House of Cards: An LGBTQIA2+ Podcast
House of Cards: An LGBTQIA2+ Podcast

Episode 80 · 8 months ago

House of Cards; An LGBTQIA2+ Podcast: Gay Superheros


Today! Jaxson could not make it and as such the podcast fell into maddness. Well Jesse, Avery and Simone tried to get the topic against they had a lot of fun trying. We talked about Gay Superheros due to Dr. Stange Multiverse of Maddess having one of its main characters being a queer! We hope you enjoyed this episode and rememer there will not be an episode next week! Remember you are vaild as fuck, and stay gay. Make sure to check Echo out at

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Written by Avery Ann

Edited by Jaxson Stiles

Produced by: Jaxson, Avery and Simone, Jesse,

Music: Lofi-Missing memories , lofi fading away, lofi fly and lofi escape

Hello everybody, welcome back to the House of cards and lgbtq plus podcast. My name is Jesse. I use he they pronouns, and it is taken us like a full, like six minutes, to start this episode, only two. Also, it's been an amore. Also, if you hear fart noises in the background, I have a stressfull that makes a very fun noise. That's that was Simon Him. I usually they pronouns. I bought a recipe box at the thrift store the other day so I can put all my recipes in it. Lesbian, a Crimey, someone are. Someone's gotta do its, not here. Someone's got to do with them. You're right, you're right, right, Um, you know. Okay, podcasting talk about hate crabbing each other a fucking lot. We do. It's Jack Sins love language. Didn't you see the Tick Tock? You're right. Um, I'm agree, and I you see her pronouns. And Yeah, Jackson is not here right now. He's at Costco Straight baiting people. Only the Straits go to Costco. Sorry, thought you were a part of the LGBT udity and you're currently listening to this in a costco right now. I am revoking your gayness. I Love Costco. I don't want Costcos like a I've dated. I've stated. All Right, yeah, I've did it. I don't go outside. I've did it too. His parents. Yeah, and they were loaded anyway. Yeah, Jack from snap here, but he's been sending US memes in our group chat, one of them which was I hate crime, actually, oh, thousand percent. Wait, which one? One from the office where it's like corporate. Easy to tell the differences between this picture and it's like an old woman, a very yeah, you know, wrong. So picture, he not wrong. You See, we joke. We joke as well, but like I'm pretty sure that if you put my like father and Avery's health records side by side, you'd see like maybe three differences on how so, yeah, so, I mean, I'm sorry. No, actually, now that I think about it, like reme, he's told me about your Dad's health conditions. Yeah, that checks that. You you both got fucked up hands. We do. I don't. I just don't have like Talk Sing Your Dad actively like dogs, like my dad, by saying he is fucked up hands, toxics, medical records. Sorry, Dad, love you. Someone diagnose me. Don't find my father. Is the only parental figure I have left this willing to put up with me. Don't that's true. Actually, this is why I don't say I was. I was going out. I went out to McDonald's with my siblings for dinner, because we're Juh Z Love Me Dad, and I was I was like, I have to be back home at seven, and my sister was like Oh, why, and I was like podcast stuff. She's like you have a podcast? I was like fuck, I was like yeah, I joined one.

She's like, what do you talk about? And then my brother, immediately on prompt it, turns around. He goes, is it about being gay? And I almost laughing because I was like Yo, you think that that's like an atollar, like a joke, like but it's you're correct. You're simply correct. You should get your brother checked out by a psychic to see if clearful abilities. It doesn't take him, like a genie is to figure out that my two personality traits are that I'm mentally ill and I'm gay. I was just gonna say that, like in any in any conversation, if it doesn't come out that I don't like men or I can't read, but you were not men today, said I can't play, I can read. Yeah, I think you just recorded. Did I just make myself what? You just hate crime to yourself? You just came out as study. I think I just want through conversion there in three Oh my God, awful. On that note, where can you find us? On through me? Where did you find us? Are you can find just in the nearest conversion therapy. Trying to go back. Awful. Um. You can find this on Instagram, house of cards, underscore podcast on twitter, and lgbt underscore deck on Tick Tock has house of cards lgbt, and you can find our merge on our website, https colon. Backslash, backslash by house of Cardscompany dot site. backslash. Pay Someone. What kind of stuff? What kind of stuff do we have on the merge store? We have three stickers. Sticker, I barely know. Oh my God. Okay, yeah, we've stickers. I think we're gonna have pins soon, right, hopefully. Yeah, yeah, Pronoun Opinions. Yeah, well, you had a little raccoon Pronoun Pins. Yeah, and steal your pronouns. Duh, they're not to me. Yeah, and they're going to be adorable as fuck. So you should go buy them at a bike, house of cards, doc company, or hang on, I should do that. By House of cards, that company dot site. And don't make the mistake guided it's not by like be you why? It's be why, and it's also not be. I see you know that. You know, just you know. Okay, hi. I mean speaking of buy. What's her topic today? Oh my gosh, if there was fruit in the Marvel Universe, y'all want to know what's fucking gay. Right, okay, Sandex, tights and x suit, big men in tight SPANDEX. Yeah, saying the world whip friendship. Also you later, Belova. What? Oh my God, Oh dude, I would die for flords too. I would. I would literally have every single bone in my body plucked out just to know that she has a good night sleep. I am in love with her. Me Too. Okay, I always were having about gay superheroes. Yeah, ethic. My transitions aren't as on par as...

...they usually are, which is actually everything you needed to prove things, which is actually ironic, because I was for the doctor today and I've gotten my first like referral for like Trans Healthcare and stuff, and you'd like you need to prove that your trans which I guess I can't. Yep, we both the transaction. Weird, falling back and watch my privilege. Oh wait, women, oh should I don't get any back to my God, damn it. Don't want yeah, that is true, but you, you are a Jew, but that's yeah, that's about it. That's that's all I got going for. Anyways, welcome, Gay, Trans and others. Today we're talking about fruity super heroes. I don't know why I said that, like the watch mojo chick. We have briefly, briefly broached this topic and a few of our past episodes, like in the LGBTQIA plus in media. But today we're going to be killing two birds is one stone. Where are you? That a run? Is that a marvel? Is that a marvel reference, because I've seen like two marvel movies. Oh No, it's okay. I'M gonna be asking that a lot because I had seen like two marvel movies. Yeah, I'm a massive mceu Fan. The between that's my sure, my God, the first marvel movie I ever saw was in fact and game. Really God, yeah, they say, we wait, you're shitting me, know what? No, no, I came out April twenty six three years ago. To this day, you and I watched the movie together in the theater. We were sidebyside and we both wait with the other two people. One of them sucks, but one of them is awesome. Yeah, oh my that would yeah, one of our friends came with us and he was just in a spider man suit. It was fin my God, I'm that. Yeah, my mom, call my shitty boyfriend. You tickets? Yeah. No, the first marvel movie I ever watched was civil war. I think I love something good. One, though, and then I've seen not that I live. I haven't seen any of the Tom Holland spider man movies. Have you seen that, widow? No, brow, they're so good. I haven't seen good floor's Gu is in. I love. I also what I love her from, specifically midsummer, because I love midsummer. Everyone, my God, I'm all really into the marvel shows right now, though, I mean like wand division popped off. My think has started any of the marvel shows. I wish I had the ability to watch shows, but my adhd will not allow me. Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my godding means and funk valid is fun. Speaking of Adhd, let me agree with the fucking Scots. Get back to the topic. At the time, even though we were on topic, technically at the time of this recording, the marvel film doctor strange and the multiverse of madness, set to premire in theaters in the first week of May, has been banned in select Middle Eastern and African countries. P that was one too many e's. It's only two. Try against all all its size is key's. I put to ease any all that is, but jest said it with threees. Well, I didn't know if you were going to say be this or like. I don't know what I didn't. Okay, now are we start to get yes, that's almost good. Testicleles. He has to... then testicles. Dear editor, accident. I'm sorry, but not okay. Moving on. So this these past few weeks, these past few episodes, there have been some questionable lines and, like I've said before, you know like I mean. I'm in finals. We final this one sink get a little lot of track every now and then. Oh Hey, hang on, so here we go. Sorry, I didn't let him know what you were apologizing for, but I get it. Yeah, you've been living under a rock or a guest if you aren't an mcu fan, because that's still chill, because people can live under rocks and still be valid as fuck. Patrick Star approved may have heard the doctor strange to has been banned in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Guitar and Kawaii due to the character America Chavis, who was getting to marvel comics. We fucking love it. Stand America Chavis for clear skin and watered crops, crops, so true. Ah, if you want maidens and healthy crops this springtime, come, come, come. I didn't take my mess day. Can you tell Paul Jacksonson? More means my half fresh. Maybe she can't go back into it, but anyway, someone them is still in call. Well, I'm still in Col um awful. Okay, anyway, a few months prior it's herns was also band as the Middle Eastern countries for featuring the mcu's first openly gay superhero, trastose. Hang on, yeah, did you read that? I act we don't. When he sends means he's gonna. It's on site because he addits them. Bro. Did you read my paragraph? Huh, my every did you read my paragraph? No, no, Oh, you just oh yeah, she just wrote twice. Okay, she graduating. What need you reading? Comprehension? No, I just I didn't read your paragraph, so I didn't realize that it was in both. This is really funny. It's just like no, no, ever, just had it twice because she has an inability to come up with literally anything else. Okay, okay, okay, not as I go off the rails a university student. Okay, and when you write such an incredible line as stand insert gay person for clear skin and water crops, you have to use in more than once. Legally, you should use in your religion paper. Anyway. Yeah, I already finished it using my poetry paper. That's tomorrow morning at thirty am. Holy dirty are homophobic and ablest. I swear. A few months prior e turnals, was also bend in Middle Eastern countries for featuring, featuring the mcu's first openly gay, Securo Fastos, who we also stand for clear skin and water crops. Then, Sir who Um, superheroes are Giz fuck and they're finally coming out. They're finally whatding out? They're all gay. You can't tell me otherwise. I'm sorry, you're not wrong, as I said, SPANDEX. Yeah, and saving the world. Kind of gay? Yeah, like we're all the straight people anyway. Okay, Bro, why do you look here, honest, if the only people like care about the world? Oh my God, wait, that's really funny. Why do you care of other men die? Are you gay or something like Superman arrives on scene. He's like those men die in...

...there, and just like, why do you care of other men die? Are you buck gay orzell the fucket idiot. Look at this, this fruity motherfucker, goddamn ru father, but foot by the fruit, like Super Fag. We're all way too bigally yield conniption. Oh, Jack, it's gonna Shit himself while editing this. Yeah, they might. That was the sound of Jackson Pack Up. Who's a good idea. Um, her chefs and fastos early two of dozens of Queer Marvel Comic superheroes. Low Key, but not in the show, is gender fluid and bisexual, because the ship shod chip shifters sense. Deadpool is pan sexual and Falkary is queer. I don't actually know who Valkyrie is. Smiles then, for right now, I am also, Oh, I haven't said Thompson plays her I haven't actually watched any of the thor movies yet. Neither Gay. Have Y'all even seen any more riding? For you know it's gay as hell. It's getting more like more like less type right, okay, or barely know where? No, if you understand the joke I just made, please one the most recent. He's watching on the most recent photo on her instagram. Comment. Praise Jim Pickins. If you understand the joke I just made. What? Don't worry. Our instagram now. Shit, no, I will post something, but if you understand, then I always one, reading, Um, many and people. Okay, I'm going to tell you how many of these I know and how many of them I don't know. When it one of them. Simone. No, do not associated with that. Never mind. Not Simone, black cat. That way black. Wait, just restart this Undine. Okay, wickan black cat. Destroyer, Oh God, see, destroyer. Anyway, not. If not, if they're on this list. Destroyer, barely know her. Oh my God, fucking demolition man. Jesus Christ, that's what I called me in high school. I'm still inertia. That's a physical physics concept. ICEMAN. They didn't even really try with that one. Huh, Gwen Pool? Is that like deadpool and when stay? I thought too, but then I actually clicked on it because I was like, one of our does this, and apparently it's an American chronic about this girl that actually gets like transported into the Marvel Universe or something. Oh, because, yeah, I just say I think that Gwen Stacy and deadpool would be a fucking dope ass, fucking Ambo. Oh, yeah, like, think about it. Ryan Reynolds and Emma Stone. Oh my God, sorry, Blake lively. Well, no, but like I know Blake lively's his wife, but amastone is the one that plays Gwen's days, I know, but sorry, Blake lively. Oh yeah, also, by the way, those are the only afflictions I have to marvel movies is that Andrew Garfield was my favorite spider man and those are my favorite spidern movies, and I will argue to the...

...death with literally anybody about it. Dude, the amazing spireman movies were like unmatched. But ZAYDIA is in the Tom Holand okay, oh, yeah, but like, but it's the top the fucking death Greider and yeah, he's not, but I'm actually he was, actually closer to being a teenager. Then Andrew Garfield and Toby McGuire were Andrew Garfield like, but they're in ers and your Garfield played an eighteen year old and then a nineteen year old, yeah, whereas Tom Paul out of a fucking yeah, fourteen year old. So anyways, drear field was the best spiderman and I will literally will not take this chord from anybody else. Wait, you think you have to watch? No way home. I haven't seen my you have doing and I don't want to because of that one scene, because I know it will break me too hard. Yeah, because the first time I saw the second movie was in theaters. I had to sit there until the like credits of the next movie that was playing in that theater started rolling, or like the like, you know, like the advertisements or whatever. MMM, like those. I had to sit in the theater until those started showing for the next movie that was in that theater and just sit there and fucking process it. Dude, I like I took someone to a date during that movie. Jesus, I'm gonna Throw you laugh at tower, Babe, like for Valentine's Day. Oh my God. Um, okay, date for me. We're gonna go topic. Hulking Hulk Lane. Is that like a little hulk? I think it is. Yeah, I don't really know. I just watched the movies. I'm just picturing like hulk, but tiny and with a little bit little baby man moting tiny, tiny five hands. That was the least about of brain spell. Hercules spraculus is got a superhero. Okay, hang on, hang on, he is? He Yeah, in Marvel comics he is. Oh, I thought you're are you seriously telling me that you're fine with theer, the actual sononically Norse Pod? Okay, but I didn't feel Hercules was in the Marvel universe. I've told you this. I've seen like three movies. I can know what either, but I didn't question it. Mercury, that's a planet. Speed, my favorite drug. Don't put that in Yinky R oh, I Miss Cork Cord. Oh, fucking Gary, I love corn. I think I just repressed that Co word. starling. Stuck on that. Chris Pratt, who wasn't so many. One of our friends posted to their story reason later, so I cannot was Chris Pratt wasn't actually ever a part of the super home of a church, but he still is a trump supporter, or Chris press is trump supporter or something, I don't remember. But he wasn't a part of that super homophobic church that everybody accused. I think a very post of that. Actually, I'm did I I think so. I don't. I did, but I think it was talking about how he's never actually been a part of that church, but I'm pretty sure he is still a Republican. So yuck. Anyway, here forcibly day to now Chris Pratt get yosified. Phila, Oh God, Phila Vell. Yeah, Piro, North Star is since I've an insurance company, I was just about to say that sounds like a oil business, caroline in a dean, but...

...spelt with a cave, because that's so gay, awful sounds. It's gay. It sounds gay. Shatterstar Yo, like hold me and High School Yuki. Oh there's a spider woman. Yeah, why don't they just spider? Wait, haven't you have you wait, okay, have you seen into the weather verse? You must. Yeah, okay, good. I've watched it while I was really high and it was really fun because halfway through had at stopped and I went I looked at my friend and I went, I just realized this isn't live action. We were like halfway and they were like fighting the like other dimensions or whatever, like float her hand and all those like all those colors, and I turned my friend. I went. She realized this wasn't live action. She goes, how do you know? And I was like, you know, well, look and then like two of the characters were like standing, like one of them was upside down and the other one wasn't. They were like jumping off of each other as like I don't think they'd be able to green. Screw that. She goes, fuck you write. You right, but so she was. So she was. She was called spider one. Well, yeah, but that's like hey, sorry, I'm dying. Apparently. Okay, Um, there's difference by variations. Here's more than one spider, like female person. How long till spider and be I will fulfill the action in question. I would love Andrew Garfield to fill my position, to fill your what everything appropriate? Can Tell you? Oh, I don't care. I would let her major now. I would let him snap my spine and have like a fucking stick of Bam. Oh my God, like when Stacy not so funny about you? You. Um, it's taken me like twelve minutes. Together's this? Oh my funny Karma. Are Some LGBT? Oh, Karma's another character. Okay, I thought you were just saying you're gonna get carver for this, which would make sense. Are Some LGBTQ MARVEL COMIC CHARACTERS? Tony Stark is bisexual. God bless my pronunciation. Yelena Belova, Yoyo, I'm not a basic white bitch, a fool you are. Okay, smone, he twink, e twinks right here, right anyways, she's a sexual, which is some Queen Shit. Iron Heart is bisexual and Mystique is gender. Food and bisexual. Mystique is is just as jet. What the fuck is Our Name? JANNEY'S GENDER? I I was dead as about to say Jenderfer gender, fennison. I was gonna say Jennifer is tender for anistance. But like, because we are a gay podcast, though, we have to all agree, like Jennifer Aniston. Oh, we have to agree my heart. Oh my God. Yeah, Dude, I was a nice kid, but I definitely went through the phase where I was like I want the Rachel, Rachel, I have the Rachel...

Haircut, and I had it for a while. It just didn't suit me because I look like I just crawl it of somebody's trash cant at three am after getting drunk at like drunk, like black out drunk, and a fucking Denny's parking lot. But that's besides the point. Love Denny's. Denny's is a fucking I feel like we don't known sponsored Danny's sponsored us. I would legitimately cry for happiness. I think that sly. I think to Danny's exact actually once, and it was when my dad and I had to go to the hospital because I had to m rives back to back and we ended up having to like stay at the hospital for like five hours. Oh Fuck, that's really funny because Denny's was my first meal back after I got out of the hospital from my apic. Oh my God, no way, like, as soon as I can eat solid food and I could actually move, I was like, we're fucking going to deddy's. I'm getting their fucking pancakes, I'm getting their sausages. I don't get shit. We're fucking going. I don't think I've ever actually been to denny's. We're going house of cards, formal dinner has the curds. Daddy's got to put you episode first, though, Denny's episode. We was that us? We have to put me back in off. No, we will. Has someonone hasn't been did any yet. So someone's first time. I DNNIS have to be either act or before a hospital. that. You're right. You're right. Yeah, Samone, Camire, I'm going to snap your legs and up. Moving on, Queer DC characters, incase, Harley Quinn. Yeah, the riddler maker, John Kent. Why am I talking like a woman? I just eating like a pharmaceutical. Warning labels like side effects me include bombing. On the sexuality also, I read that is pacemaker and I was like that's a medical device. Stupid, like I almost said that really confidently and I was in there. I'm stupid. Okay, okay, the riddler peacemakers, John can't, poison ivy, poison ivy and Harley quinner actually girlfriends and they are not monogamous. I know they stand so hard anogamous. We love it. We've have much single interaction they have, whether it be in a movie, I don't know if they interacted movies, I don't know, or like a video game or in comics. You can tell it's directly after they've aggressively eaten each other out. Don't want to form a triad with no cutting that out YACON had out. Sorry, after they've aggressively hugged and snuggled and with their Larry PG. Things moving on. Catwoman, green lantern. That woman moved to the Amazon, including wonder woman, Anya and Chromo. Fun fact, actually watching wonder woman with where I first got the inspiration for the Amazons in my novel series. YEA, like wow, because I was like wow, look at those a women doing things and I was like so in love with the idea and I was like, said the Amazons, I thought you were gonna drop it, just like Jeff bezos Gay. So anyways, or like talk about like the actual like Amazon, actual rainforest, the actual place. The second you go there, you just your wrist limps. Yeah, it's really true. Actually, I've been there. And is that one day it's decided by out for BIA. I don't know, Danny the street a lie, shine the dreamer and rated raby. Right, that sounds like a really non binary name. Just Hey, I'm going. Okay, here's the thing. They're all no gender conforming characters. Yeah, I know. That's why I said could... tell me? You cannot tell me that a non minor person wouldn't be like Hey, what's up? My Name's pyromaniac. What's yours? Oh, I'm rabies. We don't have you. Guys. See the Ruby flag, the rabies pride flag. I'm homophobic. It's this. It was a tomboy thing. It was like a tumbler thing a while ago. Die If you have babies. No, no, no, okay, guys, you have tumbler. It's big. No, it's because, like you know, like people are scared of gay people, like people are scared of rabies. Okay, but doesn't it yeah, but there's a rabies pride flag. is like an actual like disease. It's like an umbrella term, like queer flick at. What do identify as? Oh, brabies, mom that I'm coming out google the flags kind of thing. Babies. I'm not going to put that on my fucking searches for no thanks doing it. I'm doing it right now. I already have young Stalin. fucking look to the young stolen. Oh my God, I want God, actually, it's kind of Nice. Yeah, right now I have yeah, I forget what it looks like. I need to Regoogle it. It's like, can we name this right? Jackson? Lady, so we talked about rabies. Oh my God, wait, I actually don't hate it. Why is there a tax fraud pride flag? I wanted. I'M gonna UM. Dannie the street was dacy's first LGBT Superhero. Achilles Petroquist, Maybia, those lane grace, joy heldna Wayne and Jay Knacker Rouma are all LGBT DC characters. Okay, where's this tax fraud LGBT flag? Hang on, I'm going to send it to the group chat. Wait, there's a tax road one. Yeah, hang on, I'm sending it. I need that for my condo. A SAP. Can we jack that Shit on the wall? I just, I just love the just Jackson's just oh my God, the text froad one is so pretty right and I love that it has meaning. You know, Oh my God, the political compass alignment of pride flags was an antibax pride flag. Oh my God, yeah, I know, there is. Green represents laundered money, those gray lines represent cold, cold prison bars. Red represents the shame of being caught. She agreed. That's cannon that's cannon, I guess. Next. How do I follow that? Any reading? Tax Frock? Anyways, image comics have queer characters such as William Cockwell Rick Sheridan, Richard Conner and Michael Appleby Apolo, Frank Gardener, Isabel Timan, honey bottom, war woman, Kendall, Catherine Hepburn, Louis, Louise Canton. Yeah, valiant comics include Jamie Capshaw, warmonger, Chris Hathaway, Gwen Goodman, Tamara, Samara, he...

...reconder, Ohen good man, may Nilan, Momo, Donald, flokum and tank. Take it. Remember the fucking Momo Craze? Dude. Yeah, I was freaky. I did not like it. These names sound gay. Yeah, they do now, Michael Appleby, Oh my God, the University of Washington published an article about the rapies private food Washington. What are you doing, Babe? On cure cancer something? What are you doing? Oh my God, okay, guys, read, read, this one is my heart on world favorite one. Oh, dear, last, but not nick. What I'm last? You're not least the NATA steet needle teetles. This the teenage mutant Ninja Turtles which, on fact, are cantically set in the Marble Universe really? Oh Yeah, Oh yeah, okay, the Damnat could have killed that. I was easy, easy. Take it a whole movie when it's taken maximum thirty seconds. The T your orgin story is that after Motton Murdoch was exposed to radioactive isotope, the canister call Kaloit Collia, with the fish goull containing for turtles. Are you eating turtle s fish bowls? That's just been humane and sent them into the stewers. So that's fucking awesome. Anyway. Okay, lgbt characters include Lindsay Baker, bandit, Jillian and Monte Puggle, jnica warn stone and Sheina. So wait, what does that have to do with the TMN T? Those are your character in then that I'm not just said. I thought you could said that they were gay because they were radioactive, which I was like, that's there. That I mean the amount, the amount of Mriz I've been put through, I probably have some radioactivity in me too. So where do you acting get a like? Have you even lived through the twenty one century? I think not so true. They fire really nice laughing. Sure, Noble, they noble. That if we thought her noble was a line really gonna sound like you're like, imagine, like I said, I I just pull realize glass of dred and eleven, like yeah, basically group that was talking about for noble one day and I can and I misstook it for Shartona. Okay, that's somehow. It's what are you? Because I need somehow. But Anyway, yeah, I come on and I'm like what's Your Noble? Is that wine? And it was like a year and a half ago. It was two years ago, I think. What epic. Also also turn noble share DNA. Sure, noble, Suretenay, massive nuclear disaster that killed countless people in horrific ways. A fancy wine. You only see pretentious route assholes drinking. They don't sound alike. They oh my God, CHR nobile produces wine. Actually, this has been such a deep dive into you want to hear the article. First batch of alcohol from Chernobyl seized by Ukrainian government. It's radioactive alcohol. Anyway, some Youre Right. Now it makes the active alcohol it's made from was grown by the plant. I know what we're doing this weekend, boys.

We're okay to ending episode. We do need to under neutral. You heard it be your first superhero comics are for the days. Watch out, Hollywood, the homes are Canada town for wadding to tell I hate you gen every atom of my being. Sure, of course all the list of characters are only the comic Han in characters. There are a dozen of superhero characters who are head cannon to be Queer, such as bunny barns, Bunny Barns Fenner. Right now, immediately, I want to see that man in a fucking made suit with Bunniers, and if I don't see that within the next forty eight hours, my gold to perish is actually a soundcloud musician. I want literally disintegrate. I will see God, if I don't see that, you've been warned. Bunny Barns real person. Okay, that's even nurse. I'M gonna drop. Okay, so now I have to drop it. I'm gonna draw that for you and then I'm going to post it on our instagram. Fuck yeah, there are a dozen of Superhero characters who are head canning to be queer. So fucky Barnes, Captain America, Bruce Wayne and Superman. When did I write the Bruce Wayne and Superman? No, not that. Looking at the line here, stay valid, stay fuck, stay valids to fuck. I'm so glad I'm home alone for this episode. becauact, screaming the worrying things. Buck. As you can see, finals have taken its toll. Oh my God, we will check out. I did on my bio quiz. What I passed, Yo, Yo, wait, what you get? What you get? Sixty nine? Oh my God, for Real? Yeah, Bro, Oh my gost, you did. I did ask put three question marks. Is One of my answers? Not Milk Smile. What does it was not milk smile, and then three other answers. I just put question mark because I can't remember it was. Guys, we need to get this room. There will alcohol. You need to me, Boo atolemach. We've to send this to all of our friends. Are I'm not gonna now. Tomic Vodka is about Badass. That sounds like a Badass fucking metal, but band it does. We should end the episode. We should her listen name. We hope you enjoy this episode. If not, have a good rust of your life. I think that's how we I think that's how it says it Um and then a little more aggressively. But yeah, well, what what's that English? Maybe? Anyway, this fuck gone. Are you to say it? Oh, don't you add something first? Wait, what I did? I said cheese ring. Oh, I just heard you start laughing maniacally in the distance. Oh, yeah, that, yeah, that's it. anyways, as well as staying valid and stay fuck, stay gay.

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