House of Cards: An LGBT Podcast
House of Cards: An LGBT Podcast

Episode 5 · 1 year ago

House of Cards: An LGBT Podcast; Good Vibes


Listen to three gay teenager vibe as we talk about how good zendaya looks. how school works. the trash that is Romeo and Juliet. Just stright vibing. 

Hi and welcome to the House ofCarts and LGBT podcast. Hi, I'm Simone. I go but she,they pronounced, and forcuse your pronounce currently I'm putting bloodstone on my altar sothat I don't die from having my shark week. That's valid. Hi,I'm Jackson, forgets pronouns. I go by he. They bitches, andI'm currently finding my other needles so I can knit. I'm Abriam. Mypronouns are she, her and I am working on a Shawl in which Ihave until Halloween to finish. Work. Is A shawl? It's like like, you know, like what a wrap would be. No, it's imaginelike a large sweater scarf. Oh, fuck me too. That's me.Yeah, so I have until Halloween to use up an entire ball of yarnand I've I've started on Saturday and I've been bringing like my knitting to schoolwith me so that I can get it done. My Lord Simone, doyou need me to promote for today? Yes, please, because I'm doingsome stuff. Yea, our wars, so we have things. Just don'tknow we have things. I'm not like. Some of this isn't my thing,so I wasn't ready. Give me a seck. I can get usto our instagram real quick, just a good one. I got house souser name a thing to find us on Instagram as house of cards underd podcast. I also want to say thank you to the many people that have followedus since last time, and I'll hopefully listening, because it would suck ifyou followed us and didn't listen to us. So Hi, guys. What inparticular though? The stairs? We also want to say thank you toeveryone who liked our recent post, which reach one hundred and sixty likes.Can we just just a random pass that shit like that's some. That's some. Yeah, that's some, good as shit. Question. Just Pende alittle work. Is it still effective if you use a crystal necklist? Yeah, because a pendulum isn't meant to be like fortune telling, like Tarot cards. It's meant to be your intuition. Oh, I think so. It'sOh, okay, Y, which he would put is at lgbt underscore death. I don't go on here all so all the time, Bro, Itweet from this twitter. So much for... personal twitter. I don't know, I might be mixed just your personality, because you posted for all episode onQueer and then didn't do it for a third episode and the last postwith the daygo saying I like a women in that this. Okay, listen, some now would this instagram if I wasn't posting stuff? Probably well,good to know. I'll Tumblo is house of cards. I'll patreon is houseof cards. Avery, I don't know a website. Can you do thatfor me? I yeah, it's let me Google. Actually, my bedroomsmells like burning moss. Literally none of us. The Way I say,is house of cards, LGBT DOT wicksitecom website. So I think. Fuck. So that's everything. Me and every being some own just panicking all theway like shit. Worry about it. Just just feel I gotta grab myknitting and you got to grab your notebook. Why? Because we're doing two episodesin one night. Before the next one, we do have a fiveminute break. We are bulk recording because of some illness, avery, mentally. Sorry, I was a feeling good. Getting a cold. Okay, brushit up, come on, avery. Pushed through rip guys. I finallywent to the office at my school and got my name changed in theschool system. M and people still calling you your debt. Dead name inyour comments really a dead name, honestly, like someone's kind of a nickname changesin in school system for a nickname. Okay, listen, I okay,I have a theory. I could be a hundred percent wrong, butI think dead name only applies who people who changed their name for gender reasons. Yes, I yetifies to anyone who's not using their old name. AndI will admit I do still mess up and call you Hannah sometimes. Weall do. You're not the only one. I do sometimes too. Yeah,my parents still do it. I have a problems. There are toomany stitches and not enough room on my needles. I feel that I'm justgetting small times right so much. Oh my God, good I I justscraped my first project because I realize I was breaking through the Yawn and creatingnew knots which was filling up my needles, and so I just had to stopand like I went through it and...

I had like sixteen lines of yawnfrom one original line. Te Fuck, I'm not gonna I still have anedited shit. I wonder if I could transfer some of my stitches onto likea string probably, and then just knit like that. That sounds possible.You can do anything you want if you put your mind to it. Weshould say this isn't there's no topic for this episode. The title is unknown. Will I'm gonna give it a do. You better not come off not.I'm going to give it a title, like when I'm posting it, likebe like, okay, this is what we'll call in it. Yeah, we're just fibing. Kind of just us on crack because, like thisis educational, but I'll say the skin and again, we also don't wantit to be very like to know what's the word for as shit or fellowteens. So we just thought, like every once in a while we'll justget enough for about, you know, like pissing communist and just like everyoneelse. Yeah, like we will literally just come on and talk about Shit, like whatever we want, like maybe we'll get political and maybe it'll beserious, or maybe we'll talk about how pickles all just Cucumbos, but female. Oh my God, that makes so much sense. Oh my God,Jackson, what have you done? Also, the light of politics, in thenext presidential election, you're voting for no excuse you. So Biden andtrump's their microphones are going to be automatically muted, like I as the endof the two minutes, and I find it just so funny. It's likewe really canceled the president good as he should. The president shouldn't be allowedto talk any president. No, President, presidents are two done to speak.But about Obama? Okay, our prime minister, he cannot talk,like he could probably do asl very well, but I do not think he isthe capability of using the English language in like. I don't. Youdo either, but you surprised me. But I think someone could speak Englishfor like twelve years. What do you mean? You knew me for onethe fuck up, little hole. Take me, I'll do it. Thathas a lot of sexual tension. That's the whole point of that. FirstOh my God. Okay, so I called my boyfriend a piss baby onthe train. He got so sad I had to like piss boy. That'sreally give. It was so sad. Don't realize. Like I want totalk about a boy, but like it's also a very high chancey listens tothis, so you're kind of like, Oh shit the fuck, just talkabout it, talk about a different boy, but the same things that you wouldsay about boy that you want to talk about. Simona is so attractive. Honestly, I've never felt more validated... my life. I mean,I used she they pronouns, but being called a boy, Oh, youknow, speaking of Gay Shit and stuff. Well, first of all, somy family watches skin more's on Netflix, which is like body painting competition.Oh Yeah, I've seen it. Oh my God, Zendo was aguest judge on one of the episodes and I literally couldn't function. Lesbian.You'll that, oh my God, but she's just off, Zende O,man. Yeah, anyone loves then. It's like how everybody loves Tom Hollandand everybody loves on Day. Like you can't, no matter what your sexprobably is. It's just too powerful. They are too powerful. Oh myGod, they're like a powerlations know, they're not a couple, though,power relationship, I couldn't. They could not be a couple. and NonBinary this news, but the day it was non binary. They definitely breakdown gender stereotypes, which we stand. Like you do not have being onBarner to break down gender stereotypes, though. Yeah, Bitch, yeah, I'mnot saying anything about like non binary, but she like doesn't really like conformyeah, gender styles and stuff. So just breaking the gender stereotype.Yeah, I mean, have you seen her in a suit? Oh myGod, Oh my God, Oh my God, sorry, I'm such alesbian. For Hers and days, Zendaya in a suit is what I seewhen I have horny sleep, prols his dream. Okay, no, noton this Christian winecraft. So are you consenter out the word Horny Jackson?I'm triggered. Yeah, I'm sorry. Oh my God, I'm sitting thereBob a coot, bobecue sauce on my titties. I'm sitting there barbecue sauceon my titties. That's literally someone every conversation we have with them. Okay, so I think that that originally came from. Orange is the new black, but I'm not sure. No, it's a vine. I know it'sa vine, but they say that on orange is the new black. Ohmaybe it is. What came first, the chicken or the egg? Summoned? Someone did not calling with a Q did. Look, we're talking aboutdifferent things. Someone always comes for used with me. That's not true.You like s fuck. You got so...

...much shit too. I have ahomework and English homework I'mill be honest. So I'm going up to cargo tosee my fan. Yes, Oh my God, I can't wait, butthere's also a part of me that wish I wasn't, and not because Idon't want to see you guys. It's good. Huh, it's because youhate us? No, it's because we just started on new campaign and Iended it off on such a cliff and R and now it's going to betwo weeks before we get to figure out what happens. Honey, seeing youis so much better than doing a DD campaign over the phone. Not True, Bitch. No, Bro, honestly, having math and English in the samesemester is the worst shit in the world. Really, I would findit uplifting. It is so much work. What about taking two sciences in thesame semester and a PVA project? Do every I don't. I don'tthink to science is in the same semester as as bad. Really, fuckyou for taking depends on the science. Thought my thirty and math actually comparedto like chemistry. Right, bio is better than chemistry, and Y'all canfight me on this. I agree with you and for my second science,I'm just going to do calculus, because I really like math. I wantto give birth to the Burrito that I had at lunch through my butt hole. Okay, God, I can see why it like we normally have topics. This is shit, we suck, this is terrible life. It's gonnalisten to the WE'RE gonna be the first five minutes and be like what thefuck are they all gonna listen to this? But like it's fine, we're vibing, we put out an episode, we did the work. Cash mesearching up lgbt scholarships. Fuck me too. Oh my God, it's if youare transgender, there are scholarships available and Alberta for you. Honestly,a Romeo and Juliet. Like the whole it's too romanticize and society in thefact that like, I hate it, but the themes and like the longing, like, oh my God, Bro I just I think the fact thatJuliet was fourteen and she thought it would be the end of her life ifshe couldn't be Romeo pisses me off so much that I refused to read it. Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okank you. Okay,okay, okay, okay, I have to talk about room and reallyever, real quick, because I was the exact same way up until overthis summer. Okay, so, come on, I'm going to do awhole ass literary analysis and I've never found here we go. So, yeah, that's why I hated it too, because I was like, oh,but it's all about love and it's all about romance. And No, it'snot. It's about the oppression in their...

...families and it's about pressure and it'sabout war and yeah, but it like it's about all these things that like, the romance is like barely just brushing the surface, because it's like it'sthese two kids who have been so sheltered all of their lives and, likesay, long for an escape and like at the beginning of the play,Romeo is like, oh, like I'm supposedly like, Oh, I'm inlove with Rosaleine, but like he's so sheltered and he's so trapped in thatlove story that it's like the moment that he meets Juliette, then it's likeit becomes so freeing. That's probably you're saying is Romeo is a piss boycharacter. Sung. I'm sorry, I hate him. Listen, I'm gonnabe honest. I don't like Roman Juliet because of Pedophilia. Facts like thatis valid. Sorry, you auys can all go on on like oppression andslavery or whatever the Shit, but it's pedophilia for me. It's the pedophiliafor me. I mean technically, is like they're only three years apart,though. Okay, no, he's eighteen. She's like thirteen. No, she'sor he's twenty three, she's fourteen. Excuse me, what variations have youread? And Paris is forty. That's the official one, the officialage of Roman and Juliet by Shakespeare. Shakespeare has never given Romeo as specificage. It doesn't mean he didn't attend it late teens or twenties. Yes, and parrots is around forty h which is so gross. Imagine me marryinga fourteen year or a forty year old two years ago. SHAKESPEA, though, his age is between thirteen and twenty one, sixteen and Twenty one,thirteen and twenty one Romeo, yeah, he's normally but he's normally betrayed assixteen as years old. But it can be covid as a fish, stepteenyear old or younger, although even fourteen is still wrong. Change my mind. Dating at thirteen, may at thirteen is still fucked up. But youalso have to look at the Times. Yeah, back then that was okay, but it's still disgusting that, like the big, how big of aneight? Differently was bro if, okay, if somebody is still wearing Ninja turtleboxers or any variation of that, or they're still wearing it, butI didn't exist back then. Or okay, listen, just hear me out,if someone is still at the age where they're still using those things,or if, like, they're still wearing...

...that pink waterproof mask era that hasthe green lid from the dollar store. You know the one I'm talking about, right. Yeah, yeah, my God, I do. I usethat. You think those products? They are not. No, no,if those still morning for love and reading poetry at Mt Level, they arenot eligible for marriage yet. But on the which I'm just saying, ifthey're still going through their offer to Whitch, if you haven't glowed up, youcan't get married. Change my mind. So you w car yet I'm nevergetting going. GASP. I think this is a good spot to endit like that real MEO Julia really said this is a good spot to endin. Then they killed themselves. Do it. That did us. You'regoing to kill yourself? A fucking myself. Hell yeah, Bro, we're alllet's do it, Broro. Bro, did you let's turn Romeo into aFRAT boy? Yeah, and I dread it was always a fucking fratboy. Okay, fat x Micuccio, though, Damn Mercushio could step onmy neck. He creo so gay, kill you, and that's just somefacts. Ricuccio could step on my neck and I would thank him. Youknow, fuck that Shit. I still can't believe I got through the entiretenth grade without reading Romeo and Juliet. How did I do manage, Iguess, through the entire ten grade while avoiding covid broke. Sparks notes ismy best friend. I didn't use all during the spakes pray unit and Istill passed it with a ninety. That's impressive. They call me ster.My teacher, US not having access to books from the school, was sendingus the cliffs notes website like budding icon. He my teachers sent us like PDFsof it. Yeah, my teacher sent us a sparks notes website.I love that. The fuck did I fuck that up? Oh well,okay, but to kill mocking bird is so good. Changed my Pillin Mokey, but I'll fuck I hated giving the book way. I thought about notgiving the book back to school because I love it. Are I never readit? Fuck you read it. It's so good, dude. I knowI keep hearing it. Also, I am a really big fan of thefact that my teacher did not use that book as an excuse to say then word, like other teachers at my school. Why? Didn't even getto the pot where the n word was brought into it, and I'm sohappy about that. Calgary School Board, Calgary School Board at Mr Dub stopsaying the N Word while you're teaching to kill a mocking bird. A'l BordaWolf Creek public schools. Can you give... better? I'm playing soccer withmy yarn ball in my half blanket. Fuck, almost so cute. Thisis just watch US accidentally. I really was scared. We're going to talkfor like two hours, but like we're doing pretty well. Yeah, that'sbecause we can't think of anything to talk about. You know what I canthink about? Talking about? How Hot Zen Day is. Let's Go GardDad, but we go back bitch. Oh No, my monster, spillit. I've heard that fall over. Wow, it's if it would havespilled onto my copy of Oliver Twist and I would have like I would haveshit my pants. Go we don't come out and drinking energy drinks, whichis only what the violence. Amone. Sorry, what what do you play? You played the via a violin, don't you? Oh yeah, outof everyone in the entire friend loop, I would not think samone be theone that plays the violin. Okay, facts. Why do you not thinkI play the Violin? Sumone, you drink monster and you suck Dick allthe time. The violin just seems like we're classy. would be so surprisedabout classical musician students. Like not to call anyone out, but holy Shit, they are got off, Jennifer Bro they are so wild. Oh myGod, you don't know the hop that way. You meant your guy.No, actually, I met him in science by throwing paper at his headuntil you noticed me. What a little piss boy. I've still never beenrejected in my life. Wow, I've never oh, that's revealed to theworld. Now what that you got? Big titties. Everyone knows that.They can hear it in my voice. Big titties, no ass and bighitties, little ass and no dad. Get your note book to the finalpromotions. What we get your notebook? Oh, we can do ands again. Hang on, I'll just log into all of our social media. Wedon't have time for that. No, okay, I got it. Ourinstagram is house of cards, underscore podcast. Our twitter is LGBT, underscored Dick. I got that right. What's our other stuff? TUMBLO's house ofcards, paytrion. This House of cards. Easily find us. Our only fansis house of cards, underscored Jackson. All the time I posted Monday throughWednesdays. died. Got Him some cute Mo Jerie for his birthday.Oh my God, my friend's mom got me a red song for my birthday. Was your mom there when you saw it? When she saw it?Oh Yeah, I put it on over top of my pants. It wasa vibe. If your website again, what is it? House of cards, house about cards, lgbt Dot Wick...

...sitecom website. Okay, other thanthat, like seriously, like this has been a vibe. Guys, thankyou for final with us. I'm pretty sure I'm going to call this episode. The vibes are good. Well, the vibe five are absolutely goolty.So we hope you enjoyed today's episode. It's not optential one, but youknow, sometimes it's good to lay back, knit something and spill a monster.Until next time, about your Valis and have a good rest of yourweek. See You, guys.

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