House of Cards: An LGBT Podcast
House of Cards: An LGBT Podcast

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House of Cards: an LGBTQ Podcast; LGBTQ+ Representation in Media


Today, we decided to talk to about LGBTQ representation in Media, with the main areas focus TV characters, comic/graphic novel characters, LGBTQ+ characters, LGBTQ+ content creators, and LGBTQ+ streamers. We hope you liked the epsiode and we hope to see you next week! if not, have a good rest of your life! Remember you are vaild as fuck, and stay gay.

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Written by Avery Ann

Edited by Jaxson Stiles

Produced by: Jaxson , Avery and Simone, Jesse,

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Welcome to the House of cards andlgbtq plus podcast. My name is Simona. I uh, they pronouns and excelis fucking bust and it sound like as in the spreadsheet, know asmy God, nonspoken. I'm getting Okayllo, I love Microsoft word. Hi,y'all, I'm Abriaan, I us. She her pronouns and I literally justfinished writing this episode and Jackson can tell you all about it. Oh, it was the hilarious to watch. There was so many times while I'mlike, Oh my God, avery, you say you'll queer, but youfail every time. Avery is just the old queer. Hey, you know, the old queer who's like I love women, and they're like, Oh, have you seen this queer show? Avery's like yeah, let me tryto watch it. She's like you like tell us, I want to andwe'll like you're pressing the exit button, like why wouldn't play? When didy'all get a color TV? The fuck literally, my grandmother, I amI am hello, my name is Jackson. I use he them pronouns, andit was so funny. I was like hey, someone, whenever you'reready, and then those like a good son, three minutes I'm like Tisimon. No, like, okay, it's funny. It's not funny, it'sjust I edit. I when I'm editing, like the beginning part, I takea guess, like hey, wherever gets really loud, that is whenthe podcast talks. That's really fair. Um, hello, my little gayfriends, gays in a box. Oh, no, Fun Little Gay people onmy phone. I'm just exactly. I'M J I use he they pronounced, and I haven't had a nap today yet, but I have had twocups of Coffee, Oh dear, in this and I would also like tosay I feel like we need to acknowledge, acknowledge. I said that word right. Yeah, yeah, McDonald's coffee more than we do. Honestly,it's Shit. That's slaps. It fucks so hard, it's so fucking HMM. Buston, as someone would say, as as the kids would say,stupid. I'm a kid, I am Lu you. You know I'm actuallya minor. So do we want to talk about that? I know whatfucking weird ass commentaries on our instagram. I would like do they're this?Okay, I will cut off your Dick. I'm good. I was this moreprofessionally for heads up, all of us on minors, and therefore weimmediately ask you not to or mentalize or sexualize us in any way. Well, we may make jokes about on the podcast. They are simply jokes andwe are making it with each other and we know each other, so wecan make them with each other. We don't know. You don't make themabout us. This is it's kind of a chemical yeah, I will FreddyKrueger your test. He's Bitch Noble. You could platna size us, likeyeah, like want to like sit on the couch with us and like sharestrawberries. Sure, don't you see with me? And also, I willbe eighteen in thirty days, but that doesn't mean. Yeah, to saystuff like that, that doesn't change it. We all Correy, we are,and you're Garfield. You were not allowed to sexualize me on instagram.That's the end of the story. Just don't Le Mentize us. Don't sexualizeus. And also, even though we...

...said, like Oh, take uson a cash we can, we're not actually meaning like text us to meetUS and Texas. That's a joke. We don't know. Yeah, you'reall like, we love you, we appreciate you. You're still not peoplewe know and just just be friendly with us. We're just friend lot oftraumatized gays who are free to the Internet. This is like just us. It'slike, yeah, we're like any of the content curator was root,like the deities. We are. No, yeah, that. If I setto see now place for me, I will be upset. Bow Youmortal pathetic what you all day? Where you can find us on social media, where you cannot romanticize and sexualize us. Oh, good time. All Right, Um, you can find us on Instagram, where the weird commentarywas, at House of cards underscore podcast, on twitter, at lgbt underscore deckand on Ticktock, which we don''t use as house of cards podcast.Do just some access to any of these yet? No, I don't.I was just going to say, can I get the Tick Tock? Oh, yeah, yeah, I don't have literally like boot Tick Tock. Please, I will make so many tick tocks. WHO has the tech needs to do? Who was the Tick Tock? I don't have to log in.I don't remember it. I can like search through my phone saved passwords.Sweating way. I have a screenshotted like automatically logged in but it's, let'sbe honest, guys, it's probably like in the history of the Oh wait, I would. I think I know what it is. I think Iknow what it is docs us. I'M NOT gonna say no, chat thedamn it. I love. I love, don't sexualize this, but feel freeto leak our ide dresses. Yeah, passwords, post funny things, don'tmean they could post a deck. It's gotta be more entertaining than whateverI'm going to put together. So Hmm, we got we took out with justice. Then posting just literally, just just a penis. I mean Ionly ever neep go on the tick tock so that I can find out ifit's a bones stare or not. It's so every morning I check. Thatfucking Pug has such a great, like a grip on my life. EverythingI do in a day is so dependent on this pug's ability to stand inthe morning and it's unhealthy. Okay, I happened today. I told multi, I told I think I told them one in this chat about this,because it's so fucking terrifying and I should have survived for not going to accident. But I'm okay, so I'll drive it down the rash. Sorry,when when boils the entire sorry, just can I force file alert guide wall. I'm driving to school. HMM, yeah, what the fuck are youguys? My New Sad? Yeah, what about it? Bitch? WouldI mean down? This was the funny like notice back to them, butthis is a steep well and the lick trying to go thirty and I'm like, Bestie, what the fuck? If you ain't gutted it down the SteepHill, you would. But like, also, like that's can be dangerousif somebody's car isn't stopping. HMM, like again, it's always the worldof like, yeah, you can go slow, but if you go tooslow your unsafe. HMM, there's like a safe range. And she yeah, I don't want driving. She was a little bit edging the unsafe slow. But anyway, job, it wasn't my car. Like so when yourcar starts to stop, writing, because I don't think anyone. I don'tthink av you are just drives. I don't. So when your car isn'tstopping, a nice you can feel it.

It's like rumble, your probable rumble. You can feel the brakes not walking UFLES. So I feel realizing. So what happens is basically my wheel stopped working and now I am onthis Steep Hill of ice going straight down. Now, in my brain, youknow, this was anything else, I would be like, okay,I can probably stop in time because you know, it's fine, but gravityat this time is pulling me towards the car. So I have three choices. Hit the car, go right and threatened going deep into the Dantch Olsoof on to oncoming traffic, all of which are terrible decisions. Mad Wantdon't hit the car. I'm going to be honest. I want a gunto it. Yeah, but no, you have to pay the damages.That's what a father's for. No like that. Yeah, but like that'sstill issues anyways. So I still want to oncoming traffics. Luckily there's nocause coming, because I went to small town and there's not like, youknow, cars going in one direction either way, and I saw it sightingand like, I feel like the call being in Torne to the side andI swear to God I was like if my ass hits this call after Itried so fucking hard not to, I'm telling myself on this I'm ending it. That is it. That is the last of it. I didn't,or it's fast. You know, I didn't. I didn't feel anything,so I seemed I didn't. I turned the car. I go on theside and I'm now like the wrong way, right, but I'm Pari, whichis good. I like hit this cord like completely parol, which isnot a good thing to happen. You never while your caught away, ableto slide parallel like you. You want to see to go forward. Itback. What's not to the side? Yeah, but I mean I thinkI'd made pretty funky if they made cars they moved to the side. Yeah, unless you're doing the whole down throw down, it should not do that. I was gonna say it could do like fucking the the Cadillac ranch thing. You know. When can we pause for something quick, like Super Quick? Probably not, because nothing you do is ever quick, but sure,okay, now, hang on, this will be super quick. Okay,so I just got a notification. Shout out to sad period, it underscoreperiod, ghost period, underscore period club, who just liked our post on instagram. Yeah, that's see, you know, we all get. Youknow, we all get that notification, right. I know I've seen not. I'm not on the INSTAGRAM. I would just like to say this.I should not have. I got you to do so. So we bumpinto it, I bump into the car, and so I just try to like. So, if you don't know, if you shift into neutral, youget better staring on ice, and for me it actually helps me stop. For some reason. I don't know why. My costops better in neutral. So I tried to such a neutral micro, such a fucking idiot.Even though the wheels are they might not be moving, but for some reasonmy call goes straight into park. Now, if you don't know, trying toski, trying to stop on ice well in Park isn't good. Itjust means you slide more because now your wheels on doing anything. So youknow, and I skid into I somehow stop. I don't know how.I think I got to the flat zone of the hill and I'm like inan it just like I'm blocking a road intersection and like everyone's just looking athim like just fucking ghost up. I'm I'm not bleeding. Leave and Iwas like, how did I not die right, because, like I wouldn'toncome and traffic. So I should have probably got hit right, hmm,or like something else would happened. I found it. It was a bonesday and that pug saved to my life. Literally, they've my life. Noodlessaid, I will have bones today and Jackson will not. His elbowshad even been slightly you would be deadly. Not. Can we just get?Can we just get a quick thank... to noodle for keeping the hostof the podcast alive? Yeah, shout up to noodle. We are eternallygrateful. There's anytime we can do good, sir, I think. Yeah,a million books. Anything else? You have a million bucks. Now, have you your royalty at? Oh my God, yeah, make somuch money off of this part. We makes yell even funny. You guys. Guys, remember. That's the reason I'm here, because you can't yet. Actually, fun fact, we have now been allowed to make ads.We just can't collect the money from me, MMM, because the government said youminers, which is fair. It's noy homophobic, like that's really acompany that said that. I know, we put our bloods, when tears, into this and we can't make money off of it. Hello, youwant to actually thrust into this, then I'm very concerned and I will becontacting your therapists how did you want that? I'm number leading profusely. Guys.You want her phone number. Okay, Besti I can't do that. I'lllet it. You said we put our blood set and distins. Bestyou click the accept called byt it, and that is it. I'm alsopretty, so like no one can see. You also look hot, so likeout. We're funny. Yeah, war, somebody has to do it. Somebody's gotta do it. Somebody's gotta bring the pizzas. Guys, wealmost have six, six, six lights. Oh my God, stations on hisway. Sink. Satan was all location. Well, not facts.Wow, because the call me when you want music, video involved Satan.anyways. Yeah, Oh, I forgot about that. Of Little Nas X. Literally I got it all for y'all. Wow, wait, pause, pause, I'm trying to send just the fucking tick, Tock. What?Why do we have to pause for that? Because I said the fucking best transition. Yes, we're going to keep the transition. Turn eighteen and getup surgery. Okay, and he's transition, just best transition. Good, Ican just edit this pot out, y'all. Yeah, facts, butwe're being funny. Disappears. It des Never Funny, but some talk.Also, I love that you have that. I'm a tick tock because you aredude. You have, like all curry Pauls, streamers authors. Iwould take a doger how soccer association viewed your application. What they go best? I centered in chat. Oh yeah, that's a very why the FUCK ISAF? You're looking at it? You know it? We yeah,that I in the chat. That notificification pepped up, so I had toopen it. You didn't have. Yes, I did. If I had todo what I had to do, had to. I had to.I had to do. By the way, what the dress we keep? willkeeping by email, as they recovery email. Okay, okay, Idon't know why I did that. Should I just start? Anyway, averystarted off. Sorry for it, director, telling today we're going to be talking. We didn't even say the topic today. The topic is LGBTQ representationand meet up. I mean, I...

...think you're going to get any needin media. Yes, so, yeah, that's our topic. So today we'regoing to be talking you about lgbtq plus themes and characters in film,TV, comics and books, in that order, as well as lgbtq pluscreators. To start off, the four of us here on House of carsare all lgbtq plus creators, not only through our podcast but also as individuals, just as a tick tocking pro ancer. Jackman is someone or both stringers.I'M gonna I wanted to say when, when avery put when I was readingthis spot from movie. I told you thought aver was going to belike, say, how will ca? We Oh, like this is likehe they jacksone, they sopecially, they am ace. Just okay, just, you know, like just go, oh well, we're just a fruitbask for, just a fraud. I like that. I reference y'all asthis was getting therapy, by the way. I'M NOT SUC that. Yeah,that's the joys. Therapy tomorrow and I yes, you had therapy today. Contacted me and like a week right, therapy Wednesday at thirty. I didn'ttell my matthew jerm leaving ready to do that. Fuck him rap.It's a surprise. It's this topic was brought to us by a friend ofours, Elie Smart, who uses he they pronouns and is one of twodirectors of adaptation in the impoverished city. A documentary brought to you by tella story hive which explores how the city of Calgary adapted during the covid nineteenpandemic. Go Walk Snaps for that. Go Watch it. It's really good. Yeah, I love it. Where can we watch it? Tell us. Kay, okay, remember I watched it. I cannot remember what Iate for breakfast this morning. Dude with Pussy. Okay, I sees.I'm give me a SEC also, it's not my taunts. Yeah, yeah, it's my turn. Um, sorry, I can't read, because we're onlybecause we're only be acknowledging. Excuse me, author. I fixed.Thank you, because we're only acknowledging LGBTQ plus media that is positively regarded bythe community, as it's seen as actually representative. We're going to ignore gayJoe Rousseau and is said, congratulate chloe zoo. Yeah, yeah, forgivingus the first official introduction of a POC lgbtq plus superhero in a marvel cinematicuniverse which summoned ablee avery briefly talked about last week when I wasn't there.I did it was Jackson, I don't think. No, I was dead, bitch. It was just me and Samon else. Actually fun fact.I didn't actually post last week's episode until today because you know, diplomas callme fucked vibes, valid ovalid. I don't think I slept one night.Other lgtq plus film characters include Katie from the Mitchell's and the machines, EltonJohn and rocket man. Supreme Movie. Incredible, Patrick from the person beinga wallflower. Still haven't seen it and it's so down in panoram other film. I love that revealed. That was the best. No, even saythe movie rights because I'm getting cut off every thirty sevens and Aram. Okay, Mitch Down in Paranorman. Yes, incredible. All their films with lgbtqplus themes and or characters include fried green tomatoes, moonlight, brokeback mountains,Falsa, superior portrait of the Lady on fire, Oh Ama night. Yeah, I think so, stranger by the...

...shore, the rocky horror picture showand Luca. I love how Luca made it in there. What's that?I want confirmed to be lgbt it when we don't care. It is veryfruity. Yeah, I have. I haven't seen it yet. Also,are very much lgbt about coming out and being accepted in a community. SoI mean people are going to say Don Brotherhood, but it's not we whoraise your hand. If brokeback mountain was your gay awakening, I've never seenI never watching it. Okayo was, though, Megan Fox in Jennifer's body. Oh, oh my God, Literally Watch Jennifer's two days ago. Oh, I got it so good this weekend. I keep watching it over and literallyit's just being Simon the entire movie. I just and Simon. Apparently,I'm go no, will both times. Yeah, but like you're more likelyto get possessed place you buy them. Me Suck you by. That's true. Like I could totally see you like letting your ton on fire andjust like me, like I am a God. I would. I havethat for like like come to my house covered in blood and shedding me,like, hello, I actually got my period. I'll do btq PS TVcharacters include. PREPARE FOR MISPRONOUNCE nation. I'm sorry, me trying to processthe name. My brain. We do not pro can someone say it quick? Santana, that Santana Lopez, Brittany, ash, Pierce Court. I'm Oh, yeah, Lane Anderson, unique Adams, Sheldon, bestie best,yes, yes, and the Bastian Smith. Some that is such a whit.Sorry, just I'm gonna name my child Smith like that. Oh No, I'll Alvarus Avarus and said from one day at a time. That showgot fucking canceled and it's where to God it was. It was my tenthreason. I need to watch. Where is it? I got to makesure it canceled. Wait, is it? Sorry, is one day at atime. I'm that like Sitcom with like a bunch of girls. Youknow, this is to be way more so. I don't know. Ijust know my mom watched it. I think when did? Is so goodidea recond watching it anyway. Petra Solo, Selana Flano and Jane remos, Yep, from Jane the Virgin KN'trina de Luca, Arizona and Arizona. Arizona, fuck that, Arizona, Robbins, Calia, p Torez, leave smit. This is a character. I don't I haven't watched by. I knowleave by. I said leave my smide. I'm going to MIT. I thoughtyou said leave. Let's leave, get out. Leave by, LeaveSmith. Is it just Niko Kim? Yeah, Nico Kim, Amelia Shepherd. I did know she was a come fromble form bisexual by the she's definitelysure she is. Yeah, she's also eging Casey Pogress, as well asthe new character Kai, last name I can remember. Who was envy.I don't know. I had thought was seasing at of course their name isKai. Yeah, I mean, yeah, of course their name is Kay.I've I say that cuse I've considered switching my name to Kai. Anyway. They are so too. Sorry,...

Michel and Cam Bridge Kit, eventhough we can all agree that the three, three kids of that one family aredefinitely buy for Mona family tests person here, here's, here'son Parson,I'm so smart, and Alex from this is us great again, grant,I think it's Gren Gren from ow boy B Bot, and then a Dora, Ktra Huntra, Natasa, Spinnerella, perfume, Perfumia, Perfumia, butfor you perfumia whatever. SCOPIA, Mari, Falcon, George Lance, double trouble, Boa, Limo, Mist Seahawk, looney, re Lego, regay go, regilio, Hollylio, Kyle and JU staff from Shira. That isthe gayest show alive. If you really want a lot of gay characcters andjust get lgbtq recommend Rosa Diez, Raymond Holt and Kevin Conza Cosner no,from book the Ninety Nine Kora and as May as May, yes saw me, saw me what a saw me from the legend of Cora, lose amityand rain. Rain is from the newer season, from the ourl house,ruined jewels from euphoria and it and almost every single gem and c even universe, as the gems all a female only society and they do love each other. So every single German's even your dress, is a lesbian and I that's alittle bit of fruity. Oh it is Mary. Like most, Ilove Stephen Universe. It's so gay. I know I haven't said okay,lgbtq plus comic slash graphic novel characters include Jug head Jones and Kevin Killer fromRiverdale and Matt Kill it, John Kent, Superman, Jack Hides, aqua,lad Catherine can slash, the bat woman and Tim Drake from Tim Drake'slast Drobbin from DC comics. I don't know that was confirmed. Oh Yeah, okay, Wade Wilson, Aka Deadpool, North Start, Peter Quill, starLord and Tasha Romanov, black widow, love, love her, low key. Let it be known that we as a community reject the representation showto the Disney plus show. Let Owen Wilson and low key kiss God fuckingdamn it. We're not accept selfish. Absolutely not. Yeah, anyways,Valkyrie American, chevest Miss America, Billy Kaplan, s Wickan Hulk huckling andTommy shepherds speed from marble comics. Graphic novels with Lgbtq plist themes and representationsinclude heartstopper by Ellis Osman, bloom by Kevin Panetta, check please, byGozi Ou Kazoo and cosmon nights by Hannah templer. I would also like tomention I think, Ye Lena Belova is a sexual in I'm not it's comicconfirmed. I did look into that. I I know our like fandom confirmed. But yeah, it should be cannon. So I'm going to say it.Yeah, you could say that it as fuck val valid, even asfuck. You could say. I just put not out there. Just possiblyyour car. You could eat a well, it is r you could flash backto that episode where you try to find opposite of fucking said valid asorigin. I said invalid and Jungian actually invalid's Da a commediately. Oh myGod, that's one of my favorite times. I'm gonna start calling. I'm sostart telling people they are invalid as...

Virgin. We validated. We lovebecause, not because you're a virgin, but because it's the opposite of fuckwhich, by the way, it's definitely not. It definitely you've returned tolive for life. I'm fuck you. I'm going. I was doing mybest. Your best wasn't good enough. Moving on to pass. Characters inbooks include all white, Bood Ale lightwood. That's a weird name. I thinkit's a line or Alleen, penhollow, Helen, blackthorn, Diana Rayburn anda Lightwood Mark Blackthorn, Christina Rosalez and Kieran from the shadow hunter chroniclesby fitsandra Claire Simon. I think it's fear by your Spiela spiller. Ibelieve it's pronounced what. There's no king else. I don't know, butthat tell her remember it. It looks like you're here. It looks likespirit. Yeah, Simon, spear and Bram Greenfeld from Simon versus the Homeosapiens agenda by Becky Albert Holly. I fucking love that book. I readthat in thirty minutes on the way home because I'm queer. That's how Ithink my dad found it. I was gay because I got the book beforeI told him. I was like. He was like what's this, thebook, and he was like I got homo when I was like because Homosapiens. I'm sure, sure ready excellent Apollo, me her D'Angelo, willSolis, Alex fierro and Magnus Chase from the royodn universe by Rick Gordon,Alex, Claremont Diaz and Henry from red, white and royal blue by Kasey MChristen, Aristotle and Dante from aristyle and Dante discovered the secrets of theuniverse by Jen by fuck bye, Benjamin, a lawyer, I think, sayings. I hope I said that right. Really, apology, of not Georgefrom I'm sorry, I love that jerk from George, from George Church, George Alex. do you know my mom actually has that book? Ihave to read it. She said that she loved it and that she cried, but she cries and everything, so that's not you get. Why doyou say that? So she cries at everything. By See. So doyou. Yeah, I know, that's where I getting cried and suicide squad. So she's a little more extreme than I mean. You know the thename of it. You go into it expecting not what you get. Well, honestly, none of us really thought they were all gonna die. Ihaven't sink it, I boys, I haven't seen it. I have nottalking about the one from like two thousand and sixteen. Yeah, I know, that's what I'm talking about. There's a banking die. I thought mostof them died. What? Definitely not, because there's a sequel. Yeah,there's also sequel to rogue one, and that when they did all time. There's not a sequel to that. That was a yeah, no,they're making rogue one the sequel. They're making another rogue one. Anyways,this belief from Liz I d from. You should see me in a crownby Leah Johnson and Jasmine Hanson, Elijah Gray, sterling, Santiago, JulietteMillard, genie, Artemis Millard, Mars Kate Millard, Leslie, Sascha,Olive Green and Abigail Millard from the generation zed series by Averrian. That's me. I'm doing shameless Self Promo fuckers as coming summer two thousand and twenty two. I have a like quick question, quick question on those, like allof your characters, not all of them, but yeah, pretty much. There'slike two straight ones and they die... the first book to the isthat my main I think my main characters are straight and that's it. Sorry, not reading your final book now. How dare also, I can't evencomplain because all of my characters in the book I'm ready a Queer, asyou should. As you should anyway whenever you're ready. Chest Um. Okay, so quickly before I read, I just want to say because all ofthese people are incredible and like all is, like like everyone that's been mentioned.But I think it's very important that we have lgbt representation in media withoutit being specifically LGBT representation of media. Like I think I mentioned Para Normanearlier and I remembered this, because they introduce the character and they have himhave a whole thing and then near the end of the movie they've recognize thathe's gay and stuff like that, where you have a character and you haverepresentation without immediately introducing the person is gay, is so important. Normalize it.Yeah, exactly, like normalize it, like, because the thing is islike I'm not going to open a conversation like what's up, friends,I like men right like. It's not personality trait, it's just a partof who I am, and normalizing that and seeing that media without it beingthe only thing is so important. I just wanted to mention that. Therewas a couple of really good examples of that, but I just block.That's I believe, at least one time. You have have, like anyone,the the fear street trilogy. Now you know? Okay, well,so if you ever do, that's probably one of the best representations of LGBTmedia. Please go watch it. It is a horror movie, but it'sreally fucking good because, oh, it doesn't set up as who queers.You know, it doesn't have to. You know, you know, youcan't my drift. It's appears. That about that. That's what that's.That's the whole movie, but that's what my teacher say in my group walksto the room. Anyways, Ldvtq, oh you I believe you have.It's come up to me at one point. Is that like not like how I'mjust really hig like men. So yeah, like to my friends,but like not like into a room of new people, like hello, Ilike taking Dick, like I'm not gonna. You should like hi, I'm partlysaving enough to take my kids off. Like donate to my go fund.I don't walk it with the are like Hey, fix me. Youshould. That's one way money. You're right here. Um, anyways,ldbtq plus content creators. This is a bizarre category because this also includes artistsand like actors. Um, but whatever. Plus the four of us as mentionedas the Tick Tock Eater, I hate. You told me that includedirectors. The what shouse? Yeah, Yep, Lisa Chuladenko, build oncondom. I said, that is condom. Bill Condon, Jamie Babbitt, KylePatrick, Alvarez, kimberly, price pierce. I can read. Adams, Shark Shak Man, Oh my God, Oh, Andrew Fleming, Paris Barclay, you you miss someone? Oh,...

Justin Semen, Simon and John Walters. Also actors such as Neil Patrick, Harris Elliot page. Can we getsome fucking snaps? And chaffer Elliot paid the king that he is.Hell, yes, you love to see it. I cried when he cameout. I would just like to have that be known. It is LeverneCox, Christen Stewart, the Queen, Dan Levy, Levy love, leby porter. I think it's. Oh, it definitely not. Leave me actually, okay, Oh, yeah, it's definitely not. By really ordersa Ermira, Samira, Oh my God, Sarah Ramirez, Jesse Tyler, Ferguson, not me, but in different to see, Tessa Thompson, BenWinshaw, Zachary Quinto, Sarah Poulsen, Evan, Rachel Wood and amend Lesstenberg. I said that right, right, yes, yes, Singer, songwriters, Jojo, see what? The Queen Herself, our Lord and Savior,Damilvato, my absolute favorite, also cried when they came out. Sam Smithalso cried when they came out. Pink Little Nos eggs, a fucking divinehuman being. I would just like to say love will nosaks. We dirty. Two days in thirty two days. I'm going to start my hunt.What? What's the being? I I'm just going to start my hunt andI will call him by his name. Oh, oh, the soul,Freddy, Troy, Savon, Elton John came down. Freddy Mercury, RebeccaBlack, what what Repeta la she has a she has a she has asong called girlfriend. Oh my God, right, Friday. Girl Likes Pussy. Was King on Friday. She was sitting in the front seat. That'sall I have to say. David Bowie, Frank Ocean, Ricky Martin, alsylove, Halldy and Haley, kyogo writers, brant Morrison, Neon Yang. That's a sick name. That's so cool. Dahlia Adler, Carol Anshaw, Alison there still back down, Emma, Donna Hue, John Glenn Am Holmes. I can read Richie Jackson, Marlon James, what? Leah Johnson, GERALD'S GUARD? Hard yeah, hardly. Jacob took bread, that is Tivio, Jacob to BIA and Sarah McBride. I can read my promis. Ithink this was my favorite chap listening say. I just say you putit bill condom and Justin Simmon, what did you expect? Wait, hangon, you to hang on, condon, and just hang on. New Twois LGBT. She's by Oh my God, Whoo, what theat?Jackson hasn't even gotten to that part yet. Okayis so I was gonna say that'snot a name I've heard yet. The Moon Anyway. So getting ontoolgbq streamers, who are technic content creators, but we gave them this little specialself. So Jess wasn't saying so many names and fucking dying. Okay, listen. So the streams flued bills bear with a three instead of anee, Jigglie puff, daddy with a wine set of a you Justin Nickinstead of a you hi Justin underscored nick. Is that an ugly puff daddy supposedto be? And I joe YEA,...

...there we otherwise it would be JugglieJogglie puff. O. Oh, I sorry, Justin as go aneck gold karat carrot, arrett deer within the cyber after talk, Mormaide,Unicorn, Sam mean Maj Mike, ship Annie Nicotine. That way I wantit. Wait for like Arett, who I love, MIA to these people. Captain Puffy at, Frost and Valvetin cake, by the way, andfrost and Velvetis cake are dating and I love them so much. Oh myGod. Okay, wait, but are it and a frosty president and across and Vellatis cake is are dating on the website that I thought I foundthese names on. Yeah, Eric uses all pronouns. Oh Shit, okay, Ay, were it? Yeah, is like amazing. She's great.Abi Guests on rose and Rosie. Oh, mills, l mills, yeah,L Mills. Wait, is that the girl? Sorry, miles mccannic. Love that. Love Jade Fox. I want to read that as awild, but I'm guessing it's a way. I think it's wild. What Fuck? I think it's a wild because a yeah, Gary Thompson, NatalieWin, I think. Oh yeah, Lia Alia strong bone. Sorry,that's that's sorry. Is it a liar? I think it's a Lena, Elenafucking hell, Elena joy and cat black. I don't think that mightbe a you cann's on a youtube and of course we have some special shoutouts to those who are. We call them all post my favorites, butwe just know them. I'm not on this list. Are you a streamer? Oh yeah, only add ax bones, Goblin unders going to school, whichown score, fark thirteen, mimit and Moss Raven. There were alsoso many queer creators. There are so many streamers, there's so many youtubers. Are So many, and really on twitch you can at least use theLGBT create a a these and find them. So there's so much more facts,y'all. All Right, I'm also want Tick Tock at John and GeekyGe Jo mh a and follow our personal tick Tock influencer, Mommy. Yeah, sorry, Mommy, sorry, sorry mommy. It's like the birds fromfinding memo. All right, y'all, go into the world, create lgbtlessthings or consume them. EAT, eat, yeah, like, support, likelgbtq PLOs content creators and become LGBTQ PLOs content creators. Do it.This is your pressure. Heat the gay become the gay. Post broke exactly. Uh. Yeah, feel free to like send us your favorite lgbtq plusrepresentation or creators or whatever on our social media's and let us know which oneswe missed. Yeah, you're valid as fuck. Yeah, yeah, voutas fuck. Well, I can tell you. Yeah, I'm invalidating myfamily on here. Thanks. Do it,...

...nasty, do it, doing onis this dull face? You cannot do double space Aaron like that.I should not. No, no, not her talks your mom. Thisis double space. I had no idea for so long. Is What doolespace, a fucking the paragraph. She's Oh my God, yeah, I'dliterally Dude, everything I write is full. Is Twelve point one times in Romandouble space. Me Too. Oh my God, it's like your EnglishMajor. I totally am dude. That's because my grade time English teacher likeingrain that into my head and was very strict about it and be all thaty'all. I am applying to university like next in a bit, right,I would from good it. I went from applying at a school that isa ninety five extepstance rate right to a school that needs me to have aninety five average to get accepted. She's US and the acceptance were it justlike way lower. Right, it's forty six percent, bro. I amso if I get accepted, I will be quitting the pocket. I should. I'll be a different time zone if I get accepted. Where is it, poople Bait, that's not what bit. Oh, yeah, that is atime different. It's not. It's almost ten o'clock for them, justDocs as yourself. Casually, I can say the province. Yeah, butyou see, I sleep here at the university. To that as a fortysix percent acceptance rate in Quebec, and that's where Jackson's going. Like yougave so much info. I forget the Outro, so I don't know howto start it. Give me sack, give me SEC exactly? Oh yeah, it does automatically. It says that automatically. Yeah, no, I'lledit that out. Yeah, also, you guys were asking, so shutthe fuck up. I know. Thank you so much. You don't knowthe time zone. Thank you so much for listening to today's episode. Wereally hope you enjoyed it. We enjoyed reading it, we enjoyed seeing moreLGBT contecuration, because it really is an important thing that characters who are queerare seen by other people so that people can normalize it. Because, honestly, what? No, I thought you were finished. Oh No, disaster, it really is. I was enjoyed watching me struggle. I did,I really did. You're right, I did enjoy we hope to you nextweek. If not, make sure I have a good rest of your life. Is there anything else to add? Well, it is fuck after pass, really bad. So that's what I'm going to be good now and goingto gay person and become the gay person. But if you already the gay person, then stay gay. Boh.

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