House of Cards: An LGBTQIA2+ Podcast
House of Cards: An LGBTQIA2+ Podcast

Episode 92 · 3 months ago

House of Cards; An LGBTQIA2+ Podcast: Gay Slang


Avery and Jesse are both dead in a hole somewhere so Jaxson and Simone are taking over and boy did it feel like a strange hookup. With very little time to explain we went right into the topic of gay slang, and played a little game during it. We hope you enjoy the epsiode, if not have a good rest of your life, and remember you are valid as fuck and stay gay. 

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Written by Avery Ann

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Hello, welcome to the House of cards and LGBT. He plays podcast. My name is sman, not Usi they pronounced and I just drank an entire monster in two minutes and you just set our entire intro in fifteen seconds. Best decone it down. No, Hi, my name is Jackson. I use the name pronouns and I'm a little bit tired, but you know, ship's kind of hit the fan and so I have a lot of ship to do. It's fine, Um, if you want to find us on Social Oh my best, slow down, they can't hear you. Look. No, okay, you can find us on Instagram at House of cards underscore podcast, on twitter at lgbt underscore deck on Tiktok as house of cards podcast on Youtube as house of cars and lgbt deck, and our website for Merch is... House of Cardstock company dot site. Yeah, so you know the gays are smart, so we created a bunch of like torms and shipped to like represent us. So Simone, tell us about it. Yeah, all right, so hang on. Sorry, I was creating my white board. Um, L G B T Q I, a two plus slang and terminology was first brought into mainstream media in the twentieth century. Before then, it had been existing worldwide in various languages and continues to today. Gay Speak, as it's sometimes referred to, or gay slang, is a means for the L G B T A Q I, a two plus community members, to identify themselves and speak in a code, because, you know, that's like a protection sort of thing. You know what I mean? Um, I know what you mean. Yeah, Um, which is just for us to talk about it without being explicit and letting the straights know what we're up to.

You know? I do, yeah, I do. Anyway, you're done. Yeah, because of some so domin sodomy laws and the criminalization of same sex relationships, playing, much like queer coding, became a secret language and the L G B T Q I two plus members could converse freely without, I mean, to worry about prosecution. UH, yeah, it was great. I love that time, because of me and someone definitely existed back then. Well, more popular troms today, like Queer No, Gay Queer Ace and such have. Yeah, well, more popular toroms today like well, more popular roms today like gay, Queer Ace and such as have been integrated into mainstream media. Today, each of us are going to take Tom's reading, allowed five slaying toms, because it's only two of us gay slane that...

...we personally have not encounter before, and the others are gonna have to guess what they mean. It's like, honestly, I think that this is probably going to go into Gay Olympics. Honestly, kind of the epic, you know, right. Um, anyway, so I'M gonna start. So I'M gonna start with my first one, with which is crash landing. Oh Um. Two, is it explicit? H No, okay, UM, a bad breakup. No, rejection or just qualification by a clinical sex change program due to gender role inappropriateness or being so modically inappropriate. Oh yeah, ain't it? Yeah, did you just say Quirky Anists? Sorry, anyway, no, I did not. Um, okay, you ready? Yeah,...

...yeah, because we're doing all five and then it's your twin. No, let's do it, let's let's go back and forth. I like that. Okay, so that's okay, Um, Otter that. I know what that means. That is like a like it's like a between bear and twink kind of thing, like tall, slender, maybe a bit hairy. UH, well, it's a thinner, younger version of the bear. Yeah, yeah, between two again, bear. Yeah, see, I know that because I'm gay. You couldn't have. You should have used the one. I'm basically a gay guy. I know. Okay, Gaff, G A, F uh, gay as fucking fuck. Is that your final answer? No, Um, but I don't even know what that could be. Dang, you see you. Oh, I have no idea. It means a clothing...

...device, one by Drake Queens. And now there's to talk the male Genitalia between the lakes in order to conceal their tall, their telltale bulge when they're wearing form fitting clothing. Damn right. It's a cooling used to talk pop off. Um Slam. Oh, I don't know that one. Um Slam. Is it explicit? Sort of, not like sexually explicit. Okay, but it deals with sexual pots kind of, is it? It's like second secondary characteristics. I don't think you could call it that mode. Okay. Um, is it when somebody uses their stomach and turns it into boobs?...

You're close. Okay, that I don't know. then. That's my guess. When someone wants to Snore, M D M A, off your belly, button. I don't know why it's a gay term, but it is. What the Fox alone? I'm only let it. That's barely sliding. I googled gay slang. That popped up and I thought it was so funny. Okay, this one's a funny one. You Ready? Gate keepers, Um, people who don't like bisexuals. It's like you find answer. Yeah, no, it is used by the gender community for a psychiatrist, psychologists and other usually non Trans Clinical, uh, non transclinic, clinicians and provided who can effectively block trans people from obtaining hormones, surgery or related services needed for the gender transition. Oh Damn. Yeah, so they're like legit gatekeepers. Yeah, okay, all right, Oh shit, fuck, what do... want to do? Six, because, like there were three that I meant to you. There was two more that I meant to use. Sure, okay, you don't have to. I can just do sex. I have enough to see sex, I think. Okay, I'm already done too, right, yeah, no, yes, because this will be a third. Yeah, yeah, okay, all right, Um, Beach Bitch, oh my God, is it explicit? Okay, you feel like? I feel like it's like the name used to call Regina's after you get like gender reforming surgery. Okay, is that your final guest? No, yeah, I don't know. Um, a gay man who frequent speeches a lot for sex. Really, I feel like it would be a better name like gay. Damn. Okay, are you ready for Mine? It's my favorite gender bender. Um, someone who's trams or turns other people trams. I was...

...gonna think of someone who can bend the genders like it's like an aerobender. It's an individual who brazenly and flabuoyantly flaunched society's gender compositions by maxing elements of Maskingin and feminine. The gender bender is often enigma to the uninitiative view of who struggles to comprehend sitorial cold which challenge gender bipolarity. Boy George, public culture icon is often refund to the gender bend by depressed. So, yeah, I wanted that because I think of every want to hear that. I think, all right, my turn again. All right, yesterday is this someone who used to be gay but torned straight, like is now deciding to be straight, refers to themselves as straight, but it's not. I love that. Right, yesterday, it's like me every month. It is you.

Every month. It's you whenever you feel like having sex and don't feel like looking for gay women who want to have sex with you. It's so hard where I live. It's not. It is. Okay, you're ready for mine. It's amazing. Ready, gender a lousing it illusions. Um, I'd say it's similar to gender. Gender. Um, someone who you can't tell their gender. Uh, an individual who crossed? Nope, yes, an indivision who cross stresses in glamorous matters in order to perform for money in a nightclub or other venues. So technically it's like a drag Queen, Drag Queen. Okay, yeah, yeah, all right, Oh my God. Okay, right, hundred footer. Oh my God, is that a guy? Is that like somebody? Who? Is that like somebody with a big Dick or big tits? Oh, is that your final guess? And obviously gay or lesbian person, as if visible from a hundred feet away.

Oh by the way, so everyone knows avery is now in the document. I love that. Right, beautiful, beautiful. All right, your true to your last one. Okay, okay, you're not going to get this one. If you can get this, I swear to God. Okay, ringing the Turkeets, ringing the Turkey's neck. Is it a sex thing? It is a sex thing. Is it like a hand job? Similar clothes, UM, hands up up with the nuts. No, it is the final act of penal masturbation in an M to male female before sex reassignment surgery. Okay, Um, you know what, if you get this one, you're a lesbian anyway. Butch. Is that like in between famine, butch.

So it's like auto but for but for lesbians. Yeah, yeah, it's like a lesbian notable noticeable callouts. Go To uh, sorry, let me just find them. Oh my God, where are they? Uh Nope, Oh my God, there's a lot. So notable. I want, I want everyone reading this to go and find them. So there's gender gifted, gender outlaw, Jess, gender phobia, you and gender variant gender. Okay, someone write that. I'm writing that down right now. So what is it? AVERY IS AVERY IS GENDER? What? Gender Gifted? Gender Gifted? Jesse's entered outlaw. Yeah, Oh my God, some of these...

...are racist as hell. Oh yeah, what what was that? Gender Phobia? Yeah, you will what gender? Gender variant? Yeah, okay, Avery, season. It's like what the funk are they doing? Just another slur? There's also Um. Oh my God, there's a whole wikipedia for gay slurs. Oh my God, they're also racism. Well, yeah, there's so much. It was also shady Um, oh my God, there was more. Triangle was one I almost did a lot of. Can I ask you what this one means, just because I'm curious what you think? Bambi Lesbian. I feel like it's somebody who's not actually a lesbian. No,... lesbian, improve lesbian who likes non sexual acts of affection, someone who's so in a sexual lesbian. Yeah, Oh my God, Aversa Bambi Lesbian. If you can see this, okay, you have to read the final paragraph. Oh, you're so right, God damn Um. Of course, like the majority of our episodes, this information is just the tip of the iceberg. There are millions of slaying terms out there, all with their own histories and implications. For a starting point, check out the ultimate lgbt glossary at pinknews DOT CO DOT UK. Finally, friendly reminder that not everyone is partial to the same terms as everyone else. Someone may identify as queer, but someone else may take offense to being called Queer, just like pronounced. Respect People's preferences and remember that Y'all are valid as fuck. You're yeah, get an stay gay. We can't end the episode yet. We have... say our final things. I really like this episode. I came up with it, by the way. It's not like I'm kind of like. I'm kind of like a genius. You're kind of like gender gifted. I'm kind of. No, I'M NOT GENDER GIFTED, I'm gender phobia. I Love Arias, gender gifted, justice, gender outlaw. I'm gender phobia. And and you are gender variant. Yeah, like the covid variants. You always in fact, it says covid. Anyway, thank you so much for tuning today's episode. We hope you enjoyed it. We hope you had a little fun and maybe you learn something. Kind of cookie. It's kind of fun storry. It's a little shoulder. Uh. She just kind of hit the vans and we're kind of just making episodes like we'll me like like a cheap company making t shirts that are going to fall fall apart in a few days. We're just doing them quicking easy, like bubble like like a quick hook up, you know in the bathroom a really bad one, a really bad, really bad, stinky, a little confusing sex in the bathroom where...'re kind of questioning. was that with the gender I before, or did I just make up with somebody? I'm a I'm not a minor in a month and then you're going to be. The way do we going to be? A child? God, baby, baby, anyway. Thank you so much for tuning today's episode. We hope you enjoyed it the same way that you enjoyed making up with that person that you made it in the bathroom at the gay bar. H If we don't see you next week, enjoy the rest of your life. Is there anything else to add? Val, it is for Insert Avery's weird thing. Stay Gay, M.

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