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House of cards: An LGBTQ Podcast; Vasectomies


Today! We talked about simones new possible job, How we all overuse our grandpas printer, and a bunch of penis! Our topic was Vasectomies, and we talked abit about the texas abortion laws and how fuck they are! We hope you liked the epsiode and we hope to see you next week! if not, have a good rest of your life! and remember you are vaild as fuck.

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Written by Avery Ann

Edited by Jaxson Stiles

Produced by: Jaxson , Avery and Simon

Music: Lofi-Missing memories , lofi fading away, lofi fly and lofi escapie, 

Hi Welcome to the post of cars and LGBTpodcast. I am Jackson, I'm one of your host and I use the day Pronos Hao, I'm Simon. I see they pronouns and I also overusemy grandfather's printer babe. That's how you should do it yeah. Why not? I use the de Pictures ofboobies, you use it to print pictures of. LikeSat. Don't worry it's okay! We know. Now it's titis, your titties yeahcheers I'm a Brienne. I am your third and last host. I use she her grandams. I use she ho Brooms Keenes, we'll just get to annoy people yeahpretty much. That's Ow e to your jobs like what I e the vibes feel like you need hope.Weedie, five feel so oft they dude yeah, that's a that's cause. Satan hasentered your body, Hankie rip yeah. I know what sucks. But what are you goingto do what you going to do? What you going to do it a Tolworth junk insideyour truck? That is, we were gonna, say Jackson and I had the same idea. So Monwent on a completely different path. There was not even a path. She cut downher own tree. Oh Fuck me Lo thinks I'm looking at video games. Cooloo know how many hookers I boughttoday. I can count them up for you, one two, three, four, five sents on yeah. You want to tell us that thingwe were talking about before. I got a job interview, man, what kind of establishment? I wasit because I don't think you hould say the title, but what kind of a challengeit's a strip club just getting into restaurant babe if you got a strip cub, I'mcalling the police dude one of my friends MOMS worked at a strip lub whenshe was seventeen in like the s or whatever Kevin. That was the s yeah. It was thes I just. I think it's funny, because she's also like the mostCatholic woman, I've ever met Sweetie, cool, Sweetie, yeah, but won'tsay, there's anything wrong with that. I know there's nothing wrong with that.It's just interesting! Yes, but I hope what you said anyway. Whatare you like? What's the interview for for being a server, my buttons you'd,be a good so far, just say that...

...whenever you like delivering food, mybuttons on my Chap, I'm counting my buttons for the sweater I'm making,which totally is not a hairy style sweater, because I'm actually not aHarry style stamp. So that would be very weird dude. I bet you're going tobe just like me as a sofa. Oh probably I be your E. I bet I'm great. I like aMay. No, like. Are you really good to like Boland a tray of drinks? Now I'm got in everything so exactlyexactly exactly then than God imagine not having a job butinvenient. I literally don't have a job right nowme. Yes, you do you've been hired. Congratulations, Dude last jobinterview I went to. They were like sorry, you have to be eighteen, so myplan is to just say: Yeah, I'm a team and if they check my ID and thenthey're like you have to be a clean. Sorry then I'm like well, okay, atleast there's a chance. I would have got the job honey. That's called lying!Yeah exactly you know, no, you understand that like when youhide somewhere. They get all of your information right, Oh yeah, but if theydidn't bother to check that my resume says, I'm a high school student, that'son them! I will get when I gonna get into thistime. I think we have more important is to worry about. I sees no we'll not even done everythingyet a mo come on. You still got a promote best can kee? Okay. If you wantto find that on Instagram, don't actually don't find a sense youshouldd, but if you want to you, can find us at hussards underscore podcaston twitter, lgbt under score deck and on sick Fokes House of cards podcast how some calls what podcast? Sorry,what podcast? Sorry! I can't hear you suck my Dick I'll. Do it later baby?Okay, I see a asshole. Of course I can hear you, Oh goodness, what do you know? Do you not? Do younot like this avery? Do you not like when mean so mon flora, because I hearit every time I edit is this Bertin Yeah? This is a sport. Is this met bore?Why do people not like he? Maybe it's your personality? What I mean like you know what ejectively speaking shedoes have a point. Maybe you just have a that personality,...

...what the wise is attack or because I'mtired- and I want to prove my love to suck my Dick. I Will Tak they they, that was a great transition.Higher Party of Sap O. was that actually good yeah? Taking about this?That's exactly what's going on here I be mistaken, my guy or starting away.I go I'm starting. All of US sily waited for avery avery, so who's goingforst, that's some name. Real Eno do anyways E. I was planning to write thisepisode on abortions, given absolute fucker Y, going on in Texas, butJackson, UNs Mon already did that one and forgot to cross it off on ourepisode topic list, Oh, which is why I'm so not realized. I E it called so. Instead we're going to be talkingabout the Sectam and for an important reason. I will say that in this topicwe will be having discussions of the Texas Abortion Dan. So there is a bitof a content warning the for discussions of abortion and slightsexual assault and that important reason being that thereare currently no measures to prevent men from accidentally, impregnatingwomen, either consensual or not, but okay. This reason also stupid as fuck. Currently, a woman can give birth,maybe once a year annually, but if we do the math of an average life faringtime period, Canadian statistics of the way, that's roughly thirty, eight point:six years a woman could be giving birth. That's a theoretical! Thirty. Ninechildren born in this pan of a woman's life assuming a woman, is only pregnantwith one child every time. That's a lot of fucking kids that we don't need anyways by the way. This isn't like anunrealistic number. The most worts one woman has had is twenty seven, my bitlife character that I was just playing. He actually had twenty children, youplane it. God played a man in bid life once and I had like a hundred and tenchildren. Oh, my God, I once was playing dead life and I was just livingmy best life and they just kept getting pregnant and its EOFOR tility dude. Iput my fertility at the highest...

...whenever I'm like playing royalty,because I thought the full version of the cave, so I I you know I have Ialways have so many fucking is I mean, as I did get accused of a crimeI didn't commit, and then I died in prison. One time I joined the Afyo one time I made my special talent time. I actually want to do that one day. Iwant to do them to play as that. It's honestly, not that fun. You go toprison like straight away. Honestly, that's not a very good talent that yeahwith like you're just like en. If you join the mafia, like you, a person, maybe be good at your child.I anyways sixteen pairs of twins, seven sets of triplets and four sets ofquadruplets equaling, a total of sixteen and children. Thatwas the most first one woman had so she had sixty nine children. I kind of loveher well fair. Looking out this way,currently, according to one article, one, what we're going to say numbers alot, so I'M gonna RUB! No, so, according to one article, a mancouldn't pregnant nine women every day for Holy Fuck Whoa, what a Hole: Twenty nine line resulting in two thousand four hundredand thirty boss, all of which was so moan, I'm aving, for though men can reproducefor roughly eighty nine years are that I remind you that most menstare about the age of twelve ten toll, so the average is eleven, so ditaine every mine. Do you mean? Didyou mean to like they could at eighty nine? Or did you mean like eighty nineyears plus I love him. I want you now, Lo, you said men can reproduce for Ole.Eighty nine years is that, like a like from when a man can start re boos anduntil he can no longer or from the time a man is born to the timeof man dies now from a time a man can reproduce to the time that he can'twhat's great to most, that's like a hundred holy fuck yeah. That is a hundred below how low we should here rid of ten yeah anyway, so roughly men can reproduceinto the hundreds. So if the math is correct, which I well...

...we all get, we are gay, that's true aregay. That's a thrue retical, two hundred eighty eight thousand threehundred and sixty babies in one man's lifetime again under the inception thatyou turn o resulted in one baby, not including triplets, quadlings, dumbasses. Yes, I doctor let you carry more than for,though this is also under the assumption that there are nomiscariages that there's no other cause for the baby to die after it like right out, for this is acore that if every single time like every woman got pregnant and all of thebabies, went to a Fulton and will give him both healthy and survived longerthan a day. Yes, and you don't need to bemathemetician, you don't need to stop it. Stop Exist. Stop Stop Stop existing Tando it anymore to run, but you don't need to be a meticine torealize that two hundred eighty eight thousand three hundred sixty is extraextra ex exponentially ology. More that's fun,excelent ally, more babies than thirty enough. What so I tie, it is, imagine God, I'm not gonna MAG when Iman I was. I was in my Ta, whichis home room and my map, my homeroom teacher is a map. Is a math teacher.It's okay! We have three boxes of twelve. How many donuts can everystudent have, and I said everyone gets their own box? Oh Jackson, I lothaw. What, where doyou vases to me is where you cut a ball off come in to play ye? That's not what happened that ation? Itis! No! It is I'm correct. Yo Know, I'm a man. I know better yea, I'm gonna met Jackson. That just means you can here here weget here. We go so of a sectae. Is a surgical procedure that sterilizes mass.So the procedure it seals, the tubes that connect sperm to the Urethra sperm,is still produced in the testes, but the vasectomy stops for from exitingthe body here, go resulting me. No PEGASIS SETAE are considered to be apermanent form of male contraception, but they can actually repair themselvesin very rare cases and despite a popular belief, they're actuallyreversible. Even worse, shocking is more effective than people realize.There are myths that the sector reversals are very rare and risky.That's not true. According to an...

...article from health dock, Clevelandcleeked, all Nagato sorry claims that sexty reversals arean out patient operation, meaning you don't have to be admitted to a hospital,and you can ly be few as after with high success rates. Another myth isthat they can't be reversed with AH again, not entirely true. Success ratesare as high as ninety five percent is. A vasectomy has been done in the pastten years. Success rates only begins to decline. After fifteen years havepassed. We, as you can tell we are aprofessional podcast, as we use Cleveland Clinic Dot og as a Yes, I'm sorry, but I'm sure thatthat's true, I'm listen! It's your unzipping, the buckle. That's all it islo excuse who, like all you're doing, isunsealing something and people do that all the time right. Yes, yes, yeah yeah not are tounseal a line, a van sorry, not a man. It's not a man. Just you spur Masada's blue just kidding. Don't do that! That'sprobably a very bad. I view I'm Goin to kill Aberin for why? So I know it's a vain. It's a vessel, that's not a Esteye! Therest! It's not a vain me yeah! You want ready until an actable POMONA. Both ControlBill has been approved from men which yeah. If we could do one that likestopped wonder how we do that there actuallyhas been, but those pills for men in testing and is theorized that they'llbe able like to be like bast produced and like offered to manin like a decade. What do they do? I saw basically just like kind of stops like tsing lace fromproducing. So much. Is that what that's? What women both go to as wellright yeah? Would it just stop ejaculation at all? No, no, no they're, still o yeah whatit okay wait. Hang on! There's there's like Fermin that there's something elseon people's firm. Yes, so say again: every you got you like Legio, some owas talking, so I couldn't hear you. I just said seamen do not equals firm,like I'm just thinking to myself.

Sorry Anyway, I'm like trying tovisualize a penis in I want that must not be very hard for you. No, but I have to cut it in half andlike like pull it upon and like actually look at it that a horrifying abull video of that no anyway, sorry. So soon there will beone of for man and give it a fucking. Take it bitch, but many people see we has me asa best option for meal on Tereian Yep. Some have even claimed that traseteshould be a man to Tito it. So No, whether this be the case or notmandated vestinus will not be at booful one resen freedom of choice and that'swhen it comes down to the Texas, a portion back and as as many others. Sonext time someone started fishing about how a bushes would be illegal, ask inthey think all men should be forced them to a access to me if they say nothey're not advocated for pro life they're, just massage human. What if Ibelieve that mold would be banned and we should just just let the world getover populated and then all of us die absolutely not throw. If I okay hang onit, I have to have a kid just traumatize them Kyo, my God. I could create the nextserial killer, bro Jesus that o something to look up to no yeah, that's pretty much it. Freedom oftoys is on first and the podcast, then something that's off right. There yeah freedom offorces, unfortunately, something that is still being debated withconsideration to what women can and cannot do with their bodies. Frankle wehear a house of cards think guys a load of worship that has been ground updrank like his movie vomited back up again and run over by a man by a mineurtruck. You know how ter, who you are like if you have an abortion or not, ifyou yourself would like consider having an abortion or not like advocate forfame of choice because, like that's, fell at his fuck and no matter who youare you be about this book, my mom thinks so pory finished chain onher rip, Erie, some dental locked up that was random. It was a good timing. It was actuallythat that was. That was a vibe. Thank you anyway. I'm fucking exhausted. So Ithink that's all we have right unless there's something more everyone'storrent about which I'm full is a port of. I love it. No, I don't think so you we also thinkavery for being a gay who had to do...

...math for this well you're very Li I did crossmultiply and ified. That's the I do not don't know how to do couldn't. Couldn't you just like use a calculator? Well, yeah, but like the crossmultiplying to buy that's how I did the math, but couldn't you have just usedto calculate or yeah, but I still cross multiple and Ion a calculator. That's it that's how you use it. What you not know what do not know what I'msaying do not know. No, probably I know what you're talking about. I wasthinking about long division. I did not do a long division yeah. Ijust put it into my calculator and it does it for me. Imagine I have a graphing calculator. Doesevery one five hundred yeah? I could ask my calculator to wipemy ass and it would yeah. Anyway, calculator has games on it, it's socool! I need to do that anyway. Thank you, son. From coming today's episode.We hope you actually enjoyed it and aren't as depressed as not going to set up and you're, not asdepressed as the sun prepared for solar stall. Sorry, that's! Well! No! It's been likea hundred years since the last, alas strong everyone's, like Oh, my God,this might be the year since the last white. Oh it's a sort. It's when thesun shoots raisin US grand it won't, it won't, kill us it'll. Just it won't, kill us it'll,just torn off the WIFIE. No, I there'll be no Wifi for so like no Internet atall. For so then I can't simple over wilbers dude. Then we can talk to each otherand I can't say my God were Wilbert. They couldn't talk to each other. No,the podcast won't be on put on hold, I mean I could just show up, but avery'splace. We totally should wait. Hold up hold up. What's today is Tuesday waters. As for going today's episode,we hope you enjoyed it. We hope to see you next week, if not get of a sect ome. Yes, it don't. No bad moral sex prevents abortions. Also,your Validis fuck you're not you're, not wrong, and Ihate that Sakya all t t.

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