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House of Cards; An LGBTQ Podcast; Aids Epidemic


Today! Jesse couldn't make it so we went on and talking about the Aids Epidemic. With the recent Omicon varient having ties to longterm aids, we wanted to make an epsiode explaining the issue, and fighting against any myths and trying to stop discrimination. As well, at the time of this posting Omicon is proving to be more transmittable, and that most vaccine are not as effective. Please look into your local government to see if you are edgiable for a booster shot, and try to get your vaccine! We hope you liked the epsiode and we hope to see you next week! if not, have a good rest of your life! Remember you are vaild as fuck, and stay gay.

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Written by Avery Ann

Edited by Jaxson Stiles

Produced by: Jaxson , Avery and Simone, Jesse,

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Hello and welcome to house of causeand LGBTQ podcast. My name is Jackson. I go by heathen pronouns, andyou know Brango, bore brand, Dugberg him. I see they pronounced, and apparently I'm coming down with the bubotic plague. I was thinking thatthat was just part of like the trend. You would just like hi. I'mokay, it is. Hello, y'all, I am Abriam. Iyou she her pronouns, and I'm your final host of the podcast. Funfact, someone asked me if I use the them pronouns the other day andit was the highest compliment I've ever received. You look like you could. Oh, I do. I purposely dressed up way. It's like I justwant to look at me. I know that, like I am a homosexual. That's the goal, isn't it? It really is. Okay, I'mgonna come by. Sometimes I dress up just to think. I want to. I want people to not know if I'm Gayo Straight. I just wantpeople to think I'm cursy the Bimbo. You fail miserably every time. Iknow, I know, it's so Satura stime. My Hair Blonde in thedie pink and you need to wear. You need to wear pink fluffy clothes. Okay, well, I don't have money right now, like, that'syou, I that's you, but that's your own fault. Anyway, movingon, your tolling to spend a McDonald. Yeah, spend it on a pinkbrock. Come on. Okay, whatever. If you want to followus on social media, you can find us on Instagram at House of cardsunderscore podcast, on twitter lgbt underscore deck, and on Tick Tock as house ofcards podcast. WHOO, what? What Normal Code you? I wantto I want to think that's this is seguaging into another promotion, but II'm on a minecraft over right, and this is mostly very great one ofminecrafts over, and I have a sword and I have an axe and thesodas called valid as fuck and the ass called listen to house of cod.It's a very good podcast. Literally, fucking Jackson killed me with the swordthe other day for no reason, after our adventure looking for an a chantapple. It was so did it to show off the what's it called?The name, the name, the name. They what it was very unexpected.You know what else is unexpected? What your mom? I thought youwere going to segue into the topic that way and I was like that doesn'tmake se all. Actually, yet it kind of does, but we're notgoing to get into that. No, I seps promote. I'm just gettingall of the twitch channels out. So many. Give me. That's sofunny. Make sure you promo mine please. Oh Yeah, yours is up tookay, I'm also cute. Promo together. Dude. The other nightI had like six people on my stream and it was the best note ofmy life. People were talking in the chat. Somebody actually offered to dographic design for my stream. It was really interesting. Ill deal your money, I know. I think they charge, but that's fine, you know,like, if I can afford it, I will. I can't, soI won't. Okay, we have it narrated. You have two dollarsfor McDonald's about this. So heads up everyone, if you enjoy minecraft,if you enjoy some lower streams, we... you covered. As there isa sober called smthree, either two goals, one or minus when it was tooI'm not quite sure. I always called it as m three minus whenit goes too, because it's the second season, so do equally, youknow. But some people find sim three minus two egos want, which makesit no sense. In my head. I can check like the server.No, it's it, because it's like we just call the discode sm threeand anyway, it doesn't it doesn't matter. But you were doing there's some eventshappening on there. If you want a closeup on what's happening with theevents, I mean to force give you the twitch channels of the people whoare currently really involved in it, which is twitch TV, Goblin, underscore, underscore, which, which is a lovely sumone. Hello, we havetwitch TV's last Moss Raven, who is someone who's not here but is partof this law very depinitely, and push r TV, last orange. Ijust go frog thirteen. We also have someone who's kind of get into thelaw. The triche channel is mimt, M im MIT, but I couldn'tfind exactly so I'm going to find it later maybe, and then, ifyou just want to check out the SM three, here are some people whoaren't exactly part of the law yet, but you can always watch their channels. And the you have twitch TV at a, add a ax bones oradd x bones. We just call them bones. And then, of course, we have our lovely twitch TV s ECO Kelly, who is a loadand save. You're amen. We Love, we love. Also, I maynot. Yeah, Oh wait, no, there's one more more thanactually forgot about. Doesn't scream a lot? Yeah, and act like, canI ask what exactly is SM three? You know how an SMP is,so my player, smthree, is meant to kind of reublicly that inthis ens, because smpsmthree. It's just like a survival minecraft server with abunch of people on it. Oh, okay, and sometimes we do funshit, like I set up his Christmas tree. Also, it's bad.It's a three minus two equals one. By the way, I think that'sdumb. I'M KINDA SM THREE MINS TO MINUS ONE ECUS to. Okay,but I'm just saying that's what it is. No, it's not twitch. Shutand then, of course you're so someone who kind of make it intoa little which is twitch TV slash your radio, which is you are Oh, idea, and you can check him out, because he also might dosome little I know know if he's doaming it, but you know he's mean. He's there, he's not, and you have to be nice to him. What what that's a true question. Someone's actually nice to a lot ofpeople. Never, I'm not nice to anyone. Don't tell people that Iam. You're actually quite nice always. So, you know the pig stuffedanimal? I got it superstore. Or put a flower ground on him?Yeah, I put good oh my God, there's two dogs that are running pastmy window right now. They are gorgeous. I Love Them. Ilove that so much. You know what you do when you put flower crownson dogs? What you make gay men who got eight anyway, what thefuck that was? Because like mental dog, flowers rounds again. You try thatnow. Was No, we worse. Actually, don't know problem. Thatwasn't the worse, but it was definitely there. Dogs equal men,right, yeah, flower crowns equal queer, if you're fun with them. Yes, they do. What happens when you put them together? You aremen who've got eight. What the fuck? Why did they immediately get AIDS?You know discrimination. This is a...

...quick content warning. We will betalking about the eight epidemic. If that is something and trigg you, anybodystis are going to trig you in up tone out. There's some other episodesyou can watch. I recommend the Menstrual Cycle. I'm sorry. Actually,wait, good episode. No, nobody doesn't walk, because it's really justmusic the entire time, a scary stories. That's what you should go. Ohyeah, go watch our sterey story stories are on. It's much betterthan that and not as scary. Anyway. Moving on, let's get to thetopic. Okay, Buddy, yeah, Yo, sorry. In light ofthe omicron variant of covid nineteen virus, BARF hated, today we're going tobe talking about the AIDS epidemic in terms of how social aspects were affectedfrom members of the LGBTQ plus community. Oh No, I just added that, I know, but I had to write it in any ways. Okay, we're talking about the AIDS epidemic because of the speculation that has been broughtup as a result of how the omicron variant originated. Basically, because ofthe specific mutation of the omicron variant, scientists believe that the variant may haveemerged from someone with a prolonged and possibly untreated case of HIV AIDS. Biggesttakeaway from this episode is that anyone who has HIV, your AIDS, hasbeen associated with HIV slash AIDS, such as Africans or the LGBTQ pliss communityare victims and should not be discriminated against. They have anness pesties, leave themalone. Yeah, literally, starting off, Human Immune Deficiency Virus,HIV, is a virus that attacks the body's immune system, leaving it extremelyvulnerable and immunocompromised, and often lead into acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome AIDS. Ifuntreated, HIV aid severely weakens the body's immune system, and people who whichate with wit and people with HIV aid are extremely perceptible hum infections if theyare not managing their HIV AIDS the proper treats. Although HIV AIDS cases havebeen recorded during the S, it wasn't until in nineteen eighty one until itwas classified as an epic off I should know how to say this. Whatwe've been in pandemic for three years now. It was until in nineteen eighty onethat it was classified as an epidemic. The first official official with Hu mongersmutation marks. There Casey, says, the one who keeps having static comethrough from out Mike. Listen, it's my hair, I'm hot.Then put your hair out of the MIC. Bestie. It literally is. Ithink it's actually both you and avery. You're both. I think you're bothacclready static at the same time, which I think is kind of funny. Swag swags, rag swag. Anyway, the first official case with big cutationmarks in America was on June fifth one thousand nineteen eighty one, whenfive young men. We should make Ba that these were like young men,all active homosexuals. That would just it makes me want to die. Justcalled him Qui it really do. It's like active homo sex. What's well, I guess an inactive homosexual would be, you know, an a sexual homosexual, me or in the closet. Yeah, anyway, in three differenthospitals across Los Ngeance, come June thought,...

...twenty six cases had been found inhomosexual men in New York and California. December nine eighty two was the forcesuspected instance of HIV being transmitted via blood trumfusion when an infant was showingsymptoms. By the way, that was no one's fault. We should makesure that's said. No one knew what the fuck was happening. Yeah,don't blame the Porson whose blood it was. Don't blame the north. Don't.I don't know why you'd blame the infant, but don't. Don't.Don't blame these people. They all except for maybe the Norse, but shehad no idea. Or the DOC, they had no idea. Leave themalone. Well, if, if it wasn't known what it was, theycouldn't have tested for it. Yeah, so, exactly exactly. They're notvictims, but they didn't know. And then the other two people are victimsof an illness. Leave everyone alone. It happens seven days later, though, a total of twenty two cases and infants with a force instance of crushingwith her HIV and AIDS, or AIDS could be transferred pain penetraily pared natallyand a Narrataly. So that would be like if when the mother has HIVAIDS and then they give birth and then the baby ends up contracting HIV AIDSfrom the mother, which again it have. No one's a victim, no one'sa victive. Sorry, no one is that? Everyone's a vict yes, yeah, okay, sorry. On March fourth, one thousand nine hundredand eighty three, the CDC announces that most cases were among homosexual men.Drug injection users and people with him. APHELIA, I don't know what thatis. That is super rare, like blood clotting disease or something like yourblood doesn't plot properly. I don't know. It's Um it was. It's adisease that actually has been carried down through the royal family and stuff,and the Romano of the Russia had it, the actual the road, the Romanovare Alexei had it and he wasn't really allowed to do anything when hecan because his parents thought that he would like pat his arm open and died. Jesus Tenemosho has that. Oh my God, if we the royal thisdeadly disease soon, oh my God, Joe, Joe, Jose, no, dude, whatever her name is. Move On. Okay, wait,sorry, the royal family just like the favorite granddaughter of the Queen just turnedeighteen and apparently it's causing drama. ANYWAYS, which queen? The Queen of England, the only Queen, she says like an old I don't think you'reher grand rondy. No, she does have a granddaughter and she just turnedeighteen. She's the favorite. anyways. Yeah, Oh, I forgot howold the Queen was sorry, I thought she's dead. No, she's not, not yet anyway. Moving on. So Um HIV AIDS was then classifiedas it is actually transmitted disease as well as being transferred to blood slush,blood product exposure. It wasn't until July thirteen nineteen eighty four that needle injectionwas classified as a way of transmission. That's so weird. Okay, yeah, all right. It's like, especially with like drug users, like dirtyneedles are an epidemic of itself. Yeah, yeah, yeah, in Nineteen Ninetytwo, HIV slush AIDS became the number one killer for US men agetwenty four to forty, twenty five to forty four. In the year ofnineteen eighty two, AIDS was referred to as gay related immune deficiency for fourmonths before that. Yeah, bread,...

...all right, grid read for fourmonths before the CEC started calling it aids. Imagine fucking gave with what the fucklike? You could only get it if you're like what, know,yeah, they were babies that we're getting it there. Know what they weredare or not? Sorry, well, you know, everyone is straight untilthey come out. Si, I thought you were in late to how Isaid they were. I thought you were going to really tell how I saidthey like, I literally, like they were suffering some own they won't gayyet they were. No, it was just in the title anyways. SoAmerica was, for a word, ignorance. Fus Can see idiots once again,jackhead, its home of A. Canada's not much better. Yeah,yeah, but we didn't have an epidemic. Well, we probably. Yeah,it was like everywhere. Yeah, focused on it in America. Yeah, but then it would have been what the fuck are the I don't know, like a talkings? Actually is supposed to be pandemic. Is the worldI supposed to be like our country? I love this because my social teacherwas telling me about it when covid s doubted. Oh Gross, we hatecovid Oh did I type that wrong? Is that? Won't you bolded that? It's just funny. Oh my God, the time Reagan didn't even publicly saythe word ad until one thousand nine hundred and eighty five, not onethousand eight hundred and ninety five, like I'd previously fights, and by thatpoint over twelvezero Americans had already died. So, you know, fuck that. Yeah, yeah, treatments for hype AIDS included levels of, quote unquote, toxic medications that are actually like today considered to be like overdose amounts,like if you gave someone that medication today, it would be considered like giving theman overdose. so that's not sway. Yeah, and the government and theFDA only started taking serious action after it's activists started becoming increasingly public andgetting attention. I actually I read this one thing that in like one thousandnine hundred and ninety one or something, this one protester of like got agiant condom or something and like put it on top of a home Wi phobicperson's house. But don't quote me on that because I can't remember. Onehundred's so funny. Yeah, Um, so discrimination against people with AIDS isso serious that it actually has its own term, which is a Sara Phobia. So Sarah Phobia stemmed as a result of these misconceptions that it is astrictly gay std that it's not, that it's not swag exactly. UNSWEAT eggonce way delicious these forms of just give a nation. I'll still active,most not really with the blood the blood band in America. It's not inCanada. Know this is in Canada. Actually, what? Yeah, I'mgood, I could donate blood. This specific paragraph here is do like herCanada. I actually there was. I got this source from a article thatwas written actually like just like fifteen days...

...ago or something, that was criticizingTrudeau because, true to like, when he got a like it or something, he was saying that he's going to put an end to the blood bandor whatever. Oh, yeah, it was gonna heard. I have goodnews, though. This is something to do with the Canadian blood services,as they are trying to remove the coming waiting period. Yeah, that thatwas part of the article. Yeah, I mean I feel like if you'rebanning people from donating blood because of first of AIDS, you should just makeit to the only asexuals can donate blood. I can't just go, guys,I can't donate blood if I'm like in a relationship, most likely atall like that. Like this is I guess like this is you, guys, isn't doesn't affect you, but for me this is like, yeah,this affect you. Mean well, I mean, what's your blood type?I can't it doesn't it doesn't matter that I don't weigh enough. You donateblood. Yeah, that's because you can die, though. Yeah, that'swhat, because you'll die if you donate. You'll really yours. This is like, in fact, like this is just scrimin. Hey, this isn donate blood. Technically donate because I'm a Jine. Yeah, it's justlike. I mean, if it's circtly something that you're worrying about because ofaid's, like I feel like, I feel like people can be born withit too. Also. That's why I supposed that. Yeah, no,it doesn't matter my blood type, because they before like yeah, oh,negatives really well, right, because will know, like, basically, they'llonly take you to donate blood if you're own negative, pretty much like theLego. It's not needed if you're in know it is, because it's muchbetter to have the same blood type, of the same blood type. No, my bio don't talk about this. He's like type A B or aor something whatever. And he no, not not a be like a orsomething like a negative or positive. I don't remember. Anyways, he triedto donate blood and he and they were like sorry, we have too muchof that. You can't donate blood today. Yeah, that's has nothing to dowith his blood type. That's that he there that amount of blood type. They have enough, they don't need more. Yeah, exactly. Sothat has to do with his blood type. But I'm saying that's not always athing that happens. Okay, eventually they run out of that type ofblood. They just won't own negatives. No, no, they's. Theywant all type of blood. They own. Negative benefits them, especially in emergialsituations when you can talk to the person. But having a be havinga having beat like all of the types of blood on hand, because it'smuch better to have the same type of blood with the blooding your system,because then that means no rejection. Oh, negative, there shouldn't be any rejection, but it's still better have the same type. I wonder what myblood Lipe is. Me Too, I don't know. I believe my thinks, as I'm Obie a a be negative, which I think is the worst type. No, that's the type where you can be a stunt double.What marks like? You're the universal receiver. I'm leaving the Muss. So thatmeans really dangerous jobs and you'll be find no matter what blend blood transfusionyou need. Well, anyway, the blood band, the friends came infrom donating blood if they've had sexual relationships with a man in the past threemonths. Before two thousand and nineteen, though, the waiting period was fiveyears. Before two thousand and thirteen, game men were on a life timeband to donate blood. Not only does this discriminate men who have had sexrelationships with other men, it also lacks a blood supply. That I'm oneperson that they can no longer give blood to someone if they need it.Yeah, and honestly, that the thing that discussed me most about us isthat up until two thousand and thirteen, which wasn't even ten years ago,Gay men were on a lifetime band.

Like yeah, that is so flockedup. Yeah, well, jokes on them. My donated blood when Iwas sitting now, before I came out. So Gay. Yeah, but ifyou're in the closet you can't have AIDS. Obviously, I mean andless I have. I have dated and I was joking. I don't thinkyou will. I think your brain with some processing the information. No,I was joking. Okay, anyways, of all the activists who stood againstAIDS discrimination, Princess Diana are fucking Lord and Savior. Is perhaps the mostfamous with the most widely regarded effects. In one thousand nine hundred and eightyseven, six weeks before rigging Reagan acknowledged AIDS, Princess Diana's famous photograph ofher shaking hands with an AIDS patient occurred until her death. Princess Diana wasa widely regarded activist of AIDS, and for this we all thinker, aswell as Prince Harry, who is continuing Princess Diana's work power combolt. Yeah, I am I forgot to put it in the paragraph. I've actually forgotquite a few things throughout the script. But the reason that it like basicallylike Princess Igana shaking hands with that patient like change the game for people witha HIV was because, like up until then there was like this stigmatism thatyou would like get a by like skin to skin, to contact and stufflike that, and she like disprove that or whatever. Anyways, we loveher, we do with all of our hearts. Yeah, so the AIDSat fidemic. Do we find out if it's epidemic of pandemic? What wasthe difference? Oh, it's a I thought you already googled it. Iwas googling upboard of stuff. White, it was a glow, it's ait's a is a global pandemic by some. However, the wholy uses the termglobal epidemic. The difference between epidemic epidemic. These effects a large numberof people. A pandemic is an epidemic, is whatever, multiple countries. Soit technically is should be considered a pandemic, but they don't want tocall it a pandemic. Yet it's considered a global epidemic. Yeah, Isaid that. I said WHO is currently calling it a global epidemic, whichis should should be a pandemic, because that is what a pandemic is,is a global epidemic. Yeah, yeah, but I'm thinking a long way.I'm guessing the saying it. I'm guessing they're saying it because they don'twant to, because think about like, Oh yeah, we have a aidHIV pandemic. Yeah, that does sound worse than epidemic. Yeah, yeah, but yeah, basically it's far from over, especially in third old countries. So you know, it's impossible to say whether the epidemic could have beenprevented if discrimination stigma didn't ply ineer the US government. But it one hundredpercent could have been ended sooner. Thousands of lives could have been saved,and that's why we're so adamant about HIV AIDS education today, because with allof the stigma and discrimination, we cannot risk this happening again, because truly, there are worth thousands of people who could have been safe. So,yeah, hid the eight patients are valid as book, HIV AIDS workers arevout as book, and Princess Diana or...

Lord and Saviors, validas book.And have a good day. I fucking love Princess Diana. I know she'samazing, we love her. She's do, she's she really is just like putherself first. Yeah, well, she's dead. Yeah, but like, yeah, she was forced to die, but she got herself out of thatsituation. True, she did, which was good. Yeah, I'mglad. I think my favorite fact about her is that, like she's theonly person who has been asked to like be to like they asked her todivorce Prince Charles. Like the fuck she would ask to leave the family,and that's Hilarious to me that she's like was the first person in history wherethey were like, you're too powerful for us, like get the fuck out. I mean, yeah, they killed her, but yeah, they assassinatedher. They did. That's fine, she did not deserve that. Thatshould be an episode topic anyway. Thank you so much come today's episode.I hope you enjoyed it and I hope that we get to see you nextweek for whatever topic we do, which I think is actually probably going tobe queer coded villains, because that was put as a want, but thisover target. So that's most like the next few episode. So check itout, because I think it's gonna be a fun one. But yes,that's there. Anything else to add? Valu, Tho this fuck not much, but answer your questions from home. I accidentally just copy and pasted mymajor essay into the DOC, but don't worry, I guess he did itanyways. By y'all, stay gay.

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