House of Cards: An LGBTQIA2+ Podcast
House of Cards: An LGBTQIA2+ Podcast

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House of Cards; An LGBTQ podcast: Genderqueer


Today! We welcomed out newest member of house of cards JESSE! Their chaotic energy is the perfect welcome to our ranks! We really hope you have a laugh with them, as they are one of the best people we know! Today topic was genderqueer. We hope you liked the epsiode and we hope to see you next week! if not, have a good rest of your life! and remember you are vaild as fuck.

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Written by Avery Ann

Edited by Jaxson Stiles

Produced by: Jaxson , Avery and Simone, Jesse, 

Music: Lofi-Missing memories , lofi fading away, lofi fly and lofi escapie,

Hello, guys, Gals and non binary pails. You may be wondering who is this sexy, mysterious, alluring, sensual voice you're hearing. I'm jumping off a cliff. It's all for the rapture. I have kidnapped the hosts. This is my show. Now, I'm kidding. What's the show? Show is how some parts podcast and LGBT podcast time. My name is Jess. My pronouns are he they good, good job, wow, good, good job. You tell I like so proud of you. Excellent thing, but you can't see green. Everywhere, says it. Okay, great, I'm getting in spirit. Hello, y'all, I'm Ablian. I you see her pronouns, and I'm back to knitting. Have you not been knitted the past few episodes? Actually, no, it's been weird. Usually I've been painting my name else. Wow, I'm doing my nails right now. I love. Well, I'm Jackson. I use he them pronouns, and you know what, I haven't been on this computer since I edited the last episode, and so there's a bunch of Shit. I don't know why it's up here. You know happens right, vibing, hi, I'm summoned I what you sound like a you sound so dead inside, high like you just asked you to introduce yourself to the class name and something fun, fun fact that you really class Yuh, can you hi? My name is Samone. I usually they and I have triple dtitis. Did just like all right, you can sit the fuck down, smone. What's the teenagers scared the living copyrighted? No, we just said like a single line from it. Yeah, so, I like we were sitting the entire song. My kids all over the Internet. So before, if you didn't send the entire song, I'm not allowed to edit out. There's so many times the so many times we go in a Rambo for like ten minutes and I'm like, this is really like not a good topic. We should ramble on for the PODCAST. Use this. Yeah, so I'm just breaking the school for ten minutes and then I have to delute you. Anyway. You might be wondering why there is this new person. I don't know that. We all did ASCID. Well, also, yeah, we did not. We are miners. will all minors in a such we only follow minor rules, which are we don't drink, we don't do illegal suspences that are not for minors. Yeah, but you said we only follow those rules. So does that mean we can rob banks? Yes, yes, that's minor. Yeah, you know, we can do that. Yeah, be gave you crime. Come on, but yeah, afor you want to continue, like stay, what do you want to explain? Who wants to explain? What happened? I can explain.

Okay. We decided to invite Jess, who guest starred on our nine bear binary episode, to join the podcast because they are queer, baby fruity. That's it. That's the only reason. They are a whole as fruit salad. Yeah, I I got any doctrinated? Is that the right word? Definitely not for cult shit, but still applies. I guess we are Colpe. We are into it. Yeah, we had a candle and everything just sneezed it out on you do very and then you just and then you drive it. Dropped it. No, it like it broke, Dude. That's what happened. Yeah, they're at you just dropped it because you were like panic or something. No, just actually failed to blow the candle out the first time. Yeah, so we had to like the mysterious, but then I didn't do it hard enough. That's what she said. And then the second time I sneezed it out. That's my kink. Um was so on burnt. Okay, sure, where can you find us on the Internet? HMM, if you want what? If you want to see my only fans preview? I'm just kidding, and you want to follow us on if you want to follow us on social media, you can find us on Instagram at House of cards underscore podcast, on twitter at lgbt underscore deck, on Ticktock as House of cards podcast, and on only fans, says nor carld marks. Oh my God, I could already feel like the regret from Jackson and avery of having me and Simone together summon all the time. This is just you, this is just someonone has someone now to balance out their crackhead energy. Yeah, no, I just have like, oh, we're just gonna enable each other. I'm about you. Oh sorry, I would like to announce. It is about ninety five percent edited things. Awesomeone that's valid. About one point five percent is a very accidentally saying like something. That's like actually say something and not realizing how bad that is, and then the rest of me not be any they award and that is the editing process. Of the podcasts like well, Simone can't say that avery did not need it's just getting hurt of everything that Simone says and then like overlaying the words, the Jackson messes up on and that's it. Yeah, Simone actually doesn't speak. No one knows simone exists. We alwayshould edit it out. There's like a robotic voice when never seems supposed to introduce hello. It's like text to speech. Yeah, I just like humoring me by letting me record with you guys. Then you just had me out. Yeah, Oh my God, this is simmone slander. You know, that could honestly be true. I don't think I've listened to an episode since the very first one. All of the pots that a very rights for Simona all false. There not real too say. We just kind of fold it out of a butt. And what do you do? What I love for this days. We can edit it out. We just we mean may becoming a call like this second, like later in the night, and re record later in the night. Okay, now I know you're lying, because avery didn't stay at past seven PM. I... talk. I had a conversation with avery at like a midnight. Every can stay up till at least night. Well, I'm that was like an imposter. The thing is is that, because I have like mild Insombia, so I have to like take my pills from zero to nine and then I have to go through my routine and then I get in dead and then I like decome for us for an hour. I usually end up actually falling asleep around eleven. It just takes me like three hours to get there. Well, that's there. Oh, yeah, I just care. So I just I just knew things. Until I'm sober, doubt that I pass out best see. So I'll lay and usually around two am, and then the second that I feel my eyes start to close, I'll slam my laptop shut and then just throw myself into the bed and tried sleep. I like to imagine this like some communion and like full on in the air. Hit's the bed bounces and just like sleeps. Yeah, and like if that doesn't work that I'll get up and do something else, but it usually works. That's a whole. Never works. I've never slept a day in my life. I have never slept. I've been conscious for all seventeen and a half years of my life. I'm yeah, that's another thing. We we all realize this. Like so, we haven't been able to do any aths and stuff because none of us eighteen and it kind of need to be eighteen. Yeah, but we're all seventeen now. Let's not talk about that. I don't want to be scared. No, I just mean, like none of us have been the same age, or like all of us have not been the same age. Yet we know the same age when we started it. No, don't think so. If we will, you seventeen last Sumember? September, no, no, she was six. Then we've hearted it. We all started sixteen. Yeah, I'll pocket all of these things with for sixteen years. I actually have to change that. Now, give me a second. Oh my God, are animals all the children? Yeah, like just your literally also seventeen and December and then a little under two months. Wow, couldn't be us. Could change my name legally. We say. We are so excited. See, look, look, look, we are for seventeen year olds. That was just a blatant lie. What, no, it's not. Will you said we're for seventeen year old. Oh wait, yeah, yeah, wasn't about me. I was like shut up, I forgot I existed for a second. I'm okay. Does anybody here have proof that I exist, though? I didn't think so. Yeah, the picture of you with my bird is such a wonderful photo. I love it so much. I wanted my boss that and she was like, wow, that's so wholesome. Wow, that crazy. I was like, do you want to see a picture of me with a bird while on another planet? You mean space travel, right, obviously, all obvious. Obviously, obviously. So talking about alien aliens don't follow gender norms. Neither to Gender Queer people. Let's go. Concept is gender. Let's absolutely brilliant we are. Yes,...

...have gender rules? I don't think so. That's the next episode. I don't think they do. Not Back. Ladies and labs and Gentle Queers, today you were chatting about gender. Exclamation point. We've talked about a gender on the show quite a bit and I rock and iconically. Our episode on nonbinary was an episode that just guests start on. We've talked freequently about Gender Queer in our nonbinary episode, but more in a passing wings. So today we're going to be talking about gender queer more in depth as its own identity. Starting off the tone. Gender Queer is pretty self expendary. Like what more do you need? You need a helping hand, you need Daddy, you need mommy to hold your hand. Well, Mommy's not here right now, so figure it out. As we've talked about before, the would queer means out of the box, or weird, a case amone, quirky, cold, cool, like im adding that into the documents. Of that that can be an official thing. What actually, maybe we should just start saying gender quirky, Genderqu my instagram bio. I not like other genders. I'm gay, but that one of my grave actually, Oh my God. Anyways, way, Oh my God, actually funny for one. So, because because queer meant all of those things, it's why queer was seen as a slow for so long. Now I don't exactly know what ivery meant by this, I'm still going to say it. GENDER IS GENDER, simply that gender, Gender Jenna. That's the whole no explanation. This is so blassic. Gender is gender, but gender. Well, this gender is gender, but anyway. Oh, is it? Oh, go, is it announced? I'll go, are go. Thank you, I'll go. JENDER. I have three people that can correct me now. Fuck, except for that one time when I really could not say that one word or more diffus. No, that would eyes of them. That sounds like all homeless td. What the fuck exactly are Goo gender pair place to gender, which is out of the box. So there's the box of genders and gender queer is on the up side. I like the idea that there's just a box of yeah, they can, I make a joke they may have been about. Okay, everyone be silent for five minutes. No one speaks for five seconds. I'll show you my gender box. I feel like Gender Queer beside the box, like on the sidewalk with a note that says free. I'd like that idea. I'd like to state. I feel like leaving in the joke that sumone made just so someone could be embarrassed. I feel like that's what smone deserves in this. I wouldn't got, I wouldn't know, but I would remind you every day. Hey, you know that joke you made? That was really cringey. Five people listen to it. It's a pickup line. Okay, yeah, less of a pickup line and more of like a demand, but oh my God, so the best pickup ie I've ever heard is. Hey girl, are you a toaster, because I want to take a bath with you. So anything that is not, anything that is not within the...

Gender Binary, Aka s hip snails, puppy dog tails and sugar and spice and everything nice, that's a low I like to make a statemant. Spice is definitely a gender and it's called women anyway. Endu clear are spite and divinity and manifestation or something else entirely exactly spite. I would like to say that Gender Queer are spite in divinity does come from when all four of us on out? Oh yeah, that Vice. My gender is spite. I would just like to say yeah, before me as but at I only eggcity. My gender is divine. Anger um about gender is the fact that we could look at it kind of like a compass, which is something we've talked about on our episode of Androgyny, not I was there. The compass is made of masculinity, femininity, drogeny and undefined. You can land literally anywhere on this compass and congratulations. Gender, or relack thereof, either is fine. Also, the compass test is not as not at all, to tell you what pronouns you should use, even if you land in the femininity quadrant. That just means you have more stereotypically feminine traits. So, like me, I like wearing makeup or wearing more stereotypical feminine seven in clothes. I'm really do my nails as we speak, but I use he, they pronounce. So you can still use te him or they them, even you landed femin a quadrant. Gender isn't real breath. Yeah, that which one is in real gender? Yeah, okay, yeah, so you can anyway. Chell. Anyways, I yeah, you can say fuck gender roles without saying fuck gender as like a construct or the opposite. You know, everyone has their own opinion on gender, and as long as those opinions don't oppress people who experience gender in a more funky way than you do, because they're cooler by just have a funky gender, it's group your gender Booky, yeah, gender corky exactly. anyways, as long as they're not an oppressive opinion, your opinion is valid as fuck. I guess you can, because are you okay, sweeting? I stop myself so many times with the sewing needle it I'm in pain. Anyway. Is the biggest thing about the Gender Quirky Lgbtq, Pas community, LGBT, I'll get black community. Is that differences should be celebrated. If one person has a different idea of gender quirky than you do, wait not. I feel that wasn't even hopeful for us. It's cannon. Now, that wasn't okay. It's out. It's lgbtq cannon. If one person has a different idea of gender queer than you do, then celebrate it. Gender is not set in stone. It is set in Gender Quirky. Gender Quirky, Quirky, incredible. Gender Queer can literally be anything. I no matter if someone decides they like looking like a girl or a...

...boy, or if you think they're one gender rather than the other, that person is still gender queer. And I just accidentally scrolled all the way to the top of the document and I lost my place. Sam, like, are we talking about expression in are and drugs? In the episode, you can dress like one gender while identifying as another. Wear a dress and use he they were text you shee her be bald and use z she look like a forest nymph and use he, her sex, as much between your legs. Gender is a social construct. So all pants, I'm sure, and underwear. They're all sorts of constructs. Besting, like one of those is a lot. So is computers. So computers and books and language and, okay, again, collows. But like, let's not all strip. You're not wrong, but you're not right either. Yeah, if you live in Canada you shouldn't strip, but if you live in like a hot climate, you probably can. I don't know. There's nude beaches in California and like exactly frants go to friend loves of California. Anyway, Gender Queer Force started being used as a denity around s. That doesn't mean genderqueer didn't exist before that. JENNET create, like we've discussed in a non binary episode, falls under the IMPERLA Tom of transgender, which, like we've discussed, simply means not agreeing with the gender you were signed at. Both other identities that are similar to gender creer include a gender and gender non binary and gender fluid, which was definitely not supposed to be it. Yeah, I thought that's the gender today. That's the what's the gender to night? Tender, Queer, tender, Quirky gender for it would be kind of funny if we start tweeting up gender. The day ender of the day. This is the gender of to day. Like your pronouns. Every day. Just change your gender every day. You're just stand your fellows gender every day. Look, fuck, you are just like every other. Gender identity can be literally anything you want. If you don't feel comfortable in the body you were raised with, then change it. It's expensive, but do it anyways. Well, sorceryes pulling now feels right. We change your pronouns. We're hot topic jokers. What does that have to do anything? Try some kind of fruity briefs. Express the way you want and let your gender off leaf to run through by'm dyslexic off Leashtra Rug throughly piles and dig around in the trash like a selfpropseed raccoon. Fuck my boxer briefs, unless through the minecraft ones. I Have Alber Christmas briefs, though. Is that okay? I totally care. That's pushing it, but like I gues's fine. I don't. I have no color, colorful boxer berries. I wish straight man boxer briefs and boxes. And Yeah, also, like you, I just so I came out as gender career, or I thought I was gender queer first. I think yeah, I came out to first and that was when I first change my name, and the only reason I changed to binary was because the pride flag was the same colors, is Wallowigi, and I thought that that was really petty. Where are you fucking joking? So I'M gonna, I'm dead ask Dude, look it up. I'm like a thousand percent. My ex pointed it out one day. They were like, Dude, did you know that Wallowigi's canotically nonbinary? And I was like what? They were like, look at the Flag Poles. It's literally just the Wallowigi Color Palette, and I had a...

...stroke. I had a whole stroke. The above people who just changed their identity the gender natural because of that. I mean I did it. You know it's possible, but, UM, gender kiers the only thing that I knew of at the time. I actually didn't find out about the them pronouns until I was, I want to say, thirteen, fourteen. Um, but in on that like thing, it's completely valid to change your label. I've changed my labels so many times and I probably will continue to, just because new things keep coming out and, like, you know, was that like new gender just dropped? You gender dropped falls a hot topic. They just released a new gender. That is something you would say to your mom, though, to my mom, no, my dad, to my mom. Come on, bestie. Oh, sorry, it was funny. You know. CONGRATS. You now been know about Gender Queer. Go forth and spread knowledge like mushroom sports. That's how mushrooms have sex. That is so inappropriate. Tree cap shoots out having sex like that. I do wow, you my hearty. Hell yeah, moving on anyways. Swiftly along TREKAP, we welcome jess our residents fuck. Yeah, WHO HAS NO GENDER? Is Valid as fuck. What problem? Our resident ball of no. Yes, sometimes gender, Chris of Gender. Quirky. I'm a resident Corky ball of fuck. Okay, I really like ball of fuck, though. That's good. I'm using that. I don't know where, but all use it. No, it's definitely how it introducing you in Instagram and twitter posts. Welcome to that, I'm gonna be honest. Tick Tock. Yeah, you can make a tick tock best. Thank once we release this episode, but once we're getting ready to so two weeks. Do it now. No, prepare we talks and stick them in the draft. You'll free to do that. I would that would make all lives easier. Anyway. Yeah, some. Oh, have you finished? No, you've only talked about jess. Well, that's all we need. Oh, I highlighted the party. Oh, being gender quarry or not having a gender as valid as fuck. Incredible in my gred. Okay, Bessie, you did it. Brain goes for I think we should call an ambulance for the yeah, that's calling ambulance, but not for but now it's one hundred percent persemone yeah, I think someone might be dying. Mommy, having long it's fun. So on. How many things are my holding up? Sixty nine. Oh my God, how did you know? Well, now, wait, wait and a minute. I have sixty nine fingers. You got a problem with that? Hello, no, I don't. I just think that it. But that's just gender quirky for you. Gender Quirky people have sixty nine fingers confirmed? Well, like sixty nine on both hands, or is it? Like, are they in...

...other place? Yes, yeah, sixty nine on your elbow. Sixty nine, I don't both fingers. There's also twelve of the places. Will Sixty nine fingers exist? This is reminding me of that. You remember that? You might have to edit the subjects. And so do you remember the Harry Potter thing? That was like the first floors infested with a demon and it's as twelve frenuses. It's reminding me of that. Why? I literally do not know that. Okay, great, you really don't know. Well, no, but I want thank you send me the video. Thank you so much for coming today's episode. I hope you enjoyed it and I hope we get to see you next week. Make sure to give a womolcome to jess as. They won't be leaving anytime soon, so get used to him, or else, you know, we'll just get rid of you. Leave. We've killed twelve people already, but if you don't make it anyway, have a good rest of your life. Is there anything else to add? Well, it is fook. I'm still knitting. That's you, Surety Gay.

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