House of Cards: An LGBT Podcast
House of Cards: An LGBT Podcast

Episode · 5 months ago

House of Cards: an LGBTQ Podcast: Love Langauges


Today! We talked about the strange and sad things happening in Jaxson and Simones life as well as talked about the different love langauges and how each of us (and Jenna Mables) feels about them. We hope that you will listen to next weeks eposide, but if not have a good rest of your life and remember that you are vaild as fuck 

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Written by Avery Ann

Edited by Jaxson Stiles

Produced by: Jaxson , Avery and Simone

Music: Lofi-Missing memories , lofi fading away, lofi fly and lofi escapism

Hi hi that that's it hi welcome to thehouse of cards and lt podcast yeah. That's it yeah yeah, i'm jackson! I amone of your hosts, i'm just that cool and i use pronosporta, whose voice it's me hello. I am abrane, i you she her pronouns and i'm having areal great time. But besides that i go to a catholic school rule andfifteen days into pride month, they finally acknowledged it might ignore. On the fourth stay offriday month, i'm just feel different. Oh hi, i'm semon! I use cheveron ounce.Why are you british? That is not brother savor? You sound like someonewas and yeah. I know british you're not orbits. Haveyou seen the state every body? If i nero you are a lesbian. Men are fine. Like i just want to talkabout this real quick. I was editing a part. I was evening episodes right andi got to the episode where we talked about how i inice and ends of but bull, and so i remember like i was listeningto every like do all things right and then i remember avery to try and beginthe episode again shouted panes, my god. I think like that was the first one shehad to say so she like pais, oh my god, and i'm missing, it's a vile thought by a thought. It isno file thought you know what is a or twitter is a vile thought. Go ahead.Some moan, oh yes, hang on, as you can on, is verycrept. She's, always ready, yep, a hundred percent wate. He said in hereready to kill god uh huh. Okay, if you want to follow uson social media, you can find us on insara at house of cards, underscorepodcast on twitter, at l, gt underscore...

...deck and on tick tock. If we ever find thefucking password with them. Listen all will do that like at the end of thisrecording, maybe navy anyways ar tic tack is hess of cards. Podcast! There's!Absolutely nothing on there because jackson forgot actually aby was intarge of making the tick tacking. Just never did. Excuse me what yeah t give me the password then supposed to make the podcast what well i'm very confused. Yeah you've confusedus yeah! That's the point! That's i'm befuddled. Was that a word? I think. So it's agood word. Oh my god way. Oi like curfuffle, you guys to fut. There's aword guys. Do you know this is okay. I wentto lake what's wrong. I went back to like a fourth episodeand like to weird how we get it. They are weird. You know it's weirder me simon, come talk on for a secondthere. The last shit that i ever gave you never gave a piece of shit. He i want a nap. Tell us why what happenedtoday tell us what happened today. Someone tell us about your day, allright, so it's my last day of high school ever because i'm going onlinenext year due to personal reasons, so basically a reasons yeah yeah, okay,anyways. So basically it was my last day of school. So i did not go to class,of course, and there was a water gun fight in theparking lot and egg fight in the parking lot and there was car surfingthat happened in the parking lot. That sounds more exciting than myentire life right, just kidding just kidding and then yeah so yeah. I show my social teacher with awater gun, nice yeah and then i had someone say to me, hello,my beloved, and i actually think i fell in love with them and i'm so sadbecause they have a fucking girlfriend. I would fall. I'd fall in love to youknow what i can't even disagree like we were talking like okay,so we were talking about the dog like the service dog that was hanging outwith us and, and somebody said hello, my beloved, because that's the name ofthe dog and then somebody came up, the person came up and they were like. Didyou say hello, my beloved and then, and then the person who said cell of mybeloved was like? No, i didn't and i...

...was like. Oh, my god, i would die ifsomebody said that to me the the dude he was like. I could say that to youand i was like i'm warning: i might fall in love with you. He was likethat's fine, unrequited love, oh, and now i stuck with that forever valid you on. I call i do from theperson from your beloved from my beloved. That's such a beautiful word. I'm goingto wait around until he's single. I saw her i zoned out. I tell i want to find out the etymologyof what beloved of beloved why i forgot. I had a spell o here's a. Why rot? Why? God? So i'mvild right! Yeah! Oh, that's it! That's it! Nothing!Nothing else! Nothing else! I'm just vile! Okay, o! I was from late middle english,meaning be pleasing and later like love, mostly so there's a mentions graph.Eighteen hundreds then started dipping over like neteen fifty to nineteenhundreds and now it's making a comeback over like two thousand and nineteen, a fucking course. It is it's because it we're all just touchwhat stitch rock i'll just touch star days during the pandemic. I am tell us what what what what what jason,what oh, my god so i do in in your heart and your vessels. Iwell i mean my blood vessels. Yes, they don't work, but not this time, just stop! No! In my phone charger, oh i'm doin ourney! Now in your urusmost definitely not your philopator! I don't think we need to discuss myphilippian tubes. What if they're in poston? Oh i mean that you got me there. Oh, mywait. Dey'll want to know something really fun what straw! Okay! So basically i havethis friend and she's she's, wild okay, so, okay, so first of all, she hasovarian cancer as fuck right, oh jesus, so she kind of just does whatever thefuck. She wants right valid and her parents feel really bad for her, sothey pay for her to get like her lashes...

...done and stuff like that. Okay and shewent to go, get her lashes done the other day yeah and the lady glued her eye shut. Oh, oh and she might be blind- oh my god, noyeah! No, that's all! That's just awful! I know. That's god literally just tooka dump on this or girl. I know it's kind of fun jackson like not the factthat t, like all the cancer very bad but like getting your eye glue check isthat pots konopish real eye la glue. Like me, dividual ly, if that happenedto somebody who wasn't hor, i would snicker a bit o yeah yeah, but, like i mean maybe atthe fords, like god, lilly said fuckyou, which is like look okay. My lash isdone by the same lady, so you can laugh at me if you're blind you, how are you goingto be patted the podcast at text to speech? Brail god, you eh you? Could we get b? You could memorizethe podcast like texas, we memorize it before recording or brail ye all fiend.I almost like had my vision, impaired. I was researching great. How do we tone this grip to brail forsome on a brail translated computer? Then? How do we tone it into brail? No, it's like there are devices where, like you,transfer things like to a little like computer device, okay, wait, there's one little snag inthis plan and you can like print it out and broil or a like write it in brail. There's one little snag in this plan. Ican't process things auditorial y. So if it's not like in front of me inwords, i won't be able to yeah, don't come blind. Why can't we oblind yeah she's already ready for it? I meanemotionally, not emotionally. Never someone, builded ve, agen, th agendas,a bolted excuse! Yeah, i'm doing this so that, like you, can i so if you scroll to the side of thedocument like the very far died, the left side life si e la rolled, the erside leftleft teal left a la yea. You can be like all of the all of the episodes we've done by thedog i had to. I had to click on the thing, but yes i see it. I don't know...

...that's adorable, i'm in viewing mode.So i can't see anything you'll are talking about. I had to clear on a little list thing:first yeah, so you can easily like scroll todifferent topics when you be anyway, so he has to get into it a say what i'm trying to say ever againand i will kill you. No, whenever you're ready love as an exist, it's fake made a byegovernment literally like anyways and corn. What are okay? Corn? Doesn't i i dust?I love corn hub shut, the fust o. All i just ran justran. Well, just reino love is something we've already talked about a bunch onthe podcast, love and attraction. Greek love,different kinds of love, et cetera. Today, we're going to be talking about. Excuse me day, love, yeah, i'll, see every didn't, write, gay love,okay, anyways! Then, then, let me write it. It no go ahead. Okay, today we'regoing to be talking about love languages, which is how love is bestshown for any type of love, family, platonic or romantic developed by dr gary jap. There are five types of ways to showand receive love, quality time. Words of affirmation, gifts, acts of serviceand physical touch. Everyone's love, language is how they best receive love.I don't period. Yes, you do. O words of formin tion is expressing loveand affection through spoken words, praise and appreciation people with this kind of love languageenjoy. What of encoragement tin wards love, notes, text, metate, complimentsand quotes. I don't jackson, you're lovely okay, so hedumps up you ugly ho says you have you looked in a miro, he as christ, youguys because episode is supposed to be about a love, that's how we express ourlove for each other. We was. We use wars of hatred. I just me- i don't have school in theafternoon because the kid who died at my school is having a ferly god. How do you guys know so many like deaddying teenagers, because we live in a town just morethan ten people. I valid...

...any art school quality time isexpressing love and affection to undivided intention of co esiste in thesame place. I actually really love this one. My favorite thing would to be have,like my so my part, you know, sitting playing games, doing something and melaying on the lap reading a book people mis kind of plug language, lookfor quality over quantity, and should it be quantity of equality, a you, a conte. What the cat never mind!I'm sorry, i'm a little dumb lo quantity and enjoy having a manicol anact meaningful and and enjoy having a manful act of connection that justsounded wrong, but avery's the litter avery's, like the literal ary porson.So if avery rod er right, it's most like love, language is quality time. Peoplewhose primary level anguish is quality, time feel loved if you're presentlyinactive making. I don't make i'm sorry if you make eye contact with i contactwith me for more than two seconds. I really end in you. No, you lit ditch ifyou plot people whose primary level language is called the time field, loveyou're, presently and actively making eye contact, but make sure they likethat force and wish them. Physical touch is expressing affectionthrough any kind of physical connection which, as we've gone through before,and some of our other episodes on love and attraction do not always refer sex.I feel like that. What relates to are yeah. That's just me like that. Not a one million air, factual friends, you know each other, wouldn't you like to now gay the gay agenda. Just one largegroup chat every in apres one shot. I'm like hey is this. This is this like thething that i think it is, and i was like what did you like to know wherethe boy and i'm like yeah jackson kickin me? While we were doing my d ndone shot and he was like? Is this what i think it is and yeah i touched them,and i said: wouldn't you like to know weather war, because it's my favoritevideo, good, okay people with this crime, people with this love language oftenwant to feel physically close to people and enjoy handholding shadding massagesor brushing each other's hair. Acts of service is expressing affection throughactions. People with this love language want to know you're. Thinking of themand enjoy things such as having the dish, washer loaded for them havingcarcer ha having their car basked up...

...literally genna marbles, who what i'll explain later so on its return? Oh, oh! Well, i guess we'll explain no okay,so jena marvels. She said in one of her videos like i don't want flowers. Ijust want somebody to take the fucking trash out for me honestly mood me too,but also i really like. I don't like flower. I like chocolate, receiving gifts, is expressingaffection through items and things that they can treasure people with this lovelanguage don't require quality over quantity or vice versa, and while thatcan be true, it doesn't apply to everyone, it's okay to likes, flashyand or expensive gifts. I personally do. I would like it as so. Please no one's going to meet you a tesla.They might anyways yeah. That's a little out of my price range. No, notyou or viewers. Don't anyone who gets the motive a tesla willbe banned from seeing any of them. I actually i would be super impressedme too. I would i would give them a handshake honestly, i would marry them.I would give them a hand take, and then i would ban them a love of my life. They aren't the loveof your life. It is born o tesla, okay, hold out hold up hold on holding up so for most of our podcast avery goesday month year, but i think the last week every went month day year now. What the fuck ha never mind continuesto moment. All right, i, okay. According to dr chapman, the lovelanguages are away to promote intimacy, selflessness, empathy andmeaningfulness and personal growth. Yes, that is very true, and i am not atmy part, give me a second siloe language have a come more proper o love. Language have become more popularover the years, not only because it's a way to camondo yourself, but alsopromote the healthy behaviors in your relationships by knowing your lovedone's love language, you can a meaningful and easily connect with themlike how i know simon loves, to be made fun of like a trash bag and how averyshe be told that she's, pretty leve leg would just kind of play to anyone andeveryone and no matter who they are or what the langen is no valid as fuck andhe fucking discriminating as love languish. I swear o god. I will eat you,...

...fucking eyeballs out, but not ilande, violent, yet effective, effective sure. Let's gowith that! So tell us amon, yes, what what the fuck put what the fuck okay! So the fuck is basically my loveand i i for today i hope you jud today's episode and ihope that we could see you next week. If not, i hope you have a good rest ofyour life. Is there anything else to add velleda book it's bad time, so i'mgoing to go sleep me too, a see you guys who.

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