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House of Cards: An LGBTQIA2+ Podcast

Episode 75 · 8 months ago

House of Cards: LGBTQIA2+ Podcast; Questioning


Today! We did an episode on Questioning and boy did Avery lose her mind. It truly was an amazing epsiode, Questioning is okay and don't rush it, but do make sure you look out for the raccons, they are out there and looking for gender. We hope you enjoyed this episode and rememer there will not be an episode next week! Remember you are vaild as fuck, and stay gay.

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Hi, welcome to the House of cards and lgbtq plus podcast. My name is Samona and I use she. They pronouns, and Jackson will not let me played minecraft because you're uncertainty in your voice when you get your pronouns. Was So rules and also you were, and I use yeah, possibly. Sure. Hi, my name is Jess. I use he again, the uncertainty. He they. I'm having a little bit of a gender crisis right now and I think I talked about this in the last episode, but I have Adhd so I don't remember, but because the hair could I have right now makes me look like I'm stone from the amazing spadman franchise. So I'm having a little bit of a gender crisis. Don't that's okay. I don't think that made it into the episode, but I do think you've talked about it, like last time you were all together. I think I did, because, yeah, no, I cut my bags and then my hair is like long enough that I can put it into a body tell. Like two weeks ago I was looking in the mirror and I was like I look like what stacy, and then I was like, you know, it's just that season for a gender crisis is yeah, it's my name is Jack. Bring gender crisis. My name is Jack Jackson. I'm your third host for today's you know, than of a chigger that we do. I use they, I use they him pronouns, and I have I think I'm getting my fourth period because I'm having stomach crabs. That all like sending me into hell. You can crats. Thank you. Thank you so much. You're old woman... Thank you. In the health of cards, appendix situation again. Oh Dude, my best friend her boyfriend his appendix record like like three days ago. So my abs are moved and there's something in the air, appendent. I think the collectively everybody's appendix is just going to burst at the same time. You want to check out, because I feel like, so, what are you? For the first time ever, for the first time ever, just was orally also be like the only healthy one to which is really unusual unrealistic. That's how you're it's not true. Yeah, my appendix is fine. It's not going to burst. Speaking of unhealthy, that's what they all say. I'm a very am I keep her pronouns Um it's so true, though. I've been switching my meth and like I forgard A. God, I'm moving my mind. Also, right now my chronic pain is really acting up and I keep going into like shock in a way, like my like temperature shock. So that's that's fun. No, it's not. I lied, but yeah, no, that doesn't sound very fun. Yeah, sounded amazing. Yeah, not a vibe. Hope. Shit, I hate that. I hate this time of year because my body gets so used to like the like it getting warmer, and then, you know, Canada will do the Canada thing and then it'll be like twenty outside for a day and I'll forget and then I'll just freeze my ass off. Like yesterday was so cold outside of it. Today it was so nice and I don't like it. Yeah, literally, like three days ago it's snowed for you're like an hour in the morning and then with literally, I non, I literally. We need to fucking there's no consistence. What he said Canada or something like take a bunch of drug to help with the cramping. It really sucked from... Okay, all three of you sound like literally on the verge of death. I'm actually doing really good. Yeah, this is one for me. I'm not doing pretty. Jackson, sound like they're on their death but I think I'm deafite on my death. Friend, I'm not. I'm used to it. Yeah, this is a this is every day for a very damn bit living. It's only because I didn't get any sleep last night, so I have absolutely no energy. That's I got a lot. I didn't go to school today. Neither did I. You know we did. HMM, I did. Why? We're a mun sparring. I don't know what the Fuck Y'all are on. Yeah, spring break until like April. So Damn, I don't know what's up with y'all's school schedules. Mind is next week. I don't know. Get a string. Your is cousin doing well, you just you just finished school slewly, like we're. They're two more weeks of classes. We can find it on social media. The great questions on social media at houses cards, underscore podcast, on titter, at lgbt underscore deck on tick talk as house of cards podcast. Sorry, and what I'm tick Tock. No, okay, I always get that one wrong. Whatever, you should just start saying that one. No, you should just wait. Should start writing it in the script. Well, Simon is supposed to have them written down. Somewhere. Yes, Simonas doesn't I lost the journ and then and then she, because we only had our twitter and Instagram, she had a memorized and then we had it all tick talk on Youtube, and so now she's suffering to remember. I won't. Try One more time for the tick to talk. I'm sure you can get it for it's gay. Okay, you're not wrong, because none of us end with gay.

It should. Just to fuck me up, we have a separate, oh my God, I can't scream today. Who was separate tick Tock Account? That's just like gay and it's just like spam account. Absolutely that's so funny. With the Tick Tock Party is okay, yeah, by God it is. Okay, try one more, one more times. LGBT. Yeah, you got it, and the Youtube is this peasant cards until GBT cut deck. Yep, fuck, why got that? We need a uniform user for all our Socialles. Oh my God, we that is for TMI and we're totally going to have to edit this out, but my temperature shock is so fucking bad right now. Like I was sitting. I'm sitting in like my underwear and my shirt, a t shirt, and I've been sitting here for maybe ten minutes and there is literally like a pool of sweat on my sheet. This is fucking ridiculous. Sorry, little continue on, tide on the concrete fore you to death. Yeah, literally, my life is one of two weeks strenks. Yea, on the topic, on the top book of some own questioning what our social media handas all. Should we get into the topic? I think someone actually starts. Oh Yeah, you're so right. Do you want to like say what we're talking about before you get it through it? Um, no, figure it out. No, I will. I think it's pretty obvious, considering the fact we've been questioning everything. We've been doing the entire time, recording, absolutely, but use context clues anyway. Well, I would like to say actually that through the writing of...

...this episode it's slowly got humans my descent into madness, like very gradually. So I want to find the part. I want to find the fucking to us. Yeah, you said a part of it. Yeah, that was the end. Oh that, yeah, which is yeah, anyways. So, yeah, Oh my God, I'm so lucky to see it. Okay, carry on. Okay, I don't see this part. What the fuck? Girl trying to read a post like and the the and and and the and. No, I just read the the raccoon part. Okay, sorry, go, okay, while we've long discussed different sexual orientations and gender identities, gender expression and lifestyle and everything in between, we haven't actually talked about what it means to be questioning. Although we've talked about the validity of switching pronouns, orientations and identities to a life, we haven't looked into what it means to beat questioning, which is what we're going to be talking about today. I wonder what. Wow, this is a early on topic. Yo, whatever we're talking about. What was having a mid life crisis. Okay, seventeen is my mid life. You want to shut it's. That's not midlife thing. None of US actually know when we're gonna die. So Tech I actually do. Okay, okay, sixty nine anyway. So technically, technically speaking, any place I could be at it having a midlife crisis. You just wouldn't know it. This could be my constantness, could pry my end life crisis. What I feel like, once you get to the end of your life, you don't have crisis is anymore. You know what I mean, like you have more crisis and you just know how to hide it. Like, what about like the Ba Titiana? Like they weren't I having...

...yeah, no, like I've never met an old person who's like unhinged, like like I've never seen a grandma who's like like fucking like breaking down mentally every thirty seconds. Like, Bro, you have not met my grandma. I hate to tell you BESTI, but breaking down every thirty seconds is not known both of most people. Okay, but like you know what I mean. Like I've never seen somebody over the age of seventy and at a state of crisis. You see a free you literally had never met. Back to when I visited my great Nan in the nursing home and she was like ninety six, something like that. She was like ninety five ish and I was like twelve, and she asked me if I was married yet. Did she daughter? You were the woman answer. I mean, like he did have like dem dementia, but yeah, like I was. I was like I looked like a like eight year old boy. I don't know my me all the time. I don't know. My experience with old people is that they're just like generally, like I'm ready to go like driving with my grandparents. Terrifying. I know they're ready to go. I okay with it. Last last year you were ready to go. I've been ready to go since two thousand and fifteen. Okay, what I think it's one. We're like, we all get scared that we're going to die in they were like, wait a second, yeah, that's what happened. Yet it won't ever have. Well, no, I have to die at sixty nine, as the law of nature decrees. So just let's get back on topic. Yeah, no, sorry, I'm gonna piss myself. Is when you aren't quite sure what gender or sexuality. I did a fight with my but that would do in new bed. I think I took my bed this morning, would you believe... Know, and you shown whether it's a matter of trying to figure out attraction or label. Questioning is sometimes interpreted as a q in the lgbt Qi. Lgbt Qi a two plus. Why did I say? Why? Why? I am seeing. I am my sexual identity is the village people. Instead of whether you agree or not, it's possible to say that Nice Voice Crack. It's possible to say that, oh, that someone might live in a constant state of questioning. Who wrote this? This isn't fun. This is how play about US identify. fucking play about us, sorry, fucking play about us, even if they we need identify with the label gender, pronouns, attraction or sexuality. God, we put in the disclaimer that I think this is my descent into madness. Okay, okay, disclaimer. Have you been stalking me for the last three weeks? Like, how did you? Who? How do you think every started to sending into madness? That's actually questioning is. That's Aletely faircess of exploration by people who may be unsure, still exploring or concerned about applying a social label. Someone can be questioning only their gender, only their pronouns, only their sexuality, or or only their attraction. Likewise, someone can be question questioning one or more or all four at one. Additionally, gender pronouns, sexuality and attraction or not exprusive. No matter how black and white people think it is, Lgbtqi to plus people are almost always burning the lines of Emma Ad Toe normativity. Also, God bless me, that when I was writing this the first time and I originally wrote, no matter how black and white people think, it is Lgbtqi to plus people are fifty shades of gray. I decided to slatly include that. Why didn't you keep that in? That's so good. Also, can we talk about? Can we talk about a? Every legit going like... hesitation, no thought process. LGBT Qia, two plus, like no setter, no mistake, like a in the ice. Avery was in the mirror today looking at herself and just going Ogbtq, Lgbtqia too, pluck like nonstop all day. Well, I'm actually got there. I don't have you gotta say the way my dad says it. He'll just throw together a bunch of letters. Why don't the btl, the Jew, the she's, the BMCADL K AV ivery. Have a question, Jackson. Why is it my pot where goes insane, like? Why does it really start going and say not my pararts. Oh Yeah, I actually see the point where you snap, like it's right about here. It's like like like this, okay, yeah, then this. It's like a very you good. Okay, okay, let me offended, like not even gonna fulp lie for the listeners. I will pause right when avery look this is it and tell you so. Question is the most obvious but prevalent, associated with gender and pronouns and attraction and sexuality. Well, crushing. You can be sure of your attraction, but I'm sure of your sexuality. Hey, Verrey, Yep, just like how you but UN show off your pronouns. Questamon what at this point? Who the fuck it'll do that? At this point it's less of a spectrum, and this is where we lose it and, more over, D psyched, Aletic and color changing, sixteen by sixteen alignment shop. We love it, though, and as as a bunch books with problems on it. Avery,...

...are you okay? Never, Oh my God, Dude, do I need to also got that was only yesterday that I wrote. Yeah, normal, normal, yeah, yeah, Oh, okay, all right, Kay, I actually you. You have any memory of writing this, so smile. Questioning first occurs when someone starts questioning their gender, Pronoun, sexuality or attraction for the first time. This can occur at any age, but is averaging measured in kids. Around thirteen people. Can Kids have questions their gender sooner, though, like that? It literally says that in the next sentence, but I don't reason that. I don't need to read the next sentence anyway. Ten steps ahead of you bitch. Anyway. Of course, of the Highd of course that's only the recorded data, and many people don't start questioning their identity until they've lived more than half of their life. Alternatively, children as young as five can know whether they are boy or girl, no matter how much transforms want to extinguish them. Side Note. Fuck the US. Trans kids deserve all the respect this is kids get. Fuck Time, e stinking. Listen, name is Jeff. What I'm trying to fail the trench? Just, no, it's not transformed brain, it's just fope. It's okay, listen, that's warranted. If you don't like me for my personality, go for but don't attack my transnis. No. Also, my personality is a disorder. You so like Youtube family. You to your family.

I love your personality. Where did you get it? Thinks it to say it's a disorder. Give me the NUVER. Give you a personality. Rights, your your parents, number down home, bown. anyways. No matter what, though, you never have to justify your ldbt Qya to plus dirty to anybody. This is part of why a lot of but oh who? Who? This is part of why a lot of ldbtqia to plus officially identify themselves as Queer because it's an umbrella term. Gay Can also be an umbrella term, since gay can refer to the ldbt community as a whole. Basically, labels are optional. Like we said before, attraction is an not exclusive of sexuality. A pronouns can't be exclusive to gender. Why don't I get any chaotic paragraphs? Okay, I love this. I wanted to mention. I want to mention the rest of this. The rest of the script area's lost it completely. Avery, entire mental state is gone. Yeah, I mean next, brads is most I don't even think this needed to exist. I don't know why. No, this is all my favorite thing that I've ever read. Ever, it's amazing, like I don't know what happened. I love that you're also wrote this like like a brain and you're like, kiss me, Dude. This makes so if you're wondering, people listening, avery does write every single one of our episodes. Look at you. There's probably like ten. That shars. There's there's been a few where I've never written an episode. I would like to make this very clear, but there's an finish we were unsto have. I was supposed to and then I didn't. Oh yeah, yeah, no, I did up having to retest...

...that week, but other people have like stood in and written them. But like ninety percent of the episodes that you've heard have been written by a very I'm also a self published novelist. After yeah, after today, English student, a writer and just general, like you know, well spoken, intelligent person. I want you to keep that in mind while she reads this next part, and that she may not, may not write another script one. It's correct. Quotation, blah, blah, gender, who cares? Jesse just said. Quote. I want to be a boy in the way of Dandelion. Is a flower and quote, and that fucking killed me and brought me back to life. It's on the twitter because I love it. I am you're a dice and the quote is orpheus leading me out of Hell anyways. Fuck gender, become theory or hive mind, which we already are, I guess, and you, unto conclusion, is leading me out of the Scott. I cannot stress this enough when I tell you that avery is like one of the most amazing writers that I know, most articulate person we've had like so articulate and her vocabulary so incredible. But this, this right here, is the most relatable, sensible thing I have ever read. I even another question. Every you like aby. You've talked about yours, your city, on that podcast. HMM, how about it? Pull of you. How did you bring? Justify this? How did you bring just way, like this makes sense. This is part of the topic. This will does, though. I though it matches, because I'm, yeah, so good, like, like I think I said, I've been working. Said I want to be a boy in the way that a dandelion is a flower, and then I was making other comparisons, like the way that a spider is...

...a bugs, they're actually a ragnant, and the way that like, you look at it and it looks like a flower, but you know it's not. You know what I mean? Yeah, and that's been like my massive thing of questioning is like basically like presenting that now. But I want to be seen as a man, you know what I mean? Them both said on the group chat and I like, I'm pretty sure I like ascended, like I met the Voda, you could so heart that out of my ass and I met he picked up my heart and he like fed it to me and I was resurrected. Know you wouldn't. Yeah, well, on the way we okay. And Yeah, I have some yeah, like I've been working on switching. I met. I've gotten like way less week in the past two weeks than I have like my entire life. I think it's been a wild ride. It has been. I'm you remember when you take different meds and not. Well, dude, I'll track it. I have. I write it all down in my little notebook so I know whether or not I'm losing my mind. I also want I also want this towe. Know, just take the first three things of the counter. You see in the morning goo. Know, like whenever I switch by Meds, I always like go fucking insane. Like Jackson knows this. I do, I do. Can we have to talk about how avery didn't capitalize two names? I know, and even I didn't even notice that one of the eye pronouns is on capitalized. Like this shows you. This shows you how like lost, like how how insane every was the moment that like, oh, sent left Hep. Yeah, okay, you're able to donate. We're accepting donations. We gotta get onto the got to get onto the best phrase ever. Probably Ready, people talk about how, like a train of thought gets derailed. Mine...

...didn't. Mine was like that train that has a bunch of orphans and there's like bandits who are like being like we're going to blow up the orphans, but then thought twist beat orphans actually blow up the bank and it's and it was okay, side pack. You see, you sound like me. You you sounds good. That's not a good thing. I'm I'm like, yeah, this is this is a thought process. I would have this bigs complete set. Okay, this is these are just my thoughts. I don't not always like put them out there to get onto the lot. That one of the best phrases. So we need to all just listen to the questioning is constant. Yes, Yep, it's that. Questioning is a concert and valid state of mind, and you don't want to justify your denity to anyone. Maybe raccoons, but that's because raccoons are a variant of the FAE. But raccoons trade and pronouns instead of names. If that is not on a stick by the end of the day, all of you are fired. Oh wait, we raccoons pronoun stickers. I'm writing it down, boys, yeah, I don't know. I don't know what possessed me to actually write that. She is so us. Yes, the day we'll just looking at it like avery. Do you need it? Do you need a break? I highlighted it. Yeah, send a picture, and then I went and got my new glasses. Anyway, we hope that you enjoyed today's episode. We hope you enjoyed this episode. Sorry, this isn't landing. Hope you enjoy this episode and you continue to question the world around you and less. It's about how house of cause actually walks, then shut the fuck up and it doesn't matter. We do what we do. Shut the fuck up, donuts questions. Anyway, I thought that was Jesus Savory. As as for animate nor...

...petty, build your yes, build your own box and play pretend with it. Screw sexuality. Let's go to the Moon in my box, rocket ship. Y'All of valid as fuck could get to the moon in my box, rocket ship. So, avery, D you know what box is slag for on the Internet? No, don't, don't know. No, so y'all, go out there, build your own build your own vagina and write it to the moon. Let's run places to the moon together, like Oside the box, like don't be in the box outside of the Pussy Dude. All, yeah, Oh, I literally this girt is a mess. So we need to talk about we need to talk about okay, so for sure, we need I want to be a boy, in the way that a dyniline is a flower on a t shirt. We need, let's go to the Moon in my box, rocket ship on a t shirt, and we need a raccoon Pronoun Pin. I need that all ritchen down and made by the end of the night. No one's sleeping till I see it, because that is raccoon your money. If I don't, kids have figures, box, Robbit Rock, it will rocket ship. And then this is this is actively how we come up with ideas. We say something and then I write it down, right that don't write that down, write that down, but that dad, write that down. Yeah, Yo, I love how this episode has literally brought the most content that we will ever have for, you know, literally dish. Yeah, I'm just saying, like those are the best. Like avery today, well, unhinged, shattered, no brain, absolutely... destroyed in the way that she normally presents herself. Really game up with like this. This amazing, the abstract thought process. That was amazing. Every, just every ascended to my level. I love her from calling it that's I'm like, I'm trying to be supportive of me. Very funny to me, though, because, like that's just how my brain actually always like works. I. Just because I write so often, like because I write essays and like actual like story so often in that narrative, my brain like automatically orders my thoughts that way. But this is, this is accurate representation up my brain. Yeah, yeah, I have a conversations with avery, and I don't know why I'm so shocked with this, but I guess it's because I've never seen in like such a full fledge form. But I have conversations with avery. What? I just slowly turned my head tone. I'm like, hello, psychiatrist bet. Oh my God, that was such a genuinely scary experience. I have everyone. I was like. I was like should I actually be concerned, like you're really you're really playing into this, like Justin's, wouldn't you? Just in some mome kept looking at me like are you not going to let call off the game and talk to a very? I was like, are we not going to call an ambulance. Call him because it's call an ambulance, but not what? Not For me. Um, oh, I wouldn't. Thank you, guys so much for listening today's episode. We hope you enjoyed it and we hope that you thought it just an hinging and hilarious as we did. Maybe we're all just high and this isn't really funny on my natural chemical but but everyone will know this announcement but they won't know it's in it. They won't know the announcement because they don't remember stuff like I remember stuff because I thought their job they might. But we ever announcement next week that we're excited to announce. It's someone's that.

Yeah, I'll bring it up later. I'll tell you guys later, because I do, you'd forget. I had an idea. So functions SMI made. Who was funny? It's normal. Um. So thank yous. So, which wasn't this episode. We hope to see you next week. If not, I don't know. fucking find a new gay podcast. It's not that hard. How much gay podcasts are. There's probably a lot, a lot. You'll never find one is fucking like on a hinged as this one. Though, I can promise. Yeah, that's true. Need One. Gay Persons, Gay podcasts are, like, probably professional and really well put together and, like you know, have actual like people with experience. We're just a bunch of unhinged teenagers talking about things that we have little to know experience about because we're passionate have no other outlet to extend at those emotions were also nerrow divergent as fuck. Yeah, just just called. Just basically, just at how most of us have not had sites in a while anyway, and nothing else to add. The Ladies Smile, invalidive vergons. Smile. No, just getting jolted version. Smile. Don't talk. I can the valid to thank you. Pronounce Huh, do not perceive me, guess it thing just and Steaka, gay.

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