House of Cards: An LGBTQIA2+ Podcast
House of Cards: An LGBTQIA2+ Podcast

Episode 78 · 9 months ago

House of Cards: LGBTQIA2+ Podcast: LGBTQIA2+ Streaming with Echo


Today, We had a Special guest, ECHOKELLY!! Echo is a Content Creator who spends most of their time on twitch, but he also post on youtube, tiktok and twitter. While Avery and Jesse couldn't join us, us three did our best to bring you entertainment! Listen to today episode to hear about echos coming out, as well as her views on streaming and streaming as someone part of the LGBTQIA2+ community. We hope you enjoyed this episode and rememer there will not be an episode next week! Remember you are vaild as fuck, and stay gay. Make sure to check Echo out at 

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Written by Avery Ann

Edited by Jaxson Stiles

Produced by: Jaxson, Avery and Simone, Jesse,

Music: Lofi-Missing memories , lofi fading away, lofi fly and lofi escapie, 

Hey, nerds and worms, welcome to house of cards and Lgbtqi, to plus podcast. I'm echo and I have actually killed every single member of these podcasts and taken over. Welcome, I don't have a legs anymore either. Echoes Start Legs. Took you just took out legs. That's all. We'll fine. Yeah, hi, I'm Simone. I use she. They pronounce smile. This smile is a Pronoun and that should be included. It cut anyway. We love it. I mean to be kind of epic. My name is Jackson. I use the hymn pronouns. That's IT, hopefully. Just killed avery and jest, by the way. Yeah, they're head gone. That's why they were not here, as their heads a like DEC in a video game. In a video game? That video game? Yeah, in a video yeah, you go. What are you pronouns? Yeah, I'm echo. I use literally any and all pronouns. Include get in Neo pronouns if you want. I am not picky. Go for it. Amazing. Yeah, fact is penis. Thank you for having me. That's it. Echoes out. That was just that's the time ups that you so we've talked about echo a lot of the podcast like a, like a lot, like, because we worship Echo. I see the killer. That's actually one of our topics. I said that we wash your back. Oh, thank you. We finally had them. Like he finally was able to make it onto the podcast after like a year and six months. Well, you're right, I can't believe. Invite me earlier, fake friends. Well, we did. We did that, we did, and then you got covid and then we couldn't have you. Those still over like a year, in like five months. Yeah, like the poor excuse. You've had this podcast for a long time. That's flash lh but you know, yeah, so true. If you want to see it. By the way, if you want to hear more from house of cause, where can you find us? You can find us on Instagram at House of cards underscore podcast, on twitter at lgbt underscore deck, on Tick Tock as house of cards lgbt, and on Youtube as house of cards and lgbt deck. What did you say? I wasn't listening. House of cards LGBT. Yeah, did I get it all? Yeah, you got it all least. Fuck, Holy Fuck, it only took and then six months. So and then, while we're promoting ECHO, where can we find you on social media if they want to see more from you. I just list all my socials every yeah, great, add since great cloding my youtube link. That isn't unique. So it's just a bunch of letters. Yes, I don't have a memorize, but you can find me mainly at twitch, dot TV, Echo Kelly, twittercom slash o Kelly, Instagramcom Echo Kelly live and tick tockcom Kelly live, who contract you? And I have a youtube. It's Echo Kelly, but like you have to go through twitch to find it because I'm not that big yet. Not soon, though, like after this episode. Absolutely. Yeah, I'm going. I'm going to pull up Guy Watch when. Well, yeah, WE'RE gonna be trail us. I'm creating a thousand Google accounts right now just to like subscribe. It's another beauty pie versus t series situation. Oh my God, what if we don't think about that's a good marketing campaign. All right, guys, come on, you guys. By the end of two thousand and twenty two, get me more subs and market flier. Come on, have been where you're like motioning in. Yes, okay, I good, good, Oh my God, terrifying, terrifying, come on, hop to it, let's go. Well, Jesson, I can't lage. I don't really care about followers. I just like making content. That's what that's fair. See, that's what everyone says. See, Ya, everybody says that. But, like, if I got stupidly famous, I wouldn't reject it, you know. Yeah, yeah, I would be terrified. That's the same thing that, like if house of crods ever like got really famous, like I would fuller. I would fall and drop out a university. I...

...wouldn't go to you think that I I wouldn't, just because I love what I do. When University Brow I would do that without saying I would. I do without ye any signif just drop out. Oh yeah, Shank what I like went like Thegraha'm going for to focus of all, like podcast needs. Yeah, but if we popped off, I would like full on like take like this would will come my life. HMM. Yeah, it's like I have, like I have some streaming friends who don't want to become famous, like they say that, like even like a fraction of something streamers numbers would like stress in the hell out and they don't want that. Like I'm all for it, dude, like literally me as a streamer, like as a like running the podcast. Absolutely, I want, you know, bunch of listeners. As a twitch dreamer? No, I could never. That's so ballad, though. I'd so down to be a twitch streamer. Like I was looking at some numbers earlier, like, Holy Shit, there's people like a couple months older than me whose net worth is like in the millions. Yeah, it's I honestly. It's no free promo, though, because, yeah, don is paint us, just so you guys know. Oh, yeah, that is just paying plan. I am being slandered. That goes. No, I'm being a slanderd on house of cards. You've been hate crimed on house of cards. Oh, you're as signing. What questions you're asking? Yeah, yeah, I'm just doing that real quick. Terrifying, terrifying, terrifying. Anyway, you can't see it, you don't. You don't need to see it because you'll be oh, okay, it's a little surprised. I told you at the beginning. You did. Did you get I know what. No, second, did you not take notes? I took God, this is took laugh. Yeah, you want me to take notes, like, yeah, too, minutes starts. Yeah, you should have. That's summon. Does it? Yeah, all the time. This is a class. Actually used to have a notebook for like podcast releadership. I don't use it anymore. I have my entire desk is like covered in pot like I have things I need to do for the podcast. Actually have everything. Yeah, I literally have everything for the podcast. Is just sitting like on lane post notes around my desk. Do you want to know it's on my desk? Yes, my pink planner. You're going to say pink, I coke, essential oils and the pink book. Well, I you need. That's pretty epic. That's like all I have on my desk. That's crazy. If I were to name every single thing on my desk, it would take the entirety of the podcast episode. Know. That is the podcast. It's called Echoes Desk. Hid US goes to. I got like a corner desk right, so it's called like two things. So it's like double the space to push it off. Oh Yeah, Oh man, you should. What if you like started just a whole podcast and it's one episode about each item on your desk? Longest podcast ever? Long is like there would also be like twenty five different episodes about each specific dish on my desk. that. Oh yeah, there for too long. If you let me tell you about the ecosystem that exists on this toy. So we be it's kind of a good content. I don't know if that's just me thinking like ten minute episodes. Two, oh no, that would be like our long I have to make an hour long episode about those tiny flower pot teapot figuring that I got from the third store. If you don't all screen see ballads. Anyway. So this was a this we meant to like. Okay, so talking to the audience now. We meant to reveal this a while ago, but echo got covid, like we said, yeah, we couldn't reveal it on the top line, and then we forgot to read planetcose thing until literally, I think, what was it three days ago, like that. Yeah, yeah, so we haven't had enough much. We're going to be announced with ECHO here starting last month, because it was decided after our interview with Dawson who, if you don't know, is dating echo. That was like a it was like a huge pot of like look, like that's my God eating. Hey, Rah crazy. But this is part of our big, a big kind of celebration going into our two year a hundred episode special. Come up with Simone. This was someone's idea. By the way, folk, I just Amona is every Oh, it's every month until September we're going to have a guest on the podcast. Hell, yeah, awesome, so awesome. You guess that are really reaching for the stars. By the way, I'm very excited. We yeah, so echo is our so...

...dawson was on March guest. APRILS. ECHO is our April guest. HMM. I then we have someone in mays coming someone in June, July and August. Some of these are like people we have to email their assistance. By the way, we don't even know if they're coming on. Yeah, president, it's funny. Um and then, and then I am getting it's very special guests for the September that no one knows, knows about what that's. That's a little hint for what the special is going to be about. Ado Cool literally suck mynts. What where her New People? And I'm actually switched out the crew. I'm like getting rid of Simbone, just an Avian. I'm bringing in like a bunch of news strangers. New Year, knew me, New Year, new podcast. They're allso set people as well, all our God, yeah, we're going on the cards falling off. No, watch that when we pop off of all just sitting there like a God. That the drama. Guess, don't do as good as the gay ones. No, they don't. Well, if you don't know what, like listed number eight pod, lgbt podcast in Canada, and like twenty thirty Yo, so that I actually kind of forgot about that. Um, yeah, we got look at email. We got an email like a wile, like it was why go those like hey, we want to put you on a list of gay podcast you are like hot. Yeah, Shit, cool, and then we just literally forgot about we sent we sent them all of our credit on information and then we lost all money. So, so true. Moving on, let's let's let's. Let's move on to the topic of today. Yeah, and O Kelly twitch out TV such, only not st it's Equa Kelly's desk. No, yeah, no, yeah, the top, because ECHOCCA, everyone knows who're Canadian acks. He said. No, yeah, yeah, Oh, yeah, yeah, no, yeah, of course, yeah, no, of course, and we know what that means. If that's yes, no, yeah, yeah, no, yeah, yeah, it's just a little bit of math is involved. That's yeah, you have to like cantle out of it. What you call it? That mass, bed with a bee? Yeah, who are you? Racket, bed mess, racket? No, seriously, I had in trouble. I get in trouble when I use ped mass. My teacher use bed mass, but use parentheses when talking about them. Oh yeah, it was always paid mass. Maybe, maybe because I'm a French kid also, and it was petalants, but like disgusting. Maybe he hate French people here. I'm not a French person. I just set you are French immerged. Yeah, you, I am all. I'm not friends everywhere. You became French through Osmosis. Going on to the topic. Okay. Also, this is, sorry, off topic. Got My weight. Got It. Oh Yeah, yeah, the God. I thought you should Goblin for a second I was really confused. Yeah, Goblin might teeth. Goblin. I came in and I opened up my and just kinda did smile. Anyway, move down to the topic. Get in on the topic. ECHO is an LGBTQ. I do plus dream or on twitch. Like we've said, content great or amazing. Streamed with them last night. He was great. They they did an amazing love her. So here to ask some questions. Yeah, you know, it's no FA. Oh, you know, Soun Enough Straw. You know, Avery wrote these questions, by the way. So starting off like with a smack to the face. What was your Sena Transformation? Like, Um, because obviously you won't born like I'm guessing you want borne out of the womb and immediately knew you are like you didn't care about Jen. Yeah, like, Oh, yeah, that's sadly, it doesn't walk away. No, much how much we try. Yeah, and did. And like when did you realize, even though I think I know this because I'm friends with you, but you know, real and it is realized real and then when did you stop taking when did you start taking action, though, and like really presenting yourself gender fluid way? Yeah, that's crazy because like whenever you hear specifically like genderqueer people talk about their gender, it's always I knew from a young age there was always something there. I always knew. I had no fucking idea until like two years ago, but like yeah, so, basically I've never really generally felt a distant could just connect with my under until quarantine...

...happened, because at that point I was kind of alone. I was spending a lot of your thoughts self and people were talking more about gender orientations that weren't just specifically binary trans. So, like I'd go on Tick Tock and then be like Oh yeah, shout out to the she days, and I'm like, HMM, into what say? What I want to show? Yeah, and then so I started. I quietly changed my pronouns on instagram from she heard as she. They just like try it out, I and then I was like, Hmm, what if I what if I go to by all pronouns? And it wasn't even just be like I didn't have like an epiphany of Oh my gosh, I'm gender fluid. It was like them, what if some see him for me? And then I was like playing Genshin one night and then my friend actually, you see him for me, and it was like a light bulb and off in my head and I was like shit, it sting when it came to that. They've been pronounced like somebody, I literally and then like when my teach us he in front of me and I was like hello, hmm. And it's so crazy to me that I've come so full circle now that so many people use he. They for me when people use she heard. For me it almost feels trans you know, you know what I mean. So you just said you just see a little lot, you just a little lad. Yeah, that's me. Like it's like, I don't know, it's so cool, but like yeah, and then so I did that for a little bit and then I was like, okay, my body of like a very, I'll say it. I'm proud of myself, conventionally attractive woman. So I was like, I don't feel like it's completely fits me. So, like on Tuesday maybe, but yeah, exactly, exactly on Tuesdays and sometimes I miss having like a Bob. But like I like my short hair more than like my old hair, like I like them more often, you know. So, yeah, glad I did that. But I cut all my hair off in I guess it was last summer, last July, I think. So it hasn't even been a year since I got my hair off. But I kept two pieces because, like this is only audio. I have two pieces that are like just above my ears. They're like my side tails. They go down like past my collarbone now and I had like a mob before. They're like rat tails. I love that. Like a Bra they just they just fait you some right and like I originally actually kept them because I was I've never cut my hair this short before, so I was like I need to like hang on to some semblance of femininity in case I look ugly as hell. So I went on. I was like, Oh, I could have two pieces to like frame my face because, like I'll say, I don't really have a strong jaw line. My face is quite round and I'm fine with that. But I was like if I cut all my hair off, it'll look more around. I kind of like keep some hair. So that's why I did. But now it's kind of like a quirky character trait rather than like an actual like convention. Like no, it's like an unintentional John Green moment. Oh my God, I had a thought process. I'd something I was going to ask you. Oh my God, intentional Ramono flowers. Oh my God, Ramonti flowers. Did have a wait, hang on, kind of sidetails, not as much as I did, but like yeah, but this is more of a mallet, I think. Yeah, kind of from all sidetail, I was okay, I want it as someone who would like like when, because I was like very we start talk. We talked a lot when you were just about to start streaming. HMM, but it was also just like like we like watching you from a distance, because we also didn't talk before them. But also seemed like because I met you. When I met you, it was two thousand and nineteen. Yes, I saw it for the first time and like brain saw you immediately. You just it. I know you said like you didn't realize it, but looking at you, my brain didn't register you as a sheithre. That's crazy too. I like looked at you and I'm like this isn't right, you're this isn't correct. So this is Jackson. Knew I was gender career before I did. Like when I look to you, I think my my brain, like process do, was like non binary, like know, like very gender, like out there, like not out there, but you know what I'm like. There's not buying it, like you kind of very lucky gender. Ok, yeah, I'll take that. And like like watching the specially, like looking at your instagram and your tick tocks and streaming as well, just watching kind of like really shape from going from like this, this more very feminine, like Feminine Looking too, like this very fluid like some days you look very maskin. Some days you look, what's the word, like as when you have rogyness.

Some days you look Bam and it just HMM, it won't and it was such amazing just to watch that as someone. It's just that transition from left and it made sense. Like looking at you now is how I saw you then, but like it didn't look that way and I was like that kind of like pulled out, like I don't know if I saw you and I full stopped and my brain had to like process you. was like hold up, hold it's so crazy. Is when you met me, I was the glitter girl, if that was dude. Yeah, my first interaction with you you put uniforms on my face. Yeah, exactly. That was my person interaction with a lot of people at the place where we met. So yeah, my first interaction with you was you denying me. Yeah, I've literally remember that because we ran out of time before our performance because they like, they one, they like. I was like how can I get makeup on and they're like go as echo, but I didn't know you wore and I felt awkward not saying because that was my fourth year and everyone knew everyone. So like, yeah, oh, see echo and I was like who's Echo? HMM, I don't think I knew you before that year. Actually, no, I didn't know any of you before that. You. No, no, I didn't know Echo. I don't think. I don't know. We might have met at like I think we met it like the winter one before. Oh, yeah, I remember that. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, I think that was one with that. But but yeah, so this is all like pretty reason for you. But you you were bisexual beforehand, though, right. Oh, yeah, I came out as by in twenty eighteen. Yeah, two thousand and eighteen. Yeah, so you definitely liked you weren't straight for sure, like for a while on there, and I knew were five years before that, but I was kind of on the fence about it. So it's like good, m yeah, understandable. Yeah, so like you were aware of like queer happenings. Yeah, exactly, because, like I'm, I'm I got the preferences and I actually lean more towards men, and so I was like, Mum, I don't know yet, but yeah, mm, yeah, that that just surprised my gender sexuality. Well, HMM, yeah, yeah, it's very pumping. Yeah, exactly. I thought I could worshed, by the way, and it was and I'm sure it exist, but gender fluid and it's in a glass and it's a gender fluid flag, but like a liquid in an I would I call that cup. Anyway, to watch what is called symptom. Okay, next question. Smile. It's your friends and parents and other significant people in your life react when you came out the first time or the second time or but I think the gender is kind of what we're focusing on working. Yeah, the gender part. Okay, epic Um. See, that's the fun thing is. I didn't really like come out much, like I we all need a cap. I mean, yeah, most people just like do, but like especially, like with my parents, we just kind of like chatted and I would just like sock like a side mentioned that usal pronouns and just like and stuff like that, and so we never really like talked, talked about it. Why? They know. They know. It's kind of yeah, they know. It's interesting, though, because, like it's just kind of sweet thought, because my mom will get like, oh, she'll get an email from like the government having the like. For some reason we had to like report our household members as so like for like a like a population count or something. Since I mom will like she like call me and she coming down too, like the living room, and she's like hey, it's asking for like gender. What do you want me to put? Stuff like that. so that's really sweet of her. That is we love that. So he've my entire family still exclusively uses she heard for me, but in technicality it's not wrong. I'm not going to bug them to use all because I don't that worried. But HMM, yeah, I most of my friends were cool with it. And Yeah, I don't know, I spend most of my time hanging out with gender queer or just queer people in general. So like, yeah, like I wasn't going to be accepted. Yeah, you and your real life friends, like there was. Yeah, some of my some of my real life friends that aren't in any of my online spaces are still like I have a couple friends who just use like she they and like stuff like that, and which is fine. It's I literally use all pronouns, so like using one isn't incorrect. Yeah, it's support. Like I just feel like, also, it's kind it does kind of suck about because it's like there are others, but it's definitely. Yeah,...'s like it's it's interesting because people tend to like not understand that I use all pronouns and like that. I prefer people to just like use the interchangeably as which as they want. Like some people it just doesn't really click for them because, like one of my college friends, their mom like they told their mom about me and she's just kind of like how, how do you expect me to refer to them with these? Oh how like just refer to them anyway, exactly. Yeah, like just for for to them. HMM. So, like most people in my life are good about like I didn't have anyone in my life who was like you're not CIS, we're not friends anymore, like a really dramatic like yeah, very like and you're just so and your and you're just sitting there like eating a Bugger, like okay, yeah, that the only negative, like I don't know, like the only like kind of negative stuff I've gotten is like one of my friends who's she's moved away now and we still kind of talk, but like we're just like we went on a walk on the trails could be, on seeing each other much over covid and she was just like yeah, like, I think you're totally cool and I totally respect you, but like I can't call, I can't use see him prone it. It just doesn't make sense to me. I just can. I'm like, okay, sick. She would be a lot nicer. And then she and then she went on a giant rant about how she didn't understand that non binary people could be lesbians, and I'm like, okay, I mean there's other issues going on there. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, ate that. Yeah, I was weird. It's gooding like a like a good experience with this. Oh yeah, most of the people in my life are like either not very accepting or already are like some form of we're gendered were. So, yeah, I feel like that's a really cool thing about the world like evolving as people people have more and more like positive experiences with yeah, exactly, realizing who they are and stuff really cool. Yeah, even Dawson, who like is ASIS head man, loves, still like I'M I get I get to like educate him on on stuff as well, and he's been like wonderful the entire way through. So, Oh, yeah, which is I get you assist heat man, who will like actually use him pronouns for you. Yeah, yeah, it's amazing. Well, being in like such a good relationship as well. Yeah, that's awesome, Dude. Yeah, exactly, so cool, like the standard. Yeah, literally, like, yeah, MMM, I like even if, even if, like he was like, Oh, I'm really not attracted to masculine people, I think we should just be friends. That's also completely, totally cool. Yeah, that's understand yeah. So, yeah, but like he's been incredible the whole way through as well. So, yeah, well, that's awesome. Yeah, you guys are like my favorite couple. Ah, no, it's crazy. We're my favorite couple as well. Wow, I'm really glad like you guys, really like you not being like this really open, because, like I only have a limited about is straight couples. I can accept like having like you not be like just like sis really was like hey, I can put that under queer. Well, good, yeah, that way can like, you know, you can file it under Qui. Yeah, and then I have room for like my I can add it on the straight couple if I like, using on to the stream or side of this because, yeah, like a lot all of us are gay. This is I don't guess. That was dawesome, but we had a record of only having gay people on here. But let's talk about you being a streamer, because that's the more focus. What made you decide to come a streamer? Like when did you start, and like what was really kind of like what made it be? Like yes, now, Um, well, what maybe want to start? I mean, if we go back as far as like sky does minecraft, making minecraft hunger games videos kind of kick started me wanting to be some sort of content creator and like I had a channel where I made youtube videos and stuff, but streaming like recently like took off and popularity over over the like pandemic and stuff. Ye, so and I found it and I was like Hey, this is a lot like a much easier and much more versatile way to make content that I don't have to pour like hours of a dhd brain editing into. Oh yeah, maybe like regular content. So I was like, damn, this is really cool. So I...

...started streaming October of two thousand and twenty, I think. Yes, yeah, October two thousand and twenty, because last year that one never phases. I had that. Technically, the podcast started before you started streaming. Yep, absolutely, it did that. Like this we've been running this podcast longer than you've been seeing, which doesn't it doesn't comprehend in my head. That's what happened, screaming for a long time, doesn't yeah. Well, yeah, natural, yeah, you really are, and you have the look of a streamer as well. Well. Thank you. Yeah, like, I like you. Your element. It is hell, yeah, and the PODCAST, her, boy, the podcast just seems really fun. So I feel like it. It, you know, doesn't feel torate. I don't see dragged out, because, right, that sounds bad, because yours. Yeah, but you know what I mean, like it feels, yeah, desolutely. Yeah, I've only even streaming for about a year and a half while. Yeah, that is yeah, M and you've already liked. How many follows you have? Oh, don't worry, I have I have twenty one, right, three hundred, yeah, two hundred and eighty. I had it. Oh, yeah, yeah, really good. Actually, thank yeah, that's that's like. I think it thoughts considered a let's let's Google this. I think it's like considered a hamlet or something. Oh Yeah, UH, Huh, no, it's fewer than a hundred. Is a hamlet. So it's a village. It's like you're a little village. If you got a whole village, Broh, that's epic. You got yeah, between, oh, it's between. Okay, so you're like between a hamlet and a village. Okay, call will say a village, the village. You don't know, your Hamletge, your hamlet. You Got Hamletge. That's ef that's really cool. That's amazing. Yeah, B is there anything else you want to add to that question? I mean, why I started, when I started. That's about it. Names. Yeah, I think so. I started sperm because I started watching the dream as on here as well. If you don't. Yeah, Nah's live by laugh. I mean that's the reason streaming got soup oplorized over like barnding. So, like people can probably assume that anyways. But so, like you want to really like boil it down technically, can? I started specifically streaming because of the dream, smpple, but I have been wanting to do caught. I've been doing contegration for years because of a multitude of different people. Yeah, awesome. Up, in your opinion, is there is there an the blatant discrimination against the LGBTQIA to plus community in the streaming world? Oh, definitely, yeah, absolutely, we'll see. The thing is the gaming world has always, when you think of like gaming, like ten fifteen years ago, it was a very male dominated, like SIS gender heterosexuality dominated, like industry, like you wouldn't there wasn't a lot of like really popular like a youtubers, transutuber stuff like that. It was like and it. When it was, it was it was SISS men who were the gay youtubers, like you think, yeah, Okali and a truly con and stuff. So it's always been like this really heavily straight mail dominated platform. I guess, especially with twitch, like in the last couple of years it's gotten a bit more. There's still more place for lgbt streamers and stuff, but if you think twitch a few years ago, twitch five issue years ago, it was very a lot of men and men living in their mom space but streaming games to like five people. Oh yeah, so I'm like it was unheard of that anyone would get like five hundred views like viewers on like their which streams and stuff. Yeah, so it's always it's and I feel like there's still that mindset with a lot of people and like even like not even like queer women. Sometimes it's just women that get super duper attack, but you think you think of like men. Whenever like a woman always like shows any sort of emotion, it's, Oh, you wouldn't survive a call of duty lobby. Yeah, it's the gaming world and the streaming world has been like cureated almost to be hostile towards queer and women, Queer people and women, for some Goddamn reason, I don't know. Sometimes you see like sometimes you see like men on stream and stuff just... absolutely like insulting women and I'm like, Damn you even straight dude, even like women. They literally like hello. Yeah, definitely. Twitch has gotten a lot better in the past few years because it used to be a lot worse with how much of exmination there was, because there's a lot more bigger, popular streamers who are queer or who are women, or who are queer women, such as like the first person that comes to mind is Niach love NIA to here. She's amazing, his wonderful and she is a openly bipactible women on twitch who has a huge audience. So it's become more normal, normalized, and like there's a lot more defense for Queer people and three women on twitch now, which is nice. But there will still be like that. Will still be homophobi people on twitch who will take their like relatively large communities and send hate raids. They will actually actively search through like the tags and why Queer streamers to send like hate raids to and like women as well. So I'm actually said, that's terrible. I sometimes see tick talks about people talking about their hate raids that they've gotten Jesus, and it's always it's always women that I found that I see people talking about. But that's not great. twitches, twitch has gotten a lot better with like combating that, I think, but they still a long way to go. Yeah, definitely. I mean, like there's only a certain point you can combat that up to as a platform. HMM, absolutely. Yeah, it's just it sucks because like content creation and twitch is just it's started as such like a straight dominated like art form and a straight dominated platform and stuff like that. So it's taken a lot of years to reverse that and I think it's come a long way. It has. Yeah, because when you think of like all like and there's still even like youtubers of of old who are coming out now, but they could have gotten like chased off the platform by people if they came out when they were like at their most popular. Yeah, which is so crazy because like all spaces are like that. When you think about it, like they all started as like a CISS head mail thing. Yeah, exactly, which is wild to me. But like yeah, like if you think about it, like if we think of skyed as Minecraft, they came out as using the then pronounced really recently. But if they tried to do that many years ago, like I couldn't even imagine like what they could have faced online because of that. Oh, yeah, and yeah, they're probably wasn't a lot of information on that type of like gender identation, and I oh absolutely. Yeah, HMM, because like the craziest thing you'd see, and I even remember people using it for views because, yeah, like like Trisha, even like Trisha is pretty recent, like you'd think you'd see back when chroice of on and like Tyler Oakley and then we're pretty popular. They made their coming up videos. People would then, and then they got a lot of views because like that was pretty like pretty normalized at that point to people were like really supportive, but it got a lot of you because everyone was like oh down, yeah, hey, that's crazy, which is like way less crazy now, but it was crazy back then. So then, like people who were were very much still siss would like make answering with my viewers questions, videos and what am I gay, and like big letters across like their thumbnail, and then they would see just slop just a far views. Dude using queerness for is the stupid shit on the plane. Literally, Oh my God, it's like you don't want to be queer at a content creation based like, yeah, like, I don't really hmm like some people. I just I don't understand. Don't get it. I don't get it. Free a piece chicken mcnugget from skipper dishes. I'm sorry, I saw that too. I saw that too. Nice. Sorry, we got one, guys, we gotta go. Yeah, sorry, sorry, we know you're like doing them my important, but skip them. Know, you are good. I yeah, I have something else, but I don't remember what it was. Sorry to informant. It's very funny, but I don't know. That's really mainly it. But yet. But definitely people sense it's...

...such like a SIS said, mail dominated platform still like you look at Oh, that's a I was gonna say. If you look at subcounts, on twitch. The highest, like the highest counted women with like subscribers on twitch is like I can't even remember what the fraction is, but it's like a small fraction of what like the largest male subcount is on twitch. Oh, that's so. Why? Moving on to the last question, which is a very good ending question because again, avery is great at this whole thing. What is your advice to future Lgbtq, I. To plus dreamers, and what do you wish to Cheef from your own channel? Yeah, like the laughs. Well, as for advice, I don't really know where I would go with that because I'm such like a small creator who, like I just kind of float in like the twitch soup of like my under dish followers kind of creators. But I mean from my very humble place, I guess just keep going like yeah, which is it's in like a it's in a huge state of flux right now where it's fair, it's changing a lot when it didn't change for a long time, and it's only going to become more accepting and more positive. So if you're like a greer person and who wants to start content creation but is afraid that you're not going to get there, because it seems so much easier for like a set men. Just go for it, dude, like absolutely, just just book it. Just just do it and, like, even if you don't get to like fucking Tommy in its standards, you're still gonna have like so much fun. And in the end, content creation isn't about the numbers, like as much as the numbers are great and funny. Get that little kid and the Tope of me. Whenever your follower notification pops up, it's like and I trade all that. It's like these I've made through content creation. So just do it, dude. You'll like I never thought like I made an actual, really good group of friends streaming and I met some people. So just, yeah, like hating that leap. Yeah, I met youth the doming absolutely, that's how we met. No real though, you did so cool. You did make like a lot of like like people who you talk to every night, like as like we all talked to every night. Yeah, absolutely, and like I don't tell like the group enough, but I like really care about them and like you guys included, like Ah said, did you just see Simonea? Not Me, of course, like it's someone just cutting all of new selves out of that. No, but, like, I don't know, I got I'm like I tell them sometimes, like I don't know. I care so much about people and I love the streaming group we've created. It has been so worth it and I would trade every hub one of my God damn followers to keep that group because they're so cool. Todude world. Maybe the real streaming was the friends you made along the way, crew, maybe that real prime sups with a frenzy made along the way. Absolutely, yeah, but that's that's that would be. My advice is to just take the leap, just like some woman. Just Keep Sim and, Dude, you got it exactly. Just thing, that's your new that's of course, that's your force Mooch item upout the pots. No Way, I would never put any sort of Disney logo on my stream. Yeah, my sparing murder. That's fair. I ate a Disney adult, not even honestly. So, yeah, what do you wish to achieve with your Jobey, from your channel? Um, I does it sound show if I want to be famous. No, no, it doesn't sound like I don't want to be like ever since I was little, I have always had like this intrinsic desire in me to like change the world and reach like a huge amount of people. If I do that through streaming, through writings from music, whatever I can do. I just want me and my message to be known and to just create like a huge group of like wonderful people. Aliens, I'll take aliens, Dude. Nah, but like, I don't know, I just I want to I want to change the world, you know. Yeah, little me, which is terrifyingly scary because again, not as the set man. But I...

...found that, if that's why, you can do it exactly. I have my eyes is served have a P it's actually helping. FEL Like if you don't go step to yeah, yeah, exactly, right now. But hearing, I could say that that's that was relevant to me in a sense. That not, but that I faced the same challenge as echo does. I don't all right, I got I got very lucky. I was, you know, I was born and then I was like a white man. No, but like I remember when I was younger, I always thought, like I'm never going to amount to something great, so my goal was just to make other people amount too good things. That's because I was like I'll never make it, but I can make someone else make it. She's the action turned around and gave me a stupid amount of money to my twitch. Yeah, you have hate for my pc Dude's God, yeah, that's that's actually happened. My bcus it or whatever I want. Oh, but especially recently I've kind of come in the mindset of like I can do whatever I want, absolutely, and it's not just like I want to be like famous, but so it's just like I don't have to be the secondary character. Absolutely. Yeah, it's just it's crazy, though, to me because, like sometimes I get in my head about it a lot because, like man, yeah, like sometimes to this heat streamer, like dudes will be like they'll be like oh my God, the like freak out and talk about it for like days that they painted their nails or something like that, and I'm like can I just why? I can I knock get hate time your stuff like that, like, like I actually have good outfits. Like why aren't people talking about it? I'm Shyelosh as hell and like everyone's yeah, then everyone freaks the fuck out about like like some Shitty eyeliner and I'm like, okay, so I want to wear's that energy from me. Huh? Yeah, lot. So were the outfits that you wore? He would blow up even more. Yeah, literally. And then I wear the outfits and then somebody comes into my twitch chat and says, Harry and minecraft cow because I want to milk you. Like where's? Where's? Where's? Where's the the hype energy for me? Sorry, I forgot to talk with this one on the last question, but I did another quick reason to talk to echo. To follow ECO is the tick tock you mate about extremely unentertaining dude streamers. It's basically hot GAM or hot girl gamers are stealing my views, and so force echos respond to this is trying to really hard to blow them up with his mind, so they're just blow yeah, funny, the Funny Tick Tock Tray, still walking at it. No, a worked or in one of them. It's like some people describing over person and then you transition to yourself saying me trying to explode them in practice with my mind, because I love that trends so much. They'll be dudes out there who were like, Oh my God, there's like girl gamers doing hot tub streams. They're stealing all my views, and I'm like, do you want horny men watching hot tub streams to watch your valorant streams, like that's not your demographic to if they're not stealing your viewers, I think it's it's to learn marketing. Yeah, not me literally doing that, not me blocking someone for you. Who did that to you? Yeah, like, I mean I mean accidentally pressing the block button. Yes, yeah, no, but like it's just yeah, I don't know. There'd be some. There so many dus out there who complain that women are stealing their views, when it's like they're not even doing the same content as them. And also they have been doing the same thing, streaming cs go play there's daily for five hours for three years and not changing or making any good content, and they wonder why they don't get more than one average viewer. Like learn, learn how to market. Yeah, learn the platform. Like, yeah, like, it's not a hardy boring like, if you look at the trends of what people want, you could the second et les figure out what to do. HMM, sorry, medically shout. They're like it's obviously a bit harder than that. You stuff to get people to watch, but I mean there are certain things people watching, certain things people don't watch. Like. That's one other thing that urks me is that, like, content creation takes a lot of luck, but the luck never goes to like women and Queer people. Yeah, like, and that that's that's dealing with so frustrating, like as much as I love of like love him to that he inspires me so much. Romdo got so lucky. That would not have happened to a woman or to a queer content creator. Yeah, nothing. I would many of it. Yeah, exactly. Yeah,...

...absolutely exactly. It would have never happened. It's like, and that's also not blaming them and being like this is their from, but their incredible content creators and absolutely, yeah, platform that they do. There are also, but it's still sucks. We're streamers out there who also deserve that kind of platform but just won't get it because in trint of intrinsically, how like platforms at Algorithms work as well and people, yeah, absolutely, like they hundred percent deserve that platform. But like people who always talk about, oh, there's no luck involved, it's just hard work. There is luck and it is never going to favor and that's just the way it works. That I think that's a great way to end, to say episode. I awful way, but really does fut into the topic of Yah, Queer people are not as lucky in this world and it sucks. But so we firing though, but that just makes a yeah and times harder, which is a Oh yeah, but in the end it's just the life that I was born into and I just got to make the most of it and we'll become better at what we do because of yeah, we do, we do absolutely. Yeah, like every queer person, I feel like it, is good at something. They have to at some point prove to either themselves or other people that they are good at it. Yeah, but anyway. So I want to say thank you so much for thank you so much to echo for coming. It was amazing having you. So glad that you were able to come and join us and talk about your experiences anyway. But now go into the audience. Thank you so much for listening to the word. We hope you enjoyed it. We hope you enjoy neches presence and we hope you go check out echo on puitch ut TV, such echo Kelly for their main latform of entertainment, and make sure you go check out all of his other social media so that you can see am amazing content. It's so good, bro it's so good. I'm currently watching there out a world where she's playing the out a world game and it's just it's it's a fun game to listen to. All the ground I'm like knitting or like just like doing like it's I can't watch all things for long, so like having those long videos to just like listen to and kind of like take in is great. But anyway, we hope to see you next week. Wouldn't say again you do not have a good rest of your life or anything else to add. Valid as book. I don't know what. I don't know. RANDOM YO, random xd, oh my God, rare, Ra xd, Ra xd, Taco pancakes, steak a guys, what is your flying.

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