House of Cards: An LGBTQIA2+ Podcast
House of Cards: An LGBTQIA2+ Podcast

Episode 67 · 11 months ago

House of Cards: An LGBTQ+ Podcast: LGBTQ+ People Who Helped Shape the Modern World


Todays epsiode was about LGBTQ+ people who helped shape the modern world, we also talked about House of Cards birthday and which was Jesse HOC birthday, when he came as a guest or when they joined forever. We hope you enjoyed this episode and rememer there will not be an episode next week! Remember you are vaild as fuck, and stay gay.

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Hi, welcome to the House of Chris and lgbtq plus podcast. My name is Simona. I you see, they pronouns and I love to crochet. You don't so happy. He did it wrong. Anyway, moving on, moving on, my turn. Both important, obviously. Why am I combine all of a sudden? What the Fuck is happen? As you show God Complex Arc Oh, yeah, amazing. I've been waiting. I'm Averria. I used her pronouns and I'm just kind of rocking back and forth in my chair at the moment. Wow, that is so sexy. Thanks all right, but it was just I use you that pronouns and I haven't had a nap today. I don't know, you don't do that. Stop it, stop, Ittih as. I know what's in the pronouns. Yet I've said mind bit. Yeah, we all did. I was not listening, Dude. You. Okay, hi, just you're done, right, Yo, okay, hi, I'm Jackson, I'm your final host and I have basically been studying for five days straight. I also last night clean the entire upstairs in my room, and I tell myself it was because of Spipe, but I definitely know was some sort of mental illness. I'm like, I cly, I click the house. That its flight, and then I'm like, I'm sweeping the form, like this is not normal, this is that's so much for something's wrong. Something's wrong. What the WHO all been there? Yeah, all right, I go all mentally unstable. Okay, I'm going to cut it and promote really quick. No, okay, no promotion. You cannot find us. Okay, if you want to find us on Instagram, you can find us at House of cards, underscore podcast, on twitter at lgbt underscore deck, on Ticktock as House of cards lgbt, and on Youtube, coming very soon, as Jackson. What is it? It's just house of CADs, a house of it's just house of cards and it's the it's the gay looking one, not the political TV show. Yeah, don't watch the little we while we are political, will not that political. Guinness... not political. Sorry, I forgot a birthday. Sorry, I'm sorry. I'm all. Both Day is the nine. Our both day is considered the September or two thousand and twenty. That is the house of cards birthday. What was what was my birthday? And the on the WHO words are? WHAT PENIS? I have no December twenty one. Well, yeah, but like what? When? I don't know, God, words are so hard. I'm struggling with the fuck knows. I can go check, like back in the script, because I did it. I did a guess and then I joined like a mon. But what what do you consider it to be? Your like when you join, like the day you guessed or Um, I don't know. I honestly. Let's just say when you join permanently? Yeah, let's say prominently, because I think it's currently what I think. I think you can have a crisis and no scripts and just like yeah, there's some weird shit in there. Damn, we've done so much. Not because what sexy is fun. But I'm sorry, that's very nexty asn't I'm sexy as an esthetic facts and you, hey, you know, talking about Jess. Let's talk about other LGBTQ PO people who have helped shape the modern world. Just helped shape the modern world. Just have shoped. It shaped my monocold like a giant penis. Let's continue. Hell, yeah, all right, it's no surprise that we talked about lgbtq plus people a lot. And you know, by quenching do by extension we also talk about the old motherfuckers in our community, also known as historical lgbtq plus people. Feel free to listen to our five part series of LGBT history and world in western eras if you don't believe us, or maybe check out our episode on Gay and Lesbian Icons. Those aren't real. They're not in the lesbians are real and people. I've never seen a lesbian. Yeah, tell me the last time you saw lesbian. Yeah, I need to don't my partner. Wait, what was that? Huh Hmm, I'm not falling in love too quickly. Okay, Oh, then it's definitely not a lispan relation. Check. I have the you already. Okay. So, yes, it's no surprise that we talked about the gays, the gals and the genderless, featherless by...

PDS. What the fuck, avery? Do we need to talk talk? That's how humans were once classified by the ancient Greeks. Bypeds. Yeah, because of our legs. But today we're going to be talking specifically about prominent lgbtq plus historical figures who have helped shape the way we live today, which is trudy as fuck. It's my Turne. Okay, today to why do we have to today's? No, we don't. Okay, today we're going to be talking about lgbtq plus inventor, scientist, writers, activist, politicians and how they contribute to the like as we know it. Oh well, there's nothing, you know, it's displaying for the rest of the script. Gay People don't exist until the COD vaccine. Did you believe in Gay People? Wow, where you must be? You must be a little I moderate. So starting off with the lgbtq goddess associated with the stonewall riots, Masha p Johnson. Let's let's add a little prayer. Come on, you know, like so much love, you know, on my knees, not in that place. A loan. What's actually well, it's actually a note. Who actually started the stone wall riots? Musha p Johnson is one of the most prominent figures to be part of these riots, along with, I could say this before, Sylvia, who was going to say it? Give me a chance, Bestie, along with Silvia Ariba. Since the confirmation that Masha p Johnson was in fact not the person, since the outside, since since a confirmation that R P Johnson was intact not the person, things I thought ry. It's gray king and Butch Lesbian. Some Moon, no Bush. Let's been stormy, Delave US no love it the love, Ay, I love that last name piece to you. So is suspected to have thrown the force punch. That's just someone tape to tell you all hate to touch that is. That is just Simon sum one totally would. I would punch a hope of PHOBIC COP. Let's be real. I have what sound what? You're dying right now? fucking fine, now, anyway, here you go off. Okay, great part. Sorry, these three Queers Lens risk due to their constant activism and rallying for lgbtq plus rights, are part of the reason lgbtq plus freedoms have come so far along with them. It's a wrong word, okay, and all of the members of the community botton the stone.

All riots. We are lives, are rights, and I respect all the queer men, women, drag kings, drag queens and everyone even between who were part of the riots. Yes, sir, Pullin a really straight me. Um You straight? Yeah, this is a straight only podcast. I loved like Evil Jackson, like Titi's. If just was straight, me and him would already be fucking engaged and Jackson be like evil. If I was straight, somemorrow me and you would have fucked by now and you can not. I, yes, was straight, we would be married for real. Yeah, I was straight out of the whole entirety of our friend group. Okay, and that's true, as you should Um speaking of people who are also not straight and probably went through a couple of run groups. Lunar Favorite Renaissance Prostitute, is the most famous LGBTQ. Plus, I've never seen this word be for mouth. Pauli mass. Yeah, I don't know, probably amorous equations. Sick. I've been built a flying machine as well as inventored scissors. You know what? Lesbian Leonardo Da Vinci Arc also invented calculators. perspectively, we love you for that. Parachutes and the run who boy Rue menery theory of hecked onic plates? You didn't just it's so proud. I speculated because, like you know, we can't really ask them because they're, you know, like a billion years old LGBT and hey, hey, that's a little root of you. I literally called them the old motherfuckers in our community. I think we can all agree collectively they're just old yeah, but I think I was gonna be Bitch intil you paid me, so I lied fucking crack. Yeah, here, here is man, I'm Pars and Modern Science, science, Sur Frances Bacon. Is that Kevin Bacon? That is so bacon. Is that you, Um, I your cultural scientist,...

George Washing washing, what Washington? Washington Carver, not George Washington, the president, but right. Yeah, no, they're different. They're completely different races, even not with White George Washington. Yeah, with cracker over there. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Oh sorry, evidence of tectonic plate movement. Allen Cocks, Nice, love that name. Who doesn't like cocks? M Avery? Yeah, I forgot about that. I'm so sorry. Okay, these are only four out of millions of LGBT CO Plis, scientists, inventors and innovators, including, including Jeff Bace, just wat putting. British Mathematician Ellen Turing touring is referred to as the father of modern computer science. As you solved the why would you give me this word to say and Shide Dunk's problem? FAMOUS QUESTION OF MATHEMATICS? It's Lexia. That's okay, anyways, which is the famous question of in mathematics in regards to computer and Algorithms, computation and algorithms, using what is known as the church cheering theory, with the invention of the cheering machine. He was only twenty four at the time, which is he was having his hot girls summer. Okay, he was my Goddamn wait, this is this is how you pronounced. This is how you hope. Did Not think I was actually going to hear it. I thought it was gonna be like a worse cocks up and tenus. It's telling you that it's pronounced like this. What's that? Does not write problem. That does not look at all like how its spelled and problem. Oh maybe. Okay, I don't think gun is wrong. Is a word that's... funny. Think I agree. It's more that you have to finish. Still. No, I finished. It's your turn. Oh Shit, I think you still want to say. I was like no, anyway, this is my most favorite pot and I will be thinking avery forgiving it to me. His most admirable achievement, however, is the deciphering of the so called unbreakable a magma in Mingma and made enigma, my code machine used by Nazi Germany, which was being used to transmit messages with that warrior of there being intercepted. Oret not only did this lead to touring inventing a code breaking machine called victory, an extension of the turn machine which they led with, what which led to the invention of the modern day computers, but also prevnted, but also the prevention of millions of deaths at the hands of Nazi Germany. To choose this and four movie, starting Benedict Kumbo Batch, for it to sorry, this is an fourteen movie, Benedict come the two thousand and fourteen movie, starting Benedict coumbo batch. The intimidation game is based on these events. Afterwards to I also decide with the new also deciph it the new drumming code machine, toney. Okay, yeah, honestly, that's my favorite part, though, because, like Nazi journey was like we have the best code machine in the world and Alan churing was like fuck you, and then not in Jermany was like, well, we have a better one. He's likely just broke it all over again. Okay, yeah, it's actually sorry German. Not. Why do you know? Sorry in German? Yeah, with that about, I know how to say mustard. That's it, then, what does that mean, mustard? But you'll learn something new every day. Yeah, that concerns me, it does av it's your too. Oh, it's my turn. All of us wait if you a reason. WHO's going next? I'm yeah, I'm doing a nonogram rip Um. Okay, not only have the lgbtq plus never a little bable. I was really just gonna...

...go through the whole alphabet Um. Not only have the LGBTQ who plus existed for centuries, many of them are also responsible fedalize we live now. It's been estimated that an additional fourteen to twenty one million lives may have been taken if Alan Turing hadn't broken the enigma coke. Who knows how long lgbtq plus would have lived in discrimination if the stone will riots hadn't happened? Who knows if we would have the evidence about tick tonic shifting we have today if Leonardo Da Vinci and Allen Cox hadn't conducted scientifics. shoutouts of cocks man, sorry, I had I love that old motherfucker. I love old cock. We are ad to meds and active was so much more than just our and our rights and many, oh my God, guys, in many gayses. We all have our lives. Three People, oh Alan, turn their lives, along with so many other lgbtq plus scientists, as always, who Fred to do your own research. There's so many cool things out there to discovered, like how I discovered that I know how to say sorry and Germans to day. But yeah, well, what's the fuck to discover? I don't remember. Y'All are valid as fuck, unless you're not. Bro What are we saying? That homophobes a vout as fuck. No, you've out a fucking till you're not. That is a privilege that can be revoked. So true. I'm literally flames. Literally should they're gonna say this shurance claimed, assurance claim from you until I can just fully spe on the podcast. Do a you add your funds. Horrifying. Why do you know how to say sorry, though? That's like how. That's like. That's like how one opening, I just spoke French. Yeah, that happened. I hated it. I just love that. It's like all the things in my brain, like we see on the podcast very clearly. I can't fucking read half the time. I don't know my own Goddamn name, and you somehow spilled a German word, sorry, and Word Guy, letter for letter. Guys. What? Yeah, this is mostly to just but someone gets scared when you speak a different language. It's ready for me to watch. I'll literally hang up. I'll leave the call. Yeah, I leave, I'll leave. Okay, we won't miss you. Take the kids in the divorce. Yeah,... will. You have a job you want. The government won't give you the kids. I'll give me the kids. Fuck you are, Jess, and I the kids. Yeah, yeah, exactly where you're. You're still the children here. Actually, if you is me and Jackson's age, both of you are really small, closer to eighteen. Fuck off. Yeah, actually, like two weeks. Yeah, two weeks, two weeks, we can finally get rid of j because we'll having eighteen, I mean week, in two days. Oh my gosh. I'm gonna thank everyone for coming today's episode because you know, we loved, I love today's episode. Who came up with it? Jess? Jess, yeah, yes, yes, just coming up with another good idea. They're starting to get too good. Tone it down or I'm getting rid of you. You've got fun. Why did you see? Your next idea better be dumb. anyways, thank you so much for tuning today's episode. I hope you enjoyed it and I hope to see you next week and also make sure to check out youtube channel. You can also listen to us here. You may be listening to us here, but yeah, you can listen to us. They're here everywhere in between. Sounds like it's through it. Yeah, watch it on. Simone is leading is being a like kind of youtube content creator right now. It's a creator the every good video you see on there simone. Every bad episode, you soon there is jess. Anyway. Is there anything else to add? Balls and valid as fuck. I'm just gonna hang out, I guess, and Cheltegung and stay gay.

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