House of Cards: An LGBTQIA2+ Podcast
House of Cards: An LGBTQIA2+ Podcast

Episode · 1 year ago

House of Cards: an LGBTQ Podcast: Love Langauges


Today! We talked about the strange and sad things happening in Jaxson and Simones life as well as talked about the different love langauges and how each of us (and Jenna Mables) feels about them. We hope that you will listen to next weeks eposide, but if not have a good rest of your life and remember that you are vaild as fuck 

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Written by Avery Ann

Edited by Jaxson Stiles

Produced by: Jaxson , Avery and Simone

Music: Lofi-Missing memories , lofi fading away, lofi fly and lofi escapism

Hi, hi, that's it. That's it. Hi, welcome to the House of cards and ldbtq podcast. Yeah, that's it. Yeah, yeah, I'm Jackson. I'm one of your host I'm just that cool and I use pronouns. For sure. Who's Nice? It's me. Hello, I am a Brian. I U. She her pronouns and I'm having a real great time. But besides that, I got to work Catholic school. Cool, and fifteen days into pride month they finally acknowledged. It might acknowledged on the fourth star your pride month. I'm just built different. Oh, hi, hi, I'm smooon. I use Sho. They pronounce. Why are you British? That is not British, aver. You sound like someone knows and yeah, I know richish. You're not for British. Have you seen the stay of a body? If I did, Johnny, you are a lesbian manner, vile like. I just want to talk about this real quick. I was editing a part. I was an episodes right, and I got to the episode where we talked about how dinass an on the buttball, and so remember, like I was listening to every like Dow whole thing right, and then I remember avery to try and begin the episode again, shouted Hens God, like that was the first one she had to say. So she's like Penis, Oh my God, I'm miss vile thought, mile thought. It is not a vile thought. You know what is a viral ill. Twitter is a vile thought. Go aheadsomone. Oh yes, hang on, as you can carry own is very prepped. She's always ready. Yep, a hundred percent. Okay, he's sitting here ready to kill God. Uh Huh, okay. If you want to follow us on social media, you can find us on Instagram at House of cards underscore podcast, on twitter... lgbt underscored deck and on Tick Tock if we ever find the fucking password. Listen, listen. All will do that, like at the end of this re recording. Maybe. Maybe. Anyways, our tick tock is has of cards podcast. There's absolutely nothing on there because Jackson forgot. Actually, Avy wasn't try to make the tick tock and just never did. Excuse me, what? Yeah, yeah, what? Yeah, give me the password. Then we're supposed to make the PODCAST. What? Well, I'm very confused. Yeah, you've confused UFF. Yeah, that's the point. That's I'm the fuddled. He was it a word. I think so. It's a good word. Oh my God, wait, whole I like herfuffle. You, guys. Fuddle. There is a word. Guys, do you know? This is okay. I went to like, what's wrong? I went back to like our fourth episodes and like, though, weird through how we did it. They're weird. You know what weird? Are Me some mom come on for a second. There's goes the last shit that I ever gave. You never gave a piece of shit what. I want a nap. Tell us. Why would what happened today? Tell us what happened to day. Someone, tell us about your day. All right, so it is my last day of high school ever because I'm going online next year due to personal reasons. So basically reasons. Yeah, yeah, okay. anyways. So, basically it was my last day of school, so I did not go to class, of course, and there was a water gun fight in the parking lot and egg fight in the parking lot and there was car surfing that happened in the parking lot. That sounds more exciting than my entire life, right, I'm just kidding, just kidding. And then, Um, yeah, so, yeah, I shot my social teacher with a water gun. Nice. Yeah, and then I had someone say to me hello my beloved, and I actually think I fell in love with them and I'm so sad because they have a fucking girlfriend. I would fall I'd fall in love to you know what, I can't even disagree. Like we were talking, like okay, so we were talking about the dog, like the service dog, that was hanging out with us, and and somebody said Cello, my beloved, because that's the name of the dog. And then somebody came up. The person came up and they were like, did you say hello my beloved? And then and then the person who said shollow my beloved was... no, I didn't, and I was like, Oh my God, I would die if somebody said that to me. The Dude, he was like, I could say that to you, and I was like, I'm warning, I might fall in love with you. He was like that's fine, unrequited love. Oh, and now I suck with that forever, valid, you know, and was called I do from the person, from your beloved, from my beloved. That's such a beautiful word. I'm gonna wait around until he's single. I saw where no zoned out. I tell I want to find out the Etymology of what beloved. I beloved. Why. I forgot. I had a spell. Ah, there's a why. I forgot the why. God. So I'm viled right. HMM, good, yeah, oh, that's it. That's it. Nothing now, nothing else, nothing else. I'm just vile. Okay, so that's from late middle English, meaning be pleasing and later like love. Mostly. So there's a mentions graph eighteen hundreds, then started dipping over like nineteen fifty to nineteen hundreds, and now it's making a comeback over like twenty nineteen. fucking course it is. It's because it we're all just to touch. What? Touch Rock? I'll just touch star of days during the pandemic. I am tell us. What? What? What? What? What Jackson? What on my God, I absolutely tried to not know what. In your in your heart, in your vessels and my well, I mean my blood vessels. Yes, they don't work, but not this time. Stop. No. In my phone charger, Oh, I'm done. In your in your China, Yep, no, in your uterus, most definitely not your Philippian tubes. I don't think we need to discuss my Philippian tubes. What if they're important? Oh, I mean that you got me there. Oh my God, wait, do you'll want to know something really fun? What? Sure? Okay, so, basically, I have this friend and she's she's wild. Okay. So, okay. So, first of all, she has a varying cancer as fuck. Right, oh Jesus. So she kind of just does whatever the fuck she wants, right, valid and her parents feel really bad for her, so they pay for her to get like her lashes done...

...and stuff like that. Okay, and she went to go get her lashes done the other day, yeah, and the lady glued her eye shut. Oh, oh, and she might be blind. Oh my God, no, yeah, no, that's all. That's just awful. I know, that's God literally just took a dump on this poor girl. I know it's kind of funny, Jacksons, like not the fact that she had like a cancer, very bad, but like getting your eye glushek is that pot's kind of with industrial eyelash glue. Like me visually, if that happened to somebody who wasn't whole, I would snicker. A bit. Yeah, yeah, but like, I mean, maybe that's all. It's. Like, look, God really said Fuck you, which is like I'll cook at my lashes done by the same lady. So you can laugh at me if you're blind. You how are you going to repot of the podcast a text to speech? Brail? God You, yeah, you could. We give you bre you could memorize the podcast, like pack this speech, memorize it before recording. Or brail. Y'All forget. I almost like had my vision impaired. I was restarting. How do we tone the script to Brail for some own a brail translated computer. Then how do we tone it into brail? No, it's like there are devices where like you transfer things like to a little like computer device. Okay, wait, there's one little snag in this plan. And you can like print it out in brail or hat like right it in brail. There's one little snag in this plan. I can't process things auditorially. So if it's not like in front of me, in words, I won't be able to yeah, don't go blind. Well, I can't we go blind? Yeah, she's already ready for it. I mean emotionally, not emotionally. Never someone bolded. The Agen agendas are bolded. Excuse. Yeah, I'm doing this so that like we can so if you scroll to the side of the document, like the very far side, the left side, left side, last roll, the side, left, left, ten left. Yeah, you can see like all of the all of the episodes we've done by their day. I had to I had to click on the thing, but yes, I see it. I'm now. That's adorable.

I'm in viewing modes, so I can't see anything yeller talking about. I had to click on a little list thing first. Yeah, so you can easily like scroll to different topics when you'd be anyway. So because to get into it, look at us. That's say what I'm trying to say. Ever again and I will kill you. Y'All know, whenever you're ready, love as then exist. It's fake, made up by the government, literally like, okay, anyways. And Corn. What are okay, corn doesn't I adest. I love corn. Hub, shut the fushions all. Might. Just read, just read, just read. Okay. Love is something we've already talked about a bunch on the PODCAST, love and attraction, Greek love, different kinds of love, etc. Today we're going to be talking about, excuse me, gay love. Yeah, I'll see, avery didn't write gay love. Okay, anyways, then then let me write it go ahead. Okay, today we're going to be talking about love languages, which is how love is best shown for any type of love, family, platonic or romantic. Developed by Dr Gary Chapman, there are five types of ways to show and receive love. Quality time, words of affirmation, gifts, acts of service and physical touch. Everyone's love language is how they best receive love. I don't period. Yes, you do wrong. Woods of a fomentation is expressing love and affection through spoken words, praise and appreciation. People with this kind of love language enjoy woods having cord to mint. Kind Woods love notes, text messages, compliments and quotes. I don't Jackson, you're lovely. Okay, so he took up you ugly, Ho says you. How you looked in the mirrors, just says Christ you, guys, because if supposed to hear about a lot. That's how we express our love for each other. We use word, we use the wards of hatred. I just said, but I don't have school in the afternoon because the kid who died at my school is having a funeral. How do you guys know so many like dead, dying, tenagors, because we live in a town just more than ten people, valid art school quality time is expressing love and...

...affection. You undivided attention of coexisted in the same space. I actually really love this one. My favorite thing would to be have like my so, my partner sitting playing games and doing something and me laying on the laugh reading a book. People in my kind of plug language looks for quality over quantity and shouldn't be quantity of a quality thing. Well, do you have a quantry? What the fuckque never mind, I'm sorry, I'm a little dumb. Look for you quantity and enjoy having a meaningful and act meaningful and and enjoy having a meaningful active connection. That just sounded wrong, but avery's the litter averison, like the literary poison. So if every rotor right, it's most likely right. Love Language is quality time. People whose primary level enguish is quality time feel loved. If you're presently in active making I don't make. I'm sorry. If you make eye contact with eye contact with feet for more than two seconds, I will be ending you anyway. No, you little ask bitch, if you presently look. People whose primary level language is quality time feel love if you're presently and practically making eye contact, but make sure they like that force and connecting with them. Physical touch is expressing affection through any kind of physical connection, which, as we've gotten through before and some of our other episodes on love and attraction, do not always prefer to sex. I feel like that one relates to a free yeah, that's just me, like that not what I and my one million, if sextual friends. You guys know each other. Wouldn't you like to know? M The game, the gay agenda, just one large group chat. Avery avere one shot. I'm like Hey, is this this? Is this like the thing that I think it is, and I was like what did you like to know where the boy and I'm like yeah, Jackson texted me while we were doing my dd one shot and he was like is this what I think it is? And Yeah, I teched them and I said, wouldn't you like to know whether war because it's like your favorite video? Okay, okay, people with this primer it, people with this love language, often want to feel physically close to people and enjoy handholding, taddling, massages or brushing each other's hair. Acts of service is expressing affection through actions. People with this love language want to know you're thinking. Of them and enjoy things such as having the dishwasher loaded for them, for having care car hat, having their car bassed up. Literally, Jenna Marbles, who what? I'll explain later.

Simone, it's your turn. Oh Oh, oh, well, I guess will explain. No, okay, so, Jenna Marbles, she said in one of her videos like I don't want flowers, I just want somebody to take the can trash out for me. Honestly, mood me too, but also I really like flowers. I don't like flower, I like chocolate. Receiving gifts is expressing affection through items and things that they can treasure. People with this love language don't require quality over quantity or vice versa, and while that can be true, it doesn't apply to everyone. It's okay to like flashy and or expensive gifts. I personally do. I would like a Tesla, please. No one's going to get you a tesla. They might anyways. Yeah, that's a little out of my price range. No, not. You are viewers, dull. Anyone who gives them on it a tesla will be banned from seeing any of us. I've actually, I would be super impressed. Me Too. I would. I would give them a handshake. Honestly, I would marry them, I would give them a handshake and then I would ban them. Sam Good, love of my life. They are the love of your life. You're just doing you, Tesla. Okay, hold up, hold up, hold up, holding up. So for most of our podcast, avery goes day, month, year, but I think the last week every went of today. Year. No, what the fuck up, never mind, continue, samone. All right, okay, according to Dr Chapman, the love languages are a way to promote intimacy, selflessness, empathy and meaningfulness and personal growth. Yes, that is very true, and I am not at my part. Give me a suck, give me something. Love language have become more popular. Okay, love language have become more popular over the years, not only because it's a way to come in truth yourself, but also promote a healthy behaviors and your relationships. By knowing your loved ones level language, you can a meaningful and easily connect with them, like how I know Simone loves to be made fun of like a trash bag, and how avery be told that she's pretty. Love language is can applied to anyone and everyone, and matter who they are or what the Lengua is. They're valid as fucked, and if you fucking distrimulating as love languish, I swear to God I will eat you fucking eyeballs out.

But violence, nation, Pinky, violent, yet effective, effective, sure, let's go with that. So tell us, amone, yes, what, what the fuck? Tell us, what the fuck? Um, okay, so the fuck is basically my love and tell you today. I hope you did today's episode and I hope that we could see you next week. If not, I hope you have a good rest of your life. Is there anything else to add? Bell, it is book, it's bad time, so I'm gonna go sleep. Me Too. Okay, see you guys, Bowie,.

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