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House of Cards: An LGBT Podcast; Hair removal


Today we talked about how we are changing to a podcast about cars and trucks. Our topic was Hair removal. Our music was staying in. [lofi / jazzhop / chill mix]. Reminder Waffles are good and you are Vaild As Fuck

Welcome to the House of cards and LGBT podcast. I'm Simone. I U see they pronouns and I really, really really like energy drinks. I'm Averyan. I also used you her pronouns. I am your second toast for this evening and I don't enjoy energy drinks. Hi, my name is about Papa. That's not my name. My name is Jackson. I use they the me them dumb ass. You know whatever problems you before. Dull, dumb, stupid. We're dacted and last post. And I really like coffee and the new drinks. Okay, don't like tea, though. I love tea leaf water, leaf, hot leaf water, hot leaf water. Okay, no, Ginger tea is the best. It's all right. Yeah, I've never had to lemon ginger honey. Immaculate. Wow. Okay, UM, promotion, get into it. Yes, do it. You can find us on Instagram at House of cards underscore podcast, on twitter at lgbt underscore deck, on Patreon as House of cards. Our website is house of cards, lgbtcoma where excite. I remembered this time, and our TUMBLR is its house of cards. Wow, that's impressive. I never remember our website and you run a website? Yeah, I don't really. It's mostly just the instagram that we actually do stuff on. Books. Yeah, which will hopefully change as we are making changes to the podcast. Hopefully. Oh, definitely, I'll hold. That's actually I'll just gonna be about trucks now. How trucks, of car, trucks, of cods, truck, truck, call it. Well, I'm big rip because I know absolutely nothing. Yeah, so we just did the podcast over to my brother and then, yeah, yeah, just talks about tracks, talks about trucks, like what else are you going to talk about? They who knows man who they are? Gasoline, GAST SO BE CASTLE? What averything straight men talk about? Yeah, facts, yes, it's a kind of true. It's kind of truly. Yeah, to be honestly, everyone is outreached about gas prices and I don't even drive. He was like, I hate got prices. See, you have to pay for gases? No, but I hate it anyway because I'm told you by society standards. I just got my license and, Oh man, I cannot wait for that fat gas bill every day. I don't my gas, you steal it. Yeah, that kind of sounds like you have a sugar daddy. Yeah, it's called my parents faith of my gas. Wow, my fuck. What do your parents not know my patent? Because I... places. I don't even have my license. Don't want it, don't need it. You might need it one day, but yeah, not today, though, therefore, but I don't give a stay. So that you did have to go in your note, he fuss. True, true, I got mine crop fide. I just really like driving. That's bathod, seeing when it's like in a hot vehicle in your favorite music is playing and you're just vibing. Yes, Oh my God, driving over to my Nanas the other day was the best experience of my life. When you drive, you by yourself. Yes, did you know? I was listening to a hundred guests and me lookie Scott the whole way there. Got I listened to Bab Babushka, Babushka. Oh yeah, I just yell the thought Babush Babo Scott. I just yell it, just specifically. No, my friend, but Pilo Scott, Immaculate Song. Anyways, I listen to the Dixie Chick Oh my God, fuck, okay, best song to drive to is like not ready to make Nice, but, oh my God, I'm obsessed with that song like it's an anthem. Exactly awesome. So good. Hi, this is editing Jackson, and we've had to say that we're going into our topic. So going into our topic, here you go. So today's topic is hair removal. So we're talking about getting rid of the pesky hairs that you no longer want for some sort of reason and ways of getting rid of it. That kind of stuff. Wanting to get rid of your hair is something that any gender and sex goes through. Female, male and but literally anything. At some point you most likely want to shave at something or you want to try shaving and you know, maybe it's your head, your face, your leg, arms, so so, toe, stomach, chest, back, pubic area, literally anywhere you mad choose to shave it because, you know, maybe you don't like having long hair and you really like to be bald. Shave it. Maybe you don't like having hairs on your leg, shave it. So, though, something you have to realize is some hair is excusively to the female and male sex hormone connection things, and sometimes a male will not grow something that is stereotypical a man's hair growth. Most totally the beard, the facial hair that is mostly a male sex. Someone things, though. It is completely possible. A female can go it biological, a sex female can grow or a sex male can grow it, not grow it. Yeah, it's all about hormones, it's all about hairs. Just wacky it is, and so is your boss, to almost everybody. Almost everybody, because I'm people don't have hair, have eyebrows, have hair on the top of their head, have hair on their arms, but you might not. You might be one of those few individuals that do not. Your hair mostly decides to come growing in, mostly at puberty, when you're being flushed with home owes, homones, homones, hormones. That's why you...

...grow hair. homones it is say Nope, nope, Nope, Gromo. So at puberty you may notice leg hair. I'm hair on but hair, chest, hair, back hair, people to care, facial hair and maybe even the lost of your head hair, who knows? Eventually that's called balding, but being bolding. The main homones that are in charge of this are estrogen and too saucer owne, the tip stereotypical male and female hormones. People who take hormone blockers or subtulements may notice a decreasing or increasing in body hair. If you take homeown stutter and bookers, your facial hair may start to stop going in. If you take supplying to sauce Rowne, your facial hair may start to go in. WHOO. Well, yeah, Um, while you have hair follicles all over your body, terminal hair is the thick long strands that at trude from the Scalpe Bella's hair is referred to sometimes as Peach Fuzz, which is freaking adorable, and is then ter shorter hairs that cover the body. What's hair fullest? What's what? Like? The first thing, like, while you have hair fullest, pullicles, follicles, follicles, yeah, all those like. Is that a type of hair? Is that? It's like a pocket in which your hair will grow out of. So basically that's where the root of your hair grows from. The root is made up of protein cells and is nourish by blood from nearby bloods US vessels. Your hair needs blood too. That sounded horrifying. Oh my God, I know, awful. I did it on purpose. Do you got is of similar to the paragraph? Yes, I got SID track. Yeah, vellas hair is Peach Fuzz, which I love it on. Is The thinnish, shorter hairs that cover the body like on? You tell me. This is one reason why some people may have like I skift a sentence. Goodness. Alas, hairs are not influenced by hormones and primarily serve as insulation for the body. So this would be like your arm hair and like here, and this is one reason why some people might have like more hair on their body than other people. Like I have a circulatory thing, so I'm my body literally runs cold. So I've always had quite here, your arms. You need it to survive. Yes, I do. It's my other. It's your our layout. Yeah, why, why? Are? Why are we saying these whole horrifying things today, like images? The increase of hormones during puberty is danges Bellas hairs to terminal hairs at different parts of the body. The development of terminal hairs is considered a secondary sex characteristic, though. Fun fact, boobs and beards are not all that different. Boobs and beards, Yep, Ye know, close well, because they're both like secondary sex characteristics.

Oh Yeah, is that it? Yep, there it's okay, very similar. Nothing else. He's a child. The other just looks nice. Is Do not that do not as far as you think. Now they're actually not similar at all. I don't know why I said that. Cute, I love it on. Thank yeah, the hormones that have said sitivity to where the terminal hair grows are called Androgens, which kind of sounds like a drug genus, which is kind was thinking that, oh, that's exectly sounds like for association. Anyways, answer, Jens are typically associated more with male sex hormones. Now, while both sexes have androgens around their pubic areas and armpits, the male sex tends to develop more hair in places such as the arms, feet, hands, legs, chest, back and face. Wow, you're some some Harry guys. Thank you. Actually, I'm really here. It's a part of my jeans. I have chest already, but it's not impressive. So we love that. I love who we give someone the pubic hair to. It's so we stand. Okay, I didn't even to think. Oh my gosh. Okay, pubic hair tends to arise around age eleven, in the second stage of puberty, and armpit hair occurs later, around fourteen for the male sex and after age twelve for the female sex. Around. Age Fifteen is when what? Okay, I started going pubic hair at like twelve. I was very concerted, as I had not known that was supposed to happen. I thought I was broken. I literally didn't notice it and my friend pointed it out when we were changing for swimming in like grade four, and I was like, what the fuck is that's imagine grade for you at the moment. What the fuck? I don't think. I can't really remember. Like hundred and twelve. Age fifteen is when the male sex will typically notice the growth of facial hair. I feel it's that is true. No, that's true. Okay, but see, I knew this kid in middle school, definitely not fifteen, had a full beard. Yeah, valid, some that's the interpret anyways. Okay, of course, because hormones and puberty are biological, there are many internal and or external factors that can influence hair growth in puberty. Everyone develops at their own pace. There isn't really a guideline to follow. It's not like you can force it watch meld. Like medical intervention is a thing, but they're not going to do... if you're like twelve. They're gonna do it if you're like twenty. Watch me do that would depending on how your body and mind progress. There will be a bunch of different changes to keep track of, and make sure you're keeping open communication with your parents and doctors during this time. Honestly, most things that happen are normal. I'd try Google first, but Google that. Honestly, Google's book got me through puberty. Good God. This is why we need a better sex education. So spem literally, oh my gosh, we findal Stacte so lucky. Here's the thing. I had a bit of a vaginal crisis a while ago because I realized I had never seen an anatomical diagram really of a Gina and I was like, Oh my dear God, I know nothing. And then I like how this whole crisis and I was like, how can I be a part of like an education podcast and not know what a vagina looks like? I was losing my mind. I know one looks like. In that sad some people embrace the hair on their body as if it was the hair on their head, which is no social acceptable compared to other stuff. But we hate society here, so screws socials. Others. Before to grow really like shaving us such a hassle, like just everyone grow your hair. It literally keeps bacteria out. There were multitude. I'm going to do listay. I've decided this is my thing now. Every time aver. That's because my that's just me, I know, but I'm good. I am powding pouts at you. I'M gonna highlight when I see this in my parts so that I can especially like point them. Hemstitude of different options to remove the hair on your body, though you can't do them all at once on the same place. Of they're different, they're not meant to like. Some things won't walk everywhere. Don't do them everywhere. Everyone's podus is different. Some people have sensitive skin. I couldn't have sensitive skin, so I can use some products because my skin will become a red hot cheeto. Mood. Postal experience may have includes you from method as well. If you have had, I don't know, maybe some problems that come with accidentally cutting yourself, you may not want to shave. That maybe something you choose not to do, and that is valid and something you should make the choice to do. There are seven modern ways. There's, of course, unmodern ways, but those are unsafe. So checking what you do them...

...done with sand paper. Was Check your doctor before you do them. Oh my goodness, to the ways to remove your fire safely and modernly. Safely and modernly, hair removal creams can be bought over the counter and work by breaking down the proteins of the hair. So it's literally chemistry and the I don't know, I thought it's cooling smell system of chemistry. Did someone say chemistry? Yeah, boid chemistry right now, there, I got it. Yeah, it stands and desolves the base of the hairs and like any other depilatory product, which is like cream's, gels, lotions, you can have skin reactions and you should always test just a small patch on your skin to look for any irritation or redness or itchiness to see if you could be allergic to anything. Okay, I can also never use it. I don't do that. I just use, I just look. When it comes to the cream stuff, I just put it on my skin and hope I die. Jackson, I know somebody who tried to get rid of their like pubic are using a hair removal cream and they've got like chemical burns all over. I will, I will do that and I will not care. Oh God, Oh no, removing all some point. It's like my hair. My Acting Park is like make sure you test to make sure it doesn't cause redness, and I'm just rubbing it all over my face like well, I hope I don't die. Whether there's no, for example, specific creams for the face should only be used for cheeks, jaw up, for LIPP and Chin. They should not be used on eyebrows, in your nose, in your ear, on your scalp, on your genitals, nipples, or use for moles or for the pubic region. Nipples, genitals. Well, no, because that's part of like the secondary sex characteristic thing. But everyone has nipples. But but, yeah, they're not genitals. But yeah, sure they're not. They're not gent they're not genitals with the part of the reproductive system. As SM Arry, I need to I'm googling it. Continue, I'm going to Google this. Oh my God, for the pubic region. Yeah, like Simone said, literally, do not, don't put it, don't be be careful, use a bikini line, don't use it on Sun Burns, irritated skin within twenty four hours of other hair removal on that site, without you, without carrying out a skin test. Cough, coff Jackson or without seeking medical advice pertaining to diabetes, circulation problems and skin disorders. Okay, they are gentiles, though, just a different thing that leads to sexual arousso...

...all, Russell, the more you know, yes, okay. anyways, classic shaving is the most popular and relatively painless, you know, if you're not clumsy dumb bitch like me, who doesn't use shaving cream and just like has cuts. All love her fucking legs. Flash flashback to me literally cutting such a deep cut in my cheek because I apparently was the dumb ass I do really demand. Anyways, okay, there's a possibility of Nick's cuts. Are and grown hairs, and grown hairs worst. Okay. If you want to avoid this is like big sister advice. If you want to avoid in grown hairs, you shave. Okay. So there's different techniques for different areas. You're supposed to shave like with the grain of your hair, but I don't do that. I'm lazy. I use disposable razors. Oh, I shay if your yeah, if you're shaving like your pubes, shape sideways, shape sideways by it works. anyways. Um, what your skin and hair before shaving it to soften it. You can also put on like Shaving Gel or whatever. Conditioner works just as well and it's way cheaper. Yeah, and it's also better for sensitive skin. Sometimes I just use straight up shampoo. I mean it cleans at the exact same time. Yeah, you can also use baby oil. anyways, shaving the direction the hair grows, but like sideways and or do whatever you want, or whatever you want to do. Yeah, this is the advice. If you don't like the advice, don't follow it. Yeah, pressure peoples amounts can cause in grown hair. So like, yeah, don't try to do that. Yeah, go ahead, like every like bodily experience. It's inherently personal to you and like that's part of why I stuff like this is so important, so that you know what you're comfortable with and you know what's normal for you. Yes, okay, apparently the American Acadet Academy of Dermatology Association has a lot of links with shaving tips for specific areas. So again, that is the American Academy of Dermatology Association. If you want like sound American, I don't like that. If you want like row like dermatic like for your skin, like tips how to keep your skin safe while you're shaving. Go to them. We're just teenagers, we were, example. Hold Up, would association be considered a government or pot of a government? I don't know, I don't know. None of you are helpful. It sounds too much a good government. I don't know. Oh my God. Okay, you can shave anywhere. You can shave anywhere, but make sure they'll like be careful with your skin because, like, infections suck booty hole so hard. This especially if it's an ingrown hair, fucking ingrou her. Okay, anyways, sorry, I would... They're kind of satisfying to pop. Yeah, like, have you seen those Vedeos? HMM, okay, sorry, continue, but that can hurt it. Okay, Oh, threading. Okay, this is something I've never done but I've always wanted to try. Threading is the use of a doubled thread, which like you tie a thread like a single piece of thread and and not, and then there's like two sides to it, you know, and then it's twisted and then you just like roll it over your unwanted hair. Generally it's used for like your face, your eyebrows and stuff, but really you could use it anywhere. I feel like it would take a lot of time for like your whole body, though. It is painful. It fucking hurts. I've never threaded, but I've used like springs and though hurts. Yeah, so my mom has this cute little eyebrow device. It's a spring and you just roll it over your face it just rips out your hair. Good God, that sounds it's archaic. It's archaic. Um threading last six to ten weeks and is better for smaller areas like the eyebrow, the upper lip, like face things. Chin. Now, bad hairs of my Chinny Chinchin, like if you've one little like hair on your Chin like my mom does. Wow, she is this one thick hair in her chin and she plucks it every week. Exposed. Okay, yeah, it was that my tone now. Yeah, sorry, it's been a while. That was a really cute little giggle. Waxing is basically applying spicy, hot, delicious looking melting racks, you know, wack with you. Do you not eat wax? Do not eat wax for betting on to your skin and then quickly in the opposite direction. Just so, just off what you should off your skin. Your main and cons to this technique, including Resinan sensitivity and grown hairs. Scaring bone in your snow and hairs isn't and gross hairs is a thing. Why rarely voted. With irritated and Sunburne skin. Basically I shouldn't wax because my skin is so sunsitive it would literally die. It's it should be cause if you take it with certain types of act me cream or whatever, that fucking world is insultation, a camera treat annoying. I think it's like a type of medication. Basically, talk to your doctor's talk to your doctor. Don't wax. I would just say don't wax your face. That's just that's just me. I feel like you shouldn't wax your face. You can, but it would suck. Yeah, but you a lot of people use cream and acting and chemicals on their skin and applying hot wax,... that could be dangerous. Why I have to wash your face beforehand? Made used to walk. Yeah, you may choose to wax your eyebrows. That's gate. But, like men, I don't know if you should wax your beard because sometimes our beards are very quick. I want I'll talk about that later. I'll talk about that. I'll talk about that later. But you could wax eyebrows sugar similar in which a soft pace is applied to the skin and pulled off in the desire spy. It's a you put it on your shop. Yes, it obvious skin. I am in love with your sound effects. Me To this is the best thing. Matter can be done almost anywhere on the body. Well, like I feel like you're should be more careful in the sensitive areas, like why couldn't hear? Way? Okay, one thing to add. So sugaring. I've been doing a lot of research about it because I wanted to do it once I run out of disposable razors. HMM. So basically, you like melt sugar with like lemon juice and then you like boil it and then you wait for it to cool down, you roll it into a ball and you apply it to your skin. You just rip it and then you reuse the same thing. I mean, I know someone who did it once in base on their upper lip and they said that it really hurt. But I mean to waxing, because it's like waxing. Yeah, but like they said that it was worse than waxing. Know, yeah, everyone one has their own like pain tolerance levels and it's going to be a different experience for everybody minds. Like there's one unquote I really love that. The same water that hardens the egg softened the potato. Yes, we stand. Okay, it's a stone, by the way, rod is. Oh yeah, I got like so into my quote there. Then you realize like hey, guys, come on, let's go. This I found actually really weird. So electrolitis is the only permanent form of hair removal and like I don't know why you would, but to each their own. In in like a very, very small, thin needle into the hair follicle. It's like even just like looking at my own like arm, like how small, how small? Good God. Yeah, it's like anybody needle into the hair follicle, followed by a small electrical chart to damage and destroy it. So that's like SCI FI hair removal. There's two types of galvanic. GALVANIC electrolysis uses direct electrical currents that create chemicaltions that destroy it. So...

I mean like maybe kind of like the hair removal creams, but obviously a lot more personal there. Yeah, and thermolysis, which actually this sounds a little cool. It uses high frequency currents, which I think that's like, I don't know, things that it basically like makes it vibrate strong enough to come on, come on. So makes it vibrations strong enough to heat and destroy the follicle. There's a type of energy. What's that energy? Kinetic? Oh my God, Kinnecticut. It can be very painful, though, and it can. It can cause scars. It's be full with pacemakers, which I kind of want to know. Why? Vibrations? Probably the vibrations. Perhaps the like electricity? That's another possible will your body produces its electricity? Yeah, I want to know this. anyways. Lastly, laser hair removal uses targeted laserins to penetrate and destroy hair fall with pleas. There can be scarring, redness and problems with pigmentation of the skin. Yeah, US, okay, of course. Hair removals a choice. It's not required or expected. If you have ver date someone they're like easy to shave, you dump them. Okay, maybe don't do that, but like talk to them about it. No, no, no, no, talk. Don't just break up with people somehow. We talked about this. Shut up. Okay, anyways, have yourself. Anybody comfortable? I remember hair or no hair, your valid as folk. Yeah, like, honest, it's so old bad that there's not a lot of hair representation. As I was saying it, I realized. But like in magazines and on TV shows and stuff, like women are always shaved and like even even if the fucking dead. Yeah, and like even like men in some movies have like their bare chest. People aren't naturally that way. Are you sure I was born this way? No, because somebody on there is blong hair. There is a condition.

Way, you just have no hair. How like, yeah, you don't grow any hair at all. And I think it has like purple eyes or something. I think not. Maybe, I don't know, we'll figure this out later. But yeah, like it took me like up until, oh my God, real fifth the Purple Eyes thing. I think it might be. I don't know, but like it took me until I was like fifteen to realize that like I could be like happy and comfortable with not shaving, because I felt like it was so expected of me. I wanted. I don't talk about before, but I didn't want to take up our topic too long. Yeah, no problem, other people did that for me. Don't worry, but just some chips from just some tips from somebody who has a beer. Yes, gross facial hair. I'M gonna somebody. Yeah, just some someone who is growing Fisher and has dealt with it at a bit and has, you know, gets to do with that stuff. One you've others. Fuck with growing Fisher with not growing Fisher whatever you want. Ither thing is do your best to shave against the hair. I should be growing actually up, not down. Something to change that. But sometimes you don't need to shave completely. So if you want to grow in the hair but you don't want it to grow so much, get a trimmer, not a shaver. A shave it will get rid of the hair completely. A trimmer would just trim it down to a level that you think is best. You don't know how to shave because you have an absent father. Google, Youtube. Yeah, there're just like that. One Youtube series about the guy who does a bunch of things. And make sure if you want to grow a hair, if you're going to shave, if you're going to shave one area, shave the entire area or stop trimming one another. If you shave one part of your body but you don't shave another pot, then you're gonna have to end up shaving the four spot and not trim. If you want to go beout, Trim, don't shave. Big thing now. Oh my gosh, is there anything else we want to add? I can't think of anything. I just wanted to say, like that thing about like you don't have to shave, even though you might feel like it's expected of yeah, I mean,...

I want my leg hair now. What days I would okay, I would grow up my leg here if I could grow it out super long. I left it alone for six months and it didn't get super hairy, so I decided that I'm going to shame it's be able to braid it. Yeah, I'm upset that I couldn't anyway. Yeah, I can't think of anything else. Oh, it's you're shaving your UM million dollar pussy. Do it while the hairs underwater. It helps not getting irritation. Okay, Awesome, lover Um, but hopefully we can see you next week. Not Then, I hope you have a good rest of your life. Oh, maybe we see the following week, whenever you end up coming. As a reminder, we post every Wednesday. The music is in the description, the topic is in the description and a website. Links will be posted as soon as the episode is posted. Thank you so much for coming. Hopefully see you next week. Is there anything else you guys have to add valid it? Falk Um, I had a watle this morning that was given to me. Okay, see Ya, by bye. I.

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