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House of Cards: An LGBTQIA2+ Podcast

Episode 96 · 2 months ago

House of Cards: An LGBTQIA2+ Podcast: Transitioning


Today, Jesse was still on Vacation so Jaxson, Avery and Simone decided to talk about transitioning to fuck with him. We also talked about how Avery scared the shit out of her teachers. We hope you enjoy the epsiode, if not have a good rest of your life, and remember you are valid as fuck and stay gay.

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Welcome to the House of cards podcast at lgbt Q plus podcast. My name is Simone. I use she, they pronounced, and my room smells so much like peppermint right now. It's crazy white, white peppermint because it keeps if you put peppermint into central oil everywhere, it keeps ants away. Yes, I remember the ant conflict of two thousand and two. Yeah, Um, hi, I'm Jackson. I am your second host for today and I'm I'm I'm gonna be honest. If I'm not talking a lot, it's because it's food in my mouth, because I finished a NATO shift and I'm hungry because solid and the salad is not as good as greasy food. I Love Salad. My Mom just taught me a new recipe. I love it. It has beats. Oh, hi, y'all, I'm a Brianne. I'm back from vacation. Not Vacation, I was mentally ill. Still a vacation. Um, you have no idea how much I've missed you, avery. Did you really I missed you so, like on like a business level and like you me not having to write and figure it out anymore, but also just like it wasn't the same without you, I had to talk a lot more. Normally I just get to sit there. When there's like two people, it's like normaldy, just get to sit back and like you and Simone and jazz talk. But it was just so someone tried to have a causation with me and I'd be like wait, hold on, Huh, sorry, you got to talk. If you're on a podcast, it's kind of just like cardinal rule. It's part of it, unfortunately. Um, if you want to find us on social media, you can find us on Instagram at House of cards underscore podcast, on twitter at lgbt underscore deck, on Tiktok as hell, use of cards, LGBT, what something? I don't know. West on Youtube. Yeah, on Youtube as House of cards and lgbt deck and our merch you can buy it. You can give us money at B Y House of cards dot company dot site. We have some pretty cute ship there that just designed. It's kind of epic and if you don't buy it your homophobic. We don't have any of justice designs. Oh, never mind, avery designed it, I thought. Just okay. Anyway, any new products will be under will be made by Jess, but our current original three on me by. Yeah, we all they have three stickers. Yeah, pretty epic. You could buy them. You can put them on your laptop, your car or your condoms, you know whatever. Oh my God, I put mine on my condoms, the rapper, not the actual that's you know, we should make a house of cods condom. Oh my God, and it's rainbow and it's rainbow and it's flavored anywhere. Nine Line God abandoned. It was like, I will not. Oh my God, why is Elie expressed selling the same fucking overalls as Walmart? It's the same pictures too. That's so walmart supremacy. Yeah, but Walmart's Ist Ellie Express. So Ali expressed your Premisey ever, sent my not sponsored, by the way. Also, Walma is like a capitalist company and hip goad. Wait, I thought of something when we were talking about something. Um, if we...

...haven't talked in like no, like like thirty seconds ago, I can't remember. My brain is literally so this is why you belong with my customers. Well, Shit happen exactly, because I give them the food and they're like, what's this? Like this is what you asked for. You just told me what you wanted five seconds ago. I can't even remember. Oh my God, there was something embarrassing, not new down maybe, yeah, I know, Right, oh well, oh, I remember now, something about talking. Yes, when you were talking about like having to have a conversation in talking. Um, I'm so bad at talking on the phone. I had to call my doctor's office because they called me and they were like hi, like, you have to book an appointment with us. Please call at bits number. Da, DA, DA, DA, and I was so flustered by the idea of having to call someone back that, instead of saving the voicemail, I accidentally deleted it without having written down the number, and then I had to like call the children's Hospital and be like, I don't know which department called me, these are the ones I was seeing. He's transfer me, and it was like these are the ones I'm seeing, like for with the like five email and it was like thirty minutes of then like being stuck on voicemails and transferred from one line to the next and only to be met by a robot. Not The end, it was like so exhausted, that's so scary. And then finally, when I actually talked to an actual person, I was so shocked because all I've been hearing we're automated messages, but I like panicked started like mouth vomiting and then wait, that's how word vomiting. I would word vomiting, and then I like stopped and I literally said to the lady on the other end I was like I'm gonna like, can I start over, please, and she just said yes, that's so scary. To the main desk. I was like I need to start over. She's like, okay, please do I do mend it to open there and she was trying to follow on what you were saying, and it's just like a mess of lines and random wars. When she's like not allergy, these nuts. Allergy would it was it was so confusing, but that's what you have. Huh, he's not Yahuality, baby, okay, how avery is a sexual and her name is avery. Yes, you know what else is awesome? My birth stone is Amethyst, and Amethyst is the same colors as the ace flag. Sure as Oh, speaking of crystals, I was at my local metaphysical store today and I was walking around, I was purchasing some some things, and I saw this crystal and I was like, Holy Shit, it's a crystal. Legally or illegally. Legally, okay, I'm just trying. I was with my mother. Anyway, I saw this crystal and I was like, Oh my God, that is a big hunk...

...of rocket. was like the size of looks like a size reference I can use here. No, every's rather small. No, it was. It was kind of like as big as my thumb, but like wider. It was as big as my big toe. Anyway, it was serpentine and it was two dollars and I did not buy it, which I'm upset by. Um, the vibes were off, but I really wanted it. Did I ever tell Y'all I have crystal goblets? What? Mm Hmm, yeah, I have. I have actual, genuine crystal goblets. You're joking. I want to see them funk off. I'm putting on my camera right now and grabbing ith my God, exciting. The other one. It's too far back. Yo, those are so fucking cool. Why are you wearing a Christmas short? Christmas? Why has their pajamas? Is Your Christmas Christmas? Okay, Hey, I have a big question for you. So, as you know, you and your husband are moving in together. Yes, how are you guys gonna Record? Are you guys gonna go to like different rooms that you're gonna record together? Yeah, Dude, I have no idea. It's gonna be funny. It's gonna be funny. Yeah, just just like. I don't know, man, I don't know. You guys. Is Voice so different enough that you guys probably could call together? I think that's likely what we'll do, just for like efficiency. Yeah, but we also think it'd be really funny if you both throw in your own rooms and just like hearing each other screaming through the wall. Yeah, that's how it should be. You know, my husband and wife Anyway, talking about jess moving into Um, a condo when transitioning in his life period. Uh, let's talk about transitioning. Yeah, who goes first? I was playing pick Ross. I was playing pick Ross Anyway, and today we're gonna be talking about the process of transitioning. Unfortunate. Oh my God, I've just got started. I'm not gonna Piss, I'm gonna fucking kiss. No, because I got it. I'll tell you about white later. Okay, today we're gonna be talking about the process of transitioning. Too Bad Jess isn't here for that anyway. For those who don't know. We use the term transitioning to refer to a transgender person who is in the process of changing their gender. Most often, the first stage of transitioning is changing your name and pronounce this can be a confusing and difficult process, not only for the person transitioning, but also for friends and family. God hate the friends and family. There are two main types of transitioning, medical and presenting. I'm so sorry, I don't Miss Avory. No, well, let's go very emotional ship recently. M Hm. Yes, there are two. There are two main types of transitioning, medical and social. However, transitioning is different for everybody and can mean a lot of different things. Transitioning can also take as long or as little as needed. There's no shame along the way and, like we've said, identity isn't static. You're allowed to experiment, just like make sure you put on a lab coade of some ship exactly. But, yeah, and you...

...don't. Yeah, you don't always have to transition medically and socially. You can do what you want. So true, do your own thing, be your own portion. Medical transitioning is the process of undergoing transitioning with the use of hormones or gender reassignment surgery. Getting your chopped off your in Layman's terms or shouldn't be considered the same thing as getting your Dick chopped off as a straight man, for being a second Predator. Very two different days stopped enough, as well as some other options such as late leaser hair removal. Gender reassignment surgery can either be top surgery, Platt and surgery, facial reconstruction surgery or all of the evolves. In top surgery, a female to male person would have their breast remove and a male to female person would have a breast transplant. In bottom surgery, a female to male person would have genital reconstruction and their ovaries and uterus removed, and male to female person would have general reconstruction and their penis and scrow to move. Dick chopped off. Yeah, balls stick and balls chopped off at the same time. They just take away, they take a sword, they aim it and they just yeah, one fell swoop. Yeah, how's IT calls it is not a medical professional and none of what they say is true. It is so no, we are no, that's because it's not a self. So like same everywhere's the spleen. It's actually in your back. It's your your kidney. It actually is. Yeah, yeah, wait, the spleen. Yeah, Oh, you're just your kidding. Sorry, I'm getting organs mixed up. How do you get the organs mixed up? There's a lot of them. Um, okay. In facial reconstruction, options include reducing or enhancing the jaw, cheekbones, Chin nose and Adam's apple cheeks and no surgery. We'll have lasting swelling for two to four weeks and Chin and jaw anywhere from two weeks to three months. Fun fact, I almost had jaw surgery, just like when I was younger. Anyway, yeah, for fun. Yeah, I almost did. I did well. Okay, so my dentist didn't like my side profile, so he was like, okay, I was eleven, by the way. He was like, okay, so what we can do is we can break your jaw, like medical reasons. He was like, it was for stic aesthetic. Yeah, anyway, not the VIBE. Yeah, I go to a different dentist now. Anyway, chess surgery will have pain and swell for two weeks and you will need to avoid vigorous activity. Yeah, I have to do that. You have to avoid vigorous activity. What do you mean by that? Anything, like very energy expending, like so, sex, like yeah, well, the most really boring. Also, avery is like anything that's like me. It means when I'll hear like sex. Meanwhile I'm like running, avery. You don't run. You can't tweet anyway, for bottom surgery. For bottom surgery. Most people don't resume any normal activity for six weeks, UM, because you shouldn't, and weekly follow ups with your help provider for a few months. I thought someone was like most people don't resume any activity for six weeks because I said so. Yeah, because I fucking said so. Like why you don't want to period? I'm sorry, come one makes the law, Simone is the law. Court, don't ever... me court. Okay. So transitioning is sometimes also referred to as presenting. Not the same as presenting your school project. No, there's no slide show involved, but there can be if you really want one. Sorry, your phone. It's like okay, guys, okay, guys, you here was my slide show, Um, and basically like one of those like really like kind of you know, like the Middle School presentations you did where it was like every slide was a different color, but the bond and the writing was also a different color. No, with Um, like pull on like slide show, make it faded. Yeah, everything. Yeah, you guys did that. It's gonna be a vibe. I just picked a theme and then like went with it. Actually, never did slideshows because I didn't go to like actual school for Middle School. Yeah, you went to a Catholic school. Yeah, no, I didn't. It was elementary. Catholic school is not real school anyway. And Fine, Oh my God. Anyway, that's the world that the Catholics think, that the Christians think are going to happen when we say that they aren't real. Yeah, Anyway, anyway, I'M gonna restock. Social Transition is sometimes also referred to as presenting and is the process of altering or adjusting your pearance to reflect your gender. Um, like when avery cut all her hair off. True, I cut my hair off all the time. You've got to be more specific. When you shaved your head anytime, you any time. You'll get your head. Every time you cut your hair, every you reflecting your gender vibs. Actually, yeah, that's true, though the first time I did shave my head was on an eighth grade school field trip. It's my favorite story. Yeah, you continue later tell us your story every okay, so it's actually not that like wild. It was a cosmetology Um class and you were going on. We were going to like uh, okay, we were going downtown to Umu cosmetics college and we had the choice of like we did like a tour and everything, and then we got to like actually kind of have like a little like fun bang done. So you were allowed to get your like your nails done, or you could have your hairstyled, and like only specifically styled, like they they told us specifically that like we were allowed to get like actual haircuts or anything. But I like avery being the revel. I'm just like we showed up, I sat down and like the girl I got was so cool, like she had like tattoos, like piercings all over, like she was gay. She was gay, like she had half hedge shaved and like grades and everything. It was simone. Yeah, and I just like said I just like sat down. She had like really dark lipstick on, like she was so cool. Dude, um it was. was. Oh No, my day awakening was when I was eight years old. It was pitch perfect when came out. I swear to go. That was last year. It was too well, a, I think it's time I die. I think...

I've reached the end. I've been long enough. Yeah, I like basically took one look at this like absolutely gorgeous person and I was like, can you shave my can you like shave off all of my hair? She like blinked and like it was a little shocked and that she was like okay and straight up did it, and then I kind of gave my teacher a little bit of a heart attack and because, yeah, my teacher came out and she like froze and she was like, Oh my God, what is your mom say? My mom gave me a high five. We Love, we love your mom. Oh Yeah. My teachers, though, were like so concerned that they got the principle to sit down and speak with me about whether or not my mother was going to send an angry worded email. M listen, Kiddoh, I need you to sign this contract saying this isn't our fault. Oh yeah, that was awesome. I love that. That's iconic. Anyway, options. Anyway, we were talking about reflecting your gender. Options include growing, cutting or dyeing hair using makeup, buying traditional female or masculine clothing or buying gender neutral clothing. Social transitioning is also a process of changing your name and or pronouns. If you feel so inclined. You can also come out to your family and friends, but like technically you don't have to. You're just going to be very depressed the rest of your life. Anyway, I'm sorry about kind of coming out. Not a story, but just like a statement. Um, we had talked about bringing my mom and like interviewing her about like having a queer kid or whatever, and she kind of asked me, because we hadn't told her why. We like we're going to ask her to be on the podcast or whatever, and she kind of asked me. She was like, Oh, like what did you want me to come on and talk about? And I was like, Oh, like you know like what it was like for your kid to come out, and she like stopped and looked at me and she's like I never really did, though. She's like I always knew. He's like I could just tell, like you just popped out that way. You popped out that way and I was popped off that way, and I was like sure, that's a vibe. I love that. Thank you. Okay, uh now my favorite line in the scrupt transitioning, believe it or not, is not binary. Holy Shit, I think I'm holarious. I think because someone is transgender doesn't mean that they have to undergo medicul transitioning and or a gender reassignment surgery. It's not for everyone. Many variants factors and choosing to undergo medical transitioning, including your social life, physical and mental health, cost, accessibility and more. Even though society today is is quite progressive and inclusive, not including the United States of America, all transgender people struggle with having accessible healthcare, whether that healthcare is related to transitioning or not. So true, m some factors that attribute to lack of healthcare include lack of knowledge, age and cost. Many cities have gender specialists, but insurance is not guaranteed to cover medical transitioning. That being said, please don't try to medically transition by yourself. No Claire's bottom surgery, no claires, no Claire's okay, it can be extremely dangerous without proper guidance and treatments. Even though it seems like a last resort, it's not worth the risk of potential infections and diseases. Please look up, for look for L G B T Q I a two plus safe clinics and practices for guidance. I would like to mention, though, that there's some foods that are heavier and some hormones than others. So diet changes can totally help.

It's straight up natural, like if you're actually doing it, do like the vitamins and the food. But like every other like health increment, you have to kind of do your research beforehand. I have to be very careful, Um, when you when your body is adjusting to those new supplements, Um, if you have any like adverse reactions or if you're taking too much. That's true. But, like, I read somewhere that like Broccoli. I guess I think it's estrogen that it has. You know, eat a fun Ja Broccoli? Broccoli, Bro Technically don't. Why not? No, like, because Scoli Broccoli. Yeah, like, just make sure you're not going to the leaf Broccoli. Is What I was gonna say. I just like, what is the lethal Douch Broccoli? UH, here's a Christian's tact got word blog posts from March sixteen twelve. Four cups of Broccoli sprouts a day makes see the safe dose of the cruciferous phyto nutrients, soup, sulfur. So don't have more than four cups. Have Three cups today. And there, oh, there were two cases in Um the US where women uh suffered toxic effects from and they ate two hundred and thirty to four hundred and fifty grams per day of Broccoli. So don't do that. Even yeah, we'll talk to eating too much. Eat actually over eating Broccoli can lead to hypothybrids is for thyroidism. Interesting anyway. These are the basics transitioning and, even though we've covered them briefly and there was so much information to it, just do you on research. We say this literally every time. Do Your own research, so not making us but your slaves, uh, and consult with your healthcare provider. And if they don't listen to you, make sure you take their name, phone number, address, lost security number, mother's maid, a name, and you take all the information. You support. You, you. It'll kill them. They do whatever. Don't do that. Don't do Western medicine. Is sometimes a sham that you also like natural paths. They do. They fuck so hard. Anyway, remember that, whether Y'all assist or Trans metically transitioning or socially transitionaling, simply vibing or ready to die in a hole? Y'All, a valid as fuck. So true, I think my bone is infected. What testy? Have you like put anything on it? Yeah, I put cream on it, but I have been walking with like dirty dishes and water and sometimes dirty water, and I already try to cover up my hand whenever I'm like doing it and put band aids on it repeatedly. But you know, you're only putting band AIDS. I'm putting band no, I put like a cream on it when I first had it, uh, and then I just put between band AIDS and wearing gloves, bessie. That's it's only that's what happens. I put it some cream on it and then it's gone the next day. That's not how you treat a burn, not to burn that severe. Yeah, but it's fine, I'll just put some band AIDS on it. Not, can't? We can't we to like get my entire hand effective don't. It's fine. I know what it is not fun. What what did you say? Every you'll do it, you'll take my hand. M said, don't do it. Oh, I thought you said I'll do it and I was like, what are you doing? Avery, my hands are already on fire, so if you take my hand it will probably be a little bit better. True.

No, anyway, Um, that's cute. Yeah, I think that's it for today. You know, transitioning. Do It, don't, do it, do it partly, do it fully, do it three, do your own way, um, but thank you so much for listening today's episode. We really do hope you enjoyed it and we hope to see you next week. If we do not, that sucks. Have a good rest of your life. Is there anything else to add? Valid is fuck. Flood, fast, smoke, gas, eat brass and steak, steak it.

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