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House of Cards: An LGBTQ+ Podcast; MLM history


Hello and Welcome our tiny gays. Today, we talked about MLM history, and no it is not multi-leveling marketing (we are very sorry). We talked about a lot in this epsiode and really enjoyed making it, so give it a listen!. We hope you liked the epsiode and we hope to see you next week! if not, have a good rest of your life! Remember you are vaild as fuck, and stay gay.

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Hello, comrades, welcome back to the House of Guards podcast and lgbtq plus podcast. I'm one of your hosts. Yes, I use hey. They pronouns and I just found out why. It's called brokeback mountain. Oh my God, so god like existed for seventeen years and I just didn't know. By the I want to talk about something about broke back mount I don't know if it's in the paragraph because I honestly I was sleeping and then I woke up and I was like I should really read my pots, so I'll read it for I say it anyway. I don't think it's my introduction, so I'm going to shut up now. It's not hi. I'm Simone. I use she. They pronouns, and sometimes I'm a little bit fruity. I think you're gonna say I sometimes come times. I thought you miss it. I sometimes you see him pronouns. I was like yeah, you do, yeah, I think I don't see him. I use little laugh Awfu. Sorry, I'm sorry, I am I used her pronounce I'm also a little bit fruity, limps wrist and I don't do the sex. So that is the best way to ever say I'm asexual. Hello, I like that you guys are like introducing your sexuality. I was like, I found out why it's called brokeback mouth, I thought, which I guess it is kind of introducing my sexuality. Hi, I'm you'll final host. My name is Jockson Jackson, Joe, jerks O, Jerkal, just. I use he them pronouns and I've decided I am I'm coming out so that I can be in the change room with the rape man and experience what it's like to actually have a romance with a man triment. That is true, though, straight out of the GAYEST man I know. Apparently in the showers they have sword fights. They do with okay, showers at your schools. Know this is at the hockey tournaments, and they like whoever, apparently the best rookie gets. Just on what. I am disconnecting things, conversation. I think you're so hide to best. I am just associating because because the kid who did it is definitely a kid who would do that, I can conform it. Just don't or justus on someone. Just on. Oh, it's red, people cry. Where can you find sale media? Please? I don't really want to promote our social media. Now nobody find us, never speak to me ever again. Where you can never speak to me ever again is on instagrams of cards, lgbt deck. That's totally wrong. Also, I have a thing I want to stand. Wait, wait, okay, so where you can never contact me ever again is at House of cards, under score deck, on instagram something. Oh my God, I forget the instagram. anyways, on twitter it's lgbt underscore deck, and on Tick Tock it's passive cards. PODCAST. I want to talk about how simone will promote only fast and talk about so many things like that, but I use sex safe wards and I get in trouble. Jessus not a sex would you rather be? I said come, yeah, okay, exactly. I would rather not have that...

...conversation at all. I just don't like PA. I would rather sorry to like, yeah, we've had this conversation about like how Dick's ugly. They are not. So only I was gay is. I was like, yeah, boots, yeah, just skin. No, that's how I knew what Nob like. That's you like when you look at a penis and like that thing is ugly. I love it. Oh my God. Yeah, right, past page for my school. Now, why am I call conversations right now? Because I don't know. That's a sexual do we talk about all the level marketing? Yeah, I hate practice a sexuality, but not by choice. Me Too, me too. Also, market level, mult Levy, Lt level. Dude, wait telling you, I seriously need to hire such I'm useless to multi level marketing. Are Toss way where? I have a question. Yeah, yes, Brook back. I'm guessing brokeback mountain is in here right. Yeah, that's all. I just which which Potin now you wrote it and your oath. My thought the first one, the second. Oh, it's yeah, there's I can talk about it then, easy. Okay, anyway. Yeah, so we're going to talk about how you can topple capitalism. All become capitalism by multilevel marketing. My aunt is actually part of several pyramid schemes. I have a question. What is me? Walt no jess for St Jest Force Lesson of Marketing. You pretend you know what you're doing, but no one knows what they're doing. They're all just there to make money and kill people. Okay, but if I say hell yeah, Mlm, beaning like Hell Yeah, I'm gay, people are going to start thinking that I like do capitalisms and I don't want that. I'm bestie. You do do capitalism. You bought a bunch of DD books. Incorrect, I stolen. I'm getting. I did do that. This is not this is not incrimination. We're got. We got. I'm called the fully savor. This is the whole plant. The fuck up. Just stost every open up anyway. Anyway. Anyway, today we are not talking about Monty level marketing. So a serious apologies to anyone who have been best bamboozled, Aka Jess, and looking for those business podcasts. All right, it's it was just me, it is just you. All Right, the thank you for moving saveries a day and my brains, like I know who or a smote actually out of how do I add a topic? Sorry, just smoke. We do it later. I'm trying to do the PODCAST. there. I added a column. So, anyway, business podcast is that's I mean, that's not us. Instead, we're going to talk about man loving man, or male loving male. alreadything similar to that, and it's going to be its history, or gay history. Wait, the gays existed for twom? I thought they only started existing when the covid vaccine was invented. They did. Oh, can't confirm. I was not gay until I got vaccinated. Scam, total scam, similar to our beautiful women love women at...

...history episode. Will will, let's not that's someones brother this episode identifies himself as a lesbian. Anyways, this episode is going to do concepts from a five put series on history in the western eras. And that is where the Dick is. HORD. What what try to do? What avery does? What she makes up weird drogs, but make it gay and it just Dick like a that goes both. Is the French started gay? Of course I will never be ready. You all caused me to lose years of my life span. Okay, no, are avery. Whenever you're riding myself. Loveday comes from the twelve century old French word day, the whole on the day. No, English gay originally meant joyful, carefree, be bright and showy, and it's used commonly throughout the nineteen century. Or like this definition. I forgot about the word. Definition was for. I was going to say description, but that was quite right. Yes, this is English. Major. Yep, that's me. I have a dictionary apple my phone around the fourteen century, the word gay began gathering associations of immorality, which I actually originally wrote it as immortality, but that was wrong. That is true the days. And Yeah, and that's war, atally five hundred years old. Yeah, in the seventeen century, gay became specific to mean addicted to pleasures and dissipations and implied unhabited by moral constraints. Ergo, a gay woman meant prositored, a gay man meant a womanizer, and a gay house meant a brothel. Wait a minute, a gay man bottom and either? Yes, just like. Don't you know gay? Yeah, like, but we do. Plus, it was four Bob Stars. I when just sleep with women. It's that easy. I love who. Hey, a house is a brothel, though, like, right, right, I thought that a prosy. Sorry, you know, I thought that a brothel was a kind of hotel, because is it's a sex okay, guys, a brothel being called the Gay House makes sense. They are that is depth will. All the gay men went to Hano with the prose. Oh yeah, yeah, I mean I hang out with all the prostitute. Sorry, go, come on your Jesus. Okay. anyways, gay begin to mean homosexuality. A few years after, Gay had earned an association with prostitution. What the fuck? Most gay men, our prostitute, that's true, wore confirm and me and Jackson whores, both minors. Okay, one of us being Avogia, and we will tell you who. Take a wild guess. Gay Boy then meant...

...a young man or boy who served male clients. Well, what a gay cat fucking was a young man or boy who apprenticed for a migrant worker and who commonly exchange sex and other services for protection or guardianship prison. Sugar Daddy, Oh Sugar Daddy, and Chelia, Oh g sugar daddy. However, call babies gay cats. Yeah, that is the go that. Yes, yes, I accept all right, okay. So, however, gay was mostly associated with heterosexual impropriety and unconstraint. The first published use of the word gay to refer to homosexual was in one thousand nine hundred and twenty two, but it wasn't until the s that the transition was cemented. Gross Sin. Also, I've been doing in the wrists like every time someone says gay. I don't know if it did that. I have a dad like aggressively, I ties. I showed one of the like the straight boys, and they were like what does that mean? I was like guess, and they're like, you're throwing a basketball. So now I think now he thinks that it's a basketball thing, so he'll just go around doing that to people and it's really good. It's really great. Well, that's so good. The risk the good unto good overs. Okay, Um, that was discussing. Yeah, I vomited a little. I don't real we've already discussed EMLM history in ancient Greece was whyly regarded with excepted because ancient Greece was a fucking great place to be. An ancient Roman beged MLM pegging because you can't get pregnant pegging if you couldn't for some reason, be the bottom. Yeah, you can only beat a top. Don't know that. I'm so confused. Well, we can't really ask, can I totally believe there was like most like rock, paper scissors. They're like hey, who's gonna be dishonored from the family? WHO's not rock take up? Gonna be DISSOS, who's gonna Be Course Profession Coors? Please feel free to visit our five part series and I'll do bt key, plass history and Western earraws, as well as the rensassance. I wasn't in any of those. I wasn't. I wasn't ever it. I mean I was there doing the renaissance. You know, gay people can't die. I'm like a million years old, but like I wasn't there, you know, for the podcast. You know. Okay, this, you know. I'm still, you know, doing market level multi you know what, I'm never go to be able to say it. I'm never going to be a level. People were really being gay and doing crime during the renaissance. If you think for a second that Da Vinci was straight, you can go fuck yourself. That's actually we said that in an episode, that he was gaying. I think actly what we said. I think we literally said if any consists that TA VINCI is not gay, they can go. He literally he's literally painted dicks for a living. Avery Was Da Vinci in a past life? What we owe? Yeah, I was a sad frenchwoman. Yeah, on very had like reading on me and I was a whore in the renaissance. I cord around and I did art. I'm glad to GI anyway. Well, you can say ironic lesbian joke time scissors were invented by a gay man. Goose not? I don't know, not scissoring you.

I don't understand the joke at why it's ibro honor. Yeah, because you know how lesbians what. What? What's SCISSORING, Babe? When you do ours some crafts tower with your girlfriend? Uh Oh, oh, thank you. You know, like cutting out like the snowflakes. This is great, a free what were you to say? Renaissance? Fact, you said from the renaissance. You can just was like gay people existed. Thing. Oh, fun. Yeah, I know. I was just a Frenchwoman who wants me to deal with our issues and I might not. Will see how things go your next life. That's how spiteful I really said. Fuck me, I'm gonna fuck myself over anyways. Will suffer for eternity. Freak. Yeah, that's my head. Just gonna be continuous. precolonization was the best time. Anyway. Moving on precolonization, thanks for coming to the episode of sexuality was common. I'm on pre conquest, Latin America, CTILIZATIONS, sunch such as Aztecs, Mayas, no man, Mayans, Mayan's. I'M NOT MS it. I might be able to say the thought. The fifth one, Kitcha, was you was want? I don't know. She's Zappo, TEX top and up by too bad, to Panamba, to Panama. Yes, of Brazil. Spanish conquerors were horrified by the fucking some Domina, a gay shit and reportedly punished indigenous people by publicly executing, eliminating and archering them. Well, that just that, just sounds like some pedia vdsm shit. Oh Noo, Whoa, I'm I'm no vanilla. It was like, it was like, actual, are you really kinky if you don't get fun rtured to death by colonizers, the fun? I can't believe her joking about this. Oh my God, is not. Okay, I'm horrified by you all, because, look, China, in which home is sexual has been recorded since six hundred BC. Only six hundred. That must have been when they invented vaccines. Okay, that's what this. Vaccines Make you gay. Bullshit, guys. I mean my toxic a remember. Oh My, Oh, you just started that. Sorry, all right, good. China, Hunna, in which homosexuality has been recorded six six hundred BC, was common in for using youth. The ISMS is that is that used by them us. I lived thought it was felt like that Uism. It's euphemisms is there's no there's no tea to report. Shut up. To prefer tour Homo Sexuality. Youth is mm includes the bitch and piece, the cut sleeve, the southern custom and more. Really you to brokeback mountain. Broke back. I want to...

...say my favorite thing about the movie brokeback mountain is they straight baited people by one of the posters having the two like wives with the two men. Don't the if you look up like posts are broke back mountain. They straight up straight baited everyone into going to watch a gay movie. Good, we're bating. No, straight. I mean, why the fuck else would it be called broke back mountain if, oh, okay, reading mountain. They were on. I thought they were on broke back mountain, and then you know, no, they they broke their backs on the mountain. Oh goodness, that sounds breful. That's that's my goal in life. Think, wow, um, way, give me a sexuality. Don't do anything you. I'm sending. I'm sending the poster in chat. This is they stripe baited everyone. They so did. Oh my God, wow, it's literally just Jake Jillenhall and his wife and new child and everyone's like, Oh, look at this nice, wholesome Foti, like Oh, they're they're, they're with your funny need on. My homies hate J I don't know what he did to Taylor, sweet, sweet, but if I haven't see that, suck up. I actually recently learned what he did, kind of. I don't know what did I idea. Basically their relationship had like this weird power dynamic because he's like so much older than her, right, and so he manipulated her throughout the entire relationship because of this power dynamic and it was just goofy and silly and he's sucks. Yeah, who feels definitely sucks stuck in this movie. That's a really I shut up. That's really ironic because out I hate my knee. Every be b of the podcast. Right, non, no podcast. Exactly. Homosexuality in Japan has been reported for over one Pero years during the time of this Amurai and Mon Mon ask not fuck. I'm not going to ride a lie. I read that is a Mon, but MOLANA. Okay, I have caused the ocean of five on askest monastic way. Yeah, that sounds true. I have no saying that I can put honestly. No, that's wrong. Mono stick sounds like the thing that they test you for. Mono with monaster right. It's like when Buddhists were in monasteries. That's good. That's good. When Buddhist were in monasteries. Yeah, both of which we've discussed from previous episode. Homosexuality and Samurai traditions what similar to ancient room in that young boys were mentored by and served older men. Similarly, homosexuality and genitor fluidity has been present in Thailand for many centuries, and Thai kings would have both male and female pots. Mesopotamic Mezzo food to Manso, but mess so, Mestotamia, Messo Mesopotamia, Messu met Messa, my Dick K Massa ride with him, and history even has ancient Assyrian text containing fine prayers to bless homosexual relationships. We love that. WHO's he do? Aggressively typing? That's me, me, I'm aggressively crocheting anyway. I always aggressively tied because my computer says so. Yeah, yeah, go for a bustie. This is coughing. I'm just whenever you're ready. As for North Fruity history encountered the lavender scare, which we did an episode on Self...

Promo, if you would like to know more, the stonewall riots, which we also did an episode on Selfpromo. Li said, maybe really first Self Promo. Sorry, they're all their separate self promos. Yeah, you're right, exactly. The Canadian legalization of same sex marriage and two thousand five what the hell, I'm older than same sex marriage meets. We all, they really said we will all born, and they were like, we have to wait. I wasn't. I was illegal for two years. No, you getting married with the legal for two years. Gay was nearly good at not illegal. Gay Marriage was illegal. Oh my God, God, fuck the US legalization of same sex marriage in two thousand and fifteen, because Canada is only better than America by ten years. So tiny. Yeah, yeah, well, the laws pertaining to GSA's, which we also did an episode on and where we absolutely fucking trashed Jason Kenny. So I recommend watching that, because me and all my homies hate Jason Kenny. Facts. I met him. Did you like spit on him? No, but he he told me that I would get over my communism phase. What a weird thing to hear from a premier, to spend the entire weekend with him. It's it's not a phase, honey, but it's the fucking premire telling you that. Yeah, like it was. Why are you telling me this? Wee just but did you tell them that you were a communist? My Dad mentioned it for no reason and he's like yeah, she's a little communist. He's like, she'll get over it. Oh my God, I just casually comes out and conversation. What the fucking premiers of Alberta? He's just like my daughter. She's a little bit, you know, like flex his wrist and everything. He's like, all, sweetheart, I had one, like God, I get over it. It's all guys it. They all got gay. It's because it was like know that it is really out of bucket. It was stamped to just any down knows your political ideation for the election. Like hello, yes, whenever you re. That's always. We do these kinds of episodes to prove that lgbtq people have been around for centuries. We didn't just sprout up out of the ground on the stone wall. Riots happened. We've always been around, always here. Shut up. What that ballot will always be around. And conclusion, remember the gays who fought for us. Remind yourselves as the gays were still fighting for us today and always. What is this that I'm writing that? I'm reading your he said, wrote. I haven't seen that movie, so I don't know. He got away. I'm Anna L improvided I have crossed hers and De Fan. I know ways. Know and remember, as always, that you are valid as fuck. All right, we're just printing the tire ro and a shout out to Marsha p Johnson. Oh sorry, that came out of nore. Yeah, just thanks for helping us with this episode. Always, shoid. Remember the gays that fought for us. The first one I could think of was Martin Luther King,...

...but then I realized that he wasn't gay, so that I was like, who I thinking of? Yeah, it was more shape Johnson. You know, whatever I hear Marsha p Johnson, I think about the musical number from big mouth. Oh my God, that that. I very much just like that show. I wow, because I feel like it's a little inappropriate. It's the point. No, really, I just yeah, yeah, I can watch it. Neither can I. Well, yeah, one of the main characters is literally called the hormone monster. To be totally make one showers. Anyway, my wonderful comrades, as just put it, it's catching on. I hope you enjoyed today episode and I hope that you will tune in next week to see whatever we're talking about then, which, if I'm lucky, will be bublical, aimser what once, I can't even remember how my last segment because my brain is just a fucking pride. Thank you for podcast. Today we're talking about the Bible. You should be straight. That's so. This whole thing a ploy for version, like undercover this whole time, and that, my friends, is the real Emmalab all long. Thank you, so thank you. Thanks watching as episode. We hope you enjoyed it and we hope to see you next week. If not, have a good rest of your life. Is there any you know? Sad? If you join our multilevel marketing scheme, your valid as fuck. Xplains your pyramid scheme. Thank you for coming. I still might say wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, multi level marketing. Yes, amazing, I'm say.

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