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House of Cards: An LGBTQIA2+ Podcast

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House of Cards: an LGBTQ+ Podcast; Gay and Lesbian Icons


In todays episode we made jokes that turned into serious debates, made mental illness desserts and asked ourselves, how many times were we kicked out of our mothers home. On top of all of that, our topic was gay and lesbian icons, we talked about many different people in our world who are considered icons by the gay and lesbian community (either gay or not). We hope you enjoyed this episode and rememer there will not be an episode next week! Remember you are vaild as fuck, and stay gay.

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Written by Avery Ann

Edited by Jaxson Stiles

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Hello everybody, welcome back to the health of cards podcast. My name is Jess and today, today, my friends, we are angry about what. I don't know. Personally, I'm angry that Bob Sagga died. I'm not sorry. He was a Peto. Yeah, he was kind of Phile, but he was also a massive part of my childhood. So I like refuse to acknowledge that. Jesus, there's like I choose to refuse that. I might have adhd same. Yeah, me too. His name is my doctor. Um. Anyways, my name is Jess, I use he they pronouns, and I started journaling in the new year and it's been going really well. So in the New Year, literally eleven days into the New Year, we have podcast. Is Is this the first podcast of the years? This is the first podcast of funny. Yeah, Oh, when I wrote the wrong date on the agenda, I was going to say it's not the first. If no one producted it would be. I wrote the tenth, but that was because I wrote yesterday. Okay, yeah, Um, well, I'm Jackson. One of my angry about I can tell you because of my lawyer tells me not to tell you right now. My lawyer said wait for the court case. Um, I'm currently eating right now because someone wanted us to record at sex and then someone was late, so I went and made my food literally, and I'm in the mood to blame people. So also, I told you were angry today, I use heathen pronouns as well. That's why you're wrong that the two people use heathm pronouns go right after each other. Is Twins. Hello, I'm Simone and right now I'm mad at my yarn. It's splitting every time I crochet and it's just upsetting. Are you still making the Bernie bittens? Well, okay, so see, I switched from that because it did not make instructions on how to make the thumb, so I'm kind of upset about it, but whatever. I'm making a topepag right now. It's like a patchwork tope bag. Who that's so cute. I guess that's my turn. I mean you. I used her Pronoun and I'm actually not like, not about anything. I've had a good hear. Yeah, that's like. There were like some minor setbacks, but yeah,...

I'm not angry about anything. My sality isn't real. She mentally healthy. Didn't get it. I'm never mentally ill. Why do you avery? I'm not mad about anything. Jackson fucking hate crimes her. You're mad now. IVER's like, I guess it was a bit of an inconvenience, but it doesn't really angry. Be Jackson stabs her. texting, like I will make you angry. It's if I have to feel emotions, all of you do. NOPE, I'm not realion emotions. It's just that I think my anger is the strongest one right now. So it's like it's like, yeah, I don't know if you know this, baby, but anger is an emotion. So you're sad. It's a secondary emotion. Yeah, no, I'm pretty sure if I started to like star, if I think, if I started taking my walls down of like protective, I would probably stop crying on the spot. Yeah, anger's secondary or to sadness. Really its primary, because there's five emotions and inside out and angry. I was gonna say an inside out. They had five, you think. Yeah, start got it right, bro Okay, but I'm just saying I've felt sad without being angry and I've felt angry without being sad. Yeah, sad I have. I felt anger and guilt but not anger, and it's a good no, sorry, it's not. It's it's just a second of emotion which means something, not just sadness, but something before it did cause you to get angry and you're not, you know, because, if you know, this caused by things. So, no, I mean by like there's another emotion. That true, because if you notice, once you get angry, there's it's only like I'm angry, and then like the feeling, just like you go back to being normal. It's like I'm angry, another emotion you feel and then you go back to normal. Because, I mean, maybe my mood sins or just worse than I thought they were. But don't you have like? I don't your anger as an emotion. So I can't comment. So I can edit this out. Just don't you know, like bpd? Yeah, I do. You don't have to edit it out. I love talking about this. I love okay, myself. Yeah, that isn't like a like a bit much bigger. Yeah, that's that's one of the nine criteria and that's what sets the Fart from bipolar disorder. Is With mood swings that bipolar disorder the usually lasts longer. So you'll be in like a longer depressive episode than like like longer media. For me, I go through about sixty four different emotions every day, I think, is every minute. Wait, I thought I got bipolar disorder and bpd were the same thing. There, no, I so what BPDP is? Borderline personality disorder. Oh, and it most sleep, affects emotional regulation, relationships and like personal like the way...

...that you view yourself. And bipolar is a mix of depression and mania. So the differences, they can coexist and they are quite similar. But the difference is when the mood swings last for more than today, then it's most likely bipolar, whereas for me personally, like I could see someone die on the sidewalk and then turn around and see a cube popping, like, Oh my God, I love it. So I love it here. This is great, like the mood swings are just like intense and so bad. So that's what I mean when I say I haven't felt anger and sadness. I probably have, but never like notice it was. It could have been, like it was more depressive and furious. Well, yeah, because it's started out as like I guess, like I don't know, but yeah, I know bpd is not a fun thing to live. But I just thought I just thought they were the same thing because like bipolar disorder, it's like be byp Polar d disorder. I just thought it was an acronym. Yeah, so bipolar disorder used to be the acronym of bpd until borderline personality disorder took the acronyment. So now it's just bipolar, because there's two different types of bipolar and they're sec there's technically four different subtypes of borderline personality disorder. I don't remember what they're all called, but I fitted the category of all of them. Going back to the joke I was going to make, yeah, wow, it's like, I guess my mooth swings are like a lot worse than I thought. Jaff with literally a diagnosis of like extreme mood swings. Like I'm like, my mooth swings are bad. Wow, fucking who dude, what I who? WANT TO GUESS? God, Oh my God. Okay, but the funniest thing is just as like, yeah, I have bpd. I love talking with about myself. Yeah, no, narcissistic and ego traits are often which go hand in hand with like the self hatred thing. Be Yeah, only the way I describe it is every common mental illness like OC adhd, depression, anxiety, PTSD, all of that wrapped up into a little a little bow, a sprinkle, so a little those like cohosis on top and o there you go. Costco version of mental illness. Literally, like you like, it's just a fucking package deal because my guile I got a fucking five for water or something. I don't know. Mine, like you, when they said, when they said you're gonna get a sale on it, I thought that meant like, Oh, just wanted half price, but no, it was a fucking like four hundred and forty three deal, like fucking Christ. So people like work. You a fun that's on the Internet. If you want to follow us on instagram and see every story posts about lesbians, I don't know. You can find us on its...

...on Instagram at House of cards, underscore podcast. If you want to see Jackson talking about Gay Shit, you can go to LGB you can go to twitter at lgbt underscore deck and if you want to see absolutely nothing good or ticktock. That's tick tock, but I forgot to I'm sorry. That's okay. Actually, even I've actually been posting on the twitter, like quite a bit. Not even I know. I was like I like went on the twitter like go see something, I could tweet something, and there's like five new tweets and I'm like, who the fuck? I actually looked it. I accidentally looked at MC yt one time on the twitter and now it's just everywhere, all over it. I'm so sorry. I look like Adly caught a glimpse of it. Now it's haunting me. Yeah, like I look at it on my own personal twitter, but like I never meant to look at it on those of cards twitter. But then Tommy and it. I needed something. I never meant to infect you. Didn't mean to spread the virus. I had to. I had to start up a poll because my roommate ask me something and then I was like well, and I have to put this to twitter and half so far. Yeah, like voting yes, which is very, very surprising community. What was the what was the question? Okay, so, like she saw this tick Tock, and then she asked me. She was like a very it's oak milk gay. What is it? Is Right, is like what is that? And I was like, I mean, like if you're like a high maintenance gay, then let mean, I guess if you're like cotncious, but also like I know a lot of gay people who are lactose intolerant, but that's not really like the same. Yeah, but I'm no lactose intolerant person actually follows lactose intolerant rules. Yeah, my that I'd actually loved. Oh, I'm severely lactose intolerant. I had MAC and cheese for dinner. I've already other thought about what if I just get rid of all lactose from my diet and like actually do what my body wants? I did that for like a year after they first told me I was lactose intolerant, and then I realize it's not worth it. I never did that. Is that when I mental illness tauted? No, my mental illness started like the moment I was pushed out of my mother's I was a c section, so that's a lie. The moment I was evicted for my mother, but removed like a I then were I was evictious different way. I'm going to make an inappropriate joke. Feel free to like like yellow me afterwards and we can edit this out. But just how many times have you been evicted from your mother's? Yeah, if I'm correct, I'm coping three electric chure. fucking not, man. Oh wait, shit, yeah, we're three foy three. God Damn. I've been evicted for my own mother, mother's plural, more than I have actual housing. Wow,...

...that's crazy. Him Eighteen and I've been evicted three times. Oh, from where? My Mom? No, I like that. That's really funny, because I don't think. Was I here during the episode where we talked about getting kicked out? No, you weren't. We did invite you, but then you weren't here. I don't think. I think. No, we invited you and you had something to do that day, so we were like, oh, so I was. I was probably working because I used to do Tuesday shifts. How funny was doing if that was when you got kicked out. We did are like getting kicked out episode and then you were like literally like removed it, like you're like hey, you want to come do the kidding kicked out video and I'm sorry, I can't, I'm busy doing what getting kicked out love footage from an actual I'll do to que for for you to like you just like. He was like we're phoning into a live incident. Could you tell us what's it like to be like it to start interviewing me? Know what tears in your eye and then you like to have nowhere to go and then you see a puppy and you're fine. Oh yeah, no, that's pretty much how it was. I was listening to music and like the Noah Cyrus Song came on. That was like, Oh, so tell me to leave Youah July, and I started crying and then immediately after a Beatlestone came on and I just started like I was just staring and I started laughing, like quietly. My Dad was like, what the fuck, that's like, hi, psychiatrist. No, he's calling the fucking exorcise. Honestly, I'm surprised no one has yet. They're the same person. Oh my God, Dude, my aunt had an exorcism when she was thirteen. Wait, that's so sick. I'm idus want to talk to her now? No, she's kind of a shitty person. Oh never mind, I don't they didn't get rid of the demon or they did it wrong and they gave her another one. They just gave her one. There was no one to begin with. She's just another few year old girl. She's she's a thought. Yeah, that that is kind of fucked up. They were like must be a demon in this bitch. Guess we got to take it out. Like, I'm she's thirteen. Maybe she's just, you know, like have you P P perty gowing titties hurts. Okay, agree, that would have buddy. I would have been funny. Now pubity episode is like and put it out of like, listen before you call the excessis if it's stupid. Anyway. Now that would dade be an icon. Will talk about other lgbtq icons. Oh, good, transition. I know. I mean about kind of Choogy, but whatever. Your almost you're almost just good as transitions, and I that as I am. Oh my God, I can't even make some joke at Oh, I don't know. Also, I don't know, I feel like it's funny. Sorry, you don't talk. I had the thought process. There's so many times do I go to the bathroom and I forget I have a Dick and then it's there and I'm like holy,...

...what the fuck? And so now I'm wondering, is it because I just forget that I have a Dick? Like I just like in my brain I'm not exactly a guy. So Braton is like no Dick, no Dick for you. Or is it because I might have adhd? And so my brain has no object permanence and, as such, I can't see it. I don't have it. I also have no object permanence. You guys are infant anyway. Someone, whenever you're ready. Oh, yeah, I start. Sorry, I was. Yeah, okay, checking for a deck. I might have forgot it was there. Who knows? You never know, and we won't check for the Dick Right now. Damn it, mind's not back yet. Okay, in the fruity community, fruit salad, as I like to call it. And icon is anyone who's appetising. You're laughing at your own joke. That's that's the moone half the time on this podcast. Yeah, and it's okay, but like, laughing at your own jokes means like you're funny as fuck. I do it all the fucking Colarius. Do we know? You do it all the time? May every yeah, one of my death qualities. Okay, and icon is anyone who's a public figure who was regarded as a culture icon. I actually didn't know that because I'm Hashtag dumb. Special. Most often, icons are celebrities with largely lgbtq plus fan bases. I saw you just thought of you're not dumb, you just have brain trauma. It's like jacks are bully and Sada. You can't. Sorry, continue, I love you. Why I can't I say that? Tell me why? Because we're talking about gay icons. Continue, all righty already. Icons can also be part of the LGBTQ plus community themselves and are often credited with being fierce allies. Jackson is typing fierce and all capitals. It is the most pulorful, like it's red, it's a new Roman, it's it's a personal oh no, I also use times new Roman, but only when I'm emailing my English teachers. Anyways, this episode we're going to be talking about some of the most wellknown popular gay and lesbian icons and role models, as well as talking about our own gay and lesbian icons. Are Role models that may have not been mentioned. When are we doing that? What at the end? It is the in the script. Oh fuck it, when like Jackson yelled at me virtually because I was dying. Oh my God, I'm so sorry, but I was just like getting ready to read my part and I got to the end of justice and it says a name and it's almost exactly save me as my bio teacher, but it was slightly different. So it's like my bio teacher is a gay I cat. You're... I kind of I kind of had a feeling, but like, damn, damn, she goes with his fast. I know, I jess. Whenever you're ready. Oh, what is me? Um, all right, cool, I don't read the group before we start recording. I don't know if this is an obvious thing. Um, starting off, the most six widely recognized gay icons are okay, I'm gonna be the fucking judge of this. I'm going to be the judge of this. I'm going to be honest. I almost wanted to edit this to say the seventh and then I Jennifer. Cool, lads, there I was like, now I'll be Judy Garland. Who the fuck is Judy Garland? I don't know. Janet Jackson, I didn't know she was gay. Madonna, we love her, share we love her. Lady Gaga, I want to touch your boobs. Okay, so, Judy Garlt, she's the one who played dorothy and wizard of all dorothy how we should saying over the rainbow. No, nuys, they're not rudy, they're just they have very large gay fan bases. They like do a lot for the community. Did you not listen? Like, sorry, the only the only thing I know Janna Jackson for is being high at a concert. I would too. No, but like she looks. She looks a lot like like. She looks the way. So what? I aren't gay, except for Lea the Gaga. I guess some of them. Lady Gaga is, but well, that's why I like. There's another paragraph that says popular gay icons and role models, so that, like a we'se ones aren't like specifically like, Oh, I see. Okay, all right, this makes more sense as I'm reading on Um and Diana Ross. Other icons include Princess Dinna. Can we get a fucking W and? The chat for that was awful. Can we talk about how we name her? Can we talk about how we named Simone's pen vape or Princess Diana? Yeah, she's she's an icon. I thought I was Daddy Devito. She got a new one one because broke. She was like, what what should I name it? I was like and I was gonna call prince that. I was like, no, Princess Diana, I don't care, I can put this in the podcast because you legally, you guys can't do that. Yeah, that's what I legally you can own a Oh really. Yeah, so Princess Diana, my my queen, love her forever. Elizabeth Taylor. Don't who that is, Barber Streis, and but probably gonna know where that is. Betty White, are right, Michael, oh my God, too soon, too soon. I know. I know Prince who never confirmed a sexual orientation. Siddy lapper, are on a grande of Mariah, carry our queen, Dolly Parton, beyoncel, Beyon Abba Adele and Julianers. I would like to add one here. We have a part yeah, besty, we have a pot later. You don't Parton. Really said Julian Jolie. He did to just... said it. Know, you do talk about it later. Okay, I was gonna say the fact, the fact the sound that you sounded out John Wasn't mentioned. I'm upset, but he's Bra we've got storry. This list is fantastic that I'm humming. Yeah, that's my list. Get the fuck out of it. Anyway, B popular gay icons and Romatos, Masha P Johnson. Let's just I'm like, I can love Marcia. Thank you, mom for everything we have. We Love Me, love, love, mummy Johnson. Mummy, Freddie Mogury, Adam lambort and Queen. I don't know about in Queen. That was sorry, my brain just read that differently. Sorry, Adam lambot and Queen. David Bowie, Tyler Oakley, I have mixed feelings. Eugene a frank ocean and really, yeah, yeah, you are a song about being gay. I don't listen to a lot of his music. Sorry, Charlie, Cada Cadaver, CADAVERDA Carver, I set it right. I said it rightly, but sounds like a daver cadaver. Charlie will that sex. I love him. Sam Smith, Osco, Oh my God, Allsco wild and the script, Oh my God. Okay, so I'M gonna go off reel quick. I actually get to read the uncensored picture of Doreyan Gray or one of my classes this semester and I could not be heavier and censored. When is it sense? What? Okay, well, my very first version, like his very first, the first time I was published. He gave his publisher a totally different version. But because it had like a whole bunch of like homosexuality in it, the publisher decided to like get rid of all the parts that were deemed, quote unquote, like offensive and like published it without Oscar wild every even knowing, and then a hundred and twenty years after that, then they republished it, but like without like the censoring. So it's like awsome. It's the picture of Dorian Gray, as Oscar wild like meant for it to be wacky and alls well gay. So anyway, as just rudely took from my script, Elton John, the guys from could your eye, which I can't say. So I'm so glad every presents just the guys from Kui. Yeah, Everythan van Nash, Dan, Dan Levy, Troy. How do you say? Is Awsome? Choices on I was close choice of on Dan Ho. Well, I love very sorry. Back the fuck up whole. It's how will fuck off. My favorite thing is when I see the name I think, what is fuck whatever, Daniel Howell. How do you know the next one? Because I've...

...lost it because I'm thinking of how I want to pronounce Chadrick Hall Charger Call But whenever because of my brain, just like nosy all and things to Dick, to Dick through to call it sounds like you're going somewhere to Dick home, and that's a place on with really apple. See how they should get they should name like a gay chapel after that for the gays to get married. It's a Cole Apple CEO Tom Tom, I mean sorry, Tim Cook, sorry, and you tubers, mad and blue and so many more. So go check out all of the GAY youtubers. Does a lot of them. Okay, to be fair, I didn't actually know who toader call is, but Oh my God, I love him, literally in love, like just from pictures. He does the one did that girl just say? Girl at its dance at work. I don't want he does all the gay songs on Tick Tock. I've never heard that, but he he's giving her bad baby vibes. Right, really, so much. Yeah, him, because like of he's like Um, like mashup. Mount Medley's like his rihanna medley is like something heavenly. Oh Dude, his hand, his boys, his boys, it's incredibates my nipples hard. Oh my God. Okay, I don't think we can put that on here. I'm see you. I can say that is touchingly a major and we are rated at Spook just justice, freedom over age, technically justice for to say whatever he wants. Now they have no restrictions. Oh God, that's dangerous. That, because that, I would like to fuck every single man on this list. Thank you, goodbye, avery. In a month you will have the same right. Oh my God, I know, it's weird. What's even? Where is it? You're in university and I'm finishing high school and I'm feeling like three months older than you. Yeah, I know, it's black, one of them. Someone's just a little bit smarter and it's Simone. Anyway, avery, whenever you're ready. Okay, Lesslie, an icon also referred to as which I found. I found that online while I was doing the research and I thought I would like the funniest thing ever, so I had to put it in. Sorry, good the new and apparently I fucking murdered and crossed out off my bucket list, I guess, like five times over. How is how are some of these people I read? I fucking I hit my Fabe, but I read Shane the day. As a lesbian, I go okay, but you're not wrong. Okay, really good. These are great. Staffo Adel again, because why don't fuck not? She's adored by everyone.

Shane my day, as he fucking should she. Alexander Madege my boy, art for Christmas, but I'm jealous. I know Taylor Swift, Timothy Sallomer, Harry Styles Justin Bieber, which actually that one surprised. I'm sorry, all right, sorry, what I know surprising. I'm so happy about that. I love to Johnny. Bravo. Nick Jonas, apparently, fucking Um that fucking stop dying. Sorry, I hitting at the second I've read something funny. Fucking James D Watch how much editing out I'm Gona have to do now. God Hua from the NCU, Johnny Cash, Games, Dean Halsey, the Moon, which, yes, the actual moon. Don't ask, like why it doesn't it? No, no, no, it's it's right. That's very correct. Yes, it's so true, like none of us know why, but it just is. I don't know. Is fucking beautiful? Oh yeah, one hundred percent. Kate Blanchett and Nicholas Poussa and Alex both from orange. Is the new black. Who say? I'm I love Poussa so much. Oh my say, who say? I'm in the pus. So it's nice. Turn now. No, it's not. Shut up anyway. populent, no, it what do I not get a paragraph this episode again? No, no, because you were late. Wait, I thought I'm joking. It is. Yes, Oh, I thought avery just took the dikons. Okay, popular and Les, let's be an icons and role models. Are Sally Right, the first woman in space in the I tweeted that. Yeah, you tweeted about that. Audrey Lord Christen's Stewart fucking beautiful. Hmm here, Oh my God, Oh my God, wait, hold on, let me make sure about this. Let me just google to make sure this is the right person. Okay, wait, a twilight girl, the bitch from yeah, yeah, that's what's so awkward. When being in love with Edwood. Yeah, dating him. Honestly, I feel like, look at Robert Pattens it. I could fake my sexuality for him, but like I got it, you know. Yeah, don't pick at it. That's really fucked. I'm put that in all right. Girl in red, in love, Haley Kyoko, in Love Samara, Whiley, I don't know who that is, unfortunately, Lily Tomlin, Kate McKinnon, Lena Waite, Holland Taylor, Sarah Paulson, but before prefers to not be referred to... a lesbian. Ruby rose, like women, loving women, though. So yeah, yeah, little bit fruity, just a little, just allow Virginia Woolf Jillian Anderson, basketball player, a Leida del Sup Perkins, Brandy Carlyle and Leah Delria. And now for anyone who wants to add others that I did not, geniper Coolidge, Jennifer coolidge. Let's talk about Jennifer clutage real quick. And Jojo Siwa, but apparently, like I heard that she did something. Oh, she like dated a trump supporter. So I don't remember. I don't know. Gross. I'm also know I did the cast because I didn't add her, because she'd like doesn't specify herself off as like lesbian. She just like calls yourself queer. So that's why I didn't add her. In anyway, Jennifer Coolidge is like the NAO Salan Porson in legally blonde. She's like the neighbor and to grow brow. Oh my God, I love she is Fiona in Cinderella Story. And then I'm just looking up for characters in this other one and she's Tanya Mc quid in the White Lotus. So see, you have no idea how much I love broke girls. Oh, she's an American. She's in American Pie. I've never seen before. I think she's the mom an American pie that mom made me watching with her. So I'm going to send you a picture for Jess because I'm sure you know. I looked her up and I'm looking all at all the movies and I'm unfortunately not seeing a single one of these, except for we really, no, I haven't seen any of these. She she's a she's one of the character. She's like she made. I don't know if I was teched off, but their ticket Tok about her. That's like. I don't know why, but all the gays are except assessed with me something like that. I love it, Swag. I would also like to nominate the living tombstone and Brittany spies. Why? Are Right. The living tombstone makes like a lot of like'tronics, like Gamer Sandom music. Yeah, gave me songs, but it like it's fucking I've never heard anyone who street listened to it. Dude, his music fucking slaps and I will fully admit that discord. Like I'm fucking how I at the like and sleeping, and I'll get I'm a sleeping in the middle of the summer afternoon. Right, I think we've talked about Elliott page before. We definitely have, right. Yeah, love Elliott Pie. Yeah, I'm trying to find a video for Jennifer coolidge. Oh my God, Jennifer, I love. Oh, also, I can't believe I forgot about hard gave me a second. Give me sex. scholled down reese witherspoons gay icon. Maybe, yeah, that's valid. She literally... She's literally a Brong. Okay, maybe not. Also, but elwoods. Yeah, I was sure. Yeah, Oh my God, how did we forget Dann and Phil? We did mention Dan Im. I got s dance. Oh, I let you know their last steps, Philip Lester and I know their filment. I didn't see anything on whether or not he was actually Yay, I don't know. I never watch them, but idea, his idea. Know, that's like he literally just came out of a closet. I don't know that like a bunch of people like ship them together. But then I wasn't sure if that was just like speculation. That had been speculation. I don't know if they're dating. They've called each other their soul mates, but they've never confirmed that they're dating. But Dan made like a thirty minute video about growing up gay and how like it was all confusing, how we went through a lot and then film made it a like food minute video of him just crawling out of a close. That like a fucking Goblin, fucking Bait. Okay, I found that it came out as a romantic couple in two thousand and Nineteen Rack Mondo also. Okay, I want to, I want I'm going to play an audio of Jet Jennifer Coolidge, to prove that she's a gay icon and also I just love the audio. So like iconic. You know, Oh my God, I watched that movies. Yeah, I watch that for some reason, but you know why? They've don't a really good movie act I love. I just love this, like they're always assists with me. She's wrong, baby goes through anyway. Um, so I'm going to I want to thank everyone for being here today. Yeah, in this holy maturmount, we getting married. Yeah, just re finally getting married. No, Saula, it's a polymers. It's a polyamorous marriage. Will all getting married. Oh Wow, you really had to make it all about you. I'm kid. I don't want to get married. I don't want to get me too bad. The tax benefits? No, so true. We can give each other disability benefits to exactly who that? We can write give all of our inheritance to each other. So one of US dies, okay, you can say you can say me. It's okay. We all know I'm not die force. You mean if one of US lives? Yeah, that's more. That's more best. It's more likely if one of US dies, it's a domino strike. One of US dies, were either all gonna die at the same time or within a day of each other. I'm immortal personally. That's all I said. Anyway, thank... so much for watching today. Hope you enjoyed it and we hope to see you next week. We're actually we'RE gonna go record that episode because we are a bit late, but you know, you don't know that that's behind later the jet period. anyways, dude, but make sure it shouldn't next week. If not, enjoy the rest of your life. Is there anything else to add? My Gay I that really this fuck leslians forgot. We have to record it in one of these Jesus Christ, stay gay,.

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