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House of Cards: An LGBTQIA2+ Podcast

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House of Cards: an LGBTQ Podcast: LGBTQ and Religions Part 2


Today! We talked about LGBTQ and different religions! this is our part 2 in the series so go make sure to listen to part 1. We also had a few laughs, promote a twitch thing and so much more! So go take a listen and make sure to come back next week for a new episode. And remember, you are vaild as fuck. 

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Written by Avery Ann

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Get Hello and welcome to house of cards. Mostly LGBT. Q. What what are you mostly well, like recently, I press about in the machines during weird but recently we haven't posts exactly the most lgbt stuff. That's fair. So mostly LGBD. Honestly, will more of just an educational podcast that focuses on the spectrum of sexualities and gender, but we expand beyond that. Yes, sir, and my name is Jackson. I'm one of your host for tonight and for the foreseeable future, until one of US dies. I'm kicking you out, Jackson. You have no power to do that. I'm kicking you out of this planet. Jackson, you have no strength. You were very weak. I have so easid. Wow. Anyways, I'm Simonne, your other cohost forever. I'm omnipptent. Yeah, I U Sue. They pronounced what's two times eight, your mom. Yeah, I'm Neverin it. Very good, guess that's me. Hey, y'all, I'm your last cohost. I'm Abrianne. I us. She her pronouns and I paint in my nails black widow our classes because I'm so obsessed with the movie like good y' Lena a fee, Lena Belova, Lena what? Go and look her. We should do a whole episode on black widow. We should, should not. It was so good, yelling so good. Yell Lena some on it together and basically the entire movie was smona eye leaning over and being like wow, women right. Literally, there were like three men in the whole movie. It was wonderful. How does he cred of what? How does anyone think you guys are straight? I don't know, but my Nana does. Okay, old people don't count to the old. She also thinks I'm skinny. Oh, she's blind, then that's I'm joking. I feel like, okay, I feel like some we should do an episode, and I think a day is that. We shouldn't have thought about all about weight and like accepting your weighty and like all of that and just learning about how it is healthy to not be skinney TM. Yeah, and then body. I've tivity poggers and then none of us follow it and all of us go back to definitely. Well, I have kind of like eating disorders topic idea in the thing, but I think I feel like that should be like close to the like, you know, like one after the other kind of yeah, that makes maybe like we talked about eating, just will plant it in the middle of recutting. We talked about you so and then we talked about how your body's beautiful. So it's kind of like to boom and then it's like boom. Anyway, what have you guys been up to this week? What have you been doing? I've been doing some epic Gamer Shit. I've been playing minecraft Pont Stop. I know I' mind the same SOFA as you. This is a quick this is a quick promo of the S M three sober watch to which bubbling underscore? Underscore? Which? On twitch, don't forget,...

I to underscores, because why the fuck not? Because how many underscore was taken? How many boobs do you have? Three Best Dam concerned. I'm me too, for different reasons. Valid this week I've been packing for university, right, that's the thing you have to do. Oh Yeah, are you excited? Oh my God, I'm so excited. My roommate and I made a group to today. Oh my God, I'm literally viving so hard. I'm so excited. The only thing I'm nervous about, and K Y'all are gonna laugh at me. The only thing I'm nervous about starting university and moving out of my home. The only thing that's making me nervous. The only thing it's figuring out how to work transit. All. I thought you were to say the best thing. No, I oh my God, I have never lived in a city. I'm a small town kid. I have no fucking idea how I'm going to survive. Dude, just get the just get the the city that you're going to be living in has a transit APP. Just get that one. I know and me the screen shot of the APP. Today, I'll take you on a transit tour. Yeah, that's such a cute idea. I would take you on, but I live okay. So I used to same map and you can literally select where you are and select where you want to go, and it's how you to do everything. It's a yeah, dude, it's like Google maps for fucking trains. It I'm like, kind of Atually, I'm going to get the hang it, but it's just kind of like figuring out those starting points. Make sure you pay. Yeah, except for in the free fare zone. You're good, because there's my UFC, like I like my oak its pre pan doesn't hurt instead. Yeah, most universities do have that. Yeah, okay, yeah, that's the only thing. I'm nervous about them. Well, now you hear about a Oh yeah, now you hear about a lie. Now, where can you hear more about our lives, because we're boring? On our instagrams. Someone got on. I knew it. All right, time to promote, all right, you can follow us on Instagram at House of cards underscore podcast, on twitter at lgbt underscore deck and on Tick Tock, as house of cards podcast, our house of cards lgbt and as a reminder, we have a posting schedule, which means you get to see more content by us, because we will actually have days when we post content. Yes, I love making tick talks for this fucking thing because it's so we honestly might just like take over, like it's okay, I actually want to talk about tick tock real quick, but heads up, I said it in the last episode, but saying it again. On Mondays you will see a post on twitter and tick Tock. On Wednesday, our episodes are released, and you will see a post on instagram. On Fridays, you see post instagram and a post on Tick Tock. You almost like the see post through about the week, but these are days that you can for sure see a post from us, or sometime around there, sometimes flectu eight, if that day all of us are busy, but expected around then, planter, I realize. So I haven't posted on the tick tock yet, like personally, like we did our first group one. And then avery and someone have both posted. So avery is on, like Avery's really much on, like gay tick Tock. So Mans, Straight Tick Tock? No, I'm not.

I'm on. I'm on which ticktock? Note you. The video you posted is straight ticktock. Okay, the video I posted is. You're on a mixture of the tick tock, and so I'm devating. Do I do with depressed and Edgy Tick Tock or depressed and Funny Tick Tock? Depressing, gay. Next question, depressed and gay. Yes, the both get. They'll both gay, either ones gay. Okay, way, Jackson, check the twitter. Are we having a twitter fire right now? And on the okay, during the episode. All right, Kay, Kay, Kay, that was so cool. Actually, we're not talking about case today. Wood talking about gays and religion. HMM again. So did you just went to yeah, cancel a free two thousand and twenty one in lgbt, pull lgbt q q plus religion. Pot. One episode we talked about how some wool. What do I feel like? I'm actually getting choked right now, Jesus, because I'm is. I'm choking you. A bad thing, though, right. titter. No, I have to send this. This is is going to take us an hour. This is addictive. Okay, we could resume this after the episode. Okay, days, okay, I just had. I just had a post that one. I as the post one mole. In that episode we talked about Christianity Catholicism, which on I think one of them is the same thing as the other, but the others on the same thing as that. Like one of them, one of them is an umbrella Tom and the other one is not. I know there is actually a difference. I don't know what it is, but it's not like I don't fucking understand. I think it's like a swear. I hold it. This is important to me. It's something weird. It's I'm pretty sure Catholicism is Christianity, but Christianity is not all Catholism, because there's baptism to what? No, yeah, is a ritual. No, Baptist is a baptist is its own kind of Christian religion. What? Yeah, Christianity is an umbrella tome which includes Judaism and Catholicism and Baptist and another one, another one. It's an umbrella to baptist, like a Baptist Church. I am. Yeah, I'm touchingly both Jesus. I thought you meant like baptism religion. No, it's baptistic. Yeah, Baptist Tiss at. So, yeah, Christianity is. I just had I don't know why this is what it but Christianity is like an umbrella tome and Catholism is under there and it's it has its own different rules. Yeah, like fucking Protestant and like and Judy. I believe Judaism is also under there, and I think Jewish isn't there too. No, kind of it's it's iffy. Everything's IFFY. We will structleopaganism and Wicka. We want to talk more about that religions again. Today was some other religions and how they wok, inten, tendem kandom tandem without Gbtq community. Feel free to go back and listen to all first episode in the series for Quick Refresher. Yes, honestly, we really should have put a trigger one, and on that one, so the last one, because that tell me... many people we know that have trauma related to any of those religions. I don't think we did. I feel, like I said, there should be a trigger warning. I think very off last time we recorded. But Anyway, this advice is episode doesn't of the same introductions, so to be things and views in religion, but check it out anyway. But just be worn. If any of those religions do cause you negative energy, just back off, take a minute. Bad vibe. In the Qure and the holy script of the Islam religion, similar to the Bible, there's a story that tells the people, tells the people of lot. In quotations, lot was a prophet of God sent to the city Sodom and go mora to preach the SINFIN list of homosexuality, not boggers, particularly gay men, and how it was lustful, in quotes, and violent. In quotes. It KNA is. To be honest, it is like that for sure, like yeah, Oh, and it's violent. Fuck, but what? What? Huh? I'm sorry, have you not heard of hate crimes. That's Purty fucking violent. You know, it's tacking, like homosexuality is violent. Like, yeah, sorry, yeah, know what community of the tell me who is more into bedsm gay people of straight people? People? Tell me right now, tell me what the straight faith. Yeah, so in already. Look, look me in the eyes and tell me they will wrong. I can't look you in the eyes. Your camera is off, sir. Look me in the eyes and tell the I'm wrong. Okay. Anyways, in the story, the city's ignored lots message in the cities were subsequently destroyed, which has been interpreted to traditionally present a warning against rape and homosexuality. The first thing is good, okay, yeah, yeah, rape is good. Apparent, like the first thing again. Yeah, no, ring, yeah, rape is not good. Yeah, obviously, what the fuck? Shocking, shocking news today for most straight poison our community. All Right, based on this story, homosexuality is often seen as a sin due to these interpretations. However, the Quron never states that homosexuality should be punishable by death, as it often was, and modern historians have reasoned that he is the Islamic profit Muhammad never forbade homosexuality. Remember, we are not saying Muslims are homophobic. This is just the stories within the Qoran. Yeah, that's that's a very important thing. We are not, absolutely not saying that Muslims are from a just and Aden the interpretation and not being part of religion to will not make you homophobic, no matter if that religion is has routed homophobia in it, as long as you are not yourself exhibiting that, is that the right word? Exhibiting Homophobia? Even then then you're not homophobic. So don't you know? Yeah, I feel bad about believing in what you believe in, because you should be free to believe in what you believe in. Yes, yes, will be like a nice, respectful person. Yeah, just be respectful and stop being a bitch, samone. Now, what was with that comm out? We're having a twitter, wouldn't you know? Oh, yeah, that I'm busy knitting. So Find Apple Pizza slaps it. Does I actually agree with that statement? We all say good, we all agree. House of..., Sert. Moving on. Yeah, Hinduism is actually really open and accepting of lgbt themes. One quote, even paraphrasing what seems unnatural, is natural, and we couldn't agree more. Like whoever even decided. But normal is supposed to mean anyways. NORMALS overrated. Okay, you sound a bit like a coalkey goal from middle school. Oh my God, that took years off my life, as it should. Love it. Should it? Should it really should? It really should? I think. I just believe. Remember kids, Hug your local man xixceed dream girls. She's she's not quirky, she's just sad. Oh my God, there you know, there's plenty of instances where homosexuality and Hinduism is celebrated as natural and joyful as it should be in the Kama Sutra and may trow. Kama Sutra, an ancient Indian Sands Rit on sexuality, eroticism and emotional fulfillment, firms and recognizes same sex acts and even has some passages depicting third sex nails. Sorry, but stand I really enjoyed seeing the word eroticism. It's kind of a nice word, nice word, very like of Meg yeah, of coggers, kind of coggers right. Some ancient carvings, temples and artifacts openly depict gay men and lesbians engaging in homosexuality. Wink, wink, whoo, whoo. So whole. Yeah, it's yeah, that's what you guys sign them. You guys are make some cool me pown. Yeah, that's the as the resident male on this podcasts, as the resident realist on the podcast. Yeah, yeah, Um. And also in Hinduism, there are many androgynous deities falling anywhere and everywhere on the sex and gender spectrum, including intersects, transgender, gender fluid, non binary, like two women having a child, to men having a child someone'd been born with like to same sex parents. And Shit is that? Is that not what would have happened if two women had two men had a child? No, Oh, okay, thank you for say if I continue on, every continuing one belief that I found in my research is like referencing same sex marriage and argues that love is the result of attachments from previous births and that marriage as a union of spirit is transcendal to gender, which, Oh my God, it's so beautiful everything. I pretty. I love it. It made me a very is gay. I'm so ready. All I do is urn is yarn your mate. Hi. Why is that where your brain yes, I'm a R I have a giant bladder. You've done every yeah, in the innyoit culture and religion, practiced by the INUITS, being disiness people of Alaska, Canada and Greenland, traditionally includes Anism, animism, animism and Shamanism, the belief that objects, places and creature all possessed a distinct spiritual essence. Fuck me too, practice in which spiritual heroes meditate with spiritual respectfully. They don't be like me, where I'm like a bitches what up? Literally actually, in my real practice I'm very respectful. I'm...

...just, you know, just trying to be relatable online. I'm just depressed. The INUIT SEMANI is stapanism. The Inuit Shamanism is believe that the force to humans will both bone mail who desire a company and decided to Matoh, it smells like a Scruti. And one of the male men became pregnant. A spell was castor changes sex so she could give both. We stad that it went gay and then like one of them found out. You know what, I don't agree with this, and somebody was like got it and, you know, transgender them. That's kind of fruity. No, that's beautiful. The God and it's put it's an innuit cannot. Can I finish what? I can't remember that Tick Tock. It's a tick truck. Everyone knows. Can you let me do what I'm doing. I don't blow it. I don't know what either. Both of you are dumb and I hate you. said. An Inuit Creator Deity has been depicted as bisexual, lesbian and or hammer erotic. Camel him a road hemerhods mighteck for maither fight. It fuck in some myths and lives at the Bartom of the ocean with a female part of me too, sist, we took it that you too. That just that's all I want. That sounds like a gunshan character. You need to stop plugging Genshin right now. I'm that is literally the first time I've ever done it. Okay, you just have problems, you just have to you just have issue with time. It's okay. You're dumb when you don't know how time works. It's okay, we still love you. Wait, what's time? Oh my God, sorry, I'm in my DD character. Would you can go watch on anyway? Moving on. Moving on. Another term used by some indigenous North Americans is the term to spirit. It is described as a modern Pan Indian umbrella term to describe native people who fulfill a third gender or other ginger variant, ceremonial or social role. The two primary purposes of this term, which was actually created in English and then translated, was to create a distinction between native and non native people and to replace an outdated, offensive term thatment boy prostitute. Oh my God, what the fuck? What the hell mean? What? Okay, that makes me think of a joke. So I was walking a shift at my location. I walk. Oh Yeah, and I think I told some on this. And so we're talking a bit about cultures and stuff, and so I'm working with my friend, which Jamaican, my friend who is indigenous and the kind talk about. I said, well, in my culture we oppress people. Literally are most help. Look me in the eyes and tell me I'm wrong. You're not. That's the issue. I don't think. I think. I just shocked. Avid, I killed avery. You killed her a written more. All right, we did it. Blas, avery is no more. Did that one ends up, but whole. AH, however, Jan is an ends up, but hole. I ascend it. On that day, you did. You became a higher force. I descended. You do send every day you're allowed to breathe. Shut up. Okay. anyways, moving on...

...because we aren't culturally or spiritually educated enough to talk more about two spirit terms termine identity. This is all we will be saying about it, but we'd love to have any native listeners reach out and give us some more insight so we can be our most respectful selves. We would also love if someone maybe fell gone enough to actually come on the podcast and we could talk about sexuality of Gender in detail. Yeah, honestly, that'd be super sick. That would be we would love it because it would not only like it gives us the chance to actually do that on a podcast, but it also educates our like us. Yeah, like we can honestly, would probably just be the and talking. Must be like our camp. We would be like, oh, yeah, it would. It would just be like our viewers. Yeah, it would be US admiring them the entire time. Like, Oh yeah, it would be like a poetry slam where we just snap every time something is good, except the snapping never stops. Exactly. Exactly. Um, okay, in two thousand and sixteen, the Canadian documentary too soft, things, too hard, things baby, on what it's like. Oh just wait, someone, you're going to love this. It debuted on what it's like to be an LGBT innuit person living in none of it. The film is named such because it translation for lesbian and gay translate to to soft things rubbing against each other and too hard things rubbing against each other respectively. I think, I think, that none of you should be allowed to be locked anymore and I will be killing everyone in this room right now. Everyone will be dead. No, no, no survivors. Right ahead, you go and keep incredible what you know, whether you're rubbing hard, soft limps, quiggly lumpy things your vallet? What the fuck? What the fuck happened there? What? What? What? What? What if we went feral? What? What you do? You're not even at college yet. What happened? I have no fucking clue. Man Um. As a final word, we love MAS lungs, we love Hindus, we love the indigenous people of North America and everyone is valid as fuck. But honestly, if you're rubbing something Lumpy, you should maybe get that checked out, especially your boobs. You know a lot of things are lumpy in the inside of a human's body, right, yeah, but like lumps, you're usually like fucking tumors, not in the entire body the Asshole, actually, other person. Actually, the rectum can be very lumpy. What I believe? So if my bigs are joining us on our podcast, I know that's important. We literally run a podcast. They're supposed to educate this up. You guys can't just shut it down because it's gay, male stuff. No, I just word lumpy makes me so uncomfortable. Okay, how about bumpy? Yeah, okay, that's better. Okay, the rectum can be rather bumpy, and so you don't need to panic if you feel that, but if you see a lump that is not normally there, than maybe to panic. Yeah, make sure to understand your body before you panic, because anybody's is different and we can't tell you how to to your body. You know your lumps. Anyone bumps. Anyway, thank you so much for coming today's episode. We hope you enjoyed today episode and we hope you laugh just a little bit, because we work really hard to make sure that you are educated as well as humor defiedifies. Yeah, humidified, humidify. We totally humidified just for you. Hope. We hope you made your most today and love be able make sure make sure... tune in next week. If you'd like to listen to our episode on tips or learning how to accept someone in your life who recently came out, we can go more deaf from that next week. We're not going to do it here because that ruins the point of having another episode. I would be viewers then. If you, if you, what? If you can't make an next week, well, I hope you have a good risk of your life and maybe we'll see you later. If not, oh well, anything else to add? My Gay Companions? VLOT is Wuck. My mom just gonna home, so I'm gonna go see here. Oh, that's sad. You don't hate your mother. What I why?.

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