House of Cards: An LGBTQIA2+ Podcast
House of Cards: An LGBTQIA2+ Podcast

Episode 73 · 8 months ago

House of Cards: LGBTQIA2+ Podcast; LGBTQIA2+ Workplace Safety


On Todays episode we talked abotu lgbtqia2+ workplace safety. We also chatted about dogs, finding Simones Nana, and what the podcast would look like if it were only SImone and Avery (and the future is dark). We hope you enjoyed this episode and rememer there will not be an episode next week! Remember you are vaild as fuck, and stay gay.

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Written by Avery Ann

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Hi, welcome to the House of cods and lgb wait, can we just start? Yeah, my Jacton and I am ill, so we'll yeah, you know, like my voice. This is as loud as I can go and this is as especially as I can be this episode, because if I go any more, my voice will decide to crap out, moving outlid. Oh, I use I use the hymn pronouns. I'm sorry. Yeah, hi, I'm Simon. I am having another gender crisis, so I'll get back to you on pronouns. Um Valid Um. I'm crocheting right now. It's cute. You're shit. I love that, g go keep up the good book, presting, I'm jess. I am also having a tender criss you for having one since you were born. Hey, yea, hey, that's so true. Okay, I realize. I realized that my bangs maybe look like I'm a stone from the spider man era, and I was like, I'm kind of okay with this. So now I'm having a little bit of a gender crisis. I'll start with you there for now, though. We'll see what happens, though, and I'm just getting over a cold. My immune system is actually so garbage. This is like the fourth time I've been sick in the last like two months. Y'All get sick, yeah, regularly, and I literally never do. You'll sick it. You're sick if you get bitches. I don't get sick. My Body just hates itself. Yeah, the count's just in a permanent state of illness. Yeah, I literally I chronic disorders. It doesn't get sick. Every gets healthy. Oh my God, I don't get sick. I was born that way. Well, why do we introduce every if we introduce yourself, it's me. Yeah, that's it. Or of existence. Do not whence from either. I you see her pronouns. And my dad just told me today that he listened to one of our episodes and the very first episode he listened to was the queercoded villains. So, my God good, I love that for him. That's not like I don't know if this is just me, but like the idea that like other people have heard this freaks me out. Oh Yeah, I know, my manager listen in the car. I feel like I'm so...

...unhinged. My my manager listens that to this. See, that's scary to me because I feel always so unhinged she has full on Sud to me. We're in the middle of a conversation and they're talking something like an appropriate I'm like, I'm a minor, and so she full on towards me I've listened to your podcast, and then goes back to what she was doing. I was just like, is that a threat, because I just hate cried best, like, don't even try to pull the minor card. Huh No, I really wouldn't bring this up because I found it so funny. Jes, you got the comnist, metafesto. Right, I do have a communist. This just looks the group chat today, like what was Carl talking about? It's just a bunch of wood that. I'm like, yes, you're just less stick and you're reading a book made in the eighteen what. Did you play it on Amazon, just because that would be so funny? No, I had to or from indigo and I got like one with like a like a little like intro to it from like some philosopher or whatever. But I was right out of the audiobook because you know, dyslexa, the gate Hdi can't fucking read. So yeah, we know the audiobook and since it's translated from Russian. There's like multiple English versions, so the version that I was listening to was different than the one I was reading it. It wasn't that different, it was just certain words were different or put in different orders and fucked me up enough that I had to find a different audiobook. Wait, like, I wouldn't do it. CARLS is German. I said Russian. That's actually a very fun thing. When we when we say we want Commism, we don't know in a month, when we say we want communism, we don't want Russian communism because that's actually a different we won't call lockedism, not Russian communism. Carl Marx can there is a difference. I don't know that. You failed social thirty and it's showing. Yeah, they're sorry, socialism, Marxism and Communism, and we love socialism and we hate communism, except I love the word communism, Russian, Russian communisms, and it's so cute and my Nana hated it. It was amazing. All Moan, I totally forgot to tell you, but so after we all like hung out and just and I were back at my dorm, I found your Nana on instagram. Know you what the fuck? I forgot about. I did. I did you know? Okay, again, so I can get a girlfriend because your dad's company. Oh Shit, yeah, I saw that. It was like, Um, I don't know what it was, but it's said something...

Callington and I was like wait, no, Killington is an impervio. I don't think. Wait, did I ducks my last or whatever? It's on my instagram. WHO WAS GRANDMA? Did you find area? and was it was Simon's Nana, because are because Simon's mom followed her and Simone was following her. Oh yeah, instagram. Where can you find us on social media? Um, you can find us on Instagram at host of cards underscore podcast, on twitter at lgbt underscore deck, on Ticktock as House of cards podcast, and on Youtube as house of cards lgbt day. We still have not filmed the thing for that. No, we really need to. Sorry, I've been really stressed. Listen, okay, you tell one day. The one day is an unforeseen day in the future, not today, not tomorrow. I could just film a flog and call it the gate. Is there anything else anyone wants to bring up, because I want thing. I want to bring now because I'm very prota Florida and Florida and chat. Yeah, no luck. No, we have to remember Fuck Florida, government, government. Now just Florida, and sorry, I think the entirety of Florida's got to go. Like, man, I've been there it. That's all. I just a real except for except for Universal Studios. That that place fucks. Think I'm the one in California, though, so it's fine. Okay, yeah, perfect, Fuck Florida. Yeah, the government, we hate it, Rawn deffanties, we hate them. Georgia government, we hate it. Avery has a piece of paper of all the governments we hate. Right next, however, and she so I'm George, but I'm clearly looking at the twitter. Not only shamed Florida, but also I publicly like tag the Governor of Florida. That's so funny. Poor fucking assassinated. Okay, wait, I have a really fun like a fun update instead of I have one too, Fuck Florida one. Okay, so you can change your color for Google. So I changed mind to pink. That is so cute. You can change like. Okay, so if you go into like your Google settings and like your profile and whatever, you can change the color that the browser appears for you and I made my pink. Oh, you just found that out. Yeah, Oh my God, I knew that before you did. Oh Shit, I am one with the kids. I am, as they say, hip your okay, boys, your hip, all right, hip displacement. Okay, okay. I want to say my good news, and...

I think all of you know this, but I want saying the podcast because I think it's important. But I got nominated for a leaders of tomorrow ward. And don't worry, it's not just where I live. It's actually all over Canada. So if you look it up it'll give you like a bunch of different places. That's epic. But I was known for leaders up tomorrow. It's so cool. So I don't know. I don't know what's going to happen if I win. You actually make from the premier because the main thing I'm sayin, I'm using, is the podcast. And if I if I win money, half of the money will go into my savings account for university and the other half will be invested into the podcast and getting US microphones, maybe a better software to record, blah, blah, blah, Blah Blah. Yo. So if I went, half of the money is going to come into the podcast, because the podcast is the main thing I'm using as like a here's how I'm the leader, and so fifty percent of that fish, percent of my winnings, if I win money, will be going to the podcast. Down for that. You're better person than me. I would not do that likely. I'd spend it on like McDonald's. I'm actually getting me. I'm kind of I'm hoping to get like five hundred. They give you five hundred dollars if you win, or like, I don't know how much, but like even three hundred and fifty, like just like you, a hundred dollars that we can put into get, like maybe some microphones follow us, that we all have better sound system. I'M gonna get a microphone, and soon anyways, because I'm finishing up my studio. So I need one just as like. So you better winning. Get me one and get me a good one. Never did J bag right now. Hell yeah, I planned to tweet. If I I'm the wood ceremoney is, I think April twenty four, so it's actually two weeks after I get my wisdom to that out. I think I have an exam that day. It's the twenty four, so it's exactly. It's like one week and four days after my wisdom pep have been taken out and I plan to tweet if I win a lose. Sorry, I just you're like you're like up there and they're like they now sodys. You just like immediately pull out your photo tweet and there like fuck are you doing? You're like, I'm informing my twitters, twitters, if I win, and I'm like and taking me. I'm just like come, come up and shake the prime ministers, and you're like hang on, for I love a thing. Ever, Oh, this is this is the well like reference. This is the second time I've been nominated for this award. The better win. Good. Yeah, Dick, are you stuck it? I got nominated in Grade Eight because I started a school in newspaper. Great, we're AH rated. I was like buying. Great,...

I just great. No, I should have been because I tried to kill myself. Oh my God, school newspaper, but they didn't do anything for me and they actually shut it down. Know why the real school so excited about this? Except the kids won't. Yeah, I like at least three of us have tried to kill ourselves in the eighth grade. Like Bro, we really sick. What were you guys on? The eighth grade was rough. And in lieu of the shoutout to Jackson's manager, who listens to us, let's talk about employee protections for lgbt people. Yo, yeah, that was good. Yeah, I told you we've got a transitions N Bestie. Yeah, we didn't. Do you still don't know your sender? Oh my God, AMC's same Z's. Jack comes a problem later. Jackson, hate criming us. Yeah, what's the kick the can down the road and never walk down the road. What just you're starting? By the way, Kinas, everyone needs a way to make money. So true, unfortunately, selling Drup and no matter whether you pre sir a more perserve, pursue and or traditional or non traditional careers, they're right. Having a podcast. Why? Two Employees? They were going to be talking about workplace protections for the LGBTQ plus community and how puide. Now it's work places podcast has no LGBT employment protections. We don't see. Don't because Jackson's here, and how people can make workplaces more inclusive. For the sake of this episode, all of our information is coming from the US to to service, even though none of us are in the US. That's you think? Yeah, of Mask, I'm gone up from. How did you grow? How? What out of here? I'm a breast to say that's good. That's why I've been hate criming you. I know. Yeah, to checks out very right. Is So, is, it's so, is I know, wow, I'm so important. Anyway, as a June fifteen redacted, jk two thousand and twenty redacted. The US dining court rule of that discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity is the equivalent of sex discrimination. A bit behind scenes, Canada had already prohibited discrimination and employment. Better late than never, I guess, but it should be the last that should be the slogan for the American girlfriend. Better than better late than never, do it's so accurate. Under...

...these new US prohibitions, workplace discrimination be towards Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, Queer and all other sexual orientations and general identities is now a legal meaning, meaning that under the word perfusions, including the US, Canada and the European Union, fuck, it is allegal to fire someone for being Lgbtqi a plus, but apparently I don't believe in Europe. I really, I mean honestly, who the fuck decided to call it fucking Europe? Like literally history books? If Europe didn't exist, one page piece of literally actually everything, if Europe didn't exist, would be nothing, because you know, no, it'd be better because it's probably be like people in like it'd be like more Asian culture than European. Yet be better. Would also a lot less of like globalizations. There would still be like separated cultures, which would be we talked about. Can we talk about Asian food for a second, though? It's only God damn hell, they just have the best food ever. So true, like you go, Toup, like Indian food, definitely food, Chinese food, Taiwan, like Philippine food. It's also good under sitting there, like no, why? Why was I brought here? Why do we get a cheese boker that's barely cheese anyway? That for you. Anyway. CONN has a random rent, but I agree. Condom all right now and high on meds. BALLID UM content warning this episode in content. Morning. This episode includes statistical reports of lgbt plus discrimination in US workplaces, including harassment the customer service. Thank you. Thank you. Anyway. In Two Thousand and twelve the end of the world. By the way, ten years ago, a national survey on American social trends by the University of Chicago found that sixteen percent of lesbians, weight. Okay, Lesbian, gay and bisexual individuals had lost jobs because of their sexuality. Why? Repeating having exact person of the lesbians. Okay, what? Why does that matter? Work? WHO's fucking their boss? That's really good question. But yeah, I feel like we need to stop questioning the audacity of straight people. They'll bring sexuality into anything. Yeah, anyway, it has nothing to do with your job, unless you're sex workers. Anyway. Additionally, the two thousand and fifteen. You. Yeah, additionally two thousand and fifteen US transgender survey found that sixteen percent of transgender individuals reported losing a job over their sexuality or their gender identity, or both, which is not poggers, not pug at all. No, I mean, like, you know, it's one thing to like fire me because I'm gay, but gay and Trans, come on, that's...

...a whole to hate, crimes to get to turn to the price of one size. According to those same surveys, eighteen percent of lgb there's no teld, just LGBT, better raised. God, you're still gay. You're still gay. You're sis man now, is it? How did the stubborn eighteen percent of LGB another sexuality. He's through. I don't know how. I could just say LGB. Yeah, I know it feels so wrong. Look at the scent of sick, of of SYS systems. Eighteen percent of CIS sexuality members of the lgbt community experience discrimination in applying for and or keeping a job. Thirty percent of transgender and individuals report being denied employment, fire or having denied a promotion. You hear here, just just you hoarded here, guys, just as never getting promoted in the house of cards. God Damn it to you. Can't you get demote already, like a demoted to mascot? Yeah, I'm okay with being the mask of I'll be the pretty phace. Okay, get out of the call. Oh wait, that's okay. Look, the mascot doesn't talk right. Oh, never mind. Yeah, I like it. We have that means we have to fire test, testiclees, test a test, the testicles, not tests. You guys have remember him? No, lie, I will never forget testi pleas. Eighty five percent of the LGB or other sexualities. Respondence reported being harassed at work with a fifty eight percent was so loud, with fifty eight percent members reporting hearing Gerrogatory statements about sexual orientation or gender identity. Fifty percent of transgender intervidual report experience either either robot physical or selectual harassment. While that walk so much louder, I thought, God damn it, that caught me off guard. Just your fire and have nice things. Well, just eighteen or technically it's legal. Yeah, yeah, no, that's legal. It's just like it's just a pall. I'm gonna loud anything. There's even worse because it was right next to like the headphone, like a bike on my headphones dead. Oh Um, in two thousand and twelve and two thousand and fifteen. When Two Thousand and twelve and twenty and fifeen two thousand and fifteen was last year, I was happy, dude, for two thousand and sixteen is one at all.

That's that's that's when it that's what I think. That might have been two thousand and eighteen, or maybe two thousand and sixteen. Two Thousand and sixteen, I just remember because that's when her Ami Dad and trump protelective. Yo, what about that? With the two Sadestis I've ever happened in my life. Um, twelve, two thousand and fifteen, fear of coming out at work was a main concern of one third of LG be individuals and fifty three percent of transgender into the duels. Oh, I get it. So it's sexuality and then, okay, I get it. Why it's split apart. I just I didn't understand that before. Why? I was just LGB because every kind of laterally just hate merming. Yeah, I was like, I don't know why I have to report it, but I see it's different now. Okay, got it. We did it here. The House of calls podcast to have has no protection for the want to say we hate them, we hate my God, dude, someone's gonna ads like fifteen years and be like what the fuck? I literally ready again, never gonna be employed. No, really, so funny. You see the House of calls and Lgbtq podcast as they hate the days a standing there. So that again the House of cards. Okay, they comes out as homophobic and transphobic and we're just like we fucked up somewhere. Lead if we actually get canceled in like ten years. I all like, I'll save every die happy, I will revel in it. Yeah, literally, I hope I never have to go through getting canceled online, because that would mean that people would look back on my Internet history and that's just not something I want broadcasted. Can y'all Cann told me true, I can do it. The two thousand and nineteen thirty six as a two thousand and nineteen thirty six of us. Oh us, helt it. I thought you were just like us at all. Capital like thirty six, because I'm so JBJ can loss. I was like, hell, yeah, that's us, Bab lost go six percent of us. How many? That's like? What too? Thirty six percent of US, thirty six pers O of you, a CE bcq plus members, my computer turned off, reported discrimination while it worked, and forty six reported staying closeted for fear of discrimination. Some accounts of discrimination of the workforce include being refused tips by customers, being this gendered and being denied of identity. How does that? How do you wait? What? I get tipped? I get tipped a lot Mo when I lower my voice at walk. However, denied, and I I'm getting. No, you're not. Yeah, yeah, that happens, bessie. Actually, what I didn't say that, like that hasn't happened to me, but exactly just had I have an identity. Do they just say no to you? Yeah, Oh, we that's what my mom did. My just okay, just imagine you're like waiting tables and they're like...'s like Oh, do you have a girlfriend's like no, I actually have a boyfriend. Like no, you don't know. I really didn't correct hands like me, no, no, I have. I have a big boyfriend. On Gay they're like Ah, no. I remember table at one point there it was like this old woman and she brought up something like she had it, like a gay niece or nephew, and I was like good for you, and you feel like no, it's not good for that. No, she was like with it, but I think she's trying to bother with me being gay and are just like, listen, I've been awake for twelve hours, please pay so I can leave you. She knew felt the vibes. That was like how last time I woke there was a two gay men out on a date and I was just sitting there like and my fete. I don't like. Were texting me about that. Oh my cooker is like, Oh my God, they're so hot. I'm like they okay, like how do you know the game like that? One is wearing boots with a heel and nice socks, while a normal white tee, no straight men, was nice socks and normal teeth. That is a gay man. Yeah, I would virginity rocks to I actually thought I actually so up a table. WHO The guy had that on? I want to buy one of those because I am anyway avery. Talking about virginity rocks your town? Yeah, which about a great right. Who God walk. If you guys, if you guys, get me a virginity rocks Hoodie. I swear to God, I will wear that shit everywhere. Watch. I'm ordering one as whippy. Would all these art still like giveing a se five literally? Yeah, so true, Dude. First Time I saw one of them was like last year when I was in dance and my friend walked in with one and I immediately, like, I swear to God, like I fell over and I was like, Oh my God, I like to mention avery with like full like still and like like nonmoving, and then like just felt the side like you not a collapsally full on like went solid upwards and then just tipped over, like Oh yeah, I was like I was stretching, so I was like I was like stretching out my legs, so I was sitting on of them and I was like touching my toes. She that's disgusting. And as she walked past me, I like I like I followed her with my head and like, as I kept like leaning to watch her, I did I like fell over. I love that. Yeah, well, anyway, thankfully, they're very simple ways of changing the way we experience the world. Not that anyone would believe us, but because of continuous Hetero normativity and Amato normativity, it can be challenging to adjust our perspectives. Made a habit to ask for pronouns if you're unsure of what someone's gender maybe or just refer to them as they until their gender is confirmed. I want this to be known that my d de Capt will do this in the middle of a fight, before they insult...

...some one. Oh my God, I did it before when when we had that character jump on a boat. My characters was question was, what are your pronouns? What are you Pronoun so I can insult you properly. Just was so confused when I said that, just like I didn't I could remember. I was like shift. All the same. Website that sells for John Rocks has a Hoodie that says legalize eating ass. Oh my God, yeah, that's that's what we need to wear to like a gay protest. Legalize gay there link you ties eating us, and then I'll be there in the virginity rocks on. Legalize a sexuality. So illegal it is. Oh, is it pod? You're sure? No, no, a sexualities illegal. You have to have sex. You have to you know, you have to fuck. Yeah, maybe even use the word cardner instead of boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife or, you know, spouse. Also, how spouse actually at rhymes and it's gender neutral, so it's awesome. So yeah, just uses. When you're asking some one with their relationship status is. You could also call them your person. You can call them part in crime, but like, but if you say partner, you have to do it in a southern accent. So my pom partner as some monswer. Now you're ready to talk. It's hard not to make assumptions, but thankfully, sorry, I had to burn valid thankfully, with awareness and education systems in place to spread knowledge on gender and sexual identities, orientations and expressions, we can make it a little bit easier to not be a dumb ass. Yea or not, a LOT OF NON BINARY IN GENDER ambiguous people won't be mad if you get the pronouns wrong the first time. It's the same idea as when somebody has a baby or dog and you say, Oh, what a good boy in the parents is. Actually she's a girl, and go oh, sorry about that. Yeah, yeah, you know, it's literally the same thing. People just don't like it when they have to do it to like other people. Yeah, right, why do you respect a dog more? Actually know, let me rephrase that, because I respect dogs more than people. How do you know about back say, how do you respect like an animal's gender? Not even gender. They don't have gender, they have sex. They know that came up. Has these dogs do fust? I want you to know my family, when we get a new dog, we use a pendulum to ask what their pronouns are. I love that. We like all... a guy. Yes, okay, okay, yeah, is that dogs have specific biological genitalia? HOGGERS dogstered? Well, no, they still have like a penis? No, they get rid of it. No, they don't rid of it, they get it. They get rid of it. Let me, let me know how to. Wawa had one and he want, yeah, sit on my lap with it just out to see. You have a penis. Why are we? Why? My Huahua had a dick and it was always out. He was always that's the audio call. Cal Put your penis way. No, for you, I love you, for you anyway. Sometimes it's tricky. You parget, sometimes you for you. It's pretty tricky. But yeah, but the important thing is you mindfully work on not doing drugs, on getting their products right the next time. Oh, she's throw we will get I forgot. I forgot. Oh, pronouns, like when you ask someone with your pronouns are yeah, or when someone has to correct you. Okay, I got super side tracked about the dark penis thing. That has to do with per ouns. Yeah, it does. Sorry this next sentence. When I read it, I thought you're talking like the listeners to us, which is true, but we will respect all pronouns, gender and sexuality. If you don't, will find you and kill you anyway. We don't want you to stereotype, discriminate, a fetishize us. We aren't toys. What people, most of us, not me. Yeah, otherwise specified most important people to make a living in peace and then go home to our dogs, our cats and our partners, as well as of video games, underpression and our anxiety. Yeah, and I know nothing. We also want the French the fridge tears, spotify playlists. Go home, go home to listen to house of cause podcast. Yeah, it's like, come up, fridge, my head favorite pastime. I got an upology back and in my bio I put I enjoy long platonic walks to the fridge. Yeah, I don't. On our instagram, anyone who was ever experience will play. Discrimination for being lgbtq plus is valid as fucked, and anyone who pass' because the sketchuple amount is also about as fuck. And anyone who does discriminate against people is not valid as fuck. You're in fact invalid as potion. Orginity rocks, virginity rocks, virginity rocks. There's one that's nice.

Hits Guy s one. That said, I heard. I get that one like I'm reactly I want to get the I heart hope. MOMS or the big dicks world famous chicket. Oh my God, this one's virginity rocks with a bit of girl. Oh my God. Hell, yeah, yeah, they were actually not sponsored. That's fine. What we could be? Oh my God, what if Pachap start our own clothing line? Anyway, anyway, thank you so much for listening. I think this is it for us. I'M DYER CAR WE'RE gonna go. I'm doing I'm I'm dying of the plague, just as probably gonna die next week because of another sickness. And so the podcast is going to be Simon and avery. Yo, Oh God, your God got help us. We hope you liked this episode and we hope to you next week. If not, have a good rest of your life and hopefully don't, I don't know, don't get hate crime. I don't know, is there anything? And feel sad. So this book. I would like to say that the invalid is virgin actually came from when Samon and I were on an episode alone together. So, yeah, if you die, please, if we if US dying means that we get more gems like invalid as Virgin. I think, I think I'm gonna do it. I think it might be worth it. Yeah, I think it's worth it, but anyways, anyways, as always, stay gay,.

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