House of Cards: An LGBTQIA2+ Podcast
House of Cards: An LGBTQIA2+ Podcast

Episode · 1 year ago

House of Cards: an LGBTQ Podcast: learning to accepting people


In this Episode, Avery couldn't make it so me and Simone took the matel. We had some good laughs and talked about our lives and how glitchy simone sounded! Which we stan! This episode was about accepting people! so we hope you learned something! we hope to see you next weeek and your vaild as fuck. 

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Written by Avery Ann

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Welcome to the House of Carts and lgbtq plus podcast. My name is Simona and I you see, they pronouns and I am crocheing. Hi, I'm Jackson. I really need a phonouns and currently everything sucks and I'm gonna kill everyone. No, yeah, don't do that, you're too sexy. I've got motor on my mind. Anyway. Where can you find all social media? If you want to follow us on social media, because we're amazing, you can find us on Instagram at House of cards underscore podcast, on twitter at lgbt underscore deck and on Tick Tock as house of cards, lgbt. We stand, we stand, we stand, we stand, we stand, we sent. How are you today? How are you? I am feeling like Shit. Oh well, so you're feeling as great as always? You feel normal? Yeah, you feel I'm feel. I'm feeling so single lately. If anyone wants to slide into my tear, okay, left time. Somebody did that. You broke up with them. Yeah, so, don't even saw with that whole like, yeah, like, it's like it. No, I feel so single today. I shouldn't have broken up with them. You shouldn't have. No, you told me it was my decision. I asked you fired. What you were like was you were like just do your own thing. I was like, I wanted advice, like I really want advice. What should I do? And you were like just do your and say no, no, I said, listen, I I can grab the receipt, but I was like listen, I'm going to Suppol you no matter what. I think that they are a great person and I think you would be. I think this is just a rough patch, but I also understand what you're coming from, as you just came out of a relationship. I gave you advice, I give you both spectrums and I said, whatever you do, I'll support you. So don't throw that bull I will throw that bullshit today. You don't. Don't say that I didn't help you, when I absolutely did help you, hurt you, and I still support your decision. Why? Because it was just it was a decision you decided you needed to make. And that feels so single. Okay, but that doesn't matter, because would you rather for the single or trapped both at the same time? Done, babe already, that's just your life. Yeah, pretty much, like can you that so single? I just want a girlfriend who like who will like my rocks? I'm sorry, but you can't have both, bestie. What it's one of the other, a girlfriend or the rocks, or the rocks. Oh, I can't have both. No, okay, so I'm going to show this to Simon, but they you guys, can't see it. I'm just going to I want you guys to hear someone's reaction. Okay, I'm having trouble breathing today, so my reaction will be very lack luster. Yeah, you're ready. Yeah, Oh my God, literally throw that on me at the stricle of it's about two hundreds. I hate you and I probably have about another hundred or so, or maybe even two hundred in my Wolf Apron. Do you want to be my sugar daddy?...

No, I hate you. I'll find you a boyfriend. I'm good. Okay, thanks, though. Then we talk about God, Oh my God, Sunday was such a date. So, yeah, so, like Im atch a guy on Zunny, like I stopped talking to it, your guy, and snapped out right. Why that guy? You're talking about? That? I'm like, there was some floating, heavy floating, very peging, non friendly flooding, right, but that that was kind of just like the fun of it, right, yeah, and as you do yours and what? And then sets. Yeah, I'm bored and I like attention. So it's an explicit photos which without concept is listen, let's listen to what you want. But always that's for consent. When you go that kind of fall, you know, even like kind of like going back. It's so glitch. It's both side and I'm hoping that the recording fucking it up because I think it'd be hilarious that this is they could what I'm here and if recording to what I'm parant, this is what it. He was like, yeah, Oh no, I'm just having trouble breathing. I think that's just my voice. No, its like very computerized, but probably like, Oh my God, watches, I have like fucking covid knock on wood. Anyway. So like concern the whole thing. Like he didn't even like ask if I want to do he just kind of went into it and I was kind of like a dangerous but an asshole. And then I'm driving to walk that I'm like this was familiar. And then and then I got triggered and I was tricked for the fourth two hours of my work shift. Dude, I fucking hate when that happens. Like it was an my boss was like are you okay to you and I'm like, I'll be fine a bit, and I was. I was fond eventually, because I my friends say who will comforting and they were all like a Bah Bah, but yeah, like boy, and then like he's texting me throughout book and of course I don't got my phone. I Walk Because I love my job and I don't want to get fired, and like I get home, I text them like two messages and like k night, and then I went and then I say, up till when I am I just didn't want to talk. I did not want to talk to him. I did understand that, though. And then, like I haven't gone him assis from him back, and I'm kind of happy about it. Yeah, I mean that reminds me like last night. They're oh, like Oh, he un added me, that's why, good for him, good for him. Thankful girls. Girl. Bosh, Shit, Oh my God, last night there was like this twenty year old messaging me. So I was fucking with him a little bit. I kept sending him all these well Awsin stuff and it's about that stuff. And he kept like yelling at me and it was hilarious. I loved it. Well, what'll yelling at you about? Well, I kept sending him and him laws, because he may have sent me an unsolicited pep. So I kept fucking with him and I kept sending him like the laws on that where we live. And he's like what the fuck? You shoot the bit and practicing, and he's like fuck you, and then I was like, okay, go suck your own Dick, and then he was like can I see your ass? I was like listen, listen, let's talk with the Segue this guy's head quick, you know, it's like, yes, let me send this without approval first of all. And then after she's told you most of the Times that she's probably like indirectly, but so, telling me multiplemes that she's not into it, let me ask. Oh No, diractically, I was directed the saying fuck off. Yeah, after she's told me multiple times she doesn't...

...want to see me more, let's ask them for an aspect. Yeah, like, and also, I am I'm sixteen. Okay, this dude he was like twenty and I told him that I was sixteen. Yeah, I just Kay Kiddos, listeners to me a bit of a scuff reading today. But Yeah, Oh, yeah, I just men just don't make sense to me. I hate man, but like most things, we have to accept that exist and talk about acceptance. Let's talk about how to learn, how to accept your loved ones. Wow, what a wonderful unscripted Segue, my guy. It actually all of my segways are on scripted. I know they are. I just I was like, and they're all amazing. Some of them are horrible. I'm not even go to lie. Some of them suck ass, just like you, I know. I'm sure you ext loved when you ate disass out anyway, since you're always stick in your mouth and mind, sometimes like God and see to appreciation months. But today we're going to be talking about acceptance. WHO WE LEARN? fucking yeah, we love it, and something that's really important is that. I think we do need talk about this, as I think the media really impresses that everyone should automatically accept a loved one when they come out and you should validate them and you should support them. But it may not be immediate when you accept. There may be a bit of a delay, they may be a bit of shock. Yeah, sometimes it may not be expected. Yeah, and you kind of and this is especially true when that person is like a wife, husband, like that's kind of like something like you've and such, if you've got kids to like, you've got yeah, thing. And then, let's say they come out as Trans Feminine, Trans Mass Gay. It's kind of a bit of a shock as you entire life kind of changes and that can be hard and it can just don't need validate them and, yeah, them still and make sure to take care of yourself and accepting them and don't be a bitch and make sure you pay the heterosexual tax. Yes, yes, makes you do that. There is actually, I think this is a fun topic because there's such a line of like the loaning to accept will still being in that safe stone. Will you're not being homophobic, transphobic or just queophobic? Yeah, and like it's such a thin line that it's so hard to tell if, which why I think people think they have to automatically accept people, because I think, oh, am I being homophobic, and it's like no, sweetie, it's just that you will put in shock and like a my rantophobic when I spider climbs on me and I jump up in the No, I bug with something on me. I'M gonna pass. Yeah, there was that shock. Oh my God, that reminds me of this one time I was camping and I got this huge spider bite. So maybe my mom were like we drove up the road to Google what different spider bites look like and she thought it was a wolf spider. Which one is that? It's poisonous. That's how you die. Oh did I? Literally I popped it and then I stuck some ice on it and I was good. It was just a pimple. No, it was definitely not a pimple. It was like using four weeks, like, you know, like Venom and Shit. But it's fine because I'm built different. SUMON's immune to poison. Yeah, hello, but yeah, I'm anyways accepted. acceptons. You should look you should accept people. That's the episode, thanks to you guys. Yeah, you should accept people, but it can be hard. If you don't already know that, this is like people defending like their favorite you tubers when they get into...

...a scandal. Were like, what are what are the things you shouldn't say to some one? Okay, okay, you should definitely not invalidate a person and you should definitely not be like, Oh, sweetie, it's a phase, or literally, literally, your mum Te Literally Your parents to dude, okay, literally, okay, you should not. You shouldn't be like it's a phase, or like you'll always be like my little girl or little boy. I hate when I'm gonna see that on tick tock all the time and I'm like, you know, I'm actually going fucking I can't say that on the Internet. Okay, we all know what you were going to say. Oh No, you don't. It was actually a lot more vulgar. I think I need to take my mids. Probably did I take them to the anyways, anyways, he was saying accepting people. How do you do it? Okay, so you you obviously have to you have to be nice to them and you have to validate what they're feeling when they're telling you, because it all it probably took like a lot of fucking courage to come out and tell you that. They definitely cry before they told you, they definitely don't ride, definitely talk to somebody. But forhand Y, there are the other people. Yeah, or they didn't, and you're the force was in. They're telling any and then that's when you really have to be good. Yeah, and they definitely googled a bunch of shit beforehand. Oh, they definitely google them. I gay tests, check thecause. They definitely googled am I gay? And they also definitely googled how to come out here. Loved warm. Yeah. So be supportive, because it's a process to come out and also it's a process to decide to come out to family members. I feel like that, like definitely. Yeah, like I feel like coming out to friends is kind of standard issue these days, but coming out to family sucks because, like they could like what happens if you come out to your parents and they kick you out? And that's a fear and you need to make and that's why people so much tried to get gay people and trying to people on TV. That's why they tried to get them all in the media and allow you and low school to teach about them so they kids understand them. And so the issue is no longer a fear to feel like good to you want to understand. No, you too ignorant to understand and you're too dumb and you're too just. That's going out like literally just like roasting everybody road. Um. No, but honestly, the best cure for hatred is education, because a lot of it comes from ignorance and fear of the unknown. So, like, if you're somebody who's never met a gay or a transfer buy or another type of queer person before you questions, I love at you reference them as if they're like a different creature. They are, I am. I am a different creature, thanks. Different creature. Yeah, we're not human. Validate US anyway. No, don't, but that's a totally jokes us. Okay, know, you are human. We're just all build different because we're better than accept them, but accept them, but not yourself. Okay. So, literally, I forgot we were recording today. Fun Little Quick Story I got, but I get the call and I'm like, Oh shit, we're recording. So I joined the call Jackson. He's like Hey, baby, let's go off script today, and I was like, Oh, you've been doing amazing so far. Thank you. Like all this is the first day not having a script and just kind of pulling from it, and Simone so far has been doing that. Like, let's give a cop of hands, like I didn't even read over what you wrote. By the way, you've been saying all of it, like you've actually saying what I've been trying to say and what I'm gonna add right here is something that can that I notice is a very difficult thing to get the used to, is when a loved one has changed pronouns, own name facts. Yeah, and so I really recommend just reciting them in your head getting used to it. Don't feel bad if you make a mistake. Just make sure you correct yourself. And this is something I noticed and I hate it, and make...

...sure you do this. Do this, don't. If you don't do this, Ull Punch you. Yeah, it's a great pronouns even if the post is not around, and use their correct name when they're not around. Like seriously, I over this with my parents, because I did change my name, yeah, and my mom, she's super good at it. My Dad has a little bit of trouble with it still, but I think the thing that's actually helped the most is making them enter my name in their phones as my new name, yeah, and putting it on all the like all the like Netflix accounts and Shit like that, like the Netflix, the Amazon private, all of my names on that stuff, on the family shared shit is Siman now and I feel like that's helped so much. Yeah, that was like, like it's accepted the seven, not when you feel like it. Yeah, it's acceptance all the time because, like, if you're thinking about them and you're like Oh, Dad, name and you can correct yourself and that's how you learn. And one thing that I just I want, I really want to talk about this part of accepting people because literally, it happened to me and I fucking hated it. Oh, I don't know if it's that, Chusemon, it's do not out someone if they have come out to you and they've come out everyone else. Do not tell anyone else until they've said it to you. Yeah, that did timing to me. Actually, I'm gonna tell your story. So I was bisexual, Gay and Great Fun, and I told my friend, like closest best friend, who I no long gering best friends with, and I told her. whoe a rush on, right, because we were best friends at the time. HMM. And so she told someone else, cheese and ice, and I didn't find out from that Porson. I Oh to buy it two different people. I hate that so much and you don't know how hot breaking it was to hear this and to find out that they had told someone. Yeah, and even more than instead of telling vic the mother or their siblings or somebody else that I kind of trusted, they told somebody I did not trust at all for a reason. That's because of this reason. Yeah, like imagine. And what was even worth is my extras friend defended this person instead of apologizing, and gas lighted be and set like when I remember saying it was just too much for me to hold. Shut the fuck up. It's not your thing to hold. Coming out as an important moment of someone's life and taking that away from someone is not accepting them. Dude. It's literally like learning somebody Shit is green because their mal nersh okay, you keep that shit to yourself. Yes, it's come on, sorry, I was just thinking about how someone, I'm not gonna gave their names because I use that as an example, but yeah, somebody the other day was like, yeah, my shit is green because I'm it was kind of funny. As much it green, I can't remember what's hope on. Yeah, somebody just like told me the other day like Oh, no, no, that good for them, good for them, right. Yeah, what happened with you? Be noted. Um, if honestly, looking back, it wasn't that big of a deal because I was in an extremely accepting environment when it did happen, but basically when I was in the best he doesn't matter. I know they took your secret and they told other people. Yes, well, technically nothing bad happened, though, so I wasn't put in danger. Doesn't mess being bad happened by me a danger, but it's still it's still holds. Okay. Yeah, also, so I'm trying to invalidate yourself. You're like, it's not. It's like not step invaliding yourself. It's okay, Bestie gone. Okay. So, basically, in grade seven, I was really into this girl and I just figured out I was but I was bisexual. Hold Up, hold...

...up, why we both bisexual? INGREAS, because I'm still by a sexual bestie. You're just not yet. Not yet know I am. No, anyways, no, I'm a fake until I see hawk. Cool, so me, let's let's continue. Okay. So, basically, I was in I was in grade seven. I just figured out I was bisexual and I really like this girl, and that's how I found out. anyways, so I told my best friend at the time that I really liked her and I was like asking for help to like ask her out or whatever, because like that's great seven drama, you know, like you're like, oh my gosh, I love Spaghetti so much. Like how do I you? So? Like you fucking call them Spaghetti, right, like a like you call your crusher code name and like middle. Oh Right, oh, use the we use the fourth letter of the name. Oh, I always called them Spaghetti. I don't know why. anyways. So, so I really like this girl and I was calling her spaghetti and I was asking my best friend, who was a bitch. I she hated me. I was asking how to like look at as hero outs having best friends. Didn't really like us, I know. So I asked her have with the religious and that's why I think she didn't like me, because I was like more atheist and like gay. I am hot right now anyway. So I asked my best friend how to ask her out, and what she did was she went up to this girl and was like Hey, she likes you, and keep in mind spaghetti had a boyfriend. Worst experience of my life. Hey, when they do that, like don't hey, stop it, just fucking stop it. Yeah, like, I mean but this bitch also did share their entire steam library with me. So it's fine now, it's not. No, I still have it. You have a low standards, I get free games. You have a low standards. Shut up. You need a psychological help. But yeah, it's like, like again, accepting people isn't hot, but it can take time and that's okay. Yeah, don't be a fucking Dick about anything. Stop it, stop it, stop it. You have to respect their boundaries, even if you're learning how to do that. Yeah, like, if you make a mistake, I apologize and move on. It doesn't need to be made a big deal out of either. Exactly exactly, like if you accidentally use the wrong pronouns for someone, be like and somebody corrects you, just feel like, Oh, I'm sorry, I meant level and then continue what you were saying. Yeah, that's like completely fine to do and it's not like, yeah, it's a lot better than like making a huge scene about it, because that's and don't victim blame. Not I will hurt you off. Victim Blame, I will break your heart. I will break your heart or love. How that's like a threat. What you's you can I do think I can break your heart. How? Oh, I don't know, I'm bored, literally me, but like a living that's today is episode. We really have nothing else to add. Again, it can take time to accept people, but just make sure you validate them, make sure you support them, and that's really what they need, and don't take forever. Again, it's not. It's not all about you. It's not about you at all. But no, if it's a loved one, it is something. But, like, their choice isn't about you, like they don't need to change too. There out for you, but loring, like...

...accepting them and how long that takes, that is about you. Yeah, that's what I meant. Yeah, like it's yeah, like you still have a pot to play and it's okay to take some time for yourself to just kind of wrap it around your head. Yes, it is still about them, though, and don't forget that. Sis. Yes, but also don't like hurt yourself for it. But anyway, we hope you enjoyed this episode. We hope you enjoy the topic. I think it's a pretty fun one. Make sure, baswaggy, it's way gay. I love the Gut you, Samone, and I hope see you next week. If we don't, well, have a good rest of your life. No, if you never watch our podcast again, I hope there. That was a great time for you to clitch. Are you? Oh, I hope your life is. Is there anything else to add? Your valid is fuck last your homophobic and because maybe is not here, which I'm sure you know. We never bought that up today, but she's. Oh, yeah, hope you guys crazy. Avery left US permanently. Yeah, we kill those.

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