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House of Cards: An LGBT Podcast

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House of Cards; An LGBTQ podcast: Genderqueer


Today! We welcomed out newest member of house of cards JESSE! Their chaotic energy is the perfect welcome to our ranks! We really hope you have a laugh with them, as they are one of the best people we know! Today topic was genderqueer. We hope you liked the epsiode and we hope to see you next week! if not, have a good rest of your life! and remember you are vaild as fuck.

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Written by Avery Ann

Edited by Jaxson Stiles

Produced by: Jaxson , Avery and Simone, Jesse, 

Music: Lofi-Missing memories , lofi fading away, lofi fly and lofi escapie,

Hello guys gals and not binary pals.You may be wondering who is this sexy mysterious, alluring, sensual voice,you're hearing I'm jumping off a cliff, it's the rapture I have kidnapped the host. This is myshow. Now I can what's the show show is has to cart podcast and LGBTpodcast time. My name is Jess, my pronouns are he they go job well, good, good job o I like soproud of you exlent, can't see en everywhere, saysit: okay, great I'm gating and Spirit Hollo Yo, I'malien. I use her paounds and I'm back to knitting. Have you not been knitted the past theepisodes? Actually? No, it's been a week. Usually I've been painting mynails, wow, I'm real doing my nails right now. I love well, I'm Jackson. Iuse he them pronouns, and you know what I haven't been on this computer since,like edited the lost episode and so there'sa bunch of Shit, I don't know why it's up here on Pensativa Hi, I'm Simon, a? U What you sound like a you sound. So devins,like the teacher, just asked you to introduce yourself to the Class E name and something fun I find facto atyou for the class Yan y Okay Hi. My name is monish O and I have tripledtites teachers like all right. You can sitthe fuck down so on what it on of teenagers scared the livingshitten. We just said like a single line from it. Yeah so like we weresending the entire song, my hat all over the Internet. So before you didn'tsend me in Tyasen, and that's a lot to ed it out, there's so many times, there's so manytimes, so we go in a Rambo for like ten minutes, and I'm like this is reallylike. Not a good topic. We should ramble on for the podas can't use this, so I'm just riting the Scholl for tenminutes, and then I have to delve. You know anybody might be wondering why there is this new person. I don't noawe. All I ask well also yeah me did not. We areminors. Well all minors. In as such, we only follow Mina rules, which are we don't drink? We don't doLegaspi that are not for minos yeah, but you said we old ly follow thoseroles. So does that mean we can rub banks it or yes, yeah? That's a mineryeah. You know we think o that yeah begad crime come on, but yeah avid you want to continue like say.What do you want to explain? Who wants to explain what happened? I can explain.Okay,...

...we decided to invite Jess who gueststarred on our nine bar finery episode to join a podcast because they are queer baby fruity. That's it. That'sthe only reason. A PAS root, Salad yeah I I got doctrinated- is that the rightword definitely not a tool for coltship but still applies. I GUESS WE ARE Co.We are co into it. Yeah we had a candle and everythingjust sneezed it out. Nyoda then you just and then you ddropped it. No, it's like it broke dude, that's what happened. Yeah the Maorijust dropped it because you were like panicked or something just actually sailed to blow the candleout. The first time well yeah, so we had to like es, but then I didn't do ithard enough. That's what she said and then the second time I sneezed it out. That's my kink was so UN brant. Okay. Where can you find us on the Internet? If you want what, if you want to see my only fans preview,I'm just kidding, I w you want to follow us on. If you want to fall some social media,you can find us on Instagram at House of cards under score podcast on twitter,at LGBT, under Squire deck, on Tick Tock as Hess, if cards podcast and ononly fans on no as you Carl Marks. Oh my God, I can already feel like theregret from Jackson, an agry of having means to moan to a so mode all the time.This is not just you on. This is just some one. Has someone now to balanceout their crack head energy yeah? No, I just have like we're just going toenable each other. I'M A BETTAN, you! Oh sorry, my Abu! I would like toannounce it is about ninety five percent edited out things are some O, that's valley above one point, fivepercent is avery accidentally saying like something that like actually saysomething, I'm not realizing how bad that is and then the rest of the men upin it play award, and that is the editing process of the podcast likewell. So one can't say that Avers, it's just getting rid of everything thatmoneses and then like overlaying the words that Jacksonmesses up on and that's it yeah. So one actually doesn't speak. No one knowssome one exists. We wish to edit it out. There's like a robotic voice whennervous and most was introduced, hello. It's like a next to wee yeah. I just a onrust like humoring me byletting me record with you guys, but then you just added me out yeah. Oh my God, this is the most lander. Youknow that could honestly be true. I don't think I've listened to an episodesince the very first one, all of the pots that every rate for some one or false t werenot real to A. We. Just going to pull it out of, but what do you do? I owe just we need me and Abe come on thecall like this. Second, like later in the night and rerecord later in the night. Okay, now I knowyou're lying because avery doesn't stay up past seven P M, I a...

O. I had a conversation with every at likea midnight, every can say up to at least it, but that was like an impostor. The thing is that they have like mildand Sonia. So I have to like take my pills from eight to nine, and then Ihave to go through my routine and then I get in bed and then I like du Contratfor an hour, I usually end up actually falling asleep around eleven. It justtakes me like three hours to get there. We there, oh yeah, I just care, so I just I just do things until I'm soburnt out that I pass out. Besso lay around to a m and then thesecond that I feel my eyes start to close I'll slam, my laptop shut andthen just throw myself into the bed and try. So I like to imagine this like seven andlike fallon in the air, hits the bed bounces and just like sleeps yeah andlike if that is a word, that I'll get up and do something else, but itusually works. That's o never works. I've never slept a day in my life. Ihave never slept. I've been conscious for all seventeen and a half years ofmy life. I yeatts another thin. We we all do realize this like, so wehaven't been able to do any ads and stuff because none of us are eighteenand you kind of need to be eighteen year. Seventeen! Now, let's not talk about that. I don't wantto be scared. No, I just mean, like none of us havebeen the same age or like all of us have not been the same age yet will we know the same age when westarted it? No, I don't think so. If we were you seventeen last memberSeptember, no, no, she was six. No, we started it.We also to yeah all poke over the is for sixteen years. I actually have tochange that now. Give me a second, Oh, my Gor. I know I children yeah, like just your literally alsoseventeen in December and then a little under two months, O. What I be us a change, my name legally, we we are so excited, see, look! Let melook. We are four seventeen year olds. That was just a blatant lie. What no? It's not well, you said we'refour seventeen year olds, no wait. Yeah, yeah bus wasn't so erabout me. I was like shut up. I forgot it existed for a second I'mokay. Does anybody here have proof that I exist, though I didn't think so. Yeahthe picture of you with my bird is such a wonderful photo. I love it so much. I wos not and shewas like wow, that's so wholesome. Well, it's Az!I was like. Do you want to see a picture of me with a bird while onanother planet? You mean space travel right, obviously, all the obviously obviously so talking about alien aliens. Don'tfollow gender nomes. Neither to gender quit people, let's go in you on a tin concept, is gender.Let's...

...absolutely brilliant! We are. I don't think I tattine ladies and ladsand gentle queers day work chatting about gender exclamation point. We've talked about a gender on thisshow quite a bit and I ran and I conically our episode on Non Binary wasthat episode that Jest Guest Start on we've talked greekly about gender querin our non binary episode, but more in a passing guite. So today we're goingto be talking about gender, Queer, more and death as its own identity stating off the tome. Genderqueer ispretty self expendere like? What more do you need? You need a help, I hand you need Daddy.You need mummy to hold your hand, won Mommy's, not here right now so figureit out, as we've talked about before the wordQueer means out of the box or weird aks, Amon worky cold, adding that into the document so thatthat can be an official thing. Look acle. We should just start sayinggender croke O I'M gonna put up my Instagram, I'm not like other genders, but that one of my raclay God actuallyfunny or so because because que men all of the things, it'swhy queer was seen as a surface alone. Now I don't exactly know what I've re meantby this, I'm still going to say it. Gender is gender simply that tender pander nthan expansion. This is so blas like gender ous,General Pundis. Gen Is Grendon way. Oh, is it o go in ipanos Ego e Ergo go.THANK YOU ILL GO GENDER! I have three people that can corrupt me now fuck, except for that one time what I reallycould not say that one word well more die for this. No, that soundslike a exactly they'll go gender paepaes togender, which is out of the box. So there's the box of genders and agendoqueer is on on the outside. I like the idea that there's just a boxof yeah, can I make a joke a out. Okay, everyone be silent for fiveminutes. No one speaks for five seconds. I'll show you my gender box. I E like Gender Queer beside the boxlike on the sidewalk, with the note that says free I, like that idea, I'd like to state, I feel like leavingin the joke that smole made just so some one could be embarrassed. I feellike that's what some one deserves in this I would have got to. I wouldn't know, but I would remind youevery day: Hey, you know that joke you mean that was really Cringel, listen toit, Cuney, let's of a pickup line and more of likea demand, but oh my God, so the Best I o black I've ever heard is a girl. Are you a toaster, because Iwant to take a bath with you, so...

...anything that is done, anything that isnot with it in the gender binary AK, snip, snails, puppy, dog tails andsugar and twice and everything nice. That's hello. I like to make a Tatianspice is definitely a gender and it's called women anyway, genderqueer ourspite and divinity and manifestation or something else entirely exactly I. I would like to say thatGender Queer spite individles does come from one. All four of US hung out. Ohyeah, that my my gender is spite. I would just like to say yeah for to me abut- and I only a gay, my gender is divine anger in about gender. Is the fact that wecould look at it kind of like a compass which is something we've talked abouton our episode of Androgeny. Not I was there. I made of masculinity, femininity,draged and undevined. You can land literally anywhere on this compass andcongratulations. Gender or re lack thereof. Either is fine. Also, thecompass test is not as not at all was to tell you whatpronouns you should use. Even if you land in the femininity quadrant, thatjust means you have more stereotypically feminine traits. So,like me, I like wearing makeup or wearing more stereotypical fenland.Seventy clothes. I'm literally doing my nails as we speak, but I use he theyron own. So you can still you see him or the them. Even if you landed that ma quader at gender isn't real free yeah out, which one was it you gender face, yeah,okay, yeah, so you can anyway cell anyways I on yeah, you cansay fuck gender roles without saying fuck, gender as like a calm strift or the opposite. You know everyone hastheir own opinion on gender and as long as those opinions don't oppress peoplewho experience gender in a more funky way than you do because they're cooler, a just, have a funky gender. It's groupagenda, poky CA, yeah, dender quirky, exactly Anyana long as they're, not anoppressive opinion. Your opinion is validest fuck. I guess you an I cass.Are you? Okay sweeting? I stab myself so many times with thesewing needle. It am in pain anyway. The biggest thing about the gender Quirky lgbtq plus community,lgbt community, is that differences shouldbe celebrated. If one person has a different idea of gender porky than youdo wait not. I feel that was it's cannon. Is that was okay? It's out. It's altamont. One person has adifferent idea of gender thro than you do that and celebrate it. Gender is notsetting stone, it is set in gender quirky tender, Querkerie, gender, queer literally anything nomatter. If someone decides they like looking like the girl or boy or if youthink, they're one gender, rather than...

...the other, that person is still genderqueer and I just accidently scrolled all the way to the top of the document,and I lost my place same like are we talking aboutexpression in our in droite episode? You can dress like one gender, whileidentifying as another, where a dress and use he dey. There attacks you sheether, be bald and use the she look like a forest nymph and use heat. Her sex ismuch between your legs, gender as a social contract. So Up Hants, I S and under, were no ses of contractsat best. I like one of those, is a lot, so is the so computers and booksand language and okay. I got to Collossi, let's not allstrip you're, not long, but you're, not right either yeah. If you live inCanada, you shouldn't strip, but if you live in like a hot climate, youprobably can, I don't know, there's nude beaches in California and, likeexactly France, go to friend, love in California anyway, genderqueer forstarted being used as a dette around o thou s. That doesn't mean gender quedidn't exist before that Dunce, like we've discussed in on non binary,episode falls under the imperlite of transgender, which, like we'vediscussed, simply means not agreeing with the gender you were signed at bothother identities that are similar to genderqueer include age under engendernon binary and gender fluid, which was definitely not supposed to be that yeah. I cocked up t y, that's the what's the teneter queertender coke and it would be kind of funny if we startedtweeting up gender o the day end the day. This is the GENII, like yourpronouns every day, just change your gender every day, Singer foot every dayI look fucking just like every other gender identitycan be literally anything you want. If you don't feel comfortable in the bodyyou were raised with then change it it's expensive, but do it anyways Elsorters point out a feels right, a cad. Your pronouns were hot topic jokers.What does that have to do anything with try some one kind of flutier? The wayyou want and let your gender off leave to run through BIM dyslexic off leashtrot through leak, piles and dig around in the trash like a self reversedraccoon fuck do my box or briefs and lusters aminecraft ones. I have I have or Christmas prieves, though, is that okay, it totally, can that's pushing it, butlike gets fine, I don't. I have no colorcolorful box oberes. I was straighten parks to Breece and boxes and yeah yeah.Also like a I just so I came out as Jungere or Ithought I was gender Queer First, I think yeah I ka much first, and that was when I first changed. MyName and the only reason I changed to binary was because the pride flag wasthe same colors as Walue, and I thought that that was really buy. Where are you fucking joking I'm in I'mdead as do look up, I'm like a thousand percent. My x pointed it out one daythey were like dude. Did you know that wallowed s canonically non binary and Iwas like what they realize it. It licole literally just a Walla, wigcolor palate and I had a rope. I have a...

...whole stroke, the about people who justchanged their identity to gender entrals. That I mean I did it. You knowit's possible, but gender ears. The only thing that I knewof at the time I actually didn't find out about the DEM pronum. Until I was, I want to say thirteen fourteen, but in on that, like thing, it'scompletely valid to change your label. I've changed my labels so many times,and I probably will continue to just because new things keep coming out and, likeyou know, was a like: No gender. This drop, nogender drocks fallets put a hot topic. They just released a new gender. That is something you would say to yourmom, though, to my mom, no, my dad to my mom come on fast. Oh sorry, it was funny you know, Congress. You now been knewabout gender queer, go forth and spread knowledge like mushroom sports. That'show mushrooms have sex that is so inappropriate to re ca should sathaving sex like that. I do wowling on anyway was quickly along terrice. Wewelcome Jess, our resident fuck yeah has no gender is, alas, fuck. I ve so much better a resident fall ofno yes, sometimes gender. I is of Gender Quirky. I'm a residentCorky ball of fuck. Okay. I really like ball of fuck, thoughthat's good I'm using that. I don't know where I'll use it. No, it isdefinitely how I introducing you in the INSTAGRAM and title post, Welgome gonnabe a yeah. You can make it to be so manyonce we release this episode, but once we're getting ready to so two weeks, do it now no prepares and stick them in the draftyou'll free o? Do that I would that would make all life a zoo anyway, yeahso o have you finished. No you've only talked about Jeff. Well, that's all we ne, Oh, I highlighted the part being gender cory or not having agender as Fellatas fuck. Incredible I okay best you get it brain goes thro. I think we should callan ambulance for the yeah. It's called ambulance, but not for now. It's one hundred percent courseamon yeah. I think some of might be. Do Mot's fine. So how many things am Iholding up n sixty nine? Oh my God. How did you know well now wait a day that ain't wave a minute? I have sixty ninefingers. You got a problem with that hello. No, I don't. I just think thatit that's just gender quirky for you, Gender Quirky people have sixty ninefingers, confirmed well like sixty nine on both hands oris it like? Are they in other places?...

Yes, Sixty nine on your elbow. Sixty onon both fingers, there's also twelve other places. Wolsy nine fingers exist. This is reminding me of that. Youremember that you might have to edit the subject, and so do you remember that the Harry Potterthing that was like the first floor is infested with a demon and it is wellfetuses. It's reminding me of that. Why literally do not? I was at okay, great,you really don't know. Well, no, but I war the E. Send me the video. Thank youso much for come today's episode. I hope you enjoyed it and I hope we getto see you next week make sure to give a wall welcome to just as they won't be,leaving any time soon so get used to him, or else you know we'll just getrid of you. I twelve people are ready, but if youdon't make it any way, have a good rest of your life is there anything else toadd. Follit is look, I'm still knitting as you so Dagan.

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