House of Cards: An LGBTQIA2+ Podcast
House of Cards: An LGBTQIA2+ Podcast

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House of cards: an LGBTQ podcast: Male sex health


Today! We talked about life and how things are going! Our topic was male sex health, and did we go deep. As a statement, men do not understand their dicks but they do like touching them! Check in next week for a new epsiode! If you don't oh well, have a good rest of your life and remember you are vaild as fuck! 

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Hi, y'all. Welcome to the House of cards and lgbtq plus podcast. I'm a Brian. I used to her pronouns and I'm one of your lovely hosts for this evening. Really, you are you? Well, you know what you are. Gay. Absolutely all right. I'm Jackson. I'm a gay host. I use he him from and my doctor went to seek from to my legs. Hello. That's adorable. Yeah, we love Hi. I'm Simone. I used she, they pronounced and my mom said the cover of one of my books for English. The guy on the covers really hot solid. Yeah, and that's something everyone wants to hear. I know it's it's the cover of a street card named desire and it's just the shirt loos dude wearing highwaisted pants. It's really funny to me. We should get your wow dad some high waisted pants maybe. Oh my God. Yeah, okay, anyway, it's do you want to find us on social media? You can follow us on Instagram at House of cards underscore podcast, on twitter at lgbt underscore deck and on Ticktock as House of cards podcast. Really, that's all social media. Yeah, that is our social media. Jackson. That was so attack Jack's house. Your Thumb Best Under house arrest. What Jaw's your thumbs better? It's still like crispy, but put some barbecue sauce on...

...that baby. Oh, about ten minutes ago Jackson at our house arrest. Oh well, my craft over in in minecraft because there was a crime committed. That was it. And Actually, Um, I'm a fine subspect with someone and I'm enforcing is my frid suspect. So it's really funny. Well, like, I think it's you. I think it's you, minecraft among us, minecraft a US. Oh my God, wait, it literally, Oh my God, the among us, another portal. Moving on, Amory, you want to tell us what happened as you were trying to get your do you want to tell us what happened when you're trying to get your way here? Oh my goodness, yes, okay, so it was like six twenty right. My roomy and I we went to goodwill and play those closet and we were on our way back at twenty and the bus was supposed together at like seven ish and it's only a five minute like drive back to my building and Lo and behold, we get to the bust up and we're waiting and then it's ten minutes after seven and the bus still is in there. It had been delayed. So then it finally got there like ten minutes after it was supposed to. We had started standing up and like dancing around to keep ourselves warm. I was doing the Cadillac ranch and I was in the middle of doing the like three you know, like when, after you do the toe taps, you'd like kick, you hit the heel and then you hit the heel again and then you like flick behind and then you turn.

I was doing the turn and I saw the bus coming around the corner and I screamed at it. Oh my God, I look. That's so much. Yeah, the power of the Cadillac branch commanded it. Oh my gosh, that's the most Canadian thing I've ever heard you say. The Mount Thank you. I love that. Clap and a half to that. A clap and a half clas and that's so much. That's a clap a half. Yeah, it was a time. So what has anyone else been doing anything fun recently? I'll be all just have been growing its fuck drugs. Yeah, I'm boring. I've been doing nothing but minecraft pretty much. I mean that you've literally been playing minecraft every single fucking day. No, not for the past few years, not for the past two years. I do not have that kind of attention span. By Guy. Yes, you do. Stir watching Chicago met on Netflix. I Love I've never seen it. I should lie like this. It's a vibe, you know, like Spencer Hastings older sister on pretty little liars. Yeah, she's one of the main characters. Oh my God, I recognize her immediately. I was like, Oh my God, she's so gorgeous. She was like my first girl crush. Really, we love that. That's hot. Well, actually, Spencer was, technically, but her sister was a close second. Nice. That's fair. You know what else was there? What your mom mayor we put doctor of sexs hello, I've got a how be what? I just gave myself...

...plastic surgery with tape. Sorry, what again? Takes too sorry. Say That again. Just I just gave myself plastic surgery with tape. What did you do? So, you know, like when you give yourself that boot job you wanted? No, you know when people like flip their upper lip up to look like that Bitch from Outer Banks? No, I don't watch it either, but people, people like glue their top lip like flip upwards, and it's so funny to be so I didn't tape. I mean, yeah, why not? I have, as you have, that hasn't a scotch tape, which I should never be given. You should be at you should honestly access to nothing. Your mean. And Anyway, I'm pretty sure we should be getting into our topic. Yeah, probably, no. Okay, are we gonna segue or just jump right in? So sex happens, and when sex happens, mail suits to a penis. Let's get onto penis has nice. Today it all up in the literal junk, the actual drunk. We're going to put it in our hands, investigators of the male reproductive system. If you don't remember our episode on puberty, the male reproductive system consists of your Uretha, the penis, the testicles, the prostate and other vesticles that contribute to spam and seem in production. Similar to episode on can you please let me do what I'm gonna do. Yes, sorry, this is literally the sex that I like. You like them too, not so...

...much anymore. Fair, but, Bab we never like them to begin with. We cannot discriminate against people who were born with these and chose to remain with these. It's you know, they can't do anything about it that it looks like a wrap. okay, understand it. Just it. Just please respect you know, I think that about Vaginas, but I was doing that. Oh, I understand. Similar to episode on Boop Health, today we're going to be talking about what kind of things for abnormal when you see a doctor and just general health tips. That Pun was definitely attended. Do not be leave a very she try to say it was not. It definitely was. It's not. Please remember we are not medical professionals, we are simply three Queer infits. I am personally not an infant, I'm a toddler. Okay, anyways, no, okay, broadly, reproductive health covers infertility, stis and cancer, along with a wide range of other issues, including bladder and Piss problems. I'm just kidding. Your refer problems. I mean that is piss problems. It's kind of a piss problem. Yeah, fair love, kiss problems. Okay, the SCART US off. We don't love them actually, but continue hisss problems. Yeah, it really sucks. Love the name on a valid as fluck love. That sounds like a good tick tock artist album. Oh my God, wait, I'm going to make an album that's called it's proble. Oh my God. Okay, to start us off, here are five basic tips to keep that Pun intended to keep the reproductive system healthy. What regularly screened for Sti's to practice good hygiene by changing your underwear regularly. Please fucking do this, Pesti, please. Best. Yes,...

...yes, I have some bad news. You have to change your fucking underwear. I suffer depression. Okay, yeah, me too, but if underwear clean, and clean your stuff. I hate the word genitals. Wow, I don't know it just okay. Three, maintain a healthy lifestyle, for quit smoking. Maybe, yeah, but visit your doctor. Don't start smoking, by the way, just, you know, just don't start it. Now that FIT's out of the way. It I'm not saying it's penis dime. I thank you very you know, welcome every you said that with a little too much excitement. I would like to have a conversation with you later and my office. You have been reported to hr meet me in the private chat. Okay, pen as health refers to infertility. Your nation issues and directions. Oh not, you're a nation issues sus, your nation, one of the most commonly known penal issues is a reck child is function. I have that, you know. Actually, can I do you REPLA actually not so funny story about erectile dysfunction, which should never start a sentence that way ever, but it's like it has been shortened to like Ed in the past. But personally, whenever I see ed I think eating disorder. So there was an instance where I was reading something about erectile dysfunction. I don't...

...know why, but I kept think he was about eating disorders and I kept reading and I was like, what the fuck kind of eating disorder is this? And I was very confused. Moving. We love you so much, a very like you, our favorite person in the entire universe. Sorry, thank you very much. As you guys were talking, or as I was talking, he's like what the fuck are you talking about? rectile dysfunction? Oh my God, and you like, because I have, I bet he does. He has. Like Jackson wrote the episode. I didn't. That's I didn't write. You chose the topic. Yeah, no, I chose the mail reproduction house. Yeah, not fucking. What's it called? Correct erectile that function. I did not. This would be in this actually punched myself with the face. How did you do that, reproduct, you sally push yourself in the face where you trying to pull up your blankets? No, I was okay, it is actually punched myself. I was swinging around my headphone cord and it has a little thingy for the volume and to turn the microphone on and off, and it smacked me. A rectile dysfunction is the inability to get and keep an erection or, alternatively, the inability to turn a windsock into a flightful. Sexual dysfunctions, such as a rectile dysfunction can be caused by age, differences in hormone levels, anxiety and depression, certain medications, high blood pressure, diabetes and Lightis and certain neurological conditions in turn, like a depression. Yes, it already said depression. I know, I was just rereferent. I was, you know, like correlating depression,...

...depression, depression in terms of the penis getting its job done. Protect your junk against Sti. Is, by using a condom. Also prevent from accidentally bending and erect penis, as it can cause a traumatic penis fracture. Examples can't be found on gray's anatomy and new girl are sight girl? Really, yeah, really, yeah, that's it. Group Cook Penis. Oh Shit, I'm not gonna lie, I remember the guys show. Yeah, anyway, you need to clean your fucking penis. You sign the bitch. Yeah, actually, here this goes for circumcised, or I'm so concised people, to prevent infections and to expect for any signs of ration, such as rashes blisters. What's our unusual discharge, such as my Dick? Hello, Imagine Gone Dick. Foreskin should be pulled back and clean to prevent SMINGMA build up. Oh, Dick Cheese, which it's actually just natural boil and it is not actual cheese. Do not eat it. I swear to God, I will smite my God. That was a that Max was talking that, not that. That was what our friend was talking about on our group chat. And then we talked about fermenting scenen. Yep, yeah, I remember that, Conna say, I remember that. Let me time, because I walked in on that conversation and I hated every part of knowe. Youtube. You're welcome anyway. So SMA can lead to I think it's I I tried to say this correctly. I may not have magma. Oh No, not make what it's Balancis, Lantis is blanchis the right tone? I think it's like Balanitis Blonitis, which is an edition with a head of the penis becomes... and inflamed. So clean your fucking junkie son of a bitches. Yes, and although penis is problem, include pen rony disease, which develops an abnormal Scott issue inside the penis. That sounds fucking disgusting. Thank you. Pie Moses with a for skin of an UNCIRCER sized penis cannot be pulled over the head of the penis because your head is too fucking big. Big Bra how most para pair of para. First, paraphmosis, I think heys with the fourth king can't return to her own position after being attracted. And Penis Cancer, which usually starts off like a blister on the penis which grows more like a Warti. So I do not have that as far as I am aware. Excellent. I don't have cans. So kids, good job. That's good. I think sodd. Why had cancer? anyways, this is getting those joke moving on. Yeah, because you haven't a sex yet. Right, yeah, because you're a minor. Yeah, yeah, yeah, he's within the legal consent range, though. It's legal. anyways. Male infidelity. So Child Hello, why are we talking about child marriage? I'll go I know. Okay, anyways. Well, I mean there's a there's a very, very large difference between the age of consent and child marriage. We'll not get into that today. Okay. Male infertility is the inability to...

...produce viable sperm. In some cases, male infertility can be remedied with lifestyle changes, such as diet changes or wearing looser pants. I don't know that was the thing. Yeah, tight pants overheat the sperm. It's why I have the loosest pants in the world, because I would like to have children one day. So male birth control can just be skinny jeans. Oh my God, I mean yeah, technically, I mean that's like the male version of drinking guyalty. Any eyes. Infertility can also be caused by problems with whether there's an insufficient amount of testoster or Fsah, or problems with the PTUITARY thing. Symptoms of infertility cause by an underlying condition include problems, it's like auction, pain, lumps or swelled like a lower than normal sperm count at normal breast growth under the intricators of hormonal or chromosomal abnormality. You did it, bestie. Yes, good job, good job, you finished it. Proud of you. And lastly, one of the most common issues with the male reproductive system is prostate cancer. Prostate is below the bladder and is one of the glands that contributes to seemen production. Signs and symptoms include trouble urinating blood in the urine and or seamen, erectile dysfunction and waits. Because prostate cancer is so common, especially with age, men who are fifty years and older are recommended getting annual blood test. And that's all my penis knowledge. So, Jackson, seeing as you have one, please continue to inform us, like if I missed anything in my script. You know I said this once and I will say it again. Men have no idea what penises are,...

...yet we enjoy touching them. Thank you for coming to my podcast, and you're valid as fuck. I love that so much and I incredible. Include makes me. I may cry after this is over. Oh No, best you can. We have to kill someone, right, Bestie, your two hundred and sixty soft yeah, there's not a lot else to add. Um, don't be silly. Wrap you're Willie. Don't be silly. Wrap you really make sure to clean after coming every time and make sure not to like put random stuff on your Dick if you're not sure what is in it. If you put something wrong and there you're going to cause an affection, you're going to cause you irritation. To just make sure whatever you putting your Dick, you know what you're putting on your Dick and you know it's not gonna halt you don't put your Pole Mail on it. I think that should just be a thing that you shouldn't do. No matter. I don't think that should be something you consider. Well, I know you. Who Did you know me? Picture today. I want to hear anymore. Thank you so much for coming to today's episode. We hope you enjoyed it. We hopefully you loan something and we hope to you next week. If not, have a good rest of your life. Unless your name is some Moan. Is there. You know this book? Um, I've I really have nothing to say. Thank you, guys. Bye.

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