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Episode 72 · 10 months ago

House of Cards: An LGBTQ+ Podcast; LGBTQ+ Music


Welcome to todays Podcast! Today we talked about LGBTQ Music, which was an amazing topic. We also talked about how late we all were and how Jaxson was enjoying a moose steak. We hope you enjoyed this episode and rememer there will not be an episode next week! Remember you are vaild as fuck, and stay gay.

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Written by Avery Ann

Edited by Jaxson Stiles

Produced by: Jaxson, Avery and Simone, Jesse,

Music: Lofi-Missing memories , lofi fading away, lofi fly and lofi escapie,

Hi, welcome to the House of cards and LGBTQ Plas podcast. My name is Samont I. Usually they pronouns, and currently I'm crouching two shirts at the same time. Go me. That seems impressive, but also unnecessary. Why say Tans to know? I couldn't decide to like, what color I wanted the shirt to because I'm making like an outfit. Okay, very care Um. Hello World, I am a very and I used her brown hands and I'm really doing much. Went back to in person classes. Nice. That's it. I stimmed the entire time, honestly, as you should. Yeah, then yesterday I actually bought myself like a little like popping keychain that I use that to stand because, yeah, literally yesterday I just kept clicking the cap on my pen and I was like this is bothersome club sits. Yeah, hi, I'm Jackson. I am your final host, because Jess is somewhere dying. I think. You know, try to sum stated and fail. Probably just do homework. So summoning takers, ONSOBLE LAD? Yeah, somebody thinking the same thing. I use the hum pronouns and I forgot a fulk and I have to eat late, so I'm now eating my big potato with to steak knives, and it's really it's like, it's like it's like a challenge. No, I have to record the podcast. Okay, you literally before you started, before you hit record, you're like, Oh, I have no fork and we will already lay because someone forgot to write the episode. Bitch, you woke up like two seconds ago and I don't write the episode. Yeah, but you also like were late on the call. Anyway, technically, not getting worse. Damn, you're fighting, fighting in the house, dog. Oh No, if you want to follow us on social media, you can find us on Instagram at House of cards underscore podcast, on twitter at lgbt underscore deck, on Tick Tock as house of cards podcast, and on Youtube as house of cards and lgbt deck. So, Avery, I have a question. Yes, yeah, how terrifying was it to like a look on the podcast and see that no way had broke anything? Yes, I actually I hadn't even looked. Actually, like I forgot about that. We were recording, because so everyone, for Ye Avery's parts have been written since yesterday. To be fair, I got really I got her stone first because, like, in case she wanted to edit. I was like okay, I don't really have like much space in my brain for this, but, like, I know every likes to. I think it's really funny. So you like Sun, like you'll, like you win here and then like you thought about what you were going to say, but you didn't actually type it and then you moved on. Oh wait, did I leave something? No, like, sorry, I mean it was like you wrote avery spot right. Yeah, like the next person speaking is still talked about the same thing avery was. HMM. So, like you just stop talking about it. They're like, I'll get back to it. Okay. So you know how sometimes Jordan, I'll podcast. Yeah, we talked about the same thing. HMM. So I said, I thought it would be funny if you did that. You wrote a portion of it and then you just stop talking about that Talkic. Yeah, that would larous without finishing... Te He he. You know, I gave the parts that I like, know the most about and feel the most passionate about to myself, because otherwise I will interrupt people. I have a huge pot. Holly Fuck, it's a kill your son's never mind, it's great. Yeah, yeah, no, it I get that parts literally the best. I'll thank you. Yeah, that's another part that I also am really passionate about, like a lot, but I was initially going to give it to jest. I actually looks out really well. That like Justin come today, because now everyone has an equal portion of what they're saying the podcast instead of someone saying more or less. Know, there was an equal portion beforehand because you were going to get another paragraph. I just didn't know what it was yet. So when just canceled, I was kind of glad because I was like, Oh, thank God, I don't have to write like another one and figure I want you all to know now. I'm now cutting a steak with too steak nice. Why would you do that? Because I don't have a fork. Why not? They don't make steak orks, do they know? Yeah, so true. Actually, they make luck work senious. There's meat forks. Yeah, but like meat and beef, not beef steak, like if he you wore you. Well, yeah, it's meat, but like they're just there's a distinction. Would you like you eat for hiren't you? Some one like poultry? Would you cut like chicken with a steak kid knife? I can't because it's not called a chicken knife, it's kin. I have a steak knife. I Have I've got. Thank you, guys from arguing so that I could choose my steak. You're really you're welcome, and so you guys all know it is misteak. Good. It is my idea. My grandparents and US move sometimes like a live one or like a deaf work no, like a lot, like, yeah, my box, it's from your gross a fucking stumps out of that's rocking around. Yeah, my pop will hunt Moose and then they well, they don't send us the meat, like through the Nile and stuff, but like when they come visit us. The last time they visited they brought like a Shit John. They had like a cooler full of Moose meat and then they also brought a squid jerky body. I've never eaten moost me. I never will eat Moos me. All also neat it to you one day. No, thank you. Want some hamburgers? Absolutely, and then I just don't be like hamburgers, so that's not possible. Well, one day I'll get you to have them and you won't know it's going to be larious. You realize, like I'm becoming vegetarian. So Am I? Why are you eating moosteak because I can't be a vegetarian. Right. I literally live with my family, who was sometimes just making me gets the meal. If I didn't become a vegetarian now, I'm going to die starvation. Yes, same, so best. That's why I would have vegetarian Denis, because we're going to die STOFFATIAN. Yeah, you could anywhere. Okay, so it's like I'm as ENA, but that I know. My version of making my own food is grabbing permisan petals and putting them in a bowl. I think. I think we've talked a lot. Let's what's get into the topic. I think, though. True. Basically, let's getting the topics. I can continue eating my steak and mute. Yeah, every is starting, but also you have the second paragraph. Best, it's get into the tools so we can all fuck of off after you, live our lives in peace. I thought you've been suiting because we hate. Could we actually hate each other? Yeah, we actually don't get a large, realow piece in this life. That's why we have an uploaded a VLOG. It's because it's because we tried and we killed each other anyway, maybe as a black guy, because of me. So true, music has been something that is far us together as a community throughout the years, so it's... surprised that the alphabet mafia has had an impact on music. People have been queer forever, and five off, if you don't believe me. And Music is an art for in that lends itself to expression of all kinds, whether or not this expression is executed through the lyrics or harmonies, music carries the weight of the writer's emotion, life and story. Wait, nope, emotion and life story. Same Difference. Yeah, same, same thing, same thing, basically synonymous. LGBTQ plus people are no exception, and Gay Music fucking slaps. It's so true, though, not even like yeah, explicitly gay music, but just like if the vibes. Yeah, the vibes amazing. I also would like to say the love that you can tell that this was no person by every it's like when I were writing episode, you can tell that it was not written by avery. Can you tell it's written by me? Oh, definitely is a no. It's just the way you talk, bestie. That's nothing wrong with it. It's just that you don't talk, you don't write like avery the English raiser. You write like some mom. I write very complicated word, like, not not complicated, but it's right. You get right this mone you're like slapping, like fuck, yet like like I'm concise. Yeah, I'm not. I'm right and it's a it's also the way a very speak starting it. When Avery wrote the script. She knows exactly what what she's saying, and this as a very fluidity. When she read someone else's you like your grandma when occupation. She's like glasses closed to face. That's fair. You can hear a different it's something wrong, it's just it's a note. It's a cool most will difference. I think I'm cool. You are talking about some own mom but okay, pops of gym gender, POPPA, the gender of music. It's what? What is the war again? I've lost a genre, John Ya, that's but I think gender's funny. Okay, we're gone to gender. Mair. Genre is now gender, just so everyone knows. A like pop is a gender of the music that is generally upbeat. Kelly, sorry, should I forgot you were speaking. Oh my God, what is wrong with me? Someone opposite gender of music that is generally upbeating, catchy. It is generally like biologic. But people like carry pair three, killing Carrie. There's also have to be a lot of gay POPO is like Kagi Carry, which is the amazing. She's horrible. Yeah, she's B Oh, yeah, which is amazing because it is placed, placing important representation in a largely mainstream media. For if you know anything about Suffolk Musicians, then you've definitely heard of. Hear really, Kaoke, Kyoko, Kyoko, Yoky's like waited, did literally look down? Look down the script if you. She is a thirty year old pop musician who is a four to us, the Queen of Lesbians by her fans. I want you to know. You know how we all made jokes that I wish I was a lesbian. Yeah, these were I used to listen to these songs that I would probably all the yeah, but yeah, has written songs that highlight her sexuality, such as girls like goals and she, both of which simone has CR Babe Bay. Okay, all redacted. Your Therapist, Oh my God, a lot of as redacted. Oh my God, I'm telling her that a lot of women love women. People regd Haley Kyoko. Yeah, as helping them come up, oh, come out, good for you, as helping them come to jokes with their own secuality, and that is why she's so influence, a sill in...

...the LGBTQ community. Okay, this is the best paragraph. All right, let's go. The gays have been making art since the beginning of time, and that definitely includes music. Some very popular classical composers were queer and unable to come out of the closet in their lifetimes. Peter Tchakovsky is an extremely prolific Russian romantic air composer, writing several ballets, such as Swan Lake and nutcracker. Swan Look, sorry, like this Swan Lake Music. It does. It laps so hard, dude, it goes so fucking had no right to go that hard. Yea, also like you did. Did you know that he wrote that when Russia had a sort of like laws on music, on what could and could not be written, so that was written under constriction. No Way. Yeah, it's so cool. Oh good, it's fucking love Chakovsky, like anyway. Okay, you're a classical music nerd. Yeah, I'm not, but I am a dance nerd, Soh yeah, I did ballet for like three years of my life and like, and this is not religio to dance, but Barbie and Swan Lake? No, my God, bro It does SOS fun like music. It's so fucking good. It is so good. Okay, Chikovsky also composed seven symphonies, eleven operas, five sweets, three piano concertos and a lot more. Are they a lot more? Oh Yeah, a lawn mower. He actually composed the sound of a lawn mower. Okay, no, but seriously, he's my favorite. Chikovsky is highly grot regarded as one of the best composers of the romantic era by me and other people as well, and he was also well celebrated in his time. Like he was popular then and he's popular now. He's a fucking kindless motherfucker. Love Him, Chikovsky, suck my Dick. However, he was gay. Don't, don't job, and we love him for it. Yeah, like my mom to a friend sometimes. Yeah, unfortunately, love you. Almost straight person could have composed swan leg or the nutcracker. Yeah, he was like he was on some shit I thought I made by a woman because it was so good. Unfortunately, he stayed in the closet his whole life, including you are going to do. Yep, including going as far as marrying a woman to avoid any suspicion that he wasn't straight. Like this man committed to the bit. How it strikes my heart, though, like, yeah, when people feel like so ashamed of themselves that like they've forced some seven two relationships with other people. Yeah, but this was also like pre renaissance, I think so. Yeah, nodding the accepting time. His story is devastating to me, specifically because I'm the main character, and also, like it should be fucking devastating to everyone, Bafiyah, and that heartbreak shows throughout his work, which is often like heavily emotional and like sort of the COB and like Gothic, almost. I don't know. He's not gothic. He's not GOTHIC era. He's romantic era. He's literally my favorite composer. He has like emo as shit. Anyway, it's listening to speek out about this. It's so cute. I love it. He's literally the best composer ever, like, okay, I listened to his music all the time. It's so good. He's actually the best and he translated his emotions well through his work, which I think is really important about music is that it's always sort of been an emotional expression for people who can figure out how to express themselves through music. I sorry, I have a small question.

Yeah, so about what do you think they're bring a suns war? I don't remember. This man lived in eighteen forty two thousand eight hundred and ninety three, the renaissance from the fourteen to seventeen century. You also every just wait with it. It's like I think it was alive before the renassance that I'm like, okay, listen, I came when when I hear things like romantic era or like Gothic era or renaissance era, I just I love them kind of all the same, like they happened one year apart in my head. Oh my God, okay, romantic to the rostic. Romantic and Gothic were kind of around the same. Yeah, yeah, that's why. But rent renaissance, get in there. Don't worry, like I get what what I failed music history, by the way. I filled music history. It shows because this man lived in the fourteenth century. In his name was Peter. That's actually not how his name is spelled. I sculled it that way from my convenience. It's a Russian name, yeah, but it's pronounced. What is it like? It's like a pot are something you'll thir Peah, yeah, but that's the thing. Alsize version of it, because I know that actually quite yeah, why, I know the like Russian variation of the name Peter. It's a have no idea at its next to Peter's real name. Now, Oh my God, I just have open, so I copy and paste to it anyway, whenever you're ready. A ready, my parent, I hope you like this one. I love that you gave me the fucking lesbian country music. That, oh my God, that's my same favorite thing. Okay, hurry up, guys. You guys are going really annoying. I don't like your anymore. Shut up. Okay, Brandy Carlyle's one song, the story, I I fucking love it. Okay, the vibes are immaculate. Yeah, okay, despite opposing connotations, there are so many lgbt and country music artists. Why are why are they opposing? Why do people think? Well, I mean like like, yeah, exactly. They tend to dominate the popular yeah, country music, which is sort of like Richman, takes me ticks. So you look. But our allies, the dick I zone, doubt and I'm so confused, so queer. There's even one song where they were. She specifically says like I wish I could love Jesus the way my wife does, and every time I hear it I'm like God, that's like a fucking prayer. Brandy Carlyle is a lesbian country folk artist who dropped out of high school in order to pursue her music career. Music, Jesus Christ on a cow music career. She has earned four producer credits and everything she releases just as better than the last. Um, shelley, I think it's shelley, all right, shelley, yeahs tell you right. Came out in two thousand and ten after struggling with hiding her identity because the genre of music she loves is resistant to change. Since she's come out, in since you go out, I'm gonna say she has been heavily involved. Or is it as they she yep, she sweet. Since she's come out, she has been heavily involved in lgbt people, with advocacy and she has paid the way for acceptance in country music. Finally, TJ Osborne came out as gay in February two thousand and twenty one, during an interview with time. He's one of the first mainstream country artists to be openly day and Sir is signed to a major record label. Also, I'm Queer as hell and I fucking love country. Yeah, dude, literally, like country... is gay music. I'm sorry, but it is. It's all, so is anyway. Are we moving on? Yes, please, please, please, please, please. So that's all for today. No, no, for this paragraph. The punk thing itself is literally built around accepting minorities like you know, people like avery, who are small. So true, met and confirmed, and so it's absolutely no surprise that there was no surge of Queer punk artists what anyway, this is a therapy. May Be mentioned. If that is triggering to you, please, you know, skip that fifteen seconds, butting like five times. And you know, Louis read. Is it Lou read or Louis Read? It Lou Eo, Lou Lou Luis, you read from the Velvet Undergroun came out as gay in one thousand nine hundred and seventy people existed back then. Damn yeah, right from old and he faced a lot of struggle in his life because of it. When he was younger, Lou was forced into Conversion Hawk therapy and hopes of making him straight, which big fucking chucker does not work. I'm guessing that's as shock, not hawk. Yeah, shock, not hot dock therapy. Lou was forced through conversion shock therapy in hopes of making him straight, which big fucking choker did not work at all. Also, it shows that it's you, because avery would just got would have just done a big shocker, not big fucking choker. Shut up. Yeah, very true. Or she would have just said, like, fucking it in a different way. And it is. And it literally just gave him trauma, which will I character development. Nok, like I think that's what's working. Okay, yeah, but yeah, conversion therapy helps fucking no. One just traumatizes you. Yeah, so true. But like, if you're lucky, you become a superhero. What? What? What's a no? Yes, I have to do with anything. There's no gay superheroes. Checks, they're all what's his name? He was an internals fastis fascist. Okay, superhio right there. Oh, fucking all him. Honestly, probably Pan Sexual. Also, the new Robin, the new Superman, are now gay, like the Song Robin is not a here. Oh, he's an assistant, me, a vigilante. Yeah, okay, yeah, anyway, so he did marry three women. Pop Off, like, I know you're gay, but like being able to make three women anyway, love that. Yeah, Oh, false we were. I thought we were still talking about marvel and I was like who did? But who got for your women, including a false wedding in one thousand nine hundred and seventy seven, which included a three tier cake to Trans Wumin named Rachel Love Love. Lou wrote amazing, but he experience growing up gay into it with his parents treatment of his sexuality throughout his life. The song killing your sons was written about his experience in shock therapy, for which Lou rightfully believed his dad. Good. I was worried he's gonna bring like someone likes a mown or something. It's just a song. Like it's just a song called fuck you, Simone for no reason. Oh my God, can someone please write that about me? I'm literally looking if there's a song called that right now. I'd be so excited for his the velvet. Oh, I don't think so, but there is artsomone fuck you on Youtube, so I think it's just all fuck me. Something Noise Oh my God. Anyway, so I can finish my fu so I can finish my fucking paragraph. So the Velvet Undergrad split up. Probably read when on. Produced Twenty albums with the...

...of the walk. Lou was an amazing music said you need a lot to share, and I life experients. That attracted people with similar ex experiences to his music. So you know, he was a superhero. Yeah, we reads, literally the best. Also, like there was something about like a German singer named Eko, but I didn't have space for that. Oh No, like just Nico basically joined the velvet underground and push lou out, and then he left in the band's Plod. So Louis Holding it all together. Oh my God, pretty much like this. At what happened to you? Someone? Why should up? Shut up anyway. Oh my God, it actually is. I was make you had a joke, but anyway, okay, there's so many other queer artists that we didn't mention here. However, we have done some episodes mentioning specific queer musicians and celebrities already, so you should go check those out. I forget what they're called. We are in the beginning cons yeah, we're in LESBI get gay lesbian icons, and then we also did like Lgbtq repon media. Yeah, and we also said I'LL GIV to people who helped shape the world, which isn't very modern, but I think there's a few musicians at celebrities. They're so yeah, Goa Cho. I thought if you were here more, but yeah, yeah, if you want more role models, go check those out. I'll just seeing you and you listen to the podcast. Yeah, we can be your role models. I'm up for it. That's so true. My God, I forgot about us. I'm I'm already someone's emergency contact. Okay, Oh yeah, yeah, like emilss. Of you wants to emotional in contact. We won't help you, but we can definitely answer the phone. Okay, sorry, come picked him up from the hospital. No, that's really scary part. No, No, hate up. Okay, moving on. Hang on. Artist for everyone, and music is my favorite art form, so it's only for me. Thank you. Definitely, it's only for me. I get it anyways, and I'll name every song. Oh my God. Okay, and the ill btq Plos community makes music that fucking slaps it. Do Do. That being said, if you simply listen to music. If you make music or if you make any other form of art, your valid as fuck, but not a few K. But not if your guide. No, yeah, Hey, gay people to a gay people. God canceled. What? Which is this? The House of cards? I'm music podcast. Some cards, straight, straight line. That's so short, me guy. It's just online. No, absolutely nothing else, how so, cause, boops, that's it. Absolutely picture looks the fish. We're just through talking about boots. Oh my God, that's so exciting. That's technically still gay because, like it's a morning. I still like thenify with she. Know, you guys will have to change your pronouns. He. Okay, that's so wrong. It's just something you want to tell the group. It's okay, we love you. No, no, anyway, when you absolutely come out, it's fine. It's fine, like you've been tuting ad I am and I think that's pretty much it for the topic. You know I mean, unless you want me to like sit here for twenty more hours. Yeah, yeah, talk about Lou Reed and Haley Kyogo. So I will. So thank you so much for listening today's episode. We hope you enjoyed it and we hope that you warned a bit about music and then gay part of it, and I would influence our world. All Right, I've actually I really... these topics that we're getting too. Instead of going like sexualities and what they are, were now getting into like what's it called? More outreach topics, I guess. Yeah, and it's really fun. But you know, we'll see. We'll see what happens. Maybe we have to kill someone later. Anyway, topic, I can we have from topic. You serial killers. Oh my God, that's the next three timer. Write that down, but I am adding that probably not the right are, probably not the best representation, but I mean like, it's still knowledge, right, it's representation in all forms. Thank you for coming to today's episode. We hope you enjoy it and we hope to see you next week. If not, have a good rest of your life. Maybe listen to music if you feel lucky. Is there anything else to add? Volodi, Fook and I love music. Bindley BAP tract. That was I don't okay. And on three, guys, know, on three ready, one, two, three, stay. Yay, that was terrible. Guys,.

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