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House of Cards: An LGBT Podcast: Kick out



This eposide dealt with a dark subject of being kicked out. This is your warning. please becareful. we love you!

Today we played one word at a time story, We talked among ourselves and our topc was on being kicked out!

Welcome to the House of Card andLGBT podcast. Is there anything I can yeah, I think that's her deduction. Okay, Hey y'all, I'm Arian. I used she her pronouns and I'mstill knitting. Hey, y'all, I'm Simone. I use she apronouns and sometimes he. I don't know. I like all pounds. Anyways,you're gonna say I liked it. You're not wrong. Anyways, Um, our instagram is house of call I. I I exist. Oh, invalidatingme? No, Hi, I'm Jackson. I'm the forgettable one,apparently. Yea, I use heathen pronouns. I'm currently clear and I'm a gaywho can drive. I'm so proud of you. I told him Iwas gay in the almost failed me, I mean wrote. Can you domath, though? Yeah, I love the legendary is so pretty. Okay, someone, I can take it away. Okay, anyways. anyways, nowthat the invalid one is over with, I'm sorry, guys, I justhad a date. Anyways, our instagram is at House of Scott,House of cards, underscore, podcasts of Scott, dbt, underscore deck.Our patreon is house of cards and our website is house of cards. Lgbtcomwebsite. Patreon is house of cards, and I'll tumblow, which I'm goingto be using more, is it's house of cards. I did Patreon,Bitch, oh you did. You Tumblo? NOPE, okay, well, Tumblos, it's house of cards. The cards. It's house of cards becausehouse of cards was taken. So it's okay, I got an for nexttime. Thank your Um. So power the gays today pretty Oh. Iwould say this because wit none of all this. Just can say mine.We all, we might be doing a few. Will currently looking for applemusic. See we can get up on here. So if it ends upthat you like, like, maybe you use apple music more and you justgot spotify to listen to us. So it's like thanks, you enjoy.The ads. Just goes right to an ad after this. We all lookingto do apple music, so you'll find us there. If there's any otherplatforms that you think we can post on, like will willing to do it.Like soundcloud? We can do it. Oh my God, we could besoundcloud rappers. Could we soundcloud rappers? Little House of cards, Young Houseof pods. Didn't I send them meme like that? Probably a reason. Means Sender. True, that is valid as fuck, valid as fuck. I am like slightly tired. I I'm going to be completely honest,I almost didn't comfortable cord. I thought about just not and just driving,like a lot of what the same. Fuck y'all, and drive. Imean, I have like a listener. was like, I love those,amazing, but like these two, they're all right. I literally I learnhow to knit backwards, to tattoo over skype, please. Oh Yeah,you right, you right, you were, you were someone. Now someone,someone's like good, my fucking I...

...cann't find the DOE. What we'regetting ready to go on topics to mount fuck, fuck, I don't knowwhat. So like, I don't have a game today. A game?Wow, you always have a game. I'm Lyne. Of course I havea game. Okay, really hoping, you were. You were like,actually, why us? Where can I find? You think I suck Simone? Yep, someone. Why do you keep talking with an accent, likeI'm a little one of us in a weird mood? Okay, just letit go. Light. Oh, I'm looking through my like Google dogs.Turn to front the fucking house of cardstock. Oop. Someone ain't prepared. Sureokay, found it cool. Are you sure you found it? No, we're going to play, so right now. She reads. Yeah,we're no one's gonna Understand, but Jack, Jackson, we're on a voice callAli. That's what they think, sir. Excuse. Yeah, that'swhat we're doing. Fuck y'all, weird, playing pictonry. No, we'll playingbuild a story. I play build story because we suck, because wesaw. Yeah, that's valid violence, so I will. Okay, we'regonna do roughly three rounds of this. Okay, because I like one word, store rings or so. It's like, yeah, it's like I went tothe mall. Now, if the story so, like, if yousay something like we went to the red red, it cancels, like youlose you repeated, like unless it makes sense, like unless it's a grammaralymakes sense, like for for, but like the different for you know.Yeah, makes sense. Yeah, the rash I had had disappeared. Ifyou take like two seconds to think of a ward, you lose. Go, quote, rip. This is Improv bring it on. And if yousay something that is an appropriate, inappropriate, to the point, what's it kindof disgusting, then you got as well some own. This is accurateand say the word. That's okay, because then I would lose all thetime. So if you if it takes you a second to kind of saythe world, like you start and like you're trying to finish it, that'sokay, okay, like if I've a brain part. Yeah, okay,because we're all like mentally ill. So that happens a lot and I factlike severe brain damage. Like, Um, avery, do you want to shotus off? Okay, okay, okay, Simonia, after avery,I'm after sman, and then avery, you're after me and so and SongmyBart, though, don't forget your posion if you forget to say a thing. Yeah, don't, I'll try. Here we go, here we go, here we go now, I'm so sorry. Okay, every addicking.Okay, I'm starting. Here we go, we go, here we go,here we go. I have a purple sock. It's a one,one thing. Oh that again. Who loves my side again? Wow,cheetos are the bomb, dot calm,...

...very spicy to eat in doors,and my dog is lovely too. Oh, pet. Why the fuck does GummyBart look like that? So that was so we got a full segencewith that. I A recheck. It was so in a little bit.But like, it's also the first round, and so I'm not going to belike Pasamon. It's your turn to start. Dummy bears are my favoritefood to sit on. I'll fuck US too out. I want to saysomething funny, so I'm like sit. Oh wait, now that's two words. Sorry, Sime on, I wearing your story. Arli, wow,I'm sad. I wanted it to be share with my Papa. Sorry,we're not mind readers exactly. That's my issue here. My town, HoseRiver, who goeses every your house? I couldn't remember who went next.Okay, let's out again. Yawn when? Wait, what, I didn't hearthe first dawn. When women do anything? Love it when women.Someone's out, I know, but I love it when women. I lovea woman. We really suck at this because we got to say means wedo. How Sad Alexa, play carols, whisper. I'm like slowly, notwanting to, like, okay, Oh, so I want to,if you're okay with me. Guys saying this the jigger one. Oh yeah, yeah, so we all go into a hafty subject today. I know, episode seven and we're already making you cry seven weeks. So like,yeah, yeah, that's like, yeah, we've been we've been doing this fora while. So, but we will be talking about what happened ifyou get kicked out of your house, which is, sadly, something happensto a lot of LGBTEENS. So if this is something that have happened toyou or you're scared of most anything like that, and it may be toGreing, this is you're wanting to stop. We're going to wait about a minuteor so of just for you to kind of pack it at. Well, thirty seconds. We hope you don't need a minute, but about thirtyseconds just for you to get yourself all together. Wait, I'm sorry,Jackson. Did you just turn LGBT TO LGBT LGB TEENS? I did abit. Okay, thirty seconds to really loved it. Okay. So beforewe kind of get into the topic, because it is more hefty and withthat trigger warning earlier, I'm going to read off a few crisis lines orshelters, mostly just based in Canada.

So first is the Alberta Health Line, which is eight one. Kids help phone is one eight hundred and sixtysix two nine seven, four hundred and two one. The Distress Center Calgaryis four zero three two, sixty six, four three five seven. The wheatlandshelter society is one hundred eighty seven, seven nine three, four six sixtythree four. The Capella Center is a woman's only shelter and the thatphone number is one eight hundred two, sixty three three, zero four five. Then we have the mustard seed shelter in Calgary, Alberta. Their addressis seven zero two five forty four street southeast, the Fort mcmurray Salvation ArmyCommunity Services Center in Fort mcmurray, Alberta, which is nine nine one nine McDonaldAvenue, as well as the left bridge shelter and Resource Center in LeftBridge, Alberta, eight hundred and two to a avenue north, the Calgarydropping in Rehab Center in Calgary, Alberta, on one GERMOT Baldwin way southeast,as well as the Salvation Army, which has at least fifty locations acrossCanada and there are are pretty worldwide organization. So if we have any listeners inAmerica or anywhere anywhere else, then you can likely find one. Andeven if anything in this episode is resonating with you, then you should takethe time to look into some of your own local shelters. I was justwas at a perfectly said every clap yeah's perspectfully and non sexually. Clap thosecheeks. Oh Cheeks, oh my God. Okay, UM, sorry, Imake jokes when I talk about heavy stuff, we know, but ifbelieve for anything that you may be picked out, whether the moon, canyou speak a little loud of your little quiet on arm, on the recoding? What the fuck it with the walk? We just need to be able tohear you. Okay, okay. Sorry. If you believe for anyreason that you may be kicked out, whether that's due to domestic abuse oranything else, like coming out as whatever you came out as, or yourparents don't accept you or something else, the most important thing you can dois to be prepared. What we discussed in this topic can also be relevantto having to flee or escape and abuse of household or relationship. Even so, please be open minded and know that we are not advocating running away fromhome unless absolutely necessary, like if you are in danger. If you doneed to leave your home in Hory, pack being sent insentials, money andclothes, as well as any indispencations in case of Emmoency, whether that thedrive is licensed, diploma, both certificate passport makes you dressed with the weather, the weather in your area as well. If you're from Canada and it's fall, makes you have a winter coat because you know the snow can come. If you're in somewher hot where rains often, makes you have an umbrella. Just pack for your weather. Enough for one second. If you areof high school age, a lot of high schools do provide winter coats forpeople who need them. So if that... something that is available to you, you can utilize up. If you don't have access to a winter coator if you're not living at home and you need supplies, you can alwaysgo to your school's resource office. Pack any and makes you pack anything.That is the difference between life and death. If you take medication, makes yougrab your medication. They're yeah, and there's like I said before,they are climents that are really stract, like really like it's really hot,it's really cold in Canada, and that's why podcast is based. So makesure you're like a paired for that. If you live in if you livein a pretty steady temperature, just being kit to be careful in case thatchanges. If you own a call and insurance, take it with you.And if you can't, play a safe play, if you can plan asafe place to stay, like an in or hotel, and they just won'ttake you or something like that, it is safer in your car then onthe street. Also, first, your friend, if they can provide aplace to stay for you. Who? Yeah, front, your friend.Yeah, like car should be kind of like after you looked at hotels infriends, other family moments who are support of HMM. Street should be lastminute, last, very last. First thing you should try to do isspeak with the trusted adult, whether that's a guardian, teacher, counselor familymember, or anyone in your supports or circle. If you're religious, youcan seek help from a local church or synagogue, and even if you aren't, it's highly likely that any religious organization would offer help. If you don'thave access to a religious organization and can't access a trusted adults, your nextbest bet would be a shelter, library or authorities, as well as aemergency center such as a hospital. Shelters are easy to find and probably yourbest option. In a worst case scenario, they can be difficult to have situated, depending on the weather, your general well being or your situation.Libraries wouldn't have the best resources, but they are a public service, meaningyou can crash there for hours during the day and may even be able tofind help. Okay, UM, are taking my boo tattoos. Actually,people are usually the most apprehensive in contacting the authorities, especially with all thecontroversy surrounding the justice systems, especially climate right now. I know a lotof us do not like cops, but if it comes down to it,like, okay, anyways, have unless you need them. Yeah, haveyou're literally dying anyways. Don't see a cat as your final waltz. Inconclusion, a cap anyways. That being said, it is technically illegal foryour parents to kick you out if you are under the age of eighteen,and contacting authorities may be able to help you get back into your home ifthat is an option for you. This, of course, does come that's justme saying is if they kicked you out. I wouldn't want to saythey're facts, but if that is something you want to try and work out, that is always an option. However, this option comes with the risk ofgoing into the system, which has proven to not be the most reliable, but you always have to take your best interest into account. If youdon't have all I'm so sorry, guys, it's okay, Darling, to anyof these options, your number one focused should be to try and finda place to stay, even if that means calling an act and asked tocrash on the couch. If anyone you can think of, including your teacher'sfriends, acquaintances, doctors and counsel is just give them a call. It'syeah, just try and call somebody,... long as they're not going toabuse you will kick you out as well. Yeah, you know, on thestreet again should be your very, very last option and the worst casescenario, make sure that you have finances. So that's like what we said thatthe beginning, about having money packed as one of your essentials. Youshould apply for any insurance you may be eligible for and determing your financial status. Try to set up accounts and get a trusted adult to help you ifyou needed someone over eighteen for this process, especially in the rare case that youwould have to freeze your accounts. However, I do believe that youcan open your own bank account at sixteen. Yes, you can. I believeso as well. Cool, because my savings account opened when I turnedsixteen. So I just yeah, I would like to point that out.Very Nice, fair, Nice. Yes, UM, social bank is not themost minor friendly. I would go with a different one. I foundsome was Canada's pretty nice, but no t no shade. But Scotia Bankis my bank and they wouldn't let me open a savings account until this year. So really, yeah, it's wild. I decided to look this up becauseI know so it wasn't a thing. So in United States as of twentyseventeen, this United States up to one point six million young people allexperience homelessness in United States every year and forty percent of them identify as LGBT. Go I can't find ill to bete rate for Canada, but it's aboutfortyzero youth in Canada who are considered homeless. That's so. That doesn't just haveto do with LGBT or like. No, I would be being kickedup for being lgbt. MMM, but it's just it's just about that.Anyway, I looked it up. I looked up I got to check therecency of this one. It doesn't say but it looks pretty recent, soI looked up a better website for it's gone from fortyzero percent a homeless toone hundred thou fifty. Yeah, one Hundredzero, just a bit over that. Twenty five to forty percent of them identify as LGBT, and then itgoes into some of the Toronto ones. Wow, so it this is somethe reason we talk about this is because it does affect people a lot.It affects the LGBT, lgbt community a lot, and I don't think manyof us understand that. I I lone this because of I was terrified itmight happen at my house. But it's a scary thing and if you're worriedabout this or you know a friend who maybe experience in this, try tohelp them out because, yeah, teenager being anyone being homeless is very like. It's it's a struggle, especially in climates that aren't warm. It's exactlynot so it's such an so awful Um. Also, something I would like toadd to reaching out to churches and everything. If you have access toInternet and Um, like a device that you can use the Internet on youcan go to your public library and you can use the computers there to searchthis up, but you can look for LGBT friendly churches near you in yourcity. Google LGBT friendly churches and your city's name and their locations and howto get there, so that can help. Yeah, that was I believe youcan also print at libraries, so, if possible, you can try andprint out a road map so that you can get there safely. Gosh, de Hyeres really are the backbone of society bys and I believe if you'rea minor, a library card in Calgary... free. Once again, librariesbackbones saciet. A lot of this is from Calgary because, again, twoof our people live in the CAGARY. But make sure to Google this stuffin your own area, like right now, I just lost my thing. OhNo, one once. Once you're listening to this, or even nowif you really wanted to, like, I'd rather you just look it up, look up safe places for you to go, check with a friendly hey, someone, would happened? Can I s crash your house? Tab asupport system, because, sadly, this is something that is very true andit's something that what we'll trying to fix is not going to be fixed ina night, and you should be prepared in case this happens, and especiallyif you are planning on coming out soon. I would set up a network ofpeople. Oh exactly, and make sure you send prior like have acode yes, so that your parents can't help that you're like planning to leave. I'm going to say I think that this was a really important episode thatwe did now, especially with the politics going on in America, which Ireally I I don't want to get political on here, but it's a scarytime and I feel like if we were ever going to do an episode onthis topic, that this would be a good time one. Now this willget posted for a couple of weeks, but yeah, we don't know.So again, we do PRERECD so dos an issue, you don't go rightaway. That's why this is October seven, but we are recording. It isa scary time right now, especially in America. Don't know what it'sgoing to be like, and the reason why I also want to talk aboutis Canada follows America very much, so because of trade and Aighbors, andso if America against going in a direction, Canada may have to follow. Sowe want our Canadian and American people to be prepared for this and Iwant people who don't live in very accepting countries to also be prepared for this. I A lot of them on like yeah, it's just be ready toall we can really say and hopefull the best. I hate to say this, but if you're in a crisis with US stuff and you try to messageuch, message outs, we can do our best, but your best betto actually get help is not to message influencers or any social media person,unless they are like an actual organization. Yeah, we're just we're just threekids, you know, US helping you was going to be like hey,you should call this number and give you the addresses. However, we willbe posting resources on our instagram and our twitter and our Tumbler and Bo atreon. Yes, I will be posting all of that, and I will alsoput these resources up on our website as well. Yes, I believe allwebsite will always have if you ever don't know where to find our resources,like, because I'm we should have most of our resources, like team outlinesand stuff, on our website. Yeah, and those will stay well, likeour instagram and twitter may flux. All of the information will be onthe website. So if you ever really need at all, website can doour best to help. Absolutely and will. Yeah, it'll hopefully, it willhopefully be helpful. But I think that's all for today. Tonight definitelya shorter episode. But no, this is actually about average. Oh yes, nice, show up, because we will. I think it's because thisis something we really, we all really...

...want to talk about, because it'ssomething that is sad but true and important. Yeah, but and it's everyone seemslike tired. Yeah, I think today it was a lot, butthat is our episode for today. Next week, when you come back tocheck his out, it will be on lesbians, the female gays. WeLove Them. That is it for today. I'll reminder that you are valid.We didn't talk about so your ballot as fuck. We should value this. You guys are like, sorry, I forgot our catchphraser a second,but your Billat is wook, is whook. I'm not making that sound a goodmorning, good afternoon, good night, good evening, wherever time it iswhat you are and we'll see you have a good life. And ifyou decide not to watch the next episode, we hope you enjoy whatever you dofor the rest of your life. We love you. We love youall our steps. I'm listeners. Yeah, we want to say we do havesome on. This snows on our first episode starts. That makes meso happy. Of course it says hope you have a good week. ByHi.

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