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House of Cards: An LGBTQIA2+ Podcast

Episode 76 · 5 months ago

House of Cards: An LGBTQIA2+ Podcast: Gay Folklore


Today, We talked about a lot, mostly about how Jaxson, Avery and Jesse all broke into Simones compost bin after hanging out in her hottub. We also talked about little critters, and Jesse Lore (say Gender three times and see what happens). Our topic today focused around that, with us talking about Gay Folklore, The ancient history that were surrounded by queers, and the Horror and Gothic novels that used supernatural beings as gay people. We hope you enjoyed this episode and rememer there will not be an episode next week! Remember you are vaild as fuck, and stay gay.

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Written by Avery Ann

Edited by Jaxson Stiles

Produced by: Jaxson, Avery and Simone, Jesse,

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Hello and welcome to the House of cards and Lgbtqia, to post podcast where we're all deranged. I need to avery am. I think I got like four hours of sleep total. It's really catchingive to me now. I usually hear Pronoun and I'm doing ID or laughs, because I'm hot Yo, I'm smok, I'm smone, I usually they pronounced. Everyone came to my house last night and they literally like broken. I don't know why the fuck they were there. We didn't. You shouldn't have left your doors unlocked at yeah, we didn't even fight someones. I just started kating out with us. Well, yeah, like it really were. They were literally just hanging out in my house. Like I'm so weird. Anyway, you're so weird, even in the house. First we were peering in at someone through their compost Bein. Yeah, and then we want to the hot tub for like an hour or two, and then, you know, we don't talks me home, Meek. People know I have a hot tub. I felt like I actually I thought I is the only person in Canada that has a hot up. I am it's so jid. Guys live in France. Anyway. Some finish your welcoming. I'm so different. I literally did you? Did you say pronouns? Yeah, yes, Um, hi, I'm Jesse Penis, so I when I I I'm sick again. This is like the sixth time I've been six this year, and it's march. Also. Can you guys hear this? Yes, okay, good, because I love this thing. It's making me so happy. I actually saw what it was. It's just a it's just a pink ball filled with Colm or something. I don't know. It's gonna make editing this podcast by living hell. Thank you. Oh yeah, I know. If if, by the way, if you're listening and you all of a sudden you're like a, like a, that's that's my that's my stress ball. I'm not stressed or anything, I just I like to touch balls. Jesus Christ, we're nerves and I think you should just say your pronouns and move on. Yeah, no, my pronouns are he they and I apologized for my voice. I was affected by the day. I'm your final host. My name is Jackson and I use they him pronouns, and currently I'm I'm dying. No, I'm just tired and I'd like to go and finished twing dishes so that I can go for a shower, so that I can lay in bed and do nothing. You're the insisted that we record today. Yes, and I'm very happy that we will. He's sound really sincere about that. I just I can't must our emotions right now. Okay, dude, I don't have time to. I can't look at you. Find US on social media. Yeah, before we get too sad, you can find you can find some mode in the old house and get at over the hot social media. You can find us on Instagram at House of cards underscore podcast, on twitter at lgbt underscore deck, on Tick Tock as house of guards, lgbt, Yep, Oh my God, and on Youtube as a house of cards, lgbt Dick. Yeah, good for you got them all this time. So that such like like halfassed applause.

Yeah, come on, full ask of you guys. Yeah. So, so we were hanging out. It's mooned. Just robit a conversation while I was laying in the touch and my brain didn't have time to process at the moment, but I got like as my day went on, I slowly processed it. So the conversation was something about like having we're gonna say relationship with someone. And is it gay, with US using he, they and she day, oh yeah, and yeas were like if so dated, we'd collect all of the pronouns, but that's I. So many more. Just you go buy it, like he they, yeah, and then I use the heat. So, like do we make like if we were to like have relation, would we fromp two separate beings, one that's just they them and one that's just see him, because like, because, like when they collided together, they'd like push it upon so it because my day did. They got them, and then do they double out or they cancel out? They both our genders and we just go. And do you want to hear my thoughts on it? Yeah, you guys would be in a straight relationship because the order of your pronouns, so just has he first and Jackson has they first, and technically those are not the same gender. So we could get married wherever we wanted to. Because, yeah, because technically we have streat privilege. Just do you want to get married for tax benefits? Absolutely, what if we just got married for something more than tax benefits? So, anyways, you guys want everywhere for the fun of it. Yeah, knows. We were all they came and they kidnapping from school yesterday. I'm not even joking. They're all on spring break or something, I don't know, but my spring break isn't to like mid April. So they were just like, Hey, we're coming to kidnap you from school and then you're going to come with us. We're going to go with you. Anything, shut up. And then, since I didn't have any classes in the morning, my first class was at noon, I just didn't go home. I slept over. Yeah, but this reginal for selection, important because since we were together, we were we've been trying to figure out the whole like social media, specifically, like the tick tock thing. Despite the fact that I do have K on my personal account, I still don't know how the fuck to do tick dock. I don't know how if everyone of using it as like an alternate twitter, it's just shit posting. Yeah, look, so ear we're we're, my brain is were, my pop, my brain is a shit post generator and my mouth is comblercom. Know you are tumblercom. Ah, yes, I, yes, but we were trying to figure out. So anytime anybody said anything funny, it was just make that a tick off it. I or like put that on the twitter or something, because it was like, you know, yeah, now, that's why a lot of social media, because we're actually eighty year olds inside mark. Well, a lot of tweets went out last but yeah, I know if you saw an influx of tweets, it's because we were being funny last night or early last night either. was just scored through the videos and pictures I took to like post throughout like the week because from this weekend and I got to the one of avery doing a little dancy dance my lead days, I got an sure I posted on the cheech dock. I just gotta find a good audio Um. anyways, you can get the joint tweets, though my favorite one is the hotel industry is singlehandedly responsible for first plancy in pregnancy. Okay, so here's my reasoning that that this isn't this isn't where I was going with this. But you know I have to be eighteen to book a hotel so that you...

...don't have sex in hotel room. Well, no, you can have sex in hotel rooms, just not under the age of eighteen. Yeah, no, but, like Dan, you're not a teenager anymore so teen pregnancy. Well, you're still a teenager, eighteen legally, know. Okay, moving roumatically. Okay. Anyways, I don't think y'all are ready for this fucking transition. Y'All have to see why, why I'm so good at this. So one of my favorite tick talks that we posted was Jackson said, if you say gender three times in the mirror, J will appear. And then some says gender three times and then I walk in through my door. That's my house, by the way. We're filming and I walk in through my door and I went gender. I'm barely know her and we were like that's definitely like J or, like you can summon me, like that's on par with bloody like my scenti and Christmas tree, like that is in the same universe, like me being summoned by like saying gender three times and by Christmas trayre or the same level of things. Some might even call it gay folklore, which is today's topic. Oh my God, this is this is a sideline. But in the day since we post of that, two hundred and six forty six people have watched it and twelve people have liked it. Twelve fol people. Yeah, I've a funny and that's like five percent of people with that watched it. Anyway, that that was that was a transition I wanted to do. Okay, I I had that in my brain. A second. Somebody said that it was just lur and then we were talking about doing this one to day and I was like got it. I love that so much. This is why I'm the Trans one anywhere. Anyway, that's that too. Today we're going to be talking about gay folklore in terms of some of the myths and beliefs that led to the establishment of predators and originations of Homo Sexuality, as well take on some modern LGBT Qia to plus themes and associations in horror and spectative fiction. So we've talked about old gays in civilizations, engaging engay Shit, fun in Gay engay engaging gay shit in game. Anyway, we've never actually talked about why these civilizations stopped each other. Who wrote this? Avery or ill? Yeah, I write all of them. Yeah, Bitch and majority. Yeah, we didn't even talk how talk about how it started either. Anyway, an ancient Mesopotamia. Mesopotamia, Mesopotamia, no, Mess Potamia. You've watched big mouth Homey Messopotamia, Messpotamia. You've watched big nose. It's it's Mesopotamia, isn't it? It's spelt Messopotamia, but it's pronounced of Mesopotamia. That isn't lucky island. Most Homophobic Shit I've ever heard of my entire Goddamn what, that's my fuckingred twelve and thirty breath and I'm quitting the podcast. Goodbye, go I guess I'll just delete your name off. All Right, okay. Anyway, ancient Mesopotamia people would often practice a third gender and engage in Gay Shit in honor of the goddess in Anaho wealth and power to transform men into women and vice versa. My dream, John Betically, you better your gender anyway. Jess, you better get this. Goddess is dumb, but yeah, I know, I got to start worship in her. Yeah, it's not a trans as your gender anyway, just wake to put a deckly shit. Yeah, my first offering to her can be my gender. Polite, take it. Oh my God.

Okay. It was also believed that it didn't matter who you're having sex with as long as they were the same social status. That's so funny. Because otherwise you were received bad, like like if you fuck someone below your station, bad luck. If we follably had you, you're fine. Oh, you fucked you fucked up, pope, portion you're never going to see anyone again. You're blind. No, bad, really, like imagine you got like set back and like a time machine and it was like you were having sex as another man and you're like uh, yeah, but but don't tell anybody in there. Like, how much does he make a year? There's what does that matter? How much is the bay? WHAT DOES HE REI GRANT? Well, well, he's kind of like a king. Unacceptable. My God. In ancient Japan, no believed to be the Oh fuck you, Hey, I love them, Oh, I love that. Oh, fuck you then, I ale I al I al Ginger know my brother is. Though. In ancient Japan, se supposed believed to be a natural practice in life, and it didn't matter what someone's orientation was. Same Sex couples and people who participated in same sex acts were actually regarded with aristocracy, and it was believed that same sex relationships were ennobling, which means like basically, like it was like to be desired and whoever took part was blessed by Cobo Diocle, founder of Shingon Buddhism. In ancient Roman Greek, who are older men known as lovers, would engage in the same sex relationships younger ran known as beloved. It was believed these relationships would mentor the young men in cultivating a sense of culture and improvement. Anyways, in my civilizations, where there was your mom which, there was an existence of third gender or Middle Sex. That's what I have to comb. Individuals were often credited as being visited or blessed by deities. Some modern interpretations have since suggested that the third gender or middle sex may have had a spiritual symbolism and acting as a bridge between the physical and spiritual world, much like how wodrogyny is interpreted as a bridge between masculinity and femininity. That reading, though, good for you guys to for now. I just like, Oh my God, Avery's the reading fair which is going to take your reading away? No, moving on. If it's not the Frist, anyone that creates have been associated with supernatural peatures like fairies, vampires, unicorns and sirens for decades. All of it started as a as laws, you know, like fuck you vampire. How dare you? My God, your vampire, I think. Oh, SIREN OR UNICORN? Oh very anyway. Or is there very hurts a way of queer coating. fairies were gay because they were strange and glittery. Put that Shit on my grave, range and glitteringly. That's just me. That's that as my before flash back to suman probably be still in whole wedding dress and probably wouldn't glitter on her face as we speak. I'm not. I'm actually not still my wedding dress. I'm wearing a Christmas sweater and boxers. Even better, that's so hot. Vami is the vampires will consider gay because they were sexual in nature and predatory, because we all know gay people, oh, pedophiles, and so are vampires, apparently. Yeah, wait, I guess. I mean all vampires are pedophiles, because aren't they all like a billion years old? Yeah, but look at and they say, if you old, it doesn't really count as long as you're not grooming the person. How old was Bella Sixteen? She was sixteen when they met and then I think she was like nineteen. When eighteen? When cheens change? You know,...

Edward is definitely a pedophile because that was like she was still young, but like, like, as long as you're dating them when they're still eighteen, it's all fine, is not? Again, as long as you're not the vampires, not rooming them. I also we're trying to justify this as if this would ever actually happen. Yeah, well, that's because one of us here was a vampire, a prey. Anyway, it happened. Twilight was white and trolments. I can't wait to be the forest was like, I go with all of us to be the faces. Twilight was based off of the crew. Events was based on a dream. Of Dreams are always predictions. So I imagine, like that was just fucking Robert Pattinson high school experience. I do you think it wasn't? Guy, probably, if we ever in a woods with avery, I want all of us to suddenly stop walking and then say I know what you are to avery. I just want to I just want every be like hi, next to the woods beside my house, you never you never sleep. Someone has check your skin is pale and your impossibly fast before saying your Edward Calling. And then, when I was like, what what do you mean, she said cold and white, and I would said fucking good. Yeah, no, we're gonna like we're well, I'll get a memorize the script and then, at one put another, we're all gonna, at the same time, say it together. And I was just gonna make all face when she gets shocked, like you know, the face every, like all of us know, the face every has when she gets like shocked, and just like looking around with like the big eyes. Yo, she's gonna make that face at us and just to be confused, like my God little family it is anyway. UNICORNS because they represent CEO, typical gayety happy us. What have the gay, Gayety us? Yeah, whatever fuck. gating means happiness. I just said that means you, Ossification. Yeah, we don't know what them. What's happiness anyway? Ever? Ever heard of it or at it? And sirens, because they would seduce unsearching in individuals with the promise, promise cu not Um. UNICORNS are yostified horses anyway, set up and and DEUCES and quotations. Okay, I gotta finish this. Sirens because they would seduce or kill unsuspecting Indus with their sexinest. Yes, care bodies, buddy body, Yadyatti, which is honestly what summoned it. Today, with their with a little critic eyes. Yo, I love CALICO critters anyway. That's fog. Yeah, Oh my God, what if we got sponsored by CO SPONSORS US? I would like instantly die happy. Can we reach out to CALICO critters? Can they be an official brand? The can can they make the cast of cards? Calor critters, who you shouick up? We each make an animal we want to be in. They make a little orsions of us. I want to be a bear. No, the bears are in your tits. Remember, someone all right, emerging from the fog anyway. In fact, the only reason that queers have been associated with such supernatural creatures and monsters is because we're better than you. That's it, because Gothic in hermantor writers couldn't write explicit lgbtx plus themes. They would allude to uncanny and supernatural methods of writing. Basically, it's queer coating anyway. Yeah, one of the wealth the one of the most wellknown instances of this is the correlation between Vampires and gays. Written in... thousand eight hundred and seventy two. The Vampire Novella Cumrilla is about a young woman named Laura who experiences a strange attraction to a vampire named Carmela, who's later revealed be one of Laura's ancestors and targets young girls and women by booby. I'm sorry, where do I find this book? All Right, the breast, I need to I just need it for research for me. Suky sucky now, Mommy, Mommy's Oh my God, the whole my God, like desk and social I sat down. It was a pair of tits and it said meet Sucky Sukey now, mom we just yeah, but you left your chocolate milk at my house. who get out Carmela, the vampire lesbian who great feeling women. It was written twenty six years before Dracula, was written by positive formosexual Brown stoker. When Dracula, while Dracula has its far sure of gay themes, specifically paying on the vampire drop inspired B by Car Milla and having the main character ward off female vampires so that he can claim Jonathan Harker, exclaiming this man belongs to me, the Origin Behind Dracula is also gay as hell. No, don't. Yes, fuck you. Stoker began writing Dracula at the time that Oscar wild was serving Labor punishments for Sodomy, and One Academic Journal writes that Dracula Floor's Hooker's fear and anxiety as a close as a closeted homosexual man during Oscar wild's trial is peculiar. Tonality of horror derives from Stoker's emotions at this unique moment in gay history. I know that the guy that wrote Dracula was a gay. I was just going to say, how did you not know? I don't know what smone. Yeah, you really. You have a lot of like issues. What was one of the things I just I learned what gravel was yesterday. Yeah, you also learned about different brushes for different types of hair. Yeah, that too, and that you can take sue her pain. Oh Yeah, and that adnall isn't and like tile on all the stuff isn't just like like it's for general pain. I didn't know that either. I I'm eighteen years old. I'm currently purchasing Carmela right now. By the way, send me a copy. Oh, mail it to you. I love you. Um, why do I never get the long paragraphs? Actually, I know why, because I can't read. Now you know the INS and ounce, the wise and house tops of bottoms, some of the folklore and supernatural beliefs for rounding the LGBTQ plas community. Feel free to do your own research by Lgbtq plas origins and gay folklore. And remember, Queer Duds and gay and Lesbian Vampires are always valid. Is Fuck, that's all you like. We don't say that enough. At the end of the episode is do your own research. Yeah, yeah, we say, is not Gospel. It is. That's actually well, some of you ever think say I am like when we say like. Everyone Fallon stuff like that. But like, do your own research for your own opinion, like you know, when you use more people saying something, you don't have to agree with them. Where you don't have to disagree with them. Do Your own research, be your own scholar, Babes. And obviously not everyone is valid, like obviously chess is not okay. And you know, if listening to this podcast is a part of your research, you're doing it wrong. No, no, no, we are hoping extend some of our research. Feel like we recomment weird. That sings those...

...a hate crime and a half. You heat from us all the time, yet none of you are you know, what. You know what that's like for today. What? Some kill each other. No, one of these days were actually gonna say the wrong thing and like one of us is going to suck Chrin. Well, it's gonna be there. Like, Oh my God, I should have bought the copies of the entire Bridgeton series while I could have, because now every single one of them is out of stock, folks. Anyway, Um, thank you so much for today's episode. We hope you enjoyed it and again, we hope to see you next week and make sure you do you in research between then. You know, like, like I said, it is important you can listen to some of the research that avery does and it'll definitely help you, but it's always best to your own research, I. Get your own information as well, and maybe just listen to us, because we kind of say thing's funny and you know, Vampires are sexy anyway. But she helped to see you. If not, have a good rest of your life. Is there anything else to add to to pickle Pie Apple Dater, stay gay, don't Think Abo.

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