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House of Cards: An LGBT Podcast

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House of cards: an LGBTQ podcast: Male sex health


Today! We talked about life and how things are going! Our topic was male sex health, and did we go deep. As a statement, men do not understand their dicks but they do like touching them! Check in next week for a new epsiode! If you don't oh well, have a good rest of your life and remember you are vaild as fuck! 

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Written by Avery Ann

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I Yell Welcome to the House of cardsand lgbt Q plus podcast, I'm a Brian. I use she er Pronoun and I'm one of yourlovely hopes for this evening. Really you are you. Well, you know whatyou are gay, absolutely I I'm Jackson, I'm agay host. I use he him and my doctor n Sente my legs, hello, that's adorable! Yeah. We Love Hi, I'm Simon. I you she theypronounce and my mom said the cover of one of my books for English of the guyon the covers really hot, solid yeah, and that's something everyone wants tohear. I know it's. It's the cover a street card named desire, and it's justthe shirtless dude wearing high wasted pans. It really funny to me: We should get your wow dad some highwasted pants- maybe Oh, my God, yeah! Okay, any! If you want to find us onsocial media, you can follow us on Instagram at theHouse of cards under score, podcast on twitter and LGBT under score deck andon Tick Tock as house of cards. PODCAST, really that's all social media yeah,that is our Social Media Jackson. I was so Jack Sosent what jaws your thon,...'s better! It's still like ChrisThebaut, some barbecue sauce on that baby. Oh about ten minutes ago, Jackson at ErHouse are Oh Elia over in mind. Crapeau there wasa crime committed. There was and actually I'm a frying suspect forsomeone and a Porson is my friend suspect. So it's really funny. Whatlike? I think, it's you. I think it's you mine craft among us, I crap the mother.Oh my God! Wait it literally it. Oh, my God. The amonges Nether Portal moving on avery tell us what happenedyou trying to get you do you want to tell us what happened when you'retrying to get your way here? Oh my goodness. Yes, okay, so it waslike six twenty right, my roomy and I we went to goodwill andplatos close it and we were on our way back at six.Twenty and the bus was supposed to get thereat like seven ish, and it's only a fiveminute like drive back to my building and Lo and behold, we get to the bus,stop and we're waiting, and then it's ten minutes after seven and the bus still isn't there. It hadbeen delayed. So then it finally got there like tenminutes after it was supposed to. We had started standing up and likedancing around to keep ourselves warm. I was doing the Cadillac ranch and Iwas in the middle of doing the like three you know like when, after you do, thetoe taps you'll like kick, you hit the heel and then you hit the heel againand then you like flick behind and the...

...return. I was doing the turn and I saw the buscoming around the corner and I screamed at it. Oh my God o that so much yeahthe power of the Cadillac ranch, commanded it or oh, my gosh, that's the most Canadianthing. I've ever heard you say the mountain. I love that clap and a halfto that, a clap in a Closana. So much a yeah, it was a time. So what has anyoneelse been doing anything fun recently I'll be all just en browing a fuck drugs, yeah Mori I've been doing nothing but minecraft.Pretty much. I mean you've literally been playing my graftevery single fucking day, no, not ever for the past few years after the past two years. I do not havethat kind of attention span. My Guy! Yes, you I start watching Chicago meton Netflix. I Love I've, never seen it. I should lie like it's. You know, likeSpencer, Hastings, older sister on pretty little liars, yeah she's, one ofthe main characters. Oh my God, I recognized her immediately. I was likeOh my God, she's so gorgeous. She was like my first girl crush. Really. I love that that's hard. Well, actually, Spencer was technically,but her sister was a close. Second, Nice, that's fair! You know what else was fair, why your mom mayor will put locked of sacks hello, I've a how B, what...

I just gave myself plastic surgery withtape. Sorry, what so again so sorry say that again, just I just givemyself plastic surgery with tape. What did you do so? You know like when yougive yourself that job you wanted. No, you know, and people like flip theirupper lip up to look like that bitch from Outer Banks. No, I don't watch it either, but people people like glue their top lip likeflipped upwards, and it's so funny to me. So I did it with a I mean yeah. Why not? I have asthmathat a scotch tape which I should never be given you should be at. You- shouldhonestly have access to nothing your mean and anyway, I'm pretty surewe should be getting into our topic. Yeah, probably no. Okay, so were we going to say way orjust jump right in so sex happens, and when sad, toppingmales dudes to a Panis, let's get on to penises Nice, a all up in the littlejunk, the actual junk we're going to put it in our hands, instigate male reproductive system. Ifyou don't remember our episode on puberty, the man we productive systemconsists of your Eureka, the penis, the testicles, the prostate and othervesicles that contribute this form and seem in production to Mota episode on B.Can you please let me do what I'm going to do? Yes, sorry. This is literallythe sex that I like you like them too,...

...not so much any more fair bay. I never like them to beginwith. We cannot discriminate against people who were born with these andchose to remain with these. It's you know they can't do anything about it,that it looks like a rat okay. I understand it just it just pleaserespect! You know, I think that about Vaginas,but I was doing that. Oh, I understand similar to episode on booted we'regoing to be talking about what kind of things or abnormal when you to see adoctor and just general health in that Pun was definitely attended. Do notbelieve every you tried to say it was not. It definitely was. It was not. Please remember. We are notmedical professionals, we are simply three queer infants. I am personallynot an infant, I'm a toddler: okay, anyways, no, okay, Brodley reproductivehealth covers infertility, s Tis and cancer, along with a wide range ofother shes, including bladder and his problems. I'm just getting you re forproblems. I mean that is pits problems, it kindof a pisspots Po, okay spirtual. We don't love them actually Bart,Quintius problem yeah, it really sucks loves the new.Not As fuck was. That sounds like like a tick talk,artist album! Oh, my God, we are going to make an album. That's Goleo start us off. Here are five basic tipsto keep et UN intended to keep the reproductive system healthy? WhatReagan nearly screen for sties to practice? Good Hygiene by changingyour underwear regularly. Please book. Do this best, a lease? Yes, yes, I havesome bad news. You have to change your...

...fucking underwear. I I suffer fromdepression, okay, yeah me too, but I sunder wear clean and clean your stuff. I hate the word genitals. Why? I don't know it just cut three: maintain a healthy lifestylefor quit: smoking, maybe yeah, but visit your doctor. Don't start smokingby the way? Just you know just don't start now that that's out of the way it I'm not saying that it's penis time I thank you. Every onor. You said thatwith a little too much excitement. I would like to have a conversation withyou later and you have been reported to ache. Meet me in the private chat. Okay, Banahel refers to infertility,urination issues and directions. Oh Not your initial issue, so curation,one of the most commonly known pinal issues is a Recchi disfunction. I have that you know actually said. Can I you have a problem not so funny storyabout recidunt Ion, which should never start a sentence that way every, butit's like it has been shortened to like Ed in the past. But personally, whenever I see Ed, Ithink eating disorder. So there was an instance where I wasreading something about a recchi...

...disfunction. I don't know why, but Ikept thinking it was about eating disorders and I kept reading, and I waslike what the fuck kind of eating disorder is this and I was very confused. We love you so much avery, like yourfavorite person in the entire universe, a plan very s. You guys were talking or,as I was talking he's like what the fuck. Why are you talking abouterectile dysfunction? Oh my God, and you like, because I have I bet hedoes. He was like Jackson, wrote the episode. I didn't that's a didn't. If Ichose the topic yeah. No, I chose a male reproductionhelp, yeah, not fucking. What's it called correctly? We all that function.I did not. This would be in this. I actially punch myself in the face. Howdid you do that record? How do you actelly push yourself in the face? Wereyou trying to pull up your blanket? No, like I was okay, it actuallypunched myself. I was swinging around my headphone cord and it has a littlethingy for the volume to turn the microphone on and off and it smacked me a rectal dysfunction. Is the inabilityto get and keep an erection or, alternatively, the inability to turn awind sock into a flight poll. Sexual dysfunctions, such as a wreck child isfunction, can be caused by age, differences in hormone levels, anxietyand depression, certain medications, I blood pressure, diabetes and Litus andcertain neurological conditions in term. Like a question. Yes, it already said depression. I know I was just preferent. I was you knowlike correlating depression, depression,frein terms of the penis getting its...

...job done. Project your junk againstStas by using a conduct also prevent from accidentally bending and a work topenis, as it can cause a dramatic penis fracture, as example, can be found onGracington and new girl, a Eyah really yeah that Maksim Not gonna lie.I remember the guys a hyeah anyway, you need to clean your fucking penis, osome o, the bitch yeah. This goes for surpose or UN, so concise people toprevent infections and to inspect for any signs of ration such as rashesblisters. What's our unusual discharge, such as my Dick? Oh no imagine on deck, for kin should bepulled back and clean to me. Rent Sing, Ma build up or Dick Cheese which it's actually just natural botaland it is not actual cheese. Do not eat it. I swear to God I will smite my God.That was a that Max was talking about not that that was what our friend wastalking about on our group Chat, and then we talked about for manting semen, Yep yeah. I remember that kind of thing.I remember that then we because I walked in on that conversation and Ihated every part of knowing you tube you're welcome anyway, so so ma canlead to. I think it's I tried to say this correctly. I may not have Magma,oh, no, not make what it's balances. Latus is blantire tone. I think it's like Ballanti well onitis,which is a condition where the head of...

...the penis becomes red and inflamed soclean your fucking junk you son of a bitches, yes, and although henosis probleminclude penroy disease, which developed an abnormal scotch issue inside thepeanut that sounds fucking disgusting. Thank you. I mosis were the four skinof an unsucessful cannot be pulled over the head of the penis because your headis too fucking big, I brer most Para Para Parahomo performs,is, I think, a sus where the fourth gang can't return to her own positionafter being retracted and penis cancer, which usually starts off like a blisteron the penis, which grows more like a world like. So I do not have that. Asfar as I am aware, excellent, I don't have cancer, no kids,good job, that's good! I think someone, a d might have had cancer anyways. I was giving the moving on yeah because you haven't at sex yetright, yeah, because you're, a minor yeah,yeah yeah he's within the legal consentrange though it's legal, anyways male in Fedil ty is so it child a hello. Why are we talking about childmarriage? o O? I know okay. Anyways lot, I mean there's a there's, a very,very large difference between the age of consent and Child Marriage Ale's not get into that today. Okay, male infertility is the inabilityto produce viable spur in some cases.

Male infertility can be remedied withlifestyle changes such as Diet, changes or wearing looser pants. I know that the thing yeah tight, pantsoverheat, the sperm. It's why I have the loosest pants in the world,because I would like to have children one day. So milburgh control can just be skinnyjeans. Oh my God, I mean yeah. Technically I mean that's like the male version ofdrinking quote. An as infertility can also be caused byproblems with whether Eran insufficient amount of Doster or fs, or problemswith the titre ten symptoms of infertility caused by an underlyingcondition include problems. Sols, like lacin pain, luns or spelling, a lowerthan normal spring count at normal breast growth and or the indicators ofOrmon or chromosomal abnormality. You did it Bessie, yes, good job, good drop, you finished itCrowdie and lastly, one of the most commonissues with the male reproductive system is cross. State Cancer Ross date is below the bladder and isone of the glands that contributes to seem in production. Signs and symptoms include trouble,urinating blood in the urine and or seaman erectile, disfunction andweights, because prostate cancer is so common, especially with age. Men Whoare fifty years and older are recommended getting annual blood test,and that's all my pedius knowledge, so Jackson, seeing as you have one pleasecontinue to inform us like if I missed anything in my script, you know. I said this once and I will say it again: Men have no Ideea what penises are yetwe enjoy touching them. Thank you for...

...coming to my podcast and you'll bolus fuck. I love that so much, and I incrediblein that makes me want to Ri. I may ride after this is over. Oh no best you can. We have to killsomeone right as to your two sixty it so yeah. There's not a lot else to add, don't be silly rap here, Willie, don'twe silly rap your really make sure to clean after coming every time and make sure not to like put randomstuff on your Dick? If you're not sure what is in it. If you put something wrong in there,you're going to cause an affection you're going to cause your rotation tojust make sure whatever you put in your Dick, you know what you're paying onyour Dick and you know it's not going to hurt. You don't put your polemen it.I think that you would just be a thing that you shouldn't do no matter. Idon't think that should be something you consider well, I know you who did you? Idonathan you so much for coming to today's episode. We hope you enjoin itwe all to you long something and we hope to see you next week, if not havea good rest of your life unless your name is a loan. is to this fuck. I really have nothing to say. Thank you right by t.

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