House of Cards: An LGBTQIA2+ Podcast
House of Cards: An LGBTQIA2+ Podcast

Episode 88 · 6 months ago

House of Cards: An LGBTQIA2+ Podcast; Roe V Wade


In America, everything is falling apart. recently, the superme court has overturned roe v wade, which allowed for the right of automonty to all uterus holders. This is an injustice and the government must be held accountable. Remember, you are valid as fuck. 

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Hello, welcome to the House of cards podcast. My what's the thing that you say on LGBT? Right, L G B T Q I a too plus podcast. Okay, forget the acronym. Hello, welcome to the House of cards and L G B T Q. I, a two plus podcast. My name is Simone. I used to they pronounced and I'm very tired today. Hello, my name is Jackson. I used the hymn pronouns and I am very tired today. It's my first SUMMI Day off. H Uh, and I am a Brianne. I used to her pronouns. I'm actually I'm not tired. I feel like out of all of us, you should be the most tired. I should be, but I have like the old person I am. But also I had a slurpee today and I had a pad sae. That fixes everything, so I sugared. You are sure? Um, Oh my God. where, if where can they find us on social media? Um, if you want to find us on social media, you can find us on Instagram at House of cards underscore podcast, on twitter at lgbt underscore deck, on Tiktok as House of cards lgbt and on Youtube as house of cards and lgbt deck, as well as our website, which we haven't written down, is https. Colin Black Back Flash BY HOUSE OF CAUSE, dot company, dot size backslash with by as in B Y. Yeah, all, I have it all written down and like in a little frame. Love for you, and I just stared at it every time, just making sure you don't mess up. M I'm like your Guardian Angel. So, Um America has gone to ship again. Yeah, it's like really cool. Like this is kind of the part where we talk about like corn events and like the corn event is the topic. It is. Yeah, so at the time of recording this, Robe Wade was just overturned yesterday at the time of recording, and just for just for the rest of the crew, I will I know that like last week was supposed to be released two weeks from now, but I'm going to release this one as soon as possible because it is a corn event. For the relevance. Yeah, yeah, so it's not like three weeks later. Um, yeah, this, this has talked about and like Supreme Court is also talking about, Um, a lot of gay right, Um, right. Yeah, they're talking about all the types of right. This is also reminded of that. While we may be talking about that. Currently America is talking about taking away gay rights.

We have to remember America is currently taking away Trans Rights and continue to, as well as Canada, who was also doing that. So yeah, ship's bad. It is not good. America is terrible. I think that's what we're gonna do off for some meeting. Great is the bonty of the White House. WE'RE gonna all go down. I made the stoke with avery. Someone's going to ask hard to like sign horror blowtorch. If someone ever act came up to me in public and asked me to sign something of theirs, a Blowtorch, I would be reduced to a blushing mess. The you're going to say ashes, because they shoot you with it, would be reduced to as uh, yeah, do you just want to get ready on the topic and then we can kind of talk about it as we're going through, because I I feel like we have a script, but like this is something where we also need to talk about our views. Oh, let's just get into it. Yeah, okay, I was on the gay fashion topic. OOPSIES working out abortions, Simone Jeans, Roe v Wade, for I don't know if for in Jod ten or four ones there, I don't know us one was written in nineteen seventy three and was a huge decision at the time made by the U S Supreme Court. Basically stripped down to its bare bones, it was written. Funny that abortion was protected on the Constitution of the United States in America as of J two, under the judgment of the current Supreme Court, which is terrible and mostly white, men, over ruled review Ade and instance, ending forty nine years. Forty nine years they almost reaved. Fifty they almost did it of abortion rights in America. Well, this is a Canadian podcast. We can't ignore the injustice that as a coiner Baca right now. So let's go a little in depth. And what movie Wade is, uh, if you if you're like me and too busy to read an article and you just want to listen to something as you study. And what caused this sudden change in ruling? Yeah, on that note. Actually, even though it's an American saying, America is so globalized worldwide in terms of media and culture and like mass production, and already there have been like I think it was like twenty six or something. Present of Alberton and P's are in favor of anti abortion law. It's seven out of a yeah, so even though, like it's an American thing, I've feel like we Canadians and...

...possibly at risk just because we're so close to them. It's it's a majority. If it would, if we were to if we would vote tomorrow on this decision about would lose its Um pro choice and its abortion rights. So yeah, let's let's go in death he let's just keep talking. Okay, started with Norma mccoby, who was also known as Jane Row. Wait, why? I don't know. That's what that's what. That's what said. Okay, it was like also legally for as Jane wrote, and I was like, okay, okay, just like a chosen name. Situation, you know, probably, yea, maybe, because, like you have to think, this was in like nineteen, seventy three. You don't exactly want to be the fourth. And who's like yeah, m HMM, yeah, I love that. Yeah, Bob, boss Bessie. She lived in northern Texas and became pregnant with her third child, which she wished to terminate. At the time, abortion was illegal unless the mother's life was at risk. I know the answer, m what what do you mean? Sorry for why she was called Jane Roe. Um, it was a way. It was because she didn't want to be known. It was like Jane Doe and it was like John DOE and Jane Jane Roe. Okay, that makes sense. Yeah, okay, it makes sense. Writing a local attorney, Henry Wade, with her lawyer Sarah Weddington and Linda Coffee, she was able to convince the three lawyer lawyer panel presented. The parties then appealed to the Supreme Court of the United States South America. Issued Sorr. Hello, can we talk about how like, two lawyers will most likely both feminine identity, Sarah and Linda. Mm Hmm, I love that, love that girl bosses and then like, but then also the person of finding. It was probably masculine love, that love. That history just rights itself Super Soaker full of period blood. Anyway, Um issued in the seven DASHTO decision holding that women's right to an abortion was held with the constitution. They did state it was not absolute and the government had a right to protect women in prenatal life. The rule, in simple terms, stated the government had no say in the first trimester abortions, except that the procedure procedure must be done by a licensed physician. Are you okay, Bestie? I thought I'd changed that. I guess it went back to the way it was, because I did definitely copy paste procedure. Okay, valid Um. In the second trimester, the government can regulate the procedure, but only for the mother's health, not the fetus. In the third they could regulate and even prohibit, except for cases when the other's health...

...or life was in danger. They finished off by stating that a right to abortion was a fundamental right. I'd also like to say that the way abortions are done has changed so drastically. Like I know people who got like first trimester abortions when it was still required to do it the surgical way, but the way they're done now in the first trimester is just with the pill. You take it twice and done. You're done. We talked about that. If you are questioning any abortions and like how they work, you should go check out the episode abortions. Whats me and Simone talking about them? Or do I think it is a hilarious parent to be talking about it? Oh, absolutely, I think it's I think it's funny. I think be even funny if it was me and avery, the a sexual and the person you can't get abortions. Yeah, Anyway, Roe v Wade was once again questioned by planned parent who advorced Casey when they kept the holdings at abortions. Awe Right, all women deserved. They changed to feel the frameworks to be rigid and more fluid. Rovie rate remained in effect until June two, at the time of this recording yesterday, under the dabs vs Jackson's Women Health Organization stating, and these are quotes, their constitution does not configure a right to an abortion and the authority to regulate abortion is returned to the people and their elected representatives, which is a bunch of bullshit. That will be used to allow for corrupt decisions to be made. Yeah, that, yeah, that's that's that's just. That's like saying, like, I'm sorry, but it was your fault. Yeah, like, what the fuck the auth sorry, sorry, the Authority to regulate abortion is Repton to the what the Fuck y? You're like talking about taking away contraceptive protections, like how do you expect? Also, like really just forcing women to be incubators? The Authority to regulate abortions from the people literally the well outside of the Supreme Court, who are saying they want to keep Rov weight. Like, what the Fu Dude? It's it's like two thirds and agree that abortion should be under any circumstance that someone would like one. Oh money, people are just so dumb. There's so many things wrong with it. Okay, this fight has not ended since row and Casey, the law in question was taken by Mississippi, where they state the state cannot ban abortion after before twenty four weeks until twenty four weeks, basically not before the fetus becomes a baby. In the appointment of Justice Amy Coney Barrett, the ideology shift in the Supreme Court was enough to allow this fight to spark. And, by the way, if you see a picture of her, she looks like she sheds her skin every night and glues it back on. Jackson, Oh my God, I'm sorry, I'm really bust because she didn't get elected, we probably would to still have ro raid,... I'm blaming but also all of the white men on the court. Actually, she still would have been over whoever took her place, if she wasn't elected, still would have been overpowered by the majority of I know, but, like, I'm just I'm saying because she's the newest one, but like, also, there was too many white men on that on that court. Yeah, there's too like what the fuck? Okay, anyways, moving on from blacks and Co the blatant hatred for justice, Amy Coney, Barrett and all the white men in the twenty states had legislation prep to paths, with thirteen having trigger blaws that we're waiting for the overturn to take effect. Trigger laws, by the way, it basically means as soon as it would an announced the vade was the longer effect. These laws banning abortion immediately took effect. It's like it's more than half the states as of now. Yeah, is it really as of right now, because twenty is on half the states? I hate to tell you, avery, it's nearly. It's nearly. All the others are pending right now. HMMMMMM question. Should we give people rights, like the fact that it's not even about a right to have an abortion, it's about the right to economy. Like. So I have to I have to go off. If you are in a medical coma and someone in the hospital needs transplant, they are not legally allowed to just go in and take your organs without express like consent before or from your family, from family. Yeah, and before you could like I could have it in writing that you can sent to like your organs being taken away. Doctors don't have a choice but to adhere to that law. But when it comes to women and pregnancy and the uterus, you don't have that. You have less rights than a corpse Um. I would like to say the women and Trans men and non binary people with uterus, uterus holders, as I like to call them, incubators, incubators. Yes, thank you. As the United States sees them, I just want to say that currently there is five states that have it illegal, Um and then there are three, seven, seven states that have it soon to be illegal, to that habit, three that have it to be potentially illegal and five that have it to be legal for now, basically meaning they likely to switch it. And the rest of the states are currently all having it as legal, though this all depends on we all know that California, Washington, probably New York, all of the Demo...

...cratic states, will most likely keep abortions in place and to be free. But you know, we hope. I've also heard that many of these, uh, one of the states I'll be writing, laws that allow for other people from different states to come and get an abortion and like. But if you live in a state where it's illegal, some states like Louisiana are passing laws where it's like you can't travel to get one either. So you don't have to. You know, with you would just have to pick up a move state. Think about how how much do you like the state you live in? How, how how much do you really like it? Um, are you to never show your face in that state again? I also I heard that Dick's sporting goods is like helping pay for their employees to go to places to get abortions. Yeah, dicks are helping getting dicks are helping getting abortions. Cracks anyway. Finishing us off, because it me yes, already, while abortions are not illegal throughout all of the United States, many states have already become have already began changing their laws, with many more likely to come. We also have to understand that many protests were taken outside of the Supreme Court, that we're for a row view aid. We also have to understand that religion has no place within the government. And abortion. Only argument is religion. So please, if you need an abortion, there are many organizations already setting up funds to allow you to travel to a state or country that will do it for you. Just because Rob Wade was overturned does not mean me to stop fighting. Abortion is a fund amount of write and everyone who has or has had or will have one as valid as fun. I would also like to add that there are many people, Um, who are willing to go on camping trips with you who live in Canada or in states where camping is legal. In Canada, you can go and get poutine with a friend for a weekend and stay on their couch. Yeah, I live two hours from the border. Same you don't look to us from you don't live to us from the boat anymore. No, I do. You Forget. I still I have my own place. My parents have a different house. You're not living with them right now. It's okay. It like what has a set of keys, but honestly, you are free to D M or instagram if you would like to go camping. I'm chill with us. Yeah, I've got a food on and a Guinea pig. Dude, I'm just saying, like if you need a place. If you need a place, I got yeah, actually, it would be better to go to contact simone, because Simone is actually going to be living like thirty minutes from the boat or soon. That is true. I'm a really holy person. I'm...

...there then for the next month, for the next month, me and avery will live four hours and a half. I love camping. You actually, it's really funny, because you do love camping. I really like actual camping. I do love it anyway. So, yeah, I don't know what the fun is happening with America. What? What? What the Fund is happening? I don't even have words, like, I can't even like. It's just feeling. Yeah, you don't. What are we supposed to do? Like, Um, if I can't imagine, like, like I know what we're supposed to do. But you know, if I can imagine barbed wire, that was like all nodded, like when you have your headphones in your pocket for too long then you take it on. The wires are the wires are all tied together and nodded and stuff. You had that, but barbed wire in my stomach like that is a representation of my feelings about the situation. And what a period feels like. I have something to mention that involves periods. If you're using a period tracker APP right now, I highly suggest you delete your account and Rasal of your information off of it. Yeah, it's being it's being speculated that in America and potentially in Canada, period track reps are able to be subpoena once abortion is legal. Is Illegal. Um, so I would recommend creating a journal. They're really fun to make. Something else. This is not related to roight. Pretty easy to manually track two like I've been. I did it for like five months and now, like I know my schedule just right off the top of my head. Yeah, could making you wear masks to abortion being taken away and like that's the most hypocritical ship too, because everyone who's arguing that there. It's they're white to not get a vaccine. It's not wear a mask or not giving like any ships about anti abortion laws. Yeah, maybe maybe the abortion was the friends we made it along the way, but we hope you will. Honestly, we hope you didn't enjoy this episode, because this episode was suppressing as fuck. Yeah, but we had to get it out there. We had to get out there. We had to say it like we are the fight, we are the fight. We are the fight, we are the fight or fight. That's just funny. That's just a funny thing that I've said. Sorry, we are the fight. We are the fight, is the fight. The thing we're going will portionally be taking down the Supreme Court. fucking wish the United States Supreme Court, not the Canadian, even though the Canadian is a lot of white men as well. Also this out because...'ll be flied as a terrorist attack. Um, but I mean gun laws are legal in America, like really, okay, you grow up. Actually hold up the Canadian the Canade streame court has give me a s is because you have to edit that part out, that that I just said, because I basically just implied gunning down the Supreme Court. It's fine, it's fine for out of the for how many of that? Four to the nine members of the Canadian court women. Oh Hell Yeah. Well, can we talk about how the Canadian Supreme Court looks like the Santa like they all look like they'redressed up like Santa. Google the Canadian streame court. Right now. They are all wearing Canadian now they are all wearing like fucking sand outfits, as they should. We are just Santa Claus is, Canada, the North Pole question mark. Actually, yes, technically the North Poles about of Canada, so Santa's Canadian. Damn Um. But yeah, thank you so much for listening to this episode. We hope you enjoyed the content, not the ruling. Yeah, hopefully, you know, hopefully we'll see you next week with just me and avery talking about random ship, because we reported that the episodic schedule is being really fucked up because things are suddenly happening a lot. Uh, though, technically we also have our guest for July after that one. We've got a busy schedule. Holy Cow. Yeah, we are so, uh crow, we're talking. I he had a subject. Anyway, hope to see you next week. If not, have a good rest of your life. Is there anything else to add? VALIDUS? Fuck. Also, Fuck Scotuss. Scotus is invalidus version. Literally, they've never seen pussy in their life. They got no bitches. Stay Gay. It won't stop recording. It was stuck like this forever. Guy.

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