House of Cards: An LGBTQIA2+ Podcast
House of Cards: An LGBTQIA2+ Podcast

Episode 97 · 2 months ago

House of Cards: An LGBTQIA2+ Podcast; Adoption


Today, Avery and Simone take the regins of the podcast and boy do they take it for a joyride. While talking about adoptions, they also gave some personal stories and adventures of there lives! We would also like to thank everyone who listened to our live show! and make sure to check out our youtube to see it once its has been uploaded. We hope you enjoy the epsiode, if not have a good rest of your life, and remember you are valid as fuck and stay gay.

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Written by Avery Ann

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Hello and welcome to your house of cards. and L G B T Q plus, I a two. I said it wrong. Podcast we talked about gay ship. I'm Abriann. I usually her pronounce, and I'm Simone, the only consistent host throughout this month. Yeah, for reality, monthly M V v August, like M v P, which can make you a trophy. August is my month because I have Leo somewhere in my chart. I mean that's not true, I don't. But Hi, I'm Simon. Are Usually they pronounced? And, Oh my God, can we say the pride thing? I mean, yeah, by the time it'll be like uploaded it, we'll already have done it. Yeah, we're performing it pride in our city. It'll already be done by the time we do it. But like, if you came to see us Saturday, actually it's on Saturday. That's kind of epic and you're kind of sexy. Yeah, but anyways, if you came to see us on and maybe you're like Hey, I'm gonna check out this stupid podcast thing, then vibes welcome. Yeah, and thank you for following. If you followed from pride, that's epic. MM HMM. I'm actually bringing all of our little business cards, oh my gosh, and them out. We should try and get sticker. I think I actually, I think I have this like about a bunch of stickers upstairs. Oh my God, exciting. We could we hand them out to people if they really are excited about us, so exciting. Oh my Gosh, uh, do the promote thing? I guess yeah, but I don't the two of us. That's true. It's so weird doing it with two people. have been doing that like all month. Um. If you want to find us on social media, you can find us on Instagram at House of cards underscore podcast, on twitter at lgbt underscore deck on Tiktok as house of cards lgbt, on Youtube as house of cards and lgbt deck, and our merch website is b why House of cards dot company dot site. We should really streamline like one name for all of our stuff. But it's fine, work, work, work, working like that. You know, they are quirky and I also it's completely my fault because I made all the accounts. It's fine, you're fine. That's valid. Speaking of the Youtube thing, though, Jess actually messaged me a while back because, like, the joke is that we're married and Jeff passaged me and was like, you know, should do for a youtube video, and I was like what? And he texts me he's like we should play the newly weds game. Oh my God, wait, we should do a wedding video for you guys. Oh my God, y'all keep joking about this. I don't know if it's actually going to happen or not. You guys are straight up just in the QPR though, like, let's be honest, yeah, like we kind of are. Jackson kind of made a joke about that a while ago and I was like, oh, ha ha, but then I like Fros and I was like wait a minute, like we kind of are. So, like you're moving in together, you share platonic and you share platonic affection and have kissed. Yeah, we have, and we're co parenting and Guinea pig. Yeah, that's a Qupr if I've ever heard of what. That's basically a QPR UM. Yeah, I love that iconic. We do we leave it so much? Should we...

...start? I don't know, I can't speaking speaking of UH different family dynamics. A K. keep here. Um. Today's topic is adoption. Thank you. I'm turning into Jess because I've been doing this day gay thing. Tanada, ten stars. Wait, Tenada ten stars isn't usually five step whatever. I get ten h today we're talking about children. You yuck. Although gay marriage is something that has been nationally respected, domestic liberties are not so protected. I'm not used to reading the script from avery anymore. Yeah, and like so long. Even though an estimated two million of lgbt Q, I. A. Two plus individuals worldwide are interested in adoption and the increased statistic that same sex couples are four times more likely to adopt a child, less than fifty percent of U s states explicitly allow same sex couples to petition for a second parent adoption. That's kind of homophobic. It kind of is. Yeah, just a little, like a little bit a grain of salt, grain of homophobics salt people. Uh. These states are Massachusetts, Washington, Montana, New Jersey, New York, California, Colorado, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Connecticut, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana and May. So you know, like sucks to suck. Are those the ones that don't allow it? Yeah, a lot of the gay ones. Those are a lot of the gay ones. What no, those are the ones that do allow it. Okay, because I was gonna say like Massachusetts doesn't, is homophobic. What it does allow it, okause they are the ones that do allow it. Okay. Um, second adoption. Second parent adoption, for those who don't know, is the process of allowing the partner of a parent of the adopted child to legally adopt the child and become a legal second parent. So mean Jess and beans? Yes, this jess is the second parent adoption. Exactly. You got to fill the parents. Yeah, literally, in California, for example, the state with the largest number of children adopted by same sex couples, is more than sixteen thousand. I feel like that's a small number. I feel like it kind of is. Yeah, yeah, like I feel like there's so many more gay bitches who want kids. Additionally, researchers estimate that the total number of children adopted by at least one L G B T Q i. A two plus parent throughout the US ranges from six to fourteen million. With same sex couples raising four percent of adopted children in the US and numbers steadily rising, it can be assumed that same sex couple adoption will continue to rise in the US a win for the homosexuals. Yeah, but I mean with Rope Wade, who fucking knows what could happen. Well, there's gonna to be more babies. Sorry, you know what bad joke that joke, but like, so maybe maybe the remember we'll keep rising. Maybe it will. I'm just saying, like, if we can pop out a whole generation of like anarchist gaze, I'd be happy with that. Yeah, dude, that's so exciting. Like, if the government's gonna Force you to have a child, you better raise it with the intention of that child going on to burn the White House to the ground. You could raise it off grid as an assassin, like do a lotus birth and just like black widow that ship. Anyway, we don't actually we don't actually promote...

...sorry, yeah, we are. We are a pro choice. We think the US is Shiit Um. Adoption is an excellent option for lgbt Q, i. e. Toub Blus people, because it gives them the chance to raise a child and become a parent, although adoption doesn't include any biological link to your children. Family is not limited to blood, despite what the US might think. Sucking homophobes literally disogynists, weird behavior. It's so weird like Fred would have a field day. Literally. Oh my God, there are hundreds of thousands of millions of kids worldwide suffering at the expent of fosters. It's it's expense of foster systems. That being said, we aren't here to guilt you into adopting. Just like pregnancy, adoption is for everyone and that's valid as fuck. As Fuck, as fuck. It wasn't written on the script, so I just like type that in there real quick. That's so rude. That's so rude. I know. How do you? How do you? It's so invalid of this virgion of me. It's literally virgin. Okay, although different adoption agencies may have different processes of adoption, adoption is mostly similar across Canada. Through public adoption agencies, applicants first undergo an initial intake meeting to outline the process and timeline of adoption and then complete a formal application. Majority of agencies will give parent resources for Information Development and education or pride training. What, Oh, Whoa, that's the acronyment information. Oh my God, the indoctrination starts early. No wonder just came out the way he did. He never had. Literally, justs Justin from house of cards. All adopted children are gay. I wonder what the statistical matter is. That's actually a good question. How many adoptees are LGBT? That's what I was googled. In total, one point four of all adopted children under at and living in households with same sex for different sex. Oh No, but that's about the parents being gay. Oh wait, wait, living. Damn, we'll never know. We'll never know. We should start a pool on our instagram. Go check that out. We should. Oh my God, just clicking through instagram stories and you see House of cards. Are you adopted? Yes, are you gay? Gay, yes, absolutely horrible. Okay, Um. Next is home study. This includes, for adopting, a background and police check, not autobiographical statement, which like basically to me sounds like a really fancy way of just saying like Havn't like a government. I D um medically like something to have proved you exist. Literally was yeah, medical exam and reference letters. The home study is to assess the applicants ability to deal with the tests that arise with adoption. I just on ironically whipped in dynate. As I've said, that what is happening to me. Um, the majority of public agencies in Canada will perform home studies for free. That's majority, not all. They all should. They should. Um. Then the applicant will seek an adoption license. Once all the case work has taken care of, a formal report is then presented to the adoption agency. And please, like, I feel like I don't have to kind of specify...

...this, but like this is specifically public adoption. Like private is like a whole white a bit more expensive. Yeah, it's so weird. I'm against private adoption, if you can't tell. All right, my turn. Yeah, from there it will be between you and the adoption agency to find a right match, either national or international. Fun Fact, international adoption is the most popular form of adoption. Most importantly, do your own research, especially if you're considering adopting, because there's there's so many different factors, especially when adopting a baby. Like, yeah, the ethics on that are kind of weird, but whatever, like we said. I mean personally, I think like because, Um, I totally just like De realed every's Fund saying, that's fine, whatever. wrote what I'm saying. You wrote what I'm saying because like I am super like I want to like adopt and posture whatever, whatever, and like with babies, like it's kind of difficult, obviously, because there's like it's a whole last child. Yeah, well, and like Ratch, yeah, and it's like, I don't know, I feel like there's a little bit of an ethics issue when you adopt from a parent and then just like it's a baby, they don't meet their other like they're biological. I don't know. Yeah, there's so many different factors and, especially when a baby, I feel like one of the biggest things is like the fact that it is an adopted child. And then there's that like are you going to raise it and not tell it it's adopted, or are you going to like, like how are you going to broach that subject? Personally, like I'd hang the fucking like adoption license like above the grid be like like just tell them straight up like the whole time. Yeah, but there's also like a lot of different psychology on how adoption affects the person who put the kid up for adoption, the kid and then and the adoptive parents as well. H A very interesting like cycle, cycle. Is that the right work? Yeah, cycle, yeah, it's it's kind of interesting. I recommend you look into it because it's yeah, it's Super Funky. Thank you, fresh, fresh, Beautiful K oh my. Yeah, like we said before, adopting isn't for everyone. It's not for me, and that's okay. No matter how you want to build your family or if you don't want kids, it'll oh. Y'All are valid as fuck, literally so valid, literally the most valid, unless you're anti choice, then you're invalid as that. You're invalid as version. Get the funk out of here. Yeah, literally leave. What are you doing here? Be Gone, began thoughts. Go Away. I'm a man of gone. Have you not heard that? I don't think so. I have to send it to you. It's a song. It's kind of funny. I think you will have to. I definitely will. Okay. Well, we, we did that so fast. We'd like spat sped sped its bad, sped Ram. What's speed ran like? Speed run is the present tense. So speed ran, sped rand. I'm gonna be using myself. Uh, we, like we. It's literally been... sixteen many. That's so funny. Damn. We really like wow, we just got it done. We're efficient, we're the efficient team. We be efficient. Yeah, more like efficiency. Way, yeah, that word didn't yeah, I don't know if they did. And even with my mom coming in in the middle and handing me my diploma, Oh my God, Oh, I love it. It's in a little frame. It's so cute. I think finds in a frame somewhere. I don't know. I actually I have to like go through my storage bins. That's probably a good idea. Yeah, I to figure out like what else to put in there and let's take out kind of thing and like how I'm gonna bit other stuff in there. weirdly. Yeah, that like my front closet. It's just like a mess, like most of my belongings are in boxes right now, m because packing, because I'm moving, which is super interesting. I'm so excited for you, I know. Oh, I have a funny story. Oh, I have three roommates, but one of them is my friend who's going there with me. So that's super exciting. Okay, what's your story? Okay, so I was donating blood yesterday, you know, as you do, because I felt like donating blood. I've always wanted to do it. It's my calling in life. Anyway. Vibes so as soon as you get there. If you're a new donor, they give you a sticker, they tell you that you didn't have to pay for parking and that they're going to reimburse you, and then, you know, they go through all your medical stuff and whatever and you take a certain right or like a questionnaire. It's like thirty or forty questions long. But the question that stood out most to me is they phased out the are you a gay man and question. Actually, there's two that stood out to me. They faced out the are you a gay man question. They turned it into were you a sex worker or are U sex worker? From nineteen seventy seven to to present. What's so specific about nineteen seventy seven? I think it has something to do with AIDS. But I'm nothing to do with AIDS, but like yeah, and there's a lot funny. I know it's funny that it's so specific to nineteen seventy seven. Yeah, like AIDS really started taking off in night. Yeah, but I guess, like maybe that's like the first year when it kind of existed. I guess. I don't know. I don't know. We have done an episode on it, like go check you at out if you want. Absolutely, it's how wrong we are. Yeah, it's a weird ask question. Anyway. The second one was not are you a gay man? It was have you had sex with a gay man, or have you had sex with him another man who has had sex with man? Like what I mean like inclusivity, my God, like it includes the bisexual. So like we kind of stand. But also what? Yeah, like you could overturned the blood man. Why did they ask you that? Like, and then they also proceeded to ask have you tested positive for HIV or AIDS? Like you can just ask that. Yeah, that's way simpler, right. That's literally the only thing that you need to know. Yeah, but a really great thing about the blood donation center I went to is they had a bunch of like pride flags everywhere and like they had prede stickers. Lots of the nurses had lanyards that were rainbow. Oh my God, it was super great. That sounds so nice. I know. It was so much fun.

And you know, they stuck me wrong the first time, which has never happened to me before because I have kind of juicy veins, and then and the person had to tell me, oh so we can't stick you twice in the same arm. Can we do the other arm? Yeah, that's true, which is my dominant arm. Yeah, so that was Super Fun. Bander done that. Yeah, and she was like, I'm so sorry, I think I had to mutch coffee today. Funny. It's so funny. Like okay, thanks for your candor. Yeah, like same girl. What you and me about? Sister? Oh, and she was also checking out my mom because I was like, Oh, yeah, I'm here with my mom. Oh, she spent over there and she's like damn. She's like look at the jeans. I know. That's literally what she said. It was so funny. Wow, I could be a blood drawing nurse right. It's so why I couldn't be. I'd pass out. Yeah, like I like sure, in practice, absolutely not. Yeah, well, it's really blood would really get on you. So no, but like that's not the thing. It's just like that. You can like see it and like it's so similar to like a straw. That's why I like looking at it. They're like you want to look away and I'm like no, I don't. Oh, no, like that's me, like I can't look at it. So why haven't you like every time that I've bought in my blood drown like I like stare in the other direction at the because I think it's really cool. Oh my God, yeah, I cannot do it. That's actually that's the only that was how I would like basically found out that when I went for blood work the last time, that they took it eight tubes at once, because, like, I've had I've basically back when I was like twelve or something, I had to get blood work every few months for like two years. Oh my God, actually, no, more like three years. I mentoring that face my life. I'm I'm re entering as well. It really like hitch pause. Yeah, and then, like now it's just continuing. But yeah, so, like I'm like pretty well versed in it and like I know how much time it takes, like conscious like subconsciously. So I was sitting there, well, not sitting, I was letting down Um and she like, prickly, it's going to doing whatever, whatever, and I was like it's been more than thirty seconds, like what is happening? What is going on? My internal clock was off the chart and I was like man, this is more than two hubs and she was like yes, it is. Damn. Yeah, that's really funny. I love that. Actually, mm HM, oh, actually, what kind of Oh, yeah, we should end first. Yeah, I just have a personal story. Oh, you can tell it before we end. Oh Nah, okay, Nah, besides, we're over twenty minutes now, so I feel more comfortable about ending it. Okay, that's valid. Do you want to say Jackson's bit, or should I? Dude, I don't know if I know it. Okay, thank you so much for listening. Uh, thank you so much for listening to our podcast. Jackson's back here, so this is a little bit funny. Now. We hope you enjoyed our episode and you know, we'll hope to see you again. If we don't, fuck you, this is my show now. Okay, me, I'm just kidding. Exactly...

...the vibes. No, I'm just kidding. I hope you have a great rest of the rest of your life and I hope you think about what you did. You know, when you decided to stop listening to our podcast. Suck you. I mean like like it's like a mental health thing, like pop off girl boss, but also, if it's not, literally, what are you doing? I want to meet you in the street. Um, is there anything else to add? Valid as fuck. Um, sweetness, what I'm like. I'm kind of like sweaty right now and for some reason, like my first thought was penis, but like my mom's kissing, where like sweaty booths are like scoobies, you know, and like because I'm sweaty, it's just kind of together. I think it's worse that I explained it. Actually, I formally apologize for all of my actions. Sticky.

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