House of Cards: An LGBTQIA2+ Podcast
House of Cards: An LGBTQIA2+ Podcast

Episode 98 · 2 months ago

House of Cards: An LGBTQIA2+ Podcast; Two-Spirited


Firstly, we would like to acknowledge that House of Cards are all unfortunately white, we regonize this privilege before speaking and ask if any mistake have been made on this epsiode for us to be corrected. Today, We talked about two-spirited, a indigenous idenity. It was an amazing episode to read about, and we hope you will also learn something about it. We hope you enjoy the epsiode, if not have a good rest of your life, and remember you are valid as fuck and stay gay.

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Written by Avery Ann

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Hello and welcome to the House of cards and L G B T Q, I, a two plus podcast. My name is Jackson. I use the hume pronouns and I hate being an adult who's not at university. Amen to that. I feel useless. It's not that I feel useless, it's that, Um, I feel exhausted and I want to be there, like that's my dream and I'm stuck. Yeah, I'm working. I have eight hour shifts constantly. Yeah, I'm not even working. Um, hi, my name is Jesse hazy, or HDS my pronouns. Yeah, that's true. Um, I used to the pronouns and I'm not working or in school right now and I feel a little useless. I am in the process moving right now, so I don't have my headphones. Aren't you looking for a job and stuff. That's just looking for a job, but I'm not working. You want do you want one? Working on getting employed? Um, so, I don't have a headphone right now. So with my audio shoty, then that's why do you want one of my jobs? Jess, is it near? Cut this out because I'm doxing myself. As it near Market Mall, you could also just say is it near where I live. That's so true, but it's so much more fun to accidentally docks myself. No, it's INFINITKA. You'd have to get here every day. Yeah, just a quick fucking road trip to work. Um, yeah, I know, I'm so I'm kind of tired of having two jobs, but also I'm going to be so fucking much. Hell Yeah, and that is me. I am in university. I'm avery. I used to her brow nouns Um. I also don't have headphones because I only have wireless and I have two pairs and I forgot to charge both of them because I'm an idiot. Hell Yeah, I love the immediate self deprecation. Thank you. My therapist will be so glad to hear it. My I don't have a therapist right now. Didn't you have a call today? Did I? Oh, yeah, I did, she called me earlier. UMSTROCESS Davian. So soon going to be living together. Yeah, by the time this goes up, will probably be well, definitely well. Hopefully, yes, this is up. This is other way actually. I want to tell Y'all the story about my box spring. Oh yeah, by the time this episode comes up, it'll be right about mid September. Sorry, okay. So I'm stressed just thinking about it. It's actually causing me so much strength my hair is falling up. So I don't have a bed frame, I just have a box spring in a mattress, right, because I'm a degenerate male, absolutely and the pod core literally. Um. So I brought my mattress over, like when, on the third no, on I don't remember when I brought it over, but I brought it over a little while ago, and we're gonna bring my mattress in my box spring over, but my box spring doesn't fit in my dad's.

Are they? We're like, oh, ship, what are we gonna do? We don't know anybody that has like one of those like trucks or anything. Well, I think my aunt has one, but, like you know, we're gonna make the problem worse, because that's what me and my dad do. So this morning I was packing stuff because tomorrow and the next day will be like my moving the hopefully sucking you get all my ship together, Um, and I was like Hey, Dad, what if we put the box spring on the top of the car and tie it on? And he was like that's a great idea. So we go out and he lifted on. It fifth perfectly. And then comes the problem of how are we going to secure this onto the roof of the car, because we don't have bungee cables. We have some, but they're really short, and we have a piece of rope and that's about it. So what we did was we zip tied the Bungee cables to the because there's like a rack on my dad's car, because we had one all those cargo things, because when we're on vacation we had a ton of luggage and stuff. So we we we zip tied the the Bungee cables to the like rack that's secured to the car and then threw it over the mattress and Zip tied it to the other side. We did that on two sides and then we tied the like down like the front and the back on with the rope and then tied it to like the bottom of the car. And I was like fuck yeah, I'm a fucking engineer, like we're geniuses, look at us go. I'm super excited. We're gonna finally get this sober and you know whatever. So then we start driving and we get down like not even out of our neighborhood halfway out of our neighborhood and we just here a snap and a crash and one of the boles comes flying and hits the window. Oh my God. Yeah, so the ZIP ties broke. I would like this noted. I don't I'm not gonna blame dress for us, because I don't think he remembers. I did offer to take a truck from my dad's dealership and drive up to help move. You did and I definitely forgot Um. So, like I said, we like to make things more difficult for ourselves. So now we're halfway down at fucking like literal like steep pass hill, like not even out of our neighborhood yet, and it's like not secure it at all, like the ropes the only thing holding it, and so we have to slowly, like do like a six point turn and then drive back and drop it off. So I have no idea how I'M gonna get my box spring over there. I think we'RE gonna try to call my aunt to use her truck, but if that doesn't work then, uh, my dad has like, uh what, like a trailer that we got when my grandpa moved, but the issue with that is that it's really big and my dad's a shitty driver because he's blinded one I so it's gonna be a nightmare trying to park in a condo complex with that on the back. Like I could, I could ask some of UH family friends that have big trucks. But anyways, I'd like to know that the messages I got during this ordeal were incredible. I'm gonna, and then disappointment. Five sixteen, we come in, funny one. Never Mind, no box spring, I have funny for never mind, not coming. I've heard before coming later, law and then not, because then, just recently, before we started recording it, said I probably will come over tomorrow because I'm tired. Yeah, and it was like it was five twelve, I...

...think, and you sent me a snapchat that was like we tied the box spring to my dad's to the roof of my dad's car. Yeah, I was like, we're coming avery with O C d like liking to know when, like plans and like have concrete ideas. Me and my dad just existing. I've probably learned to like expect it with y'all. That's completely fair. That so funny because we were like, Oh my God, this is so smart. Hell, yeah, let's do it and it was just spirits crushed. So, if anyone's listening, I don't know if by this time we will have wrangled I just said. If anyone's listening, if you're listening to this, this is hurting like a death message. If you can hear this, please help me get my box bringer o my God, you know, honestly, sometimes with chest this might be a like a death methods. Yeah, at any given moment one of these recordings could be the last, like my last words. That's bloody terrifying. Yeah, dude, that that trips me up. I just I just edit you out. My last words are going to be stay gay, as they should be. Come you with like an old man in a hospital bed. Come here, steak gay s just the funniest thing. Nice death noise. Thank you. We have to promote I just remember that. Don't wait. No, I don't wait. Does anyone have them written down somewhere? But the university yesterday, being a good student? Hang on, wait, I have it on my computer somewhere. I can no, I got it. I'll just have them all up quickly. Okay, our instagram is house of cards, underscore podcast, twitter is lgbt. LGBT underscore deck on tiktok is house of cards, lgbt Ore Youtube is house and caus and lgbt q deck and all podcast is by DOT. House of cards are podcast company dot site, our podcast which you're listening to right now. That's shut up. I got them all done out of memory. We have stas on there. Um. Can I talk about the TIKTOK thing? Can we talk about that's so funny. Oh, like with the humanity causing and humanity. I have never before seen in my life a group of Internet people so angry about someone putting white paint over cards like that was. That's literally thinking that, like you don't, you should. I'm like, are you guys Really Gate Keeping House? Cause right now, cause against humanity, literally, like you. I made a video about it. I don't know if I'll post it, but like the whole thing is, like that's our deck of cards that we play with, not yours. This doesn't affect you even a little bit, and we don't want to play cards that are racist. Yeah, like we're a bunch of white people. We don't want to play cards that are like about like genocide and racism and stuff, and like some of them are like incest and child abuse, like, no, that's not funny. Like all of the comments are like it's supposed to be dark humor. It's cards against humanity. It's like, okay, sure, but it's not dark humor that we feel comfortable, you know, humoring about. Like yeah, if you hear some of the if you'll want to play with those cards in your own game, please go for it. You Do, you were not telling you not to. This is just what we're doing, but it's just at our own ex sense on a daily basis.

Right, we are so awful. Right, like one of the comments was like I'm like a Trans Omni person and these are like funny to me, like awesome, what does that have to do with fucking cultural genocide? Yeah, like, we kept it. We kept a homophobia and transphobia once. Yeah, we kept yeah, because we feel comfortable. It's honestly, I'm not gonna get until you do with details, with it, but I do think it's fucking funny that they were like some strangers on the Internet aren't playing the game. That I how I want them to play it, like y'all look so stupid, like I don't wanna, you know, potentially like lose followers over this, but y'all are throwing tantrums over strangers on the Internet changing the rules of a game that you will never play with them. I feel like we can lose followers over that, like it's giving, it's giving toddler, it's giving newborn. Like, Oh, you're not playing this, this game that millions of people have the way I want you to play it. So I'm gonna throw a little hissy fit in the comments. Okay, and this is why jess is not to social media, like, you know what, you're so right. I changed my mind. Let's Ud paint all of these cards, like yeah, this is why I'm not in charge of social media, because I'm not nice enough. Yeah, we've had to be a few moments where I haven't been like hey, guys, let's take a step back, like when we did an episode like Happy Pride, and how many people got mad at this? There's a couple of times where I'm like Jackson and I reply to this comment. He's like absolutely fucking not, I know exactly what you're gonna say, and I was like I'm like every you can, jess know, yeah, every words. It in like a kind eloquent like educational way. I'm like Hey, Butt Fuck, how do you take your own head out of your ass and go complain about something on somebody else's comments? I don't give a shit about you four year old. Fuck. Yeah, I put it into like email content and jess puts it into twitter content. Um, yeah, I hate to say I would love to have jess transition for us, Um, but I don't really think. I don't think any transition we can come up with the past top we were talking about right now. So we're just gonna go into the topic with now, transistor, right now, just so that we don't think that might be a little, a little considering what we were talking about, actually kind of apt, considering that we were talking about the whole cards against humanity thing. Yeah, right, like this is, you know, another thing that we don't experience. But Hey, let's talk about that. There you go again. We're going to preface this episode by saying that none of us here at House of cards identifies as indigenous. We're old, tragically white colonists. Just so everyone knows. The topic is too spirit topic is too spirit Um. We're not just professing every episode like this. Now, as we just say, yeah, guys were white. Sorry, sorry, we're white back then. came out of the womb. His mom looked at him said a white man? No, mom doesn't care about was like a white man. Any what you were saying, inspired by the recent Canadian stabbing attacks in a James Smith cree nation and Waldon, Saskatchewan, R I p to the victims, we're going to be talking about the indigenous identity, to spirit. Ye, getting dark right off the bat. Let's go. Yeah, sorry, sorry, y'all, you're not. I mean maybe a little. I mean we got to talk about it. We gotta talk about it. We do. Um, okay, all of our sources today come from nonprofit organizations, research platforms and...

...personal testimonies, and we try our best to choose only credible and respective sources. That being said, we were still talking about something that we don't fully understand culturally, and we're going to try our best. If we get something wrong, please don't hesitate to call us out on social media. Like, seriously, just sucking. We're in my house down. Part of why we're starting on peacefully is the day I get canceled before before we if we get something wrong about this, that and you say it in a respectful way and you're not just gate keeping something. Tell us, don't get keep us about us because, again, we're white. If we're obviously wrong about something, let us know. But if you're just being a gatekeeper, thought you said a gatekeeper, a gate they'll do it anyway. Yes, part of why we started this podcast was to educate and correct the h remind uh, I don't know why I was hearing. This podcast is to educate and correct the sex education curriculum, and that even means that will need to be educated at times. Learning is fun, it is and we are sadly so white. Sadly. Yeah, sorry, y'all, but also very privileged to be so and re recognize that we do, which is why we're sorry. Yeah, yeah, we're sorry. I wasn't. Yeah, you were like, I don't know what y'all are talking about. Like Jackson, please, Jackson's like scrape the pain off those fucking cards against humanity guards right now. I swear to God, if you don't bring back racism into your game, fit and we need to be joking about child molestation. WHOA. Sorry, I'm not over it. Okay, just but I'm none. Essentially, you've said that before, like no, seriously, but I'm pretty sure you've said that exact statement before. Probably, yeah, but like personal, like let's not talk about before I started drama, The Toronto Based Nonprofit Organization Two spirited people of the forced nations residing on tweed and traditional fuck did I didn't. I forgot to look how you say that, I know, I know I had. I started. Okay, it's Mississauga, I thought, shut up. Okay, Digital Mississauga land were forced too. So I just really need to get that done before I continued to Elso I was gonna Forget and I was gonna have to give you tell me again, Jess. I love you. I just needed to say that before I forgot how to know that. It's okay. Re forced to the Tom to spirit as an ancient teaching. According to the websites, elders tell of people who have gifted among all beings because they carried to spirit, those of male and female too. Spirit people also referred to as being respected as fundamental components of ancient culture and studies. The organization also has links to a relative said of wise practice guide voices of Abd Abuginal Trans People, a self proclaimed to Brooklet or manual for helping Abd Usual. No, it's just it's just ab and then original, AB, original. Thank you, Trans People. Uh. Actually remember when I first found out about two spirit and I was like, that is the coolest fucking ship I've ever heard. What the fuck like? And White people on control. It's discussed. Fuck, western white ship, like white people. Yes, a... article from I'm gonna say this because it's written and I think that that's what it's called, the Indian country today. I like specifically put it in there because that's what the organization is called. Okay, so that is a direct quote. Okay, cool an independent nonprofits, multi nonprofit, all Frick nonprofit multimedia news enterprise covering indigenous people and it's indigenous run lists. What what? And is indigenous run? List? Eight things you should know about two spirit people, written by Tony Enos. Being two spirit is not a quote new age movement and is seen as a reclamation. That's the word of two spirits, rightful place in native culture. I almost threw up. Sorry, I haven't eaten like anything today. Accidentally, there's proof of historical neither of our people's Geez. I've had toast. I had a butter sketch square. There is a proof of historical two spirit people such as we wa. I also forgot to look at how to pronounce that. Give me a Secare we ware was an American from New Mexican. Sorry to interrupt your chest, but that was so freaking fun of hearing we wall it. Yes, that's what that was. I thought that was just a Ding a voice. I was like, I went to like how to pronounce Dot Com and just click the like microphone, but I didn't know. I've been transparent, diffical. Oh my God, I just continue. We want was a zoomy native American from New Mexico and was an artist and served as a cultural ambassador. Is that the end of it? Yeah, sorry, I just have just stopped laughing over the fact that how to pronounce Dot Com two eats, mikes and headphones. Honestly, not us. My Mom's my dad over our group chat, just as your Paph I know, but my mom is flirting with my dad over the group chat. Avery. I want to go. Remember we have to double record. But yeah, exactly. The spirit and gay are not interchangeable terms too. Spirit is specific to gender, while being gay as specific to sexuality, at least from what we know. From the terms to spirit well, to describe as the two spirit road is a road of long held traditions, prayers and responsibility. To Spirit is described as its own living culture. Two Spirit, two spirit people held significant rules and we're an integral part of travel social structures, including balance keepers. The two spirit definition itself does not impose a colonized box definition similar but not the same as gender queer. Two Spirit acknowledges the continuum of gender identity and expression. While it is similar, it is not equal. It is not gender quirky guys, it is not them. Did you just have a stroke? Do we need to turn you on and off again? Can You? Can you shoot me in my head? Oh my God, someone who did that? So I had to take a time off from more like for just thirty minutes, and I had to have someone covered my shift. So I had to that's my manager's job. If I tell them I've an appointment, my manage had to deal with that Um. But my co could told me like hey, be careful,... they might ask you about your appointment and you may not want to tell them. I'm like it's fine, I'll just yell them that I'm suicidal. Jackson, I want to leave. Also, Jackson begins telling it in detail. Story about work, but also relatable. I used to do that back when I was in a high school, back in the days. Why did you Miss Class? I'm suicidal. Brenda. I feel like where are you going? On, like to therapy, and they're like why? I'm like because I'm literally about to throw myself in an autonomic traffic that's why sue. Anyway, the term to spirit is only appropriate for indigenous people. Um and lastly, two spirited people face compounded trauma on top of intergenerational DRAUMA, talgeting their gender identity during times of colonization and cultural genocide. The article finishes with the quote. When you look at the sunrise every day and then the sun, the sunset every evening and the moon come out each evening, remember the miracle of two spirit people. Oh yeah, I need to not say that really like weirdly or us. That would just be like, I don't know, bad. Yeah, the way you're in through Janu. That sounds like we're talking about that. That's so fucking bad. Oh my God, Canadian two spirit resources included, the two spirit people at first nations Edmonton. Two Spirit Society, Transquality Society of Alberta, Greater Vancouver Native Cultural Society. Two Spirit Group, the two spirit people of Manitoba. You want to pay? Two Spirit archives, the two spirit how wow, heriedge heritage community, two spirit group, two spirit, two spirits out saskatoon. Yeah, I don't know, man, we're out in at Saskatoon, I guess. Apparently Daskatoon, two spirits decide. It incorporated and the Canadian Aboriginal AIDS network. You did so good. I'm proud. Thank you. You're welcome. As for mentioned, please are not hesitated to color asses out on social media and put us in our place if we have relaid any misleading, disrespectful and or straight up incorrect information. Like we like, we said, like I tried my best with the sources, but you know, sometimes the Internet just be lying sometimes and even the most well practiced veterans cannot stop it. It sounds like this, sounds like I'm about to have like a war flashback. But yeah, if any of this is wrong, I will give I will send you my personal address and you can come in and kill me if I disrespect you our address. Boy, I'll send it for you. Just leave beings alone. He didn't, he has done nothing to deserve this. Oh, he'd kill, he'd kill a man. Okay, let's finish it. Yeah, as always, reach out to your own communities and do your own research. Remember, no matter what gender pronounced, Y'all are validas fuck. Oh yeah, I think I poked my pants. What? What? Oh my God, Jackson, and I'll tell you what I did. Or did every did anyone tell you what I did? A pride? Poop your parts? No, I called an angry Christian man bold. You guys have no idea. Hopes that I am that I didn't get to go to Calgary Pride. It was dope. We saw a bider man, I saw I was so upset. My parent posted a video on Tiktok and it's it's got. It's got like mild attention. I forgot I was thinking. Anyway. Thank you. So did you say I forgot I was thinking or I forgot to exist it?...

I honestly was just sitting here like, oh, should I have to exist? Food? Um, thank you. Thank you so much for listening today's episode. We hope you enjoyed it and we hope to see you next week where we definitely aren't about to record next week's episode. Would know that would make a super unorganized and and if you guys are really, really like us, make sure to tune in two weeks. Well, we will do our hundred episodes special and two year anniversary. Uh, and we will be playing the Gay Olympics and Um, the winner, the winner survives and the loser dies. Checks out. Wait, there's like eight of us, though, no, there's seven of you. I don't count Jess Um. Y'All a val as fuck. Uh, bananas, Jackson, you did not say your thing, did you? I was we're a mess. You all stay game. M HM.

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