House of Cards: An LGBTQIA2+ Podcast
House of Cards: An LGBTQIA2+ Podcast

Episode 74 · 8 months ago

House of Cards; An LGBTQIA2+ Podcast: Diversity in Media


In Today Epsiode, Avery has disappeared off the face of the earth and has left the podcast to Simone, Jesse and Jaxson to fend for themselves. In today epsiode we talked about divseristy in media and its importantence, and some fun shows you can watch with divseristy. We hope you enjoyed this episode and rememer there will not be an episode next week! Remember you are vaild as fuck, and stay gay.

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Hello everybody, and welcome to the House of cards podcast and LGBTQ podcast. I am one of your hosts, Jess. Hello, I use he, they pronouns God, and I'm just having one of those super tired days. You know, this whole daylight savings is really screwed up my internal clock. So I didn't even realize it was daylight savings until like much later. Yeah, like you. Nope. Well, I even look that game. For some reason I just didn't notice. It's just so weird because I got a look in the clock and it says it's a certain time, but it doesn't feel that. I'm like, that's it's not look like midnight. It's only like eleven. Yeah, so the big reasons, but yeah, this doesn't make sense anyway. My name is Jackson. I use the him pronouns, and you know, simonsfored diction is back. I'll have about to and then it'll go away. My life else cycling between playing so doing certain things non stop and then stopping and never touching them while I'm doing other things. Don't stop valid. Hi, I'm Simone. I use see, they pronouns. Denied. Shut the fuck up. It's fine, I'm not having a gender crisis. Oh, I was. I wasn't even rem friends bad, I just was taking your pronouns. I know, I know, stolen. I'm fine. My shameless addiction is back, so that's fun. FION, I've really keep meeting to watch that show, Dude. It's so good. It's actually really triggering, though. So like, yeah, I'm afraid of like, like what it'll do to my mentality. But it'll do bad things, yea, you will do drug yeah, yeah, like that's the same reason I haven't watched you. For you yet is, like I'm afraid of what it them me. Yeah, you forget, like fucked me up good. But, like, you know, at the same time it's like Ah, do I care anymore? And like a part of me's like no, but then there's a part of me that's like yeah, yeah, we still gotta graduate. You know what? I also still find really funny. What? So, unlike last year, I've decided I'm beginning to plan for the so this is a big time. This this used two your annivarsary will be a...

...hundred episode anniversaries, while they line up on the same day. Evan, Whoa, which is why we really skip a week and if we do, we tend to the I'll figure it out so that it does end up that way, because we did have a bit of an issue right Christmas with all of us suddenly getting sick, and I'll send. We just decided to take it off, but I'll fix that later. But I'm beginning planning and I've realized Jess, like Samona, every know what they're getting into. Just as no idea. Yeah, he has, nobody what's going to happen. He's just gonna show up and, like I, after all, Tuesday before they recording, all of you get kicked out of the document. Yeah, and I just do with it as I will. It's kind of if it. Yeah, I never know what we're gonna do it on. Like I never know what's gonna Happen. It's like a surprise of your time. It's like, oh, but this when on our anniversaries? I take complete control. That idy ever the fuck I want. Oh, that's scary. Yeah, like avery. Avery has no control it. Simona's no control. Would either. Why? Wait? What? Why? That doesn't sound fun? Wait, because I set it up to be a fun he's a virgo. No, it's it'll be something fun. It won't be like, yeah, I've actually I thought of something really fun for this year. I'm very proud of it. We're just gonna get fucking sy good. I'm killing you, I'm killing all of you, and technically most of us will be a team at this point. So, oh, so you'll be able to kill us and we'll be like, you know, it'll be fine. I was gonna say we could drink. Well, but murder, though, but Mona. Well, if you want to see us mourning people, where can you find us on social media? Um, you can find us on social media at host of cards understood podcast, on twitter at LGBC, underscore deck and tick Tock, as has just cards podcast, and on Youtube as house of no arts lgbt. Dick to text right, talk is run again. That's my Dick. It's wrong. I don't know what it is. Give me a second. It is lgpt. Do you put the q when you say the twitter, because there's no key. Yeah, there's no Qu there there should be. We don't know what our own social medias are. Follow us. It's also card LGBT. It should be Lgbtq for the Tech Tock finals. Right now. You have to change the twitter because I was your friend, the dude. Actually, we out, Dudd what have we all been doing? What? What's Hey, sorry, making fun of you guys. Um, so, okay, get out, you know. Never Mind, you're not...

...invited to them. Oh No, I'm not getting murdered. Wow, you're mentally are you want to die? I have been mentally dead since two thousand and fifteen. Okay, yeah, we couldn't do what did you guys do this week? Um Crack. Honestly, not much. Well, the week to just start, so that is true. I had Grad photos. I know you having to break time talking about them. I have to do that. That's homophobic. I completely forgot that I had them. I won't why? Apparently our committee, I signed up for a husband doing their meetings, but they didn't tell me. Oh So, I love that. I know have to figure out what to do with them, so I'll just text someone who knows about the okay, I want to be a part of this. I signed up for it. Yeah, she's pretty, but God, I'm Whoa. We don't know what to do without any free we really don't. I reason not here. We never mentioned that. It's just kind of Oh yeah, it was. I today she's actually dead. I like avery. Yeah, every so did. I had to write most of the podcast Ay and so, yeah, I'm hoping that Justin Simone read their parts, because I know it's Lexia, so I can write from it's okay, you have died sexia. What I tell you guys this? I told Tom I'd dyslexia and they asked if I could if I think it's Day. Yeah, it was said that people with this like to you do. I haven't ever seen that before. So it's just it was really, really, really funny and just taught me completely. But do you do you think? Know, like when you think of an apple, is it to d or do you see like the whole apple? I don't know. Think about it apple right now. Yeah, I don't know. It's an apple right now. It's too D D. Sorry, I don't I don't know what mad yeah, like, it depends on like what I make it. I like to. I realize I think in like monolog and pictures. I can do both. Big. Do you guys do that too? No, no, do you guys both? Just think in pictures? I yeah, yeah, yeah, total monolog as well as a Fu choose do I can make pictures. I have an internal monolog to but it's like an eight your charitle know, your entire monolog is a talk show. Yeah, no, it's an aged version. So it's actually just a hamster running on a wheel making different sounds out of it. There's a moth in my room. Movement, I think it might be. He's just staring at the light. Now I am too. I tens stall literally to my mom. Yo. Yeah, anyway, diversity.

It's a thing. I thought he's say, Dissexia, diversity. I figured it out. So testically, and yeah, dissexily, all Gayl disexily, he's what is it? Dissectis Dissexia, Dissectia, and testal. He's a gay lover. Yeah, no, Shit, testically. Someone write that down. Someone write it down, so we don't get write that down. Write that down. So diversity, right, like, oh, no, biodiversity. Yeah, you learned about that, right, it fucks. Yeah, right, I don't know. I'm I just woke up from a nap. My transitioning abilities are. What what you think? Let's talk about the way that gay people are. Yo, okay, come on, you're sorry, that's off. Oh, I don't know that. Okay, hello, some recording. Okay, UM, today we're talking about diversity, inclusion, biodiversity, representation and why it matters. Why are you? Why the fuck are you receptionists? Um, it's kind of hot. I thank you. Thank you, thank you for calling divers inclusive, youation, and this is why it matters. I have to night, as you guys didn't even like notice that I added biodiversity in there. Anyway, I did. I just chose to secure it. Okay, I didn't know it was real or not. Continue soon. I hear a lot of things. You say. I choose to a card. Okay, Jesus, kind of piggy backing out the last week's episode. What was it? More play safety, Phila, do you read? Okay, we're going to be talking about why inclusion in everyday life is important. Different, simply put, is difference defined us the practice or quality of including or involving people from a range of different social and ethnic backgrounds and of different genders, sexual orientations, etc. Diversity is about recognizing and including people of all ship's colors, backgrounds, health orientation and identities. Fuck, example of this would be saying that the house of cards diversity consist of women, men, and these gays, a sexual transgenders, bisexuals, white juice nerdive virgins and an array of mental disorders, personality disorders, physical disorders. She really this is a very she really just called us out there. Yeah, we're do so this one's for a very. Fuck you two, like everyone's like, guys, I'm going to bring up every single minority. That or not my minority because it's white, but I'm going to bring every single thing about you, guys and just slap it on the fucking TV literally after Y'all on blast, like look, yeah, Shit, is this fucking... about us? Die? Sorry, no, literally, wait, it's all kinds of fucked up in this through basket. Every every damn. I thereface. I'm sending this to avery me, like really, bitch, you are to put us on blast, like literally tell her, Damn, is this fucking play about? No, I think you have to set text that. Yeah, I said, I work. Yet yeah, being the first means that not one of us is the same person and we've all had our own experiences and we've all had our own ways of living. And I mean this rep I thought I was gonna get really terrible, but yeah, pretty pretty tame way of putting it after that complete. Okay, I think every text back it's about. Yeah, it's she's like. She's like everybody has our own experiences and differences. The fucking house are fucked in so many different ways and we're all different and that's okay. Like, okay, other ways. That came to burt. I didn't really read this. Oh wait, no, I did. Other ways, course, can be shown in like everyday life. Is In school, you know, because schools and everyone goes to school. Well, I don't. Yeah, most people go to u school and a song example is in sect. That is a great place to show diversity. But they don't because it's fuck. Because sexual education. It's fucked actually. But, like said, was pretty good. But but I I didn't go. Well, yeah, sexual education should be touched on the different sex well, yeah, people who've had sex said, don't walk like that. I didn't go because the teacher that put it my eye school was a fucking pedophile. Oh Shit, but sons of it. Every sees your your schools and pedophile. I just fear you're not wrong about that. I want one that's actually on the resume. If you apply to the teacher of my school it's like sex offenders walk up, acted with a pedophile once and then you have to say yes, sexual education should starr. I just realize that's the famatory statements that I'm gonna go to jail, but I don't care. I can edit out no actual he's leave it and I don't know what's fine. It's fuck complete. Sexual Education should touch on the difference between sex and gender, different types of sexual directions and lamb, wo, wmbn, N Bl and be multilow Russians, things like. Come on, I'm gonna lookample is a diagram. Then you've als the human body. Look at any textbook and you will notice that almost every single version of the text, almost...

...every single one, when you have a view and body there the Poston will be white. We I didn't even ever realize that. I saw always supposed to put something down. I'll find it. Well, some when I was a topic which tells those need Pos's and it might not be noticed, but it is that underlinings Biology Textbook, and I'm gonna see if any of the diagrams are not white. Schools can also sort of us to be open to different loaning styles, meats and abilities of the disabled students, whether mentally or physically white. The huge area where diversity can be shown is on TV, movies, shows any other form of media you can find or consume. Showing a transforder character on TV will help more than many people believe and win. And with the argument they could be since heat as well as so keep the story the same. Yeah, they could keep the story that the same, but it's fucking boring if you do that. Anyway. Jewels and euphoria is my favorite character. Yeah, yeah, tools gives me gender and and we anyway. And if they made the character says head, it would not only be more boring, it would also be excluding so many people around the world and everyday life. The hero, Sidekick NPC and Villain our Gate Straight Trans and be disabled, MPOC. Seeing the diversity of life and movies that shows will help create more understanding among us. Do you just not just put us next to you? Didn't? Great, I know you didn't. Thank you. So fucking upsetting. I'm actually about to shit myself. Yeah, as well, I'm gonna fucking cry. Got To hell anyway. That is the most upsetting thing that's ever happened to me. That that that's trauma. Yeah, just a ship. I will be bringing this up with my therapist. Found and keep piercy. No, I went through the entire like section that you do in grade twelve and there was none of the draw all of the drawings were white people too. Yeah, so, like you know how they have like like drawings, probably examples too. Yep, the only like people of color were like actual photos of people. So that's really interesting that you mentioned that, because I've never noticed that before. Reminder for diversity is to have proper representation. Yo, this this one is very important. So, Oh, if, if, if you are sis, heat able bodied, White, Eddie, Eddie, stuff like that. Listen, listen to this one. This one's very portant. Hurtful stereotypes for minorities is not diversity.

In fact, I think stereotypes at all is not diversity, because those stereotypes exist in the first place because of bad representation. You know what I mean? Yeah, all it does is spread those hurtful stereotypes to other people, and especially the children, who can then spread to their friends and create a wall of ignorance, cruelty. A character also shouldn't be a minny minority on ironically, the okay, I know you're trying to say here? The characters should also have an indepth personality and so much more than just being gay, POC or Nora divergent. They don't just have to be gay pocownorative virgins. There's a really good example of this and the weirdest fucking place. I'm pretty sure it's I don't remember what the movie is. It's I think it Monster House, monsters, I don't remember. It's an old like you know, Halloween, like animated kids movie. Will like, the house is align, the three kids go in there. Yeah, and then so one of the characters, they have him and they expand on his character in the entire time and they like develop it or whatever, and at the very end he mentions that he has boyfriend. Oh not monsters, and it's like it's like he has a personality beyond just being the gay character, you know what I mean? So they could have been like, okay, so this is a stereotype of running with, he's going to be the gay friend, but they didn't. Paranormals, Paradorman, yes, the JOCK. At the end he's okay, yeah, no. That's like probably one of the best examples of that that I can think of off the top of my head. And then also, like for like making a character and a story like have a diversity. I think that one of the important things also is that it's not just a plot thing. Yeah, it's also a character thing, you know. So if you've had two characters that have been like, you know, on and off and romance and whatever, you want them to break up because one of them is bisexual of a sudden, that has to be a part of that character's personality. It can't just be convenient for the plot and for the story, which is something that I see happen a lot. And then yea, also with ner divergency. This one's to see a fuck sea. Mean all my always hate sea. Yeah, Shit, first of all, I see I see videos. was like, what the fun? First of all,...

...when you have representation like that, have the actor. Like, if you have a gay character, cast to gay actor. Yeah, if you have a character who's on the autism spectrum, cast an actor actor who's on the autum spectrum, like it's not that hard. It's literally not. She has like no people auditioning. Don't chill and like mask telling her. They're like, you can't use Maddie like that's really bad. She's like, I know I shouldn't, but I'm going to anyways because I'm see and I big hair. I can do every level I want. He yeah, despise her shit and then also just to remember for that like I don't know how to say this without putting it really shitty, but there's like sort of different levels of it, you know what mean? And this kind of goes with stereotyping. What like not every neuroday virgin is completely nonfunctioning, completely on verbal you know, you like that's not the way that it works. Yeah, you know what I mean. Like, yeah, there are some incredibly famous people who are on the autism spectrum, but like based off like because of stereotypes, we only see, like we only think of what C is. Representation of that was in that movie. The amount of like close go for that movie too, was no one literally leivable. And then the talk about soundtrack was up for an Oscar. The soundtrack was bad. I prioritied it to listen to it. It was bad. It was not good, like see, it makes good music, and I was a girl, what are you doing? Yeah, it's that's that's why sere it over. What I also wanted to mention was when I say a cafter soon just be at minority. Ironically, I mean like in the comedies where they're making fun of people who make it like that's okay, but that's because the tagging that and it's obviously, yeah, I getting that bad influence and that that it's not like and though not actually doing this, link even this is normal and that makes sense. Yeah, I like to have like the one black character and like a like a predominantly white neighborhood and have kind of like pokes on it that. Yeah, we're like, yeah, like, that's not cool, like, you know, address the address the actual situation. You know, that's an actual, like good plot that you get off. Oh No, we're just gonna make fun of people because they're skin color. Oh okay, yeah, right, the fuck number mine, I guess, cause I got fuck myself. But let's talk about like it's when talk about like the one of the biggest shows with decent diversity. I don't want to say amazing diversity, because you know, but decent. I'm going to talk about one of my favorites just because I wrote it, I get to. We're going to talk about crazy and animal, for God, for Avery, saying bird thirry, avery's I...

...literally was like, we got it for Avery, what kills? Yeah, that's what, yeah, it's for you agree? All right, pate will never for starting in two thousand and five, it has eighteen seasons. Can Be found on Netflix if you like watching it and grazing Atama showed many different types of disort dis this association. Chris had been showed many different types of diversity on TV, which, by the way, has been started from the game of season two thousand and five, which was not seen on TV a lot. Yeah, so they really started it young. They were like, yeah, we ain't of they've many different fears these characters, as well as a black woman in control who is the absolute queen. Well, if we love Miranda Bailey, Miranda Bailey the queen she is, I would be fucking favorite. I would I would met so many war crimes just and yeah, I would do if I ever got to meet the actor, I would cry. Yeah, my God, Oh my God, fucking literal like amount of like degradation and pain and torture I would go through just to know that she sleeps peacefully at night. Oh my God, give me. I'm game. Really, you don't say? Why does it? UN fucking Mute Um? There's so many gay characters, such as Joe the bartender, and I love this. Love Joe with the birth. I love this reveal Arizona Robbins, tyranne Helms and Amelia Shepherd. You Love Amelia. Well, we stay. Oh, Yep, it's confirmed. I haven't I've actually in that far into the show. No, she it's never realed because it's it's revealed in in private practice, which is a show before she joan grais anatomy. Yeah, Huh, and it's not even really shown there. But it has been confirmed by the show and the actor that she is bisexual. There's also a look. There's a lot more there. This used to be like ten percent list. I decided to cut them all out because I like we don't have comma bad. They've also dealt with you, wilst. What the fuck? There also have been a few transcriptor including Casey Poko, who is females male, and Kai Bodley, who is non binding. Yeah, KAI is the most envy name as sorry, and Kay and Amelia all like kind of getting up to the others. Loved after them. Yeah, bilers. Okay, listen, you cannot tell if you saw those two characters. You do like they're dating right. Yeah, I haven't seen I think I've watched up so like maybe five. I don't remember. I can't want at eighteen after act. After a while it just gets bad. I can't lay HD can handle it. Sheira, the Princess of Oh my God, which is my ission with Shira. I don't know, it's so good. Honestly, every single fucking... person I know is just obsessed with this show. I haven't seen it yet. It was the fourth time that I had been exposed to a show with a cast was primal, was a more gay and straight with a show had will gay couches that like even the straight relationships. It was like shown that, like at least one of them was bisexual. But it is not, just like it was the fust show that I saw with I'm on mine are character the Chad like it just made. It was the fort show that had this stuff. So I'm just attached it because I'm like mentally yet yeah, I know your mental oil. But on the back to avery's previous I metty, my Copscot, because my phone were when I tried to mute. It's like, Oh, you're talking, let me on mute. You're like I'm not. I'm like good reason, God, that's homophobic. Um. But the honest question she wrot is who is not gay? If the unders customer she is, who's not getting the series name? One character is not gay. Now me. Fuck, I I got some bad news. Free what my I mean you to look around, because I know somewhere on your wall you have the bisexual flag. Shut up, shut up the no, I'm not gay. I'm fine. Just tearry it down in a panicx. No, no, no, you know I would ever. Come on, I'm so close to being done. I'm a sentence away. The maink. The main character is a lesbian as well as there is a known women love women. There a couple and a mucket level marketing scheme, married couple as well. This is so funny for people who haven't watched that episode. And then everything we bid it up there like what the fuck? Multi Level Marketing? We can get it. We should get a TV a short that has to like mail presenting people kissing and put multi level markets. If we know the email, the drake me where it's like he's like Na and then he's like yeah, it's like, oh, it's like male loving mail and it's not as then it's multi level marketing. Yeah, okay, trademark that joke, though. No, no, it's not. Shut up, gas lighting today, I mean like the last era. Anyway, a quick round of shows that have good diversity. Superstore a show about cloud nine store, kind of like Wal Martin all it's workers. Bridgington taking back to the regency are...

...and also is gay as fuck. One of the accident is Gyrton. It's Bridgerton. No, it's Bridgington. No, but the duet plays Antony is gay irl. Oh, I love him. Yeah, anyway, if you know you watch that show. I'm watched. I'm like this would be fun show five minutes and his asses in my faith. I'm like what? Literally, you texted me that and I've watched it immediately. Yeah, it's it's Bridgerton. It's a trip, but yeah, so Bridgington. It's is that in the regency era way and it follows the Bridgington family. Sorry, you have to give me second. I forgot to put the name of this one. As they're like going through society. LOVECRAFT COUNTRY FEATURES ATTICUS BLACK WHO joins his friend Lati Latitia and his uncle George to embark on a rotrip across s Jim Crow America in search of his missing father. This is us. Jack and his wife moves to a new city. His wife is pregnant with triple as. The story follows their lives with their children as well as adults. Kim's convenience, a show that follows a family run convenience store in Toronto. Love the Canadian representation. They all everywhere that has every single like piece of media that has something in Canada, it's always Toronto and it pisses me the fuck. All I know right anyway, like a because we can get some fucking Yukon representation. Yeah, it is. We only have one city. Guys gone. No, it's only Toronto. Yeah, we have Toronto, Edmonton and then Simonton. No, we have to we have Toronto. Go back in nothing. Yeah, Sometimes Ontario. Yeah, but that's a city on a that's the city. Not a problem anyway. Kids convenience follows a family, Korean Canadian family, that you can watch some deal with customers, each other, involving with the world around them. Yeah, it's epic. I haven't watched any of these shows, by the way, except for Bridgerton. No, I was. I also feel could you really? One I really should have said is Tony Red. is another one. I also I was on Tick Tock scrolling and I saw someone like I'm gonna make the donut holes featured in Tony Red by Tim Horton's, and I was like die. Also, it's like I get why you do. Huh, it's turning red in Canada. Yeah, it's place in Toronto. Yeah, they're not called doughnut holes, they're called fucking Tim Bot suck. Yeah, I'm sitting there like unlikes. I get it, you're dumb in American, but like, come on, or timbots. Also another good TV show. This is just me thrown. Isn't another good TV shooker representation any of y'all hamlet fans out there? Hamlet, I hate hamlet, not Hamilt, Hamilton Wilton's. I...

...was thinking. Sorry, now I was. I was writing somebody an essay for Hamilt Earth. We you referaing. Okay, well, I've sorry. I really like writing. I said, Um not illegal. Okay, I didn't write it, I planned it for them anyways. For anybody who likes Hamiltone. Um. Oh, fuck to the digs, isn't it? It's called Snow Beers hert and it's really good. Has a lot of really good representation actually. Oh, and I need to watch that. Yeah, no, I've been watching it with my dad and there's season three episodic release and the next season actually comes out today. Yo. Yeah, I know it's kind of triggering for violence, score and stuff like that, but it's actually very, very interesting and it has a very good representation. Look that. Anyways, that is all we have for you in today's episodes. To finish things off, diversities and orders show in our everyday's lives. Other this just me by talking about it, learning about it in school, watching it on TV or youtube, or maybe listening to it on the podcast. You know, maybe a pod gas was some super flexyos to talk, moobing the guys. Right, am none of the DD podcast right, because when we are in sexy or just one sexy host, too, too, too differs. It is a part of everyday life and we need to make sure it isn't every, sorry, every part of life. Remember, whoever you are, you are found. You as fuck. Shut up. So I want to talk about. Oh you are Valens fuck, which so I think. Just was this you that made the one, four one. I don't use twitter. Okay, so I've remade this and you can tell that it was made by a gay person because it was one fourths penis to four, three, four, four for no you. There was no reducing to be one for the penis, one half actors in plan, three fours properly circulated and one clears. How God? Obviously. Yeah, like that. You could tell the gay podcast as they can't do math. I can do math. My average is an eighty bestief. Yeah, man, I could do math. Me Plush your mom equal sex, Bro Huh. Anyway, I think that's everything that we have for you today. I want to thank you so much for coming in listening today's episode for what sixty enjoyed today's episode. I hope...

...that we could see next week. Is Anything else to add? You don't have to say your part. Just go ahead and finish this shit myself. Stay Gay.

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