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House of Cards: An LGBT Podcast; Lesbians


Today we played Rose and Thorn, Talk about lesbians. Today music was used by Epidmeic Sound, The Song was Pojections, By Daniel Gunnarson

Hey guys, this is Jackson.I'm just editing the podcast and we didn't talk about where our music is comingfrom. We get it from epidemic sound. Today we are using projected projection byDaniel gonna Soun, found on again on epidic sound anyway. So Ijust job you, guys. I hope you enjoy the video, the PODCAST, the episode and they guys go enjoy. Hey, y'all, welcome to theHouse of cards and LGBT podcast where, you know, we talked about gayshit facts. Yeah, are you? Come on if you want to introduceyou, sale Um, hi, I'm summoned. Am currently playing witha Rubeo's cube because I'm for and my dog is ghosting me and I'm buying. I am Jackson, am Koil, and you know I had a slushy. I wish I had a slushy. I'll skip. I'm Averyan. Mypronouns are she, her and I am the resident a sexual mom, anysexual mom, oh my love. Only accept social media. What does oursocial media's real quick you can find us on Instagram at House of cards underscorepodcast, on twitter at lgbt underscore deck, on Patreon as just house of cardsand our website is house of cards, lgbtcom website, and our Tumbler,which I finally have been remembered to say it's house of cards. Youcan check us out there. As a reminder. Again, let's say you'reusing spotify to listen to us, which is like really kind of you,something you probably don't have to do for us. But we are now onapple podcast. You can find us. They out by the same tag,but make sure you put a house of cards LGBT, or you will finda bunch of like other stuff that is not us facts. So try toput an LGBT on most of them. You'll find us by doing that.Yeah, a story. Did you also mention that we're on apple podcast now? Yes, I said. That's why I said the LGBT pot is becauseI tried it. I would like to try before we do it, justto make sure that it acts tools and it does. My Dad wanted tofind name again cars, but it didn't tell the most part. Wow,and then felt I think we should have...

...called it, but anyways, youcould shelton, so I don't my computity and register. Oh, sorry,what did you say? Oh, we were called the gay agenda, whichI think should have called ourselves. I'm really mad about it. Actually thinkI feel like there's already a podcast called the gay agenda. There's a few, but they are not lgbt positives. Okay, do we have a gametoday? I think we're all just like tired. Yeah, we are.We are tired, but it's been a tiring week, you know. Youknow, there was a there was a funt Oh God, I had agame. You rather put the movie? You know, let's just say.Let's say, let's play. You have to say one good thing you loveabout yourself. So let's play a Rosema Thorne. So like a good thingabout your week and a bad thing about your weekly. Do about thing.First of the end, on a good note, Ye know, it's morejust ignore my idea. Find Yeah, I know, I'm good at that. So no one. Thing I hated about this week, and it suckedbecause I'm really negative here. I was so booked up that I did nothave time to hang out with my friends. It was very sad, much Inever get to hand out with my friends. Um, and the goodthing was I started watching two gro girls and, Oh my God, Maxis, I think a thing for trouble girls with dark hair. It's calledtrauma. But yes, my phone was probably things just won't going right.Snow Cane and like there's things not good week. My rose was probably Igot I was pretty productive this week as good for you. Yeah, yes, Nice, okay, mine, I guess. Well, my shorn wasthat. Well, I had a I didn't say I had bad week,but you know, got a sinus cold right now, so maybe that's it. But you know, on a good note, I went to go seethe original toy story in the theater yesterday and that was pretty awesome. Therewas a lot of like crude humor that...

I really missed out on. Itwas so it was so funny. I loved it. What I was inmy crystal doings? Yeah, then, ill game. Okay, was prettysweet. Actually, one thing I want to say is far listening about that, that are listening to this episode. Truck. What say what your rosein your foot was? We'll make sure to post on on twitter and instagramand stuff and you can tell. So there. What was your throne androws of the week? We're getting we can hear about it because my crystals. I'm realizing it's going to look like I have a big dike of cocainein my room. Some won you went want to do something, because you'reglitching a lot, like you're probably a lot. It's because my headphones brokeand I can't wear headphones now. It was like all we are doings.I think Satan just came into my computer for a second working. You arenot debt. It sounds all right right now. Okay, the Election Day. We should talk about that. So, yeah, by this recording, itwas announced yesterday, so this would have been two weeks ago. Weliterally again, we do pre record all of our episodes so that we're notrushing to finish them, to edit them and quick. But Biden has onewhich is making news for the LGBT community, for the POC community, for they'rebasically the minorities in the country's community. Is If you're not assist white man, it's pretty good. It's a win. It's a win. It'sonly the women wanted him, but like it's yeah, the Orange is outof the office. I do not understand how women's thing supports from. I'msorry, because they'll people that like they push and they don't want other peoplethat have been in Brusson either, and I'm honestly and so relieved, especiallylike with all that talk about day legalizing gay marriage and like, Oh myGod, yeah, overly gonna waited. I bet you anything he's gonna stilltry and do it before he leaves, like he's gonna try and get itboth, but you can't. It's actually quickly. So Biden one, butI'm going to quickly see if the Senate has been announced or not. Yeah, I'm not sure. Actually, I think they were leading more Republican whenI had I think this Senate is Republican and I think the house. Yeah, the Senate is currently leaning Republican,...

...but there's no majority yet and thehouse is lean democratic by a law. Actually, here's helping. I don'tthink they're there because the Democrats only need like three more seats and then publicansneed like a few, like twenty. That is so sexy. A marathon. Yeah, America, you looking pretty sexy today. Yeah, Nice,I like your pants still paint. I don't get the middle states are alljust read. I just dumped so much salt into my toilet and it's notflushing. Fuck, why not? Today? Because when you cleanse crystals in Salt, you can't throw the salts back into it. You can't eat thesolve right because then you'll have like the bad vibes. You have the badvibes inside of you, though. Yeah, put in your garden because and it'sof your property and you can't keep it just in a beggy because it'llaffect you. So you got some flushed. Let's like this say so perfect.I want to go through this. So, California, the governor forCalifornia has no government. No, never mind, I lied. They areruled by themselves. I gotta find one with a governor. Okay, I'msorry. I looked at a governor, one governor, and he was likea Republican governessful, but he looks like, really like he was this white sisterguy, and then the other one was a female, and I'm like, that shows you the difference between the parties. And actually, Um,kind of on that topic, I would just like to say there is atrans woman as a senator, there are two black gay men and the vicepresident is a woman of color, although, and I'll reminder there's a non binarySenate of governor or something, Malla Harris, because she's transphobic. ButI mean, who Maula Harris, the vice president, cheese, will puttransported? No, I totally believe that. The governor. I believe that thedemo, like not the Democrat parties, but the blue swaying people, aregoing to sway home like they're gonna not stand with that shit it.I really hope so. But also I don't like finding. I heard,realize, I heard too many people say like we got finding in. Nowhe's gonna have to listen to us or else. So, yeah, areyou in, but now you're going to have to do exactly what we say, or else, which we will kill you. We got rid of trump, we almost killed him. Will do the same to you. Oh myGod. Okay, should we jump into our topic? Yes, yes,let us jump into a lovely topic today.

That's the relations les bows, LeaGay but for pity. Honestly, I just have to say that liketrend of like God saying like Oh, I want less beends or something onearth, and then an angel is like Oh, you got it, andthen goes up and is like Oh, so I made lesbians and they're likewhat? And then it's just like back and forth. It's like less beans, no, less be no, let's beat I honestly, I love it. That is so funny. Oh my God, that's a Ryan vibe.So today we're going to be transporting you to the island of Lesbos, avery, if you want to start us off. Yep, I forgot that I wasone starting. Okay, homosexuality is not just limited to gain men,but also gay women, who are more commonly or less hands and make upthe L and LGBT. The term lesbian can be used to refer to sexualor romantic relationships between two or more women, women and is also a term ofidentity. Even though it's more common than such as bisexuality or ASEXUALITY,it gets just as much criticism as any other sexuality and is often the mostfetishized, which is you anyways, and it's you anyways. It's you,and degrading to people who do identify that way. There are even some prejudicedstudies in which mental disorders and Queer Women are compared to those in straight women, almost as though giving people reasons as to why they like women, whichis you. That's disgusting, because we have childhood trauma. Yeah, that'swhy we'll get the orders. Let's be lesbiansm is that how you've been up? But LETSBIAN ISN'm lesbians is not the same as sapposexual and my saying thatcorrect. That's sexual sexual slap me if I say are alone. I can't. which is romantic and social attraction to females, whole female appearing, thoughsome lesbians and bisexuals may choose to use the Tom Saposexual. If I'm sayingit correct. If not, tell me how to pronounced that. I amalone with some other conspiracies about lesbian. Some people have claimed they have moresexual risks than trance and straight women. It's a trans women, but that'snot correct. And estimated one point five...

...percent of American women identify as USfans, and more and more women have actually identified as lesbian after being ina heterosexual marriage and or having children, which are just, you know,two fun facts. I felt that. I know. I read the articleand I was like Whoa. Okay, then, amazing bill the tea.I guess it's spilt the team. Anyways, we say we love, just likeevery other identity we've talked about. The more the the MORST is tobe comfortable with your partner, either Plata tonically, romantically or sexually, especiallyif you're new to the community and maybe haven't experienced as much as your partner. So like it. Just, you know, make sure you set upboundaries with whoever you're dating or like friends with, you know, just likemake sure you have you know, just set boundaries. Make sure y'all arealways comfortable, exactly, because that's almost the most fun. Not Speaking fromthe personal experience, and it's a lie, like what was being a lesbian canmean different things to different people, and whether or not you choose toidentify yourself this way, it's valid and you're never at liberty. You neverhave to explain what your preferences are to somebody. Like just just be whoyou are. If you want to put a label on it, put alabel on it. If you don't, that's cool. If you don't wantto explain your label to anybody, don't do it, because those people whowant you to explain it suck. They do. Let's suck fat eggs.That was such an odd insult. Oh my God, wait. Okay,so in like Middle School, this is one teacher who's really obsessed with Shakespeare. was like, we should start using Shakespearean language instead of curse words.And classrooms. So she fou like like, go fuck yourself, use goost likean egg, and every everyone did it. Absolutely credible. Go Suckan egg. The best time is that all of Shakespeare's works are honestly justreally, really advanced Dick Jokes too. I know, I'm so mad because, like, I chose not to read Romeo and Juliet in her ten whenwe were studying it and instead I wrote it, like I reread it afterher beforehand, so I didn't want to like read it and study it atthe same time. So I don't like that, but I yeah, wantedto hear my English teacher tell me about all of the fucking innuendos in theShakespeare novel mcbeth this year. Oh my God, maybe bath where so good? Is it really good? I I loved it personally, but you know, but lady mcbeckman, she's a top...

...just saying I'm really, really dumbwith reading ran plays because I just can't comprehend the language. No, noteven the language. If it was written as a novel, I think I'dbe okay, but plays really fuck with me. They do. Do youever know why it was? It just like they don't your brains, likeno, nothing, like, no, you need drugs to do this.We need drugs. We don't. Can don't you drugs all, don't.You don't do drugs. Gives me a headache. So I meant a little. Yeah, we don't do drives. Wow, we actually we got throughour topic fast, faster than I thought. I mean, I didn't really writedown a lot. I couldn't really think of a lot of things towrite. Actually, lesbian is a girls. Sorry, you a goal and yousay women, then okay, Oh man, okay, we didn't gointo like the history of Lesbianan as at all, but I think I knowyou know it. Then go into it. Yeah, do it like you knowwith US AFO and whatever. So, yeah, there was this island inthe MED Mediterranean. Maybe was most yes, Lesbos. Anyways, therewas this poet who wrote poems about women and how much she loved women,and historians were like, Oh my God, she had such good friendships. That'slike all of gay coupulture. And after figuring out that, no,she didn't just have really good friendship, she was actually in love with women, scientists were like, Oh my God, homosexual love between like two women.We should call that lesbianism because it originated in Lesbos. It didn't originatethere, but it was very popular there, and that's where Sappho was from,wasn't it? Yeah, Sap Oh, she was the poet. She's suchan icon. I know we ever, just can relate all parts. Weare who I want to be. Oh my God, her poems aresupposed to be like sung with Um, like a flute. Really, yeah, I should have net. When we have five hundred, we're going tojust we're just gonna read a bunch of her poems and sing them. WereI should read a bunch of her poems. Actually, I'll find one real quickto read out. Thank you, almost. You're really too sick.Now I could probably sing it. I just have to find one with likeeasy enough words. Okay, I think I can do this one. Okay, give me a sex got to get in the vibes. S. Yeah, vibes need not to be off. Okay, at noontime on the earshas bride with playing me fucking straight down.

Cricket, SAY UP A high witchsays, please. Wait. Okay, don't know how that actually sounded,so we'll say that sounded fucking amazing. You take your own spotify can justpost little song clips of you singing Tapos Pol. How Gay would thatbe? Do It, do it. Who It's you? I probabs Wan't, but okay, go off. I guess you won't Pussy. Do whatyou won't Pussy Nobles, Nobles. Dad started saying nobles for years too late. Oh my God, Oh my goodness, your dad. Wow, Dad,wow, dad, wow. Promo is cooking. Are we sponsored?Pay For an ad for we all sponsored? anyways. Yeah, we are sotired. We all tied. I'm sorry for this episode. This isnot a high synergy what we wanted to tell to people. I think we'regoing to end up pretty sure it today. Yeah, yeah, thank you listening. Thank you for listening. Or mind it that you are valid asfuck, valid as Funk, valid as fun and fun, and you know, don't be gay. Do Crime, crime. We'll see you guys later, guys, bye, bye.

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