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House of Cards: An LGBT Podcast

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House of Cards: an LGBTQ Podcast:Internalized Homophobia


Today! Avery and Simone ran the whole show without Jaxson! and lets just say, they were able to do it. While flirting, the words of virgins and Jesus came in during this episode the main topic was Internalized Homophobia! So you if you want to listen in and see what happened, tuned in. and if you liked it, check in next week for Abortions! Remember you are vaild as fuck. 

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Written by Avery Ann

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What's up y'all welcome to a house ofcards an LGBTQ podcast? I am a Brian, your most benevolent host and Y'all,I'm so fucking tech savvy. I am Jeff Bathos, three S, a three bays. So all right, I am smote and I am yourSudie host you're, not even wrong, but we love you for it. I? U S. They PRONOS! Oh my God. I forgot to say that partanyways, no matter no matter, he still doesn't say: Pronouns Yeah. I guess I use she her pronouns! II guess- and it's just US tonight it is Jackson- hasabandoned us, get again to fend for ourselves. He becamping, so I yeah, so I figured it out how to record for that podcast and yes,a res Actually Steve Jobs. I am Elon mask I like a lot of applause. Thank you incredible. I I love it somuch. I've never felt so smart. All Right! I will promote really quick. Ifyou want to find us online, you can find us on instagram a house of cardsunder sport, podcast on twitter, at lgbt, under scare Andrew Score deck andon Tiktok. Finally, Oh my fucking, God yeah hard podcast. That is a tastic. Oh my God! Look atyou! You are incredible. I love you so much. I know amazing. I should makemore tick talks for us. I think I made one I did. I made one on the way home.Oh my God, did you yeah? Well my brother and I walked to subway and likeso I don't know. If anyone else does this but like whenever I'm walking andstuff like, I will kick a rock but then like I'll, keep kicking that same rockyes yeah. So my brother and I did that all the way to subway and then back toour house- Oh my God, yeah it was. It was a fucking trick.That was like forty minutes. That was can wish at rock it's on my shelf rightnow. So basically yeah, you know the audio, that's like that's just a stupidboulder and it's like it's not just a boulder. It's a rock, oh my God yeah. So I love that so much...

Jackson is trolling me in the chat. IsHe yeah? And now I'm like paranoid? Oh my God. Wait do you wantto hear my final online Jim Grade? Is Yes, eighty seven? Oh my God. That's soincredible right, gratulations you ABSOLU and slade. I love it all right. Do you want to get into thetopic or do you have anything else you want to talk about? I have absolutelynothing else on the gay agenda today. It really just says fun shit, which istalking. I have not a pretty much yeah. I only have straight agenda apparentlybecause I got a boyfriend yeah. Oh my God he's sound cloud wrapper bl.We call him sound, Clote, rapper boy, I adore. I know I love it. Omopolonsound so happy about it. I love it so much he's so cute. I stillhis hood as you should you know as you should it's so funny, because,like okay, so the hoodie is a musician whois who he is absolutely obsessed with, and he let me take it like hello. Ohthat's like if someone like me loaning a copy of my favorite book to some likemy own personal copy right. Would I like that a would be like if I gave himmy coffee of Catcher in the Rye? Oh, my God, yeah, absolutely you're so happy. I love itanyways. Let's get sad, because you know it's sad, I'm not as good. I I'mnot as good with the transitions as Jacksoni. Don't know how neither of US are. Idon't know how he does it. Actually I had it. I had a thought: I'm the onlyone who hasn't yet missed a recording. Really you and Jackson have both missedone. Oh whack, it's going to be so wack when I finally do anyways yeah today we're talking a bit aboutinternalized homophobia, which you know unfortunate. It isn't it isn't. Very, Iguess happy it's, but it's not very fun, but you know there's also like a bit ofprivilege that we're going to be talking about in this subit yeah, yes and I'm the one who starts reading. So Iguess I better help into it. This is so weird without Jackson. I know. Oh, myGod, I feels a ego on it is illegal. It... illegal. It's like when you'resitting on a couch or something and then a dog lies on you like you, can't move yeah. Literally, it's not allowed. It'snot allowed. It's absolutely fucking illegal in US, memes! Well re recording he is.He can't record with us because he has like Shitty Wifi where he's camping andshit, but he's sending US memes. Oh my God, I'm saving this one to thechat. It's so funny make it to her LGBT podcast on time, be straight with herboyfriend me like deciding between two things. I know I M, I'm saving all ofthem. I love it so much. We should post them all on our instagram. Oh my God. This is so funny. I do it Eatie to get sad. I I I'm gonna embroider that on a pillowI got my as titch in my fucking drawer. This is what happens when Jackson Nathere we talk about sad shit and we laugh about it. Okay, Literally Jack, don't let us hewon't! Let us so yeah. I've been thinking about like how to introducethis topic for a while now, and I think it's a great time to talk about itafter we've just discussed fluidity in our last episode. So you know todaywe're going to be be talking about, like some privilege and hoo phobia likeby phobia transphobia kind of like in the internal Izeste. We've briefly touched on these subjectsbefore, because you know like homophobia, you can't really like theLGBT and not experience some sort of like oppression or prejudice, and you know during our five firstyears on Musterin history, when we were reminded how lucky we are to livesomewhere, where we can't be like prosecuted for a gender and sexuality.Yes, Oh my turn. Well, it can sometimes make foruncomfortable conversation. Privilege and homophobia are things that need tobe recognized in the community, reminding ourselves of our privilege tolive somewhere where we can be accepted without widespread fear is also whatreminds us of why the fight for our liberation is still ongoing. Prideshouldn't be a choice. It should be a human right. Every one should have thechance to exist without the fear of being criminalized, but like be gay, do crime yeah exactly as for Homophobia itself, you know itsounding that believe it or not. It comes with its own privilege, and thatis intern lives from a phobia. So there is like a small contentwarning here because, like internalize homophobia, it's similar to depressionand anxiety in some ways in that it is... a mental like disorder of a kind, and we don'twant to cause anyone any discomfort, yes, yeah, because you know we careabout y'all want what you all say be happy ye did I now so an be gay, be happy. He gave meHab it. Oh my God, so internalized Tom ophobes. It acts.You know the same way as like internalized, Masagan tax masculinityand internalize racism, and that it sends from being taught certain, likequote unquote. Beliefs quote unquote because those beliefs are bullshit. Internalize Apoporis, when an LGBT, aplus person is taught certain quote, UNQUOTE: beliefs because bullshit forso long or so often that they begin to believe that you know any kind ofgender sexuality other than his Hatt is like immoral or disgusting or sin, andall those dumb ask cases. Yes, internalized. Homophobia can haveserious effects on mental health. Internalized Homophobia has beendescribed as a conscious and unconscious reaction to externalnegative attitude, quote unquote about people who don't conform to aMatta Normative Ity, which is the preconceived idea of heterosexualmonogamy or the gender binary internalized. Homophobia is oftentaught and or integrated into an individual throughout their childhood,usually stemming from a very young age. Internalized Homophobia is extremelydetrimental to an individual, as they start to realize their gender andsexuality. This could lead to them harming themselves through substanceabuse, rejecting their identity, forcing themselves into the closet,possibly harming others, and an array of mental and insecurity disorders andtrying to force the quote gay and quote out of them yeah. That's all just awful yeah. It'snot pug, absolutely not pog not valid as fuck.It is invalid as fuck exactly what what was the off opposite of what wouldthe opposite of Fuck Be Virgin Virgin Valades Virgin, wait that comes that came out that came outwrong, I'm not shaming virgins. I am I. I am in fact a version in validas, no C R, l yeah in validus Frick in Valdes,frog, nice, yeah, good, safe. We love...

...versions here. Yes, we love virgins here, ere great,we love Virgin, love versions for Jackson is going to like listen to this and be like what theabsolute fuck are. They on we're on extra virgin oliveextraversion, olive oil? Oh my God, I can have all IV oil. Actually one of myfavorite textes is like: Why do they call it extra virgin olive oil when itfucks? So extremely? Oh, my God, it is like you know when you go out tolike fucking olive garden or something, and they give you the bread with justlike a little bowl of oil yeah, oh my God, so good like whenhumanity free. Yes, pe humanity is just bred. Yes, her bread. Jesus was right aboutthat. fucking love bread. I thought you weregoing to say you fucking love Jesus, and I was I mean I was like. I neverknew that, but good for you, man, I love Jesus. No bread, just kidding, I'm just kiddingJesus can be valid at points. Yes, yes extremely, not extremely. I wouldn't say extremely for most points. Honestly. My most likecontroversial Christianity take is like, and I say, controversial in the factthat most people that I tell it to at my Christian High School, however we'relike yes, what excuse me and that's like there's literally scientific group,that there was a real man name who was like Jesus Christ like there was anactual existing human being person and like grow. Someone can like Jesus Christ existed as a man, but I don't think he was a man valid. I think he was a beautiful woman,absolutely fucking valid. I D worship, O man. You say that, but most of Westernized Society, unfortunately, if yeah but like JesusChrist, is literally just a man like I don't. I don't believe in Shit, I'matheist as Hell Yeah. He was literally just a man,probably just like a con artist- Oh my God, yeah or like a fucking, magicianor scientist or somehing like I turn...

...this water into wine puts like red, diein it and makes everyone pretend like they're, drunk the plus sebo effect.Literally, Oh, my God. Okay, we just got. We got very relate religion. I couldn't think ofthe word Yeah anyways. We still have to finish.The topic we got carried away talked aboutfucking, bread and Shit. You know going back to privilege it'sit's a privilege to not have to startle horribly with internalize homophobiaand a lot like that's something that people don't really realize, which islike kind of why I wanted to talk about it and stuff. Goodness, Gracious. My throat got verydry. I think my mouth was open too wide and then, like a whole bunch of air gotin. Thank you right. Thank you. Wink Jackson's going to listen to this andbe like wow, it's literally just abran smoke. Flirting literally that's all! This is that'sall this is we're getting me. Of course, I will. Let's go to Vegas Yeah Internalize Homophobia lit likewhether it's as a result of friends or family or something else entirely,because you know literally everything has an effect on you and like your mind, so I don't knoweven like a teacher or some shit like older mentor, sort of thing anything happens, yeah absolutelyanyone, it's really dangerous because yeah, it's really really badfor mental health and Shit m. It is. It is it's awful I've likeheard horror stories and stuff, and I don't even want to think about it likeyeah. Personally, I'm really thankful thatI've never had this struggle, like my parents, never forced this kind ofthinking, even going to like whenever they talkedabout like having possible boyfriends. They'dalways be like. Oh you know, boyfriends or girlfriends. They always kind ofgave me that option and actually right after I wrote this episode, I got SuperEmotional and I text my mom and dad, and I was like thank you for likemaking me feel safe and well. I know I'm really so cute with the holeo thanks. I try. I really yeah just happens. Oh, my Gosh, okay, this is the kind of acceptance thateveryone should grow up with, but...

...unfortunately doesn't I didn'tnecessarily grow up with on acceptance. Just not his good acceptance, as avery has hadfor sure her eyes hard eyes, and this is why privilege reminds usthat this is what we're fighting for and teaching about reach out. If you'restruggling and look for support where you can reach out include, aren'tthrough like LGBT hot lines, I'm pretty sure there are yeah here. I can likeput ally her on sit. There probably are. You can honestly probably slide intoour DM as well, if you're looking for some advice, but we definitely cannotfix issues that you have, that are very bad yeah just tainters ourselves, butwe can offer advice or support. Yes, we are infants. We are infants as well,though, and you can definitely rech out to any trusted. People in your lifethat can be friends that can be family can be school people. It can be anyone, stop the oppression and take care ofyour mental health, because no matter what kind of home you come from, youare valid as book yes and Virgin. Virgins are valid to. Wehave heard us or that we learn that today, so we're O so er slots.Absolutely don't let anyone don't let anyone shame you for how much sex youdo or do not have. Yes, that could be another episode topic. Yes embrace thesex or not a R yeah. That's my choice! Anyways yeah! Speaking of that HardlinePing, I tried ruling LGBT hotline. First thing that came up was find a howplying, which honestly, like this website, slapped just a really asked meto like t type in my country and then this sort of issue. Oh my God again with that air in thethroat. Thank you. So you know I typed in where we live,which is like North America and then gender sexual identity. So, there's like your connecting yourkids help theme which kids helephant ally like for allthe shit. It gets. It's actually pretty great yeah kids help phone kind ofslapped. It kind of slaps yeah we validated it's a cards validated yeah, it's like it's, so that number is oneeight hundred six, six, eight six, eight six, eight there's a first nations and any it hopefor wellness help line, which is one eight, five, five, twofour two three three one zero. I was going to say one and ten, but that'snot right. There is a child in adolescent mentalhealth crisis line, which is one eight, six, six, four three of five four orfive nine, and you know I feel free to...

...reach out and look into finding some ofyour own resources and shit. Yes and private browsing does exist soyou're concerned about people finding out that you're searching up help lunchjust go into private browsing Yep. Exactly that's how that's that's what Iused to take an MIA quiz at the tender age of twelve me to yeah. Honestly,like word of advice, if you're searching up an MI, Ga quiz you're,probably a little bit queer, you're you're tad fruity yeah, just a littlebit like you know, your wrist is kind of limp. You know you got! Maybe a few too manyrings on your fingers yeah. Definitely some like like way toomany fucking, necklaces yeah, definitely definitely definitelyprobably going to chop your long hair into a Bob Yeh Yeh. Definitely that I hear that yeah we putyou like when a lake you'd probably sink to the bottom, because I don'tknow you're, probably carrying like rocks and shit in your pockets. That was a call out for me all right.Anything else to add avery sit. We got to say Jackson thing yeah, I gotta remember what it is. Okay,like help you enjoy. This week's episode hope to see you next on. If youdidn't you're, not VELLEDA fucking, we hate you. Oh my God. No hope we have tosee you next week. If not have a good rest of your life. That's it right! Oh and then it's likeanything else to add fell. It is fuck and then every says something: wackyyeah, usually something about food, but I got to go watch cars to with mybrother, my God that sounds so fun. Oh, my Godyeah, but we've both been like seeing the little like team. Yeah Music allday like any time, one of US mentions it we're both like bad. Do you baby D,but he did a D T, I'm literally driving over, so I can come watch it with you,my God best in he all right. Thank Yolo. Listening inY'all got to figure out how to do this, so I think I just had stopped recording,but I not so what's supposed to happen after that I don't know. Let's I don't know, Ithink it just goes into the check as it automatically save when I hit yes,it does stop. Recordings are available for thirty days in the CHAP, so we'regood. Oh Awesome! I was just I literally just asked Jackson to... It goes leap of faith, a.

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