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House of Cards: An LGBT Podcast: Kick out



This eposide dealt with a dark subject of being kicked out. This is your warning. please becareful. we love you!

Today we played one word at a time story, We talked among ourselves and our topc was on being kicked out!

Welcome to the House of cards and LGBTpodcast, I onything, I can' yeah. I think that'syour introduction. Okay, Hey all I'm abriann! I use sheher pronouns and I'm still knitting, Hey y'l, im semon. I use SBA pronoulsand sometimes he I don't know I like all poons anyways, I'm Gonto say Iliked it you're, not wrong. Anyways, our INSTAGRAM is HOUSEOCA. I exist. Oh invalidating me no hi, I'm Jackson, I'm the forgettableone. Apparently Yei use heathen pronounce I'm currently CEAR and I'm agay who can drive I'm so proud of you. I told them. I was gay and they almostfailed me O. I meanot. Can you do math, though yeah I LN Telegi is so pretty. Okay, it'sSOM on nit ou can take it away. Okay, anyways anyway. Now that the invalidone is over with I'm sorry y? U Guys, I just had a dateanyways. Our instagram is at Houseesca House of cards, underscore podtast ofScot gvt underscore deck our patrionist house of cards, and our website isHezif guards, lgbt dot com, Lashwick site Paton is hustle cards and Istumblo,which I'm going to be using mor is its house of cards. I did Patrieon Bitch.Oh Di. Do Tumbler no okay, well Cumblos! It's Ous, O cods, the cards. It's Houseo Cos because a wsTe colge was taken. OIT. Okay, I gota down for next time. Thankyou, my e. So how are the gays today pretty? Or I want to say this because I wild none of all is us consiy nminewe are, we might be doing a few were currently looking for Apple Music Tosee.We can get opon here so for the ends of that you like, like. Maybe you use UPLA musicmore and you just got spotified to listen to US O. It's like thank you joyt theads, just it goes right to an ad. After this we are looking to do apple music, soOul find us there. If there's any other platforms that you think we can post onlike we're willing to do it like sound cloud, we can do it. Oh my God, we culbe sound. All rappers g. We sound called Batpos Little House of cars, Yon House of Gods. Didn't I send a mamelike that? Probably it res on men, sender, true, we is vallid is fuck. Vaad isfuck. I am like slightly tired. I I'm goingto be completely honest. I almost didn't come to a cord. I thought aboutjust not and just driving like. I lot want to Seim fuck yoanddrive. I mean I hav like a Listenos like Ilove. Tha was amazing, but like these two theyr all right, I itealy learnd how to knit backwardsto take you over scipe. Please! Oh Yeah, you rigt you right! You! You were soonnow Sooe soons, like Wwell, good, my fucking. I cannot find the dog...

...we're getting ready to go on on topics.Anon Fucki, don't know so like I don't have a game today, a game wow. You always have a game, I'mlying. Of course I have a game. Okay Y, hoping you were Yo, were likeactually whatweraniyou thinki suck, SOMON YEPsomone. Why D You keep talking with an accent like I'm a little one of us in a weird mood? Okay, let itgo light. I'm looking to my like googledock trfond the fucking house of crod Tock oosomeone Ain't prepared, okay, found it cool. Are you short? Youfound it y we're going to play so right. Now, soreed, no one's gonna understand, but aJackson, we're on a foic call ae. We that's what they think, sir excuse yeah. That's what we're doing fuckedoff we're playing pictionary Jutknow Wallplayn build a story, I'm playing that re story because wesuck because we start yeah, that's validowas. So I will okay we're going to do roughly threerounds of this okay. Is it like one word stories, or so it's like yeah.It's like I went to the mall now if the story so like, if you say something like we went to the red redit cancels like you, lose you repeated like unless it makes sense like unlessit's a grammically make sense like four four but like the differentfour, you know e makes sense. Yeah the Raish I had haddisappeared. If you take like two seconds to think of award, you lose coquote rap. This is Embro, bring it on and if you say somethingthat is inapproprite like inapproprate to the point whith like kind ofdisgusting, then Fyou got as well SOM Moan this accurateand see the ward, that's okay, because then I would lose all the time. So like you. If it takes you a secondto kind of say the ward, like you start and like you're, trying to finish it.That's okay, okay, like if I have a brain for it, yeah, okay, becausewe'llall like mentally ill. So that happens a lot and fact like severebrain damage like avory. Do you want to start us off? Okay, okay, okay, so so mon you after Avry,I'm after with OMON and then aver you after me and someones. Some me BartThoug, don't forget your possession! If you forget to say your thing: Yeah, don't Ko I'LL! Try! We go E, we go here. We go now, I'm sosorry, Ikre, hadnicking, okay, I'm starting here we go e. We go ee, we go. I have a purple sock, it's a one, woodthing! Oh so again you losei start again: Cow...

Chatos ar the bomb dot, calm, very spicy to it in doors, and my dog is lovely to pet. Why the fuck does Gummy Bart? Look likethat. So that was so. We got a full siteness, but then I aretecti was soina little bit but like it's also the forstraund. So I'm not going to be like a some onens or TNOSTI cummy fairs. Are My favorite food to sit on I'll fuck that to on then out? I want to say something funny. So I'mlike Si. Oh wait! Now this two words: sorry someone I ruined Yor Story, ARLYWOW! I wanted it to be share with my papa sorry. We're not mind dreaders, exactlythat's my issue here, my ton hose river, who ever year ous I couldn't remember who went next: Okay,look's up again John, when wait what I didn't hear the first onwhen Wamen do anything the love it Wen women, some of thems out, I know, but I loveit. When women, I love a woman. We Really Suckin this because we got tosame means. We do how sad alexically careless whisper, what I'm like slowly, not wanting to like I, okay, how so I want no, if you're, okay, withme, guys saying this, the drigger one, Oh yeah yeah, so we we all goin into ahapty subject today. I know episode seven a'm already making youcry Bot seven weeks so like yeah yeah,that's like o yeah we've been we've been doing this for a while. So but Weill be talking about what happens.If you get kicked out of your house, which is sadly something happens to alot of ljb teams. So if this is something that have happened to you oryou're, shared of Mo anything that and it may be to agreing, this is yourwanting to stop we're going to wait about I a minute orso o'f just for you to kind of pack. It it well thirty seconds! I we hope youdon't need a minute, but about thirty seconds just for you to get yourself,alltogether, wait! I'm sorry! Jackson did you just turn lgbt to LGBT LGBTEANS IDI a bitch okay, thirty seconds to youreally loved it? Okay, so before we kind of get into thetopic, because it is more hefty and with that triggerwarning earlier, I'm going to read off...

...a few crisis lines or shelters, mostly you just based in Canada. So first is the Alberta Health Line,which is eight undred. One kids healtphone is one and eight six, six,two nine seven, four one zero one: the Distress Center Calgary is four zero.Three to six six, four, three: Five: seven, the wheatland shelter society isone eight, seven, seven, nine, three, four six, six, three four: the CapellaCenter is a woman's only shelter and the that phone number isonred. Eight hundred two six, three three zero. Four five. Then we have the mustard seed shelterin Calgary Alberta. Their address is seven zero, two five, forty fourthstreet southeast, the Fort mcmurray, Salvation Army community services,sentor in Fort mcary Alberta, which is Ninenine Hundredd, nineMcDonald Avenue, as well as the lefthbriage, shelter andResource Center in left, Rir, Jalberta, ato to to a avenue north, the Calgary,droppin and Rehad Center in Cagary Alberta on one Germot Ball, win waysoutheast, as well as the Salvation Army, which has at least fifty locations across Canadaand they're a pretty worldwide organization.So if we have any listeners in America or anywer anywhere else, then you canlikely find one, and even if anything in this episode isresonating with you, then you should take the time to look into some of yourowlocal shelters. I was just was, at it perfectly said: Ove Clap, perspectully and nonsexually clap thosechaks- Oh see, oh my God. Okay, sorry, I make jokes.When I talk about heavy stuff, we know, but it's belief for Anytinon that youmay be kicked out whether the Moan can you speak a little out of your littlequiet on arm nnicoing, what Os Oky itwas The wal? We just need to be able to hear you.Okay, inedautokay. Sorry, if you believe for any reason that youmay be kicked out, whether that's due to domestic abuse or anything else like coming out as whatever you cameout as or your parents, don't accept you or something else. The mostimportant thing you can do is to be prepared. What we discussed in this topic canalso be relevant to having to flee or escape an abuseof, hosehold orrelationship. Even so, please be open minded and know that we are notadvocating running away from home unless absolutely necessary, like ifyou are in danger. If you do need to leave your home in ahorry pack being sent insentials money and clothes as well as anyinditrpincations in case of Emogency, whether that s the drivers licensediploma, both cecificate passport makes you dress for the weather, the weather in your area as well, ifyou're from Canada and it's fall, makes you ever wint Ta coat, because you knowthe snow can come if you're in somemor heart, where it rains often make Su.You have an umbrella just pack for your weather Ino for a second. If you are of highschool age, a lot of high schools do provide winter coats for people whoneed them. So if that is something that... available to you, you can utilizethat if you don't have access to a winter coat or if you're not living athome, and you need supplies- and you can always go to your school's resourceoffice pack an and makes sure pack anythingthat is tha the difference between life and death. If you take medication, makesure you grab you medication there yeah and there's like I saidbefore they 're ciments. That are really distract like really like. It'sreally hot is really cold in Canada and that's why our Podcastis base so make sure you're like prepared for that.If you live in, if your live in a pretty steady temperature just being K,just be careful in case that changes, if you own a call and insurance, takeit with you and if you can't play a safe Plu, if you can't tun o safeplanes to stay like an in or hotel, and they just won't, take you or somethinglike that. It is safer when you'R call than on the street also first R, if they can provide aplace to stay for you. WHOYEAH friend, your friend, yeah, like car, should be kind of likeafter you've looked at hotels in friends, other family romrs, who aresupportive m stream hould, be last minute. Last very last, the first thirdminute you should try to do speak with the trusted adult whether that's aGuardian Teacher, counselor, family member or anyone in your superts orcircle. If you're religious, you can see kelp from a local church orsynagogue, and even if you aren't it's highly likely that any religiousorganization would offer help, if you don't have access to a religiousorganization and cant access at Trusted Adult your next best. That would be ashelter library or authorities as well as a emergency center, such as thehospital shelters, are easy to find probably your best option. In a worstcase scenario, they can be difficult to have situated, depending on the weather,your general well being or your situation. Libraries wouldn't have the bestresources, but they are a public service, meaning you can crash therefor hours during the day and may even be able to find help. Okay is tecting my boo tattoos. Actually people are usually the mostapprehensive in contacting the authorities, especially with all thecontroversy surrounding the justice systems, especially imit right now. Iknow a lot of us do not like cops, but if it comes down to it like okayanyways have, unless you need them, yeah have you're literally guyinganyways Ydontea. How, as your final Wat sorry in conclusion, ACA anyways, that being said, it is technicallyillegal for your parents to kick you out. If you are under the age ofeighteen and contacting authorities may be able to help you get back into yourhome. If that is an option for you, this of course does wothat's. Just mesaying is: If they kicked, you out, I wouldn't want to say ther facts, but ifthat is something you want to try and work out, that is always an option.However, this option comes with the risk of going into the system which haspreven to not be the most reliable, but you always have to take your bestinterest into account. If you don't have at Oh, I'm so sorryguys, it'Sokay Darling to any of theseoptions. Your number one focus should be to try and find a place to say, evenif that means Calin an ax and ask to crash on the couch. If anyone you culd,think of including your teachers, friends, acquaintances, doctors andcounselors just give them a call. It's yeah just try and call somebody as longas they're not going to abuse you or...

...kick you out as well. Yeah I mean onthe streets again. T should be your very very last option on worst case scenario, make sure thatyou have finances. So that's like what we said that the beginning about having money packed as one of your essentials.You should apply for any insurance. You may be eligible for and determine yourfinancial status, try to set up accounts and get a trustto Adelt to help you if you needed someone over eighteen for this process,especially Inthe weare case that you would have tofreeze your accounts. However, I do believe that you can open your own bankaccount at sixteen. Yes, you can, I believe, so as well cool, because mysavings account opened when I turned sixteen, so I just yeah. I would liketo point that out. Hevery Nice, very nice, just gocial bank is not the most minorfriendly. I would go with a different one. I fhound so was Canada's pretty nice,but no tino shade, but Scotio Bank is my bank and they wouldn't. Let me opena savings account until this year, O really yeah. It was wild. I decided tolook this up because I did now o wasn't the thing so in the United States. Asof twenty seventeen, this United States up to one point: six million youngpeople, ARF, Ateens, homelessness in United States every year, and fortypercent of them identify as Lgpt God, Cant Si o to reteen rate forCanada. But it's about forty housand, you in Canada, who are consideredhomeless, Ukthat' BAFL that doesn't just have todeal with LGBT or like now would be being kickedup for being ltbt, but it's just it's just about that.Anyway, I looked it up. I looked up. I got to check the recency of this one,it doesn't say, but it looks pretty recent. So I looked up a better website. It's gone from forty thousand percent,a homeless to one hundred thousand fift yeah, one hundred hosand, just a bitover that twenty five to forty percent of themindentify as LGBT, and then it goes into some of theToronto Ones Wow, so it this is some the reason we're talkabout. This is because it does affect people a lot. It affects telgbt ldbtcommunity, a lot, and I don't think many of us understand that I I learn this because of I was terrifiedin might happen at my house, but it's a scary thing and if you're worried about this- or youknow a friend who may be experiencing this- try to help them out because yeah, a teenager, beang anyone beinghomeless is very like it's. It's a struggle,especially in climates that aren't warm exactly not so nso awful, also something I would like to add toreaching out to churches and everything. If you have access to Internet and like a device that you can use theInternet on, you can go to your public library and you can use the computersthere to search this up. But you can look for LGBT friendly churches nearyou in your city, Google, lgbt friendly churches and your city's name and theirlocations and how to get there so that can op yeah. That was at belief.You can also print at libraries. So if possible, you can try and print out aRoadmat so that you can get there safely. Goshdo eresn really are thebackbone of Society...

Hak and I believe, if you're a minor, alibrary, Cardin Calgary, is free once again, libraries back Bon Ofe God.A lot of this is fom Caga, because again two ofour people live like MetiCagory, but make sure Tho, Google, this stuffin your own area like right now, Oh, I just lost my thing: Oh Wel Onet, once once you dow listening to thisoreven. Now, if you really wanted to like I'd rather you just look, it uplook up safe places for you to go check with a friend like hey. I somethingwhat happen. Can I crash o? Your House have a support system because, sadlythis is something that is very true and it's something that what we're tryingto fix is not going to be fixed in a night, and you should be prepared incasthes happens and especially if you are planning on coming out soon, Iwould set up a network of people, oh exacty, and make sure you send puite like havea cod. Yes, so that you cant tent O that you're like pining to leave I'm Goinna say. I think that this was a reallyimportant episode that we did now, especially with the politics going onin America, which I really I don't want to get political on here.But it's a scary time and I feel like if we were ever going to do an episode on this topic, that thiswould be a good time on right now. This will getposted for a couple of weeks, but yeah we don't know. So again. We do preworkcode, so thats Thi issue a e, don't eit right away. That's why this is oetat.We are recording. It is a scary time right now, especially in America. Don'tknow what it's going to be like, and the reason why I as want to talk aboutis Canada, follows America very much so because of trellas and neighbors, andso, if Amari cove against going into direction, Canada may have to follow.So we want our Canadian and American people to be prepared for this, and Iwant Ou people who don't live in very accepting countries to als be preparedfor this. I A lot of them ont like yeah. It's just be ready as all we can reallysay and hope for the best. I hate to say this, but if you're in acrisis with US stuff- and you try to miss a Dutch messages,we can do our best, but your best bet to actually get help is not to messageinfluences or any social media person unless they are like an actualorganization. Yeah we're just we're. Just three kids, you know is helping. You was going to be likehey, you should call this number and give you the addresses. However, wewill be posting resources on our instagram and our twitter and ourTumbler and Bo patreoon. Yes, I will be posting all of that and I will also put these resources up on our website aswell. Yes, I believe all website will always have if you ever don't know where to find our resources likebecause I'm we should have most of our resoarches, like team, Hout lines andstuff on AL website. Yeah and those will stay welllike our intacram and twitter may flux. All of the information will be on thewebsite. So if you ever really need hat all website can do our EST to help absolutely and well yeah it'l. hopefully it willhopefully be helpful, but I think that's all for today tonight ahdefinitely shorter episode, but nothis is actually about average. Oh, yes, it ice o show because we werl. I thinkit's because this is something we...

...really. We all really want to talkabout, because it's something that is sad but true and important yeah, but it everyone seems like tired yeah. I think today was a lot, but that is a episode for today. Next week, whenyou come back to checkers out, it will be on lesbians, female gays. We Lovethem that is it fur. Today I reminded thatyou are valid. We didn't talk about Hoio about thisfuck wich, just Bayou Uys are like sorry. I forgot our catch Rasosecond,but your bill is fook. T is wook, I'm not making that sound a good morninggood afternoon, good night good evening. Wherever time it is where you are anabsoute have a good Adif. You decide now to watch the next episode. We hopeyou enjoy whatever you do for the rest of your life. WEL Love You! We Love Youall Ar San Im listeners yeah, we want to say we do have Tin Lisnows on our forst episode, Stat. That makes me so happy a WOR OGWBIAI.

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