast, which just you. Oh yeah, definitely need more and where you confirmed that I am Gina Lennedy. Oh, Oh my God, Oh my God, you're so right. I think you just did just gave a very like an auto gasm, nerd Gasm, don't you are so right. Did I not make this connection? How? I'm so disappointed in myself. I just realize we could never do this podcast without all three of us. Are we stabilize each other, because it was, if it was just you free, it would be pure knowledge and I feel like it would get a little boring at times. Amy, so boring? I am not boring, you just need, like I feel like you need to be like in a costume, like you need to be able to have fun projects. I feel like there would be very fun ways to learn it, though, for me, very if she just did it. Oh, true, M it's Trung Ego. Why don't you do it? They would be no, wouldn't happen. The No, do it for two days maximum. No, let's say that we could go through this on com one would do it, but, like, even if there was a topic, someone would never get to it. Yeah, if I did it, what's my fault? You guys tell me. Oh, I feel like either one you'd go crazy, like just talking to yourself, or so maybe a little bit boring if you're like just making jokes to yourself. I feel like this works because we bounce off each other. I can see Jackson sitting in jokes. I can see Jackson sitting in front of a mirror talking to himself, who is roasting this shit, monitoring his own reactions, because I also make my own jokes when I'm home alone and laugh at them. Oh, so do I. So do I just be Jackson going crazy? Looked it totally would before the res of my craziness. It would also change so much. If it was just mean Simon, it would become an eighteen plus right way real for sure. It would literally be only fans. It would be oh my God, if it was me and avery, it would be so dull and boring. If it was me and avery, I feel like that would be because I feel like me and avery's humor is like Besti humor, where no one else can really understand it. So we wouldn't make on the PODCAST. We would be like no, can't, so we'd be boring as fuck. Did you just compliment my humor? Absolutely, thank you. I'll let your ego bes droaked. Thank you. It would just be a lesbian dating show. It would just be probably bored. Oh my God, you should make a lesbian dating show, Homie me. Yeah, I just put I just find lesbian, put them together. No, not you, avery. No, mean. Yeah, that would be so horrible and like everyone's trying to date avery. No, I'm I would be the host of... because the only love in my eyes as is valid is women love woman. That's the only one that's valid. I'm sorry, that's I feel like that's problematic. It's the funniest thing to me. Absolutely every once in a while you'll just randomly hit me up and you're like, do you know how badly I wish I could love a woman? You're like, I absolutely a dull woman and if I could be a woman and love a woman, I would die happy. Okay, then, why do you text me and call me and you're like women are gross. I don't do that to you. I tell you that men are gross. Literally last night you were like women about you, just because I don't want you to get cocky like what you did with your last part friend. I'm already cocky because I have fifty people in my snap check. Find It. No, I want you to. I want you to stop talking a pretty God so that I can gay pretty go. I'm jealous. You can not date pretty girl. Why? Because she's a border like alcoholic. So we'll all my other five boyfriends. Oh my saying. I'm I'm just sitting here with my build, a beer and my water bottle. This is why we need to move in together, because this would be like all life. I'm just rearranging my bookshelves. Meet me and some moment talking about men, are in the corner scrubbing the floor. I was talking about pretty girl. Actually, pretty girl is very pretty. You should send as a picture. I should with consent. With consent. Yeah, I could just send you, guys her instagram. I think she's probably so you should. Okay. Um, should we get into it? We try. We actually tried. Okay, and I'm starting. So No, you're not. If I am, it's my name, the nineteen hundreds. This is my moment. How they're how dare? Oh my God, every right, this is you can have the moment and someone. Oh, I'm sorry, the nineteen hundreds after thousand. Finally we've made it all the way through history, so obviously we've broached some stuff already from this era, not only for our pride history episode, but also the fact that, you know, we're living in the modern era. I'm actually not. I'm living in the renaissance area. Ah, yes, I forgot you were immortal. Let just go to whatever I want to be. Sometimes I was Leo da Vinci's assistant. Did you seriously just ask? Do you shift? My God, that's all this podcast is. Okay, continue. Oh, what a time to be alive it is. And now this is going to be pheny fan growing about the Internet, because social media has revolutionized what it means to be Lgbtq at one of the best ways. Like, if it were not for social media and the World Wide Web, there wouldn't be half as much representation or accessibility or knowledge as there is now. And I mean just personally as someone who thrives on knowing things. I like. It's the best thing ever. I'm so like I bless my laptop every single day. Well, on it, I know gives me vibes. And you know, Internet gives... the opportunity to listen to sweat or weather on repeat while writing a gay bought podcast. So God bless innovation. Now. Okay, no, just wait a second. I just want to talk about nowhere in this about social media and LGBT. You talk about and you can listen to an LGBT podcast. Yeah, I forgot that part. To Be podcast that deals with the Internet. Also, every what can I use? Even if social media being in the modern area, young gay still try to date older gay men all the ways. Someone, whenever you're ready. Okay, I'm kind of blind in one eye at the moment, but I will try my best. I always blind in my eyes. What. Okay, the beginnings of the twenty century. We're actually quite positive. The potentially first open gay American novelist was published in one thousand nineteen o six, and anarchist and writer and the Goldman Immaculate. Well said. Sorry, go on, I'm just gonna cry what she said to be the first American to publicly defend homosexual love. In one thousand nineteen ten, the one thousand nine hundred and Seventeen October Revolution repeals the previous criminal code entirely, instead opting to treat heteroes and homos alike. You know, they still mask her an entire family, which is not valid as fuck. It's it's not cool. anyways. In Germany, one of the first explicitly Gay Films is released, starring Dr Magnus Hirshfield, who co funded the Institute for sex research, and the USS are finally just decriminalized this homosexually. In one thousand nine hundred and twenty two. Good full yes, we stand up. I ruined something. Wow, what did you do? Why would you highlight e'Ma Goldman because she's amazing and I love her hmm vibes. I feel I sent a picture in the sky. Think she's beautiful and radiantals because me see, let me see you, let me see pretty Oh mole looking at queen like that. If you type you try to tell me that's the straight person, I will not believe you. I don't you know what. That's what I thought when Jojosie walk came out. I was like, how did I not see this sooner? Only whears rainbows. I was like, what kind of straight person they will quite a few authors and composes during this time, and a group of transgender youth carried out the force LGBT documented demonstration in one thousand nine hundred and thirty. Did they have sex with each other? They probably did. Good for them, good for them. That's what people are going to say about us in twenty years from now. Did they have SEC with each other? Probably, known as Law Lost Carolinas, who revolted after the instruction of the public bath and known LGBT hand out in Barcelna. However, even dispute to let me by a rope. I know how to speak. Jima Pelle, promly toilet. What you call yourself a toilet? I said I am Apple Toilet. Actually, I think I did. I don't know what I said. However, even despite the acts of decriminalization around Europe. Germany quickly to himself with the founding of the Nazi party. Fuck them. I'M gonna quickly just to be safe, but a quick trigger warning that if anything really related to what the Nazis did is trigger into you or anything that happened during the H L O, see a ust skip...

...a lit like fifteen thirty seconds ahead. Just want to just yeah, just because this could be very sumad for people, especially if you're a little on the older side. To the Berlin institution for sex reshort was born in one thousand nine hundred and thirty three, and homosexuals will also sent to concentrate FIAN camps, as homosexuality was recriminalized in the USS are the force use of the pink triangle, which I believe was used to identify some when as homosexual in these concentration camp was in one thousand nine hundred and thirty seven, but the end of the holocast it was estimated three thousand to nine hundred homoseps. HOMOSEXUALS WILL MASSA HARD with over ten thousand being put into camps in the fourth place, and this was along with the Jews. I don't know that I'm germ SEC communist millions, yeah, it was million. Millions of Jews died in the Holocaust. And Yeah, Oh, the holocausts not a not a good thing whatsoever. In the afternots of the forced post war ball, open ball, and in the summer of one thousand nineteen forty five and the for just honorably discharged gay veterans from the gay veteran Gay, the veteran Nevulet Association in New York. And good for them, good for them, good for them. The S and sty saw a wide expansion of gay and alleying associations be established throughout Europe and North America. And, of course, the stone wall wire. Why what the Stone Wall? All riots took place in one thousand nineteen sixteen nine, which then revamped decriminalization on a global scale. I completely geeked out about this earlier. In one thousand nine hundred and eighty two, the first gay games, the Gay Olympics, held and established in San Francisco with sixteen hundred artists a pants. That is how the first Games included basketball, billiard. Almost did you just for addit that in? You just edited until what sexuality? Yeah, that that was not a legitimate game. We do without thinking about it. That's what I was trying to do. Oh my God. Um, the game fluted volleyball, wrestling, bowling, cycling, diving, Golf, swimming, ten ourlifting and dragon field. Okay, whistling, is basically homosexuality. Awesome, now occurring every four years. The next games are expected to be held in Hong Kong, of two thousand and twenty two. I absolutely lost my mind when I learned this, and now I follow the Gay Games on Instagram. Graham, Oh my God, I gotta Find It. Yeah, not even no shame, I'm gonna get into sports now. I can't believe this house of odds will also be falling. The kind of feed like them. Won't easily get to that, however. You know, a year before this was the beginning of the AIDS epidemic, which horribly reinspired US discrimination and homophobia, even going as far to be referred to as the gay related immune deficiency. And you know, this has been proven wrong, but unfortunately aid's is still a problem, but not because of... people. So it was also called grid, by the way. Grid, yeah, I love that, from grays an atomy. Oh my God, I was literally able to say that I love gray's anatomies. I've been waking up and thinking gree's anatomy is not to be straighte phobook or anything, but imagine waking up and going MMM, Gray's anatomy is the best. I love how you say this, as we're like both phrase an atomies. I think it's a table show that should have died a while though it definitely should have. It's been going so it's been going on way too long. I still like you watch. Know what's going to be fifty from the future and they're alien doctors. Oh my God, I'm so bring myself to watch any of the COVID seasons, though. I'm not even gonna lie. Yeah, I don't really know. I think that's a small idea, just because it also enshores that they're being safe. Yeah, well, yeah, I just can't bring this off to watch it anyways. recle simone. With the twenty one century came marriage and adoption laws worldwide, as well as the dedication of the Pink Triangle Park in two thousand and one, which honors the thousands of persecuted homosexuals during the Second World War. The Netherlands became the first country to legalize same sex marriage Belgium, second span, third and Canada. On July twenty two, thousand and five dozens of lgbtq plus identifying individuals come into positions of power. During this time. The US legalized gay marriage in two thousand and fifteen, I thought it was twenty six anyways, and lgbt representations began springing all over the place. However, America took a dip with the two thousand and sixteen presidential election of one homophobe, transphob posagenists, racist, overall assat and literally just a piece of Shit, Donald Trump. But I mean, I think he's a good guy. Get all the cannot even yoke. Oh my God, your Kay. We're not going to give him the time of day. We're gonna acknowledge if he cause grief. have to grief in the lives of American lgbt q plus as well as other countries as because America is very rich and powerful, a lot of nations like the following instead something that us. Presidentel Biden is now walking on to fix, which good. That is something that he's got voted in for, something you got voted in, or so I'm glad he's falling through with that on my ten president by didn't officially reinstated protection for Americans against transcender discriminations. Don't trump the fro Oh, I get sorry, sick nations. Don't trump had placed on health care. And while the world may never be perfect, we can be thankful for where we live now, and not only an error of massive change, both opportunities to loan and teach. Remember, be happy that you live in such a wonderful time, but don't forget to keep fighting. We want a future that is the best possible for our children, are grand children and so many more ahead of you. Make sure to hold your representatives accountable. We live in an era of democracy. You don't live in an area of democracy. Hopefully we can help with that soon enough. Make sure your representatives, if you have them all, supporting your life, no matter how young you are. They're supposed to represent you. This is the end of our Western cultures, lgbt q plus through the errors. We're probably going to do a quick few topics to try some other things. This is all fifth of code and then we're going to start on more of the eastern eras from the Eastern culture through the arrows. Remember your valot as fuck. Hell, yeah, you are. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, gang, gang, gang, gang, Goodti gain, good Gi gain, Goochi Gang my wench DAS. Okay, stop, just go to sleepaper,...

...just go to sleeping. Okay, put pellow to your face. Absolutely smothers mortars. You cutely murder. It was an amazing topic. Can we just talk about how good of an idea I had to do this? Yeah, Jackson, you're amazing word. Yeah, I do want you go, but never we will really thought to ash you of you. This is a good idea to see where we came from to where we are now. There's a bunch of different colleges we didn't touch on. We're going to touch with a bunch of different ones. Some cultures maybe will touch on a little bit differently and focus on different countries. This was really more of an eastern point of view and eastern descentant nations. I think of my shirt backwards. Thank you for that. Agree. I've been looking like this all day. We'll talk through and again, because this series kind of over. Make sure make sure it. Sorry, tweeted US using Scrim do whatever you want. Make sure to tell us when you want to fucking what the fuck? My brains out, walking vibes, moodart. Give us when you're I can't take over for Jackson. Okay, okay. tweeted us, use INSTAGRAM, even use tick Tock and tell us topics that you would like us to talk about. We always open to suggestions and would love to do what you guys have to say. Absolutely and, you know, like pretty much all of our other episodes, feel free to do your own research. History is beautiful, really, and there's so much out there. So casually vapes don't. Oh my God. Anyway, is there anything else to add? Valid is fuck, I'm really gonna have to fix my shirt. I'm feeling really embarrassed now. You know I'm the only one in my room, but Damna, believe I looked like this all day. We hope we could see you next week, but if not, I have a good rest of your life. We'll see you next time. Maybe not, that's fine. Fuck you reaction. Thank you for walking. Hopefully we have a good rest of your life. Goodbye.

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