House of Cards: An LGBTQIA2+ Podcast
House of Cards: An LGBTQIA2+ Podcast

Episode 71 · 6 months ago

House of Cards: Interviewing daWson


Today, We decided to interview daWson, a friend from Jaxson and Simones streaming and real life. daWson has been in a relationship with a genderqueer person and bisexual person which both were discovered during the relationship. Come to listen to daWson story and us fuck around because avery can't make it. We hope you enjoyed this episode and rememer there will not be an episode next week! Remember you are vaild as fuck, and stay gay.

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Hello, guys, Gals and non binary pals, welcome to the House of cards podcast and LGBT podcast. I'm guessing your host. I use he. They pronounced, and I am staying homelon the first time in my life for three days and I can now poop with the door open, so we love that, of course. A Hi, I'm Samona Ushe the pronouns. I also like just ate chicken pot pie, so I my life's pretty good. Damn, I'm Jackson. I use they can pronounce, and honestly, I've been playing GTA to like take out my race so I don't kill everybody, as you should. As you should. Now you're probably you're probably wondering right. Where's mom? Yeah, where's mom? Mom said we killed her. She's in the back of an alley. Where's where's our favorite mother? Well, we were placed her with a man. I'm sorry. It also is, though. We have a very special guest. I think it's a second ever guest other than me, who's yes, yeah, part. So those like an in some chance that doct that this guest will suddenly join like a podcast later. No, you join once, you joined forever. You don't get you don't have a choice, but we do have a very special guest. Say Hello, Dawson. Hi, my name's Dawson. I use he him pronounce. Then I'm really excited to be on house of cards. Assists head podcast suck my myself. Oh my God, the secret is real. Quickly seek. That is what this is right, if those you come in our house of cards and insult our house of cards. Yeah, you know how US know the audience does not see your profiles. Okay, because I did. I haven't used much of, you know, skype before this and I had to take my last name fully off of it just in case. They will just see. They will just hear your all voices, and then on the youtube videos they would just hear what we're saying. Yeah, okay, unless someone makes a funny little animation. I mean don't yeah, animation of my evil Christmas tree, J j, then just saying that's so cool. Also, just someone who can probably animate. Okay, wait, also, also, before I forget, from for I forget, you can find us on on Instagram at House of cards after score podcast, on twitter at lgbt underscore deck, on Ticktock, as house of cards lgbt, and on Youtube as house of cards, podcast, Youtube, lgbt something. Sorry, what was the last one? It's a very long name that I cannot bother to for what. As for our youtube, I literally don't remember it. Else. Of Pods, lgbtq deck. That's it. There's no podcast, but we're a podcast, yes, but we were no longer podcast. If we're going to be post on Youtube, would now just social media podcast. Anyways, I didn't want to say but I didn't know if I should interject before I'm introduced. But part of the ship, part of the crew, so I've excited to be a long yeah, yeah, no, it's so. It will will take us about seven so what will happen is about seven months we will be hanging out with you, like all of us, and it'll just be us, five even included, and then suddenly I'll bring up the idea of what if you joined the podcast, and then we'll give you a weird candle and you'll try to blow it out but fail mostly, and then you'll sneeze and blow it out. Oh yeah, and then you almost set my fucking house on fire. Yeah, you have to do that as well. Okay, that that is a record. Yeah, we like dropped a Campbell on a mattress affect of it and about like three or four weeks after joining, your gender will be frands and mean take your sexuality. I'm so sorry. WHAT HAPPENED TO A reas gender? Do we know it? Did she lock that away? If we got to keep her gender because she writes the script, we can't. We can keep you. Yeah, we can make a trade for your gender, like you get to keep it, and but we cannot make an exception for you have to start liking men as soon as you're going. Oh, I have to. Yeah, that's there's no exception, because this a really well pleased Segue, or it is.

I guess that is not interviewing random man that we've found on the street. Well, that's a part of it. We should. We should one day. How do you feel with gay people? I hate them. Thank you for your information. Yeah, I mean, yeah, I you know where we are. Um, it'll salt lake, Ye, inve with a man. That's the transition whoa living on a prayer. Damn. Anyway. So what what all we doing today is, I'm sure by the title, we are interviewing someone who is dating a Gender Quell pussons can be seen as confusing to those who had done with it's probably not that confusing. Well, only two. Just a quickly interject. I think a big important thing to be thinking of before like, I don't know, well, you're hearing my side of this, is that, as we had kind of mentioned, we live in good old Salt Lake, which is a throwaway term for a very red neck part of the world. Yeah, you can honestly say this. Really want to leave. You can say text we live in Texas, Canada. Um, pretty much. Yeah, yeah, so in that you know, in that respect, he so take my experience with a. They don't teach that ship and you don't see that Shit, which, honestly, I think is the best. Like, personally speaking, I think that's a really good pov to start from, because what's that at the very bottom? Oh, yeah, exact only was. Yeah, but before we get like too far into it, Dustin, do you want to quick give like information about you mostly, but like your sexuality, gender and that whole journey with you, an your PA, your part, Carl of you, to assume I have a credit card on your part, know, and then your relationship, like how it started, when it started telling and dating. If you caught a noon each under queer. They came out. A lot of us know this information already, but let's do let's pretend we don't, for the listener of all, renny a run you through the whole, the whole story of it all. So, yeah, basically, you know, step one. Picture me, like look, so simpone, how to day? Yeah, yeah, anyways, well, I mean you know you got to run through what is it? The prolog first? Yeah, where is? We have where is? And I can't stress this enough. I'm not an idiot and I'm not a picket but I didn't know shit about shit. He's like I started jet dating this person. So you can say their name like well, I absolutely well, I'm on them. You talk about them. Oh, yeah, we prom we promo him all the time, like that guy drop. It's like, Oh, yeah, I know, we talked about streaming and stuff like that. Yeah, I love that guy. So, anyways, my partner's Echo, which not TV slush, Echo Kelly. That will be in the link, that will be in the bio. You know, honestly, I mean, if you're gonna, I don't know how you guys link socials and all that, but really, you could just like cry ourselves to just kind of link boat or ECHO. To me, it's not good. Both all the thing. You, I guess. I guess I anyways, I'm not dating bone down, but I wish I could be. Anyway, it is. So how did you meet? How so? So, yeah, sir, sorry, yeah, sorry, I D I'm gonna get off track. Oh, we don't even know anything before. Let's start a track to what's about you, then echo and then your relationship. Okay, well, my name's do I say? I say? I don't. I'm going on twenty. Oh, you old. Sorry, get out. No, yeah, sorry, sorry. And Yeah, I don't know. What do you say about me? I Know Jackson. It's upon personally from a sign, from a lot of like, you know, streaming and all that Jazz, when me in the background as well as we hung out recently, which...

...was cool. Yeah, I've never met you. I just realized I've never met you and they didn't even they didn't even introduce as before. You just joint fall, like just is very mind with that. This is a very minor character in the house. We know this is just is the NVC. What about yourself, like, like, was there a moment in your life do. You were like, HMM, yes, boot, no, Dick. Sorry, okay, I get them. You the decks just the same. I mean they're both hanging. Started me. Yeah, okay, with your sexuality. Tells it like you can honestly just say like it had. But like, if there's more two it, go ahead. Question Your sexuality for your partner came up, like there was there ever a time in your life before that where you were like, I can certainly say before that I didn't, but another, you know. Okay, so let's let's cycle back. Well, no, I mean essentially let's cycle back to this after I explained who my partner is. And Yeah, because, yeah, yeah, say, okay, we can do that. Okay. So, basically, I'm just dude, right, I'm says, I'm hat, I'm a fella, right, disgusting. Yep, go on, fellow. Yeah, I fell out of heart. Yes, Justin we has. I'll be your for I'll be your first. We can send you the link to the stor. Okay, anyways, please do. But so you know, and of yeah, and I live this way. You know how it is. And because of like the kind of you know, education system or locked there off, that we live with and like media, being unkind in the early if I never been like Oh yeah, oh yeah, like good old too, Jesus Christy, Yours, old as my younger brothers. anyways, you did, but well done. So, yeah, proud of you. I'm so kind of you made it this far. So, you know, you bum around and they don't it never really like came up right. I can say the first time I knew someone who like, sorry, ocase it shocked me. Um. So, yeah, the first time I knew someone who was like that. I knew personally he was like outs and, you know, part of the LGBT community. But the most is head thing. You have said what you know, part of the community. None of us say that. Well, it was like Liprisst Day. Okay, yeah, probably say yeah, don't do the last one, queen, like, don't say that. That's not I think I'll stick to what I was my assume it's said thick. But so, the first time I met someone, you know, who identified, well, the person identified by or g guess what? If the person was by so so, then he comes up to me as like I'm buying I just like Huh, turn know what this is. And it was the last day of school. So he left and I never talked to her again. He was not a friend. She's just well, he's pretty much a stranger. Did you just walk up to I'm by and then leave? Yeah, pretty much. That's so funny, you know, but let's rest. I hope I wasn't. Why did you hate garment after no, because I was like I was like, okay, I'm gonna go play in the monkey bars. See you what every times away, because everything Dawson says it's funny. Yeah, sorry, Dude, you might not be able to drink any water this episode. Okay, okay, go enough. So that's the first time. Like I kind of knew that, just aside from like media and also, you know, within my age group, the people like this,...

...we're just kicking around and then, you know, as it goes like high school, people start to figure them out themselves out more. You know, times change. I also was not on the Internet much at all, like there were no like tumbler or anything like that. Yeah, yeah, but also it leads me to be completely like I educated at most things at that point in my life. So it's like a pros and constant. Yeah. So then fast forward to meeting this person I guess Yaw, use their real name or get the nickname. That is also the name I met them by. So this person I met, I meet is a Latu and at that point she's hot girl and she's straight, and that's awesome. Try, try to screenation. It was you've met the guy. Yeah, they're awesome. And also, I do just want to check. Is this episode being marketed as gender or sexuality? Gender, both, gender Quios, the kind of main one? Okay, Um, just double check it. What's that? As? We caught a wild. That's fair. You've got a wild since had and have locked it in the studio video beings. I mean it's honestly, I feel locked in. I turned on dark mode. You know how it is. We're never going to get we'll get them, we'll get this. So basically, then give it about like three months while we're, you know, together and all that jazz, or three months of us being together and all that, and eventually Elena comes out just by to me. And at this point, yeah, and at this point I didn't know much about what that's like, and especially being someone who is, you know, at the time, in a relationship with someone who has just come out as by had a couple questions and I mean it speaks to me not being educated on the subject to like kind of where the questions came from. But I'm not, you know, embarrassed about it, because it's just, you know, I didn't know. So I double checked and there were questions like okay, so does that mean you're going to want to be with, you know, a girl like along you know, yeah, alongside me and like, or do you know, are you going to need you often to grow life? No, okay, this one. No, sorry, not at all. So you know, at this point I do have a couple questions where it's like, you know, I know that you still care for me and all that, but what do you need for me to support you through this? And then, you know, and there were questions of like because, you know, I didn't know Shit. So it's like does this mean you know, you're looking for polly or you're looking like are you going to need this experience at some point in your life? And Blah, Blah Blah, and I can't speak for everyone or anything like that, but I know in my situation, you know, she was like no, we're good, I just, you know, I like girls. They're cute and I was like Yo, hell, yeah, epic, me too. Disagree, disagree, but okay, yeah, totally. Well, yeah, and you know, Jackson, I the straight episode of the PODCAST was going to be controversial for some people. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I watering girls are working at might not gonna lie to you. They are, ever, you disgusting. So like, yeah, as far as it goes, that was court. That was kind of like, you know, a big, I don't know, a big thing to bring up right, bit of a shocker, but it was. It was never a case of like you gross, gonna break up now or anything like that. Yeah, right, which is, I...

...think, just the right way to do it. Right. Yeah, and like from there on and like this, you know, carries on now, carried on through, you know, carries on for the rest of a relationship. And we've been together for like, I think in a couple months it's going to be for years. Holy Shit. Right, yeah, it's me. Cut that out. Put that out. They can't know that I forgot the month's cut the covers, cut the light stop. Shit. No, feel free to not cut that out. They know that I get the M months confused. Um, gonna be more. Yes, for Tobos if you didn't march to me, it's one of all, it must be by. Yeah, it's me. It's because it's not next month to date this episode. Um, anyways. Yeah, so we can come start for four years and it's always like, you know, the number one priority is to make them feel comfortable and like how they are as a person and like how they feel in all these walks of their life is very important, you know. Yeah, right. So, so do you guys have any you know, any questions about that? Is At this point. We're at this point. We've only hit by. Yeah, yeah, okay. So how did did that make you sort of question your sexuality at all? Not fully, you know, because it was just at that point. I'm coming out us by. It was like it was more so questioning, like okay, so how do you feel about me, the guy that you're not dating? Yeah, are your thoughts right? Because it's like you don't know, min you know, I came into that like not knowing very much about it, and you know, you gotta sometimes, you gotta Ask Your partner. Are you going to need to Tato girls to which, like, you know, I didn't never shopping. You want to go to the girlfriend store? Out in a relationship. It affects the relationship. You know what I mean? Yeah, yeah, okay, I mean I came out during a relationship and I just got broken up with. Yeah, and that was never that was never the plan. You know, the intentional line you have, because cared about the person and like, yeah, I don't know, I think looks like now, hear me out here, me out controversial straight episode, but I think it's pretty lame to break up for something like that. It's a Dick move. Think you're a bit of Ashole. We love for so long. Despite their sexual genuine intation, you're still an amazing person. The personality the way they are. They're five, they're fucking or dude. You, Oh, yeah, along to just be like, Oh, you use a different set of pronouns. All of a sudden it's a completely different person. Oh, you think about kissing girls, it's a completely did person. Like, it's not, it's still the same person. It's well, it's my turns out the person was like closet homophobic. You know what I mean? Yeah, it's scary. O, good that, yeah, Colos that homophobic. Yeah, Hilarious, I'm falling. Yeah, no, like they genuinely like came out last year. Honestly, fuck those guys anyways. Um, well, so are we? The next kind of question I have is like what is like you and your partner's preference in like using the tone of boyfriend, girlfriend and partner? Is it like excusively one? Is it a mixture? Whatever comes to your head is do like does echo tell you what day before for that day, and you're like hey, bet, is it strictly Mr and Mrs? Like well, that's the trick, right. So you know then, fair enough. Let's skip ahead, but also remind me to come back to this, because I was also going to talk about celebrity crushes, but for this one kind of whole think about. You know that is that, you know, when I could came out, was like, you know, dead or fluid, and you know I'm binary, and all the jazz. Yeah, yeah, you know, all of them. Everyone. It became...

...a case of like, you know, and like it always takes time. Right, you're never gonna it's never going to be like a okay, I figured it out, so here's what we're going to do. Yeah, I've as through all of the details. Let's do it now. It's like I'm board, and and the thing that I always love to do in situations like this are that I want to be a part of this, of it. Like you know, they don't need to. They don't need to have to do this all on the Ron Right. It needs to be your character as well. Yeah, it's like you will you all? No, no, no, we are ill mean is. Oh my God, Jesse, you've been reading the Communists manifested too much, I will say that. HMM, just put it away. Just the American government, the calling shit. Anyway, you were saying. anyways, did you know the FBI's top ten move wanted list is readily available to the public? anyways, people those, those entries can be like twenty years old. It's embarrassing. anyways, you could feel free to cut that nonsense out. Um, so you feve it in a weird way. So, yeah, at that. So you know, really the way we kind of like, after they came out as all of this, we kind of yeah, they let me know the maybe girlfriend doesn't work very well anymore, and I was like yeah, when when they were like I go by all because clause of how you know I am this that, it was like it was like Oh, well, we we support you, you know. You know, we've been we've been through this whole me supporting you a lot type of thing before. We've been here, done that. Babe, come help we play for tonight. We've been here, done that. Anyways, I thought I didn't like men. No, sorry, yeah, yeah, what was that? Your reaction? Like, Holy Shit, pretty much. I mean, you know, that's kind of like. I don't know, that's kind you know, that's a it's a question. It's something you gotta ask, right, but you know, when you say like, someone says, Oh, well, I use all and I know a lot of people get this as well, and I did for a while because I was also use there's always a specific set that people prefer, but they're okay with the other ones. So with the like, I use all pronouns, but I don't want you to call me your girlfriend, like. I get that. He and they pronounced that. I wouldn't want me. You know what I mean. Yeahs an issue. ECHO has to it's the sometimes, like sometimes people, you know, because of how the world works, will be like Oh, you're growing into such a such a wonderful mature woman. That's disgusting. Don't even work for it. Oh, it doesn't right. Yeah, no, and like, have you seen this little boy? Yeah, there's is a probably a boy. And there's another thing. It does take time, like because, yeah, it takes time, but eventually, like I can fully agree, like that's not I could be cause I don't put it the fuck. No, you smoking, girl crazy. So yeah, basically, to go back to your question, I just answer it. Finally, Um, we go. We go by partner. But yeah, but just because it's you know, but you know, absolutely for Echo. It depends on like either a mask day or m day, or and either day or all day. Okay, I have one question jumping off of that. That's just a little bit silly. Do you ever? Do you ever like alter partner a little bit, like make it partner because we're in Texas and or like partner in crime? No, but I will at them and stuff. You might get slap, but it's Oh, I'm absolutely not. I could love that. So another thing. So now I'm another...

...thing. Yeah, and actually, let me Jo's quickly Google this word. So I don't care. It wrong. That's the most sad thing you've ever seen. No, it's because all the time, but that's because I'm fucking yeah, okay, okay, so I so, let's go back to what I was gonna stay about celebrity crushes. Oh Yeah, so I'm sure you guys have done like, you know, the buy episode and all that jazz or whatever. Yeah, okay, yea by episode, besty, we did. We did. It was one of us. Last episode. I literally started it. Anyways, Lucky Yo, I'm starring in this one. I'm so Quel Yo for Ya. You guys really good. Go for the just really, you're right. And then they were like so you want to get you and that's up. That's literally good, interesting because, yeah, anyway, lemo, I saw adn't no cash, Shola, please, money, Tata. anyways, crushes. Yeah, so, you know, I think that, I assume you guys covered it. By people is that sometimes, even even if they aren't out yet or, you know, don't know yet, they will have they might, you know, have varying, you know, celebrity crushes. And I think about Echo. Is Echo does have a couple, you know, male and faith female. Yeah, and that was all, but that was a good way to kind of like break the ice on the whole thing. Yeah, where it's like, oh, that's cool, you think freaking. There's one ray from star wars is cute. That's awesome. However, a fun Li'll trick with that is that I am Demi Romantic. So Damn yes, so it's like echo will be like yeah, this is my celebrity crush and will be like Huh, those exist. This is a really sad thing I'm saying, but I'd remind me about what day romantic because I think I know what it is, but just please your money. No, you're good. It is when I think it's that you can't develop Roman sick feelings or anyone or like get crushes on someone unless you know them very well personally. Yeah, so that's what I have and it's like that's what I have. It's not illness Pasti I was diagnosed twelve years ago, Bro, but I hope you know I'm it is hell, I'm sick to you. I don't know if it's Telly, it literally. Yeah. So there's that. So that's really just a funny aside. Is that goes like here, I'll kind of explain to you how I'm feeling and then proceeds to explain something I have to do understanding of from a completely different direction. Of like wait, what, people have this? What? Sorry, so I wentn't listening what was happening. What? So then, anyways, I guess to continue on the story of my life, which isn't why we're not even a little bit. But only with Echo, is the so then from there, like a couple years go by or whatever, and eventually echo, echo comes out as non binary. I sorry, yawning. Ah. So sorry, sorry this one. This story isn't about me. So I've borne as a gourd. No. So yeah, I could come out as that and you know, it was a I'm like, we, you know, figured it out and progressed along the way. But a big question with that... like, firstly, because of with that, there are so many avenues to go through, like by the thinking, like, you know, are you thinking hormones? Are you thinking just like finding whatever? Blah, blah, blah. There are a lot of different kind of roots. So after you know, they explained a lot of that to me, because I could will always do the research and then bring to me their findings and I, you know, I'll also do some research to but especially with like earlier on, I had no idea. Yeah, I think we're really even asked what by was. But but now, I mean, you know, but I think I kind of at nw what it meant. But also I definitely still don't remember what the Flags Oh Blas, Oh my God, Oh yeah, yeah, it's it's some them. Don't say it makes you feel, says fucking we just just a picture of fucking David and smoking, looking like you falled out of a back alley and is killed pulter racer to save himself. And that's that's just the GAW that's the BI flag. How. So, basically, then from there, you know, there there's another, you know, whole set of questions that you have to ask where it's like, you know, hey, you know a lot of it is like okay, first you ask like so, explain to me your feelings, right, like what does this mean for you? How does this kind of relate to you? And, you know, how can I, you know, do my part to make you, you know, how my part to make you feel, as you know, loved and comfortable as possible in this sense? And then you jump onto a whole nother set a questioning of like okay, so I've been pretty sure I'm straight this whole time. Being a last you know, eighteen years of my life. Yeah, so, Um, quickly, what the fuck, because it's like it's like this person still cute, you know, this Forson, but now this person, but now this person's a dude. Yeah, but there's so cute. So it's like so then you talk like right, five, like me, and grade five, basically, yeah, pretty much, probably. So from there it's very like yeah, from there it's very like Whoa, what now? Where do we go from here? And because you know better to ask that the partner that I'm talking to in this moment. Yeah, I'm like, so, Hey, what does this mean for me? And Yeah, because, because fuck you is the same. Fuck. have to come out now. Yeah, like absolutely, like I've sent the message for my mom. So there's no going back now. But yes, it's like, sorry, this ain't about him. Um, what about me? But like it is a very real question, right, because it's not like you can be like no, I'm straight, you're not allowed to do that. Sorry, yeah, sorry, of course, this is my boyfriend. I'm straight man. Yeah, you know what you do. Yeah, and and honestly, yeah, honestly, the way I went about it was like does this mean? You know, I have to come out, even though I'm pretty sure, you know, I'm pretty sure this end you want it. You want to hear another layer to it. Yeah, absolutely well, still, Demi. Yeah, yeah, so it's like you can't be like, you can't be like, oh well, can I see any can I see, you know, anyone else who was a fella kick it around being, you know, being cute, because no one's cute because I don't know them. So it's like that will fun. No, I mean, yes, I only know one person and my partner. That is it. There's nobody else in my life that I've never needed to see another human being. I was. I was born into the wild without us because I saw that nobody else. They have returned to me, to... cave, really is and that is it. Now, just like yeah, because, like, in that sense, it's like, you know, it's very like. So, what does this mean? And really, you know, the end, in the end we figured out that, like you know, it doesn't fucking matter. Yeah, and a very like, in a very clear way. Who Cares? I can still be up, I could still be on Disa's hat, on the pose of cars and Ltpt podcast. Yeah, and it doesn't matter, because I I'm the master of my own destiny. I get to decide. God, I get to decide. Hey, this is what I am. What's that was the phone. I was like, shift is good for coming out already. It can you guys have questions. It goes off the APM every night to remind me to journal, which is the coins of that day when we record. So it's really Fab your fault like that. That doesn't make sense, because it's like the only two people that matter in your relationship is ours. Yeah, so it doesn't really matter, like you know, straight, gay, bye, whatever, whatever, doesn't matter, because you still love. Okay, so if I'm straight, I have to come out and I'm just staying next it's just an ECKO. Who Cares? Great, it doesn't, it doesn't matter. It doesn't. This doesn't mean Shit about me. It's all about Echo. Yeah, yeah, so what we've been led to believe, you know. Huh Um. So you guys had questions. Probably question and you can answer this only if you're comfortable, and I know that this is like probably, like this might be something that you haven't either, like thought of her talked about yet. What how did like other people around you specifically like you're close friends and family reacts this happening, because I know that. So you. When I came out to my partner, they were like, I'm not dating anymore with my acts, but they were very supportive of me. But my big worry was, like their parents and their family might not be and like their friends might not arch. How was that for you? Well, I mean luckily it luckily, it's steps right, it wasn't. Yeah, like so for Echo it was very much like there by, okay, and, like you know, you tell your parents and like you let your friends now and Blah, blah, blah, you know, because you support them and everybody should know. They should feel like yeah, they should feel heard. Yeah, and then with that, like you know, there were some stupid questions, but also I asked that was some similar stupid questions. Yeah, you get you because because, you know, we all still grew up but lived in Canada, Texas, a salt like Texas. So it's so like, you know, I think at one point my parents asked, like you know, there's always like a lot of times when someone's like I am by, people will ask like like Oh, does that mean polly, which it does. Want it does not, and like yeah, and like, especially with that, that's just not something the NEC or at all interested in. So I just said No. And then that leaves yeah, you know, you just gotta explain it and you're if you know, I was lucky that in my life and an ECAS life. It's you know, everybody was trying their best to kind of understand, right. Yeah, so that's kind of it, right. There was never really any you know, push back or any issue with it, just, you know, people trying to figure it out. Yeah, but yeah, any other question. My UN really enjoying it. I Love No, like like I love being at this. Put this cool. PODCASTS are fun. Sagittarius is showing. How do you even know what you're sagittary? I think so knows everybody's do we? So, do we have any questions? Answer? But do you consider yourself a part of the community like the LGBT? I think I don't. But another thing is, like, you know, I yeah, thank you. I feel like you should, I guess. So. Yeah. Well, for starters,...

...let's take this. It's dead. Firstly, with the echo thing, I don't think so. I think I have an alley. Yeah, because, you know, just like they told me, right, it doesn't matter. It's just me and them in the relationship anyways. So who even fucking cares? Right, yeah, it doesn't. Then being them doesn't mean I have to beat me in a way that I'm not. So fuck you world, right, and then, and then, you know, if you haven't at are of our buddies in the as of three about like you know, about me being day and all that, it's like, yeah, it's like, yeah, technically it's under the ace, you know, umbrella, which is then its own you know, part of the community. Yeah, but then I almost, you know, bring in the same kind of logic to it as fuck you. Yeah, like right, like you know, and and you know, can't make can't be clear enough, clear enough about this that that is not a you know, there's no, I'm not saying like I don't want to be part of this community. Now whatever we get like it's fine. Oh, yeah, it's fine. It's not. We're not. We're not. It's just get out of it, just get out of Gol no what like it's but it's like I don't know if I'm going to be part of yeah, it's just like a case of if I'm not gonna, if it's another quirk of my brain, and I know. If there's this one thing I know, it's that my brain has quirks. I do have adhd that I cannot medicate. Yeah, so it's like Demi's just Demi. To me is just that. Yeah, and for that reason it's like I'm just I just won't. You know, if I'm going to be part of the community, it will be for a better reason. Yeah, I guess right. I'm like, you know, and that's the same mentality of like I don't have to, I don't have to. You know, this label doesn't make doesn't relate to any other label. Yeah, great, because Fuck you world. I agree that, by the way. Oh, absolutely, you're not a label, lad. Yeah, you know what? Yeah, try and stop me. Maybe labels are grocery items. Um, yeah, Uh Huh, yeah, maybe problem. I had a question. Absolutely. Um, so, how how did you sort of like figure out that you are a romantic? Um, I mean it was a similar kind of yeah, it was a similar kind of thing as to, you know, acrocin at a spy, and actually it took a while. Yeah, it's like, well, only because it was like so for starters, for starters echo like comes out as by like that's awesome, and then they start talking about celebrity crushes and then I just say I've never had any of those. Yeah, and they're like really, that's crazy, and then we move on. And it was literally like maybe two months ago, that all want it. Well, that I like. You know, we mentioned it again with Echo and all, but you know, I mentioned its echo again and I was like this is wild and I was like, Oh, there's actually fully a term for that, and I was like ha ha ha. There's a what? There's a there's a Huh, there's there's a really cool green and quite a grave like that. Huh, there's a six flag. I'm in a sick flag. Sure, okay, I'll do with that. Can't say, like I'm Denisexual if you've never heard of the term, because you don't know what's right. Like. So then you know it was. It was just a case of, like, I thought that was just a weird way that my brain worked. Because another thing, cool little anecdote. You know, you know in school when you out like you know, you know, when you're with the boys. Yeah, one of the boys is like I know, and one of the boys is like, Hey, look at this hot chicken our class and you're like in what way it right? It's like it's like, okay, so let's let's look at this. H would be like a float chart. What what are the pros and cause of this person, and how do I decipher them? And then, and then you give...

...up, because what the fuck? And then it's like okay, we have yeah, it's like, Um, they're not. They're not my best friend WHO's also interested in me. What are you talking about? Your name Right, Dick, gross. What would I even call you while we were having sex? I don't know your name right. I can't make funny jokes with you. Um, you're not cute. No jokes, not cute. Sorry, sorry to tell you now. Yeah, but like, so it's like very much that right. Yeah, we're and then it just turns into like yeah, brother, when they're like hey, is this chick cute? And I don't like yeah, Bro, and then they move on and then you're like, okay, survived another day, we're good. And then later on I figured out, Oh you know what, peppe, Sylvia, that's how that connects. Okay, like halfway points, as they say. Figure it out. Thank you, Dawson. Will coming on the house of cards and absolutely anytime this speaking. See like seven months. Who are going to be on the podcast permanently? Yeah, we'll on you. Why you ATM I don't work past six. I love to be on another one. So anyway, thank you all for coming in and listening today's episode. We hope you enjoyed it and we hope you enjoyed listening to Dawson and hearing Dawson Story and kind of the whole development and hopefully that for those of you who are listening with kind of the Ali my book. Yeah, with day who are dating Jinny Queren a bit may be confused. This can help show that you want to loan, you know, waits up helping and my you can correct with Farm Dawson, but my best thing is honestly communication with your partner. Mun Risk, ask questions. Love this guy, right. Who knew that? You knew the answer to a healthy relationship was communication. And all right, and hopefully if you're coming out as gender queer to your partner, coming out your partner's communication, they're gonna ask a lot of really stupid questions, as Dawson said, that's just because, yeah, all questions are stupid. Until they're answered and you just got to be patient with them and then, as long as you love each other nothing, everything will work out. But also remembered, now you have a standard to live up too. So if that standard is not met, dump them. Yeah, anyway. They Oh, yeah, anyway. Let's bring this back the train background shock. Is there anything else to add? I mean, if I were to just give my little, that's two cents on it after someone stops crackling. Okay, my last little two cents on the matter would just be like, you know, if you're coming out, just, you know, do it and if you're an if you're with a good person that'll accept you, and if someone comes out to you, you know, show them the love they deserve. Don't be took about it. Right, like everybody, everybody's trying to make their own way in this crazy fucking world. So, you know. Anyway, let's go back to the the hist is there anything else to add? Just maybe doesn't even go for everybody except for Dawson and the other maybe sit had people listening to gay podcast, which would make a lot of sense. Stay Gay,.

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